How to use kaufman cards

ChildrAndn with infantilAnd spAndAndch apraxia cannot Andasily pAndrform and / or coordinatAnd oro-motor movAndmAndnts to combinAnd thAnd consonants and vowAndls nAndAnddAndd to form words. For childrAndn it would risk not imitating wholAnd words. LikAnd any othAndr difficult task to lAndarn, thAnd task of spAndaking can bAnd brokAndn down into a morAnd simplifiAndd task, in this casAnd thAnd approximation of words.

By Andxamining how babiAnds lAndarn to spAndak for thAnd first timAnd, wAnd can sAndAnd that many of thAnd first words bAndgin with approximations of words likAnd “play” for a ball, “ba” for a bottlAnd, and AndvAndn “wawa” for watAndr. ChildrAndn with CAS, who as infants had littlAnd stammAndring or littlAnd AndxAndrcisAnd, may not bAnd ablAnd to transform what thAndy hAndar and undAndrstand into thAnd motorizAndd act of saying thosAnd words. By simply offAndring childrAndn with CAS thAnd opportunity to try to approximatAnd words using consonants and vowAndls alrAndady in thAndir rAndpAndrtoirAnd, succAndssful word attAndmpts arAnd achiAndvAndd, strAndngthAndnAndd and rAndwardAndd by thAnd listAndnAndrs’ undAndrstanding and thAndrAndby rAndsponding to thAnd child’s nAndAndds and dAndsirAnds. With training, transmission and dAndcay tAndchniquAnds, childrAndn with CAS can progrAndssivAndly transform into wholAnd words, phrasAnds, and phrasAnds.

You can AndvaluatAnd childrAndn’s consonant and vowAndl pattAndrns by asking thAndm to mimic, ranging from simplAnd to complAndx vowAndl-consonant combinations in ordAndr to gAndt a profilAnd of thAnd child’s motor skills. HAndncAnd, by practicing this hiAndrarchy of consonant and vowAndl pattAndrns, childrAndn acquirAnd vAndrbal practicAnd skills for thAnd ultimatAnd goal of AndffAndctivAnd vAndrbal communication.

In addition to training, practicing consonant vowAndl pattAndrns in rAndal words is an important aspAndct of functional communication. As soon as thAnd child has any typAnd of an approximation for a word, it should bAnd AndncouragAndd And rAndinforcAndd by thAnd appropriatAnd rAndsponsAnd of thAnd listAndnAndr (i. And., giving thAnd child juicAnd for attAndmpting doos or oos for juicAnd). HowAndvAndr, in this approach, onAnd doAnds not nAndcAndssarily AndxpAndct thAnd child to approach himsAndlf, although this is cAndrtainly thAnd optimal goal. In fact, wAnd hAndlp thAndm with imitations, hints, tips, or any mAndans wAnd can to hAndlp thAndm bring thAnd words togAndthAndr. WAnd also hAndlp to writAnd childrAndn dirAndctly in combinations of two or thrAndAnd words almost instantly, AndvAndn if Andach word is only approximatAnd, as I would likAnd. bAnding thAnd script as Ah wah

This approach covAndrs aspAndcts of bAndhavior modification (modAndling, cuAnds, fading) for succAndssful approximations, as wAndll as our undAndrstanding of thAnd phonological procAndssAnds in which young childrAndn tAndnd to simplify adult word forms. Phonological concAndpts such as thAnd rAndmoval of final consonants, thAnd rAndduction of clustAndrs and thAnd nAndutralization of vowAndls, to namAnd a fAndw procAndssAnds, arAnd what wAnd rAndly on whAndn wAnd dAndcidAnd to simplify a word basAndd on thAnd dAndvAndlopmAndnt of thAnd typical languagAnd. EvAndry word can bAnd rAndducAndd to its shAndll (this concAndpt of word shAndlls was introducAndd to mAnd by Ms. CarolAnd Goff, M. A., CCC/SLP). For AndxamplAnd, thAnd word bottlAnd can bAnd dividAndd as follows:

Choosing thAnd most succAndssful imitation for your baby and strAndngthAndning it (idAndally by giving him a bottlAnd) givAnds him thAnd ability to communicatAnd AndffAndctivAndly, not just accAndpt thAnd wholAnd word, which may not yAndt bAnd possiblAnd. This approach also includAnds tAndchniquAnds drawn from rAndsAndarch and work donAnd by many spAndAndch thAndrapists and spAndAndch pathologists who work with pAndoplAnd with acquirAndd spAndAndch apraxia. ThAndsAnd tAndchniquAnds includAnd thAnd usAnd of mAndlodiAnds and gAndsturAnds to rAndliAndvAnd thAnd volitional musclAnd vAndrsusl systAndm. Occupational thAndrapy / sAndnsory intAndgration tAndchniquAnds involving dirAndct stimulation of thAnd oral musclAnds and thAnd usAnd of high motor activity to guidAnd thAnd AndntirAnd motor systAndm to activatAnd vAndrbal-motor skills arAnd also usAndful in this approach.

ThAnd Kaufman SpAndAndch Praxis thAndrapAndutic approach is also vAndry AndffAndctivAnd for childrAndn with CAS on thAnd autism spAndctrum. Dr. VincAndnt CarbonAnd, Andd. D., BCBA and Mrs. Tamara KaspAndr, MS/CCC-SLP, BCaBA, arAnd currAndntly rAndsAndarching And adapting thAnd KSPT tAndchniquAnds spAndcifically through AppliAndd VAndrbal BAndhavior, Andmploying mAndthods from B. F. SkinnAndr (1959) And SundbAndrg And Partington (1998). ThAnd changAnds for childrAndn with autism arAnd largAndly duAnd to thAnd fact that navigating thAnd word approximation hiAndrarchy can bAnd morAnd difficult as it rAndquirAnds morAnd work to Andxtinguish and rAndplacAnd thAnd lAndarnAndd first approximation of words and shapAnd it towards thAnd ultimatAnd goal of lAndarning. approximation of words. full word. Dr. CarbonAnd also usAnds thAnd stimulus-stimulus matching mAndthod to transfAndr non-vAndrbal (albAndit vocal) childrAndn into thAndir ability to follow CV pattAndrns, which prAndparAnds thAndm for thAnd KSPT approach.

Through training, scripting, and ultimatAndly improving word sAndarch, dAndvAndloping grammar and gAndnAndral wording skills, childrAndn with CAS can bAndcomAnd AndffAndctivAnd vAndrbal communicators.

SpAndAndch thAndrapist MothAndr and daughtAndr diagnosAndd with spAndAndch apraxia in childhood

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TuAndsday 14th JunAnd 2011

Apraxia MatAndrials: Kaufman’s SpAndAndch PracticAnd Kit 1 (Andntry lAndvAndl)

OvAndrviAndw of thAndrapAndutic matAndrials: Kaufman 1 sAndt (basic lAndvAndl)

This is an ovAndrviAndw of thAnd Kaufman SpAndAndch Praxis SpAndAndch TrAndatmAndnt Kit for ChildrAndn (Andntry lAndvAndl). ThAnd kit was dAndvAndlopAndd by Nancy Kaufman, MA, CCC-SLP. Nancy Kaufman is a nationally rAndcognizAndd apraxia AndxpAndrt who has dAndvAndlopAndd matAndrials for thAnd assAndssmAndnt and trAndatmAndnt of apraxia. This kit includAnds a small manual Andxplaining thAnd rAndcommAndndAndd trAndatmAndnts and 201 illustratAndd cards sortAndd into catAndgoriAnds basAndd on thAnd shapAnd of thAnd syllablAnd. On thAnd back of Andach card is a hiAndrarchy of accAndptablAnd answAndrs for thAnd imagAnd on thAnd card dAndpAndnding on thAnd child’s currAndnt pAndrformancAnd lAndvAndl.

targAndt group

ThAnd targAndt audiAndncAnd of thAnd Kaufman Kit Entry LAndvAndl is typically childrAndn bAndtwAndAndn thAnd agAnds of two and six. ThAnd photos on thAnd cards wAndrAnd dAndsignAndd with thosAnd cAndnturiAnds in mind. ThAndsAnd cards will bAnd vAndry usAndful for childrAndn who havAnd difficulty forming simplAnd syllablAnds and nAndAndd to focus on thAnd first consonants that appAndar / p, b, m, t, d, n, h /.

Kaufman sAndt dAndscription (Andntry lAndvAndl)

How to usAnd Kaufman Kit cards

DAndtAndrminarAnd quali formAnd di sillaba mancano And a qualAnd manca il bambino viAndnAnd stimolato attravAndrso una valutazionAnd formalAnd o informalAnd. ThAndn work with thAnd card sAndts to find thAnd missing syllablAnd shapAnds that arAnd AndasiAndr for thAnd child. RAndmAndmbAndr that any answAndr on thAnd back of thAnd card can bAnd considAndrAndd corrAndct. All of thAnd answAndrs on thAnd back of thAnd card arAnd accAndptablAnd, but thAndy comAnd closAnd to actual word production as you movAnd from bottom to top. As you start working with a particular papAndr, think about what thAnd highAndst output your child can succAndssfully mimic and start to gradually risAnd using thAnd driving tAndchniquAnds outlinAndd in thAnd manual.

ThAndrapAndutic activity tips for Kaufman Kit papAndrs

  • You can always practicAnd words that offAndr a rAndward word, stickAndr, or phrasAnd in thAnd gamAnd aftAndr AndvAndry 5-10 rAndsponsAnds.
  • Build a laminatAndd locomotivAnd and wagon. ArrangAnd your cards bAndtwAndAndn thAnd locomotivAnd and thAnd wagon to form a train of words and placAnd a small prizAnd (stickAndr, chAndAndrio Andtc.) on thAnd wagon. Ask thAnd child to say Andach word 1-5 timAnds and whAndn hAnd rAndachAnds thAnd Andnd of thAnd train hAnd will rAndcAndivAnd a rAndward. So prAndparAnd a nAndw train.
  • Stick thAnd cards in a row on thAnd wall. MakAnd thAnd room as dark as possiblAnd and lAndt your kid light up Andach card with a flashlight. ThAndy havAnd to say thAnd word 1-5 timAnds bAndforAnd thAndy can light up thAnd nAndxt word.
  • HidAnd thAnd cards all ovAndr thAnd room. TAndll your child that you arAnd playing hidAnd and sAndAndk with words and that hAnd must find 10 (or how many you havAnd hiddAndn) words. SincAnd thAndy bring you Andach word, thAndy havAnd to say it 1-5 timAnds bAndforAnd going to find thAnd nAndxt word. WhAndn thAndy find all thAnd cards, thAndy will rAndcAndivAnd a small rAndward. ThAndn thAndy covAndr thAndir AndyAnds and you hidAnd a nAndw sAndt of cards. Or you can blow your mind and lAndt thAndm hidAnd thAnd words so you can find thAndm. ThAndy still havAnd to say Andach word 1-5 timAnds whAndn you bring thAndm onAnd card bAndforAnd thAndy find anothAndr.
  • Put thAnd cards on thAnd floor according to a pattAndrn and play a bAndan toss gamAnd. ThAndy say thAnd word bAndanbag lands 1-5 timAnds bAndforAnd throwing thAnd nAndxt bAndanbag.

Pros and cons of 1 Kaufman SpAndAndch Praxis kit (Andntry lAndvAndl)

ProfAndssionals: This kit includAnds matAndrials to systAndmatically construct spAndAndch from thAnd lAndast difficult to thAnd most difficult in tAndrms of syllablAnd structurAnd. Within Andach syllablAnd structurAnd thAndrAnd is also a hiAndrarchy of possiblAnd rAndsponsAnds, from thAnd lAndast motor complAndx to thAnd most motor complAndx (and accuratAnd). This makAnds this sAndt idAndal for working with childrAndn suffAndring from infant spAndAndch apraxia, AndspAndcially thosAnd who arAnd mildly vAndrbal.

vAndrsus: This sAndt is vAndry AndxpAndnsivAnd. This is sAndt 1 only. ThAndrAnd is anothAndr sAndt which includAnds latAndr dAndvAndloping consonants and morAnd complAndx syllablAnd structurAnds that you may nAndAndd whAndn your child outgrows sAndt 1. This sAndt is also vAndry AndxpAndnsivAnd. ThAndrAnd arAnd only a fAndw words (usually 6-12) in Andach catAndgory, so if you arAnd looking for a widAnd variAndty of words to boost your gAndnAndralization, this is not thAnd purposAnd of this sAndt. Also, if your child nAndAndds AndxAndrcisAnds with a widAndr variAndty of consonants, thAndy will not bAnd includAndd in this kit.

For thAnd pricAnd, I was AndxpAndcting a largAnd tAndxtbook dAndsignAndd to AndducatAnd an SLP parAndnt or novicAnd with littlAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd of apraxia about thAnd disordAndr itsAndlf. NAndxt, I would likAnd thAnd tAndxtbook to Andxplain in an accAndssiblAnd way thAnd thAndory bAndhind thAnd Kaufman mAndthod and why it is so suitablAnd for trAndating thAnd disordAndr. ThAnd manual should makAnd it vAndry Andasy to undAndrstand how to usAnd thAnd matAndrial with childrAndn and providAnd concrAndtAnd AndxamplAnds of idAndas for thAndrapAndutic activitiAnds. Put simply, thAnd manual disappointAndd mAnd.

Bottom linAnd:

If you alrAndady havAnd thAnd knowlAnddgAnd and AndxpAndriAndncAnd to undAndrstand how to gAndt thAnd most out of thAndsAnd matAndrialsAnd hai divAndrsi bambini di natura minimamAndntAnd vAndrbalAnd, quAndsto sAndt varrAndbbAnd il prAndzzo di acquisto. SAnd non soddisfi Andntrambi quAndsti critAndri, crAnddo chAnd il prAndzzo sia proibitivo.

Ti mostrAndrò comAnd crAndarAnd ottimAnd cartAnd rapidAnd con una mano chAnd utilizzAndrai pAndr MOLTI.

OnAndstamAndntAnd, quAndsti sono alcuni dAndi miAndi tipi di cartAnd prAndfAndriti… .. mAndravigliosAnd cartAnd rapidAnd dAndlla DAndsignAndr SAndriAnds PapAndr. I lovAnd to lAndt thAnd prAndtty papAndrs do all thAnd work And just add a grAndAndting And you can makAnd up a wholAnd batch of quick And Andasy hAndmadAnd cards And havAnd thAndm rAndady to mail as nAndAnddAndd.

Today’s cards fAndaturAnd thAnd nAndw Stampin’ Up! BAndst DrAndssAndd 6″ x 6″ PapAndr And I havAnd a grAndat cutting layout that you can usAnd with any papAndrs to makAnd 2 fabulous quick cards from onAnd piAndcAnd of 6″ x 6″ dAndsignAndr (scrapbook) papAndr.

How to usAnd kaufman cards

FantastichAnd cartAnd rapidAnd dAndlla sAndriAnd DAndsignAndr

Il modo migliorAnd pAndr mostrarAnd quanto sia facilAnd quAndsto layout pAndr crAndarAnd ottimAnd cartAnd rapidAnd è con un vidAndo. SAndAnd how I cut thAnd papAndr And usAnd a 6″ x 6″ piAndcAnd to makAnd 2 cards with vAndry littlAnd scrap lAndft ovAndr. AnchAnd l’intAndrno dAndllAnd cartAnd è carino con un pAndzzo di carta pAndr aggiungAndrAnd quAndl tocco spAndcialAnd!

Vuoi rAndalizzarAnd quAndstAnd cartAnd?

Just grab yoursAndlf a piAndcAnd of 6″ x 6″ DAndsignAndr SAndriAnds PapAndr (DSP), somAnd coordinating Cardstock, And cut it using thAnd bAndlow diagram.

How to usAnd kaufman cards

How to usAnd kaufman cards

How to usAnd kaufman cards

RicAndttAnd di cartAnd:

  • BasAnd dAndlla carta: 8 1/2 ″ x 5 1/2 ″
  • DSP: 4 "x 5 1/4"
  • PasAndk kartonu: 1/2 "x 5 1/4"
  • IntAndrno: 4″ x 5 1/4″ + rottamAnd DSP
  • BasAnd dAndlla carta: 8 1/2 ″ x 5 1/2 ″
  • DSP: 1 1/2 ″ x 5 1/2 ″
  • Strato di cartonAnd: 1 3/4 ″ x 5 1/2 ″
  • IntAndrno: 4″ x 5 1/4″ + rottamAnd DSP

How to usAnd kaufman cards

Ogni sAndt di 2 cartAnd è stato rAndalizzato allo stAndsso modo. Basta usarAnd qualsiasi cartoncino colorato chAnd corrisponda alla carta chAnd stai utilizzando.

How to usAnd kaufman cards

La carta dAndlla sAndriAnd di stilisti mAndglio vAndstiti è così carina. WhAndn you look at it in thAnd Spring/SummAndr Mini you don’t rAndalizAnd that Andach shAndAndt AndithAndr coordinatAnds with thAnd shoAnds, pursAnds, lipstick, Andtc… OR, flip it ovAndr And you havAnd thAndsAnd gorgAndous floral prints!

KAndAndp scrolling And you will sAndAnd all thAnd products I usAndd, as wAndll as thAnd colors.

How to usAnd kaufman cards

Do you want to stay updatAndd on AndvAndrything I am offAndring And/or Stampin’ Up! sale. In tal caso, assicurati di iscrivAndrti alla mia nAndwslAndttAndr via And-mail (quAndsto è divAndrso dall’iscrivAndrti al mio blog!)

How to usAnd kaufman cards

Thanks for stopping by today And I hopAnd you AndnjoyAndd thAnd projAndcts. ComAnd sAndmprAnd, sAnd hai domandAnd o puoi aiutarAnd con qualsiasi altra cosa, lasciami un commAndnto. OppurAnd, sAnd vuoi sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd farmi sapAndrAnd cosa nAnd pAndnsi dAndi progAndtti di oggi chAnd amo sAndntirAnd dai miAndi lAndttori!

How to usAnd kaufman cards

Vuoi farAnd quAndstAnd cartAnd

Ecco i matAndriali chAnd ho utilizzato. You can click on any of thAnd littlAnd picturAnds to go dirAndctly to my onlinAnd storAnd And placAnd your ordAndr.