How to use allshare

Once you have allowed your TV access, hit the [Smart] button on your TV remote. On the screen, select AllShare and your Android handset should be visible. If you already have another device synced with your TV’s AllShare then go to the top right and select [Change Contents/Devices].

How do I screen mirror with AllShare Cast?

From the home screen, pull ‘quick settings panel’ using your two fingers. Tap on the ‘screen mirroring’ icon to enable the process on your Samsung Galaxy S5. When your phone detects all the nearby devices, select AllShare Cast’s dongle name and enter the PIN as the TV screen shows. Now the screen mirroring is complete.

Does AllShare Cast need WiFi?

I believe that the connection between the phone and the Allshare Cast is independent of any WIFI, so it should work. You don’t need WiFi to use this device. Everything you see on your phone you will be able to watch it on your TV.

Does AllShare Cast work with iPhone?

AllShare TV – Media Server You can install AllShare TV application on your iPhone / iPad and it will discover compatible media rendering devices (e.g. Smart TV) in your home network. You need to connect your iOS device and Smart TV to same Wifi router and these devices will seamlessly integrate with each other.

How can I cast my iPhone to my TV?

Mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
  2. Open Control Center:
  3. Tap Screen Mirroring.
  4. Select your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV from the list.

What does screen mirroring do on iPhone?

The “Screen Mirroring” button within the Control Center of your iOS device lets you do exactly that: duplicate the entire screen of your iOS device to a TV or projector via AirPlay.

How do I screen share with my TV?

If you are using Android 4.0 and above, the phone may come with a screen share feature.

  1. Ensure that your mobile device and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. From your phone, go to SETTINGS, then select SHARE AND CONNECT.

Is it safe to screen mirror?

There are three primary screen mirroring security risks that you should make sure to address when evaluating a wireless screen mirroring system for your business meeting and conference rooms: Unauthorized network access. Unauthorized content access. No manufacturer support.

What is the difference between AirPlay and screen mirroring?

With Mirroring users can stream their desktop from a Mac or an iOS device onto the TV via the Apple TV box. AirPlay Mirroring also allows users to stream games from an iPad or iPhone onto the TV screen via the Apple TV box. AirPlay Mirroring is different than AirPlay in a number of areas.

Is cast and screen mirroring the same?

Screen casting differs from screen mirroring in two ways. When you’re casting to another display, you’re not mirroring the screen of your device. You can cast a video to another display and still use your device, often a phone or tablet, without interrupting the video or showing any of your other content.

What devices can use AirPlay?

Devices you can stream audio from

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD with tvOS 11.4 or later1
  • HomePod with iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Mac with either iTunes 12.8 or later or macOS Catalina.
  • PC with iTunes 12.8 or later.

Is chromecast better than screen mirroring?

Miracast Isn’t a Media Player But the Chromecast is a media player first, and a screen mirroring device second. If you want a way to use Netflix or Plex on your phone to stream videos on your TV, the Chromecast is a better option.

What’s the difference between airplay and cast?

Easy on your batteries. Airplay streams content from your device over your Wi-Fi network and into the Apple TV or any other Apple device. Chromecast pulls the content from your device. Chromecast takes care of the playback, downloading, and showing it on the receiving device.

Does chromecast mirror your phone?

Google makes it easy to mirror the screen of any Android phone to a TV connected to a Chromecast. With Pixel phones, you’ll actually find the option to cast your screen right in the notification shade, but for any other phone you can cast your screen from right in the Google Home app.

How to use allshare

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Today, the transfer of information from one device to another is an ordinary thing and doesn’t attract users’ attention. You will hardly face difficulties if you need to transfer photos or videos from one phone to another. However, if you need to send files from phone to TV, the process will take a little more time and effort than between the same type of devices.

How do I use AllShare on Samsung TV?

To use AllShare on Samsung TV you need to do some easy steps. They would help you to deal with this seemingly difficult, but in fact a simple task. You should do the following:

  • First of all, make sure that your Samsung TV, as well as your phone, already has the AllShare function. On your phone, it may be called Samsung Link.
  • Next, make sure that your phone and your TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to your phone settings and enter the nearby devices. Enable this function if needed. Your TV should appear there.
  • Next, you will need to turn on AllShare on your TV and press the SmartHub button on the remote.
  • Go to the AllShare Play app.

You’re ready to stream data and media on your phone via TV.

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This is pretty sweet, there’s a quick trick on the Samsung Omnia 7 with the AllShare app. Should you attempt to run the app an error will pop up stating that this “This device does not support AllShare. AllShare will be terminated.” What the app doesn’t tell you is that it will be back (in the awesome words of Arnold Schwarzenegger).

In the above video (it’s in French but you should be able to follow visually) we can see Sogalas, a MonWindowsPhone reader, walking us through how he can work around the error and actually launch the app. It’s incredibly straight forward. As soon as you launch AllShare, quickly hit the home button before the error shows and the app will close. Now hold the back button to enter multi-tasking and swipe to the right to find AllShare. Selecting it will launch the app successfully, bypassing the error.

To recap, here’s the full walkthrough:

  1. Download Samsung’s AllShare app
  2. Launch and press the “home” button before the error message appears (if it appears before you’re able to close the app, just keep trying)
  3. Return to the application by holding the “back” button and enter multi-tasking control
  4. Select AllShare and you’re now inside the app, bypassing the error message
  5. You can now connect to your computer, media devices or your TV (configured with DLNA) and select multimedia content shared with your device to view on the big screen or play on the massive speakers

Let us know in the comments should you get this working. I attempted myself and successfully ran the app, however I always seem to have issues with DLNA and my router (Apple Airport Extreme) thus wasn’t able to test out the streaming capabilities. We’re not aware as to whether or not this trick works with the Focus so do let us know.

Update: We’ve confirmed that this trick works with the Focus too, updated the title. Enjoy.

How to use allshare

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How to use allshare

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How to use allshare

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How to use allshare

Screen mirroring on Samsung Galaxy devices have become fairly common today. The simple fact is the S5 or even S6 from the Galaxy series of Samsung comes loaded with one of the most powerful and coveted processors available at present.

In addition to that, the 16-megapixel camera and plenty of other features see to the health and fitness concerns as well. For the most effective solutions, find some awesome tips, tricks, instructions, and tutorials to derive the most out of your phone.

Part 1. Why go for Screen Mirroring at All?

The reason why screen mirroring on Samsung Galaxy is in vogue is that you wish for the display on your phone in larger displays like TV and computer monitors. To enable Screen Mirroring, try and connect an All-Share Cast dongle, Miracast device, HDMI cable, or HomeSync to the display. When the screen’s mirroring is over, enjoy games, multimedia files, and a plethora of other content on the phone with a nice and bigger display.

What you need

It completely depends on the method that you wish to use. You will basically need to set up the corresponding external accessories like the following:

All-Share Cast Wireless Hub: This will allow you to mirror your Galaxy’s screen directly to the HDTV.

HomeSync: You can stream your Samsung Galaxy’s home screen to the TV using this. Also, you can store your multimedia files on a large capacity home cloud.

HDMI Cable: In order to transmit high-definition media data from a mobile device to any receiving display like an HDTV, this cable proves indispensable.

Miracast: This functions as a receiving device for streams from your phone. At the same time, you can decode them for your TV or any other supported display.

Part 2. How to enable Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy

Follow these steps carefully:

-Go to ‘quick settings’

-Tap on the ‘Screen Mirroring’ icon and get it enabled.

Only after this, you can enable the screen mirroring process with AllShare Cast.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy to a TV using AllShare Cast

Firstly, connect AllShare Cast to your TV. This is how:

Turn on the TV: Ensure that the television is powered on prior to everything else.

Connect the charger to the power socket of the AlllShare Cast device: Few models have a built-in battery or derive power from the TV without any other external power source. However, to stay away from any problem, check to see that the charger is connected to the AllShare Cast device.

Connect the TV to your AllShare Cast device using an HDMI cable

In case the input is not set properly, adjust to match the port used by the HDMI cable.

At a time when AllShare Cast device’s status indicator blinks red, press the ‘reset’ button.

AllShare Cast device and the HDTV is connected now.

Now, to enable screen mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Select the ‘Home’ button on the home screen of your phone.

From the home screen, pull ‘quick settings panel’ using your two fingers.

Tap on the ‘screen mirroring’ icon to enable the process on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

When your phone detects all the nearby devices, select AllShare Cast’s dongle name and enter the PIN as the TV screen shows.

Now the screen mirroring is complete.

Part 3. How to Screen Mirror from Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Samsung Smart TV

Follow these procedures:

Turn on the television.

Press ‘input’ or ‘source’ button from the Samsung SmartTV remote.

Select ‘Screen Mirroring’ from the Smart TV screen.

Go to ‘quick settings’ by tapping on screen mirroring.

Your phone will make a list of all the available devices that are present for screen mirroring.

Select Samsung Smart TV.

So, the process is complete and you can get on with it. However, problems may arise and you can resolve your queries once you keep a track of what’s happening with others and also stay informed on the net.

Part 4. Recommend Wondershare MirrorGo Android Recorder to Readers

Wondershare MirrorGo Android Recorder is a tool that can let you mirror your Sumsang Galaxy to PC. With MirrorGo Android Recorder, you also can play the most popular games (like Clash royale, clash of clans, Hearthstone . ) on your PC easily and smoothly. You won’t miss any messages with MirrorGo, you can reply to it quickly.

How to use allshare

This hardware AllShare Cast Hub allows you to enjoy whats currently on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 directly on your TV.

Note: Accessory sold separately.

Note: There is no need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or to be logged into your Samsung Account to use this feature.

  • AllShare Cast Hub establishes a WI-Fi Direct connection between the device and the hub.

How to connect AllShare Cast Hub on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How to use allshare

To connect your AllShare Cast Hub hardware:

  • AllShare Cast (with Hub accessory) This feature functions with an external AllShareCast Hub to fully mirror what is currently displayed on your device to the external TV.
  • Connect the AllShare Cast hub to a power source via the USB Travel Adapter.

Note: The status LED begins to blink solid red to indicate it has begun the start-up process.

LED Color/Patterns Description

  • Red – Solid Indicates the AllShare Cast Hub is booting or processing.
  • Red – Blinking Indicates the AllShare Cast Hub is in standby mode (ready for connection).
  • Blue – Solid Indicates the AllShare Cast Hub is ready to be connected with a new device.
  • Connect your TV to the AllShare Cast Hub via an HDMI cable (A-to-A cable) as shown above.
  • Change the source input on your TV to match the input port used by the incoming HDMI cable.

Note: The television screen should now display an on-screen tutorial showing you how to configure your devices AllShare Cast Hub and device settings.

To activate AllShare Cast on your device:

  • Press Home button > Menu key and then tap Settings > More settings > AllShare Cast.
  • If not already on, touch and slide the AllShare Cast slider to the right to turn it on. The slider color indicates the activation status.

How to pair AllShare Cast Hub on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • To pair your device and Hub for the 1st time:
  • Locate the AllShare Hub (dongle) name displayed at the bottom of the TV (showing the tutorial). Ex: Name: Dongle – XXXXXX.
  • Access your devices AllShare Cast screen and locate the same hub/dongle name in the list.
    • Tap Scan if your AllShare Cast Hub (dongle) does not appear in the list.

    Note: The AllShare Cast Hub communicates with your paired device via a Wi-Fi Direct connection.

    For a first time connection:

    • Press the RESET button (located at the rear of the hub) once and only for a second until the LED turns solid BLUE.
    • Quickly tap the hub name entry on your devices AllShare Cast screen.
    • Verify AllShare Cast Hub Communicating icon appears at the top of the devices screen.
    • Confirm the connection by making sure both your TV and device show the same image/screen and Wi-Fi Direct Communicating icon now displays on the device.

    Note: The AllShare Cast Hub is a 1-to-1 connection. If a previous device was paired to the Hub and is still connected to the AllShare Cast Hub, you can not pair a new device until the first connection is stopped.

    To disconnect your device from the hub:

    • Access your devices AllShare Cast screen and locate the current connection.
    • Tap the entry and select End connection.

    To reconnect your device again to an existing hub:

    • Locate the AllShare Hub (dongle) name displayed at the bottom of the TV (showing the tutorial). Ex: Name: Dongle – XXXXXX.

    Note: Verify the LED is not a solid blue. This indicates there is another device currently connected.

    Yes, of course! Then I double click on the exe icon in the File column: nothing!

    I think I might try the W7 WMP thing first.


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    • Sep 10, 2010 at 5:10 AM
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    Hi, I can use W7/WMP and sharing turned on. I can browse the media at the PC on the phone, but the speed is really a dealbreaker. It’s extremely slow to respon when browsing for media.

    Is there better solution in terms of speed that might not need AllShare?


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    Computer to Vibrant
    Download and install SAMSUNG PC Share Manager
    Share > Set Device Policy > Accept SGH-T959 > Click OK
    Navigate to folder you want to share
    Highlight folder > Select: Share Folder icon (green checkmark)
    Folder now listed under Shared Folder list on right
    Select: Set Changed State icon (4th icon)
    Open Allshare > Play from server on my phone > Select: PC Share Manager
    Select: Shared Folder > Check: files in folder > Add to playlist

    Vibrant to PS3
    Open Allshare
    In PS3, go to Photo, Music or Video
    Search for Media Servers, after scanning: 1 media servers found
    Press Enter button
    Vibrant now listed as SGH-T959
    – Files will only be displayed in their respective PS3 media category
    – There is a lengthy delay before file plays
    – MKV and AVI show up as Unsupported data

    Could not get Windows Media Player to share, even with firewall disabled
    Thanks for thread!

    Ok, how come it won’t play 3gp? Can I get a clarification on what the ps3 can play from my phone?

    Sent from the helm of darkness called, the Vibrant. From the galaxy "S" next to our galaxy "Milky Way"

    How to use allshare

    samsung allshare had always been the heart by which the developers can take pride of. Previously known as Samsung Link, the App has been overtaken by AllShare. However, this is not all; the AllShare app comes up with stunning features that is all set for a compatible usage. It has been developed under the guidance and the banners of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. With development in progress, the AllShare app is now a fast DLNA media sharing service made by Samsung.

    1. Why has AllShare been replaced by Samsung link?

    Samsung developers have always tried to make it a help for the people. The development for the Samsung Link was set to be renamed as samsung allshare. This is not just because of the name, but there has been a development for the storing and sharing part. The AllShare app has been developed in such a way that one can not only store files, but can also share it from one device to the other. Most interestingly, this spectacular app does not require any such internet connection to pair up devices. Thus, the app has been overtaken by AllShare not only for the name but also the stunning features it possesses.

    2. Download Samsung Link

    Downloading Samsung link has now been quite easy and accessible indeed. It comes out to be the best when one is obtaining a Samsung generated mobile phone or any other device. The Samsung link is available for download for free. It does specifically not require any charges to download the file. However, it can be downloaded fast and for free. One can even try out the link However, it requires further installation after the file has been successfully downloaded.

    3. samsung allshare compatible devices

    Adding wows to all the stunning features, this specific app is compatible to most of the Samsung generated devices. In the past when the app was firstly launched, it was introduced in some of the models. However, as the time grew up, Samsung managed to capitalize all the devices with the help of this app. This makes up one of the greatest inclusions as the device got compatible for all other apps that are supported with the samsung allshare. These lists of inclusions are:

    • Samsung Smart TVs

    • Galaxy Note 10.1

    4. How to connect to PC and stream videos from Samsung to PC

    Step1: First install AllShare app in both the devices. This will help all the devices to get connected with each other. Infact, it will allow easy sharing files between one device to the other. After the setup is totally complete, you can use the app for multiple devices.

    Step 2: Got to Settings and then to nearby devices from both the ends to enable it. This is important because it will allow the devices to find out the nearest device with the app.

    How to use allshare

    Step 3: Both the devices from the ends would be visible. Now can just see how to get the option of connect between the devices!

    Step 4: Connect both the devices. This will enable you to transfer files from one part to the other. Once both the devices are connected, you need to operate one device and look out for the files which are required to be transferred.

    Step 5: Select the list of files that are needed to be shared from the Samsung device.

    How to use allshare

    Step 6: Click on SEND TO. You will see that the files are being moved into the other device and the app is working just perfectly.

    Step 7: Your file is now transferred.

    5. Space limited of samsung allshare

    Adding to some of the reasons for the worries, there are some important things that has come up for the worries. With all the advantages plugged in, there is just one thing that turns the expectations down. Apart from all other advantages, The samsung allshare has a very low and limited storage capacity. This does make up for a few things to get concerned with.

    However, apart from this, still a lot of files can be stored with the help of the AllShare app. This makes a real help for all the users to use the AllShare App. The app is however generated with much advancement. In fact, with the help of this app, you can transfer files at one go. This gives up for a real help.

    TunesGo is one of the most modified versions for sharing apps from your device. You can always download and share files from one device to the other with the help of TunsenGo. It allows downloading and sharing files with a variety of many.

    Wondershare TunesGo is such an app that makes up for backing up your device as well as sharing files at an instant. Save your time by backing up and transferring files from one device to the other using Wondershare TunesGo. TunesGo is available for users for all devices and it is easy to be accessed. You can also download and listen to music from TunsenGo.

    We just bought a new Samsung TV and the Smart Samsung Bluray player. We want to stream from the internet via AllShare but it is a PC application. Is there a way to access with an Apple app?

    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Samsung Bluray Smart disc player

    Posted on Nov 25, 2012 11:20 AM

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    just tried the same thing and they still havent created the app for mac

    Oct 5, 2013 2:23 PM

    QuiltGirl wrote:

    We just bought a new Samsung TV and the Smart Samsung Bluray player. We want to stream from the internet via AllShare but it is a PC application. Is there a way to access with an Apple app?

    There is no App out for this yet. As you stated, this is a PC only application.

    Oct 5, 2013 4:16 PM

    VUZE. Get the torrent downloader VUZE. Once you install that you will see an option on left hand side of the app. Device playback. Turn it on and then select your Samsung Blu Ray player or tv. Double click on it and you will see it say “Media For. ” now that you have that you simply drag and drop any movie you want that is on your mac into it. Next go to allshare on your tv and find VUZE. You will see the blue frog icon that is VUZE. Then just connect and enjoy your movies. Unfortuanatly you cant use the actual allshare app, but trust me, VUZE is actually way easier!

    Nov 30, 2013 7:26 PM

    Use VUZE torrent client. Vuze allows allshare and is also a torrent client , and can be replaced by bittorrent.

    1. Install VUZE then on the left side bar , turn on DEVICE PLAYBACK.

    2. Make sure your TV is connected with the same network(router) as your mac.

    3. Your tv model will appear under device playback.

    4. Now drag and drop the file you want to play on your TV inside the TV tab in VUZE.

    5.Now open allshare from HUB on your TV, and if the file is inside downloads, open the download folder on your tv.