How to urinate standing up as a female

How to urinate standing up as a female

It is possible for anyone to pee standing up without a device. Just more difficult depending on your anatomy.

Let’s all start by taking a moment to relive one of the greatest scenes from Orange is the New Black, in which Poussey unveils her new invention, the Stand and Deliver:

There’s two things I love about this scene: Poussey and the social commentary.

The only woman who fully understood where the “pee hole” was Sophia, a transwoman who designed her own vulva.

Oh, and one more thing I like about this:

The concept. There are definitely times when peeing while standing up would be a wonderful convenience — at concerts, when only urinals are available, and (apparently) in prison, to name a few.

In fact, pee funnels are a very real product. A quick search on Amazon turned up the Meeeno Portable Urination Device, the Moonight Portable Female Urinal, the P EZ Female Urination Device, and the slightly more elegant pStyle.

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, lady pee doesn’t just dribble out. It actually produces a stream quite similar to those of men.

If you want to pee standing up without a device, it takes a little practice in the shower. And you will need a Sophia-level understanding of your anatomy. Here’s how:

1. Find the front of your urethra

(i.e., the tube that leads from your bladder to your crotch).

Like Sophia stated, this small hole is located between the clitoris and the vagina.

2. Part your labia slightly in front of your urethra.

Pull slightly upward to direct the stream.

The labia majora are the outer lips and the labia minora are what’s on the inside.

3. Start and stop your stream with gusto.

You can’t really ease into and out of it, or you will get a little dribbling.

Guys get this, too, but they have an extra inch or so of urethra, so there’s less chance of it getting on their clothes.

Again, it might take a little practice, and it’s going to be a little different for every woman. (Some women get a beautiful arc, even when using a hands-free method. It has to do with their hip position and labia size.)

Here’s the thing, though: If you use a funnel, you basically don’t have to remove any clothing, which is a major advantage if you’re using a urinal with other people around.

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When you stand and deliver without a funnel, you will need to move/remove clothing, making this method less practical in such circumstances.

Here’s the other thing: Yes, peeing while standing can be convenient, or even empowering (I think it’s so sad and pathetic when men talk about peeing while standing, or peeing off a cliff, or whatever, like it makes them all manly and stuff.

Is that really how you define your masculinity? Is that really what you like about being a man?).

But I don’t find normal peeing to be all that inconvenient. Like, squatting isn’t that hard, and according to scientists, it’s actually the healthiest way to poop (it has to do with the angle of your colon), so you may as well build up those quads while peeing, right?

And if you’re worried about accidentally exposing yourself, perhaps while out in nature, remember this: if you’re wearing a swimsuit, spandex or short shorts, you might not actually have to pull down your clothes to pee.

You might be able to get away with just sliding the crotch section to the side.

In short, peeing while standing (without a device) is somewhat convenient, sometimes. But for the most part, I prefer plain ol’ squatting.

PS: If you tell a dude you can pee standing, he will ask for a demonstration — and to watch it run down your leg. Consider yourself warned.

Anyone running a marathon can be treated to some unsavory sights. Sure, you might see a line of guys standing oddly close to trees as if inspecting the bark for insect infestation, but you’re not going to really see anything unless you stop and run over to the tree for a closer look. If a female runner has the same urge to pee, you might be treated to an eyeful unless she knows how to pee standing up.

How to urinate standing up as a female

Is That A Bare Behind?

Case in point… At the beginning of the 1998 Boston Marathon I saw my first bare-butted woman on the side of the road somewhere along the first mile. She stopped, pulled down her pants and peed as if she was out in the middle of the forest with no one around. The same thing happened during the final miles of the 2001 Big Sur Marathon.

A Frightful Encounter Leaving Me Laughing Hysterically

I’m not innocent of this practice by any means, especially during my marathoning days; however, modesty always prevailed and I found a tree or wooded area well off the trail where I could hide. On occasion, I even stepped into the woods just before a marathon started to empty my bladder one last time. One time in particular was especially eventful…

I walked down a very steep hill, squatted next to a couple of other women, took care of business, stood, and turned to climb back up the hill toward the throngs of runners waiting for the starting gun.

As I started to climb, I looked up only to find myself eye-to-eye with two penises. Yes, you read that correctly – not one, but two penises. Two guys were just getting ready to pee as I stepped right in front of them. Since I was standing downhill, I was truly at eye level to their one-eyed trouser worms. I did the only thing I could think of, I yelled, “Hold the fire,” and scurried back up the hill laughing hysterically!

Had I known how to pee standing up, I wouldn’t have had to venture so far into the woods and would have avoided that embarrassing incident. To circumvent exposing our bare behinds to the world, and to save time from having to escape beyond the first tree line of a race, my friend Terri and I perfected the art of peeing standing up. We’ve even shared this particular skill set with our other female Cruiser friends; and today, I’m sharing it with you! Here goes…

How To Pee Standing Up: A Step-By-Step Guide For Women Runners

Step 1. Wear shorts – Let’s face it, our anatomy is quite different than our male running partners, and as you’ll see in step 3, it’s pretty much impossible for us to pee standing up unless we’re wearing shorts.

Step 2. Build a good flow – If you just have to dribble a little bit, don’t even attempt this feat. Wait until you will have a steady flow, or you’ll end up peeing all over your shorts and down your leg, and add a new unpleasant odor to your already sweaty nasty self.

Step 3. Stand in a wide squat position – Standing with your legs wide apart, toes pointed outward, and knees bent will give you the widest target on the ground to aim for without hitting your legs or feet.

Step 4. Pull shorts to one side – While standing in the wide squat position, use two fingers on one hand to pull your shorts and shorts lining to that side. To decrease your odds of peeing on your shoe, side lunge slightly toward the side of the hand you’re using.

Step 5. Pee forcefully – As mentioned in step 2, you’ve got to have a good flow, and what you do with that flow will determine your success in how well you pee standing up. This means you have to pee like you mean it!

Know Your Leaves

And of course, should you decide to wipe when you’ve completed the task, make sure to use a non-poisonous leaf!

GoGirl is an American brand of female urination device introduced in 2009. Personal hygiene products that aid women in urinating while standing up are not new. The GoGirl product is based on a 20-year-old design by a doctor. It was rebranded and relaunched in January 2009 at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, Minnesota by FemMed, a company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is a vessel made of flexible pink or purple medical-grade silicone with a splash guard on one end which the operator presses against her body. It has a spout on the other side, out of which the urine streams by pressure from a woman’s natural flow.

GoGirl was CAD engineered and refined as a design over ten years to fit a woman’s body. The product is made from a “class IV” medical grade silicone, which is more supple than many rubber or silicone products. GoGirl is naturally hypoallergenic. GoGirl works with a woman’s body to create pressure which creates less spray and splatter. The product comes as a kit in a small tube with the GoGirl, tissues and a storage baggie. It is designed to be a compact travel aid. In 2013 GoGirl added an extension tube to its product, which may meet special military or medical needs.

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Public peeing for people with penises is generally no big deal. There’s no sitting involved, no squatting; no dirty toilet seats to deal with and no pulling one’s pants down to one’s ankles. It’s pretty unfair, when you think about it. Jeeeez thanks a lot, anatomy!

But if the Malcolm in the Middle theme song taught us anything, it’s that life is unfaaaair. So, in an attempt to even out the playing peeing field for vagina-owners, a company called Stand Up has invented some nifty little contraptions that allow women to piddle without sitting — or, as Stand Up puts it, “boycott the squat” and “join the urination.” So clever.

The Stand Up system is a subscription service, meaning you pay monthly for however many packs you choose to be sent to you directly. (You can also choose a one-time purchase option.) Six dollars a month gets you a pack of six, which come in a triangular pink box resembling something you might use to transport a single slice of pizza big enough to feed one medium-sized bunny. Once you’re done using each Stand Up, you simply throw it away.

I had to try this.

When my box arrived earlier this week, I scrutinized its packaging and the note attached. “Just remember to connect the entire brim of the Stand Up with your skin and push your hips forward until the Stand Up is almost vertical and pointing towards your target,” it read. “You’ll be peeing like a pro in no time!” I wasn’t so sure. It sounded… complex. Risky. Like I might end up peeing all over the floor… ugh.

But I was anxious to test it out. When the time came, I walked into my office bathroom (yes, I do this kind of thing at work) nervously clutching the Stand Up box, when it occurred to me that I might be better off using the handicap stall. I had no clue how much space this situation was about to take up.

I closed the stall door, rested the box of Stand Ups on the toilet paper holder, stood facing the toilet, and dropped trou — just as another woman walked into the bathroom. Suddenly super self conscious, I turned around so my feet were pointed towards the door as they normally would when a girl’s using the toilet. I started hating myself a little for how invested I was, but I couldn’t back out now.

As soon as she’d closed her own door, I turned back around and prepared for pee-time. I opened the box to find a thin, flat, cardboard funnel, reminiscent of those resourceful origami cups you learn to make in elementary school. Inside the large opening is a an arrow next to the words PEE HERE. It’s pretty hard to mess up, unless you’re like me and almost forget to lift the toilet seat up. (Speaking of which, doing so is disgusting. I might even feel a little sorry for men for like, the first time ever. Who knows what’s gonna be underneath there??). Thankfully, I rectified the situation just in time.

Hands down, the hardest part of using the Stand Up is fear. I half thought I was going to end up with soaked hands, like when you have to pee in a cup at the doctor’s. (Is this TMI? probs.)

But once I got going… it was SO. COOL. To my surprise and delight, there was no leakage or spillage, and after I was finished, I kind of shook off the end of the device. JUST LIKE A BOY. And, since Stand Ups are biodegradable, I didn’t feel guilty at all about throwing it away right after using it. I just discarded it in the little tampon disposal thing in the stall, and walked out of there with a huge goofy grin on my face. I was a changed woman.

Would I be willing to commit to relieving myself with Stand Ups full-time? I don’t think so. The one thing I missed while using it was that moment of solitude you get from sitting in the (relative) silence and privacy of a toilet stall in the middle of a crazy work day. But they’re definitely a product I’ll be keeping on hand whenever I go somewhere that’s bound to have nasty toilets — like a seedy bar, a festival, or anywhere with porta-potties — or no toilets at all, like on a hike or in a campground.

The best part of it all is having options. The option to sit, squat, or stand. The option to pee into a cardboard funnel. The option to point my feet towards the toilet because hey, why the hell not? (Also, my female friend and I have already discussed having Stand Up sword fights. So many fun possibilities!)

Now, we can take a stand against squatting over dirty, urine-splattered toilet seats and getting our hands dirty outside. Now… we can stand up.

How to urinate standing up as a female

Boys do urinate while standing upright, but women have to sit in order to do the same. Well, gone are the days when women could urinate just while sitting in urinating position but now they can do this in the same ways as boys do this. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a lot of practice. You can bring about a change in your urinating style following a change in your urinating angle and also by using special urinating tools or devices. In order to urinate like boys in an upright position, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to urinate standing up as a female

How do you Pee While Standing Up

1. Pee Standing Assistive Devices:-

If you look by the online website based sale stores, you will find special urinating while standing assistive devices available at such stores. You just have to fix these at your vaginal area and you are able to pee in the same position which is followed by males. You can research about the name of such devices on the internet and you can purchase them by using your VISA or debit/credit card.

2. The change in urinating style:-

You can adopt a change in your urinating style to be able to urinate like a boy. Just control till the pressure builds up and then push yourself to keep the maximum flow. Keep practicing while following the same approach and you will be able to change your urinating style in a better way. When the build-up of pressure takes place, the stream starts to die and you can easily maintain the flow in order to pee like a boy while standing.

3. A perfect technique:-

Just establish the stream control by pushing with your hips or bumps. Just use a technique to place your hands against the lower abdomen part of your body and then use your hands to press and push the stream forward like a boy targeting it to the toilet hole. Let me make you understand this with simpler words. When we use a high pressure water pipe for cleaning out vehicle, the pressure in the pipe makes water guided towards the vehicle.

The same happens with a male penis. He is able to pee when he guides his urine out of penis with pressure. Even he will have to sit if there is no build up of pressure as else his legs are likely to get wet with urine drops. Just wait till pressure builds and then direct your urine to the urinal while standing.

4. Usage of a Peeing Toy:-

Just like sex toys, peeing toys are also available in the market which are basically of the same structure as a funnel fitted pipe. The funnel like portion is attached to your vaginal area and the lower pipe like portion is guided towards the urinal for urinating.

If you wish to use no such device, just unbutton your lower and bring the lower portion of your panties aside using your finger. Now you can easily guide your pee towards the urinal applying pressure and you don’t even have to sit in order to do the same.

There’s nothing worse than needing to go to the toilet while on holiday overseas and not being able to find a bathroom. Possibly even worse than that, though, is finding a bathroom that is so disgusting, so dirty and so downright filthy that the last thing you’d want to do is sit down on that germ-riddled toilet seat. Well, now there is a way that women can go to the toilet standing up, just like our male counterparts, and it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

Saturday the 19th of November is World Toilet Day, and was created to bring awareness to the 2.4 billion people who live without a toilet, as well as the lack of sanitation available to many people around the world.

But if you find yourself in a situation when you need a toilet and just can’t bring yourself to sit down on the only loo you come across, then there is a way ladies can pee standing up.

There is an item called a female urination device which allows women to pee standing up whenever nature calls. They come in handy during long hiking trips, too, when it’s not so easy to pull your pants down and squat in the bushes.

There are a few different types of female urination devices, but generally they come in the disposable and non-disposable types. The non-disposable types are great if you’re going to need it for a long period of time. Simply wash it with soap and water or wipes after use and give them a good clean when you can.

The disposable urination devices are usually made from cardboard and some are flushable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them or cleaning them after use.

Meanwhile your male companion waltzes in and out with what often feels like unfair speed.

Now, the Berlin city authorities plan to address the issue of gender equality in public toilets, as they seek to redevelop the city's conveniences.

All locations that currently have a male-only "pissoir" (public urinal facility) should only exist in combination with unisex toilets, a 99-page city strategy paper called "the toilet concept" concludes.

"In the future urinals which can be used by all genders should be offered," the paper says.

The provision of urinals for women "could be a subject for the continuation of the [toilet] concept and an opportunity for Berlin to show that it is innovative," it adds.

The authors write that pissoirs serve a useful purpose, as they are an effective measure against the problem of "Wildpinkeln" (outdoor peeing, generally by men).

It is not yet clear whether standing up to urinate will be acceptable to most Berlin women, or whether they will demand screens and/or separate cubicles.

More toilet issues:

Other attributes the future "Berliner toilet" needs to have include good visibility at the entrance, well-lit exterior, emergency alarm, as well as discrimination-free pictograms.

But what do Berlin's women think about future toilet provision in their city? And has anyone actually tried a female urinal?

The toilet concept has been put together by Berlin's state government, which is currently controlled by left-wing coalition.

The administration's paper shows photos of people discussing the plans at focus groups earlier this year.

This conservative CDU-linked Berlin woman is sceptical. "Why does [the state government] want me to pee standing up?" she asks.

Warum möchte #r2g, dass ich jetzt im Stehen pinkle? Es gibt wichtigere Themen für uns Frauen! Sicherheit im ÖPNV zum Beispiel .

— Christina Henke (@christina_henke) August 8, 2017

"There are more important topics for us women!" she writes, "safety on public transport for example".

This Swiss-based woman tried out a woman's urinal in a theatre in Winterthur. "That is something," she said:

#fail #Hilfe #wc Das ist doch was -"Frauenpissoir" Gesehen & erprobt im Casino Theater 🎭Winterthur 🚽

— Tanja Janezic (@Mala3012) March 1, 2017

Though her use of the hashtag #fail suggests she struggled.

A German specialist in toilet design, Prof Mete Demiriz, told the website that unisex urinals could save water, because a survey suggested that women often flush a public toilet three times during one visit.

His team's design for a women's urinal, a prototype of which is installed at his university in Gelsenkirchen, includes a cubicle with a door. The system is like a men's urinal, only lower, Prof Demiriz told the website. The user has her back to the wall, and hunkers down as if skiing, he said.

There are other women's urinals in existence, including a design called "Girly" by Italian firm Sintesibagno.

It is not clear whether Berlin plans to put forward one design of urinal that could be used by both men and women.

Some festivals – and the Shanxi Normal University in Xian, in China – have provided standard urinals for women plus a disposable cardboard device to help them to use them.

And providing gender-neutral toilets – helpful for some transgender people – can backfire, as London's Barbican Centre found out to its cost earlier this year.

People complained that the queues for women at the arts centre just got longer, after the signs on one set of toilets were changed to "gender-neutral toilet with urinals and cubicles" and "gender-neutral toilet cubicles only".

How to urinate standing up as a female

Toilet inequalities! You’re going for a hike and the male of the group can just face a tree to pee, whereas the women have to wade through at least 100 feet worth of trees and find a suitable hiding place to squat down. Other times, you might be out and about and need a public toilet, but it isn’t that clean. Peeing men have a no-touch option, but women don’t.

At the bus terminal, the cinema or the mall, the wait for the women’s bathroom takes twice as long. There are two big reasons behind that. First, women are more often expected to change diapers and take children to the toilet (even though both genders are capable of doing that). Second, women tend to need to go to the toilet a little more frequently than men.

But the other reason is that men’s toilets have urinals — packing in more peeing people into what tends to be the same amount of floor space. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The way we pee and poo isn’t locked in. For most of history, humans have squatted to poo, for example (and it’s actually better for you that way). Likewise, women can pee standing up.

How to make a recycled pee chute

Given what this item is going to be used for, it probably isn’t too important that it have trendy branding and design. What’s more, we produce enough waste as it is, so why not get some strong scissors or some box cutters and make your own?

Zafra Miriam came up with this idea while working on a permaculture project without any toilet facilities. She suggests that all you need to do is to get a finished shampoo, moisturizer, or washing detergent container, or any container that is flat-oval shaped, rather than round, then cut it as in the diagram below:

How to urinate standing up as a femaleCut your shampoo bottle, or another similar bottle, like this. (Stock image modified by Zafra Miriam)

Cut the smaller end off, as that’s where the pee will go out. If the edges are rough and could bother you, smooth the cut edges with some sandpaper — and you’re done!

How to use the pee chute

How to urinate standing up as a femaleThe final product: A recycled pee chute. (Photo by Zafra Miriam)

To use the pee-chute, you’ll need underwear that you can move to the side. Place it between your legs, with the closed end just behind your urethra. It barely needs to touch you, and shouldn’t be pressed too hard. Tilt the chute downwards (roughly 45 percent), and aim away. Miriam says you can use the back edge to “catch any drips” and then wash it off, or shake it and wash it off later.

Purchasable pee chutes

If, for whatever reason, the DIY option isn’t for you, there are a range of commercial products out there that help women to pee standing up. The pStyle , for example, comes in five different colors, and has been recommended by a range of hikers and other women. You use it in just the same way as the DIY method. It doesn’t really have any advantages, to be honest, though the brand claims the plastic has just the right amount of rigidity and the surface texture is designed so that liquid flows quickly over it.

The GoGirl device also seems to be a popular option, though in my mind it has too many nooks and crannies to be easy to clean. The Whiz Freedom chute is squashable, and actually covered in the UK under NHS prescription.

How to pee standing up without a device

Another option is to go device free. This woman says that she pees standing up — at home, while hiking or while using public toilets. In fact, she once used a urinal, with no help at all. The strategy, she says, is to “hold the inner labia part so that you get everything out of the way of the pee stream. This is the reason why women have to use toilet paper to wipe when they pee sitting down. Their pee stream is being broken and hitting stuff in the way.” She then controls the pressure, lets the urine out, then uses her kegel muscles to stop the stream and prevent dribbling at the end.

I just had a go myself, and while I think I might need a few goes to get it just right, it certainly wasn’t as hard as we’re all made to think!

Urine has more uses than you’d think

Whether or not you use a contraption, and even if you’re a person with a penis, there are ways you can use your urine:

Urine can fertilize your plants

While hiking, or in the privacy of your garden, you can use urine to help fertilize plants. Scientists in Finland found that a combination of urine and wood ash worked just as well as traditional mineral fertilizer. Full of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, urine is both great for plants, and poses no health risks (unlike feces).

Scientists use urine for heating

Scientists have studied a range of ways that urine can be harnessed for energy. Keio University in Japan has developed a dwelling that is heated by urine. While such inventions may not be very DIY just yet, it’s worth noting that something we’ve come to see as disgusting, actually has a range of uses.

In addition, four Nigerian teenage girls invented a generator powered by pee, with one liter of urine keeping the generator going for six hours. Though they made the invention from everyday materials and an old generator, again, this isn’t something you can quickly whip up at home. Still, the implications are massive for people around the globe without regular electricity access.

Urine reflects your overall health

Urine is a great health indicator . Different colors and smells can be a symptom of dehydration (dark yellow to orange), liver problems or STDs. After you pee, always make sure to check and see what your urine looks like.

If you’re a woman, have you tried peeing standing up? How did it go?