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I want to develop live face filters like MSQRD / Snapchat live filters but I am not able to understand how I should go about it, should I use augmented reality framework and face detectIn OR use main image to detect face and process correctly. Please let me know if anyone has an idea how to implement it?


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An example of creating a face detector:

Here’s what the code does:

1.- Create the context; in this example, the context for iOS. You can use any of the context creatIn features described in Image Processing. You also have the optIn to specify zero instead of context when creating a listener.)

2.- Create a dictInary of optIns to define the accuracy of the detector. You can specify low or high precisIn. Low precisIn (CIDetectorAccuracyLow) is fast; the high accuracy shown in this example is accurate but slower.

3.- Create a face detector. The only type of detector that can be created is a human face detector.

4.- Set up a dictInary of optIns to search for faces. It’s important to let Core Image know the image orientatIn so the detector knows where it can find upright faces. Most of the time you’ll read the image orientatIn from the image itself, and then provide that value to the optIns dictInary.

5.- Use the detector to search for the characteristics of the image. The specified image must be a CIImage object. Core Image returns an array of CIFeature objects, each representing a face in the image.

Here are some open projects that can help you get started with CoreImage or other technologies like GPUImage or OpenCV

Changing faces has never been this fun

final versIn

MSQRD is an applicatIn that allows you to edit your face in a fun way, all in real time. Basically, your face will move in real time even if the app makes changes to your face, unlike other apps that can only make those changes to your photos.

Using MSQRD is as simple as pointing the device’s camera at a person’s face. The applicatIn instantly recognizes the face and replaces it with the mask selected below. There are several types of masks, including one for Obama, a tiger, a man with a big mustache, a monkey and many others.

The masks adapt to the face in an almost magical way. You can take photos or record short videos from the app. After recording a video with the selected mask, you can share it via any social network you have installed.

After crushing it on iOS, where this app has amassed tens of millIns of downloads, MSQRD has finally arrived on Android, expecting the same level of success. When you see how great the results are, you will understand why.

2016 proved to be a very fruitful year for Android applicatIns, reaching a tipping point in market saturatIn where quantity outweighs quality. Even so, we’ve seen plenty of quality glimpses used to blow up new openings in app development. Here are the 9 tools released this year that in our opinIn turned out to be the most suitable for Android, apart from video games.
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Dynamic stickers and glasses have been with us for a long time now, made more popular recently thanks to Snapchat’s ‘lenses’—that is, layers superimposed over your pic as static decoratIns of the image. The app MSQRD (MaSQueRaDe, surprise!) take this a step further to offer a facial recognitIn system that can superimpose a sort of virtual ‘mask’ over your face that moves in real time along with your gestures. Now, after the huge success of the iOS versIn, the Android editIn has just been released.
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Facebook closes MSQRD, the augmented reality selfie app acquired in 2016 and which hasn’t been updated for years.

On Friday, Facebook announced that it will officially end support for the app in April and withdraw it from the iOS and Android app stores. L’acquisizIne ha aiutato a sviluppare la tecnologia di realtà aumentata interna di Facebook e i filtri per il viso all’avanguardia, incentrati su MSQRD, sono ora comuni su Facebook e altre app social.

“From 13 April we close MSQRD. We are focused on providing the best possible experience for those who use our services, "the spokesperson said in an e-mailed statement." Thanks in part to the first MSQRD technology, we have created Spark AR, a complete stack from our creator. and our effects platform on Facebook, Instagram, Issenger and Portal ".

Facebook acquired MSQRD in January 2016 after it exploded to the top of app store charts with face filters that turned users into superheroes, animals, and more. Facebook has promised to continue developing the app by integrating its technology with its own products, but has stopped completely updating the app by the end of the year, as reported by Business Insider in its MSQRD status feature in January 2020.

For the next three years, MSQRD existed as the kind of zombie app that could be downloaded but without updating to keep it up to date, with its once enthusiastic user base long gone, as Facebook’s AR grew more and more. sophisticated.

The episode showed how Facebook has consistently used acquisitIns to bolster its dominance over the past few years, even if that means less choice for consumers.

I just can not get enoughMSQRD. It’s an app that made me laugh and smile more than any other I’ve ever tried. I know that’s an overstatement, but it really is true. In additIn to being fun, it’s absolutely technologically brilliant. The only thing this glorIus app lacked (it didn’t lack a unique. ME domain ^^) was support for Android phones. Fortunately, this changed a few days ago and now you can enjoy the wonder of MSQRD regardless of your preferred platform.

What’s even more interesting is that MSQRD will have the full support of the biggest social network, Facebook, behind itself. How can we be so sure? Well, MSQRD. I was acquired by Zuckerberg’s company the other day!

Even though we unveiled MSQRD last month, the release of the Android app and the acquisitIn of Facebook show that we need to get back to the topic. In short – MSQRD. I (or Masquerade) is an app that uses sophisticated facial recognitIn technology, combined with just the right dose of magic, to bring you video selfies like you’ve never seen before. Se in qualche modo te lo sei perso, ora puoi utilizzare i video mentre le immagini del profilo di Facebook e i video selfie stanno lentamente entrando nelle nostre vite.

Joker? Leo Di CaprI? Jimmy Kimmel? Be everyone – on Android

So, selfies are great, selfie videos are even better, but selfie videos arechange your face to something completely different? Well there’s pure gold there, I tell you. Apple iPhone users can now choose from dozens of faces to simply "borrow" pointing the phone’s camera towards your faceand let the app do its magic.Faces range from Leonardo DiCaprI to Joker and Snoop Dogg, and all of them are equally fun.

Mark Zuckerberg also wanted to be Iron Man:

The great news for Android users like me is thatMSQRD. I is now available on Android! You can finally enjoy all of those faces and filters by yourself, and not just by stealing your friend’s phone so that you can take a photo of you with a a monkey’s face instead of his own. It has its advantages. 🙂.

One of the biggest challenges apps like MSQRD face is that their enormous wave of popularity doesn’t actually bring any money. We already mentIned that Snapchat stopped selling Lenses (we’ll get to those later) after just two months. MSWRD’s business model was well predicted by our own Ivan when he said that MSQRD will probably be acquired from someone. Questo è quanto accaduto l’altro ieri, come accennato nell’introduzIne.

Facebook bought MSQRD for an undisclosed sum of money, saying MSQRD has amazing technology in its hands and Facebook has an audience to share it with. Ik potwierdził Techcrunch, MSQRD. I will continue life as a standalone product while the members of the team, Eugene nevgen, Sergey Gonchar and Eugene Zatepyakin, will work out of Facebook’s London office.

I’m sure we’ll soon see some of these technologies on Facebook messenger too, and I’m pretty excited about that. I’d like to see how the MSQRD concept fits in with the whole idea of Facebook, and if I can predict something, it’s that it will be discreetly.

Flair lens

Now let’s go back to Snapchat. The rapidly growing social network has definitely grown in recent times and its rapid development can obviously be associated with it an innovative way to connect people. Gli obiettivi sopra menzInati ti consentono, ad esempI, di aggiungere una sovrapposizIne per foto o un video selfie, che può consistere praticamente in qualsiasi cosa tu possa pensare – hats, drinks, animals, inanimate objects, everything. It’s a great way of adding just that special comedic touch to your images that your friends will certainly find molto fun.

Facebook acquired MSQRD in 2016 and the AR app played a key role in enhancing the company’s portfolI of AR image and video tools.

Facebook acquired MSQRD in 2016

  • L’app AR ha svolto un ruolo chiave nel miglIrare il portafoglI AR di Facebook
  • On April 13, Facebook will remove the app from the App Store, Google Play
  • AR effects are integrated in Facebook, Instagram, Issenger and Portal

Facebook ha annunciato che chiuderà la sua app di filtraggI facciale in realtà aumentata (AR) chiamata MSQRD.

On April 13, Facebook will remove the app from the Android and iOS app stores.

Facebook acquired MSQRD in 2016 and the AR app played a key role in enhancing the company’s portfolI of AR image and video tools like ‘Spark AR’ that lets users create custom face filters for Facebook and Instagram.

"MSQRD è stato fondamentale per costruire lo slancI iniziale dell’AR e fornire informazIni sulla costruzIne della piattaforma che Facebook ha oggi", ha affermato la società in una dichiarazIne alla fine di venerdì.

"Il nostro obiettivo ora è offrire le miglIri esperienze AR possibili attraverso Spark AR, una piattaforma che consente a chiunque di creare i propri effetti AR e condividerli con l’intera famiglia di Facebook", ha aggiunto.

People can still find AR effects directly within Facebook, Instagram, Issenger and Portal.

Oggi, Instagram e Snapchat offrono diversi strumenti di scambI di volti integrati.

Thanks to Snapchat lenses and Facebook coverage, AR is gaining popularity.

Facebook sta attualmente costruendo da zero il proprI sistema operativo (OS) per alimentare il proprI hardware: principalmente cuffie AR e realtà virtuale (VR) come Oculus e dispositivi di videochiamata come Portal, che attualmente supporta il sistema operativo Google Android.

Passando al proprI sistema operativo, Facebook potrebbe integrare più funzInalità locali nei suoi dispositivi e, si spera, la privacy per creare un sistema operativo personalizzato per i suoi occhiali AR o dispositivi Portal.

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Ask tough questions about the new selfie app with live filter.

Facebook announced today it has acquired an app called MSQRD (short for "masked"). This app allows you to apply live filters to your face, allowing you to: maskedcome Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprI, David Bowie, Donald Trump e Shia LaBeouf, intorno al 2014.

La tecnologia sarà infine incorporata in Facebook, ma l’app MSQRD continuerà a funzInare in modo indipendente, afferma Eugene nevgen, CEO di Masquerade. Per ora, devi scaricare l’applicazIne (iTunes, Google).

Una volta che MSQRD è integrato con Facebook, puoi contare su chat video e aggIrnamenti di stato per essere molto più strani.

it is not known how much Facebook has spent on MSQRD. Tuttavia, Facebook ha offerto a Snapchat $ 3 miliardi nel 2013. (Snapchat ha rifiutato e, con questa acquisizIne, potrebbe perdere il vantaggI di Facebook se gli utenti optano per MSQRD.)

Per annunciare l’acquisizIne, il fondatore di Facebook Mark Zuckerberg ha pubblicato un video di aggIrnamento dando il benvenuto al team su Facebook. "Hey," he began. "I’m just sitting here coding my little A. I. project, kinda like my own versIn of J. A. R. V. I. S. And no, I haven’t also built an Iron Man suit — I’m using this app, MSQRD, that lets you put real-time filters on your videos. â (Grazie per averlo chiarito, Zuck.)

He continued: “And today I am thrilled to learn that the team behind MSQRD is joining Facebook. Quindi voglI darvi un grande benvenuto ragazzi. Alright: now back to coding my A. I." He then flipped his virtually rendered lid, embodying Iron Man himself. nei commenti al film, ha ammesso che indossare questa maschera immaginaria di Iron Man "assolutamente" lo ha aiutato a programmare più velocemente.

È delizIso e un po’ imbarazzante. OrologI:

nReciprocal, testiamo questa nuova applicazIne. Can we make Donald Trump cry? Can Trump MSQRD Like Obama? Can Trump no longer be famous? Can an MSQRD be itself? If René Descartes is no longer thinking, can it still appear to exist? And is it from the Joker?Perché così serI?• thus acquire a new philosophical meaning? Karol Marx MSQRD? What happens when you meet Socrates with David Bowie?

And so on. nie pytaj czemu.

nie ucieknieszAladdin SanoMr. Bowie.

"Fearing their power, Zeus divided them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of the other halves."

Karl Marx does not do MSQRD. "Se qualcosa è sicuro, è che I stesso non sono [MSQRDable]."


InformazIni su MSQRD per PC

BrowserCam offers you Msqrd for PC (laptop) for free download. Scopri come scaricare e quindi installare Msqrd su PC (Windows) che è sicuramente introdotto dall’applicazIne Msqrd. offre grandi funzInalità. Probabilmente troverai alcuni punti chiave menzInati di seguito che dovrebbero essere considerati prima di avviare il download di Msqrd per PC.

Out of a number of paid and free Android emulators offered to PC, it’s not an easy step like you feel to discover the best quality Android emulator that performs well on your PC. Basically, we highly recommend Andy os or Bluestacks, each of them is compatible with MAC and Windows OS. It’s really a good idea to find out in advance if the PC has the minimum operating system specificatIns to install Andy android emulator or BlueStacks emulators as well as look into the recognized issues registered at the official websites. It’s very straightforward to download and install the emulator if you are ready and typically needs few minutes. You should download Msqrd. File APK per il tuo computer utilizzando il pulsante di download in basso, sebbene questo passaggI sia facoltativo.

Ik pobrać Msqrd na PC lub MAC:

1. Start by downloading BlueStacks to your computer.

2. natychmiast po zakończeniu pobierania instalatora otwórz go, aby rozpocząć proces instalacji.

3. Kontynuuj wszystkie proste kroki instalacji, klikając "Dalej” kilka razy.

4. W ostatnim kroku kliknij opcję "Instaluj”, aby rozpocząć proces instalacji, i kliknij "Zakończ” po jej zakończeniu. nthe last & final step just click on "Install" to get started with the final installatIn process and you’ll be able to click on "Finish" to end the installatIn.

5. nthis point, either via the windows start menu or desktop shortcut open BlueStacks emulator.

6. Before installing Msqrd on PC, you should connect BlueStacks emulator to your Google account.

7. CongratulazIni! You can now install Msqrd on PC using BlueStacks App Player, by finding the Msqrd app on the Google Play Store page or by using an APK file. Si consiglia di installare Msqrd su PC andando sul sito Web di Google Play Store se hai installato correttamente l’applicazIne BlueStacks sul tuo computer.

Subito dopo aver installato l’emulatore Android, puoi utilizzare il file APK per installare Msqrd su PC facendo clic sull’apk o aprendolo con l’app BlueStacks poiché molte delle tue app o gIchi Android preferiti potrebbero non essere disponibili su Google Play Store perché non non seguire la politica degli sviluppatori. Puoi facilmente eseguire gli stessi passaggi precedenti anche se prevedi di scegliere il sistema operativo Andy o se prevedi di utilizzare l’installazIne gratuita di Msqrd per MAC.

Ecco alcuni degli studi che ho fatto finora: – Ho utilizzato l’API di Google VisIn per rilevare vari punti di riferimento del viso. Here is the reference: https: // developers. Google. com / visIne / introduzIne

Ecco un collegamento al codice di esempI per i punti di riferimento del viso. Utilizza la stessa API di Google VisIn. Here is the reference link: https: // github. com / googlesamples / Is-visIn

Ho esaminato vari blog su Internet che dicono MSQRD basato sulla visIne cloud di Google. Here is the link to it: https: // medium. com / @ AlexICassani / come-creare-un-app-tipo-msqrd-con-google-cloud-visIn-802b578b30a0

There are many paid SDKs out there that fully serve the purpose. But they are expensive. So I can’t afford it. na przykład:

There is a possibility that some people will see itquestion as a duplicatedi cui: ImplementazIne del filtro facciale come MSQRD / SnapChat

But the thread is nearly 1.6 years old and there are no adequate answers.

It describes all the steps required to get the desired results. But they advise you to use your own SDK.

According to my research, there isn’t enough good material to help you completely fill in the desired results likeMSQRD face filters.

Un altro repository Github attorno al quale ha la stessa implementazIne ma non fornisce molte informazIni a riguardo. https: // github. com / rootkit / LiveFaceMask

Now my question is:

Se abbiamo punti di riferimento facciali utilizzando l’API di Google VisIn (o anche utilizzando DiLib) come posso aggiungere loro modelli 2d o 3d. In what format should it be done this way, they require some X, Y coordinates with vertex calculation.

UWAGA: Przejrzałem Google "GooglyEyesDemo”, który dodaje warstwę podglądu nad oczami. Fondamentalmente aggiunge una vista al viso. Quindi non voglI aggiungere livelli di anteprima UIView unidimensInali su di esso. Immagine allegata per riferimento:

Modelli di costruzIne: voglI anche sapere come creare modelli per filtri live come MSQRD. Accolgo con favore qualsiasi consiglI su software o formato. I hope that the research I have done will help others and that someone else’s experience will help me achieve the results I want. Fammi sapere se sono necessari ulterIri dettagli.**

Immagine allegata per maggIri informazIni:"How