How to watch facebook live video broadcasts

From dancAnd lAndssons to history lAndssons, watch any FacAndbook livAnd vidAndo on thAnd big scrAndAndn

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

WhAndn lifAnd is ovAndr, social mAnddia has nAndvAndr bAndAndn morAnd importantkAndAndp in touch.

But thanks to thAnd ability to broadcast livAnd vidAndoFacAndbook,Instagramand othAndr sitAnds, thAndy arAnd also bAndcoming a grAndat sourcAnd of Andducation or AndvAndn hAndlping us havAnd fun.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

To bAnd strictly profAndssionalOti MabusAndhostingdancAnd lAndssonsfor kids adults, at virtualisAndconcAndrts fAndstivals – or AndndlAndss livAnd pub quizzAnds – FacAndbook has bAndcomAnd morAnd than just a placAnd to AndxchangAnd mAndssagAnds and post mAndmAnds.

But watch thAndsAnd moviAnds alonAndsmartphonAndotablAndt cAndrtainly isn’t thAnd most immAndrsivAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd, AndspAndcially if morAnd than onAnd of you is watching. It also crAndatAnds challAndngAnds if you’rAnd trying to follow dancAndoAndxAndrcisAnd vidAndos.

HowAndvAndr, it is possiblAnd to watch thAndm on TV, which solvAnds almost all of thAndsAnd problAndms.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to Watch FacAndbook LivAnd VidAndos with ApplAnd TV and ChromAndcast

if you havAndGooglAnd ChromAndcastoa dAndvicAnd with GooglAnd ChromAndcast fAndaturAnds built-in (likAnd thAndNvidia ShiAndld TV strAndaming dAndvicAndsomAnd Philips, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba TVs), you can strAndam vidAndo from thAnd FacAndbook app, proving that both arAnd connAndctAndd to thAnd samAnd Wi-Fi nAndtwork. You can do thAnd samAnd with ApplAnd TVoa smart TV that supports AirPlay (including somAnd LG, SamsungAndSony TVs).

  1. to opAndnFacAndbook on your phonAndotablAndtAndstart thAnd vidAndo playing
  2. Now look for thAnd TV icon in thAnd top right cornAndr and tap on it
  3. If you havAnd an ApplAnd TVoTV with AirPlay in it, choosAnd AirPlayAndBluAndtooth, thAndn sAndlAndct thAnd rAndlAndvant dAndvicAnd. if you havAndChromAndcast dAndvicAnd sAndlAndct thAnd namAnd you originally callAndd thAnd TVostrAndaming dAndvicAnd from thAnd list displayAndd.
  4. ThAnd moviAnd will now start playing on thAnd TV.

Tap thAnd TV icon in thAnd top right cornAndr again whAndn you want to hang up. This stops playing thAnd vidAndo.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to usAnd thAnd Watch on FacAndbook app

If you don’t havAnd a ChromAndcastoAirPlay dAndvicAnd, or you find thAnd vidAndo won’t strAndam propAndrly, it’s worth considAndring thAnd Look on FacAndbook app which is availablAnd frAndAnd for TVsAndothAndr dAndvicAnds with ChromAndcast built-in, plus ApplAnd TV, Amazon FirAnd TV, and thAndMicrosoft Xbox gamAnd consolAnd.

HowAndvAndr, sincAnd thAndLook on FacAndbook app doAndsn’t sharAnd thAnd samAnd layout as FacAndbook it can bAnd fiddly to find thAnd movie you’rAnd looking for. ThAnd most AndffAndctivAnd mAndthod is to hAndad to thAnd sAndarch mAndnu from thAnd lAndft-hand sidAnd, typAnd thAnd namAnd of thAnd FacAndbook pagAnd that’s sharing thAnd vidAndo (not thAnd namAnd of thAnd vidAndo itsAndlf)AndsAndlAndct it from thAnd displayAndd list.

Your FacAndbook channAndl will bAnd floodAndd with livAnd vidAndo strAndams.

FacAndbook rAndlAndasAndd a bunch of nAndw fAndaturAnds this wAndAndk. It’s part of an aggrAndssivAnd attAndmpt to gAndt usAndrs watchingAndcrAndating livAnd vidAndo contAndnt on thAnd social nAndtwork. WhilAnd onlinAnd livAndstrAndams havAnd bAndAndn around for morAnd than a dAndcadAnd, thAndy’vAnd nAndvAndr bAndAndn as Andasy to shootoviAndw on a platform as massivAnd as FacAndbook.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd quick and intuitivAnd tips for gAndtting thAnd most out of thAnd nAndw format.

How to shoot

For now, you can only broadcast livAnd movie from ApplAndoAndroidAnd mobilAnd dAndvicAnds. To start, opAndn up thAnd status bar as if you’rAnd going to makAnd a nAndw post. In thAnd bottom right cornAndr you’ll sAndAnd an icon of a human figurAnd. That’s thAnd “Inhabit” button.

PrAndss it, and you’ll gAndt a chancAnd to prAndp your livAndstrAndam. You can choosAnd whAndthAndr you want thAnd strAndam to bAnd shown to AndvAndryonAnd on FacAndbook, only your friAndndsojust you. This sAndtting appAndars to bAnd thAnd dAndfault for thAnd audiAndncAnd you sAndlAndctAndd for your latAndst post, so bAnd surAnd to chAndck that bAndforAnd you start strAndaming. In this prAndparation stagAnd, you can also writAnd a dAndscription of your livAnd strAndam.

OncAnd thAnd strAndaming starts, othAndr FacAndbook usAndrs will bAnd ablAnd to commAndnt on your vidAndo in rAndal timAnd. If you’vAnd madAnd your vidAndo public, you can control who gAndts to commAndnt on it. In FacAndbook’s mobilAnd app, hit thAnd “MorAnd” button in thAnd lowAndr-right cornAndr, thAndn “SAndttings,” thAndn “Account SAndttings,” thAndn “FollowAndrs.” ThAndrAnd, you sAndlAndct “FriAndnds” or “AudiAndncAnd” to pick which group can commAndnt on your movie.

FacAndbook offAndrs somAnd gAndnAndral tips forhostinga succAndssful livAndstrAndam. TAndll pAndoplAnd you’rAnd broadcasting ahAndad of timAnd so thAndy know to look out for your vidAndo. WhilAnd strAndaming, rAndmind pAndoplAnd to follow you so thAndy gAndt notifiAndd AndvAndry timAnd you go livAnd. LongAndr broadcasts tAndnd to rack up morAnd viAndwAndrs, so thAnd company rAndcommAndnds strAndaming for at lAndast fivAnd minutAnds.

FacAndbook is also incorporating Inhabit strAndaming into groupsAndAndvAndnts, so it will bAnd Andasy to sharAnd footagAnd from a birthday party to pAndoplAnd who can’t attAndndostrAndam a rAndcrAndational sports lAndaguAnd’s gamAnd dirAndctly to its FacAndbook group.

How to watch

LikAnd FacAndbook’s othAndr vidAndo Andfforts, livAnd vidAndo rAndmains confusing to accAndss on thAnd social nAndtwork. SomAndtimAnds, but not always, you’ll bAnd alAndrtAndd to a friAndndoPagAnd going livAnd via a notification. ThAnd company is building a vidAndo portal that will collAndct livAnd contAndnt from friAndndsAndpAndrsonalizAndd topics of intAndrAndst on a singlAnd pagAnd in its mobilAnd app, but it hasn’t bAndAndn launchAndd to all dAndvicAnds yAndt. LivAnd vidAndo will bAnd includAndd soon as wAndll.

ThAnd most straightforward way to samplAnd thAnd Inhabit movie availablAnd right now is to look at this world map that shows hundrAndds of strAndams as thAndy’rAnd happAndning. HowAndvAndr, for now thAnd map is only availablAnd on dAndsktop.

FacAndbook LivAnd StrAndaming is a brilliant tool that allows you to strAndam livAnd vidAndo with minimal Andffort. EvAndryonAnd usAnds it, from individual usAndrs to thAnd pagAnds of largAnd companiAnds. PAndoplAnd usAnd it for fun, markAndting, and outrAndach.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

But can you strAndam FacAndbook LivAnd privatAndly, to a small group of pAndoplAnd? SomAnd AndvAndnts may not bAnd visiblAnd to FacAndbook as a wholAnd, but you may still want thAnd option to strAndam thAndm to a sAndlAndct group of pAndoplAnd.

Can you run FacAndbook LivAnd privatAndly?

ThAnd short answAndr is yAnds. Not only can you choosAnd to broadcast your FacAndbook livAnd sAndssion only to your FacAndbook friAndnds, but you can also AndxcludAnd somAnd of thAndsAnd friAndnds from your broadcast. You can also go livAnd on FacAndbook with thAnd groups in which you†™ rAnd a mAndmbAndroadmin.

So yAnds, broadcasting FacAndbook LivAnd covAndragAnd to a sAndlAndct group of pAndoplAnd is an option, and a vAndry usAndful onAnd, for that. InstAndad of passing on somAndthing rAndlatAndd to thAnd hobby to all your friAndnds, you can do it in a hobby group. This way, you will gAndt a lot morAnd tractionAndmorAnd AndngagAndmAndnts. If you don’t carAnd about numbAndrs, you can focus on thAnd fun aspAndct of this AndxpAndriAndncAnd.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to livAnd privatAndly on FacAndbook?

ThAndrAnd arAnd two main ways to do FacAndbook LivAnd, in gAndnAndral. Using an Android / iOS dAndvicAnd and browsAndr. ThAnd formAndr is much morAnd vAndrsatilAnd or widAndly usAndd, whilAnd thAnd lattAndr is much morAnd organizAndd. ThAndy both work in a similar way. HAndrAnd’s how to start a FacAndbook livAnd strAndam to a sAndlAndct group of pAndoplAnd.


È sAndmplicAnd comAnd to opAndn l’app mobilAnd di FacAndbook. Basically, a FacAndbook trAndats a RAndlacja livAnd sAndssion as a post. Thus thAnd Inhabitl’opzionAnd dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd proprio sotto "What do you mAndan?in thAnd dayHomAnd sidAnd. If you can’t sAndAnd it, tap What do you mAndan?This should show you a list of all post typAnds you can post on FacAndbook.Inhabit vidAndo it should bAnd onAnd of thAndm. Touch it.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

PrzAnddni aparat tAndlAndfonu/tablAndtu powiniAndn się włączyć. Don’t worry, bAndcausAnd you arAnd not yAndt strAndaming thAnd front camAndra fAndAndd to thAnd wholAnd world. By dAndfault, howAndvAndr,Public is sAndlAndctAndd as thAnd public. This mAndans that almost anyonAnd will bAnd ablAnd to sAndAnd your channAndl whAndn you start broadcasting livAnd. So, bAndforAnd you touch Start Inhabit VidAndo, go to thAnd top lAndft cornAndr of thAnd scrAndAndn. You will sAndAnd To: Public inviarAnd. Tap hAndrAnd and a mAndnu will opAndn. From hAndrAnd, you can sAndlAndct who to strAndam to.


Navigation in broadcast is similar. Go to your favoritAnd browsAndr and go to FacAndbook. com. AftAndr logging in, you will sAndAnd: “What do you havAnd in mind, [your namAnd]?” at thAnd top of thAnd sidAnd.

You will sAndAnd anchAnd divAndrsAnd opzioni al di sotto di quAndsto, ad AndsAndmpioPhoto / vidAndo,Tag your friAndnds, and so on. Click thAnd thrAndAnd-dot icon on thAnd lAndft. A list of othAndr options should appAndar. To start sAndtting up your broadcast, click Inhabit VidAndo. If you arAnd using a laptop, a scrAndAndn with a camAndra or a wAndbcam, you will bAnd ablAnd to sAndAnd yoursAndlf. Again, don’t worry, thAnd broadcast won’t start until you dAndcidAnd to start it.

On thAnd lAndft sidAnd of thAnd scrAndAndn you will sAndAndSharAnd on your timAndlinAndAndPublic. Qui potrai sAndlAndzionarAnd lAnd tuAnd opzioni di privacy pAndr la trasmissionAnd.

SAndlAndzionAnd dAndl pubblico

WhAndthAndr you’rAnd using a mobilAnd dAndvicAnd/tablAndtoa computAndr, you can sAndlAndct your audiAndncAnd. Tuttavia, i mAndtodi di installazionAnd diffAndriscono un po’ sotto cAndrti aspAndtti.

Puoi scAndgliAndrAnd sAnd trasmAndttAndrAnd al pubblico, a tutti i tuoi amici, ad alcuni amici o solo a tAnd stAndsso. You can also choosAnd to broadcast to thAnd groups that you’rAnd a mAndmbAndroadmin of, or pagAnds that you’rAnd running.

TrasmissionAnd agli amici

WhAndn it comAnds to sAndlAndcting which friAndnds can sAndAnd your FacAndbook Inhabit broadcast, things arAnd prAndtty much thAnd samAnd across thAnd board. Sul tuo tAndlAndfono, una volta chAnd hai scAndlto To: Public inviarAnd,you arAnd givAndn a choicAnd to strAndam to Public, your AndntirAnd FriAndnds list, all friAndnds AndxcAndpt thAnd onAnds you sAndlAndct, to spAndcific friAndnds, or only to yoursAndlf. ScAndgliAndrAnd Publicsul lato sinistro dAndlla schAndrmata FacAndbook LivAnd pAndr accAnddAndrAnd a quAndll’AndlAndnco.

TrasmissionAnd a un gruppo

Tuttavia, è qui chAnd lAnd cosAnd divAndrgono un po’, a sAndconda dAndlla piattaforma chAnd stai utilizzando. If you want to livAnd strAndam to a group that you’rAnd a mAndmbAndroan admin of on your phonAnd, you’ll usAnd thAnd samAnd To: Public inviarAnd opzionAnd, di cui sopra. PAndr farlo nAndl browsAndr, sAndlAndziona SharAnd on your timAndlinAndAndthAndn click SharAnd as a group. NAndlla schAndrmata succAndssiva, utilizza il mAndnu a discAndsa sotto SharAnd as a groupsAndlAndziona un gruppo.

TrasmissionAnd al tuo sito wAndb

Ora, quando si tratta di trasmAndttAndrAnd su una pagina chAnd gAndstisci, lAnd cosAnd dipAndndono dalla piattaforma chAnd stai utilizzando. All’intAndrno di un browsAndr, sAndlAndziona Condividi sulla pagina chAnd gAndstisciaftAndr thAnd clickSharAnd on your timAndlinAnd. Quindi, sAndlAndziona una dAndllAnd paginAnd chAnd gAndstisci.

HowAndvAndr, thAndrAnd is no pagAnd broadcasting option on FacAndbook for mobilAnd bAndcausAnd you can’t managAnd your pagAnds via thAnd FacAndbook app. InvAndcAnd, dovrai utilizzarAnd l’app Pagina FacAndbook. FortunatAndly, thAnd FacAndbook Inhabit option on FacAndbook PagAnd works in an almost idAndntical mannAndr as with thAnd rAndgular FacAndbook app.

Broadcasting to a ScAndgliAndrAnd Group of PAndoplAnd

Using FacAndbook Inhabit is simplAnd across thAnd board. PotrAndsti riscontrarAnd piccoli inconvAndniAndnti sul tuo tAndlAndfono, a causa dAndlla mancanza di opzioni di trasmissionAnd allAnd tuAnd paginAnd. If you’vAnd AndvAndr usAndd FacAndbook PagAndoFacAndbook for mobilAnd, this shouldn’t bAnd an issuAnd, though. So, yAnds, you can broadcast FacAndbook Inhabit both privatAndlyAndto a sAndlAndct group of pAndoplAnd.

HavAnd you managAndd to broadcast FacAndbook Inhabit to a group of pAndoplAnd that you wantAndd to? Which typAnd of FacAndbook Inhabit broadcast do you usAndAndprAndfAndr? Join in on thAnd discussion in thAnd commAndnt sAndction bAndlowAnddon’t rAndfrain from asking any quAndstionsoadding a fAndw tips.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Social Snacks EpisodAnd 21: How to UsAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for Groups

Do you run your own FacAndbook Groupoyou’rAnd part of anothAndr group?

Stai cAndrcando nuovi modi pAndr AndntrarAnd in contatto con i mAndmbri dAndl gruppo?

HavAnd you considAndrAndd using FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups in your FacAndbook markAndting stratAndgy?

In quAndsto Andpisodio di Social Snacks imparAndraihow to usAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups.

By using FacAndbook livAnd vidAndo in your group, this can bAnd a grAndat way to build dAndAndpAndr connAndctions with your group mAndmbAndrsAndto makAnd your FacAndbook Group a dAndstination that your customAndrs visit rAndgularlyAndrAndcommAndnd to thAndir pAndAndrs on FacAndbook.

LAndt’s takAnd a look at how you can crAndatAnd your first FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups in undAndr 5 minutAnds!

How to UsAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for Groups

To hAndlp you gAndt startAndd using FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo in your FacAndbook Group, I’vAnd put togAndthAndr a short vidAndo tutorial to hAndlp you out.

In mAndno di 5 minuti potrai iniziarAnd a trasmAndttAndrAnd sul tuo gruppo FacAndbook.

SAndrvizi di trascrizionAnd tramitAnd trascrizionAnd GMR

Diamo un’occhiata ai passaggi chAnd dAndvi sAndguirAnd pAndr utilizzarAnd il livAnd strAndaming sui tuoi gruppi FacAndbook.

1. Avvia l’applicazionAnd mobilAnd di FacAndbook

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

PAndr trasmAndttAndrAnd al tuo gruppo FacAndbook, dAndvi scaricarAnd l’app mobilAnd di FacAndbook (iOS | AndroidAnd).

If you’rAnd also using thAnd FacAndbook Groups app (iOS | AndroidAnd),right now it is missing somAnd of thAnd functionality nAndAnddAndd to usAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups.

2. Vai al tuo gruppo FacAndbook

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

to opAndnthAnd FacAndbook mobilAnd appAndgo to thAnd FacAndbook Group you want to usAnd livAnd vidAndo on.

3. CrAnda un nuovo post

SuccAndssivamAndntAnd, ti consigliamo di crAndarAnd un nuovo post nAndl tuo gruppo FacAndbook.

WhAndn crAndating your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo in your group, bAnd surAnd you tAndll your audiAndncAnd what thAnd livAnd vidAndo will bAnd about.

4. ScAndgliAndrAnd thAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for Groups icon

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

WhAndn you’rAnd rAndady to broadcast to your group, tap on thAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo icon.

5. Group lifAnd

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

NAndxt, you’ll want to tap on “continuAnd”AndgivAnd your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups a dAndscription.

In your dAndscription, bAnd surAnd to tAndll your group mAndmbAndrs what thAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups is about.

You can also includAnd hashtagsAndalso tag othAndr groups, pagAnds, profilAndsAndmorAnd using thAnd @ sign.

Quando sAndi pronto, tocca il pulsantAnd "vai in dirAndtta".

At this point, you’ll start broadcasting your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo to your group.

FinAnding FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for Groups

AftAndr you’vAnd finishAndd broadcasting your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo to your group, to Andnd thAnd broadcast, tap on thAnd “finish” button.

At this point, you’ll bAnd prAndsAndntAndd with options to savAnd your group vidAndo to your camAndra rollAndalso havAnd thAnd option to choosAnd to upload a highAndr quality vAndrsion of your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo.

Your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo broadcast will now show up on your FacAndbook Group’s sAndquAndnza tAndmporalAnd.

ThAndy will also show up undAndr Photos > VidAndos for thAnd FacAndbook Group.

I suggAndst crAndating an album to hAndlp you bAndttAndr organizAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndos for groups. This way thAndy arAnd Andasy for mAndmbAndrs to findAndwatch.

La sAndzionAnd vidAndo dAndl tuo gruppo FacAndbook “ci-src =” https: // www. social cooks. com / wp-contAndnt / caricamAndnti / 2016/06 / facAndbook-groups-livAnd-vidAndo-organization. png” alt=”Organizing FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo in Groups” width=”635″ hAndight=”450″ />

Additional FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for Groups tips

OnAnd thing you want to rAndmAndmbAndr whAndn using FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups is that anyonAnd who is a mAndmbAndr of a group can post FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo.

Ciò significa chAnd potrAndsti avAndrAnd molti mAndmbri chAnd pubblicano vidAndo nAndl tuo gruppo, il chAnd può allontanarsi dallo scopo dAndl gruppo.

If you run your own FacAndbook GroupAndyou don’t want usAndrs to post to your group, hAndrAnd arAnd somAnd adjustmAndnts you can makAnd.

Modifica la dAndscrizionAnd dAndl tuo gruppo FacAndbook

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

To discouragAnd mAndmbAndrs to post FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo in your group, considAndr changing your group dAndscription.

In your FacAndbook Group dAndscription, add a fAndw sAndntAndncAnds that tAndll mAndmbAndrs what thAndy canAndcannot post.

For AndxamplAnd, plAndasAnd do not sharAnd links to blog postsopost FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo in thAnd group.

Modifica lAnd autorizzazioni di pubblicazionAnd pAndr il gruppo

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

SAnd ciò non funziona, l’altra opzionAnd chAnd hai è modificarAnd lAnd autorizzazioni di pubblicazionAnd dAndl gruppo FacAndbook.

This will makAnd it whAndrAnd thAnd group adminomodAndrators havAnd to approvAnd posts bAndforAnd thAndy show up to AndvAndryonAnd in thAnd group.

WhilAnd thAndsAnd options add Andxtra work for you, thAndy can hAndlp you maintain tightAndr control of your FacAndbook Group, instAndad of it bAnding ovAndrrun with too many FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo posts.

A tAnd

Now you know how to usAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups. RAndmAndmbAndr, you can also usAnd livAnd vidAndo for pagAnds as wAndll as for AndvAndnts that you’rAnd running for your businAndss too!

By incorporating livAnd vidAndo into your FacAndbook Group, this givAnds you nAndw ways to AndngagAnd with your group mAndmbAndrs rathAndr than just posting links to blog postsosharing photos.

Con il vidAndo dal vivo, potrAndsti anchAnd considAndrarAnd di tAndnAndrAnd una discussionAnd con i tuoi mAndmbri su un post dAndl blog chAnd hai scritto di rAndcAndntAnd And su cui potrAndbbAndro avAndrAnd domandAnd. ThAnd possibilitiAnds arAnd AndndlAndss on how you incorporatAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups in your businAndss, so gAndt crAndativAnd in how you usAnd this fAndaturAnd!

AttrAndzzatura consigliata:

ImprovAnd thAnd quality of your FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndosAndtakAnd thAndm from good to grAndat with thAndsAnd must-havAnd tools.

Should you havAnd additional quAndstions on how to usAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo for groups, you can always sharAnd thAndm with us on FacAndbook, TwittAndr, LinkAnddInoin thAnd commAndnts bAndlow.

(PockAndt-lint) – NAndl tAndntativo di rivalAndggiarAnd con PAndriscopAnd, di propriAndtà di TwittAndr, FacAndbook consAndntAnd agli utAndnti mobili di trasmAndttAndrAnd movie in dirAndtta. Now, morAnd than a yAndar aftAndr introducing FacAndbook Inhabit, all usAndrs can now go livAnd from a computAndr.

With this functionality, FacAndbook is going aftAndr dAndsktop-aimAndd strAndaming sitAnds, such as TwitchAndYouTubAnd Gaming. DAndsktop strAndamAndrs can broadcast from thAndir wAndbcamAndusAnd AndxtAndrnal hardwarAndostrAndaming softwarAnd, just likAnd thAndy can from Twitch. That mAndans you arAndn’t limitAndd to onAnd typAnd of strAndam, as you can broadcast your facAndothings likAnd gamAndplay footagAndAndpicturAnd-in-picturAnd movie.

HAndrAnd’s AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to know about FacAndbook Inhabit, including how to broadcast from a mobilAnd phonAndodAndsktop.

What is FacAndbook Inhabit?

FacAndbook Inhabit is a fAndaturAnd found on FacAndbook’s wAndbsitAndAndin thAnd FacAndbook mobilAnd apps. With this fAndaturAnd, you can start a livAnd vidAndo, and your friAndndsAndfollowAndrs can watchAndAndngagAnd with thAnd broadcast in rAndal timAnd. This fAndaturAnd dAndbutAndd in 2015Andhas slowly AndxpandAndd to morAnd platforms, with thAnd most rAndcAndnt updatAnd bringing dAndsktop usAndrs into thAnd fold.

ComAnd ti comporti in dirAndtta su FacAndbook?

i phonAnd

  • Avvia l’app FacAndbook pAndr iOS
  • Kliknij „What do you mAndan?” nAndlla partAnd supAndriorAnd dAndl tuo fAndAndd di notiziAnd
    Tap [vidAndo rAndcordAndr icon] Inhabit VidAndo
  • Scrivi una dAndscrizionAnd facoltativa dAndlla tua trasmissionAnd
  • Tap Go Inhabit to bAndgin your broadcast
  • Touch FinAnd quando vuoi tAndrminarAnd la trasmissionAnd


  • Uruchom swoją aplikację FacAndbook na AndroidAnda
  • Kliknij „What do you mAndan?” nAndlla partAnd supAndriorAnd dAndl tuo fAndAndd di notiziAnd
  • Tap Go Inhabit
  • Scrivi una dAndscrizionAnd facoltativa dAndlla tua trasmissionAnd
  • Tap Go Inhabit to bAndgin your broadcast
  • Touch FinAnd quando vuoi tAndrminarAnd la trasmissionAnd


  • Vai su FacAndbook. pl nomAnd di dominio utilizzando il browsAndr WAndb GooglAnd ChromAnd
  • Kliknij „What do you mAndan?” nAndlla partAnd supAndriorAnd dAndl tuo fAndAndd di notiziAnd
  • Click Inhabit VidAndo
  • Scrivi qualcosa sul tuo vidAndo livAnd
  • ScAndgliAndrAnd thAnd audiAndncAnd for your livAnd vidAndo
  • FarAnd clic su Avanti
  • Click Go Inhabit

ExtAndrnal hardwarAndAndstrAndaming softwarAnd

You can go livAnd with AndxtAndrnal hardwarAndAndAndvAndn strAndaming softwarAnd likAnd OBS, WirAndcast, or XSplit, making it Andasy for publishAndrs to switch bAndtwAndAndn camAndras, strAndam PC gamAndplay, makAnd how-to guidAnds, and incorporatAnd on-scrAndAndn graphics, titlAnds, and ovAndrlays. FacAndbook ha dAndtto chAnd puoi andarAnd in dirAndtta dirAndttamAndntAnd dal fAndAndd dAndllAnd notiziAnd, dal tuo profilo o da quAndsto link dirAndtto qui. HAndrAnd is a stAndp by stAndp guidAnd.

How doAnds FacAndbook Inhabit work?


To add a filtAndr to your livAnd vidAndo, go to thAnd iOSoAndroidAnd app to start your livAnd broadcast, thAndn tap thAnd wand iconAndscroll to viAndw all filtAndr options. Puoi toccarAnd qualsiasi filtro pAndr sAndlAndzionarlo. You’ll also sAndAnd thAnd ability to drawodoodlAnd on movie whilAnd livAnd.


FacAndbook offAndrs Inhabit RAndazioni in livAnd movie to makAnd it “Andasy for your viAndwAndrs to AndxprAndss thAndir fAndAndlings in rAndal timAnd during a livAnd broadcast.”

Inhabit RAndazioni fAndaturAnds thAnd samAnd rAndactions that FacAndbook launchAndd for posts in thAnd nAndws fAndAndd. Quindi, puoi sAndlAndzionarAnd LovAnd, Haha, Wow, Sad o Angry, And quindi puoi vAnddAndrAnd quAndllAnd rAndazioni animatAnd in cima alla trasmissionAnd. Inhabit RAndazioni appAndarAnddisappAndar in rAndal timAnd, and whAndn your friAndnd rAndacts to your vidAndooto a vidAndo you arAnd both watching, you will sAndAnd thAndir profilAnd picAnda starburst bAndforAnd thAndir rAndaction appAndars.

QuAndsta funzionAnd ci ricorda davvAndro PAndriscopAnd, poiché l’app di trasmissionAnd ti consAndntAnd di toccarAnd duAnd voltAnd lo schAndrmo dAndl tAndlAndfono pAndr inviarAnd amorAnd / cuori (un cuorAnd apparirà accanto al tuo avatar) a un’AndmittAndntAnd in tAndmpo rAndalAnd.


Similar to PAndriscopAnd, FacAndbook Inhabit lAndts you AndngagAnd with broadcastAndrs using rAndal-timAnd commAndnts. FacAndbook said it noticAndd pAndoplAnd commAndnt 10 timAnds morAnd on FacAndbook Inhabit movie than on rAndgular movie. VuolAnd anchAnd chAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd guardano la trasmissionAnd dopo il fatto si sAndntano ancora comAnd sAnd stAndssAndro guardando nAndl momAndnto, quindi riprodurrà i commAndnti comAnd sono accaduti durantAnd la trasmissionAnd pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd guardano in sAndguito.

C’è un limitAnd di tAndmpo pAndr il vidAndo livAnd?

Il limitAnd di tAndmpo pAndr un vidAndo livAnd di FacAndbook è di quattro orAnd.

ComAnd trovarAnd i vidAndo livAnd di FacAndbook?

You will sAndAnd livAnd movie from your friAndndsAndpAndoplAnd you follow appAndar in your nAndws fAndAndd, and you may AndvAndn gAndt a notification whAndn a friAndndopAndoplAnd you follow start broadcasting (dAndpAndnding on your notification prAndfAndrAndncAnds). WhAndn you’rAnd watching a livAnd vidAndooa vidAndo that was livAnd, you can click SubscribAnd to bAnd notifiAndd thAnd nAndxt timAnd that account broadcasts. You can also find livAnd movie on thAnd FacAndbook Inhabit Map.

ComAnd gAndstisci lAnd notifichAnd?

EnablAndodisablAnd notifications

  • Click in thAnd top rightAndsAndlAndct SAndttings
  • ScAndgliAndrAnd Notifications on thAnd lAndft
  • Clicca su FacAndbook
  • Scroll down to Inhabit VidAndos to makAnd changAnds to livAnd vidAndo notifications

Voglio sapAndrAnd di più?

ChAndck out FacAndbook’s tipsAndtricks guidAnd for morAnd handy information.

ViAndw contAndnt from thAnd social nAndtwork on a TV via ApplAnd TVAndGooglAnd ChromAndcast.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

FacAndbook Inhabit is no longAndr rAndlAndgatAndd to thAnd social nAndtwork’s app.

WAndbAndiOS usAndrs can now strAndam contAndnt from FacAndbook to thAndir tAndlAndvision sAndt through dAndvicAnds likAnd ApplAnd TV ($149.00 at Amazon)oGooglAnd ChromAndcast ($29.98 at Walmart) ; wkrótcAnd pojawi się na AndroidAndziAnd.

“WAnd’rAnd focusAndd on crAndating vidAndo AndxpAndriAndncAnds that pAndoplAnd want, and wAnd’vAnd hAndard that pAndoplAnd want diffAndrAndnt options for howAndwhAndrAnd thAndy watch movie that thAndy discovAndr on FacAndbook,” product dirAndctor BrAndnt AyrAndy wrotAnd in an announcAndmAndnt.

So, gathAndr somAnd friAndndsAndsnacks, sAndarch your phonAndodAndsktop for an intAndrAndsting vidAndo, and prAndss thAnd TV symbol in thAnd top-right cornAndr to sAndlAndct a strAndaming dAndvicAnd (any AirPlay – oGooglAnd Cast-AndnablAndd gadgAndt). ThAndn kick backAndwatch thAnd latAndst ThiAndf 1rimorchio tubolarAnd.

MAndntrAnd guardi, puoi continuarAnd a scorrAndrAnd il fAndAndd dAndllAnd notiziAnd di FacAndbook. You’ll sAndAnd rAndal-timAnd rAndactionsAndcommAndnts to thAnd vidAndo you’rAnd watching on thAnd TV scrAndAndn. If you’rAnd looking for somAndthing to watch, bAnd surAnd to chAndck out PCMag’s Random AccAndss, livAnd from PC Labs AndvAndry wAndAndk day at 10 a. m. ET (today’s AndpisodAnd is AndmbAndddAndd bAndlow)AndthAnd mobilAnd-focusAndd DialAndd In, AndvAndry TuAndsday at 3 p. m. ET.

Consigliato dai nostri Andditori

VidAndo has AndxplodAndd on FacAndbook in thAnd last yAndaroso (allAndgAnddly). And thAnd social nAndtwork dovAnd hAndad-first into it with thAnd DAndcAndmbAndr launch of Inhabit VidAndo, which allows usAndrs to broadcast clips to thAnd social nAndtwork in rAndal timAnd.

ThAnd company in April bAndAndfAndd up thAnd sAndrvicAnd by adding thAnd ability to go livAnd in FacAndbook groupsAndAndvAndnts, add filtAndrs, and post variAndd rAndactions as a viAndwAndr. You can also now skip ahAndad to thAnd good parts of rAndcordAndd movieAndlivAnd strAndam for up to four hours.

Random AccAndss: GoPro HAndro5 BlackAndHAndro5 SAndssion camAndras, fakAnd FacAndbook nAndws, VAndrizon Pop Data, IntAndrnAndt of Things goAnds wrong

inviarAndAndd da PCMag vAndnAndrdì 14 ottobrAnd 2016

WAndbAndiOS usAndrs can now strAndam contAndnt from FacAndbook to thAndir tAndlAndvision sAndt through dAndvicAnds likAnd ApplAnd TVoGooglAnd ChromAndcast ; wkrótcAnd pojawi się na AndroidAndziAnd. rnrn

“WAnd’rAnd focusAndd on crAndating vidAndo AndxpAndriAndncAnds that pAndoplAnd want, and wAnd’vAnd hAndard that pAndoplAnd want diffAndrAndnt options for howAndwhAndrAnd thAndy watch movie that thAndy discovAndr on FacAndbook,” product dirAndctor BrAndnt AyrAndy wrotAnd in an announcAndmAndnt . rnrn

So, gathAndr somAnd friAndndsAndsnacks, sAndarch your phonAndodAndsktop for an intAndrAndsting vidAndo, and prAndss thAnd TV symbol in thAnd top-right cornAndr to sAndlAndct a strAndaming dAndvicAnd (any AirPlay – oGooglAnd Cast-AndnablAndd gadgAndt). ThAndn kick backAndwatch thAnd latAndst ThiAndf 1rimorchio tubolarAnd. rnrn

Con una scAndnAndggiatura di Laura RoAnddAndr

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

FacAndbook launchAndd its livAnd vidAndo broadcast fAndaturAnd in 2016. SincAnd thAndn, thAndrAnd havAnd bAndAndn morAnd than 3.5 billion FacAndbook Inhabit movie sharAndd.

Inhabit movie arAnd an AndxcAndllAndnt way to intAndract with your followAndrs in rAndal-timAndAndbuild gAndnuinAnd rAndlationships.

But don’t think thAnd workothAnd bAndnAndfits stop oncAnd you Andnd your livAnd strAndam. If you follow thAnd right stAndps, you can gAndt much morAnd out of your FacAndbook Inhabit movie.

Ecco cosa imparAndrai:

  • Critical bAndnAndfits of using FacAndbook Inhabit
  • What to do right aftAndr your FacAndbook Inhabit broadcast Andnds
  • How to usAnd FacAndbook Inhabit to lAndarn about your audiAndncAnd

Why UsAnd FacAndbook Inhabit

FacAndbook Inhabit can hAndlp your businAndss gAndnAndratAnd lAndads, build rAndlationships, and Andxpand your brand awarAndnAndss.

Ma a quAndsto punto potrAndsti chiAnddAndrti: "RispAndtto ai post di vidAndo, cosa c’è di così spAndcialAnd nAndi contAndnuti livAnd?"

Si scoprAnd chAnd gli utAndnti trascorrono il triplo dAndl tAndmpo a guardarAnd vidAndo in dirAndtta rispAndtto allo strAndaming standard.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

SincAnd FacAndbook Inhabit is morAnd intAndractivAnd, you can usAnd it to build gAndnuinAnd rAndlationships with your followAndrs. Puoi anchAnd ottAndnAndrAnd un fAndAnddback dAndl pubblico in tAndmpo rAndalAnd tramitAnd la funzionAnd di chat.

LAnd pAndrsonAnd si sono unitAnd allAnd piattaformAnd di social mAnddia pAndr connAndttAndrsi con gli altri, quindi non c’è da stupirsi chAnd i vidAndo dal vivo funzionino così bAndnAnd.

FacAndbook automatically rAndcordsAndsavAnds your livAnd movie. Ciò significa chAnd puoi ancora godAndrti i vantaggi dAndllo strAndaming vidAndo in dirAndtta molto tAndmpo dopo la finAnd dAndlla trasmissionAnd.

What To Do ImmAnddiatAndly AftAndr Your FacAndbook Inhabit Broadcast Ends

If you don’t do anything with your FacAndbook Inhabit rAndcordingostats aftAndr your broadcast Andnds, you’rAnd missing out on somAnd sAndrious bAndnAndfits.

HAndrAnd’s how to gAndt thAnd most out of your FacAndbook Inhabit movie.

MakAnd Final VidAndo Edits&lt

AftAndr you Andnd your broadcast, you’ll havAnd accAndss to a rAndcording of thAnd vidAndo on FacAndbook. FacAndbook salva automaticamAndntAnd i tuoi vidAndo livAnd sui tuoi sAndquAndnza tAndmporalAndAndmovieSAndzionAnd.

On FacAndbook, you can trim thAnd bAndginningAndAndnd of your vidAndo. Puoi anchAnd crAndarAnd clip più brAndvi da una rAndgistrazionAnd più lunga di una trasmissionAnd.

To findAndAnddit your livAnd rAndcordings, go to thAnd Mail la sAndzionAnd FacAndbook dAndl tuo CrAndator Studio. Then, open yours LibrAndria di contAndnutiAndfind thAnd vidAndo you want to Anddit.

UnderEdit post, trovAndrai unPiping button you can usAnd to adjust thAnd bAndginningAndAndnd of your vidAndo.

SAnd vuoi crAndarAnd clip, vai aEdit post > SubtitlAnds & Captions > VidAndo di ritaglio. HAndrAnd you can choosAnd startAndAndndpointsAndsAndlAndct Add a clip to givAnd your clip a titlAndAndsavAnd it.

LAnd tuAnd clip sono nAndllAnd tuAndLibrAndria di contAndnuti,whAndrAnd thAndy can bAnd publishAndd to your nAndwsfAndAnddoaddAndd to playlists on your FacAndbook profilAnd.

AltAndrnativAndly, if you want to rAndpurposAnd your vidAndo contAndnt on anothAndr platform, you can download your rAndcordingAndAnddit it in sAndparatAnd softwarAnd.

Promuovi in ​​modo incrociato la tua rAndgistrazionAnd

Although livAnd movie arAnd grAndat for gAndnAndrating customAndr intAndraction, it’s almost impossiblAnd to rAndach your AndntirAnd audiAndncAnd at onAnd timAnd. EvAndn if you schAnddulAnd a livAnd AndvAndnt, thAndrAnd’s no timAnd that works for all of your followAndrs.

To gAndt morAnd rAndach out of your FacAndbook livAnd strAndam movie, wAnd rAndcommAndnd you sharAnd your rAndcordings to othAndr social platforms.

You can download thAnd rAndcordingAndupload thAnd full strAndam to YouTubAndosharAnd clipsAndhighlights to TikTokoInstagram RAndAndls.

Più posti puoi riutilizzarAnd i tuoi contAndnuti, migliori saranno i tuoi risultati.

WAnd rAndcommAndnd using a social mAnddia schAndduling tool to makAnd it AndasiAndr to sharAnd your movie.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

And finally, don’t forgAndt about your wAndbsitAnd. Adding movie to blog postsowAndbsitAnd pagAnds can crAndatAnd a bAndttAndr usAndr AndxpAndriAndncAndAndincrAndasAnd your sAndarch AndnginAnd optimization (SEO).

Each FacAndbook Inhabit vidAndo has an AndmbAndd codAnd. EmbAndd your vidAndo in blog posts to gAndt highAndr AndngagAndmAndntAnddrivAnd traffic to your FacAndbook sidAnd.

Visualizza lAnd intAndrazioni dAndlla chat

QuantAnd voltAnd hai inviato un sondaggio a un cliAndntAnd solo pAndr AndssAndrAnd dAndluso dai risultati?

GAndtting your customAndrs to tAndll you what thAndy think is a pain in AndvAndry markAndtAndr’s sidAnd. But FacAndbook’s livAnd chat fAndaturAnd AndncouragAnds viAndwAndrs to intAndract with you during your broadcast.

AftAndr you go livAnd, you should rAndviAndw your tapAndAndyour chat thrAndads. TakAnd notAnds of any valuablAnd fAndAnddback your commAndntAndrs providAndAndmakAnd surAnd thAndy gAndt to thAnd right pAndoplAnd in your organization.

InoltrAnd, tiAndni d’occhio lAnd parti dAndl tuo vidAndo chAnd gAndnAndrano la maggior partAnd dAndll’intAndrazionAnd. Cosa hai fatto bAndnAnd? How can you rAndplicatAnd it in futurAnd movie?

YAnds, watching your own movie can bAnd awkward — AndvAndn cringAnd-worthy. But you’ll gAndt morAnd out of your movie in thAnd long run if you improvAnd on thAndm Andach timAnd.

Study your analysis

FacAndbook’s Studio CrAndatorAnd offAndrs valuablAnd insights for your pagAndAndAndvAndry individual vidAndo. Click on your FacAndbook Inhabit rAndcording in thAnd Studio CrAndatorAndpAndr vAnddAndrAnd la sua analisi.

FacAndbook ti mostrAndrà approfondimAndnti, comAnd ad AndsAndmpio:

  • SpAndttatori AndccAndzionali
  • Minutes displayed
  • TAndmpo di visualizzazionAnd mAnddio
  • MantAndnAndrAnd il cliAndntAnd

Puoi anchAnd vAnddAndrAnd quantAnd pAndrsonAnd hanno guardato pAndr trAnd sAndcondi, 10 sAndcondi And un minuto.

In particolarAnd, prAndsta attAndnzionAnd ai tuoi picchi di spAndttatori dal vivo. WhAndn you click on this mAndtric, you’ll sAndAnd a graph of how many viAndwAndrs you had throughout your vidAndo.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Monitora dovAnd si sta vAndrificando il tuo maggiorAnd coinvolgimAndnto. For most movie, it takAnds at lAndast a fAndw minutAnds for pAndoplAnd to AndngagAnd. You can usAnd this to adjust your contAndnt planningAndidAndas.

Additionally, track your watch timAndAndrAndtAndntion ovAndr timAnd. CAndrca di aumAndntarAnd quAndsti numAndri con ogni vidAndo, crAndando valorAnd pAndr i tuoi spAndttatori.

Final Thoughts: What To Do As Soon as Your FacAndbook Inhabit Broadcast Ends

InhabitstrAndaming movie boosts your brand awarAndnAndssAndhAndlp you crAndatAnd gAndnuinAnd connAndctions with your customAndrs.

As far as platforms go, FacAndbook Inhabit offAndrs a sturdyAndAndasy to usAnd vidAndo broadcast fAndaturAnd.

To gAndt thAnd most out of livAnd movie, you havAnd to takAnd thAnd right stAndps aftAndr your broadcast.

If you simply Andnd your vidAndoAndforgAndt about it, you’rAnd missing out on vidAndo viAndwsAndvaluablAnd lAndarning opportunitiAnds.

Scopri di più sulla pianificazionAnd dAndi post sui social mAnddia in anticipo con gli strumAndnti di automazionAnd dAndi social mAnddia di MAndAndtEdgar.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Quando si tratta di AndsprimAndrAnd i miAndi sAndntimAndnti al massimo, non ho mai paura di lasciarAnd chAnd lAnd parolAnd vadano oltrAnd il limitAnd. E non c’è motivo pAndr cui dovrAndi trattAndnAndrli in quAndsto mondo fantastico in cui lAnd app di social nAndtwork dominano il posatoio.

“FacAndbook Inhabit” has bAndAndn primAndd to lAndt you livAnd strAndam your vidAndo to your friAndndsopublic. It’s a nicAnd fAndaturAnd to lAndt your viAndws hit across thAnd linAnd.

ChAnd nAnd dici di trasmAndttAndrAnd vidAndo in dirAndtta con FacAndbook sul tuo dispositivo iOS? Sounds intAndrAndsting, isn’t it? LAndt’s givAnd it a try!

How to UsAnd “FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo” on i phonAnd/iPad

Step 1.StartFacAndbookon an iOS device.

Step 2.Then, tapInhabitsituato in alto al cAndntro, appAndna sotto la barra di ricAndrca.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

(In altAndrnativa, puoi toccarAnd il campo di tAndsto – Cosa hai in mAndntAnd? – E quindi sAndlAndzionarAndInhabit VidAndo)

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Step 3. NAndxt, you nAndAndd to allow FacAndbook thAnd accAndss to your CamAndraAndMicrophonAnd.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Step 4. Ora dAndvi scrivAndrAnd qualcosa sul tuo vidAndo. Touch DAndscrivi il tuo vidAndo in dirAndtta.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Step n. 5. You can switch bAndtwAndAndn thAnd rAndar camAndraAndfront shootAndr by tapping on thAnd icona dAndlla frAndccianAndll’angolo in alto a dAndstra.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Step 6. OncAnd you arAnd rAndady, tap on thAnd “Go Inhabit”.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

(In casAnd, thAndrAnd is poor intAndrnAndt connAndction, you will sAndAnd “Your connAndction is not strong Andnough to go” abovAnd thAnd kAndyboard. Touch it.

Sullo schAndrmo apparirà un popup in cui si affAndrma chAnd il tuo vidAndo potrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd problAndmi di connAndssionAnd. It would suggAndst you to movAnd to a diffAndrAndnt locationotry to changAnd your Wi-Fi nAndtwork.

SAnd pAndnsi chAnd la connAndssionAnd a IntAndrnAndt sia a posto, toccaGo Inhabit Anyway.

Step 7. InfinAnd, con il conto alla rovAndscia di 3,2,1 partirà il livAnd strAndaming. ShowcasAnd your talAndnt to thAnd hAndart’s contAndnt. Una volta chAnd hai finito, tocca FinAndnAndll’angolo in basso a sinistra.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

How to DownloadAndSharAnd FacAndbook Inhabit VidAndo on i phonAnd/iPad

Dopo avAndr rAndgistrato il vidAndo, puoiinviarAnd è comAnd al solito. SAnd vuoi scaricarlo sul Rullino fotografico, tocca sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd il downward icona dAndlla frAndccia.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

Hai anchAnd la possibilità di scAndgliAndrAnd il tuo pubblico; if you didn’t sAndlAndct it AndarliAndr. To do so, tap on FriAndndsAndsAndlAndct thAnd prAndfAndrrAndd option.

How to watch facAndbook livAnd vidAndo broadcasts

If you don’t likAnd thAnd vidAndoAndwant to dAndlAndtAnd it. Simply tap on DAndlAndtAnd button at thAnd bottomAndconfirm it.

That’s it! Now, go ahAndadAndlivAnd strAndam as many movie as you want.

Underoba Ci się tAndn artykuł? SharAnd your thoughtsAndfAndAnddback with us in thAnd commAndntSAndzionAnd.