How to use mirrors to create more space

A mirror does not only enable us to see what we look like. When used correctly, a mirror can do more than showing our physical appearance. It can brighten up a room as it illuminates light to the space. It can also liven things up when it comes with a great design and placed strategically in a room. Lastly, a mirror can create more space, which is obviously very helpful when you are decorating a small room and you want to make it look bigger.

Mirrors can brighten up any room when light is reflected to it, so using mirrors to create more space is useful not only for small rooms, but also for large, dark areas in your home or apartment.

Here are some ways to create more space using mirrors:

Use large mirrors. At first, a large mirror in a small room can be daunting, but don’t worry. As light is reflected to the mirror, it instantly brightens up the space, making the room look more spacious. So go ahead and install a huge mirror on the wall to achieve this illusion. You can also place a full-length mirror in entrance ways. This gives anyone who enters the room a sense of more space. If your room has a low ceiling, you can create more height and space by adding a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Small mirrors will work, too. Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. If large mirrors are not your thing or you find them expensive and/or difficult to install, place small mirrors together on the wall. The way you arrange the mirrors will serve as an additional decor to the room.

How to use mirrors to create more spaceIncorporate mirrors to your furniture. With limited space, you don’t really want a lot of pieces. To avoid adding more items, why not go for mirrored furniture? Place a large one on your bedroom dresser or coffee table. Use mirrors on closet doors or storage cabinets. Do not be limited to just hanging mirrors on the walls. Multi-function mirrors will help liven up the room and make it more visually appealing.

It’s in the placement. Aside from the size of the mirror, the location where you put it plays a role in giving the illusion of having more space. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, put mirrors behind the sink to give the illusion of space. If you have a fireplace, you can place a mirror next to it. This helps create a cheerful atmosphere in an otherwise dark and cramped room. If the space does not have windows, a good trick is to place a bright lamp (or any other light source) in front of a mirror. This easily spreads the light through the room.

Mirrors are a great tool to make a small room look bigger. Keep in mind, though, that you also have to consider the design and overall look and feel of the room before purchasing mirrors. Make sure these go well with the design elements; otherwise, you might not get the desired results.

Everyone knows a mirror makes a room appear bigger than it really is, but when it comes to actually hanging one in your home, it can be tough to make the right mounting moves. “Yes, they’re the cheapest way to brighten up a dark room or give the sense of more square footage, but you really have to know how to use them if you’re trying to achieve these goals,” says design pro and HGTV host Vern Yip, author of “Vacation at Home” and “Design Wise”.

“Many folks make the mistake of using a mirror that’s too small or thinking they can get these effects with a grouping of small mirrors, for example, but a single large one is the best way to do it.” All that aside, you’re probably still wondering which shape is best and the answers to some other key questions: What kind of frame? Where exactly do you hang a mirror to max out its decorative potential? Here four decorating pros reveal their tried and true secrets for making mirror magic.

Think big (but go small with the frame)

An oversized mirror (the larger, the better) is a cure-all for cramped quarters since it expands the sense of visual space—so long as you stick with a fairly simple frame. “An ornate one can hamper your goal of making the place feel bigger,” says Yip. His go-to? Anything from the Infinity Mirror collection at CB2. “They’re super-affordable and come in both round and rectangular shapes,” he adds.

Get the height right

Unless you’re hanging a mirror over a headboard or a mantle, the sweet spot for placement is at the average person’s eye level: roughly 60 inches from the floor to the center of the mirror. This goes for artwork, too; a common hanging height can become a thread of continuity that will tie your space together, says Yip. In other words, when your wall art and mirrors are hung at a fairly uniform height, your whole place will feel roomier. Leave a little breathing room on the wall, too. “A mirror looks best if you have a minimum of a 2-inch border from edge of frame to edge of wall or ceiling,” Yip suggests.

How to use mirrors to create more space

Creating more space visually and physically is your main goal with home staging. Strategically placed mirrors are some of the simplest home staging tricks to increase your small spaces visually. In fact, aside from oversized windows and soaring ceilings, there is no better friend to tiny spaces than a well-placed mirror. Bringing in light, breaking visual clutter, or expanding walls, mirrors can help you solve almost any design dilemma. And of course, they are great decorative pieces as well. If you are looking to make your home appear bigger in order to appeal to more home buyers, these helpful tips will get you started.

Create a Mirror Wall to Enlarge Your Room

For rooms that lack windows, accomplishing the feel of additional square footage can often be difficult. But luckily mirrors can help you have the same effect as a window. Placing a large piece of mirror on the wall can quickly add dimension to any space. Even though they may not provide a view to the outside world, they can break up wall space in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Place a Framed Mirror Over the Fireplace

In most homes, the fireplace is usually the focal point of the room in which it resides in, but your fireplace often isn’t used in warmer months. You can add more emphasis to it by placing a gorgeous framed mirror above the mantel. Not only will help to enlarge the space, but it will also add a reflective surface to the decor pieces you have on the mantle.

Enlarge Your Bathroom Vanity Wall With Mirrors

It is a well-known fact that bathrooms and kitchens actually sell homes. That’s why if your bathroom is lacking space, giving it an illusion of it using mirrors is a great way to attract buyers. Place a mirror behind your sink in a floor to countertop fashion to enlarge the area and reflect more light. Alternatively, if you have a freestanding bathtub, consider adding a floor to ceiling stand alone mirror at its back. The reflection of the bathtub will help to add a sense of space to your bathroom, and of course, you can use it for personal grooming and getting dressed as well.

How to use mirrors to create more space

Consider Decorating With Multi-Functional Mirror Designs

If you are really short on space and do not have an appropriate location to hang mirrors, consider putting them on storage cabinets and closet doors. This will not help to solve the issue of enlarging the area but can also be used as decorative shelving and collections. Mirrors that serve multi-functions make an area look larger and great!

Bring in Reflective Light by Placing Mirrors Near Windows

If your interiors are feeling small and dark, mirrors can help to reflect light into your space. However, this is something you need to do very carefully as too many mirrors can make your house appear like a carnival funhouse rather than a stately home that buyers desire for. Hang a mirror a foot of two behind a pendant light, a hanging chandelier or opposite a window to reflect light naturally and beautifully. But remember, more than one large mirror will make any area feel awkwardly bright.

How to use mirrors to create more space

Group Mirrors Together for Visual Interest

Larger mirrors can be quite pricey and if you don’t have a budget for it, no worries. Opt for couple of smaller mirrors available at thrift or discount stores and paint their frames in same color. Group them together on a wall in the same place to create an organized feeling without appearing cluttered.

Although most of us have an idea on where to hang a mirror in your house, they are usually more versatile than we think. A well-placed mirror can open up a space, alter a view, and add a little practicality. In short, they are one of the best tools in a small home owner’s back pocket. Let us know if you have more home staging tricks to enlarge spaces and use mirrors in your home.

How do you go about using mirrors to create space in a room? Well, you won’t believe how easy it is. It all has to do with how well you take advantage of factors like natural lighting, the positioning and type of mirror you choose.

Placing mirrors in different areas of your home is not only useful for checking your appearance before you head out; it’s also a great way to project light into dark corners and brighten them up. Not only do mirrors make a space look more inviting, but they also add an elegant touch to the décor.

Here are some clever tricks for using mirrors to enlarge a room.

Use Large Mirrors to your Advantage

The larger the mirror, the bigger the room seems. In addition to making a room look larger, a mirror can also make it seem like there are more objects or people in a room than there actually are. For example, a larger reflector can make small hallways look bigger or make it seem like there are more people in the room — a useful tip for parties for small groups of friends. As a reference, think of how clothing stores use mirrors to make it look like there are more customers inside their stores. It’s a great way of using mirrors to make a space look bigger.

If you are worried about drilling a heavy mirror into the wall go for a free-standing variety. Not only do they add more space than their smaller counterparts they also look incredibly elegant. To soften the glare from the light and add to the reflection, place some furniture in front. There is also the added advantage of mobility. Need to move? Just grab the mirror and go.

Using Mirrors to Create Space with Natural Lighting

In a previous post, we discussed how homeowners can use home lighting techniques to make a room look better and brighter. But did you know that you can also add mirrors to create space in a room with natural lighting? Mirrors are pretty effective in reflecting natural light and illuminate dark areas that are otherwise invisible. Just make sure that you don’t place your mirrors right in front of a light source, like an open window, as it can cause a stark reflection that can be distracting.

Mirror Placement on the Wall

Speaking of placement, where you place or hang your mirror is just as important as the type. For example, placing one mirror in front of another mirror or on the opposite wall makes space look overwhelming. So use the space you have wisely. For example, placing a mirror in front of a room makes it look like there is another room there. Not only does this make space look larger, but it also opens up the room. Additionally, you can also place them on glass table tops to give a room a more spacious look.

Use the Space Wisely

For example, if your bedroom is smaller than you would like and you haven’t bought a closet yet, go for a mirrored closet. They come in handy for checking out how you look and also make bedrooms look more generously proportioned. In all, it’s a great way to use mirrors to increase space.

Consider the Type

Mirrors are useful in adding space, but it’s not advisable to go overboard. For instance, using a mirror to cover a whole wall or most of it, can be pretty confusing. Your guests will be left wondering where the room ends and the wall begins. As an alternative, use a type of mirror that doesn’t reflect every last detail. For example, you can use mirror strips across your wall. Just make sure to leave some space in between so the wall behind is visible.

Use Collections of Objects to your Advantage

A densely packed area, like a small table with too many pieces of artwork or a wall with a lot of frames, looks cramped and makes space look smaller. You can use mirrors to create the illusion of space by displaying them in between. For example, you can add a small standing mirror at the back of the artwork on a shelf or hang one amongst picture frames on a wall.

Use Mirrored Tiles

Using mirrors for small spaces is an art. You can nail or glue mirrored tiles to walls in spaces that seem too crowded. For example, small bathrooms with bathtubs look smaller. If you absolutely have to keep the bathtub but hate the crowded look, install mirrored tiles on a nearby wall.

Consider the Shape Of the mirror when Using mirrors to create space

Do you want to increase the height of a room? Use a vertical mirror to create a semblance of height. Similarly, a horizontal mirror makes any space appear wider. How do you go about achieving this? If you have a fireplace in the room, hanging or placing a wide mirror on the mantelpiece will reflect the wider essence of the room and make it appear more spacious.

Here are some additional tips to help different areas in your home look better and more inviting:

How do I Use Mirrors to Make a Nursery look Bigger?

No need to hire a construction crew to knock out the walls of your nursery to make it look bigger. Use mirrors to bring in twice the natural light and make it look more cheerful and airy. Plus, babies love to see their own reflections; so that’s an added advantage. But ensure you are using high-quality installations so that they are secure and won’t harm your baby in any way.

How do you use mirrors to make a small apartment look bigger?

What if your entire home is small? In addition to the tips mentioned, hang mirrors in your narrowest spaces like a narrow hallway. Just don’t use large free standing mirrors. Sure, they make spaces look bigger but they can just get in the way in this case.

That was our breakdown on using mirrors to create space. Remember, making a room look more spacious is all about knowing how to make the best of the space that you do have. Strategically placed mirrors are a great trick to achieve just that. Using mirrors to create space is a budget-friendly alternative to costly home additions. Plus, they look good in any room.

If your studio in Dubai seems too cramped, try some of our clever tips on using mirrors or try these tips on making a studio look bigger. To keep smaller areas uncluttered, check out our ideas on clever storage areas for small spaces.

If you are looking for other ideas to spice up your space, check out some unexpected ways to use wallpaper in your home décor or some of our other wall décor ideas for your home in Dubai.

Let’s face it, no matter how much we want to do it, sometimes knocking down a wall to make your home look bigger is simply not an option. If you are living in a rental property, your landlord will likely have some serious problems with you taking a hammer to the wall. Even if you own the house, tearing down a wall will most likely cost you a pretty penny and it can be rather inconvenient.

So, what should you do if your rooms feel too small and cramped? The answer to that is simple: you can use a few DIY mirrors hacks to make a room look bigger.

While almost all of us have mirrors in our houses, we need to realize they can do more than just making sure you look good – if placed correctly, they can also make your home look bigger by creating an illusion of space and amplifying light.

In fact, adding mirrors to the decor is also one of the easiest ways to make your home look more expensive on a budget.

Tips on how to use mirrors to make your home look bigger

Here are some tips on how to fake some extra square footage using clever mirror hacks.

Use a mirror to fake a window

Not all homes are blessed with a ton of natural light streaming in through large windows or doorways. It’s a well-known fact that lack of light makes rooms appear smaller than they are, so the first step to make sure your house doesn’t seem too dark is to invest in some good light fixtures and lamps.

The second step is to fake a large window by strategically placing a mirror on the wall that reflects light. It will not only make the room look bigger but it will also serve as a focal point and prevent claustrophobia. You can either frame the mirror in the shape of a window or have it cut to mimic an opening in the wall.

Place mirrors behind furniture

If your drawing room feels a bit confined, tuck a big mirror behind your couch or other furniture in tight spaces to break up the visual clutter and open up the place.

However, make sure the mirror is the same width as the piece of furniture it’s placed behind so that it seems intentional and purposeful. A well-placed mirror can up the desirability factor of your home by several notches while making it appear stylish and more spacious at the same time.

Use mirrors to brighten up the kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, but you can make it appear almost twice its size by placing mirrors in the place below the cabinets and above the counter.

These mirrors will bounce the light back and make the traditionally dark area appear brighter. You can also place a large mirror on the wall facing the doorway. Apart from making the kitchen seem bigger, it will also keep you aware of what’s happening in the background.

However, avoid placing regular mirrors directly behind or above the stoves. Instead, invest in some heat resistant safety mirrors for that purpose.

Invest in floor-length mirrors

Large mirrors can give the illusion of high ceilings if placed at the correct position. Not to mention, tall and slender mirrors can actually create a multitude of optical illusions by mimicking a narrow hallway, which will make your room look even bigger.

If you have a tiny entryway, place a floor length mirror on one of the walls to make your home look bigger and less claustrophobic. However, instead of casually leaning the mirror against a wall, secure it with clips to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Brighten up your dining area

Do you know why most fine-dining restaurants have at least one mirror wall? It’s because the mirror reflects the soft light from the chandeliers to illuminate the dining hall and make it look larger than it actually is.

Placing a big mirror in dining areas is a tip most interior designers swear by, which means a mirror near your dining table will also make your house look expensive and well-decorated at the same time.

For an even better effect, place the mirror right behind a light source, be it a pendant light or a candle holder. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money on intricate frames. Just buy a moderately priced frame and paint it the same shade as the window frames in your house.

Install mirrors on cabinet fronts

Another fun idea to liven up your home while faking extra space is to cover the surface of cabinets and cupboards with mirror. Most hotels use this mirror hack to make the room look bigger and more extravagant. You don’t even need to frame these mirrors, just measure the surface of the cabinets and have the mirrors cut to the exact size. However, don’t forget to leave some space for the handle. If you live in a rental, use hooks to support the mirror as glueing it on might ruin the material underneath.

You can also cover door panels with mirrors, but don’t overdo it or else your house might turn into a hall of mirrors.

Replace your headboard with a mirror

If you live in a studio apartment or have a small bedroom, place a mirror directly behind your bed. Replace your headboard if you have to because nothing will make your room look bigger and trendier than this DIY mirror hack.

The mirror will not only reflect natural light and brighten up the place, but it will also add value to your room décor.

Group small mirrors together

Give your home an artistic touch by displaying a collection of small mirrors in different sizes but preferably in similar shapes. Compared to large, floor-length mirrors, smaller mirrors are bound to be easier on the pocket.

You can have them framed in colours that stand out against the paint of the wall without making the décor seem cheap. Not only will these tiny mirrors make your home look bigger and enhance its aesthetic appeal, but they will also add some character to it.

Moreover, they’ll also illuminate the place by reflecting light in different directions.

Meanwhile, if you feel like you don’t have enough space, take a look at some simple design ideas for small living rooms.

How to use mirrors to create more space

Whether you love the look of an Art Deco mirror, want to highlight a pretty reflection or simply want to create the illusion of more space, mirrors are an amazing tool to use smartly at home.

If you’ve been wondering for some time what kind of mirror would be best used in your space, whether that’s the walk-in robe or hallway, to make it look bigger and brighter, ask no more.

Here, we break it down room by room for you.

Mirrors double up as pretty objects while also enhancing space. Picture: Getty

The hallway

Dead-end spaces in hallways are the perfect locations for mirrors, as they will enhance the illusion of extra space.

“If you can put a mirror at the dead end of a hallway where you’d turn left or right, it can remove the feeling of it being a ‘dead’ space,” says Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations.

It doesn’t have to be a full floor-to-ceiling mirror to have an impact, either.

“A reasonable-sized mirror can still create the same effect – it could be a tall one hung up on the wall or placed above the hall closet,” says Lana.

Sherica Valadores, owner at Shine Mirrors, loves the idea of using a horizontal mirror in the hallway.

“It’s best to place a mirror horizontally, so when you walk into the narrow area of the hallway, it widens the area instantly.”

This Art Deco mirror helps to widen the space. Picture: West Elm

The bathroom

A mirror in the bathroom is essential no matter what, so choosing the right shape, size and style for your space is key.

“Bathrooms almost by definition are smallish spaces,” says Lana.

Lana also believes you can’t go wrong with b ig mirrors in bathrooms: “An oversized bathroom mirror is very practical and helps make the space feel larger.”

However, just be sure to notice what it’s reflecting. “If the mirror is reflecting the view outside – like lush greenery – then it’s a great idea to go big.” If it’s reflecting the toilet, then going large might not be such a great idea.

Sherica’s top tip to create the illusion of more space is to use a mirror with a back-lit light.

“If there’s a light behind the mirror, or beside the mirror so it’s framed, it will enhance the brightness in the room and make the space feel bigger.”

The lounge room

Sofa? Tick. Window? Tick. If you have these elements in your living area, then placing a mirror adjacent to the window is a great idea.

“The light source reflecting from the window to the mirror will make the room look bigger and brighten it,” says Sherica.

Light reflecting from the window to a mirror will make the space feel bigger and brighter. Picture: Tamara Graham

If you’re dissatisfied with your bathroom because it’s too small or think that the existing space is poorly utilized, there are several tips and tricks you can use to create the illusion of a new room. By strategically selecting and placing mirrors, you can easily and in expensively give yourself the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Good Mirrors Reflect Light and Space

When you look behind you in a mirror, the space behind you seems amplified. Because the glass reflects light and light creates the illusion of an airier space, your brain is tricked into thinking there’s more space than there actually is. This effect is called trompe l’oeil and is frequently used in magic shows and theater productions.

Strategic placement of mirrors can help create the illusion of space and light.

How to Manipulate Light with Mirrors

If your bathroom has a window, it’ll be fairly straightforward for you to maximize the amount of light that streams in, even if you’re facing north, the direction which tends to bring the least amount of natural light. First, place a mirror opposite the window to catch and reflect the light, and then place another mirror on the first wall the eye sees upon entry.

However, if your bathroom is windowless, you’ll have to be a little more strategic in where you place your mirrors so as to create the illusion of as much space as possible. You’ll want to place a mirror on the wall someone will see when they first walk in, immediately creating a larger sense of space and setting the person up to think that way. Next, cover a wall with mirrors. Most people choose to do this under the vanity lights, but you can also place mirrors on another wall in addition to under the vanity lights.

More or Less Mirrors?

The question of how many mirrors to use is a tricky one because there’s no set answer. If you’ve got a larger-sized bathroom but the pieces are awkwardly placed, you can get away with larger or more mirrors. But if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you’ll have to plan your mirror selection more carefully. The key, no matter how large or small your bathroom is, is to keep proportion and perspective in mind. Several large mirrors in a small bathroom will create the sense of more light, but it’ll make your bathroom look crowded and negate the effect of mirrors.

How and Where to Place Mirrors

Grouping a number of small mirrors together is an effective way of creating more light and space for a couple of reasons: it can be more cost effective, and using mirrors of different sizes can add a stylish flair. For the quite daring, placing mirrors on the ceiling is also an option as it’ll create the illusion of a higher ceiling. One drawback of this is the higher placement of the mirrors will make them more difficult to reach when cleaning, but a small and sturdy stepladder can easily sidestep this issue.

Bathroom Mirrors

Do you need to update your bathroom mirrors to the latest style and form? We can help! Buy your mirror and have it installed by Harkraft of Minneapolis. Our bathroom mirrors come with a lifetime guarantee on the product and installation service. Give us a call at (763) 544-4478 or contact us online to request a free design consultation.

How to use mirrors to create more space

Whether your home is bigger or smaller, there are various ways to create space in whatever size you occupy. By manipulating furniture, lighting and mirrors, among other home accessories, you can bring an airiness and brightness to your home. Size can be overrated when considering these steps towards bringing more volume to your home, and you’ll be able to feel more comfortable and organized in your newly designed space.

As a certified health coach, I encourage my clients to bring organization, personality and spaciousness to their living arrangements. The majority of my clients live in apartments, usually in big city environments, and there’s often a major issue dealing with size, layout and the ability to make sure all clothing, accessories and shoes (can’t forget shoes!) fits. Feeling cramped can hinder our wellbeing, making us feel small and undervalued, especially when amidst a large, bustling city. Homes can be expensive, and so often a larger space is out of budget. When living in a smaller area, it’s important to use these easy and effective tricks to bring more spaciousness and liveliness into each room. Here are eleven ways to make a home feel more roomy, so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed each day.

1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors can make a space look larger and brighter. “If a home is near a park, river or open view, even if it is a partial view, you can position a mirror on a wall near the window so that the water, trees or open skyline can be seen from the inside,” says President Council Member and real estate broker at The Corcoran Group, Debbie Baum, over email correspondence with Bustle. “It will add a great feeling of space,” she continues.

2. Add The Right Balance Of Furniture

“Contrary to what one would think, rooms look bigger furnished than unfurnished,” advises Baum. Instead of removing furniture to make it appear roomier, keep furniture for a more spacious layout and feel. However, don’t add too much furniture where it is hard to navigate through the home. Look for a proper balance!

3. Build More Storage

Clutter around an apartment can make it feel disorganized and smaller. Stacks of papers, bags and clothing spread out can make the room feel tight and out of balance. “A great way to create storage is to create a closet at the base of a staircase,” says Baum. This will allow the owner or renter to stash more items in a classy and refined manner that will still allow the room to open up.

4. Take Advantage Of High Ceilings

“If a studio apartment has high ceilings, create a loft space above that can become a great sleeping or storage area,” advises Baum. Even if a small space, you might have higher ceilings that can be a major advantage for enhancing a room’s layout. An extra sleeping or storage area is practical and can make the whole home feel larger than it really is.

5. Manipulate Purposes Of Rooms

Just because a room is designed a certain way in a layout you are given, it does not mean that you are confined in using that space in that particular form. “Convert a closet into a home office,” suggests real estate broker at The Corcoran Group, Andrea D’Amico, over email correspondence with Bustle. A home office is incredibly useful and can allow for greater mere than a sheer closet can.

6. Hide Extra Clothing

It can be tough to fit all your clothing and accessories into your shelves and closets, and some homes do not allow the opportunity to include additional cabinets or build closet space. “Store out of season clothing under your bed by using containers or storage boxes,” suggests D’Amico. You can also set up a dust ruffle underneath in order to hide the boxes from public view.

7. Clean Up Your Bathroom

A cleaner, more organized bathroom with some furnishings can make a space look and feel better and allow for more storage of toiletries. “Carve out a space in your bathroom wall and insert a medicine/storage cabinet with a mirror face flush with the wall,” advises D’Amico. These types of cabinets can be both visually appealing and useful, and it can add an intimate feel to a standard bathroom.

8. Store Belongings In An Ottoman

“Buy an ottoman that allows storage for books / blankets/ pillows etc…” advises D’Amico. This trick can be incredibly sneaky and undetectable to friends and visitors. It’s accessible and functional, as it allows for a sitting area and storage all rolled up in one! Find an ottoman in a fun, modern color that meshes well with the feel of your home’s decor.

9. Play With Light

Light can make a home feel larger than it really is. By setting different types of light around a home, you can brighten up the room and add height. Clean windows often to allow for clearer light and sun, and opt for a dimmer effect, as well as low and high lighting systems to bring light in from all angles, levels and intensities.

10. Wallpaper Or Paint The Walls

By adding colors to walls, you can make the room feel taller and more spacious. You can also use one color scheme and paint or paper the ceiling and walls in a shade lighter and darker, respectively, to create a contrast that adds warmth. Additionally, lighter colors, such as pastels, can add extra light to a room, as opposed to darker hues.

11. Keep Windows Open

Keeping windows open or only lightly covered with a sheer lining can bring in more light, sunshine and happiness into a room, and if there are windows, it will add a nice reflection. Closed windows and darkness can make a space feel more cramped, so by opening up the area for direct heat and radiant views, you can easily make your home feel larger than it is.

No matter the actual size of your home, it’s easy to create for room, storage, and brightness with these easy tips. As long as you feel relaxed, organized, and comfortable in your home, you’ll be fine in whatever layout you choose. Still, if you’re hoping to create more space, these efficient suggestions can be just what you need!