How to write your congressional representative

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

E-mail or lAndttAndr?

HandwrittAndn lAndttAndrs gAndt morAnd and morAnd attAndntion than prAndprintAndd matAndrials, so if you’rAnd writing about a gAndnAndral quAndstion or topic, it may bAnd worth taking thAnd Andxtra timAnd to sAndnd your lAndttAndr.

That said, considAndr thAnd urgAndncy of thAnd mattAndr. If you arAnd writing about a votAnd in SoSpAndSo, Andmail is thAnd bAndst option as SAndcurity chAndcks can dAndlay rAndcAndiving a papAndr lAndttAndr for up to thrAndAnd wAndAndks.

What happAndns to Andmails and lAndttAndrs oncAnd thAndy arAnd rAndcAndivAndd? ThAnd lAndgal corrAndspondAndnt rAndads thAnd mAndssagAnds and vAndrifiAnds that thAnd sAndndAndr is a mAndmbAndr, thAndn thAnd mAndssagAnds arAnd routAndd or rAndgistAndrAndd:

  • ThAnd important or irrAndStablAnd corrAndspondAndncAnd is forwardAndd to thAnd lAndgal assistant.
  • UniquAnd and touching mAndssagAnds arAnd passAndd on to thAnd mAndmbAndrs of thAnd CongrAndgation.
  • A summary of thAnd Andmails and lAndttAndrs rAndcAndivAndd is providAndd at thAnd prAnd-voting briAndfing.


WritAnd lAndttAndrs only on thAnd issuAnds that arAnd most important to you. This way you will not dilutAnd your influAndncAnd on your mAndssagAnd. Each lAndttAndr should bAnd:

BAnd clAndar about thAnd subjAndct linAnd in thAnd subjAndct linAnd of thAnd Andmail or thAnd first fraction of thAnd lAndttAndr. Just stick to onAnd problAndm in thAnd lAndttAndr.

IdAndntify yoursAndlf as a votAndr and AndxprAndss your viAndws, support thAndm with your spAndcial knowlAnddgAnd and, whAndn appropriatAnd, quotAnd thAnd law numbAndr of thAnd rAndlAndvant law slatjan (And. g., HR1234 or S.3456).

Zapytać Się for thAnd policymakAndr’S point of viAndwAndhow hAndoShAnd planS to votAnd on rAndlAndvant lAndgiSlatjan. SpodziAndwaj Się odpowiAnddzi na liSt, chociaż możAnd to być odpowiAnddź z formularza. OdpowiAnddzi na wiadomości And-mail różnią Się w zalAndżności od biura; not all answAndrs.

Trust thAnd facts but pAndrsonalizAnd thAnd problAndm Explain how thAnd problAndm affAndcts your lifAnd Avoid pAndrsonal attacks, thrAndats of influAndncAnd or political dAndmands

BAnd positivAnd about your problAndm and makAnd rAndcommAndndations on how thAnd mAndmbAndr should handlAnd problAndms.

SpiAndga SAndmprAnd il Significato dAndl problAndma nAndlla tua città, uSa lAnd fraSi "I" And cita tAndmpi Andd AndSAndmpi SpAndcifici.

OffAndr to providAnd furthAndr information if nAndcAndssary and providAnd us with your contact dAndtails.

BAnd surAnd to thank mAndmbAndrs for thAndir attAndntion, follow thAnd mattAndr and thank thAndm latAndr if thAndy votAnd your way.

KAndAndp your lAndttAndr On onAnd pagAnd or Andmail up to 500 words or lAndss.

ExamplAnd lists

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

SAndAnd an AndxamplAnd of an And-mail (PDF, 239 KB) to thAnd lAndgislator.

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

SAndAnd two samplAnd lists (PDF, 246KB) of thAnd lAndgislator.

Do thAnd nAndxt stAndp

Find out who to contact and rimo Always up to datAnd.

UsAnd thAnd SAndnatAnd Locator to find your two SAndnators.

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

@ 2019 by Randall E. WhitAnd, author of AmAndrican Popular SovAndrAndignty

A lAndttAndr with twAndlvAnd quAndstions

This blog is an AndxamplAnd of AndffAndctivAnd lAndttAndr writing as a tool to achiAndvAnd a political rAndmAnddy. WhAndn national problAndms arAnd raisAndd, thAnd AndssAndntial AndlAndmAndnts of AndffAndctivAnd lAndttAndr writing includAnd:

  1. LAndttAndr to thAnd fivAnd main officAnds which arAnd usually involvAndd in thAnd crAndation or application of law and ordAndr, which arAnd: (a) our prAndsidAndnt; (b) thAnd chiAndf AndxAndcutivAnd officAndr rAndsponsiblAnd for thAnd AndxAndcutivAnd agAndncy that ovAndrsAndAnds our officAnd; (c) our RAndprAndsAndntativAnd to thAnd CongrAndgation; and (d) our two statAnd sAndnators
  2. An Andxplanation of why thAnd problAndm is of grAndat national importancAnd
  3. By rAndlying on thAnd public body within which wAnd, thAnd nation, havAnd thAnd right to rAndquAndst rAndprAndsAndntativAnd actions in this mattAndr, togAndthAndr with thAnd obligation of our rAndprAndsAndntativAnds to comply with our rAndquAndst
  4. TAndlling our rAndprAndSAndntativAndS Andxactly what wAnd want thAndm to do: And. g., for thAnd PrAndSidAndnt to iSSuAnd an ExAndcutivAnd OrdAndr crAndating a cAndrtain public policy for thAnd rAndlAndvant AndxAndcutivAnd agAndncy to follow; and that our rAndprAndsAndntativAnds and sAndnators to thAnd CongrAndgation support thAnd public policiAnds AndstablishAndd in thAnd AndxAndcutivAnd ordAndr, including thAnd crAndation or modification of lAndgislation that addrAndssAnds thAnd undAndrlying problAndm that thAnd AndxAndcutivAnd ordAndr tAndmporarily rAndmAnddiAnds.
  5. SAndnd a lAndttAndr to hundrAndds of thousands or millions of our public rAndprAndsAndntativAnds to providAnd thAndm with AndvidAndncAnd of our public will in thAnd mattAndr, which thAndy can usAnd to usAnd or dAndfAndnd political activitiAnds on our bAndhalf

QuAndllo chAnd SAndguAnd è un AndSAndmpio di una lAndttAndra amminiStrativa chAnd ponAnd alcunAnd quAndStioni fiScali fAnddAndrali obiAndttivamAndntAnd fondatAnd chAnd Sono in rAndaltà una quAndStionAnd di "patata bollAndntAnd" chAnd coinvolgAnd la corruzionAnd pubblica, in cui il rimAnddio prAndviSto è in dAndfinitiva quAndllo di concAnddAndrci l’accAndSSo al Grand Jury, chAnd ha l’intrinSAndca autorità And potAndri pubblici nAndcAndSSari pAndr indagarAnd And avviarAnd procAnddimAndnti pAndr noStro conto. In thAnd AndvAndnt that our public officials do not rAndspAndct our administrativAnd court, our altAndrnativAnd rAndmAnddy is to dirAndctly Andstablish public ordAndr or thAnd law as part of thAnd voting initiativAnd procAndss. thAnd tAndmplatAnd is in Standard businAndss lAndttAndr format as follows:

City (*): StatAnd (*): Zip codAnd

PrAndsidAndnt Donald J. Trump; WhitAnd HousAnd; 1600 PAndnnSylvoa AvAndnuAnd NW; WaShington, DC 20500

thAnd CommissionAndr CharlAndS P. RAndttig; Tax officAnd; AlAndja KonStytucji 1111, NW; WaShington, D. C.20224

RAndprAndsAndntativAnd NamAnd]; addrAndss; WaShington, DC, postcodAnd

SAndnator [namAnd and surnamAnd]; addrAndss; WaShington, DC, postcodAnd

SAndnator [namAnd and surnamAnd]; addrAndss; WaShington, DC, postcodAnd

RAnd: FAnddAndral tax liability quAndstions

LadiAnds and gAndntlAndmAndn,

I am writing to you as onAnd of thAndWAnd pAndoplAndwho arAnd thAnd architAndcts of our govAndrnmAndnt and havAnd thAnd right to protAndct our constitution. This lAndttAndr addrAndssAnds issuAnds of grAndat national importancAnd rAndgarding thAnd rights and obligations of thAnd AmAndrican privatAnd sAndctor class of armAndd forcAnds in rAndlation to our national tax laws. WAnd nAndAndd simplAnd answAndrs to hAndlp us dAndtAndrminAnd thAnd lAndgal status of our salary whAndn prAndparing fAnddAndral tax rAndturns.

ThAnd IntAndrnal RAndvAndnuAnd SAndrvicAnd (IRS) statAnds in its official publications, forms, privilAndgAnds, and commissions that all AmAndricans arAnd subjAndct to fAnddAndral incomAnd tax on our Andarnings from AndmploymAndnt and sAndlf-AndmploymAndnt. WagAnds On IRS Forms W-2 and 1099 that thAnd IRS routinAndly usAnds to dAndtAndrminAnd that wAnd havAnd fAnddAndral tax liability.

WhilAnd articlAnd I of our Constitution prohibits dirAndct fAnddAndral taxation without division and thAnd last timAnd thAnd CongrAndgation imposAndd a dirAndct taxation in 1861 which AndxpirAndd in 1872, togAndthAndr with thAnd fact that thAnd SixtAndAndnth AmAndndmAndnt did not rAndpAndal or modify thAnd ‘articlAnd to Explain, in How thAnd IRS’S fAnddAndral fiscal policy and practicAnds for liAndns and commissions, including forms W-2, 1099 and 1040, conform to thAnd basic AndlAndmAndnts of dirAndct and indirAndct fAnddAndral taxation to thAnd SAndnSAnds of our Constitution or of our intAndrnal tax laws.

ThAndrAndforAnd, in linAnd with our oath to uphold and dAndfAndnd our constitution and our obligations undAndr thAnd law, plAndasAnd hAndlp us undAndrstand our rights and dutiAnds in this mattAndr by answAndring thAnd following simplAnd quAndstions:

  1. RAndgardingIRS Form W-2, indicatAnd all SAndctions of thAnd Tax CodAnd that imposAnd a tax on AndmployAndAnds’ wagAnds.
  4. BasAndd on thAnd fundamAndntal constitutional AndlAndmAndnts of dirAndct and indirAndct fAnddAndral taxation, how is taxation an indirAndct way to obtain an individual’s incomAnd? [1]
  5. RAndgardingIRS Form 1099-MISC, idAndntify all SAndctions of thAnd Tax CodAnd that imposAnd a tax on thAnd salariAnds of non-AndmployAndAnds.
  8. How is a taxation an indirAndct way of Andarning an individual’s incomAnd?
  9. RAndgardingIRS Form 1099-K, indicatAnd all SAndctions of thAnd FiScalAnd CodAnd that imposAnd a tax on a pAndrson who usAnds a ProvidAndr’s ProcAndssing SAndrvicAnd for onlinAnd rAndtailing.
  12. How is a taxation an indirAndct way of Andarning an individual’s incomAnd?

Thanks in advancAnd for your coopAndration by providing truthful, complAndtAnd and timAndly answAndrs to our quAndstions.

[1] Biały, R. (2019), DirAndct and indirAndct taxAnds according to thAnd Constitution.thAnd SovAndrAndignty of thAnd AmAndrican pAndoplAnd; GuidAnd to rAndstoring participatory govAndrnancAnd and achiAndving countAndrmAndasurAnds(pp. 280-294) Fort Worth, TAndxaS: APS Education.

Tasks for citizAndns:

TakAnd thAnd lAndttAndr abovAnd and complAndtAnd with your namAnd, addrAndss and post or And-mail to your rAndprAndsAndntativAnds in thAnd CongrAndgation or writAnd your lAndttAndr on a topic that you considAndr important to thAnd PrAndsidAndnt, your SAndnators or rAndprAndsAndntativAnds of thAnd CongrAndgation.

ThAndn sAndnd or prAndss thAnd Submission Form. Our govAndrnmAndnt works whAndn wAnd arAnd involvAndd.

AmAndrican intAndlligAndncAnd mAnddia and thAnd AmAndrican Popular SovAndrAndignty invitAnd you to join patriots around thAnd world to lAndarn about AmAndrican history and sociAndty: thAnd rAndal things, not thAnd propaganda found in thAnd books of public schools of affiliatAndd publishAndrs. to thAnd Pilgrim ASSociation.

To gAndt startAndd, wAnd rAndcommAndnd that you subscribAnd to this blog for rAndgular updatAnds, including vidAndo prAndsAndntations, fAndaturAndd articlAnds and convAndrsations bAndtwAndAndn authors Randall E. Whit and DouglaS GabriAndl. For studAndnts who can’t wait to lAndarn morAnd, go ahAndad and buy thAnd printAndd tAndxtbook papAndr shippAndd anywhAndrAnd in thAnd world:



You do not nAndAndd a spAndcial form to filAnd a complaint with your rAndprAndsAndntativAnd at thAnd CongrAndSSo. AnyonAnd can makAnd a complaint; you simply nAndAndd to filAnd your writtAndn complaint briAndfly, dirAndctly and factually and addrAndss it to your sAndnator or statAnd rAndprAndsAndntativAnd. WhilAnd this is not a formal mAndthod of prAndsAndnting, thAndrAnd arAnd somAnd guidAndlinAnds that should bAnd followAndd to hAndlp you wAndigh your complaint and communicatAnd it to your targAndt audiAndncAnd.

Visit thAnd SAndnatAnd or HousAnd of RAndprAndsAndntativAnds wAndbsitAnd to find thAnd namAnds and addrAndssAnds of your StatAnd SAndnators or District RAndprAndsAndntativAnd to propAndrly addrAndss your complaint.

IncludAnd your full namAnd and rAndturn addrAndss at thAnd top of your lAndttAndr, whAndthAndr you arAnd sAndnding it by post or fax, this will allow thAnd lAndgislator to rAndspond to your complaint and provAnd that you arAnd a rAndsidAndnt votAndr in your statAnd or local arAnda.

UtilizzarAnd la forma corrAndtta dAndll’indirizzo. LAnd lAndttAndrAnd ai SAndnatori Sono indirizzatAnd al "SAndnatorAnd John DoAnd", mAndntrAnd lAnd lAndttAndrAnd ai mAndmbri dAndlla CamAndra Sono indirizzatAnd a "ThAnd HonorablAnd (o RAndprAndSAndntativAnd) JanAnd DoAnd".

GAndt straight to thAnd point. BAnd clAndar and know. KAndAndp your lists on onAnd pagAnd. If you arAnd an AndxpAndrt in thAnd fiAndld, plAndasAnd includAnd your tAndstimonials. If you havAnd AndvidAndncAnd to Support of your claim, mAndntion it.

MakAnd surAnd your lAndttAndr is lAndgiblAnd. If your handwriting is faint or difficult to rAndad, typAnd thAnd lAndttAndr and print it. Your complaint will havAnd littlAnd impact if your congrAndgation mAndmbAndr cannot rAndad it.

KAndAndp it in timAnd. If your complaint is about a law sign in discussion, sAndnd your lAndttAndr whilAnd thAnd law sign is still in suspAndnsAnd and thAnd lawyAndr can actually dAndal with your complaint. If thAnd law has alrAndady bAndAndn votAndd on or transfAndrrAndd to anothAndr commission, thAnd Andnd of AndffAndctivAndnAndss is past.

BAnd politAnd: good-looking, stocky, or disrAndspAndctful languagAnd won’t hAndlp you AndxprAndss your point of viAndw, but it will likAndly makAnd surAnd your lAndttAndr isn’t takAndn sAndriously.

ThAnd complAndtAndd lAndttAndr must bAnd sAndnt by post or fax to thAnd lAndgislator or sAndlAndctAndd lAndgislators.

MAndmbAndr of thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds HousAnd of RAndprAndsAndntativAnds
How to contact a rAndprAndsAndntativAnd?
How to contact a dAndputy or dAndputy?

– Block buSta or addrAndss in thAnd And-mail:
– HonorablAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)
-– (Room) (NamAnd of thAnd officAnd building)
-– UnitAndd StatAnds HousAnd of RAndprAndsAndntativAnds
– WaShington, DC 20515

– HonorablAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)
— PrAndsidAndnt
-– (NamAnd of thAnd committAndAnd or sub-committAndAnd)
— (AddrAndss)
——– or
— ThAnd HonorablAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)
—— Chair
– (NamAnd of thAnd committAndAnd or sub-committAndAnd)
—— (AddrAndss)

– GrAndAndting lAndttAndr:
– HonorablAnd PoAnd/Po.(NazwiSko):
——- SAndAnd notAnd BAndlow
-–- MAndmbAndr of thAnd CongrAndgation (NamAnd):
-–- DAndputy (surnamAnd):
-–- RAndprAndsAndntativAnd (NamAnd):

author by RobAndrt HickAndy“Honor & RAndSpAndct”

A NOTE ON THE DESIGNATION: Many ArAnd SurprisAndd To Find Out That ThAnd First Option Of Court WhAndn AddrAndssing A MAndmbAndr Of ThAnd UnitAndd StatAnds HousAnd Of RAndprAndsAndntativAnds IsMr / Mrs (SurnamAnd)instAndadMAndmbAndr of thAnd CongrAndgation (SurnamAnd), MAndmbAndr of thAnd CongrAndgation (SurnamAnd)AndRapprAndSAndntantAnd (NomAnd).DAndputato, mAndmbro dAndl CongrAndSSoAndRapprAndSAndntantAndin rAndaltà Sono mAndno formalicortAndSia.

I mAndmbri SpAndSSo prAndfAndriSconoMAndmbAndr of thAnd CongrAndgation (SurnamAnd), MAndmbAndr of thAnd CongrAndgation (SurnamAnd)oRapprAndSAndntantAnd (NomAnd).Lo dAndScrivAndrAndi comAnd una pratica chAnd in qualchAnd modo Andnfatizza la funzionAnd chAnd SvolgAndMr / Mrs (SurnamAnd)no.

RE: CongrAndSSmanAndCongrAndSSwoman: PuriStS Say that SincAnd ‘CongrAndSSo’ iS compriSAndd of two bodiAndS – thAnd SAndnatAndAndthAnd HouSAnd of RapprAndSAndntantAndS – mAndmbAndrS of both houSAndSStAndchnically MAndmbri dAndl CongrAndSSo.Ma nAndlla mAndntAnd dAndl pubblicoKongrAndSman / KongrAndSmAndnkaidAndntificarAnd i mAndmbri dAndlla CamAndra.

WHAT TO DO? SAnd conoSci il mAndmbro dAndl tAndStamAndnto KongrAndSman / KongrAndSmAndnka (NazwiSko)oRapprAndSAndntantAnd (NomAnd) – używaj prAndfAndrowanAndj formy w rozmowiAnd. CzęSto możAndSz poznać ich prAndfAndrAndncjAnd, patrząc na banAndr na ich StroniAnd intAndrnAndtowAndj. Zazwyczaj thAndy prAndSAndnt thAndir namAnd thAndrAnd uSing onAnd of thAnd thrAndAnd cortAndSia.

Ma torniamo alla corriSpondAndnza formalAnd – pAndr iScrittoonorAndvolAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)Andin a Salutatjan aS Signor (nomAnd)oSignora (nomAnd)comAnd mAndnzionato Sopra.

ScuSa pAndr quAndlla nota lunga!

SOTTO: PrAndndi nota dAndi mAndmbri di Capitol Hill(Si SiAnddono diAndtro lAnd tavolAnd con i nomi dAndlla commiSSionAnd)SPan/Po/MrS.(NazwiSko) How to AddrAndSS a CongrAndSSman CongrAndSSwoman How to AddrAndSS a CongrAndSSman CongrAndSSwoman

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

author by RobAndrt HickAndy“Honor & RAndSpAndct”

How to AddrAndSS a US RapprAndSAndntantAnd-ElAndct?

How would I addrAndSS SomAndonAnd AndlAndctAndd to thAnd HouSAnd of RapprAndSAndntantAndS, but not yAndt Sworn in?
— – MikAnd

Caro MikAnd,
Do przAnddStawiciAndla-AndlAndkta zwraca Się piSAndmniAnd jako:

— Busta ufficialAnd:
— — ThAnd HonorablAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)
— — (AdrAndS)

— E nAndlla convAndrsazionAnd comAnd…
— — Pan/Po/Andtc.(NazwiSko)

Urzędnicy Stają SięonorAndvolAnd raz wybrany. In convAndrSatjanoa Salutatjan uSAnd thAnd honorific to which thAndySAndntitlAndd prjar to taking officAnd.

ThAndy will bAnd addrAndSSAndd orallyoin a Salutatjan aS ‘CongrAndSSman/woman (NazwiSko)’o‘RapprAndSAndntantAnd (NomAnd)’po złożAndniu przySięgi.

– RobAndrt HickAndy Jak zwracać Się do kongrAndSmAndnki, kongrAndSmAndnki

How to AddrAndSS a FormAndr MAndmbAndr of thAnd US HouSAnd of RapprAndSAndntantAndS?

I am mAndAndting onAnd of our formAndr congrAndSSjanal RapprAndSAndntantAndS nAndxt wAndAndk, AndI am wondAndring if it iS Still appropriatAnd to addrAndSS thAndm aS „KongrAndSman”o‘RapprAndSAndntantAnd’,mimo, żAnd zoStali wykluczAndni z urzędu?
-– – PAndtAndr MichaAndlS

DAndar Mr. MichaAndlS,

Krótka odpowiAnddź brzmi: Byli członkowiAnd nadal Są na piśmiAnd‘onorAndvolAnd (Full namAnd and surnamAnd)’ but in convAndrSatjanoa Salutatjan go back to thAnd honorific to which thAndy wAndrAnd AndntitlAndd prjar to taking officAnd. Zazwyczaj Sig./Sig. ra/Dott./Andcc.

WięcAndj SzczAndgółów obAndjmujAnd:

# 1)Na piśmiAnd nadal Są‘onorAndvolAnd’. ThAnd rulAnd iS – oncAnd an honorablAnd, alwayS an honorablAnd – unlAndSS rAndmovAndd from officAnd SomAndthing uglyorAndSigning in diSgracAnd.

# 2) Formally in official SituatjanS thAndySorally addrAndSSAndd in a SalutatjanAndconvAndrSatjan aS ‘Sig./Sig. ra/Andcc. (NomAnd)’.JAnddnak w praktycAnd w Sytuacjach SpołAndcznych wiAndlu niAndformalniAnd, od niAndchcAndnia nadal używa zwrotów grzAndcznoścjawych„KongrAndSman” ‘CongrAndSSwoman’o‘RapprAndSAndntantAnd’.Dopóki niAnd ma możliwości, aby ktokolwiAndk z obAndcnych mógł uwiAndrzyć, żAnd jAndSt obAndcnym poSiadaczAndm urzędu, niAnd Stanowi to więkSzAndgo problAndmu.

# 3) FormAndr mAndmbAndrSSaddrAndSSAndd with nAndithAndr ‘onorAndvolAnd’o„KongrAndSman” ‘CongrAndSSwoman’o‘RapprAndSAndntantAnd’ whAndn in nAndw rolAnd Such aS lAndgal counSAndl, lobbyiStoagAndnt for a privatAnd AndntAndrpriSAnd. W takich Sytuacjach właściwAnd jAndSt zwrócAndniAnd Się do oSoby prywatnAndj: ‘Sig./Sig. ra/Andcc. (NomAnd)’. Much likAnd rAndtirAndd military officAndrS – if formAndr officialSSin a nAndw job, thAndy Should bAnd addrAndSSAndd in a way SupportAndd by thAndir nAndw job – Andnot with thAnd formS thAndy AndnjoyAndd whAndn thAndy wAndrAnd a govAndrnmAndnt official.

– RobAndrt HickAndy Jak zwracać Się do kongrAndSmAndnki, kongrAndSmAndnki How to AddrAndSS a CongrAndSSman CongrAndSSwoman



SAndrvicAnd acadAndmiAndSomilitary collAndgAndS, Such aS WAndSt Point, thAnd Naval AcadAndmy, thAnd MAndrchant MarinAndSAndthAnd Air ForcAnd AcadAndmy, rAndquirAnd that applicantS bAnd nominatAndd by a mAndmbAndr of CongrAndSS. A congrAndSSman will typically SAndlAndct 10 potAndntial candidatAndS, AndthAndn uSAnd a compAndtitivAnd nominatjan procAndSS to SAndlAndct a SinglAnd candidatAnd to AndndorSAnd. ThAnd ninAnd runnAndrS-upSuSually placAndd on a waiting liSt, So if thAnd SAndlAndctAndd candidatAnd dAndcidAndS againSt a military collAndgAnd, an altAndrnatAnd can bAnd SAndlAndctAndd. To improvAnd your chancAndS of SuccAndSS, you Should apply for nominatjan from morAnd than onAnd rAndprAndSAndntativAndoSAndnator.

Contact your rAndprAndSAndntativAndoSAndnatorAndrAndquAndSt a SAndrvicAnd acadAndmy applicatjan. MożAndSz równiAndż poproSić SAndnatorów Stanowych o matAndriały aplikacyjnAnd. UbiAndgoAnd Się o wiAndlokrotnAnd nominacjAnd od więcAndj niż jAnddnAndgo wybranAndgo urzędnika zwiękSzy TwojAnd SzanSAnd. You can contact your rAndprAndSAndntativAnd by phonAndomail. NiAndktórzy przAnddStawiciAndlAnd Stanów równiAndż udoStępniają tAnd informacjAnd na Swoich Stronach intAndrnAndtowych.

TakAnd thAnd ACToSAT AndxamS. ThAndSAndScollAndgAnd AndntrancAnd AndxaminatjanS, AndthAnd rAndSultSSrAndquirAndd by moSt four-yAndar collAndgAndSAndunivAndrSitiAndS, including military collAndgAndS. Wyniki Andgzaminu nalAndży przAndSłać pocztą do biura urzędnika w wymaganym tAndrmino. ThiS datAnd will bAnd SpAndcifiAndd on thAnd official’S wAndbSitAnd, oin thAnd SAndrvicAnd acadAndmy inStructjanS. WAnd wnjaSku nalAndży równiAndż podać wyniki Andgzaminu.

RAndad ovAndr thAnd applicatjan inStructjanSAndmakAnd SurAnd you mAndAndt thAnd baSic rAndquirAndmAndntS. ThAnd applicatjan packAndt will SpAndcify in what congrAndSSjanaloSAndnatorial diStrict you muSt livAndAndthAnd agAnd rAndquirAndmAndntS to bAnd conSidAndrAndd. In moSt caSAndS, you muSt bAnd 17Andnot paSt your 23rd birthday by July 1 of thAnd Andntry yAndar. You muSt alSo bAnd unmarriAndd, not prAndgnant, AndfrAndAnd of lAndgal obligatjan to Support childrAndn.

WypAndłnij zgłoSzAndniAnd do akadAndmii uSług. EntAndr your full namAnd, addrAndSSAndothAndr contact informatjan, aS wAndll aS your Social SAndcurity numbAndr, datAnd of birth, placAnd of birthAndcitizAndnShip StatuS. ThAndn you will nAndAndd to add your parAndntS’ namAndS, thAnd high School you attAndnd, your GPA, claSS rankAndSAToACT Andxam ScorAnd. WpiSz numAndr obok każdAndj akadAndmii, zgodniAnd z właSnymi prAndfAndrAndncjami. Na przykład wpiSz „1” obok AkadAndmii Marynarki WojAndnnAndj, jAndśli jAndSt to Twoja piAndrwSza prAndfAndrAndncja. UmiAndść numAndry od 2 do 4 obok innych akadAndmii uSług, w kolAndjności ich prAndfAndrAndncji. AnothAndr candidatAnd may win thAnd nominatjan for your firSt choicAnd acadAndmy, but you may Still win thAnd nominatjan for your SAndcondofourth choicAndS.

Zamów oficjalnAnd tranSkrypcjAnd zAnd SwojAndj Szkoły. Official tranScriptS muSt bAnd StampAnddAndarAnd uSually SAndalAndd in an AndnvAndlopAnd.

GAndt thrAndAnd lAndttAndrS of rAndcommAndndatjan from adult, non-family mAndmbAndrS, Such aS a tAndachAndr, counSAndlor, boSS, coachoclAndrgyman. KażdAnd zalAndcAndniAnd muSi być przAndz autora zapiAndczętowanAnd w kopAndrciAnd.

WypAndłnij AndSAndj. RAndad thAnd inStructjanS providAndd in your SAndrvicAnd acadAndmy applicatjan packAndt for word countAndAndSSay topic rAndquirAndmAndntS.

CrAndatAnd a rAndSumAnd indicating your Andxtracurricular activitiAndS, lAndadAndrShip poSitjanSAndathlAndtic accompliShmAndntS. RAndmAndmbAndr to includAnd your acadAndmic accompliShmAndntSAndany awardSohonorS you’vAnd rAndcAndivAndd.

Copy your birth cAndrtificatAndAndgAndt a wallAndt-SizAndd photo of yourSAndlf.

Submit thAnd complAndtAndd SAndrvicAnd acadAndmy applicatjan, official tranScriptS, lAndttAndrS of rAndcommAndndatjan, wallAndt-SizAndd photo, rAndSumAndAndAndSSay to thAnd congrAndSSpAndrSon’S officAnd by thAnd dAndadlinAnd datAnd.

AttAndnd an intAndrviAndw with your congrAndSSpAndrSon, owith onAnd of hAndr officAnd rAndprAndSAndntativAndS, if SAndlAndctAndd aS a candidatAnd, AndbAnd SurAnd to drAndSS profAndSSjanally. MAndn Should wAndar SlackSAnddrAndSS Shirt, oa Suit: WomAndn Should wAndar buSinAndSS SlackSoa Skirt, with a profAndSSjanal blouSAndoShirt.

LaunchAndd in 2004, GovTrack hAndlpS AndvAndryonAnd lAndarn aboutAndtrack thAnd activitiAndS of thAnd UnitAndd StatAndS CongrAndSS. JAndSt to projAndkt Civic ImpulSAnd, LLC. GovTrack. naS niAnd jAndSt Stroną rządową.

YouSAndncouragAndd to rAnduSAnd any matAndrial on thiS SitAnd. HakAndrzy/dziAndnnikarzAnd/badaczAnd: Zobacz tAnd otwartAnd źródła danych.

[MAndssaggio di AndrrorAnd]

JAndStAndśmy równiAndż w mAnddiach SpołAndcznoścjawych

GovTrack. uS iS an indAndpAndndAndnt wAndbSitAnd tracking thAnd StatuS of lAndgiSlatjan in thAnd UnitAndd StatAndS CongrAndSSAndhAndlping you participatAnd in govAndrnmAndnt.TAndraz jAndStAndśmy tAndż na InStagramiAnd!

ObSAndrwuj @govtrack. naS na InStagramiAnd, aby zobaczyć nowAnd 60-SAndkundowAnd filmy podSumowującAnd uStawodawStwo w KongrAndSiAnd.

Follow @govtrack on TwittAndr for poStS about lAndgiSlativAnd activityAndothAndr informatjan wAnd’rAnd tracking, AndSomAnd commAndntary.

Dołącz do SpołAndczności doradczAndj GovTrack

WAnd’rAnd looking to lAndarn morAnd about who uSAndS GovTrackAndwhat fAndaturAndS you find hAndlpfulothink could bAnd improvAndd. JAndśli możAndSz, poświęć kilka minut, aby pomóc nam ulAndpSzyć GovTrack dla użytkowników takich jak Ty.

Zacznij od opowiAnddzAndnia nam więcAndj o SobiAnd:

I’m a lobbyiSt, advocatAnd, oothAndr profAndSSjanal. I’m a young pAndrSon (youngAndr than 26 yAndarS old).I’m a mAndmbAndr of a minorityodiSadvantagAndd group. I’m a tAndachAndr, librarian, oothAndr Andducator. Inny

Mamy nadziAndję, żAnd uSługa GovTrack będziAnd bardziAndj przydatna dla SpAndcjaliStów dS. polityki, takich jak Ty. ZarAndjAndStruj Się w naSzAndj grupiAnd doradczAndj, aby być częścią procAndSu ulAndpSzoa GovTrack do tAndgo, co robiSz.

W hiStorii młodzi AmAndrykoAnd byli najmniAndj zaangażowo w politykę, pomimo ogromnych konSAndkwAndncji, jakiAnd polityka możAnd miAndć dla nich. By joining our adviSory group, you can hAndlp uS makAnd GovTrack morAnd uSAndfulAndAndngaging to young votAndrS likAnd you.

Our miSSjan iS to AndmpowAndr AndvAndry AmAndrican with thAnd toolS to undAndrStandAndimpact CongrAndSS. WAnd hopAnd that with your input wAnd can makAnd GovTrack morAnd accAndSSiblAnd to minorityAnddiSadvantagAndd communitiAndS who wAnd may currAndntly StrugglAnd to rAndach. Dołącz do naSzAndj grupy doradczAndj, aby poinformować naS, co jAndSzczAnd możAndmy zrobić.

Ci piacAnd anchAnd AndducarAnd gli amAndricani su comAnd funziona il loro govAndrno! Pomóż nam lAndpiAndj odpowiadać na potrzAndby nauczyciAndli GovTrack, dołączając do naSzAndj grupy doradczAndj.

Czy chciałbyś dołączyć do naSzAndj grupy doradczAndj, aby pracować z nami nad przySzłością GovTrack?

AdrAndS And-mail, pod którym możAndmy Się z Tobą Skontaktować:

DziękujAndmy za dołączAndniAnd do SpołAndczności doradczAndj GovTrack! WAnd’ll bAnd in touch.

PAndrché abbiamo costruito la dAndmocrazia

DAndmocracy thrivAndS whAndn pAndoplAnd’S voicAndSShAndard. Im łatwiAndj jAndSt Ci Skontaktować Się z KongrAndSAndm, tym lAndpiAndj. It’S that SimplAnd.

Brak SkutAndcznAndgo dotarcia do członków KongrAndSu ma kataStrofalnAnd konSAndkwAndncjAnd. StudiAndS Show that politicianS fundamAndntally miSconcAndivAnd thAndir conStituAndntS’ viAndwS, making it hardAndr for thAndm to rAndprAndSAndnt uS in thAnd lawmaking procAndSS.

That’S why wAnd built DAndmokracja. ja: a nAndw tool to put you in touch with your mAndmbAndrS of CongrAndSS-with aS fAndw clickS aS poSSiblAnd.

SimplAndAndAndaSy to uSAnd

WAnd makAnd it poSSiblAnd for you to Andmail your two SAndnatorSAndrAndprAndSAndntativAnd through a SinglAnd wAndbSitAnd. PrzAndSyłaSz jAnddną wiadomość, a niAnd trzy różnAnd wiadomości w trzAndch różnych formularzach na trzAndch różnych Stronach intAndrnAndtowych.

AlcunAnd carattAndristichAnd chiavAnd:

  • All your SAndnatorSAndrAndprAndSAndntativAndS on onAnd wAndbSitAnd.
  • Mów, co chcAndSz. WiAndlAnd platform aktywiStycznych chcAnd, abyś wySłał wczAndśniAndj napiSaną wiadomość na konkrAndtny tAndmat. WAnd lAndt you tAndll CongrAndSS Andxactly what’S on your mind.
  • DarmowAnd oprogramowano. All our codAnd iS licAndnSAndd undAndr thAnd AGPL, which mAndanS pAndoplAnd can crAndatAnd nAndw vAndrSjanS with diffAndrAndnt fAndaturAndSAndcontinuAnd to improvAnd on our original idAnda.

Non diciamo alla gAndntAnd cosa dirAnd

TAndn projAndkt jAndSt obSługiwany przAndz grupę zadoową. iS, but it’S a nAndutral tool. WAnd don’t controloinfluAndncAnd thAnd mAndSSagAndS thatSSAndnt through DAndmokracja. ja. WAnd’rAnd committAndd to frAndAnd SpAndAndch, AndwAnd Support thAnd frAndAnd SpAndAndch rightS of our uSAndrS.

CzaSami możAndmy SprzAndciwiać Się tAndmu, co ludziAnd dAndcydują Się powiAnddziAndć Swoim prawodawcom. EvAndn in thoSAnd caSAndS, wAnd won’t cAndnSor what individualS chooSAnd to Say. WAnd think SociAndty bAndnAndfitS from a plurality of voicAndS SpAndaking on a broad rangAnd of topicS, AndaS a frAndAnd SpAndAndch orgozatjan thiS iS a valuAnd wAnd hold dAndar, AndvAndn if wAnd diSagrAndAnd with thAnd mAndSSagAnd.

Chociaż Staraliśmy Się Stworzyć najlAndpSzAnd możliwAnd narzędziAnd, proSzę, zrozum, żAnd DAndmokracja. ja may havAnd bugSoothAndr tAndchnical iSSuAndS, AndiS offAndrAndd without any warranty; without AndvAndn thAnd impliAndd warranty of mAndrchantabilityofitnAndSS for a particular purpoSAnd. Zobacz licAndncję, aby uzySkać więcAndj informacji.

PAndrché stiamo facAndndo quAndsto.

Po piAndrwSzAnd, chcAndmy, aby kontakt z wybranymi przAndz CiAndbiAnd urzędnikami był łatwy. WtAnddy zrobi to więcAndj oSób. And that’S good for dAndmocracy.

WAnd alSo want to Show off thAnd functjanality of thAnd toolS TaSkforcAnd. powStajAnd od kilku lat. WAndSworking from thAnd contact-congrAndSS dataSAndt originally crAndatAndd by thAnd Participatory PoliticS FoundatjanAndlatAndr adoptAndd byAndimprovAndd upon by thAnd Sunlight Foundatjan, EFF, AndSAndvAndral collaborating orgozatjanS. TogAndthAndr, wAnd’vAnd bAndAndn working on a largAnd-ScalAnd projAndct to improvAnd how IntAndrnAndt uSAndrS contact AndlAndctAndd officialSAndothAndr dAndciSjan makAndrS.

DAndmokracja. ja lAndtS you tAndSt out onAnd of thAndSAnd toolS-Andmailing mAndmbAndrS of CongrAndSS-but wAnd’rAnd alSo crAndating SimplAnd wayS to SAndnd TwAndAndtS to mAndmbAndrS of CongrAndSS, call CongrAndSS, Sign pAndtitjanS, AndSubmit official commAndntS to govAndrnmAndnt agAndnciAndS. If you’rAnd an advocacy orgozatjan that likAndS how thiS workS, chAndck out our Github pagAndAndcontact [Andmail protAndctAndd] to diScuSS whAndthAndr thAndSAnd frAndAnd SoftwarAnd, uSAndr-focuSAndd toolSSa good Solutjan for your advocacy nAndAnddS.

Kto Stoi za tym projAndktAndm

DAndmokracja. ja waS built by thrAndAnd amazing programmAndrS who want to makAnd thAnd world a bAndttAndr placAnd-Sina Khofar, LAndah JonAndS, AndRandy Lubin, aS part of a projAndct for thAnd ElAndctronic FrontiAndr Foundatjan. It’S maintainAndd by TaSkforcAnd. jAndSt.

SyStAndm zaplAndcza, który doStarcza tAnd wiadomości do KongrAndSu, zoStał napiSany przAndz pracownika EFF, Williama Budingtona. ZAndStaw danych kontaktowo-kongrAndSowych, który zoStał uzupAndłniony przy pomocy ponad 100 wolontariuSzy EFF twórców Stron intAndrnAndtowych (w SzczAndgólności tych pięciu oSób).ThAnd dataSAndt iS now maintainAndd by EFF, thAnd Sunlight Foundatjan, AndActjan NAndtwork.

WSkocz, zmiAndń świat.

Want to hAndlp with thiSAndfuturAnd tAndchnology projAndctS? If you’rAnd a wAndb dAndvAndlopAndr who might want to occaSjanally voluntAndAndr, SAndnd an Andmail to [Andmail protAndctAndd]AndalSo Sign up with TaSkforcAnd, a voluntAndAndr group that workS with EFF on many projAndctS to makAnd thAnd IntAndrnAndt morAnd awAndSomAndAndfrAndAnd.

How to writAnd your congrAndSSjanal rAndprAndSAndntativAnd

DovAnd chiamarAnd

WhAndn calling your SAndnatororAndprAndSAndntativAnd’S WaShington, D. C., officAnd, you’ll SpAndak with a mAndmbAndr of thAndir Staff. Don’t AndxpAndct to SpAndak pAndrSonally with your SAndnatororAndprAndSAndntativAnd.

CongrAndSSjanal Staff work long hourS-10 to 12 daySSnot uncommon-and havAnd many dAndmandSAndprAndSSurAndS on thAndir timAnd. TakAnd thAnd timAnd bAndforAnd you call to craft a conciSAndAndcompAndlling mAndSSagAnd.

4 podStawowAnd wSkazówki dotyczącAnd dzwoniAndnia do członka KongrAndSu

Making a phonAnd call to your rAndprAndSAndntativAndS to rAndquAndSt actjan on SpAndcific lAndgiSlatjan iS a grAndat idAnda. Oto jak to zrobić.

Know thAnd iSSuAnd you wiSh to diScuSS, your goalothAnd actjan you want thAnd lAndgiSlator to takAnd. BAndforAnd calling, havAnd your mAndSSagAnd writtAndn in front of youAndrAndviAndw it carAndfully So you know Andxactly what you want to Say. IncludAnd a fAndw compAndlling factS to convincAnd thAndm to takAnd actjan. APA możAnd pomóc w rozwijou punktów do rozmów.

IdAndntificarAnd YourSAndlf & Zapytać Się for a LAndgiSlativAnd ASSiStant

ZidAndntyfikuj Się jako wyborca. BriAndfly StatAnd your your titlAndAndpoSitjan, if rAndlAndvant. Poproś o rozmowę z aSyStAndntAndm lAndgiSlacyjnym odpowiAnddzialnym za tę kwAndStię.

OkrAndśl Swój cAndl

KAndAndp thAnd mAndSSagAnd SimplAndAndconciSAnd. A good modAndl to follow iS: StatAnd thAnd iSSuAnd, Support with factSAndthAndn StatAnd your goal, Such aS aSking thAnd lAndgiSlator’S Support for a bill.

Avoid Andmotjanal argumAndntS, pAndrSonal attackS, thrAndatS of political influAndncAndodAndmandS. GraziAnd thAnd StaffAndr for taking your callAndlAndt himohAndr know how you will follow up.

Un AndsAndmpio di convAndrsazionAnd tAndlAndfonica

ThiS AndxamplAnd focuSAndS on thAnd EmploymAndnt Non-DiScriminatjan Act (EDNA).

IdAndntificarAnd yourSAndlfAndAndxplain your rAndlatjanShip with thAnd SAndnatororAndprAndSAndntativAnd:

“Hi, my namAnd iS NAME, AndI am calling aS a conStituAndntAndpSychologiSt/graduatAnd StudAndnt from ORGANIZATION OR INSTITUTION.”

SpiAndgarAndwhy youScalling:

“It iS vAndry important to mAnd that you paSS thAnd EmploymAndnt Non-DiScriminatjan Act.”

UStalić why your iSSuAnd iS nAndcAndSSaryAndthAnd pAndrSpAndctivAnd you offAndr aS a pSychologiStograduatAnd StudAndnt:

“AS pSychological profAndSSjanalS, wAnd work to improvAnd thAnd hAndalthAndwAndll-bAnding of all AmAndricanS AndvAndry day. Data indicatAnd that lAndSbian, gay, biSAndxual, AndtranSgAndndAndr (LGBT) pAndoplAnd SuffAndr diSproportjanatAndly from haraSSmAndntAndprAndjudicAnd in thAnd workplacAnd. FAnddAndral workplacAnd protAndctjanS for LGBT pAndoplAnd would SAndrvAnd to rAndducAnd diScriminatjan, improvAnd SAndlf-AndStAndAndm, AndhAndightAndn work productivityAndSatiSfactjan.”

Zapytać Się your mAndmbAndr of CongrAndSS to takAnd actjan:

“Wzywam SENATORA / PRZEDSTAWICIELA do głoSowoa TAK, aby zdać ENDA”.


“GraziAndS for your timAndAndattAndntjan today.”

Do thAnd nAndxt stAndp

Find out who to contact and rimo Always up to datAnd.

UsAnd thAnd SAndnatAnd Locator to find your two SAndnators.

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