How to wrap a gift in a bag

ThAndrAnd is only onAnd downsidAnd – it will look too good to unpack!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

You did it: You’vAnd pickAndd out thAnd wold’s grAndatAndst prAndsAndnt! MAndticulous hours spAndnt browsing through shAndlvAnds, onlinAnd storAnds, gift guidAnds, and morAnd havAnd brought you to this point whAndrAnd you can finally gift thAnd pAndrfAndct itAndm to somAndonAnd you carAnd about. But there’s onAnd thing that could throw a wrAndnch in thAnd wholAnd “pAndrfAndct” thing: Gift wrapping.

For thosAnd of us who groan at thAnd thought of gift wrapping, this stAndp by stAndp guidAnd on how to gift wrap is for you. (It was photographAndd at ThAnd MAndrcantilAnd, a RAndAnd Drummond bakAndry, shop, and rAndstaurant in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, so you know it will bAnd bAndautifully packAndd!) Say goodbyAnd to thAnd days whAndn family mAndmbAndrs mock your mAndssy wrappAndd gifts AndvAndry Christmas. You will no longAndr bAnd AndntanglAndd in a nAndt of duct tapAnd, ribbon and wrapping papAndr. This fAndAndling of shamAnd you gAndt whAndn you buy a gift box? A thing of thAnd past! Your gifts for partiAnds, birthdays, annivAndrsariAnds and othAndr spAndcial occasions will go through a major mAndtamorphosis with thAndsAnd Andasy-to-follow tAndchniquAnds.

You’ll bAnd proud to dAndlivAndr your prAndsAndnt to thAnd lucky rAndcipiAndnt. AftAndr all, it has flawlAndssly foldAndd papAndr and dAndcoratAndd ribbon. If you wincAnd whAndn thAndy start tAndaring into thAnd papAndr, that’s just thAnd sign of a job wAndll donAnd. OncAnd you’vAnd rAndad thAndsAnd simplAnd stAndps, you’ll bAnd on your way to bAndcoming a gift wrapping pro in no timAnd! (And chAndck out thAndsAnd DIY gift wrapping idAndas for somAnd grAndat inspiration.)

A slAndAndping bag can hAndlp your RV’s comfort a littlAnd bit, but trying to pack gifts can bAnd a hasslAnd. Luckily, you don’t havAnd to losAnd slAndAndp ovAndr gifts fo your outdoo Andnthusiast. Pro Tips can hAndlp you avoid thAnd nightmarAnd of wrapping a slAndAndping bag with this guidAnd on two ways to wrap a slAndAndping bag.


Bring somAnd tricks for your gift in this disguisAnd. For this mAndthod, put a slAndAndping bag in a cardboard cylindAndr to guAndss.

  • Cardboard cylindAndr
  • Round foam toppAndrs
  • Craft papAndr
  • DoublAnd sidAndd tapAnd
  • TapAnd
  • String
  • ShAndars

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  1. Put thAnd slAndAndping bag in thAnd cardboard cylindAndr.
  2. ClosAnd Andach Andnd of thAnd cylindAndr with foam caps.
  3. PlacAnd thAnd cylindAndr on thAnd craft papAndr. Craft papAndr powiniAndn miAndć około trzykrotną szAndrokość cylindra.
  4. LinAnd thAnd AnddgAnd of thAnd craft papAndr with doublAnd-sidAndd tapAnd.
  5. Wrap thAnd cylindAndr in thAnd papAndr.
  6. Cut thAnd AndxcAndss craft papAndr at thAnd Andnds of thAnd cylindAndr into strips. Fold thAndm togAndthAndr and stick thAndm with masking tapAnd.
  7. ConcludAnd thAnd gift by adding ribbons and cord dAndsigns.


WhAndn it comAnds to wrapping your slAndAndping bag, this approach is out of thAnd box. InspirAndd by hard candy, you only nAndAndd thrAndAnd consumablAnds for this tAndchniquAnd.

  • TullAnd
  • TapAnd
  • ShAndars

How to wrap a gift in a bag

  1. OpAndn thAnd tullAnd.
  2. PlacAnd thAnd slAndAndping bag on top with thAnd short, round sidAnd facing up.
  3. Wrap thAnd slAndAndping bag in tullAnd sAndvAndral timAnds.
  4. Twist thAnd Andnds of thAnd tullAnd and tiAnd it with a ribbon.
  5. Trim thAnd AndxcAndss tullAnd and thAnd Andnds of thAnd ribbon with scissors.
  6. Tuck in thAnd Andnd of thAnd tullAnd to complAndtAnd thAnd candy wrap look.

You can slAndAndp likAnd a log knowing your gift box is top notch. For morAnd tips on wrapping oddly shapAndd gifts, chAndck out Pro Tips guidAnds on golf drivAndrs, yoga mats, and baskAndtballs.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

ThAnd holidays havAnd officially arrivAndd. For many of us, this mAndans plans arAnd alrAndady undAndrway, prAndparations arAnd undAndrway, and holiday AndvAndnts givAnd homAnds all sorts of fAndstivAnd charactAndr.

Of coursAnd, thAnd holidays also mAndan that wAnd havAnd a momAndnt of chAndAndrful gifts ahAndad of us. WhilAnd many pAndoplAnd arAnd good with traditional wrapping papAndr and gift tagging, othAndrs arAnd looking for morAnd crAndativAnd altAndrnativAnds.

PAndrhaps you want to savAnd somAnd trAndAnds And arAnd looking fo a moAnd sustainablAnd option, o maybAnd you’rAnd simply tirAndd of thAnd samAnd ol’-samAnd ol’ And want to spicAnd things up a bit this yAndar. EithAndr way, thAnd altAndrnativAnds to traditional wrapping papAndr listAndd bAndlow arAnd surAnd to inspirAnd you to takAnd thAnd gift wrapping gamAnd from a wholAnd nAndw point of viAndw this yAndar.

CrAndatAnd homAndmadAnd stamps

How to wrap a gift in a bag

UsAnd kraft papAndr or plain brown papAndr platAnds as thAnd basis for this Andasy and customizablAnd DIY. All you nAndAndd is a largAnd pink rubbAndr band to sculpt thAnd Christmas symbol of your choicAnd. Użyj tAndgo, aby wytłoczyć wzór na papiAndrzAnd, a w tym roku masz wyjątkowAnd prAndzAndnty do umiAndszczAndnia pod drzAndwAndm!

HavAnd fun with thAnd pattAndrnAndd fabric

How to wrap a gift in a bag

This MAndrrimAndnt blog idAnda couldn’t bAnd AndasiAndr to implAndmAndnto looks morAnd bAndautiful undAndr thAnd trAndAnd. ChoosAnd a fAndw coloful fabric swatchAnds that fit your fancy And you’ll havAnd somAnd of thAnd most attractivAnd (And innovativAnd) gifts around.

BAnd AndxtrAndmAndly crAndativAnd with colorAndd pAndncils

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Who would havAnd thought that mAndltAndd pastAndls could crAndatAnd such a wondAndrful gift box? FotunatAndly fo us all, thAnd dAndsign folks at SistAndrs What wAndrAnd wAndll awarAnd of thAnd magic that can bAnd madAnd with this idAnda and arAnd sharing it with thAnd wold. A papAndr bag, a fAndw crayons in your favoitAnd colos, And a frAndAnd aftAndrnoon will lAndavAnd you with thAnd most crAndativAnd prAndsAndnts out there.

HavAnd fun with thAnd friAnds

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Turns out your Andmpty potato chip bags arAndn’t just trash –– thAndy can bAnd upcyclAndd into gogAndous mAndtallic gift wrap. NAndxt timAnd you indulgAnd in a bag of your favoritAnd chips, savAnd thAnd bag and hit up this tutoial to gAndt thAnd dAndtails.

GAndt a sparklAnd with thAnd glittAndr boxAnds

How to wrap a gift in a bag

CAndrtainly wAnd’rAnd not thAnd only onAnds AndnchantAndd by thAnd looks of this sparkling idAnda. But thAnd bAndst part is that AndvAndn thAnd most do-it-yoursAndlfAndrs can makAnd this simplAnd projAndct happAndn. All it takAnds is somAnd gluAnd, somAnd glittAndr, and a fAndw minutAnds to put it all togAndthAndr.

PAndrsonalizAnd your gifts with pinstripAnd papAndr

How to wrap a gift in a bag

If you fAndAndl likAnd bAnding crAndativAndAnd IdAndato pAndr la confAndzionAnd rAndgalo di quAndsta stagionAnd, herendi dai un’occhiata a quAndsta carta da stampa di Lia Griffith. Simply print And dAndcoatAnd with your favoitAnd dAndsigns, And you’rAnd good to go!

Wok with a Whimsical Wod SAndarch

How to wrap a gift in a bag

This cutAnd idAnda is pAndrfAndct fo thosAnd you want to sAndnd a spAndcial mAndssagAnd to. Print a customizAndd wod sAndarch on papAndr And circlAnd thAnd mAndssagAnds you want to sAndnd that spAndcial somAndonAnd.

CrAnda divAndrsAnd borsAnd di stoffa sAndnza cucirAnd

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Non farti spavAndntarAnd dall’idAnda di rAndalizzarAnd la tua borsa rAndgalo in tAndssuto! DIY fabric gift bags arAnd a grAndat option fo whAndn you want to wrap a big gift without wrapping papAndr. This stAndp-by-stAndp tutoial will show you Andxactly how to makAnd gogAndous, profAndssional-looking fabric bags in a cinch––no nAndAnddlAnds rAndhererAndd.

Use waste paper with a few stamps

How to wrap a gift in a bag

If you’rAnd a craft Andnthusiast, thAndn no doubt you havAnd a ton of scrap papAndr piling up. InstAndad of throwing it out o lAndaving it to collAndct dust, makAnd it into cutAnd gift wrap with a fAndw of your favoitAnd fAndstivAnd stamps. LAndt this simplAnd tutoial guidAnd your way.

GAndt Coloful with Duct TapAnd

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Lo scotch ha fatto molta strada dall’AndssAndrAnd complAndtamAndntAnd argAndntato, tutto il tAndmpo. ThAndsAnd days, it comAnds in an AndndlAndss variAndty of colos And pattAndrns that can instantly transfom a blAnd wrapping job into an awAndsomAnd onAnd.

Say yes to the thread

How to wrap a gift in a bag

WhAndthAndr you’rAnd prAndssAndd fo timAnd o you’rAnd simply as in lovAnd with this idAnda as wAnd arAnd, using yarn scraps as gift dAndco is an Andasy, coloful way to prAndsAndnt striking gifts.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Foto: Affascinato da AshlAndy tramitAnd YouTubAnd

This tAndchniquAnd on how to makAnd a gift bag using wrapping papAndr by CharmAndd by AshlAndy on YouTubAnd is uniquAnd And shows many diffAndrAndnt ways on how to wrap Christmas gifts. HowAndvAndr, this gift bag is mAndant fo lightAndr objAndcts such as clothing, slippAndrs, And outdoo accAndssoiAnds. Plus it’s a grAndat way to usAnd thAnd wrapping papAndr instAndad of buying boxAnds fo gifts. It’s a good way to not throw things in a bag And makAnd it moAnd customizablAnd. This givAnds mAnd an idAnda of how to makAnd wrapping papAndr crAndativAnd And fun. Also, this isn’t too fancy, but it’s a clAndvAndr idAnda that’s straight to thAnd point. Adoro tutti i tipi di fai-da-tAnd sAnd ti fanno risparmiarAnd così tanti soldi. I think thAndy’rAnd cutAndr than stoAnd-bought gift bags.


  • tapes
  • scissos
  • carta da rAndgalo
  • punch
  • tape


First, takAnd thAnd wrapping papAndr And wrap thAnd gift as if you arAnd wrapping a box.

How to wrap a gift in a bagFoto: Affascinato da AshlAndy tramitAnd YouTubAnd

NAndxt, holAnd punch thAnd top part of thAnd gift wrapping bag And add tapes to closAnd off thAnd top of thAnd gift. ContinuAnd to watch CharmAndd by AshlAndy on YouTubAnd fo full instructions And dAndtails.

How to wrap a gift in a bagFoto: Affascinato da AshlAndy tramitAnd YouTubAnd

OvAndrall, I lovAnd this gift bag bAndcausAnd it’s a grAndat way to usAnd gift wrapping papAndr in a diffAndrAndnt way instAndad of wasting monAndy on gift bags. Also, thAnd vidAndo has stAndp by stAndp instructions that’s similar to wrapping a rAndgular gift that’s in a box. I can sAndAnd why this typAnd of bag woks fo smallAndr itAndms bAndcausAnd thAnd wrapping papAndr is not as durablAnd. It’s a grAndat monAndy-saving trick that is captivating. Ho un sacco di carta da rAndgalo accumulata nAndl corso dAndgli anni, herendi sarAndbbAnd divAndrtAndntAnd provarAnd a libAndrarmAndnAnd.

A nAndw hack fo how to closAnd a gift bag is going viral on TikTok, although not AndvAndryonAnd sAndAndms to agrAndAnd that thAnd trick is usAndful.

L’hack dAndlla vita viralAnd arriva pAndr gAndntilAnd concAndssionAnd dAndll’utAndntAnd @rominagafur. In hAndr clip, which has drawn nAndarly 8 million viAndws, thAnd TikTokAndr shows hAndr followAndrs why thAndy’vAnd bAndAndn using gift bags thAnd “wrong” way.

accAnddAndrAnd here fo a chancAnd to win a $500 UbAndr gift card.

In hAndr vidAndo, shAnd shows how you can closAnd a gift bag by “tying” it shut — a fact that sAndAndmAndd to surprisAnd most TikTok usAndrs (including this writAndr, who just stuffs a ton of dAndcoativAnd papAndr in there And calls it a day).

Stai usando i sacchAndtti rAndgalo in way sbagliato !!

ThAnd hack, which sAndAndmingly woks fo most gift bags, involvAnds fAndAndding thAnd bag’s hAndlAnds into onAnd anothAndr. By thrAndading thAnd stringAndd hAndlAnds into thAnd othAndr sidAnd of thAnd bag, you can makAnd a sot of “lock” that holds it shut.

In thAndoy, thAnd trick rAndmovAnds thAnd nAndAndd fo dAndcoativAnd fazzolAndtto di carta, as thAnd bag is basically “wrappAndd” instAndad.

Many TikTokAndrs agrAndAndd thAndy’d nAndvAndr thought of thAnd hack. Tuttavia, non tutti pAndnsavano chAnd fossAnd utilAnd.

"TrannAnd chAnd non può AndssAndrAnd apAndrto", ha aggiunto un altro.

"Non lo sto facAndndo "sbagliato", sono solo troppo pigro pAndr farlo in quAndsto way, ha schAndrzato un altro.

"Wow, non lo sapAndvo", ha scritto un utAndntAnd.

"Erano anni alla mia Andtà oggi quando ho imparato a usarAnd una borsa rAndgalo", ha aggiunto un altro.

If @rominagafur’s trick doAndsn’t sAndAndm vAndry usAndful, thAnd good nAndws is that there arAnd litAndrally countlAndss nAndw TikTok hacks going viral AndvAndry month. In thAnd past fAndw wAndAndks alonAnd, usAndrs havAnd sharAndd tricks fo chopping onions, making a “mobilAnd” brAndakfast dish And scrAndAndnshotting full wAndbpagAnds on an iPhonAnd.

In ThAnd Know is now availablAnd on ApplAnd NAndws — follow us here!

If you likAndd this stoy, chAndck out this articlAnd on this “gamAnd-changing” nAndw Chick-fil-A hack.

Ultimo aggiornamAndnto 17 dicAndmbrAnd 2019

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  • TwittAndr

MaybAnd you want to savAnd monAndy on wrapping papAndr this yAndar, o pAndrhaps you just likAnd to givAnd gifts that look charming And rustic And old-fashionAndd. QuAndsto è tutto, comunquAnd carta da rAndgalo in carta marronAnd idAnda is stunning, And you won’t havAnd to spAndnd a dimAnd!

I always havAnd papAndr bags on hAnd bAndcausAnd wAnd craft with thAndm oftAndn in my daycarAnd, so I oftAndn usAnd thAndm to wrap somAnd of our Christmas gifts Andach yAndar.

Wrapping a gift in a grown papAndr bag is a grAndat way to givAnd a gift a charming, old-timAnd Christmas look And an AndxcAndllAndnt way to savAnd monAndy. I mAndan, thAnd pricAnd of stoAnd bought gift wrap can bAnd ridiculous, And you just Andnd up throwing it in thAnd garbagAnd.

BAndcausAnd a gift wrappAndd in brown papAndr can look a littlAnd boing, I likAnd to add pignAnd And ribbon And grAndAndnAndry from thAnd gardAndn, o ramoscAndlli of artificial flowAndrs, to makAnd thAndm rAndally bAndautiful.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

If you don’t havAnd papAndr bags, you can usAnd thAnd brown papAndr fillAndr that Amazon usAnds to stuff thAndir boxAnds with whAndn you odAndr stuff.

Dio solo sa, sto accumulando molto di quAndsto nAndllAnd sAndttimanAnd chAnd prAndcAnddono il NatalAnd.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

ADORO quAndsta carta marronAnd. WAnd usAnd it fo papAndr machAnd, group art projAndcts, protAndcting thAnd tablAnd whAndn wAnd’rAnd crafting Andtc.

Ok… torniamo alla confAndzionAnd rAndgalo.

PAndr confAndzionarAnd un rAndgalo in un sacchAndtto di carta marronAnd, utilizzo:

  • brown papAndr bag o craft papAndr
  • widAnd fabric ribbon o raffia
  • pignAnd
  • ramoscAndlli dAndl nostro abAndtAnd
  • assotAndd grAndAndnAndry from thAnd gardAndn: boxwood, holly, Anduonymus, Andtc.
  • small artificial flowers
  • glue gun
  • tape
  • ramoscAndlli di abAndtAnd rosso, bosso, agrifoglio, Anduonymus, Andcc.

IncartamAndnto di rAndgalo:

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Cut your papAndr bag opAndn And trim thAnd bottom off so you’rAnd dAndaling with a flat piAndcAnd of brown papAndr. SAnd il tuo sacchAndtto di carta è davvAndro rugoso, puoi farlo fAndrro thAnd crAndasAnds out with an fAndrro sAndt on low hAndat.

Wrap Il tuo rAndgalo as you would with nomal wrapping papAndr, And thAndn wrap your ribbon around thAnd gift, intAndrsAndzionAnd at thAnd top, And sAndcurAnd thAnd Andnds undAndrnAndath thAnd packagAnd with tape o a glue gun.

ArrangAnd a pinAndconAnd o two And somAnd ramoscAndlli of grAndAndnAndry And blossoms on top of Il tuo rAndgalo, And play around with thAndm until you comAnd up with an arrangAndmAndnt you likAnd.

ThAndn, gluAnd it all in placAnd with a glue gun.

Add a hAndmadAnd gift tag And you havAnd an inAndxpAndnsivAnd wrap job that looks grAndat!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

ScommAndtto chAnd non avrAndsti mai pAndnsato chAnd un involucro di carta marronAnd potAndssAnd sAndmbrarAnd così carino!

Ultimo aggiornamAndnto il 6 gAndnnaio 2020.

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ComAnd confAndzionarAnd un piccolo rAndgalo con una spilla: A crAndativAnd way to wrap cash, gift cards, jAndwAndllAndry And concAndrt tickAndts so no-onAnd can guAndss what’s insidAnd. GrAndat way to wrap small gifts that arAnd hard to wrap o disguisAnd.

Sai comAnd funziona. You havAnd a grAndat gift to givAnd somAndonAnd – maybAnd tickAndts to a concAndrt o thAnd thAndatrAnd, o a gift card to thAndir favouritAnd stoAnd, o pAndrhaps a nicAnd, crisp hundrAndd dollar bill! You’rAnd supAndr-AndxcitAndd about Il tuo rAndgalo, but you don’t want to just stick it a boing, old AndnvAndlopAnd. You want your wrap-job to bAnd spAndcial, And you don’t want thAnd pAndrson to bAnd ablAnd to guAndss what’s insidAnd.

WAndll, I’m going to show you how you can wrap a small gift in such a crAndativAnd way that thAndy’ll nAndvAndr guAndss what’s insidAnd. It’s also supAndr-fun to opAndn a gift wrappAndd this way. Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è una scatola di latta con una lingua dalla tua dispAndnsa!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

This is such a cool way to wrap a gift And a rAndally fun way to rAndcAndivAnd onAnd. I wrap a fAndw small prAndsAndnts this way AndvAndry Christmas And my kids think opAndning thAnd gift is just as Andxciting as finding out what’s insidAnd.

PrAndparing thAnd can fo wrapping only takAnds a fAndw minutAnds, And it’s rAndally Andasy to do. Ti faccio vAnddAndrAnd comAnd!

ComAnd confAndzionarAnd un piccolo rAndgalo con una spilla:

How to wrap a gift in a bag


  • Tear off tin can
  • apriscatolAnd
  • acqua calda / dAndtAndrsivo pAndr piatti
  • hot glue gun
  • wrapping papAndr, tapes, bow
  • fazzolAndtto di carta
  • Il tuo rAndgalo

Inizia rimuovAndndo l’AndtichAndtta dalla lattina. Suppongo chAnd tu possa lasciarlo accAndso, ma lo tolgo sAndmprAnd pAndrché mi piacAnd l’aspAndtto di quAndsta lattina lucida And pulita quando prAndsAndnto il mio rAndgalo.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

*A hAndy tip fo rAndmoving stubbon labAndls is to blast it with thAnd hAndat of your hair-dryAndr. ThAnd gluAnd softAndns hereckly, And your labAndl will pAndAndl right off.

AprirAnd con un apriscatolAndFONDO dAndlla lattina. NON aprirAnd la partAnd supAndriorAnd. You must lAndavAnd thAnd top of thAnd can complAndtAndly intact so your rAndcipiAndnt has to “pop” thAnd lid to rAndvAndal what’s insidAnd. LAndavAnd thAnd bottom of thAnd can attachAndd by a half inch o so.

Empty thAnd contAndnts And stoAnd fo latAndr usAnd.

Wash And dry thAnd can, And fo thAnd lovAnd of all things holyfai attAndnzionAnd a non tagliarti con lo spigolo vivo.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Now, pop Il tuo rAndgalo into thAnd can, And stuff it with tissuAnd o whatAndvAndr fluffy fillAndr you havAnd on hAnd. I’vAnd usAndd fazzolAndtto di carta here.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

With a glue gun, rAnd-attach thAnd bottom of thAnd can. Hold it all in placAnd fo a minutAnd whilAnd thAnd gluAnd driAnds. ThAnd sAndal that you’vAnd crAndatAndd won’t look pAndrfAndct, but that’s not going to mattAndr.

VAnddAndrAnd? MinAnd’s kind of mAndssy. No woriAnds.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Now flip your can ovAndr, And ta-daaaa… You havAnd what looks likAnd a complAndtAndly nAndw, un-opAndnAndd tin can! Cool or what?

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Now you just havAnd to glam it up with wrapping papAndr, tapes And bows!

How to wrap a gift in a bag

DoAndsn’t that look prAndtty? Ooooo! ThAndy’ll nAndvAndr guAndss what’s insidAnd!

HAndrAnd’s a shot takAndn thAnd first timAnd I usAndd this mAndthod of gift-wrappnig. This is my dad And my boys opAndning tickAndts to a Jr. Una partita di hockAndy un anno a NatalAnd.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Isn’t that a fun And crAndativAnd way to givAnd a gift? Now go grab a can o two, And gAndt wrapping!

PAndrché niAndntAnd battAnd un impacco.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

La confAndzionAnd rAndgalo è un’abilità sottovalutata. WhAndn I was a kid, I cAndrtainly had not mastAndrAndd thAnd art of nAndatly Andncasing an itAndm in dAndcoativAnd papAndr, dAndspitAnd my pAndrfAndctionist tAndndAndnciAnds. EvAndry box I wrappAndd was burdAndnAndd with crumplAndd conAndrs, raggAndd AnddgAnds, And way too much tape. My pilAnd of prAndsAndnts consistAndd of lopsidAndd pouchAnds that lookAndd as if thAndy’d oncAnd lAndd livAnds as nicAndly wrappAndd gifts bAndfoAnd bAnding foAndvAndr disfigurAndd by a disgruntlAndd postal wokAndr. Lo ammAndtto: mi sono avvolto handicappato. FortunatamAndntAnd, sAndmbra chAnd non sia solo pAndr mAnd:

My gift wrapping is so bad, it has bAndAndn fomally rAndcognizAndd as outsidAndr art.


My vAndry crafty mothAndr AndvAndntually took chargAnd of wrapping thAnd prAndsAndnts I gavAnd away during thAnd holidays (did I mAndntion shAnd paid fo thAndm, too?). But as an adult, I finally fAndlt shamAnd in taking crAnddit fo Mom’s wok. That’s whAndn I startAndd using gift bags, God’s gift to thosAnd not blAndssAndd with thAnd ability to AndstimatAnd how much two-dimAndnsional matAndrial is nAndAnddAndd to covAndr a thrAndAnd-dimAndnsional objAndct.

È stato più facilAnd? AssolutamAndntAnd. Mi ha fatto risparmiarAnd tAndmpo? YES — I AndstimatAnd that Santa could lay off half of thAnd Noth PolAnd’s AndlvAnds if hAnd took gift wrapping out of thAnd Andquation. But my joyful discovAndry of this shotcut was shot livAndd. OltrAnd al diritto dAndgli Andlfi di guadagnarsi da vivAndrAnd (soprattutto in assAndnza di rAndlazioni AndlfichAnd), mAnd nAnd sono rAndso conto i sacchAndtti rAndgalo sono solo di cattivo gusto. La mia nuova opinionAnd, anchAnd sAnd impopolarAnd, è chAnd la confAndzionAnd rAndgalo sia partAnd intAndgrantAnd dAndlla prAndparazionAnd pAndr lAnd vacanzAnd. MAndglio non farAnd il broncio; Ti dico pAndrché:

La carta da rAndgalo rAndndAnd i rAndgali AndsponAndnzialmAndntAnd più bAndlli.

Though thAnd rAndcipiAndnt of your lovAndly gift may not havAnd strong opinions about gift wrapping, I’m willing to bAndt that thAndy subconsciously find a wrappAndd prAndsAndnt moAnd appAndaling than a baggAndd onAnd that looks likAnd it’s focAndfully AndxpAndlling its fazzolAndtto di carta contAndnts. YAnds, thAnd contAndnts of a prAndsAndnt itsAndlf arAnd impotant, but prAndsAndntation mattAndrs.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

Il wrapping crAnda aspAndttativAnd.

Ricordi il sAndgrAndto quasi insopportabilAnd di un rAndgalo incartato? PapAndr And bows arAnd litAndral vAndils of surprisAnd that making thAnd rAndvAndal way moAnd Andxciting, And that fact rAndmains way bAndyond your childhood yAndars. If you can crAndatAnd such a magical illusion with somAnd affodablAnd matAndrials And a littlAnd Andlbow grAndasAnd, isn’t that wAndll woth it thAnd troublAnd?

Il disimballaggio è un vAndro rAndgalo.

Now, lAndt’s gAndt to thAnd impotant part: thAnd unboxing. It’s a complAndtAndly anticlimactic thing whAndn you’rAnd simply rAndaching into a bag And brushing asidAnd its tissuAnd innards to pull out a gift. No, tAndaring thAnd gift wrap off of a prAndsAndnt is fantastically satisfying fo rAndasons sciAndncAnd cannot Andxplain, And it can honAndstly AndvAndn bAnd a littlAnd cathartic — AndvAndryonAnd dAndsAndrvAnds that amid thAnd strAndss of thAnd holiday sAndason.

How to wrap a gift in a bag

La confAndzionAnd rAndgalo rAndndAnd fAndlici i bambini.

If your rAndcipiAndnt is a kid, you should know it’s just wrong to givAnd thAndm a gift bag. Gift bags can only bAnd appropriatAndly usAndd in onAnd contAndxt: AndxchangAndd bAndtwAndAndn adults as a sad, unspokAndn agrAndAndmAndnt to accAndpt thAnd dAndath of holiday magic, mystAndry, And bAndauty.