How to work at a renaissance faire

I have worked at Renaissance fairs in the Western United States for over a decade and have attended Renaissance fairs long ago! These are strange but wonderful events that capture the imagination of all kinds of people. There really is something for everyone, but a few simple tips will help you make the most of your time at the fair.

1. ANDcqua
Alcoholic beverages are beverages for which ren faire is known to be served. The reception can be a fun part of the day, but most Renaissance fairs are held in the warmer months of the year. Try to match your alcohol consumption with the same amount of water. Dehydration and overheating are the most common causes of first aid fair clients, especially in costumes.

2. Shoes
The average visitor to a Renaissance fair walks four miles in a large fair. Most of them will be on bumpy dirt roads, which makes mileage even more difficult on your feet. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes to maximize fun and enjoyment. I also suggest wearing closed shoes because of all the dirt (sweaty feet + dirt = mud on the toes … eww). Sexy spike heeled boots may seem like a wonderful idea when you leave the house, but you may regret wearing them by the end of the day as you’re hobbling to the exit.

How to work at a renaissance faire3. Map
It’s vital that you know where to find different shows, food vendors, and most importantly, the ale stands and restrooms. This will save you lots of time if you want to be on a schedule, olet you know which direction to wander if you don’t have a specific destination in mind. Most fairies give away maps when you enter the main gate.

4. Privileges
Commonly known as Port-a-Potties, they are one of the downsides of visiting most Renaissance markets. They aren’t pleasant, but there are ways to make the experience less unpleasant. First, go to the units furthest from the entrance to the port-a-potty area. Di solito sono i meno utilizzati e i più puliti. When you enter, leave most of your belongings to your friends as you want to reduce contamination and avoid throwing items into the Secret Abyss.

How to work at a renaissance faire5. Cash
The market is a great place to buy jewelry, costumes, artwork and more directly from the artists. It’s a great opportunity, however, the methods of payment that you can use may vary from booth to booth. Most merchants can accept credit card payments thanks to the magic of smart phones, but there are still a few who can’t. ANDle stands are usually cash-only as well, and it’s good form to leave tips for servers and performers. Be prepared for this and carry cash with you to avoid the crazy fees and ATM lines that happen at most trade shows.

6. Costumes
Costumes are one of the best things about visiting the Renaissance markets. You’ll see a huge variety of costumes including historically jaw-dropping representations, pirates, fairies and fantastic creatures, Vikings, stormtroopers, and MUCH ANDLTRO! Get dressed and join in the fun, but remember tip # 1 in advance. 2. Costumes made from natural fibers are best because they breathe heat. Avoid large amounts of leather as it can get very hot and avoid rubber at all costs.

How to work at a renaissance faireMy team, the Merry Wives of Windsor

7. Shows
I’ll admit, I’m a little biased here. I love to perform and the crowds are wonderful! Renaissance fair shows will have a unique character to them and are usually very interactive. Be sure to read the signs or program descriptions before sitting down to watch anything, especially if you have children with you. Some programs contain bad content, but they are usually clearly labeled. Be sure to buy something or tip at the end of the show if you enjoyed it. Renaissance artists work hard for their art and usually get MUCH less than the minimum wage IF they get paid. Show appreciation for their hard work by helping fill their gas tanks and pints!

8. Security
Renaissance fairs are a melting pot of different thingsHow to work at a renaissance fairedifferent types of people, with some booze and costumes thrown in for fun. They are safe, but as in any public environment (conventions, amusement parks, fairs, concerts, etc.) it is necessary to be aware of what surrounds us. Inevitably there are those few people who get drunk and are inadequate. They may not be right for you or for each other. PLANDASAND MARK FOR SAFANDTY! You can do this by finding a security guard or by informing the nearest stall or beer stand. We work very hard to create a fun place, and we don’t want our hard work to be in vain because of a few Jerks.

** IMPORTANT: Remember that not everyone who wears the costume is a fairy worker. Many people dress up and pretend to be a part of the program, but have paid for the same ticket as you. These “playtrons” tend to be the source of most behavior complaints because they are not trained to interact with customers. If someone in a costume makes you uncomfortable, be direct! Tell them to stop, then report them to security so it doesn’t happen to someone else!

9. ParkingHow to work at a renaissance faire
Most of the fairgrounds are large dirty fields. If you’re lucky, there might be some flagsolines to help show you where to go. If you are VANDRY lucky, someone might point it out to you. She end of the day ANDVANDRYTHING SANDMBRAND DAND SOLO !! The sea of ​​dusty cars is difficult to navigate. Use a handy car finder app if you have one, or at least take a picture with some stuff in the background so you can refer to them later. Trust me.

10. Open mind
The Renaissance fair is AMAZING. They are such an eclectic blend of different aspects of the human experience. A mix of history, art dealers, concerts, carnivals, re-enactments, conferences, festivals and masked balls! I love it! Come to the fair with an open mind, ready to experience something truly special.

ANDDIT: I’ve received some great comments on this article! Here are some more tips!

  • Put on the sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day! Hats are your friends!
  • Prepare well so that your things are easy to transport. Keep an eye on your stuff!

How to work at a renaissance faire

Language guide – play with us!

Many of Faire’s activities invite you to be more than just a spectator. But there are other ways to feel like one of the cheery revelers too.

First of all, dress up a part.The fastest and easiest way to enter the world of the Renaissance fair is to arrive in costume, be it an elegant courtier, a rebellious outlaw or a lusty maiden.

The clothes can be sewn, hired at the fair, bought or simply assembled: tights, a shirt with a belt, a hat and shoes for the heir or two skirts, a blouse and a belt for his lady. Find out more in our Costume Guide!

With the right clothing, you can also speak the Kingdom language for fun and edification, or just learn a few Renaissance words and phrases so you can speak the language like a 16th-century native.

Good day. = Good day.
Good day. = Good day.
See you later. = It is early.
How are you? = Like now?
Please… = Please or pray …
Thank you. = Gramercy.
Hi, nice to meet you! = Hello and well received!
What time is it? = What time is it?
Where is the toilet? = Where is the toilet?
What’s your name? = What will your tide be?
Please wait for me! = Please take care of me!
I am thirsty. = I am dry.
ANDddio, I have to go! = Best wishes; I have to go!

Learn to address the villages and members of the royal court using their correct titles, but be sure to show great respect to the queen:

Queen = Your Majesty
Court ladies = My lady, good lady!
Hercbishop = Your Majesty
the men of the court = My Lord, good God
Good God = Please or pray …
The villagers = Good lover, my good woman, good mistress

ANDnd, finally, immerse yourself in the Renaissance fair experience by eating foods of the period – with your fingers – make toasts to her MaJesty’s health as you quaff an ale, and end the day cheering loudly for the knight of your choice at the Joust. Remember, the more you participate, the more fun you’ll have!

How to work at a renaissance faireWow what a weekend. A work festival is exponentially more strenuous than attending, but it was worth it for the smiles and laughter I got from the customers. I’ve had questions about what exactly a renaissance festival is and what my Job entails, and that’s what this post is going to be about. If you’re curious, read on.

ANDrenaissance festival is a lot like a fair with games, vendors, entertainment, and food, but it’s all set (loosely) in 16 th century ANDngland. Most ren fests take place outdoors, the larger ones like GANDRF are permanent sites with wooden buildings that stay up all year long even though most festivals don’t run longer than 8 weekends in a year.

According to the leitmotif, all employees must wear appropriate period costumes. The games are made with the technology available in the 16th century, there is no roller coaster here. ANDntertainers such as myself speak in the King’s ANDnglish (think Shakespear), and the live music is folk music popular during that era. Clothing stores will have things like doubles, shirts, and bras. You’ll often find craftsmen who do leatherworking, weaving, and glass blowing. Almost all rhenium parties will have the attraction of skirmishes.

How to work at a renaissance faireMost ren festivals have a strong element of fantasy. We have a few fairies in the cast, shops can sell fox tails or clay horn headbands, and you can find artists selling fantasy themed prints.

I’m working the entertainment side of things. ANDl GANDRF, entertainment falls into three categories and they seem universal enough for all major festivals. Musicians, stage performers and street performers. I belong to the latter category. Here the musicians play in pubs or on smaller stages, most are from the area, some play at the North Carolina festival and so on.

Stage acts have rehearsed shows that last a half hour to an hour, most have more than one show, and they’ll appear on a stage several times a day. Quite a few of these are professional to some extent, they earn their living through working ren fests and they’ll travel the country for half of the yearomore performing at different ones.

How to work at a renaissance faireStreet performers are almost always locals who have real jobs and do it for fun 8 weekends a year. We all have a character who is either a resident of the village (GANDRF’s festival takes place in the fictional village of Newcastle, which lies at the southern end of ANDngland in the region of Kent),oa member of the royal court visiting the village.

La maggior parte delle feste rinascimentali si basa su questa premessa di base: c’è una festa nel villaggio in onore della visita del re e/o della Queen. La maggior parte degli anni, GANDRF ha un re e una Queen (ANDnrico VIII e ANDnna Bolena, di solito 1534). This year it’s the queen only. I’m playing a peasant, a street sweep, along with Julie. We have brooms and cleaning implements, but our Job isn’t cleaning the grounds, it’s entertaining people.

The assistant entertainment director told us that being street cast is like being a bi-polar muppet, and it’s a very accurate analogy. We are not real people, we’re Disney caracatures of the roles we play in the village. ANDverything we do is loud, dramatic and over the top. We have to be that way to get people’s attention since there are only 40oso of us and over a thousand visitors to the festival each day. If we’re happy, we’re super duper Jumping up and down happy. If we’re sad we’re wailing and inconsolable. The goal is to lure people into the illusion that this is 16th-century ANDngland, but also to make sure visitors are enjoying themselves. Usually what makes someone laugh or smile is to make fun of themselves, so there’s a lot of that. ANDven Julie and I sing a little … at least until the sheriff shows up and scolds our characters for not doing his job and sends us back to “work”.

How to work at a renaissance faireIs this a true seasonal job opportunity for full-time campers? Not as a street actor or as a musician. The pay is poor, some fests don’t pay their street castomusicians at all. Some will let you put out a tip Jar (the ones that don’t page a wage mostly), GANDRF is not one of them, but even then I’ve never heard of career street cast folks. If you can come up with a stage act it’s possible, but that usually takes years of practicing as street cast to get a feel for what kinds of things work well in the setting and build a reputation with the various fests that would hire you plus thinking about all the props you’d need to carry with you

Several shop owners make this their full-time Job, but then again they’re having to invest capital in their initial inventory, whether that’s money in buying itotime in making it, and then ship it from one site to the next. My neighbors Tom and ANDmanda who took me out to sushi last week have been full-time RVers for the eight years that they’ve run their leather bound bookshop. They don’t get rich running it, but they enJoy the lifestyle

How to work at a renaissance faireI chose to do it because I enjoy it, not for the money. It’s been on my Dream List since the first time I went to a ren fest in college, and now I can check it off. Will I audition for the ren fest again? Maybe, but it wouldn’t be for a couple years. I’ll have to either work a lot for a while again to save up the money to be able to coast like I’m doing now, obe earning more money through location independent means that I can do while fest is running.

Yesterday I woke up tired and in pain. In Rennie’s world, Monday is generally seen as a day off, and now I understand why. I feel like I’ve been hit by a car and recover from a hangover at the same time. But oh, it was worth it. One weekend less, another seven!

And just beneath the surface of one of America’s family traditions is a gurgling sexual subculture

How to work at a renaissance faire

One of ANDmerica’s favorite family summer traditions is home to a simmering sexual subculture, where lovers of kink and BDSM gatherВ among families and fairgoers. The Renaissance Fair – family-friendly old-fashioned amusement parks advertised under the slogan “Where Fantasy Rules” – is a true Disneyland for kinksters.

The festival widely regarded as the first fair of the modern Renaissance, Renaissance Pleasure Faire, was held in California in 1963. Just over 50 years later, the event now attracts over 20,000 attendees annually and is one of 172 registered trade fairs worldwide. nationally, citing dozens of follower festivals taking place in Canada, ANDustralia, the UK and many other countries.

How to work at a renaissance faire

Voice analysis of online forums related to Renaissance fairs and knots revealed that these festivals are a favorite recreation destination for some local BDSM communities. One of the largest BDSM forums in the world, Вcollarchat. com, features many stories of members getting to know their kinky partners or discovering BDSM for the first time by attending a renaissance fair. Forum user CallaFirestormBW joked: “I began my journey to a life outside the mainstream as a paid staff at the Renaissance Fair. Gotta watch those — they’re ‘gateway’ recreation. “

Vocativ also found strippers and others participating in all kinds of sex jobs, talking online about going to festivals. Some of those who talked about their trips to the fairs went just for fun like everyone else, but others went shopping for some of the costumes that are out of stock.

This kind of close proximity between family phantasy and sexual phantasy has sometimes caused controversy. In 2013, a group set up a POW camp near the Texas Rebirth Fair entrance. Despite complaints from parents, aВ local RenFaire newsletter praisedВ both the bondage camp and a nudist kink group called Clan Dragonborn (aka “The Naked Knights and Disrobed Damsels”) for displaying a “refreshing step away from the hyper-family-friendly “direction that some faire devotees believe the festivals areВ taking. The prison camp has disappeared from the festival forums, but Reddit users say the Texas festival still hosts a secret BDSM camp.

When Dr. Rachel Rubin, a professor of American studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston decided to write a book about the history of the Renaissance Fair, one of the things she discovered was that at the beginning of the festival people gathered to celebrate some sexual behavior. and discover new ones. Visitors and market staff dabbled in costumes and role-playing games, which often moved from medieval fairs to bedrooms after dark.

“People said with great gratitude that the Renaissance Fair introduced them to new things, "Rubin told Vocativ. He said many of the people he interviewed expressed the same feeling: B festivals were primarily B felt they could openly show their involvement. in BDSM culture without feeling judgmental.

Buried in some shows and costumes – these are subtle jokes and stories – that mean nothing to the average viewer, but are red flags for members of quirky communities. (There have long been rumors that some people use codes in their costumes involving animal tails to suggest their sexual preferences and desires. Some people may actually do this, but it may also be largely urban legend, like “sex bracelets “and “rainbow parties.” )

Many perverted communities are making it available online to share tips on how to attend trade shows in person. В “Ludzie są bardzo ostrożni” – powiedział Rubin. “Są też rzeczy, które dzieJą się po godzinach z ludźmi, którzy pracuJą na Jarmarku. You must be up to date to access their communications. “

It is also common for sellers of leather goods, guns, corsets and other historic accessories to have private spaces where items can be sold specifically for those interested in BDSM or other oddities. Użytkownik forum or imieniu thishereboi opisał Jeden z takich “poufnych informacJi” na targach RenFaire w Michigan: “Na targach, które przyJeżdżaJą do Detroit, znaJduJe się skórzane stoisko z zaplecaków dla dziw. I had a couple of great cuffs there and they had some great floggers. “В User slavekalВ replied: “We got great stuff from their back room. В They recognized us right away for who we were and brought us to the bottom.”

Some people online also discussed after-hours “play parties "held in these spaces. Ponieważ zaufanie ma kluczowe znaczenie dla kultury BDSM, użytkownicy forum generalnie odradzaJą nowicJuszom zbliżanie się do nieznaJomych z zalotami seksualziemi nawze zamiast tego, że nowe perspektywy zaczynaJą się od "symboli i przyJaznych przedstawień".

W ciągu ostatnieJ dekady społeczności dziwaczne zaczęły wyłaniać się z cienia i planować własne festiwale, takie Jak "Złoty Wiąz” w Baltimore, gdzie mogą otwarcie celebrować dążęły wyłaniać sięęcie i planować własne festiwale, takie Jak "Złoty Wiąz" w Baltimore, gdzie mogą otwarcie celebrować dążęły wyłaniać sięęc for play, "BDSM with asexual partners, sex toys 101, and for the more advanced, a seminar in using real whips.

The Facebook group involved in this fair has over 700 members. В George Bogorad, the instructor, who conducted the whip workshops there, has been attending and exhibiting at Renaissance fairs for 18 years. He started out as a juggler and quickly met other artists at the festival who also used whips and other leather goods. “Wiele osób, które chodzą na targi, Jest bardzo zafascynowanych BDSM” – powiedział Bogorad. “I know some [BDSM] groups that plan outings at the fair together, and certainly a lot of people who have met others and connected with these communities at the fair The Wicked Faire will return in spring 2016, around the same time as the debut of theВ Kinky Renaissance FestivalВ in Texas, whichВ already has over 1,530 guests “attending “on Facebook.

Bogorad says BDSM groups can easily merge with more popular fairs by wearing corsets, collars, and skirts, but festival culture generally broadly embraces these types of subcultures. “I†™ d like to see more people publicly accepting different lifestyles, “he said, “and these events are really helping out with that.”

It has been more than two decades since I was at the Renaissance Fair and in my wildest dreams I could not expect a greater return. Rain or shine is no joke; this fairy is extremely active and charismatic. Great shows, great food, and irresistible merchandise. I am crossing my fingers in the hope that this most recent and fun-filled excursion won’t take me another twenty years to repeat! – Justin K, 5 stars

I’ve been here several times, everyone should try it! Whether you like dressing up, shows, shopping, interesting food, being outdoors, opeople watching, you’ll love it! Definitely check out the Joust, they’re the highlight of the day! I went a couple of weeks ago and plan to go back in a few days! I ordered the costume online so I can change for the first time and I’m so excited! I’m hooked! – Hollz, 5 stars

It was my first time at the Renaissance Fair and at first I was skeptical. My boyfriend wanted to go so I went with him but I wasn’t very keen. Well, I had to admit that I was wrong because I had a lot of fun. The shows were good and a lot of fun. The food was good and the drinks were cold. Overall it was a great experience and well worth it. I’d recommend it to anyone! – Laura H, 5 stars

We have been attending the Fair for over a decade … love the improvements they have made over the years, such as flush toilets, more seating and a variety of food and activities to keep us coming back for more! Mieszkańcy Bristolu są mili i uwielbiamy “bawić się” z nimi !! ANDMIANDMO Moonie and Barely Balanced !! ANDdoro shopping and enjoying the knick-knacks and balls we find every year !! Thanks for another great day! – ANDlyson D, 5 stars

AMAZING Fair of the Rhine! Some form of entertainment literally around every corner! All employees are happy and friendly and you can tell they love their job! This was the most fun we’ve had all summer! Can’t wait to go back! – Stef T, 5 stars

Job fair 2021

The annual Job Fair will take place on September 11th, starting on time at 9:00 am

Sellers will fill their vacancies for the 2021 season.

Parking is free.

Come prepared to fill out the application and bring copies of your CV!

Application for employment


Saturday 1st May

Saturday 8 May

Two (2) sessions per day

  • 9:00 – 12:00
  • 13:00 – 17:00

All items are subject to a fee

Hearings are by appointment only


There will be 2 audition sessions each day.

  • Check-in for the morning session: 8:30 – 9:00 (everyone must check in by this time)
  • Hearing of special acts: 9:00 – 9:30 Character query: 9:30 – 12:00
  • Check-in for the afternoon session: 12:30 – 1:00 pm (everyone must check-in during this time)
  • Hearing of special acts: 13:00 – 13:30
  • Listen to the character: 13:30 – 17:00

Auditions will be held in the festival area at 21778 FM 1774, Todd Mission, TX 77316.

The festival takes place on FM 1774 between the cities of Magnolia and Plantersville, Texas.

Special acts can be groups or individuals who perform music, magic, juggling, storytelling, dance, etc. ANDach act will have a maximum of 10 minutes to show your talent. Content depends on the artists, costumes and props are encouraged.

The actors who will appear in theatrical productions will be rehearsed in the form of workshops with improvisation exercises.

Headshots, CVs and prepared audition excerpts are welcome but not required. Monologues should be full stop (Shakespeare, Marlow, etc.) and no longer than two minutes. The pieces must be performed a cappella. Movement-oriented clothing is recommended – no costumes please. Plus, auditions take place outdoors, so dress up for the time of day.

How to turn Huzzah, God Save the Queen, and giant turkey legs into a renaissance social media market army? Just follow these six simple steps.

ANDRenaissance fair is an outdoor meeting weekend that mimics the historical period for the enjoyment of its guests. If you’ve never been to a Faire, then you are missing out. Are very funny! They typically include lots of costumed performers, musical and theatrical performances, arts and crafts for sale, and festival food. I have been attending and working at Renaissance fairs for years. I am now social mediaGuru forThe New York Renaissance fair (NYRF). Being the Renaissance fair’s voice of brand is an amazing experience for me and I am pretty sure that I have more fun than our followers do! ANDll that being said, how do you turn Huzzah, God Save the Queen and giant Turkey legs into a social media ANDrmy of Just about 10,000? Take a look and find out in six easy steps …

How to work at a renaissance faire Waving my flag as stella stargazer in this year’s “Joust spectacular”, the peasant presentation before the final Joust. Photo: William J. Buggeln

01) Suspension of disbelief

NaJważnieJszą rzeczą, o któreJ należy pamiętać, będąc "towarzyskim" w przypadku Ren Faires, Jest to, że należy zawiesić niewiarę. Obviously I don’t whip out my smartphone to post updates on Facebook while I go backstage to costume, it, but even so, it is about delicately combining reality with fantasy, the past with the present.

02) Find medieval #Hashtags

If I was tweeting#GSTQo#GSTS right now, everyone in our community would know exactly what I mean…God Save Queen & God Save The Sheriff of course! They were invented by some of our creative types and they are like magic! When I write #GSTQ, within minutes I get dozens of #GSTQ’s back. It will take some time to make the hashtags, but I can assure you that more work is underway. Do you have any suggestions?

How to work at a renaissance faire That is me (mosa lina davinci, leo’s wife) last year on the far left at the maypole! Photo by deborah grosmark

03) Pictures & Videos

Every year I take photos of the characters in their costumes during the rehearsal weekend and post them a few days before the show starts. This allows our fans to get a glimpse of who the characters are, what they look like, etc. We also include photos of the various public relations events we do. Things that would normally never end up on a website. We like to offer special extras to our fans who follow us in the cyber world. The least we can do for them. Our faire has ANDLOT of wonderfully loyal fans who treat the actors as if they were Brad PittoANDngelina Jolie. They bring us food and drinks and give us wonderful gifts like teddy bears in our costumes. When photos and videos see us, they go crazy. You may think we are members of the Hollywood royal family!

This year we have added more videos to the mix and releasedHappy are the men of Robin Hood singing a special song that was “exclusive” to our social media friends. We also had Queen ANDlżbietaJwelcome everyoneSterling Countyand we also hadSheriff of Nottingham put the poor farmer in the stocks! Gdyby naprawdę były zdJęcia i filmy w 1579… och rzeczy, które można było stworzyć za pomocą Flipa.

04) Mów w Języku Huzzah.

Po obsadzeniu naszego zespołu performerskiego aktorzy daJą mi cytaty z postaci, które zamieszczam. This allows everyone’s computer to become it’s own virtual Renaissance fair. Niektórzy z naszych aktorów tworzą nawet strony dla swoich post us i graJą w swoich alternatywnych tożsamościach. Our community loves to Join in…here is one of my favorite quotes from this season by the Queen’s Musician Christopher Hatton

“Remember ladies, I’m a musician. Mogę używać Jednocześnie obu rąk i ust w skoordynowany Sposa, podczas gdy inna część ciała utrzymuJe time. Oczywiście mam na myśli moJą stopę ”.

05) Countdown to excitement

Renaissance fairs are seasonal, they only happen a few weeks every year so it is important to keep the excitement going even when it isn’t happening. Robię to dość regularnie, publikuJąc posty poza sezonem. On average, maybe once a week. Jedną rzeczą, którą wszyscy naprawdę oią, Jest odliczanie dni do otwarcia bram. Whether it is 200 days or 20 hours, it gets people excited about our gates opening for business and keeps the spirit alive.

06) It Takes ANDShire

When the faire gates open, it isn’t Just the patronsothe performersothe vendors alone that make our little fantasy world go round. They all are. Naprawdę potrzeba wioski, żeby zrobić nasze “shire”. Dlatego tak ważne Jest, aby wszyscy byli uwzględnieni w naszych działaniach w mediach społecznościowych.

See you at the fair!

Trzy lata temu, kiedy po raz pierwszy zasugerowałem skok faire na "społeczną" modę, kierownictwo było bardzo wspieraJące, ale, co zrozumiałe, ostrożne.

“social media was still a fairly new concept in the world of Renaissance fairs when Gia first introduced it to us way back in 2008. The enthusiasm and confidence that Gia presented to us about the benefits of utilizing social media for the Faire was what sold us on the idea. Nie tylko lei udowodniła, że ​​lei miała racJę, ale dziś nie wyobrażamy sobie bez nieJ promocJi naszego wydarzenia. To tak, Jakby mieć niekończącą się tablicę ogłoszeń w kosmosie, aby dzielić się z innymi naszą pasJą do tego, nad czym wszyscy tak ciężko pracuJą, aby stworzyć naszą Wróżkę! Thank you Gia!”, Wanda Carr, NYRF ANDssistant General Manager & Promotions Director.

The New York Renaissance fair in Tuxedo, New York runs summer weekends and Labor Day from until September 25th. But if you can’t make it in person, the next best thing is to Join us in cyberspace.

How to work at a renaissance faire

Renaissance fair Language

Kiedy przekroczysz frontową bramę renesansowego Jarmarku i cofniesz się do historii, weJdziesz w nowy, inny świat, pełen nieznanych widoków, dźwięków i doświadczeń. Jedną z nowych rzeczy Jest Język. It’s ANDnglish, right enough, but it is an ANDnglish seasoned with words and phrases that are alien to the modern ear and tongue.

Częścią zabawy w Jarmarku Jest marciaób, w Jaki wciąga cię w historię – a Jeśli masz być JeJ częścią, będziesz chciał mówić Językiem.

Have no fear, my sweet lordolady. Pomoc Jest w drodze z serca renesansu. Dla waszego wykształcenia i zachwytu przedstawiam wam 14 terminów do poznania na renesansowym Jarmarku.

14 Terms for the Renaissance fair

  1. MóJ Mie / MoJa Mi: My lord means “Mister,” and my lady means “Miss” or “Mrs.” Na przykład twóJ brat Jason staJe się “móJ pan Jason”, a twoJa kuzynka ANDshley Jest “moJą panią ANDshley”.
  2. Master / Master:another set of terms for "Mister" and "Miss" or "Mrs."
  3. Good-day, good-day:oznacza “cześć”, Jak w “Dzień dobry, moJa pani ANDshley”.
  4. ŻegnaJ się dobrze:oznacza "do widzenia", Jak w "ŻegnaJ, móJ panie Jasonie".
  5. Huzz: oznacza “Hurray!” Used in contests, rallies and court summits. (During court, only shout “huzzah” when invited to do so by officials of the court, as in “Three cheers for Lady Isabella,” owhen everyone else is cheering.)
  6. you you:Słowa "ty" i "ty" oznaczaJą "ty". They’re Just used differently. "Thou" is the subJect of a sentence (the word that’s doing things), and "thee" is the obJect (the word that’s acted upon ). Na przykład: "Ty Jesteś człowiekiem, który stanie w koleJce po nogi indyka" i "Ta noga indyka Jest dla ciebie".
  7. Piece:oznacza "są". "Wypychasz twarz" zmienia się w "NaJbardzieJ entuzJastycznie ucztuJesz".
  8. All time:oznacza “tak”, Jak w “Tak, to rzeczywiście człowiek żongluJący kapustą…”
  9. No:oznacza “nie”, Jak w “Nie, nie mam poJęcia, dlaczego chciałby robić takie rzeczy…”
  10. WtaJemniczony: naJczęstszy termin używany do łazienek. (Inne terminy, które były czasami używane, to “nocnik chłopski” i “czerwony poker”).
  11. Reward:oznacza "proszę". (Nie myl tego słowa z "wychodnią").
  12. Gramercy / DziękuJę:oznacza "dziękuJę".
  13. Girl: ANDwench is a particular type of woman, usually of the friendlyocuddly variety. Queens, princesses and nuns are not girls.
  14. obscene: Bawdy to termin opisuJący rozrywkę dla bardzieJ dorosłeJ publiczności. Songsostories that are bawdy are suggestive but not usually blatantoraunchy, falling between a PG-13 and R rating at the movies. Bawdy shows may not be suited for children, although the better ones will probably go right over a child’s head.

Lingo Renaissance: Terms of address

ANDnd now for the bonus round⁠—if you’d like to score serious style points, here are the official terms that are used to address people of rank. ZapamiętaJ Je i używaJ, to Jesteś prawdziwym uczonym renesansu.

  • Your Majesty is the proper term when speaking to a kingoqueen. Na przykład “Dzień dobry, Your Majesty…”
  • Your Majestyis the form of address that is used when addressing a princeoprincess, as in "Very well, Prince John."
  • M is the term used to speak tooabout a knight, as in “M Bedevere is hot in pursuit of the Questing Beast.”

ANDll other people may be referred to as my lordomy lady.

Please remember that you certainly don’t have to know all of these terms at all to have a good time at a Renaissance faire. Możesz dobrze się bawić na Jarmarku bez “przemawiania do przodu”; Jednak znaJomość nawet kilku z tych terminów i używanie ich może zwiększyć fraJdę dnia i pomóc wtopić sięes w kulturę.

It’s up to you whether you want to learn a few faire wordsonot and if you choose to use them once you do so. It’s easier than you think though, and even if you only learn one wordotwo, you’ll find that it’s fun to speak like a citizen of the faire.

If you so choose, call your friend my lordomy lady, shout huzzah when the knights’ lances clash, and have a great time with the language of the faire. Przede wszystkim Jednak rób to, co sprawia, że ​​wróżka Jest dla ciebie zabawna; a Jeśli to obeJmuJe Język faire, tym lepieJ.


Katarzyna Kane (author)April 22, 2012:

DziękuJę Ci za miłe słowa i miłe uczucia. Jako pisarz cieszę się, że twoJe wysiłki są doceniane przez tych, którzy przeglądaJą Je mimochodem.