How to wear a knitted headband

How to wear a knitted headband

Headbands are one of those underrated hair accessories that are associated with school uniforms or extreme catwalk moments. But in recent years, the classic hair accessory has undergone a major makeover.

Headbands for women today are more elegant than chic, but before trying this recurring hair accessory again, we consulted with professionals to learn how to style the six most popular styles of headbands.

Thin band

Climate: Simple and cute! A thin headband can look sporty or elegant, depending on the material and hairstyle you choose.

How to wear it:

  • Add a funky touch to the pixie cut:“Consider a sharp pixie cut with gel. Strong gels work best, especially if your hair dries naturally. Put the headband on and you can go with a spray of your favorite hairspray, ”said Gina Rivera, founder of By Gina and Phenix Salon Suites.
  • Use it in any style:"Una fascia sottile si abbina bene con una semplice pettinatura, oppure può aggiungere un tocco di stile ai capelli ruvidi", ha affermato Bianca Hillier, colorista all’Andy Lecompte Salon di Los Angeles.
  • Keep your bangs at bay:"Liscia i peli del bambino o i capelli ribelli con uno spazzolino da denti o un mascara trasparente prima di indossare la fascia", ha affermato Lauren Baxter, stilista al Nunzio Saviano Salon.

Winter headband

Climate: Utility but elegant. A knitted winter headband with a bow is a trendy alternative to a beanie or hat.

How to wear it:

  • Don’t worry about your part:"Quando indossi una fascia del genere, è meglio not dividere i capelli, ma piuttosto spazzolarli all’indietro prima di indossare la fascia", ha detto Baxter.
  • Try an elegant bun:"Suggerirei di utilizzare una lacca leggera invece di qualsiasi tipo di gel o pomata per lo styling per mantenere i capelli in posizione poiché not si desidera che alcun prodotto si sfreghi via dal materiale della fascia", ha suggerito Baxter.
  • Go for the volume:“If the goal is to add volume, start by using a large curling iron to create soft waves. Use your fingers to gently comb the waves, then finish with the hairspray after putting on the headband, Rivera said.

Fashionable headband

Climate: This is for all the glam girls out there! A bejeweled or embellished headband is the perfect accessory to add to your stylish features to finish off your braids.

How to wear it:

    Accentuate Your Bangs:"Tieni la frangia sulla parte anteriore della fascia per sentirti civettuola", ha detto Hillier.

Show off your long curls: Try a low ponytail that is gently pulled back to the nape of the neck. “Use a soft gel to create texture and pin it behind the ear,” Rivera said.

  • Show your pixie: Do you have a pixie cut? Try an elegant and simple look. “Use a soft serum or gel for a classic retro look,” Rivera said.
  • How to wear a knitted headband

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    Knot band

    Climate: Versatility at its best. The band with knot in elegant fabric looks refined and elegant at the same time.

    How to wear it:

      Have fun with your style: “Knot band can be used with any type of hairstyle — up or down,” Rivera said.

    Refine your part:“It’s a great look to wear with a center piece to add to a sophisticated and sophisticated statement. Some add a little youth and the elegant casing adds sophistication, ”explained Hillier.

    Soft band scarf

    Climate: Elegance meets cool. The scarf bandage can be worn in many ways and has the added benefit of being super soft and comfortable.

    How to wear it:

    • Wear it for many seasons:"Lo scialle è perfetto per avvolgere i capelli, sporchi o puliti, e crea un’atmosfera incantevole e artistica", ha affermato Hillier.
    • Style your scarf in many ways:Puoi legare una sciarpa sopra la testa per formare un nodo o un fiocco, oppure puoi legare una sciarpa sulla nuca ", ha detto Baxter.
    • Add height:“This style is perfect for long, thick and structured hair. To add volume, apply a strong hold gel or volume booster to the roots. Dissolve your hair, then divide it into three sections at the tip. Then tease each section of the hairline starting at the front of the crown. Then use a boar bristle brush or comb to lightly smooth the strand of hair over the teased strand for a sleek, finished look. So use some hair spray, “Rivera said.

    Extender for hairstyles

    Climate:A simple, thick headband can easily blend into the skin when worn at the back of the head or make a bolder statement when placed directly on the hairline.

    How to wear it:

    • Keep your vent going:“This is one of the oldest tricks to lengthen your hairstyle for another day. She starts by taming the strands with a styling cream. She uses the dry shampoo through the crown to absorb the oil and add volume, then tease the hair all over the crown and press gently.
    • Volume va-va:“This is perfect for clients with extensions who love generous style. Keeping the hair straight on the scalp in front of the headband allows for an expansive crown and hides any extra lengths of hair, ”said Hillier.
    • Show your pretty face:"Indossando la fascia più vicino alla parte anteriore della corona, ti concentri sui tuoi splendidi occhi e sulla tua pelle", ha detto Rivera.

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    How to wear a knitted headband

    17 knitted headbands to make you look (and feel!) Hot

    Mentre il clima si raffredda e i camini si riscaldano, c’è un accessorio per capelli che not vediamo l’ora più di ogni altro: una fascia lavorata a maglia. It’s a versatile yet simple way to make any look cozy and elegant at the same time; and it’s especially great for those of us who want to keep our ears and head warm, but don’t like the way we look with hats or headphones. (Get one in the POPSUGAR Must Have special edition for the holidays!)

    At the Los Angeles Salon for the Stars 901 Too, styling expert Krystina DeGennaro and her team are experts at working with this beloved accessory in winter hairstyles. Below are her trusty tips of hers for flaunting a knitted headband like a pro, followed by our favorite shopping tips from this season’s collection.

    For longer hair:

    “For someone with thick, curly hair, especially long hair, it’s fun to put it like a crown on your head. To accentuate these loose waves, add some texturizing spray and potentially add a braid under or over your head as well. bok."

    In case of update:

    “Another trendy look is a messy, loose, loose updo with a knit headband in the middle. I also threw my hair behind me, mixing it up, leaving it to peek in front. “

    Quick Style:

    "Farei anche un nodo sopra, saltando alcuni pezzi penzolanti sui lati per un look artistico e casual".

    For short hair:

    "Per i capelli corti, le fasce lavorate a maglia stanno meglio se lasci i capelli sciolti, forse anche mescolarli un po’ con una pomata".

    For fine hair:

    "Aggiungerei anche la polvere di espansore, soprattutto se hai i capelli fini che necessitano di un sollevamento extra tra la fascia in alto, questo prodotto ti darà un volume extra".

    We all know what cute knitted ear warmers look like in the winter months. As for the rest of the year, however, they are a little too warm to be worn like a normal headband. Knitted accessories are lovely all year round, so why not make yourself something a little lighter?

    Check out these great designs forcute knitted headbandsthis won’t make you melt!

    1. Beaded knitted headband

    This adorable headband is thin and light enough to be worn as an accessory rather than a winter hat. It’s adorable beaded pattern makes it especially cute all year round!

    2. Knitted headband on loom

    Rejoice, loom weavers! There’s a headband pattern out there for you too, and it’s intricate pattern makes it absolutely adorable.

    3. Knitted headband with bow

    This pattern requires only basic knitting skills, but the little bow it makes is too cute to miss.

    4. Remaining band with bow

    Do you love the idea of a knitted bow headband but you don’t have very much yarn to work with right now? This headband uses a minimal amount of materials and is perfect for turning awkward leftovers into something cute!

    5. Rope tie

    What’s simpler than knitting a long, thin string? This pattern now shows only how to make this rope, but also how to make it into a simple knotted headband.

    6. Chambray band

    The cute hem and twisted style of this lightweight headband made it more of a fashion statement and less of a weatherproof garment!

    7. A simple band with strings

    Do you have leftovers in three different colors that you need to use? This simple style allows you to show your personality in a subtle way.

    8. Headband of the twin cities

    The ruffle and button make this lightweight headband a cute and expressive garment.

    9. Simple headband with borders

    Even beginners in knitting can create adorable headbands! This is freshly knitted with a neat edge.

    10. Women’s lace headband for February

    Lace patterns look great no matter what you’re knitting. They’re especially delicate and pretty in your hair.

    11. Checkered band

    This simple checkerboard pattern is easy to make and cute to wear in any season!

    12. Pumpkin-shaped bow headband

    The color and weight of this pretty bow and headband are perfect for late summer and early fall. Make it small for your baby or bigger for you!

    13. Headband knitted in pearl braid

    This pattern might be sized for newborns, but making the headband longer isn’t hard at all! The cord strand with small pearl beads is admirable for all ages.

    14. Headband of the Tiara brigade in aluminum foil

    A twisted cord looks beautiful wrapped around any length or hairstyle, and it’s not that hard to do!

    15. Headband worked in half by fisherman

    This even chunky top looks cute with long or pinned hair, with a pinch in the middle adds some extra style!

    Have you knitted other year-round headbands that you love but don’t see in our list? Tell us about them in the comments!

    Cold days force you to dress more heavily, as well as arm yourself with various accessories that will warm your body. These stylish knitted headbands for winter are one of the key elements of the upcoming season and give you the chance to look stylish despite being covered from head to toe in thick fabrics. Choose the one that suits your preferences, whether you are looking for a sporty design or a more girly and chic one.

    Are you one of those fashionistas who like to replenish their wardrobe with key fashion pieces one season early? Certainly we need ideas on how to enrich the winter accessories box with further stylistic designs and elements of style. In fall 2010, chunky knitwear dominated the runways, both when it comes to basic outfits and wardrobe add-ons like bags, scarves and even headbands. Designers were inspired by the visual effect of this design technique, which has been used since ancient times and is still popular with those who want to imagine and wear personalized and chic fashion pieces.

    Our grandmothers’ classy patterns as well as the more complex methods are used to perk up the simple accessories as well as other clothing items. You’ll find the knit headbands winter fashion accessories in various colors and variations. From models inspired by ski chic to the most feminine and brilliant trends. All of this would complement your winter look and keep you warm on windy and freezing days. Check out these examples to know where and what to look for.

    How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband

    The knit headbands trend will be definitely huge the next season therefore it is highly recommended to purchase at least a few designs of these stylish wardrobe pieces.
    Enjoy these cute headbands in their infinite sizes and colors, paired with feather and shiny zippers. For an elegant and trendy look, choose the correct width of the band. Those with a trendy style of bangs should opt for tight headbands to bring out the braids. Check out the examples above to show you how to beat the trend.

    Give your winter outfit an extra touch of sparkle with these trendy knits that incorporate some of the famous patterns used over the years. Indeed, the market is flooded with colorful headbands, but if you want your own custom designs, you can also create your own in style with some professional tips and tricks. Choose the alternative you prefer and make sure you follow the trend and be prepared for the freezing winter days.

    How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband How to wear a knitted headband

    Whether you’ve gone for a chic updo or would like to sport your locks free flowing on your shoulders it is highly advisable to embed these stylish headbands into your do. Keep your curls in great condition so you can show off a healthy complexion paired with the essential winter hair accessory. The collections of the most eminent designers also aim to provide you with some revolutionary ideas on how to create a first-rate winter outfit. Thick knits would really add some volume to your strands and create a more expressive image. Wear them, you dare to make a devastating statement with your outfit.

    On the other hand you can also go for the skinny headbands that can be pierced into your casual chic and also semi-formal appearance in an instant.
    These headbands may not be that glamorous and will help you recreate a retro-inspired style or a more classic vibe. Your personality, hair texture and face shape affect your overall appearance. Consider all of these factors and make sure you line up with knitted headbands fans who have decided to make this long-term investment in fashion and wear stylish winter accessories for months and next year as well.

    Kup te cute knitted headbands od asos. com

    How to wear a knitted headband
    Paul & Joe How to wear a knitted headband
    Paul & Joe How to wear a knitted headband
    PradaHow to wear a knitted headband

    Photo of the catwalk by elle. com

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    It was very hot in Minnesota this week. Sometimes you just wanna pull your hair up, you know what I mean?

    I love wearing simple elastic bands, but there are three problems. 1. It’s hard to find them in cool colors 2. The bulk in the back of the headband is annoying. 3. They aren’t always loose enough, or tight enough.

    Here is a short tutorial on how to make your own simple headbands with any jersey fabric you can get. You can just cut a shirt or go to a nice fabric store and buy a very good quality, light and smooth shirt in a nice color. You only need about a quarter of a meter (although not a quarter thick – this should be a cut that runs the length of the fabric to get a nice long piece).

    – a piece of knitted fabric (at least 6 ″ x20 ″)

    Start by cutting the fabric into a small neat rectangle. make sure the most elastic direction is along the length. I like to fold the fabric in half and then cut it to a width of 3 inches for a total of 6 inches once opened.

    Then with the prettier side of the fabric together (if there’s a prettier side, of course), fold it in half and sew along the open end. To keep the fabric stretchy, pull the fabric at both ends while sewing on the machine. This is usually a no-no to pull your fabric as you sew, but unless you have a serging machine, this is the best way to keep the stretch that I’ve found.

    Flip your piece over so the seam is inside the tube. Fold the tube in half so that the seam is on the outside. How’s that…

    secure the ends with a safety pin and try to check that they are well sealed. pull the safety pin closer or pull it out, depending on how tight you want your band to be. I like mine quite tight because the shirt will stretch when you wear it a little bit.

    Once you have the pin where you want it, go ahead and sew the seam exactly where the pin was, with a little quilting on each end. It doesn’t have to be pretty, we will cover it up in the end.

    Please try again to make sure you like the fit. Trim the excess fabric, leaving about 1/2 inch behind the seam.

    Here’s the fun part. You know when you wear a headband like this, and it’s all bulky in the back, wear your ponytail is? Here’s how to make it tighter …

    turn the headband upside down, with the seam line facing out. Just above the seam, fold the top of the bracelet and the bottom half of the bracelet in half and pin them together.

    simply hand sew about an inch where they meet. This allows you to cover the back seam AND collect some material to reduce volume.

    flip the headband and experiment with new activities.

    Here is a photo of Avery in a yellow shirt that I made with his old shirt

    Here is another photo of the blue.

    If you choose to make it, please send me a picture of you wearing it; I’d love to see it!

    My Torsion Knit Headband was by far my most requested Addi Express tutorial. They are items that are always good for me at fairs and something I wear a lot. You can make them in so many yarns and colors that they will always look great. They are simple enough for even beginners to make.

    I love seeing the items you create from my designs, so tag me on Instagram in the photos you share. Uwielbiam dzielić się swoimi markami na mojej stronie i w moich historiach! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below in the comments section and I’ll try to answer all of them.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    * This post may contain affiliate links. The links give me a small percentage of the commission, but not not ti costa di più. Using these links helps show support for my blog and allows me to keep posting great content for you! I really appreciate the support! I not promote anything that I haven’t used and love myself because integrity is key for us keeping our relationship happy

    Required materials

    • Addi Express King
    • 1 skein Caron Simply Soft in the color of your choice.
      • You can use a different yarn with a similar weight, but remember that some yarns may be a little more demanding than others. I personally found Caron Simply Soft to be the simplest on my machine, plus it’s machine washable which is always a nice plus with wearables.
    • A few meters away in a contrasting color.
    • Crochet hook (any size between 4mm and 5.5mm works)
    • Needle of yarn

    How to wear a knitted headband

    If you like this Addi Express tutorial, be sure to check out my BonFire Beanie tutorial. Questo è un ottimo progetto per i principianti se not conosci le macchine per maglieria.

    Braided knit headband tutorial

    The video covers all the steps of using Addi Express and completing the formula. I have listed all the steps below for you as well. Happy darling.

    Using the waste yarn, pour and knit 5 rows

    Leaving the tail long (60 inches), start with the main strand. Work 75 rows with this yarn.

    Don’t cut the yarn, place the skein in the center of the design, then use the waste yarn to make 5 more rows.

    Now close the ends of the tube by sewing them together in single crochet or slip stitch. (8:30 minute mark on the video).

    Lay the tube flat. Flip one end completely to form a twist. Tie the ends together using slip stitches. (17:00 minute marker).

    Bind off at the ends. Now your braided knit headband is ready.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Now for the styling

    Now that you have the bands, how do you combine them? Will you wear them with your hair down and slide it over like a crown? Will you wear it with your hair pulled up in a bun? Will you do it in one color? Or more colors?

    I can’t wait to see how you all decide to wear the new knitted twist headband. If you have any suggestions for new patterns, blog posts you’d like to see, or questions on this tutorial, please leave them below. Thanks for following the girls, XOXO Taylor Lynn

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    How to wear a knitted headband
    Hi, I’m Taylor! I am in my early 20’s and have just started my blogging journey. I’ve always wanted to do beautiful things except for one problem. I wasn’t artistically talented. At all. I can’t draw very well, I have horrible hand writing, and painting? forget about it. That is how I got into crochet >>Read More

    This headband knit pattern includes two different headband styles with a simple and elegant twist.

    The first headband style is knitted with a double stitch, which provides a double layer of jersey stitching.

    Il tessuto risultante è estremamente caldo e, a differenza delle normali cuciture in jersey, not si arriccia!

    The second headband style is a classic Fisherman’s Rib. This stitch is very stretchy and looks great when paired with a headband.

    In this video tutorial you will learn how to knit these two circles from start to finish. Includes tips on how to insert a lifeline (very important!) And how to adjust the size of the headband for a perfect fit.

    These bracelets are great last minute gifts, so make them for the holidays!

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Twisted Headband Materials & Notes

    Yarn used for double jersey stitching:one Rico Essentials Merino DK ball in Brick Red (79)

    Yarn used for the fishing stitch:a skein Swans Island Washable Wool Sport in Edgecomb Gray

    The Swan’s Island yarn used to make Fisherman’s Rib is sadly hard to find at the moment, so I’ve listed similar substitutes below.

    Other similar yarns:

    • Lang Lang Merino 120 yarns (100% merino in several dozen colors)
    • Paintbox Simply DK yarns (affordable 100% acrylic yarn in many colors)
    • Berroco Quechua (luxurious merino-alpaca-like blend with a beautiful sheen)
    • Fyberspates Vivacious DK (Dovestone color similar to Swans Island Gray)
    • Madelinetosh Sport (kitten color similar to Swans Island Gray)

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Recommended needles:1 pair of 4.00mm needles for the edge of the double jersey stitch and 1 pair of 3.75mm needles for the fisherman’s ribbed edge.


    • tapestry needle (LoveKnitting) (Amazon)
    • scissors (LoveKnitting) (Amazon)
    • waste yarn

    Notes on the model

    Goldilocks winding test: The easiest way to know when to throw away and start sewing is to wrap the headband around your head so the edges touch. If it feels comfortably snug then you’re ready to cast off.

    Too tight? So do a little more and try again. Too large? Loosen up to the point where the fit is comfortable. I call this the Goldilocks Wrap Test because like Goldilocks, you’re trying to find a size that feels Exactly.

    How to wear a knitted headbandGoldilocks wrap test in action

    Flexible gauge: While I’ve designed these headbands for sport and DK weight, these headbands can be knit in any yarn weight. You’ll just need a bit of trial and error to figure out the number of cast on stitches. Then knit as described in the instructions below and use the Goldilocks wrap test (see above) to determine when to pour. Sew a twist as shown in the video, finishedSei finished!

    Construction:These bands are fastened flat and then sewn together to form a twist in the center.

    Life lines: Fixing mistakes in both Fisherman’s rib and double stockinette stitch is a real pain. Simplify knitting by incorporating life jackets into your work. This technique was discussed in the video tutorial.

    Twisted headband video tutorial

    This video tutorial shows you how to knit these ties from start to finish.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Instructions for the double sock

    With a 4mm needle, CO 40 (or an even number of stitches)

    (Note: the boot will look very wide, but the width will decrease as you knit)

    All the needles: * 1 k, 1 sl with the yarn in front, purl; repeat from * to the end of the row

    Ripetere la riga sopra finché il pezzo not misura la lunghezza desiderata in base al test di avvolgimento Riccioli d’oro.

    Discard, leaving a 12-inch long tail. This tail will be used for sewing. Go to “Twist Stitches” for instructions on how to attach a headband.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Instructions for a fishing band with a tightening point

    With a 3.75mm needle, CO 25 (or an odd number of stitches)

    Prepare a row – go through all the points

    Row 1: K 1, * P 1, work for the stitch below; repeat from * to last 2 sts, P 1, K 1

    Row 2: * P 1, work for the stitch below; repeat from * to the last point, p

    Ripetere le righe 1-2 finché il lavoro not misura la lunghezza desiderata in base alla prova di avvolgimento Riccioli d’oro.

    Discard, leaving a 12-inch long tail. This tail will be used for sewing.

    Staple twist

    Once you’ve cast off, it’s time to join the headband together by seaming the two ends closed. By twisting the two ends together, we create a twist. Let’s start seaming!

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Which side of the sash will be the “right side”? This side is facing the world while the “wrong side” is facing your forehead. When you have decided on the “right side”, put it face down.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    How to wear a knitted headband

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Make sure all four edges of the hug are snug on the sides and top.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Thread the end of the thread with an upholstery needle and sew the four adjacent edges. Backstitch is my preferred seaming method because it’s very secure. However, you can use your preferred connection method.

    How to wear a knitted headband

    How to wear a knitted headband


    * *: repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated
    CO: cast
    K: jersey
    D: nonsense
    SL: move 1 point
    St (s): dot (s)

    Help Support Sheep & Stitch!

    How to wear a knitted headband

    While the pattern instructions and video tutorial are free and available above, for the price of a fancy coffee, you can support Sheep & Stitch by purchasing a PDF file of this pattern. This PDF file is well organized and ready to be printed and selected by you!

    After purchase, a PDF file with the scheme will be emailed to you. Thank you for your support!

    Online knitwear magazine

    How to wear a knitted headband

    Here is a free knitting pattern for a truly unusual wired headband.

    Made of super thick yarn, it is comfortable to wear and the unusual stitch pattern makes it eye-catching.

    The headband shown in the photo is made of Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Super Chunky Yarn.

    However, you can use any super thick yarn that works with 10mm needles.

    This beautiful knit pattern is an excerpt from the 6 Cable Ties flyer, available on Amazon.

    Free knit pattern with braided band

    Needles and Threads Needed:

    10mm straight needles and approx. 80g of extra thick yarn.

    The yarn used for the headband in the photo:

    Paintbox Super Chunky wool blend.

    Voltage Indicator:

    At 2 cm – 2 stitches and 2 rows, Patt.

    Width 13 cm, length 45 cm.


    Cast on 12 stitches.

    Work the following pattern for 4 rows until the piece is as long as desired (recommended length 45 cm, usually 12 matches on 4 rows). Enter K.

    1. K4, C2f, C2b, K4
    2. K3, P6, K3
    3. K4, C2b, C2f, K4
    4. K3, P6, K3

    After mirroring, sew both ends of the bracelet, thread the ends and wear or give it as a gift.

    We hope you enjoy this free head band knitting pattern.