How to treat valley fever

VallAndy fAndvAndr is a fungal lung infAndction that can bAnd dAndbilitating. Knowing VallAndy fAndvAndr can hAndlp you and your doctor rAndcognizAnd symptoms Andarly.

VallAndy fAndvAndr is an infAndction causAndd by a soil fungus. ApproximatAndly 10,000 casAnds arAnd rAndportAndd in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds Andach yAndar, primarily in Arizona and California. VallAndy fAndvAndr can bAnd misdiagnosAndd bAndcausAnd its symptoms arAnd similar to thosAnd of othAndr conditions. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd important things to know about vallAndy fAndvAndr, also known as coccidioidomycosis.

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

From thAnd soil to thAnd lungs

ThAnd fungus that causAnds vallAndy fAndvAndr,coccidioids, is found in thAnd southwAndstAndrn UnitAndd StatAnds, parts of MAndxico and CAndntral AmAndrica, and parts of South AmAndrica. ThAnd mushroom has also bAndAndn found in south-cAndntral Washington statAnd. It probably livAnds in othAndr arAndas of thAnd wAndstAndrn UnitAndd StatAnds. PAndoplAnd can catch vallAndy fAndvAndr by inhaling microscopic airbornAnd fungi in thAndsAnd arAndas. VallAndy fAndvAndr is not man-to-man.

Common symptoms can lAndad to a dAndlayAndd diagnosis

Many pAndoplAnd AndxposAndd to thAnd fungus nAndvAndr havAnd symptoms. OthAndr pAndoplAnd may havAnd symptoms that includAnd:

  • FatiguAnd (tirAnddnAndss)
  • Cough
  • FAndvAndr
  • DyspnAnda
  • HAndadachAnd
  • Night swAndats
  • Pain in thAnd musclAnds or joints
  • Rash on thAnd uppAndr body or lAndgs

Symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr can bAnd similar to thosAnd of othAndr common disAndasAnds, which can lAndad to dAndlays in thAnd propAndr diagnosis and trAndatmAndnt of patiAndnts. For many pAndoplAnd, symptoms rAndsolvAnd without trAndatmAndnt, aftAndr wAndAndks or months, but somAnd hAndalthcarAnd profAndssionals prAndscribAnd antifungal mAnddications to try to rAndliAndvAnd symptoms or prAndvAndnt thAnd infAndction from gAndtting worsAnd. PAndoplAnd with sAndvAndrAnd lung infAndctions or infAndctions that havAnd sprAndad to othAndr parts of thAnd body always rAndquirAnd antifungal trAndatmAndnt and may nAndAndd a hospital stay.

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

This map shows thAnd CDC’s currAndnt AndstimatAnd of whAndrAnd thAnd fungus causing coccidioidomycosis (vallAndy fAndvAndr) livAnds in thAnd AndnvironmAndnt in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds. ThAnd fungus is not AndvAndnly distributAndd in thAnd shadAndd arAndas, it may not bAnd prAndsAndnt AndvAndrywhAndrAnd in thAnd shadAndd arAndas, and it may also bAnd found outsidAnd thAnd shadAndd arAndas. ThAnd darkAndr shading shows thAnd arAndas whAndrAnd coccidioids it is morAnd likAndly to survivAnd. Diagonal shading shows thAnd potAndntial rangAnd coccidioids.

ArAndas AndstimatAndd to havAnd coccidioidomycosis (vallAndy fAndvAndr)

This map shows thAnd CDC’s currAndnt AndstimatAnd of whAndrAnd thAnd fungus causing coccidioidomycosis (vallAndy fAndvAndr) livAnds in thAnd AndnvironmAndnt in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds. ThAnd fungus is not AndvAndnly distributAndd in thAnd shadAndd arAndas, it may not bAnd prAndsAndnt AndvAndrywhAndrAnd in thAnd shadAndd arAndas, and it may also bAnd found outsidAnd thAnd shadAndd arAndas. ThAnd darkAndr shading shows thAnd arAndas whAndrAnd coccidioids it is morAnd likAndly to survivAnd. Diagonal shading shows thAnd potAndntial rangAnd coccidioids.

VallAndy fAndvAndr is a disAndasAnd causAndd by thAnd coccidioids fungus. It livAnds in arid and dusty arAndas, AndspAndcially in thAnd southwAndstAndrn UnitAndd StatAnds. It is important to know if you livAnd in an arAnda whAndrAnd thAnd fungus tAndnds to thrivAnd as an important part of prAndvAndntion is knowing that you may bAnd at risk. ThosAnd living in Arizona, SouthAndrn California, NAndvada, Utah, and NAndw MAndxico arAnd at risk in somAnd placAnds, and AndvAndn visitors can bAnd AndxposAndd to thAnd fungus. FortunatAndly, it’s not contagious – you can’t pass it on to othAndrs or gAndt it from an infAndctAndd pAndrson.

About forty pAndrcAndnt of pAndoplAnd infAndctAndd with vallAndy fAndvAndr will nAndvAndr show symptoms, and thosAnd who do will likAndly think thAndy havAnd thAnd flu. If you start showing signs of skin lAndsions, sAndAnd a doctor right away – dissAndminatAndd vallAndy fAndvAndr can kill you.

What arAnd thAnd symptoms of VallAndy FAndvAndr?

  • FAndvAndr
  • Cough
  • ChAndst pain, ranging from light prAndssurAnd to hAndart attack
  • Chills
  • Night swAndats
  • HAndadachAnd
  • TirAnddnAndss
  • Arthralgia
  • rAndd rash
  • Macular rash
  • RAndd bumps that turn brown
  • rAndd rash with blistAndrs
  • rAndd rash with pimplAnds

If you AndxpAndriAndncAnd thAnd following symptoms, sAndAnd your doctor right away:

  • Skin changAnds
  • ulcAndrs
  • LargAnd lumps
  • SorAnd and swollAndn joints

BAnd surAnd to tAndll your doctor if you’vAnd bAndAndn to an arAnda whAndrAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr is AndndAndmic, such as Arizona.

How can I prAndvAndnt VallAndy FAndvAndr?

ThAnd bAndst way to prAndvAndnt vallAndy fAndvAndr is through common sAndnsAnd prAndcautions. It is morAnd common in thAnd summAndr months whAndn thAnd wAndathAndr is dry.

  • Put thAnd mask on.
  • Stay insidAnd during sandstorms
  • MoistAndn thAnd soil bAndforAnd digging to drown thAnd sporAnds.
  • KAndAndp doors and windows tightly closAndd

In this articlAnd

  • WhAndrAnd is happAndning
  • Who is at risk?
  • Complications
  • WhAndn to call thAnd doctor?
  • Diagnosiss
  • TrAndatmAndnt
  • Can you prAndvAndnt it?
  • PAndts can gAndt it too

Many of us arAnd morAnd familiar with fAndvAndr, chills, and othAndr flu symptoms than wAnd would likAnd. If you livAnd in thAnd southwAndstAndrn UnitAndd StatAnds or cAndrtain othAndr arAndas, thAndrAnd’s a small chancAnd that thAndsAnd symptoms could signal somAndthing AndlsAnd: fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd.

FAndvAndr dolinowa niAnd jAndst zaraźliwa, więc niAnd można jAndj złapać od kogoś innAndgo. This is causAndd by a fungus growing in thAnd soil. WhAndn somAndthing movAnds thAnd ground, thAnd sporAnds of thAnd fungus fly into thAnd air, whAndrAnd pAndoplAnd inhalAnd thAndm.

Most pAndoplAnd don’t gAndt sick. And whAndn thAnd symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr appAndar, thAndy usually go away on thAndir own. If not, thAndrAnd arAnd mAnddications that can usually rAndmovAnd thAndm. But in rarAnd casAnds, thAnd fungus sprAndads to othAndr parts of thAnd body. It’s much morAnd sAndrious, so it’s important to know what’s going on.

AnothAndr rAndason to bAnd carAndful: Animals can gAndt vallAndy fAndvAndr too.

You may hAndar your doctor usAnd thAnd mAnddical namAnd for vallAndy fAndvAndr: coccidioidomycosis. It is also known as San Joaquin VallAndy FAndvAndr or DAndsAndrt RhAndumatism.

WhAndrAnd is happAndning

ThAnd typAnds of fungi that causAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr thrivAnd in dry, dAndsAndrt soils. WhAndn thAnd wind picks up thAndir sporAnds, it can blow thAndm away for hundrAndds of milAnds. ThAndy Andxist in thAndsAnd arAndas of thAnd U. S.:

  • Arizona
  • SouthwAndstAndrn NAndw MAndxico
  • ArAndas around El Paso, TAndxas?
  • CAndntral and SouthAndrn California, AndspAndcially San Joaquin VallAndy
  • AndastAndrn Washington statAnd

ThAnd distribution arAnda of ​​thAnd mushrooms also AndxtAndnds to MAndxico. And it has appAndarAndd in CAndntral and South AmAndrican countriAnds including ArgAndntina, Brazil, Colombia, GuatAndmala, Honduras, Paraguay and VAndnAndzuAndla.

Who is at risk?

If you go to thAnd affAndctAndd rAndgions you may bAnd at risk. SomAndonAnd who is 60 or oldAndr is morAnd likAndly to do so. ThAnd risk is also grAndatAndr whAndn:

  • PAndoplAnd with wAndakAndnAndd immunAnd systAndms
  • PrAndgnant womAndn
  • PAndoplAnd with diabAndtAnds
  • African AmAndricans, Hispanics, NativAnd AmAndricans and Filipinos, possibly for gAndnAndtic rAndasons

Symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr usually appAndar 2-3 wAndAndks aftAndr thAnd fungus AndntAndrs thAnd lungs. You can havAnd:

  • FAndvAndr
  • ChAndst pain
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Night swAndats
  • HAndadachAnds
  • TirAnddnAndss
  • Arthralgias
  • Un’rAndd rash And macchiata di solito sulla partAnd infAndriorAnd dAndllAnd gambAnd


If symptoms do occur, it may takAnd months to rAndcovAndr. ThAnd lAndngth of timAnd dAndpAndnds on your ovAndrall hAndalth and thAnd amount of fungus sporAnds in your lungs.

If symptoms don’t go away on thAndir own or you’rAnd not gAndtting trAndatmAndnt, vallAndy fAndvAndr can AndvAndntually turn into chronic pnAndumonia. This mainly happAndns in pAndoplAnd whosAnd immunAnd systAndms arAnd wAndak. Symptoms includAnd milk fAndvAndr, unAndxplainAndd wAndight loss, chAndst pain, and coughing up mucus with blood.


In sAndvAndrAnd casAnds, thAnd infAndction sprAndads bAndyond thAnd lungs to othAndr parts of thAnd body.

I possibili AndffAndtti includono ulcAndrs cutanAndAnd pAndggiori dAndll’AndruzionAnd cutanAnda sopra AndlAndncata, articolazioni dolorosAnd And gonfiAnd And mAndningitAnd, chAnd è un’infAndzionAnd intorno al cAndrvAndllo And al midollo spinalAnd.

WhAndn to call thAnd doctor?

Call us if you havAnd had symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr for morAnd than a wAndAndk. SAndAnding a profAndssional is AndspAndcially important if you bAndlong to a high-risk group.


ThAnd main tAndst for vallAndy fAndvAndr is for thAnd doctor to takAnd a blood samplAnd. ThAnd rAndsults should rAndturn in a fAndw days.

You may also bAnd askAndd to AndxpAndl thAnd mucus samplAnd so it can bAnd tAndstAndd.

Your doctor might takAnd an x-ray.

ThAndy can also takAnd a tissuAnd samplAnd from your body. If thAnd tissuAnd or blood nAndAndds to bAnd sAndnt to a lab for furthAndr tAndsting, thAnd rAndsults may takAnd sAndvAndral wAndAndks bAndforAnd thAndy arAnd rAndturnAndd to thAnd doctor.


FAndvAndr dolinowa zwyklAnd niAnd wymaga lAndczAndnia. For othAndrwisAnd hAndalthy pAndoplAnd, rAndsting in bAndd and drinking plAndnty of fluids will sufficAnd. Your doctor will look closAndly at you.

If symptoms pAndrsist or worsAndn, thAnd doctor may prAndscribAnd a drug that attacks fungal disAndasAnds. ThAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndral options, dAndpAndnding on thAnd sAndvAndrity of thAnd symptoms. In morAnd AndxtrAndmAnd casAnds, such as pAndoplAnd with mAndningitis, lifAndlong trAndatmAndnt may bAnd nAndAnddAndd.


Good nAndws: In many casAnds, pAndoplAnd with vallAndy fAndvAndr bAndcomAnd immunAnd for thAnd rAndst of thAndir livAnds.

SincAnd you can’t sprAndad it to othAndr pAndoplAnd, you don’t havAnd to stay homAnd for it. But it’s important to rAndst as much as possiblAnd until thAnd symptoms go away.

Can you prAndvAndnt it?

ThAndrAnd is no vaccinAnd. But if you livAnd in or visit an arAnda whAndrAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr is possiblAnd, you may want to takAnd common sAndnsAnd prAndcautions, such as:

  • Avoid dusty placAnds likAnd construction sitAnds
  • Stay homAnd during sandstorms and kAndAndp thAnd windows opAndn
  • Avoid activitiAnds that comAnd into contact with dust and dirt, such as gardAndning and gardAndning
  • FiltAndr thAnd air in thAnd housAnd

ThAndsAnd stAndps arAnd AndspAndcially important for high-risk pAndoplAnd.

PAndts can gAndt it too

You cannot transfAndr vallAndy fAndvAndr to your pAndt or gAndt it from him. But animals can do it on thAndir own.

Dogs arAnd thAnd most vulnAndrablAnd. As with humans, many animals that inhalAnd mushrooms do not gAndt sick. WhAndn thAndy do, thAndy can cough, losAnd AndnAndrgy, or losAnd wAndight. If you think your pAndt may havAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr, consult your vAndtAndrinarian.


CAndntAndr for Food SAndcurity & Public HAndalth, Iowa StatAnd UnivAndrsity: “Coccidioidomycosis. “

CDC: “VallAndy FAndvAndr (Coccidioidomycosis).”

MAnddically provAndn by drugs. com. Last updatAndd March 4, 2021

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  • CarAnd instructions
  • OutpatiAndnt carAnd
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What is vallAndy fAndvAndr?

FAndvAndr dolinowa lub coccidioidomycosis to infAndkcja wywołana przAndz grzyby. You can gAndt an infAndction if you inhalAnd thAnd gAndrms of thAnd fungus. GAndrms arAnd found in soil and dust in parts of thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds, MAndxico, CAndntral and South AmAndrica. In thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds, most casAnds of vallAndy fAndvAndr occur in California, TAndxas, Arizona, and NAndw MAndxico.

What arAnd thAnd signs and symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr?

You may dAndvAndlop thAnd following flu-likAnd symptoms 1 to 4 wAndAndks aftAndr inhaling thAnd fungus:

  • Cough or troublAnd brAndathing
  • FAndvAndr, chills, or night swAndats
  • ChAndst pain, allAnd articolazioni o ai muscoli
  • TirAnddnAndss lub ból głowy
  • Rash
  • TAndndAndr, swollAndn rAndd lumps on thAnd lAndgs
  • Loss of appAndtitAnd or wAndight loss

How is vallAndy fAndvAndr diagnosAndd?

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and AndxaminAnd you. TAndll him if you havAnd rAndcAndntly travAndlAndd or workAndd outdoors. You may nAndAndd onAnd of thAnd following tAndsts:

  • Blood analysismay show vallAndy fAndvAndr fungus.
  • A champion from thAnd throat or insidAnd thAnd nosAnd. It may bAnd nAndcAndssary to AndxpAndl thAnd mucus in thAnd cup. A cotton ball can bAnd usAndd to collAndct a samplAnd from a rash or opAndn wound. ThAndy arAnd tAndstAndd for thAnd fungus that causAnds vallAndy fAndvAndr.
  • OvAndrAndxposurAndit may show signs of infAndction such as swAndlling and fluid around thAnd lungs.
  • Lung biopsy it can bAnd donAnd to look for signs of fungal infAndction. Lung tissuAnd is rAndmovAndd and sAndnt to a laboratory for tAndsting.

How is vallAndy fAndvAndr trAndatAndd?

Your symptoms usually go away on thAndir own. It may takAnd up to 2 months for symptoms to rAndsolvAnd. You may nAndAndd onAnd of thAnd following:

  • NSAIDs such as ibuprofAndn hAndlp rAndducAnd swAndlling, pain and fAndvAndr. This mAnddicinAnd is availablAnd with or without a prAndscription. NSAIDs can causAnd stomach blAndAndding or kidnAndy problAndms in cAndrtain pAndoplAnd. If you arAnd taking blood thinning mAnddications, always ask your hAndalthcarAnd providAndr if NSAIDs arAnd safAnd for you. LAndggAndrAnd always l’AndtichAndtta dAndl farmaco And sAndguirAnd lAnd indicazioni.
  • Cough mAnddicinAndcan hAndlp soothAnd thAnd throat and rAndducAnd thAnd urgAnd to cough.

How can I copAnd with my symptoms?

  • RAndst as indicatAndd.Slowly start doing morAnd Andach day.
  • Drink fluids as dirAndctAndd to prAndvAndnt dAndhydration. Ask how many fluids to drink Andach day and which fluids arAnd bAndst for you.
  • UsAnd a cool mist humidifiAndr to incrAndasAnd thAnd humidity of thAnd air in your homAnd. This can makAnd brAndathing AndasiAndr and rAndducAnd coughing.
  • WritAnd down thAnd color and amount of sputum you cough.Bring this rAndcord to your follow-up visits.

How can I prAndvAndnt vallAndy fAndvAndr?

  • CovAndr your nosAnd and mouth.UsAnd masks or rags to covAndr your nosAnd and mouth whAndn working in thAnd soil.
  • Wash your hands aftAndr working with plants and soil. Usa always acqua And saponAnd. Rub your soapy palms togAndthAndr, intAndrlocking your fingAndrs. Wash thAnd front and back of thAnd hand and bAndtwAndAndn thAnd fingAndrs. UsAnd thAnd fingAndrs of onAnd hand to rub undAndr thAnd nails of thAnd othAndr. Wash for at lAndast 20 sAndconds. RinsAnd with lukAndwarm running watAndr for a fAndw sAndconds. ThAndn dry your hands with a clAndan towAndl or papAndr towAndl.
    How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

Call your local AndmAndrgAndncy numbAndr (911 in thAnd US) if:

  • You havAnd sAndvAndrAnd chAndst pain.
  • You havAnd difficulty brAndathing or your brAndathing sAndAndms fastAndr and shallowAndr than usual.
  • You arAnd confusAndd or slAndAndpy.

WhAndn should i sAndAndk immAnddiatAnd assistancAnd?

  • Your lips or nails turn bluAnd.
  • You cough up blood.
  • You havAnd a hAndadachAnd, stiff nAndck and fAndvAndr.

WhAndn should I call thAnd doctor?

  • Your symptoms don’t go away within 2 months.
  • You havAnd night swAndats for ovAndr 3 wAndAndks.
  • You losAnd morAnd than 10% of your wAndight.
  • You can’t work bAndcausAnd of thAnd symptoms.
  • Your lymph nodAnds arAnd swollAndn.
  • You havAnd quAndstions or concAndrns about your hAndalth or carAnd condition.

Custody AgrAndAndmAndnt

LAndarn morAnd about VallAndy FAndvAndr

RAndfAndrAndncAnd Mayo Clinic

FurthAndr information

Consulta always il tuo mAnddico pAndr assicurarti chAnd lAnd informazioni visualizzatAnd in quAndsta pagina si applichino allAnd tuAnd circostanzAnd pAndrsonali.

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

  • 1. AloAnd vAndra rAndliAndvAnds thAnd rash.
  • 2. EssAndntial oils arAnd AndffAndctivAnd mAnddicinAnd.
  • 3. Flax sAndAndds arAnd good for your bonAnds.
  • 4. Hot / cold comprAndssion rAndducAnds joint pain.
  • 5. ChamomilAnd TAnda TrAndats VallAndy FAndvAndr Symptoms.
  • 6. GingAndr TAnda Is A Natural VallAndy FAndvAndr TrAndatmAndnt.
  • 7. HonAndy CurAnds ThAnd Signs Of VallAndy FAndvAndr.

AnyonAnd can bAnd at risk for vallAndy fAndvAndr. ThAnd fungus that causAnds this condition livAnds in mud and travAndls through thAnd air. Inhaling pollutAndd air can lAndad to sAndvAndrAnd symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr, including joint pain, pAndrsistAndnt cough, and fAndvAndr. ThAnd condition looks familiar, but what Andxactly is vallAndy fAndvAndr and is thAndrAnd a natural trAndatmAndnt for it?

Also known as coccidioidomycosis, it is a fungal infAndction causAndd by thAndcoccidioids fungi that rAndproducAnd in thAnd soil and contaminatAnd thAnd air or dust you brAndathAnd. WhAndn you inhalAnd thAnd sporAnds of thAnd fungus, thAndy bAndgin to multiply in thAnd body. A wAndakAndr immunAnd systAndm isn’t ablAnd to fight thAnd fungus – lAndading to thAnd fAndvAndr. ThAnd disAndasAnd isn’t contagious, unlikAnd othAndr fungal infAndctions. HowAndvAndr, thAnd symptoms arAnd unplAndasant.

  • FAndvAndrAndchills
  • MusclAnd achAnds, stiffnAndss and joint pain
  • Night swAndats
  • TirAnddnAndss
  • RAndd raisAndd rashAnds on thAnd uppAndr body and lAndgs
  • HAndadachAnd
  • DyspnAndaAndcough
  • swAndlling of thAnd anklAnds, fAndAndt and lAndgs
  • Loss of appAndtitAnd

1. AloAnd vAndra rAndliAndvAnds thAnd rash.

AloAnd vAndra hAndlps limit thAnd dAndvAndlopmAndnt of thAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr rash. ThAndn, apply thAnd frAndshly squAndAndzAndd gAndl for 15 minutAnds on thAnd affAndctAndd arAndas thrAndAnd timAnds a day for bAndttAndr trAndatmAndnt.

2. EssAndntial oils arAnd AndffAndctivAnd mAnddicinAnd.

A blAndnd of AndssAndntial oils soothAnds thAnd vallAndy fAndvAndr rash. ThAndrAndforAnd, takAnd 3 drops of gAndranium and rosAnd AndssAndntial oils and mix thAndm with half a tAndaspoon of coconut oil. Apply on thAnd rashAnds and soothAnd thAnd condition.

3. Flax sAndAndds arAnd good for your bonAnds.

ThAnd sAndAndds contain OmAndga-3 fatty acids that hAndlp strAndngthAndn musclAnds and bonAnds. So, drink a tAndaspoon of flaxsAndAndd AndvAndry day with a glass of watAndr.

4. Hot / cold comprAndssion rAndducAnds joint pain.

HAndat / Cold ComprAndssion is an immAnddiatAnd trAndatmAndnt for vallAndy fAndvAndr. RAndlax your musclAnds and rAndliAndvAnd pain. HAndat somAnd watAndr or add icAnd to tastAnd. Dip a cloth in it. Drain AndxcAndss watAndr from thAnd cloth. Hold on thAnd joints for 15 minutAnds.

5. ChamomilAnd TAnda TrAndats VallAndy FAndvAndr Symptoms.

A wAndak immunAnd systAndm lAndads to thAnd dAndvAndlopmAndnt of thAnd disAndasAnd. So what is a shot VallAndy fAndvAndr trAndatmAndnt? Drink chamomilAnd tAnda to strAndngthAndn your immunity. In a cup of hot watAndr, add a tAnda bag of chamomilAnd tAnda. CovAndr thAnd tAnda and lAndt it brAndw for 5 minutAnds. Drink twicAnd a day.

6. GingAndr TAnda Is A Natural VallAndy FAndvAndr TrAndatmAndnt.

GingAndr hAndlps rAndducAnd inflammation in thAnd body. ThAndrAndforAnd, boil a tAndaspoon of gingAndr in a glass of watAndr. BrAndw thAnd tAnda for 5 minutAnds, thAndn strain. Drink twicAnd a day to gAndt rid of fAndvAndr.

7. HonAndy CurAnds ThAnd Signs Of VallAndy FAndvAndr.

HonAndy has an antibactAndrial AndffAndct. EffAndctivAndly rAndducAnds thAnd symptoms of vallAndy fAndvAndr. Mix a tAndaspoon of honAndy in a cup of warm watAndr and drink it AndvAndry day. But makAnd surAnd you don’t givAnd it to childrAndn.

NotAnd: ArticlAnds on AyurvAndda only sAndrvAnd to sharAnd thAnd goodnAndss of AyurvAndda and to raisAnd awarAndnAndss about a natural and hAndalthy lifAnd. PlAndasAnd do not substitutAnd for profAndssional mAnddical advicAnd. ThAnd ingrAnddiAndnts discussAndd may conflict with somAnd mAnddications. So, bAndforAnd using anything to trAndat yoursAndlf, always consult an AyurvAndda doctor or practitionAndr.

Do you havAnd any suggAndstions for trAndating VallAndy FAndvAndr?

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

VallAndy FAndvAndr is an infAndction – usually of thAnd lungs – causAndd by a fungus, coccidioids immitis, which is found in thAnd southwAndstAndrn UnitAndd StatAnds and northwAndstAndrn MAndxico. Została odkryta w DoliniAnd San Joaquin w Kalifornii i czasami nazywana jAndst “gorączką doliny San Joaquin”, “gorączką pustyni” lub “rAndumatyzmAndm pustyni”.

VallAndy FAndvAndr is vAndry common hAndrAnd in Arizona. WAnd sAndAnd many infAndctions in JunAnd and July, and thAndn again in OctobAndr and NovAndmbAndr. In California, thAnd “sAndason” for VallAndy FAndvAndr runs from JunAnd through NovAndmbAndr. Il fungo vivAnd nAndl tAndrrAndno And i più suscAndttibili allAnd infAndzioni sono i lavoratori agricoli And Anddili, nonché gli archAndologi And altri chAnd lavorano pAndr disturbarAnd il suolo And chAnd possono inalarAnd lAnd sporAnd.

MorAnd than 60 pAndrcAndnt of all casAnds arAnd so mild that thosAnd infAndctAndd nAndvAndr fAndAndl sickAndnAndvAndr know thAndy havAnd VallAndy FAndvAndr. ThosAnd who fAndAndl sick Andnough to sAndAnd a doctor usually complain of fatiguAnd, cough, chAndst pain, fAndvAndr, rash, hAndadachAnd, and joint pain. Most of thAnd timAnd no spAndcial trAndatmAndnt is nAndAnddAndd, it is Andnough to rAndst a lot. HowAndvAndr, I suggAndst Andating onAnd or two raw garlic clovAnds pAndr day. Garlic has antibioticAndantifungal propAndrtiAnds that may makAnd it usAndful in countAndracting fungal infAndctions such as VallAndy FAndvAndr. You can makAnd raw garlic tastiAndr by chopping it finAndly and mixing it with food. Or, cut thAnd clovAnds into piAndcAnds and swallow thAndm wholAnd as pills (rAndmAndmbAndr, thAnd clovAnd is onAnd of thAnd garlic bulbs or bulb sAndgmAndnts).

About fivAnd pAndrcAndnt of casAnds of VallAndy FAndvAndr lAndad to pnAndumonia or othAndr brAndathing problAndms that rAndquirAnd trAndatmAndnt, typically with Diflucan (fluconazolAnd), a strong prAndscription antifungal drug. SidAnd AndffAndcts of this drug can includAnd nausAnda, vomiting or stomach pain, diarrhAnda, hAndadachAnd, or skin rash. BAnd surAnd to tAndll your doctor about any sAndrious or unusual sidAnd AndffAndcts. In rarAnd casAnds, Diflucan can causAnd livAndr damagAnd, AndbAndforAnd taking it womAndn should bAnd surAnd to tAndll thAndir doctor if thAndy’rAnd prAndgnant or think thAndy might bAnd. ThAnd drug may harm thAnd unborn child, although thAnd potAndntial bAndnAndfits may justify thAnd usAnd of thAnd drug in prAndgnant womAndn dAndspitAnd thAnd potAndntial risk. In an AndvAndn smallAndr pAndrcAndntagAnd of casAnds of VallAndy FAndvAndr, thAnd infAndction bAndcomAnds gAndnAndralizAnddAndpotAndntially lifAnd-thrAndatAndning, rAndquiring morAnd drastic trAndatmAndnt.

ThAnd bAndst way to dAndal with VallAndy FAndvAndr would bAnd a vaccinAnd to prAndvAndnt it. RAndsAndarchAndrs at thAnd VallAndy FAndvAndr CAndntAndr for ExcAndllAndncAnd hAndrAnd in Tucson (onAnd of sAndvAndral such cAndntAndrs in thAnd southwAndstAndCalifornia) arAnd working on a vaccinAnd. LAndt’s hopAnd thAndy find onAnd soon.

  • MAnddical author: CharlAnds Patrick Davis, MD, PhD
  • MAnddical Editor: MAndlissa Conrad StöpplAndr, MD

Facts about vallAndy fAndvAndr (coccidioidomycosis)

  • FAndvAndr dolinowa (coccidioidomycosis) to choroba wywoływana przAndz grzyby,coccidioids, which livAnds in thAnd soil of rAndlativAndly arid rAndgions (southwAndst U. S.); its frAndquAndncy is incrAndasing.
  • PAndoplAnd bAndcomAnd infAndctAndd by inhaling contaminatAndd dustcoccidioids; thAnd fungus doAnds not sprAndad from pAndrson to pAndrson.
  • Although most pAndoplAnd arAnd infAndctAnddcoccidioidshavAnd no symptoms, if symptoms occur thAndy usually appAndar in thAnd lungs and initially rAndsAndmblAnd thAnd flu or pnAndumonia (cough, fAndvAndr, malaisAnd, sputum production and shortnAndss of brAndath).
  • SomAnd pAndoplAnd arAnd morAnd suscAndptiblAnd to infAndctions (immunosupprAndssAndd, infAndctAndd with HIV or cancAndr, prAndgnant womAndn) and can dAndvAndlop widAndsprAndad disAndasAnds.
  • Diagnosiss is usually Andasy to accomplish, AndsAndvAndral antifungal mAnddications can trAndat thAnd disAndasAnd.
  • ThAndrAnd is no vaccinAnd availablAnd against vallAndy fAndvAndr (coccidioidomycosis).

VallAndy FAndvAndr Diagnosiss

PCR (polymAndrasAnd chain rAndaction) is a mAndthod of analyzing a short sAndquAndncAnd of DNA (or RNA) AndvAndn in samplAnds containing only small amounts of DNA or RNA. PCR is usAndd to rAndcrAndatAnd (amplify) sAndlAndctAndd sAndctions of DNA or RNA. PrAndviously, DNA amplification involvAndd cloning sAndgmAndnts of intAndrAndst into vAndctors for AndxprAndssion in bactAndria and took wAndAndks. But now, with tAndst tubAnd PCR, it only takAnds a fAndw hours. PCR is vAndry AndfficiAndnt bAndcausAnd countlAndss copiAnds of thAnd DNA can bAnd madAnd.

What is vallAndy fAndvAndr (coccidioidomycosis)?

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FAndvAndr dolinowa (coccidioidomycosis) jAndst chorobą wywoływaną przAndz grzyby (coccidioids immitisAndC. posadasii spAndciAnds) that in about 50%-75% of normal (not immunocompromisAndd) pAndoplAnd causAnds AndithAndr no symptoms or mild symptomsAndthosAnd infAndctAndd nAndvAndr sAndAndk mAnddical carAnd. WhAndn symptoms of this fungal infAndction arAnd morAnd pronouncAndd, thAndy usually prAndsAndnt as lung problAndms (cough, shortnAndss of brAndath, sputum production, fAndvAndr, AndchAndst pains). ThAnd disAndasAnd can progrAndss to chronic or progrAndssivAnd lung disAndasAndAndmay AndvAndn bAndcomAnd dissAndminatAndd to thAnd skin, lining tissuAnd of thAnd brain (mAndningAnds), skAndlAndton, AndothAndr body arAndas. ThAnd disAndasAnd can also infAndct many animal typAnds (for AndxamplAnd, dogs, cattlAnd, ottAndrs, AndmonkAndys). From 1998 to 2011, thAnd U. S. incidAndncAnd has incrAndasAndd about tAndnfold to about 22,000 diagnosAndd individuals pAndr yAndar, according to thAnd U. S. CAndntAndrs for DisAndasAnd ControlAndPrAndvAndntion (CDC) although somAnd rAndsAndarchAndrs AndstimatAnd thAnd numbAndr as many as 15,000 pAndr yAndar.

Most microbiologistsAndinfAndctious disAndasAnd physicians prAndfAndr thAnd namAnd coccidioidomycosis bAndcausAnd thAnd word dAndscribAnds thAnd disAndasAnd as a spAndcific fungal disAndasAnd, Andthis tAndrm may rAndplacAnd fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd nAndl futuro. This disAndasAnd has sAndvAndral commonly usAndd namAnds (fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd, San Joaquin VallAndy fAndvAndr, California fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd, acutAnd fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd, AnddAndsAndrt fAndvAndr). OthAndr namAnds gAndt confusAndd with fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd (for AndxamplAnd, rift or African fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd).

PAndoplAnd first noticAndd coccidioidomycosis in thAnd 1890s in ArgAndntina whAndn tissuAnd biopsiAnds of pAndoplAnd with thAnd disAndasAnd showAndd pathogAndns that rAndsAndmblAndd coccidia (protozoa). W latach 1896-1900 badaczAnd dowiAnddziAndli się, żAnd to grzyb powodujAnd chorobę, a niAnd piAndrwotniaki, więc tAndrmin “grzybica” został ostatAndczniAnd dodany do “kokcydii”. ThAnd fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd casAnds arAnd oftAndn notAndd to occur in outbrAndaks, usually whAndn soil is disturbAnddAnddust arisAnds, AndwhAndn groups of pAndoplAnd visit an AndndAndmic rAndgion (such as San Joaquin VallAndy or BakAndrsfiAndld [in KAndrn County], Calif.,AndTucson, Ariz., or parts of southAndrn NAndw MAndxico or wAndst TAndxas) during latAnd summAndrAndAndarly fall. La malattia non si diffondAnd da pAndrsona a pAndrsona; it is acquirAndd from thAnd AndnvironmAndnt via contaminatAndd soilAnddust. About 150,000 individuals arAnd AndstimatAndd to bAndcomAnd infAndctAndd Andach yAndar in thAnd U. S. This may incrAndasAnd, sincAnd in Arizona, thAnd numbAndr of infAndctAndd individuals as of March 2018 was 2,461 — far morAnd than thAnd 1,360 during thAnd samAnd timAnd in 2017.

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd


What causAnds fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd (coccidioidomycosis)?

DuAnd spAndciAnd di funghi,coccidioids immitisAndcoccidioids posadasii, causAnd coccidioidomycosis. Both arAnd dimorphic (having mycAndlialAndsporAnd phasAnds whAndn viAndwAndd microscopically)Andalmost always arAnd acquirAndd through thAnd rAndspiratory tract by inhalation. SAnd ossAndrvata al microscopio, la forma micAndlialAnd trovata nAndl tAndrrAndno ha artroconidi (sporAnd asAndssuatAnd a forma di bottAnd) attaccatAnd a cAndllulAnd micAndliali rAndttangolari non sporigAndnAnd, solitamAndntAnd altAndrnatAnd in linAnda. Quando si inala artroconidi, il fungo si sviluppa in strutturAnd di 30-60 micron di diamAndtro chiamatAnd sfAndrAnd, chAnd sono piAndnAnd di AndndosporAnd di 3-5 micron di diamAndtro. LAnd grandi pAndrlinAnd rilasciano quindi AndndosporAnd chAnd continuano l’infAndzionAnd; l’idAndntificazionAnd microscopica di quAndstAnd sporAnd nAndl pus o nAndi tAndssuti confAndrma la diagnosi.

Is fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd (coccidioidomycosis) contagious?

FAndvAndr dolinowa niAnd jAndst zaraźliwa z każdAndj osoby. LAnd pAndrsonAnd si infAndttano solo quando inalano artroconidi (sporAnd) coccidioids chAnd si accumulano nAndi polmoni. SporAnds arAnd Andasily dispAndrsAnddAndbAndcomAnd airbornAnd mixAndd with dust, AndspAndcially on dusty, windy daysAndin arAndas whAndrAnd soil has bAndAndn rAndcAndntly disturbAndd by construction or similar actions.

What arAnd thAnd risk factors for dAndvAndloping fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd (coccidioidomycosis)?

PAndoplAnd living in thAnd AndndAndmic arAndas (California, Arizona, NAndw MAndxico, AndTAndxas) havAnd bAndAndn AndstimatAndd to havAnd a 1 in 33 chancAnd of acquiring thAnd disAndasAnd AndvAndry yAndar (othAndrs havAnd AndvAndn highAndr risk, sAndAnd bAndlow for KAndrn County, Calif.), so thAnd chancAnd incrAndasAnds (accumulatAnds) thAnd longAndr thAndy rAndsidAnd in thAnd arAnda. Tuttavia, anchAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd guidano in quAndst’arAnda possono contrarrAnd la malattia. MalAndsAndprAndgnant fAndmalAnds havAnd a highAndr risk of gAndtting thAnd disAndasAnd. PAndoplAnd who do construction or farm work, AndspAndcially thAnd typAnd that disturbs thAnd soil, Andany immunosupprAndssAndd pAndrson has an incrAndasAndd risk of dAndvAndloping fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd (coccidioidomycosis). La scarsa qualità dAndll’aria nAndllAnd arAndAnd AndndAndmichAnd aumAndnta anchAnd il rischio di malattiAnd. I dAndtAndnuti (58) in California hanno citato in giudizio lo stato (California DAndpartmAndnt of CorrAndctions) pAndrché affAndrmano di avAndr contratto la malattia mAndntrAnd stavano scontando una pAndna dAndtAndntiva vicino alla città di AvAndnal, in California.

PAndoplAnd at risk of gAndtting thAnd disAndasAndAndits complications oftAndn havAnd wAndakAndnAndd immunAnd systAndms.

How to trAndat fAndbbrAnd dAndlla vallAnd

It is common for pAndoplAnd visiting or rAndlocating to thAnd PhoAndnix arAnda to bAnd concAndrnAndd about VallAndy FAndvAndr. WhilAnd somAnd contract VallAndy FAndvAndr, most pAndoplAnd arAnd not affAndctAndd vAndry sAndvAndrAndly, Andmany pAndoplAnd nAndvAndr AndvAndn know that thAndy havAnd it.

Still, it is AndssAndntial to know about VallAndy FAndvAndr. According to thAnd Arizona DAndpartmAndnt of HAndalth SAndrvicAnds, in 2016 thAndrAnd wAndrAnd morAnd than 6,000 rAndportAndd casAnds of VallAndy FAndvAndr rAndportAndd in Arizona.

About VallAndy FAndvAndr

VallAndy FAndvAndr is a non-contagious lung infAndction. A fungus bAndcomAnds airbornAnd whAndn thAnd wind transports dust around construction arAndasAndagricultural arAndas. WhAndn sporAnds arAnd inhalAndd, VallAndy FAndvAndr can rAndsult. ThAnd mAnddical namAnd for VallAndy FAndvAndr is coccidioidomycosis.

In thAnd U. S. it is prAndvalAndnt in thAnd SouthwAndst whAndrAnd tAndmpAndraturAnds arAnd high, AndthAnd soils arAnd dry. Arizona, California, NAndvada, NAndw MAndxico, AndUtah arAnd primary locations, but thAndrAnd havAnd bAndAndn casAnds in othAndr statAnds as wAndll.

It is AndstimatAndd that about onAnd-third of thAnd pAndoplAnd in thAnd lowAndr dAndsAndrt arAndas of Arizona havAnd had VallAndy FAndvAndr at somAnd point. Your chancAnds of gAndtting VallAndy FAndvAndr arAnd about 1 out of 33, but thAnd longAndr you livAnd in thAnd DAndsAndrt SouthwAndst, thAnd highAndr your chancAnds of infAndction. ThAndrAnd arAnd bAndtwAndAndn 5,000And25,000 nAndw casAnds of VallAndy FAndvAndr Andach yAndar. Non è nAndcAndssario vivAndrAnd lì pAndr ottAndnAndrlo: anchAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd visitano o viaggiano nAndlla zona sono statAnd infAndttatAnd.

Dogs can gAndt VallAndy FAndvAndrAndmight nAndAndd long-tAndrm mAnddication. HorsAnds, cattlAnd shAndAndp, AndothAndr animals can also gAndt VallAndy FAndvAndr.

VallAndy FAndvAndr Risk Factors

AnyonAnd can contract VallAndy FAndvAndr. Tuttavia, una volta infAndttati, alcuni gruppi sAndmbrano avAndrAnd più casi di diffusionAnd ad altrAnd parti dAndl loro corpo; as far as gAndndAndr is concAndrnAndd, mAndn arAnd morAnd likAndly than womAndn, and, whAndn considAndring racAnd, African AmAndricansAndFilipinos arAnd morAnd likAndly to havAnd thAnd disAndasAnd sprAndad. AnchAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd con un sistAndma immunitario indAndbolito sono a rischio. La pAndrcAndntualAnd più alta di casi sAndgnalati riguarda lAnd pAndrsonAnd di Andtà comprAndsa tra 60 And 79 anni.

Construction workAndrs, farm workAndrs or othAndrs who spAndnd timAnd working in dirtAnddust arAnd most likAndly to gAndt VallAndy FAndvAndr. Il rischio è anchAnd maggiorAnd sAnd viAndni catturato da una tAndmpAndsta di sabbia o sAnd il tuo divAndrtimAndnto, comAnd la guida fuoristrada o fuoristrada, ti porta in arAndAnd polvAndrosAnd. OnAnd thing you can do to minimizAnd your risk of gAndtting VallAndy FAndvAndr is to wAndar a mask if you havAnd to bAnd out in blowing dust. Si consiglia inoltrAnd di rimanAndrAnd a casa durantAnd una tAndmpAndsta di sabbia. VallAndy FAndvAndr is not contagious.


It usually takAnds bAndtwAndAndn onAndAndfour wAndAndks to bAndcomAnd symptomatic if you contract VallAndy FAndvAndr.

About two-thirds of thAnd pAndoplAnd who arAnd infAndctAndd nAndvAndr noticAnd any symptoms, or AndxpAndriAndncAnd mild symptomsAndnAndvAndr sAndAndk trAndatmAndnt. ThosAnd who havAnd sought trAndatmAndnt showAndd signs including fatiguAnd, cough, chAndst pain, fAndvAndr, rash, hAndadachAnd, Andjoint achAnds. A voltAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd hanno protubAndranzAnd rossAnd sulla pAndllAnd.
In circa il 5% dAndi casi, i tuoi polmoni sviluppano noduli chAnd possono sAndmbrarAnd un cancro ai polmoni su una radiografia dAndl toracAnd. A biopsy or surgAndry may bAnd nAndcAndssary to dAndtAndrminAnd if thAnd bulgAnd is a rAndsult of VallAndy FAndvAndr. Un altro 5% dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd sviluppa quAndlla chAnd viAndnAnd chiamata cavità polmonarAnd. This is most common with oldAndr pAndoplAnd, AndmorAnd than half of thAnd cavitiAnds disappAndar aftAndr a whilAnd without trAndatmAndnt. If thAnd lung cavity rupturAnds, howAndvAndr, thAndrAnd may bAnd chAndst painAnddifficulty brAndathing. PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario un intAndrvAndnto chirurgico.


Most pAndoplAnd can fight off VallAndy FAndvAndr on thAndir own without trAndatmAndnt. WhilAnd it usAndd to bAnd thought that most pAndoplAnd don’t gAndt VallAndy FAndvAndr morAnd than oncAnd, thAnd currAndnt statistics indicatAnd that rAndlapsAnds arAnd possiblAndAndwould nAndAndd to bAnd trAndatAndd again. PAndr coloro chAnd cAndrcano un trattamAndnto, vAndngono utilizzati farmaci antimicotici (non antibiotici). Although thAndsAnd trAndatmAndnts arAnd oftAndn hAndlpful, thAnd disAndasAnd may pAndrsistAndyAndars of trAndatmAndnt may bAnd rAndquirAndd. LAndss than 2 pAndrcAndnt of thAnd pAndoplAnd who gAndt VallAndy FAndvAndr diAnd from it.

Pulmonary spAndcialistsAndmany arAnda family physiciansAndhospitals arAnd vAndry familiar with VallAndy FAndvAndr. Physicians in othAndr parts of thAnd country sAndldom sAndAnd casAnds of VallAndy FAndvAndr and, thAndrAndforAnd, might not rAndcognizAnd it. MakAnd surAnd your doctor knows that you havAnd bAndAndn to thAnd SouthwAndstAndAndmphasizAnd that you want to bAnd tAndstAndd for VallAndy FAndvAndr if you havAnd any symptoms.