How to use your imagination

Integrate these into your routine for an exciting, fun, and meaningful life.

How to use your imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” — Albert Einstein

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal: It’s the gateway to leading a creative, joyful, and free life—of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

And yet, so many of us have all but forgotten that our imagination is always at our disposal, waiting to be tapped.

Think of it like exercise. No matter what shape you’re in, once you commit to integrating it into your daily life and get moving, it becomes part of your routine.

After a while, if you practice using it, your imagination will be as easy to access as turning on a light switch.

Here are some tips that will help you jump-start your imagination muscles.

1. Change Your Self-Perception

Are you walking around thinking you’re not imaginative? If so, it’s time to debunk that myth. You are! You just have to learn how to re-awaken it.

The first step is to get your inner-self to change its perception. One way to loosen up old ways of seeing yourself is by using positive affirmations.

Try this strategy: Walk through your day with a positive thought in your mind like, “I’ve got a rich imagination” or “My inner soul is the source of great imagination.”

You may feel silly doing it initially, but trust me, it will help. When I’m working on changing behaviors, I sometimes even sing my affirmations!

2. Observe

For actors, writers, and artists, observing is second nature. By taking the time to slow down, sit on a park bench, and pay attention to whatever is in front of you, you’re opening up your imagination pores.

The next time you’re walking through the city or doing errands in the suburbs, rather than rushing to get from one place to another quickly, put on your “observation” hat and really look at what’s going on around you.

Check out the people standing in line at the grocery store and how they interact with each other and the grocery clerk (You can create a story about anyone you want; it’s a great way to get your imagination in full gear).

When taking a walk, pick up a leaf on the ground and examine its veins, colors, and shape.

Observations become fodder for your imagination.

3. Access Childhood Memories

I have yet to meet a person who can’t remember times from their childhood when their imaginations were vibrant—whether building a fort with leaves, creating a play with friends from the neighborhood, building a snowman, or decorating a room for a birthday celebration.

Our childhood memories can be rich sources for rekindling our imagination.

I love closing my eyes and returning to thoughts of my childhood—of spending time with my Mom in the garden, playing hide and seek, or having our Sunday night barbecues. Just thinking about those times accesses something deep within and opens up my heart.

Do this exercise, with your eyes closed, for three minutes once a day, with no goal in mind except to enjoy reliving some pleasant childhood memories.

4. Open to Possibility

Teaching yourself to see what’s possible rather than what isn’t possible is the hallmark of imagination.

If your default response is to say “no” when you’re given an opportunity to have a new experience, think about what might happen if you say “yes.” An entirely new world could open up for you.

Or let’s say you’re given a difficult task to do at work—something that has never been done before. You have no road map or personal experience with this, but you need to figure out a way to make it happen.

Rather than heading down the path of impossibility which closes your neural pathway, take the other path of opening to the possibility (even if you experience self-doubt), knowing that there is always more than one solution to a problem and that you’re going to figure it out.

5. Be Curious

It’s easy to get lost in the maze of all of the technological devices and information at our fingertips.

You can activate your imagination by reading and learning through books and online:

Be curious about things that happen throughout your day.

Be curious about the weather.

Be curious about people.

Be curious about nature.

Insert the word “why” or the phrase “why not” into your thought process and your curiosity pores will open up exponentially.

6. Be Playful

Although highly underrated and undervalued in our society, play is creativity at work: It’s actually a necessity for living a rich, meaningful, and creative life.

Play is an attitude, a spirit, a point of view, and most of all, a way of living. It’s a commitment to finding true joy in any act, with no concern about the outcome. In the best sense, play is the expression of who we are when we can let go of who we are trying to be.

Play is much less about what you’re doing than your mindset when doing it. For example, if you’re practicing scales on the piano, you can do it in a sort of mindless routine fashion. Or you can turn it into a fun game for yourself—mixing up the rhythms, patterns, and style of practicing.

How about when you meet someone for the first time? You can either take the standard route of asking conventional questions, or you can enter into a playful mode, asking them unusual questions, like “What are your dreams for the future?” You may knock the socks off of some folks but I think you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised at what can happen when you start incorporating play into your daily life.

The key to being playful is not to be attached to the results. Just enjoy the process of it.

7. Spend Time in Nature

If you slow down, walk outside, and take some deep breaths, nature will awaken all of your senses and jump-start your imagination beyond your wildest dreams. Nature is magical—if you give it the opportunity.

Get close up to a flower and look at its stamen. Rub a leaf between your fingers; feel its texture. Look at its veining and ponder over how no two leaves are exactly the same. Watch the bees and butterflies as they buzz and whirl about the landscape. Get to know your favorite tree—and then tell yourself a story about it. Watch the worm wriggling its way out of the moist soil after a rain.

Creative individuals like Einstein, Beethoven, Leonard da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Feynman were known for spending a lot of time in nature.

A suggestion: Take a daily nature walk with the sole purpose of being in and connecting with nature. No friends, children, or technology allowed. Even if you spend 10 minutes a day doing this, you’ll be surprised at how it ignites your imagination and creativity.

“I think nature’s imagination Is so much greater than man’s, she’s never going to let us relax.” — Richard Feynman

How to use your imagination

Grow Your Business, Not Your Inbox

How to use your imagination

Your imagination is the key to creating your dreams and building your future. When you are creatively blocked, you are going to have a more difficult time being your best self at work or at anything you attempt to achieve. Too often, those of us who are ambitious and production-driven, will ignore creative pursuits because we think we don’t have time for them. You might be saying, “But I’m not a creative person. I’m a business person, so what does creativity and imagination have to do with anything?”

The answer is, “everything.”

Here are five ways to open your imagination, which will in turn, ignite that spark of creativity within you so you can create more with your business, as well as enhance your life.

1. Reading.

I’ve mentioned before that when I get up in the morning, I read something for at least 30 minutes. The reading offers fuel for my imagination and inspires me to think of new business ideas and marketing strategies. Even if you just pick up something and read for 10 or 15 minutes, you are “waking up” your brain and stimulating the thought process. Make this a daily habit. You can also do this in the evening before you go to sleep. Reading can transform not only how you see yourself, but also how you see the world.

2. Writing.

I am a big proponent of journaling. I carry a Moleskin leather journal with me everywhere I go and I jot down thoughts, ideas and feelings into this journal. I love to go to cafés or bookstores and just sit and journal. I cannot begin to tell you how this creative exercise opens up my imagination to new ideas for work, solution to current roadblocks and life, in general. Many people like to journal first thing in the morning — either in their own handwriting like I do in my Moleskin journal, or on their smart phone, or tablet. The idea is to spend quiet moments with yourself and write out your thoughts. If you do it in the morning, it will clear the air, give you an opportunity to write out your frustrations and start the day fresh. Words are powerful, after all, and this action can influence important change in your life.

3. Movies.

This might sound like a self-indulgent activity, but it can be more than that. Seeing a movie can be productive, inspiring, motivating and creative. When you go to see a movie — and I enjoy seeing them by myself — it opens up your mind and imagination to possibilities. The sounds, colors, action, stories and characters, are all potential motivators to remind you of something you can do to enhance your business and life. So, while seeing movies is entertainment, it is also a great way to open your creativity and imagination.

4. Art.

We are not all Picassos, but if we enjoy art in any form, then don’t neglect it. I have friends who are traditional artists, but tell me they never have time to paint anymore. That doesn’t sound logical to me. If art restores your soul, if art nurtures your imagination and creativity, then why aren’t you doing it? You can surely find 10 to 15 minutes a day to devote to something you love. When painting a picture or any other type of artistic craft that you enjoy, you are tuning into your inner self and tapping into a creative well that will nurture and inspire you. That will help to inspire you further in your work. Maybe your “art” is decorating a room in your apartment or house. Then, do it. Maybe your “art” is body-building or gymnastics. Maybe it’s dance. Maybe it’s music. Maybe it’s gardening. There’s a true art form to activities that people don’t often recognize. “Art” is more than just painting a picture. It is anything that’s creative. Strengthening your creative muscles will help you tune into your inner wisdom and will open your imagination to all kinds of possibilities.

5. Daydreaming.

Finally, I want to emphasize that daydreaming can be an important tool to opening your imagination and creativity. Sure, I imagine we all remember when we were in elementary school and teachers told us to stop daydreaming and get to work. When you daydream, you take yourself out of the ordinary moment and open yourself to possibilities. Naturally, you don’t want to live your whole day in a daydream world, but taking moments to relax and “daydream” are small exercises that can open your imagination to new ideas and dreams. And those new ideas and dreams can help you thrive in business and in life. And isn’t that what we all want? So, start daydreaming today and enjoy those little moments of creativity. Everything starts with a dream, even a “daydream.”

Describe a time you needed to use your imagination

You should say :

  • what the situation was
  • Why you needed to use your imagination
  • What the difficulties were
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer

Here is the sample for “describe a time you needed to use your imagination” topic

I’d like to talk about the time when I made use of imagination. I was going to the bookstore that day and accidentally ran into the book titled “Maldives Beach”. The name caught my attention as my friends told me Maldives is the finest beach they have ever seen. The book looks like other travelling books with several sections talking about the local people and some tips to travel there. The more I read, the more interesting the book was. The book describes closely how local handicrafts were made and how skillful the local was. Although there weren’t any pictures, I could imagine the lotus statues or embroideries with riot of colors which are sold at the market everyday. The book allows me to transport myself into a special realm where I feel very comfortable and relaxed. However, I wish that the book could add more colorful pictures as I had to make the best of my imagination to visualize how the beach looked like. Though the book describes about the white sand, crystal water and range of coconut trees but i found it’s still hard to imagine. If this book had more pictures, I think it would be the best-seller travelling book. Maldives beach stimulates me to go travelling, step out of my comfort zone and discover new horizons so it’s definitely the best book for me.


Here are the vocabularies for “describe a time you needed to use your imagination” with examples:

  • Make use of imagination: Use the power of imagination to visualize vividly
    Eg: When Jane told me about her boyfriend, I had to make use of my imagination to know how her boyfriend looks like
  • Run into: come across
    Eg: I ran into him when I was crossing the street
  • Catch somebody’s attention: to attract someone’s attention.
    Eg: she wears a bodysuit to catch everyone’s attention
  • Finest: of very high quality; very good of its kind.
  • Eg: La Lasca restaurant is among the finest in my country
  • Handicraft: activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.
    Eg: pottery village makes lots of handicraft
  • Skillful: possessed of or displaying skill
    Eg: My sister is really skillful as she can make everything
  • Embroidery: the art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework.
    Eg: this embroider was made by Thai people in the 19 th century
  • With a riot of colors: extremely colourful and bright
    Eg: I love sitting in flower garden with riot of colors
  • Transport myself into a special realm: Take one’s attention or concentration to a different domain
    Eg: Reading book is the best way to transport ourselves into a special realm
  • Make the best of something: to use something in an effective way.
    Eg: due to the lack of water, we have to make the best of dirty water to clean the house
  • Visualize: form a mental image of; imagine.
    Eg: I can’t visualize how difficult this job is until I do it
  • Best-seller: a book or other product that sells in very large numbers.
    Eg: his cookery book is the best-seller in 2009
  • Step out of somebody’s comfort zone: to come out of a comfort zone
  • Eg : he advised me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself more
  • Horizon: experience or knowledge.
    Eg : traveling is the best way to widen your horizon

How to use your imagination

Where do you usually find yourself when you suddenly have those bursts of creative ideas? Those sudden brilliant solutions to problems?

Most people will say: “In the bath… in the shower… in bed… while driving… listening to music.”

All these states have one thing in common: the person is relaxed and solitary. It is in this relaxed state that your brain allows its imagination to express itself. It is also during this relaxed state that you can improve your imagination.

When your creative imagination flows smoothly, all your senses become more alert; your circulation is freer; your body more relaxed and stress-free; and your motivation and concentration enhanced.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our imagination is imprisoned when we are told not to use our senses, not to ask stupid questions, and certainly not to daydream. The good news, however, is that you can train yourself to improve your imagination, thus making yourself more creative.

Research has shown that your imagination, in the right side of your cortex, can be trained. And you can do this when you play games that improve your imagination.

Two simple imagination games

Here’s two imagination and creative games that you can use to train your brain:

1. Find the similarities of two objects.

Find as many similarities as you can between two seemingly unrelated things. For instance, an elephant and an apple.

To give you a head-start, here are a couple of similarities that made me smile. First, both apple and elephant have gravity in common; the apple inspired Newton and the elephant is the heaviest land mammal. Secondly, when it comes to spelling, the word elephant contains all the letters of the word apple.

In this game, the average total of similarities found is 10. But you could well go on to 100 if you really use your imagination.

2. Find the uses of an object.

Find as many uses as you can for something – say a dog. My top three are: as a loyal friend, as protector of my home, and as my exercise partner when I go jogging.

You will find when you do this exercise that every answer will give you a small creativity boost, and that some of the brilliant ones will often make you laugh.

The average number of uses discovered in this types of games is more than 20. Try it and see how many you can come up with.

When you train your brain and you improve your imagination, your whole life will improve.

Why you need to improve your imagination

One of the more inspiring quotes on imagination comes from Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

So, what are the benefits on having a good imagination? Here’s what you can enhance when you improve your imagination:

Memory: Imagination involves different brain functions, such as memory, thoughts and emotions. When you improve your imagination, you also improve memory, intuition and other cognitive skills. Recent work has revealed that there are links between memory, imagination and problem solving, and increasing access to detailed memories can lead to improved imagination and problem-solving. (McFarland, 2017).

Problem solving: Imagination is critical for problem solving. Without imagination, you will find it difficult to see different possible solutions to solving a problem. So, play games that involve imagination like solving simple puzzles and quizzes, and you will improve your problem solving skills.

Leadership: To lead a team successfully, you must have imagination to see different directions and different opportunities. In business, sociologist Jim March believed that three qualities – imagination, self-knowledge and poise – were essential to leadership. (Patriotta, 2019).

Better well-being: According to psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman (Peterson, 2004), imagination is one of the 24 character strengths. Their research found that improving your character strengths will enhance your well-being including developing more resilience to help you go through difficult and challenging situations.


  • Buzan, Tony. “Boosting Your Imagination.” Adapted with permission.
  • McFarland, C.P., Primosch, M., Maxson, C.M. et al. “Enhancing memory and imagination improves problem solving among individuals with depression.” Memory & Cognition 45, 2017.
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  • Peterson, C. & Seligman, M. “Character strengths and virtues.” American Psychological Association, 2004.

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What does the term ‘imagination’ bring to your mind? What do you think of your imaginative powers? Whatever that term brings to your mind, use it to create or simply to relax. Use it in any way you like. If you don’t know how to use your imagination, here are some ways that you might like.

How to use your imagination

What does the term ‘imagination’ bring to your mind? What do you think of your imaginative powers? Whatever that term brings to your mind, use it to create or simply to relax. Use it in any way you like. If you don’t know how to use your imagination, here are some ways that you might like.

How to use your imagination

How to use your imagination

How to use your imagination

How to use your imagination

Imagination involves going beyond the obvious and venturing into what could be or could have been. How you use it then is your prerogative. Some people use imagination in very dangerous ways, while others use it to make a difference to the whole world. Either way, they offer something unique to the world; something you should either be careful of, or something you should embrace whole-heartedly. What do you want to create from your imagination? What should you do with all those wild thoughts sprinting through your head all the time? Don’t you think you need a channel to let them out? Here are some ways in which you can use your imagination.

Using your Imagination Creatively

A lot of people think being creative is not their cup of tea. However, what they don’t realize is that they use some amount of creativity every day. Pairing a shirt with a blazer, a tie with a shirt, a belt with shoes, and other small things like that, require you to use your imagination and be creative. The question is not whether you are creative. The question is how creative can you get? How far can you push yourself to think beyond the obvious and come up with something new? What are you trying to achieve by using your imagination more than usual? Do you have answers to these questions? If not, here’s how you can direct your imagination to create the unusual.

Use your Imagination to Create

Would you like to write for us? Well, we’re looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we’ll talk.

Your imagination would always work better if you channelized it toward something you like doing. For instance, if you are interested in writing songs, and thought deeper into it and looked for the appropriate inspiration, you would be able to write a chartbuster soon. So, the idea is to think in terms of things that interest you, and not force yourself to conjure something that has little relevance to your interests. So based on interests, you can use your imagination to:

  • Write a book, movie, song, or poem
  • Create a unique business idea and model; something that people need but don’t have
  • Choose or make a gift for a loved one, or just put together a bunch of the most unique things you know they will like
  • Sketch, paint, or draw
  • Implement newer techniques in the way you work to improve efficiency
  • Mix ingredients and create special delicacies
  • Develop new applications for mobile phones
  • Create comic characters and comic strips
  • Click photographs in a variety of poses with unusual props

In essence, you can create almost anything you like (of course it shouldn’t harm anyone or yourself), for your personal satisfaction, or for any other purpose.

Use your Imagination to Visualize Success

Success depends on what you can do with your imagination. Just imagining it is not enough. Implementing it in usable ways is also important. However, how powerfully you can imagine and visualize will start dictating your success. It is believed that visualizing is an important tool toward attaining exactly what you want. So, let your imagination run wild; imagine yourself to be in Donald Trump’s shoes, your rock idol, or any other person you want to be. Imagine yourself to be your very successful self, in your dream house and your dream room. Imagine yourself with the love of your life, so positively that she/he becomes a part of your life. Imagining success forces you to work toward it so that what you had visualized eventually becomes yours. Things do work this way if you truly believe in them.

Use your Imagination to De-stress

While you can use your visualization and imaginative powers to attract success, you can also use these same powers to relax and calm your mind. All you have to do is imagine yourself to be in a place you want to be. For instance, close your eyes and imagine yourself to be on a beach. Walk through the water on the shore of the beach, and imagine leaving your footprints behind, only for the water to wash them away. Sense the cool water touching your feet. Walk toward a rock, see a carving with a special message on it for you. Add as many details as you would like. But use your imagination to create a relaxing scene, so that this relaxation prevails over your senses and calms you down. A great exercise for stress-busting, you are sure to feel rejuvenated after trying it out. Moreover, because it’s your imagination, you can visualize almost anything you like that calms you down. Try it and see the benefits for yourself.

Use your Imagination to Fantasize

Finally, if you want to just enjoy the power of your vivid imagination, fantasize about things. That is how J. K. Rowling ended up writing the Harry Potter series. Say if you are sitting in a restaurant and waiting for a friend, you could look around you, choose a person, and imagine what her/his life would be like. Imagine what the life of a toothbrush is, or the agony you put your cell phone through every day. Imagine your boss’s life beyond work, or what your teacher must be doing in her spare time. There is so much inspiration around. Use it to create a fantasy land where you can retreat when things around you become too difficult to handle.

There are (literally) endless ways of using your imagination. As long as you don’t cause harm to anyone or yourself, you can go as wild as you like with it. If you think you don’t have a vivid imagination, here are ways in which you go about improving your imagination so that it works in your favor, and gets you out of all your misery and boredom. Have fun and use your imagination well!

How to use your imagination What does casting down imaginations mean? Casting down imaginations is the first major key for spiritual victory. The devil wants to use your imagination to birth and magnify fear. Mountains are best built within a corrupted imagination. God knows you can wander into the stormy sea of vain imaginations. He provided in His Word, however, ways to calm every storm. Scripture says the weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to pull down corrupted thoughts that would rise against His Word, will and ways in your life.


Pulling down negative thoughts is something that you have to do. It’s like taking down and replacing old pictures of loved ones for new ones. Others can’t do that for you. “So how often do you pull those thoughts down,” you ask? The answer is every time you have one. God will not take those thoughts captive for you. You have to do it. “How do you pull down a corrupted thought or imagination,” you inquire? You pull them down by first recognizing that you are having an imagination.

You need to be able to see the imagination coming alive within your soul. Imaginations are pictures within your mind of thoughts, events or conversations that are only in the unseen world within you. They are not real. The devil offers you corrupted thoughts hoping you will take the bait and image them as possible.


Rogue imaginations encourage you to do things you shouldn’t by releasing fear or playing on rejection. We cannot be driven by dread, insecurity or wandering minds. You can have the abundant life that Christ said you could have. scripture says, “And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled” (2 Corinthians 10:6). To “revenge disobedience” means stopping carnal imaginations that are non-compliant to the Word of God. Notice the Word tells you to be ready to cast them down through obedience because imaginations have no power over those that obey “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.”

When vain imaginations blather on, they always conflict with God’s Word. That’s how you know if your imagination is good or bad. When a thought conflicts with the Word of God you must submit yourself to God’s Word and not the imagination. You can always seek safety by running into Christ’s covering and away from corrupted thoughts and imaginations.


Many Christians are influenced by carnal imaginations. Vain imaginations are thieves. An imagination will try and exalteth itself against the knowledge of God. Don’t live with them. You never know what family treasure they will pluck from your cupboards. When you linger on one the triumph of God’s Word is stolen from you. Don’t flake out and wander into vain imaginations. Take hold of your mind. Like traversing a minefield there is danger when walking out a corrupted imagination.

When you form, in the spirit of your mind, a picture or an image of something that might happen and act on that image you give sunshine to it. Acting on an imagination moves your life in that direction. Throwing down imaginations and every high thing that lifts and exalted against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought captive. To guard yourself you must not ponder on the thought. If you act out the thought you cross the threshold of safety and leave the path of life abundant.


Every one of us has done this. We’ve been manipulated, influenced and controlled by corrupted imaginations or by something we thought would happen that wasn’t even real until we made it real. We need to bring into captivity every thought and throw down every high thing that exalteth itself against us. This means every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Last time, I shared with you why your will power is not your real power. It’s not what causes you to take the RIGHT action to get the results you want. Now, don’t get me wrong. You do need will power. You have to be WILLING to change. But your real asset or your ally is your imagination, NOT your will power.

Today, I want to share with you some really cool ways to attract anything you want. These are the secrets people have been using for thousands of years to manifest what they want. You can use them as well. They are not reserved for a special group of people. For years, I have used them to create stunning results in my life. Here they are:

1 – Get Yourself Out Of Your Way

Listen, let’s be honest, I know you probably have already heard about the power of visualization or imagination. And you probably keep dismissing it as fluff. Maybe you are too intellectual or too smart to really apply it as you should. You probably have the same attitude toward learning new information. As soon as you start reading a book, listening to a CD, watching a motivational video, you say to yourself, “I’ve heard this before.” How do I know?

Well, many times I have to catch myself doing the same thing as well. When I started in the personal development field, I was like a starving person in a cafeteria. I ate and ate and ate. Then I started being full. I started skimming the books. I was no longer taking the time to read and take notes. It wasn’t until four years ago I realized what I was doing. I had to have a conversation with myself about it.

That’s what I mean when I say get out of your way. Stop skimming. Take the time to truly learn and apply. Suspend your judgment and try something different. As they say, “Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” So, if what you’ve been doing is not working for you, try something else. Try using visualization or imagination. But try it relentlessly. Try it as if it’s brand new to you. Also, decide to put it into application as it should used.

2 – Step Into Your Future Now

Imagine I wave a magic wand over you. Suddenly, you are transported 5 years from now. You wake up. You’re living your ideal life. Describe that day to yourself in writing. Write down all the details. Let’s call it “A Day In My Life 5 Years From Now.” Now, I want you to truly imagine the scenario. Yes, use your imagination!

I bet your first tendency might be to write from your current reality. You might start writing from your fears, feeling of inadequacy, or past failures. No. You can’t write from there. I want you to write from a space of total freedom. You are unstoppable. Nothing can prevent you from achieving that which you desire. You are totally unafraid. And you cannot fail. Be bold. Be fearless.

In order words, if on that day you want to have a brand new Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or rolls Royce in front of your mansion waiting for you to drive away, don’t let the fact that your bank account is empty and you are in debt to stop you from writing it down. It’s time to make that dream real in you mind. Dare to live it now so that when you get there you are only reliving it.

You also want t write your ideal day five years from now in the present tense. Say something like, “Today is October 24, I wake up fully energized and passionate about life! I’m completely healthy. I’m debt free. I’m a multimillionaire (Be more specific. You might want to say three, four, or five million dollars). I’m heading down to my private gym to workout with my personal trainer. My charitable foundation is feeding 10 millions kids the world over, etc.” You get my point, right? Declare your future in details.

Success is personal. You and I don’t define it the same way. So, I’m not going to pretend my ideal day is going to look like yours. Write down your own day in every area of your life—financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Make sure it excites you. When I read mine, which is personal to me, I feel a sense of total happiness. It would sound unbelievable to you. But you know what? I believe it. It’s God’s will for me.

Listen, live your life by faith instead by sight. Don’t base your future from your current reality. Trust, believe and know for certain great things are about to happen in your life. You were born to win. You’re destined for greatness. Don’t talk yourself out of it because you are not doing well now. Believe!

3 – Turn What You Wrote Into An Affirmation

Read aloud your ideal day first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Now, I do understand sometimes depending on your environment, you may not be able to read aloud. That’s okay. Read in silence. However, if you can, I strongly suggest you real aloud. There’s power in listening to yourself telling yourself how amazing your future is going to be.

You may be saying, “For how long should I read it?” Well, for as long as it takes. When you pray, you don’t abandon your prayer because you don’t get the answer fast. No. You have to pray or affirm that which you want unceasingly until you get it. You have to meditate on it day and night. You gotta stay with it. That’s the real secret. Meditate on it even when the debts are high, the bills are piling up on the table, you are in bankruptcy, and you just lost your job.

4 – Surround Yourself With Visuals

Start living the life. Make it real to you. Go and test drive that Mercedes Benz at the dealer. Send $5 to a charitable cause to start your humanitarian effort. And send a note along with it that says, “5 years from now when my dream comes true, I will add three, four or five zeros behind that five.” Cut out pictures to create your wall of fame. Decorate your wall with pictures of the yacht, airplane, cars, homes, exotic vacation spots, presidential Rolex, etc.

That’s a great way to activate your senses. The more you see it, feel it, and touch it, the faster it will come to you. This is not some kind of lecture I’m preaching on the mountaintop to the masses. I’m a living witness this thing works. I have applied in my life too many times to count. As I said before, be obedient and try it for yourself.

5- Do Not Share

Resist the temptations to share your ideal day with too many people. Why do I say this? It’s because if they can’t imagine it, they’ll think it’s impossible. And they’ll try to shift your beliefs. They will rain on your parade. Listen, it’s hard for you to really believe what I’m saying here works. You can’t afford to have other people create more doubts in your head. Got it?

Success starts from inside out. You cannot imagine your life 5 years from now based on your current circumstances. Start convincing yourself it’s possible. Activate the Law of Abundance in your favor.

Now, reserve a full day on your calendar to put into application what you learned here. Stop telling yourself I will do it later. This is not about convenience. It’s what needs to happen in order to create the life you life. Find a quiet place to write down your ideal day five years from now and make it exciting.

Remember this: Change is a gift and no condition is permanent. I want you to win. I can provide the roadmap for you. However, you have to bring the faith. I can’t have faith for you.

You have to take the first step to start the journey. Press on!

How to use your imagination

Our imagination allows us to do more than just daydream. It sparks new ideas and helps us visualize ourselves achieving that next great goal in life. It’s something we depend on every day, whether we’re faced with an issue at work or deciding what ingredients to cobble together for dinner. But have you ever wondered how your imagination works?


Like many functions of the human mind, scientists still don’t fully understand imagination. It’s thought that imagination involves a network that helps share information across different regions of the brain. These different regions all work together to form mental images in our head. This is no easy task: Researchers found that as many as 12 different brain regions are involved when people imagine rotating a shape in their mind. When you use your imagination, you’re really firing up a lot of brainpower!

The same parts of the brain involved in understanding the world around us are involved in creating mental pictures of that world, meaning that what we imagine is shaped by what we see all the time. There are three certain factors that guide how we imagine: our environment, our memories, and the inherent rules we know about how the world works.


What does this mean for you? Drawing upon past knowledge and experience is what allows us to find new solutions to problems we face every day. It’s how we come up with new business ideas, visualize unique recipes, invent new games to play with our kids, and generally create. In addition to being able to solve problems and come up with new ideas, there are countless benefits of having an active imagination.

Imagination can also allow us to visualize where we want to be in the future as we set out to achieve goals in life. You can’t create a plan of action or set a goal without being able to picture yourself achieving it. One study showed that being able to imagine a scene helps us plan the steps we need to take to reach a goal.


Imagination is a fundamental element of us as human beings. It can manifest in multiple ways and feel more tangible at certain times, but it’s always there and can provide a big boost to your well-being and your creativity. If you find yourself in need of a good imagination session, but are finding it tough to get rolling, there are some ways to kickstart your imagination.

Try not to focus too hard on trying to locate your imagination. Putting too much pressure on yourself to imagine may actually inhibit your ability to find what you are looking for. Rather, take a little bit of time to unwind and let your thoughts naturally arrange themselves until you feel relaxed and comfortable. Harness the thoughts that naturally enter your mind to then mentally adapt them into a story or picture in your head. Let your body do the hard work and then pick up when you feel most comfortable. Sometimes the best thought just needs a little unlocking. Let your mind wander to attract that unconscious part of your brain, which can tap into your imagination and set you on your way.