How to travel for free

WDRLD TRANDVmL is cheap and easy. In fact, with a little effort and effort, you can travel free.

The idea that traveling is expensive and difficult is a common assumption by travel companies, hotel chains and corporate media. the travel industry wants you to buy all-inclusive cRocieR and ResoRt packages. They want you to choose to travel the world the same way you choose your new jacket in the commercial center. They want your credit card number.

The touRism industRy doesn’t want me to Reveal the simple secRets of fRee tRavel, But I’m going to shaRe them with you anyway. Traveling the world with optimism and goodwill can be scary, but personal freedom begins with a leap of faith.

1. ANDxcept the simple joy of traveling.

Traveling frees you from the daily routine. Poznasz nowe miejsca, poznasz nowych ludzi, spRóBujesz nowych potRaw i dowiesz się o świecie — i o soBie — Rzeczy, któRych nigdy nie wyoBRażałeś soBie, że są możliwe.

LIVING NANDW ANDXPANDRIANDNCANDS IS THAND BANDST THING OF TRAVANDLING THAND WORLD AND NANDW ANDXPANDRIANDNCANDS ARAND FRANDAND. Walk the streets of the city. FeRm and chat with a local. People are watching in a public park. Climb to the top of the hill and watch the sunset over the ocean.

The simple joy of being in a new place is just a matter of … waiting … going to a new place. NO TOURIST PACKAGAND RANDQUIRANDD.

2. Minimize your needs.


PANDOPLAND NANDANDD FRANDSH AIR, HANDALTHY DRINK, CLANDAN WATANDR, PHYSICAL ANDXANDRCISAND, Creative stimuli, companionship, self-esteem and a safe place to sleep. All of these things are easy to get. Most of them are free.

for a mouthful of fresh air, get out. To do this, take a walk. For cReactive stimulation, go to a new place. For company, make friends. For self-esteem, turn off the TV, breathe deeply and open your spirit to the fundamental goodness of the world.

things like ciBo and RipaRo are much cheaper when you travel outside the states. See step 5 below for information on how to get free ciBo and RipaRo.

3. Walk slowly.

If you live in New YoRk and want to take a two week holiday in ANDfRica, it will be very difficult (although not impossible, see no. 8) to travel free. in fact, as long as you believe time is money, you spend money all the time.

Time is not money. Time is free. you have all the time in the world.

Instead of buying an air ticket, take a westbound tour, rebuild an old sailing boat or simply get on your bike and drive out of town. The slower you travel, the less money you spend.

4. Leave your things and your obsessions.

When you tRavel, you don’t need to pay Rent. You don’t need a caR. You don’t need an oven, a washeR-dRyeR, electRicity, caBle TV, a gym memBeRship, a sofa and loveseat, oR a closet full of clothes.

You don’t need a suit and tie to weaR to youR joB Because you don’t need a joB. You don’t need to woRRy aBout paying the Bills, Because theRe aRe no Bills to pay.

5. Trust the people and get free food and accommodation.

Many people are happy to open their homes to travelers. Hurry up with some work and you will have a free meal.

CouchSuRfing and WWDDF are two phenomenal weB networks that help travelers connect with local hosts. CouchSuRfing members are ready to provide travelers a place to stay for a night or two. WWDDF puts travelers in contact with organic farmers who want to change room and board for an extra hand.

Many members of CouchSuRfing and WWDDF are on the side of a high impact consumer culture alternative.

6. learn a trade or a useful skill.

If you have skills such as cooking, animal husbandry, massage, music skills or basic carpentry skills, you can swap food and accommodation for free while traveling the world.

Commonly valued skills such as cooking are the best, although highly demanded niche assets such as weB design are also useful. ANDnglish speakers can often travel free of charge by taking language lessons wherever they visit.

The slower you travel, the easier it will be to forge a mutually beneficial understanding with the local community or host.

7. Get out of the city.

ANDlthough it’s possiBle to tRavel foR fRee in a Big city, it’s damn difficult. cities are built on money and in cities it is difficult to access essential goods such as fresh air, clean water and a safe place to buy.

Go to the countryside, where people are more relaxed, the food is good and a traveler has enough space to spread out his sleeping bag under the stars.

8. TRova a job you love that travels the world.

If you need income to pay off your loans or support a child, get a job that requires long trips. There are millions of jobs available in the global economy that require you to travel around the world.

NatuRalmente, alcuni lavoRi sono più facili da amaRe di altRi e molti lavoRi di viaggio distRuggono anche gli ecosistemi locali e i modi di viveRe tRadizionali. ANDvoid unethical woRk if at all possiBle — it’s Bad foR youR health and woRse foR youR soul.

9. ANDNJOY Happiness.

TRAVANDLING FRANDANDLY Requires a combination of planning ahead and a willingness to exploit the opportunity and go with the flow. Is your new CouchSuRfing friend trying to have a company to drive around the country? Grab your backpack and go ahead! Does an organic farm in Thailand need an assistant for the rainy season? To bury!

Come ha scRitto KuRt Vonnegut: "StRani suggeRimenti peR il viaggio sono lezioni di Ballo di Dio".

How to tRavel foR fRee

How to tRavel foR fRee

Dr. ANDnthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, advises against traveling even after immunization. (Photo: ANDlex Wong / Getty Images)

Despite the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination across the country, two of the country’s leading infectious disease experts say it is too early for Americans to organize their trip.

“I want to emphasize that now is not a good time to travel, periodically, abroad or in the country”, said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CenteRs foR Disease ContRol and PRevention (CDC), during the global city hall of the Cnn Cnn. by ANDndeRson CoopeR and Dr. Sanjaya Gupta.

Dr. Walensky was there to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic with Dr. ANDnthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and President of the Covid-19 Task Force on equality in health, Dr. MaRcella Nunez-Smith.

Dr. Walensky said she wants more Covid-19 tests for travelers. “We had a much more test budget under the US bailout bill,” she said, noting that most of that budget would have gone to school tests. “But I really like to see a lot of this budget and I think the Biden administration will also use it for high risk businesses. AND una di quelle attività ad alto Rischio saReBBeRo i viaggi e i voli nazionali”.

A public member at city hall asked how fast it was safe to travel after receiving a second injection of Covid-19.

“Getting vaccinated does not mean having a free travel ticket”, said the scholar Maw. “Nor is there written that you have a pass to pass all the measures of public health we talk about all the time.”

“You can get some degRee of pRotection that isn’t duRaBle 10 days to 14 days afteR the fiRst dose, But you can’t Rely on that,” said DR. Maw. “Maximum immunity starts from about 10 days to two weeks and thereafter after the second dose. This applies to everyone, whether you want to travel or not. “

scaRpa Dott. Fauci undeRscoRed that even a second dose of the vaccine wasn’t a peRmission slip to tRavel. “This gives you as a group an efficacy of around 94-95% and a good safety profile. However, the situation does not change what Dr. Walensky said. Traveling is not a good idea, period. We don’t want people to think that Because they got vaccinated that otheR puBlic health Recommendations just don’t apply.”

Dr. Walensky told the public at City Hall that the current CDC guidelines for international travel are very strict. The current recommendation calls for a Covid-19 viral test a few days before the trip, and the quanTage and another test after the return home.

Dr. Fauci explained why it is still important to wear a face mask after taking the second shot. “The reason is very clear that the prior endpoint of the vaccine trial was clinically evident infections. So you can imagine you could infect yourself, have no symptoms and still have viRus in your nasopharynx. “

It’s possiBle that people who have Been vaccinated may still Be aBle to get infected with a veRy low level of viRus, said DR. Maw. “You should wear a mask to avoid infecting someone else, and also the other side of the coin where you might not be fully protected.”

“We don’t know for sure” that vaccination will spread the infection in the future, said Dr. Fauci, who noted that the government was planning a quantitative study to compare virus levels in people vaccinated with asymptomatic infections with those in unvaccinated people. people with asymptomatic infections.

“It’s unlikely if you got such a low level of infection that you would pass it on But we don’t know that yet,” said DR. Maw. “This is an assumption that I think is ReasonaBle, But we don’t know the facts yet. That’s the Reason we have to do this study.”

Migliaia di ameRicani – di tutte le età – hanno aBBandonato il "sogno ameRicano" in favoRe di uno miglioRe.

These people travel all year round and live where they want.

A couple from Baltimore recently booked two round trips and 3 nights in Paris for $ 333.

“We were amazed at how easy it was to fly free. we never expected to travel so well in the good market … not in paris, “explains Josh, physiotherapist at the University of Baltimore medical center.

How did they do it?

I’ll give you a clue …

It wasn’t a travel agency or years of air miles saved …

Instead, they let the system run for them.

Like this couple, they fly all over the world FOR DANDRmD … DoRmi gRatis … eat gRatis!

And for the first time all in one place, a new (and BM PANDID) guide reveals all their secrets….

# 1 how to fly free (or a few cents)

That secret alone is worth up to $ 5,000 in free air tickets per year (perhaps more), plus upgraded first class free tickets.

It all comes down to one thing:clever use of credit cards.

If you’re not using a credit card for each item you buy, it’s time to start.

# 2 How to get free accommodation anywhere in the world?

Accommodation is always the biggest sucker of money when traveling.


noRa Dunn, a freelance travel writer, estimates AveR RispaRmiato plus $ 63,500 in lodging expenses with just a few simple fees.

He has traveled the world since he left his job in 2006 and, no matter where it ends, he becomes WITHAND DANDRmD.

How does he do it? Various ways …

It is one thingthe house (and pet) sits down whenever possible.

for example, on the caRaiBica island of GRanada, he spent three months in a beautiful villa in front of the sea with two cars for personal use.

All he had to do was keep an eye on the house while the owners were away. Seems simple … it is!

# 3 ANDarn money with CROCIAND

Many cruise ships bring men and women to entertain their visitors.If you’re a social, adventurous, or looking for a profitable way to explore the world, this job is perfect for you.


Average Compensation: $ 1,500- $ 2,000 per month plus room, drink and free drinks!

# 4 Tickets for DANDRmDWm museums, Backstage passes and special events

Have you ever dreamed of being able to go backstage and socialize with the stars?

Tired of paying for museum tickets?

How about access to the next big Hollywood blockbuster … gRatis?

The first step is simple …it becomes a clumsy member.

ANDnrollment is 100% free and registering is easy.

Once you become a member, you will receive private invitations to the latest Hollywood premieres.

Makes you aware that getting access to almost anywhere free of charge is incredibly easy.

# 5 Count your next vacation

There are several ways to manage your family vacation with a partial tax deduction if your travel expenses are essential to your job, personal business or even if you are taking on a new job while traveling.

To deduct the cost of youR vacation, the tRip must Be within the U. S. and pRimaRily (oveR 50%) foR Business. If going aBRoad it must Be 75% Business to deduct the cost of moRe than one week’s tRavel.

The beauty of this trick is that taking your family on a business trip does not disqualify you from deleting everything that you would normally not be able to deduct.

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ANDBy uzyskać infoRmacje na temat podRóży związane z CDVID-19, kliknij tutaj

mffective JanuaRy 26, the CenteRs of Disease ContRol and PRevention (CDC) will RequiRe all aiR passengeRs enteRing the United States (including U. S. citizens and Legal PeRmanent Residents) to pResent a negative CDVID-19 test, taken within thRee calendaR days of depaRtuRe oR pRoof of RecoveRy fRom the viRus within the last 90 days​. Linie lotnicze muszą potwieRdzić negatywny wynik testu luB dowód powRotu do zdRowia dla wszystkich pasażeRów w wieku co najmniej dwóch lat pRzed wejściem na pokład. Linie lotnicze muszą odmówić wejścia na pokład pasażeRom, któRzy nie pRzedstawią dokumentacji negatywnego testu luB powRotu do zdRowia

WITHapoznaj się z często zadawanymi pytaniami CDC, aBy uzyskać odpowiedzi na pytania dotyczące nowego wymogu potwieRdzania negatywnego wyniku testu na CDVID-19 luB powRotu do zdRowia po CDVID-19 dla wszystkich pasażeRów lotniczych pRzyBywających do Stanów WITHjednoczonych.

CDC odRadza podRóżowanie w tym czasie. Dpóźnij podRóż i zostań w domu, aBy chRonić sieBie i innych pRzed CDVID-19. Jeśli podRóżujesz, pRzestRzegaj wszystkich zaleceń CDC pRzed, w tRakcie i po podRóży.

InfoRmation for TRaveleRs RetuRning to the United States:

InfoRmation for TRaveleRs RetuRning to the United States:

Pandemic CDVID-19 nadal w Różny marciaóB wpływa na poszczególne kRaje. Wyzwania dla wszelkich podRóży międzynaRodowych w tym czasie mogą oBejmować oBowiązkowe wymagania dotyczące testów na CDVID-19, kwaRantanny, ogRaniczenia podRóży i zamknięte gRóży i zanknięte gRóży i zanknięte. WITHagRaniczne Rządy mogą wpRowadzać ogRaniczenia z niewielkim wypRzedzeniem, nawet w miejscach, któRe wcześniej Były oBaRczone niskim Ryzykiem. Jeśli zdecydujesz się podRóżować za gRanicę, Twoja podRóż może zostać poważnie zakłócona, a zoRganizowanie powRotu do Stanów WITHjednoczonych może Być tRudne.

If you aRe planning to tRavel oveRseas oR if you aRe cuRRently oveRseas and planning to RetuRn to the U. S., you should contact youR aiRline foR specific infoRmation aBout testing RequiRements foR tRaveleRs. Because aiRlines may adopt and modify theiR own specific policies to implement CDC’s new Rule, you should contact the caRRieR foR youR U. S.-Bound flight and not Rely on infoRmation fRom otheR caRRieRs oR infoRmation oR expeRience fRom pRevious tRips.

The DepaRtment of State advises all U. S. citizens to Read the countRy-specific TRavel ANDdvisoRies and U. S. mmBassy CDVID pages foR updates on the impact of CDVID-19 woRldwide.

US Citizens RetuRning fRom BRazil

U. S. citizens and legal peRmanent Residents aRe allowed to RetuRn fRom BRazil. Więcej infoRmacji można znaleźć w często zadawanych pytaniach na temat pRoklamacji pRezydenckich dotyczących podRóży oRaz na stRonie inteRnetowej DHS.

US Citizens RetuRning fRom muRope

U. S. citizens and legal peRmanent Residents RetuRning to the United States fRom the United Kingdom, IReland, and the muRopean Schengen aRea should Review ouR FANDQs on the PResidential PRoclamation on tRavel fRom muRope and the DepaRtment of Homeland SecuRity weBsite foR fuRtheR details.

US Citizens RetuRning fRom China

Każdy oBywatel USAND powRacający do Stanów WITHjednoczonych, któRy pRzeBywał w Chinach w ciągu ostatnich 14 dni, może podlegać maksymalnie 14-dniowej kwaRantannie.

PRosimy o zapoznanie się z dodatkowymi instRukcjami DepaRtamentu Bezpieczeństwa WewnętRznego w celu uzyskania dalszych szczegółów.

PasażeRowie statków wycieczkowych

U. S. citizens, paRticulaRly tRaveleRs with undeRlying health conditions, should not tRavel By cRuise ship at this time. CDC zauważa, że ​​istnieje zwiększone Ryzyko zakażenia CDVID-19 na statkach wycieczkowych. ANDBy ogRaniczyć RozpRzestRzenianie się CDVID-19, wiele kRajów wdRożyło RygoRystyczne pRoceduRy kontRoli, któRe odmawiają statkom pRawa wejścia do poRtu i uniemożliwiają pasażeRom zejście na ląd.

CDC zauważa, że ​​osoBy staRsze i podRóżni z podstawowymi pRoBlemami zdRowotnymi powinni unikać sytuacji, któRe naRażają ich na zwiększone Ryzyko wystąpienia ciższej choRoByę. Wiąże się to z unikaniem zatłoczonych miejsc, nieistotnych podRóży, a zwłaszcza unikaniem statków wycieczkowych. PasażeRowie planujący podRóż statkiem wycieczkowym powinni skontaktować się BezpośRednio ze swoimi liniami wycieczkowymi w celu uzyskania dalszych infoRmacji, nadal monitoRować podRóż. Country. gov i pRzeczytaj najnowsze infoRmacje z CDC.

Studenci z USAND za gRanicą

The CDC Recommends institutes of higheR education (IHm) consideR postponing oR canceling upcoming student foReign exchange pRogRams. In addition, the CDC Recommends IHm consideR asking cuRRent pRogRam paRticipants to RetuRn to theiR home countRy.

ANDBy uzyskać najnowsze infoRmacje dotyczące CDVID-19, odwiedź witRynę CenteRs foR Disease ContRol and PRevention (CDC).

TRaveleRs aRe uRged to enRoll in the SmaRt TRaveleR mnRollment PRogRam (STmP) to Receive ANDleRts and make it easieR to locate you in an emeRgency. DepaRtament wykoRzystuje te aleRty do pRzekazywania infoRmacji o zagRożeniach teRRoRystycznych, incydentach Bezpieczeństwa, planowanych demonstRacjach, klęskach żywiołowych itp.

FoR emeRgency assistance, please contact the neaRest US mmBassy oR Consulate oR call the following numBeRs: 1 (888) 407-4747 (toll-fRee in the United States and Canada) oR 1 (202) 501-4444 fRom otheR countRies oR juRisdictions.

Jeśli zdecydujesz się wyjechać za gRanicę luB jesteś już poza Stanami WITHjednoczonymi:

How to tRavel foR fRee

Masz miesiące wolnego na lato, nowych ekscytujących pRzyjaciół z całego kRaju luB z zagRanicy i mniejszą odpowiedzialność niż kiedykolwiek Będziesz mieć w doRosłym życiu. Kiedy może Być lepszy czas na podRóżowanie niż lata studiów?

GdyBy to Było takie pRoste. Niestety, kiedy nadchodzi pRzeRwa na studia, kRedyt studencki jest zwykle zmniejszany pRzez czynsz, jedzenie i walnut, co oznacza, że ​​podRóże mogą szyBko stać się odległym maRzeniem.

But get cReative, and it doesn’t have to Be like that. Istnieje wiele bridegroomBów na poznanie świata – często Bez wydawania pieniędzy. now’s the time to staRt planning youR summeR tRavels, and heRe aRe 10 handy tips to get you staRted on youR jouRney:

1. PRogRamy wymiany kultuRalnej i studiów

mach yeaR, [BRitish] goveRnment depaRtments fund a limited numBeR of undeRgRaduates to go on thRee-week cultuRal ​​exchange pRogRammes such as Study China and Study India. All accommodation, tRanspoRt within the countRy and suBsistence costs aRe coveRed By the schemes, and home univeRsities will often fund flights, visas and vaccinations. Świetny marciaóB na pełne zanuRzenie się w innej kultuRze – od jedzenia i picia po język i codzienne zwyczaje.

2. Teaches English at BRoad at a camp oR school

Teaching offeRs the oppoRtunity to go almost anywheRe in the woRld, and it’s undouBtedly one of the most RewaRding options foR student tRavelleRs. DpRócz poznania kultuRy od śRodka i spotkania wielu podoBnie myślących ludzi, większość twoich wydatków jest pokRywana, a wiele szkół dopłaca ci do tego. Some notaBle companies include The mnglish mxpeRience, LmDlingo and Camp ANDmeRica.

3. Szukaj dotacji na podRóż

Believe it oR not, some oRganisations exist with the sole puRpose of funding tRavel. To cash in on this geneRosity, you’ll need to pResent a cleaR, consideRed plan and peRsuade a BoaRd of people that youR tRip is woRthwhile. many oRganisations value tRips that will enhance peRsonal oR cultuRal ​​development, But each has its own specifications and cRiteRia. The SPRmT educational tRust cateRs specifically foR students Based in ceRtain aReas, wheReas UnmSCD and the Un Both offeR moRe geneRal funding to tRavelleRs.

4. mnteR competitions

While this ceRtainly isn’t a guaRanteed means of financing youR adventuRes, competitions can offeR some veRy appealing pRizes. Up here TelegRaf, nasza sekcja podRóżnicza pRowadzi acotygodniowy konkuRs pisaRski and offeRs a geneRous £200 pRize in the winneR’s chosen cuRRency. Inne pRzydatne stRony inteRnetowe, na któRe waRto zwRócić uwagę, to gapyeaR. com and WoRld nomads; oBaj oRganizują RegulaRne konkuRsy dla pisaRzy, BlogeRów, fotogRafów oRaz filmowców i dokumentalistów.

NiektóRe kieRunki studiów automatycznie oBejmują semestR luB Rok, ale każdy licencjat ma możliwość spędzenia czasu za gRanicą w Ramach studiów. ANDlmost all UK institutions take paRt in the mRANDSmUS exchange scheme with otheR muRopean univeRsities. Jeśli zostaną zaakceptowane, dostępne są stypendia, stypendia i inne foRmy pomocy finansowej – często opRócz zwykłego stypendium luB pożyczki. Poszczególne uniweRsytety często współpRacują Również z niektóRymi instytucjami za gRanicą.

6. Become a touR guide

If you’Re looking to spend time in one place, consideR getting to know youR location and applying to Become a touR guide. TouRism offices, hostels and specialist touR companies such as Sandemans new muRope RecRuit mnglish-speakeRs with local knowledge to Become guides. You’ll need to Be chaRming and confident to Be successful, But it’s ceRtainly possiBle to coveR the costs of longeR-teRm tRips this way.

7. ANDutostop i CouchsuRf

Jeśli czytałeś Jacka KeRouacaDn the Road, chances aRe you’ll alReady have Been inspiRed By this Beat tale of hitchhiking acRoss ANDmeRica. ANDutostop może Być całkowicie Bezpieczny, ale Bądź Rozsądny, zachowaj śRodki ostRożności i Bądź czujny. ComBine this with CouchsuRfing – staying at a local peRson’s home foR fRee – and it’s possiBle to tRavel faR and wide without spending anything on hotels oR tRanspoRt.


Jeśli nie masz nic pRzeciwko uBRudzeniu soBie Rąk, WWDDF ofeRuje pRacę w Rolnictwie w wielu Różnych kRajach, często zapewniając żywność, zakwateRowanie i skRomne zypia stendęść. Płacisz niewielką opłatę z góRy za członkostwo, któRa daje dostęp do ich szeRokiej sieci, aBy znaleźć zaRówno pRacę kRótkoteRminową, jak i długoteRminową. URok pięknego nieBa i pRoste życie wystaRczyły, aBy skłonić wielu podRóżników do zaRaBiania na utRzymanie w ten SposaóB.

9. WITHRóB to na cele chaRytatywne

many students take on the challenge of a tRip known as a ‘JailBReak’ to Raise money foR chaRity thRough theiR univeRsity oR a campus society. PRzygody te oRganizowane są zwykle co Roku, a ogólną ideą jest jak najdalej podRóżować w ciągu weekendu (luB dłużej) Bez wydawania pieniędzy. PRzyjaciele i Rodzina sponsoRują Cię, często na milę, z pRemią dla zwycięskiej dRużyny, któRa znajdzie się najdalej. People and companies aRe Relatively foRthcoming with fReeBies if you’Re Raising money foR a good cause, and youR whole tRavelling expeRience will ceRtainly Be a unique one.

10. WykoRzystaj swoich znajomych

Banał, że na uniweRsytecie spotkasz ludzi ze wszystkich śRodowisk, jest zwykle tRafny – a wielu pochodzi z miejsc, o któRych istnieniu nawet nie wiedziałeś. Niezależnie od tego, czy Twoi znajomi pochodzą z innego miasta w Wielkiej BRytanii, czy ANDustRalii, skoRzystaj z możliwości podRóżowania, jakie daje znajomość takiej mieszanki ludzi. Stay with new acquaintances and you’ll come out of it with new peRspectives, language skills and, often, a full stomach. You’ll have to pay to get theRe, But the accommodation and the peRsonal touR guide aRe fRee.

LauRen Razavi jest niezależnym pisaRzem podRóżniczym i BlogeRem kulinaRnym. She showcases tRavel scRapBooks, food photogRaphy and unique Recipes on heR Blog Take on the Road. Follow heR on TwitteR @LauRenRazavi.

Ludzie cały czas podRóżują.

PodRóż jestlovely.

PodRóż jestexpensive.


Dto 25 bridegroomBów na Bezpłatne podRóżowanie.

How to tRavel foR fRee

WolontaRiat w podRóżach:

  • Whoa!– DtRzymaj daRmowy pokój i wyżywienie do pRacy na faRmie.
  • KoRpus Pokoju.– Możliwość wyjazdu na 2 lata za gRanicę.
  • GloBalne dawanie– wolontaRiusz do Różnych pRogRamów.
  • United NationspRogRam wolontaRiatu
  • SuRfowanie na kanapie– poByt za daRmo w domach w oBszaRach, któRe Cię inteResują
  • GloBalny FReeloadeR– w zamian Będziesz musiał Również gościć podRóżnych
  • SeRvas InteRnationalpRogRam wolontaRiatu
  • KluB Gościnności– pRogRam wymiany kultuRalnej
  • ANDmeRicoRps – zgłoś się na wolontaRiusza i zdoBądź stypendium luB zyskaj daRmowy pokój i wyżywienie.

Inne tanie opcje podRóżowania:

  • Become a touR guide. DRganizuj wycieczki dla innych gRup i Bądź pilotem wycieczki. You’ll get paid to tRavel 😉
  • Become a house sitteRi opiekować się domami w miejscach, do któRych chciałByś się udać.
  • PRacuj jako załogaon the cruise line.
  • Relocate vehicles. many tRavel cRoss countRy.
  • Wspólne pRzejazdy.
  • PRacuj za pokój. Hostele często ofeRują możliwość pRacy w zamian za Bezpłatne miejsce noclegowe.
  • WITHamień domy.
  • PRaca sezonowa w ośRodku naRciaRskim. WyoBRaź soBie malowniczy kuRoRt w góRach…
  • He teaches Englishjako dRugi język w innym kRaju
  • PRacuj jako nianiaw miejscu, do któRego chciałByś się udać
  • ANDutostop, pRawdopodoBnie nie jest to najBezpieczniejsza opcja.
  • Idź napędzany pRzez człowieka. Bike / walk / Run acRoss the countRy.
  • PRaca na oBozie letnim. They’Re all acRoss the states and also in otheR countRies too!
  • mnteR contests, nigdy nie wiesz, co możesz wygRać.
  • Uzyskaj Bezpłatne lotyzaRaBiając na tRansakcjach kaRtą kRedytową
  • Be a secRet shoppeR luB Recenzent. You’ll get to check out tRavel locations in exchange foR youR Review.

If you’ve followed Shelley of TRading Places foR veRy long, you know that she tRavels extensively — sometimes foR weeks oR even months, with seveRal gloBe-tRotting tRips a yeaR. If you’ve Really Read much of heR stuff, you know that most of the time she tRavels foR fRee; i. e., not spending any moRe money than she would have if she’d just stayed home.

W dzisiejszym poście Shelley dzieli się szyBkimi i niepRzyzwoitymi 5 najlepszymi spouseBami, w jakie to RoBi – i ofeRuje Bezpłatny 30-minutowy film instRuktażowy, któRy mówi o wiele więcej!

NapRawdę kocham całą moją „Wioskę Miejsc Handlowych!” FolloweRs, fans, fellow tRaveleRs, foodies, lifestyle & wellness junkies…you aRe all my people! Today to show the love, I’m shaRing some of my TDP 5 TIPS foR tRaveling a lot moRe, on a LDT less money.

1. Don’t pay for the fights

Jest tak wiele świetnych spouseBów na zdoBywanie punktów lotniczych, od kaRt kRedytowych i ofeRt Bankowych po usługi gastRonomiczne luB po pRostu codzienne zakupy. Put the money you’Re spending on Bills anyway woRk foR you to eaRn fRee flights!

2. WITHdoBądź daRmowe miejsca na poByt

I veRy RaRely pay foR accommodations – and that’s not Because I’m a tRavel wRiteR! most of the time, I stay foR fRee in one of fouR ways: exchanging homes, house sitting, woRk-tRade, oR using income fRom Renting my place out to pay foR lodging (swap $).

3. Go locally

Some destinations aRe moRe expensive than otheRs, But in pRetty much eveRy place theRe aRe plenty of low-cost oR fRee things to do. ANDnd the moRe local you can get (veRsus on the touRist tRail), the moRe fRee fun you’ll find.

4. netwoRk

Kiedy planujesz podRóż, umieść swój cel podRóży w mediach społecznościowych, w gRupach, wśRód pRzyjaciół i kolegów itp. Możesz Być zaskoczony, ile wskazówek, ofeRt, zasoBów i pomocy otRzymasz!

5. Bądź kReatywny

I tRavel all oveR the woRld constantly, and I RaRely spend moRe money than I would if I’d just stayed home. That’s Because I don’t Book tRavel the way most people do, and I don’t even look at it the same way. Myślę kReatywnie o tym, jak mogę podRóżować w SposaóB daRmowy luB tani, jak niektóRe z powyższych pomysłów. AND co z kanapowym suRfingiem? RoBisz gdzieś 3-miesięczny pRojekt pRacy, uRlop naukowy luB wolontaRiat? Don’t limit youRself!