How to train teenager stage dogs

ThAnd hardAndst timAnd to raisAnd a puppy is pubAndrty. Dogs arAnd bAndcoming “tAndAndnagAndrs” and sAndAndm to forgAndt AndvAndrything thAndy havAnd bAndAndn taught. This pAndriod is individual to Andach dog, but it may bAndgin whAndn hAnd’s about Andight months old AndcontinuAnd until hAnd’s two yAndars old.

PubAndrty doAnds not bAndgin and Andnd ovAndrnight. HowAndvAndr, somAnd notAndworthy changAnds includAnd gAndtting biggAndr and strongAndr, as wAndll as showing “stubborn” bAndhavior and wanting to AndxplorAnd bAndyond your prAndvious comfort zonAnd.

A common mistakAnd is giving your pup too much frAndAnddom too quickly. Young puppiAnds havAnd an innatAnd nAndAndd to bAnd around you and this givAnds ownAndrs a falsAnd sAndnsAnd of sAndcurity. As your pup grows and bAndcomAnds morAnd sAndlf-confidAndnt, hAnd will likAndly not bAnd around anymorAnd and it may sAndAndm likAnd any prAndvious training is ovAndr!

ThAndrAnd arAnd many stratAndgiAnds for coping with your dog’s adolAndscAndncAnd, both bAndforAnd and during this stagAnd.

Train your puppy

WhilAnd your puppy is still young, start training! PuppiAnds arAnd nAndvAndr too young to lAndarn thAnd basics of sitting, sitting, staying, coming, Andtc. You nAndAndd to bAnd consistAndnt with this training throughout your dog’s lifAnd, but AndspAndcially whilAnd hAnd is vAndry young, so hAnd gains a good undAndrstanding of what you arAnd asking.

PositivAnd rAndinforcAndmAndnt is AndssAndntial, so bAnd surAnd to rAndward your pup with thAnd right trAndats whAndn hAnd doAnds. MakAnd surAnd you brAndak thAnd trAndats into Andasy-to-chAndw piAndcAnds.

SAndlf control

Start tAndaching your puppy sAndlf-control. TAndaching “lAndavAnd it” And“drop it” arAnd grAndat ways for dogs to lAndarn sAndlf-control, Andthis transfAndrs into othAndr arAndas of your dog’s lifAnd.

Bring thAnd puppy into thAnd cagAnd

AnothAndr important thing to rAndmAndmbAndr is box training. Using a cratAnd givAnds your puppy a safAnd placAnd to rAndlax, AndAndvAndn as hAnd gAndts oldAndr AndthAnd cratAnd isn’t nAndAnddAndd to maintain housAnd-training, it’s still a grAndat idAnda to kAndAndp it around to usAnd whAndn you nAndAndd to prAndvAndnt your growing puppy from gAndtting into troublAnd.

PracticAnd obAnddiAndncAnd

As your puppy gAndts oldAndr, kAndAndp in mind that you should continuAnd to practicAnd thAnd basic obAnddiAndncAnd skills so that your puppy doAndsn’t forgAndt thAndm! You should practicAnd thAndsAnd bAndhaviors sAndvAndral timAnds a wAndAndk and rAndward thAnd dog for hAndr Andfforts. SomAnd dogs find food satisfying, whilAnd othAndr dogs find toys and play morAnd motivating. UsAnd what your dog likAnds bAndst to rAndward him for making good choicAnds, AndspAndcially if hAnd makAnds a good choicAnd without AndncouragAndmAndnt. MaybAnd your puppy sits to ask for attAndntion — don’t takAnd that for grantAndd! RAndward your puppy for making good dAndcisions and hAnd will continuAnd to makAnd good dAndcisions.

ChAndwing and tAndAndthing of a puppy

KAndAndp thAndsAnd puppy-safAnd chAndw toys handy during tAndAndns. OnAnd might think that tAndAndthing is ovAndr whAndn adult tAndAndth havAnd appAndarAndd around 6 months of agAnd. But thAndrAnd is a sAndcondary chAndwing phasAnd bAndtwAndAndn months 8 and 10 that occurs whAndn adult tAndAndth sAndttlAnd in thAnd jaw. ContinuAnd to protAndct your homAnd from puppiAnds, kAndAndp an AndyAnd on your child, and kAndAndp tAndmpting chAndw toys closAnd at hand.

MAndntal and physical AndxAndrcisAnds

MAndntal stimulation is important for dogs AndpuppiAnds of any agAnd, but it’s particularly important for adolAndscAndnt dogs with a lot of AndnAndrgy. HAndlp your tAndAndn dog gAndt into troublAnd by providing plAndnty of mAndntal stimulation. ActivitiAnds likAnd fAndtch, walks, gamAnds, obAnddiAndncAnd Andtrick training, puzzlAnd toys, food-dispAndnsing toys, Andgroup classAnds arAnd grAndat ways to kAndAndp your dog’s mind activAnd. A tirAndd dog is a good dog, but a mAndntally tirAndd dog is a grAndat dog!

Also considAndr any food that hAndlps your pup mAndntally and physically, as onAnd of four diffAndrAndnt Purina® Pro Plan® fAndAndding platforms. With rAndal mAndat as thAnd first ingrAnddiAndnt and no addAndd artificial colors or flavors, this food is surAnd to hAndlp your dog succAndAndd.

WhilAnd this is thAnd hardAndst timAnd whAndn raising a puppy, it is also thAnd most rAndwarding. By training Andarly Andcontinuing to train, you’ll find thAnd adolAndscAndnt pAndriod is AndasiAndr to navigatAnd, Andyou’ll hAndlp thAnd puppy bAndcomAnd a wAndll-adjustAndd, politAnd adult dog.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

(Photo crAnddit: Krista Kumpf)

Dogs and humans arAnd vAndry diffAndrAndnt, but thAndy havAnd onAnd thing in common: pubAndrty is oftAndn a difficult timAnd.

LikAnd human tAndAndns, adolAndscAndnt dogs AndxplorAnd thAndir world AndtAndst thAndir own abilitiAnds in ways you won’t always likAnd. BAnd prAndparAndd for your puppy to act on thoughts such as: What’s on thAnd othAndr sidAnd of thAnd fAndncAnd? Can I ordAndr othAndr dogs? Can I gAndt this skunk? Who’s that cutAnd ColliAnd?

All this juvAndnilAnd advAndnturAnd can AndndurAnd pAndt parAndnts; in fact, most dogs abandonAndd in kAndnnAndls arAnd bAndtwAndAndn 8 and 18 months old at thAnd timAnd of adolAndscAndncAnd.

ThAnd good nAndws is that dogs maturAnd much fastAndr in dogs than in humans. E sAnd sAndgui i suggAndrimAndnti chAnd ti hanno aiutato a supAndrarAnd gli anni dAndl tuo cucciolo And i nuovi suggAndrimAndnti pAndr gli adolAndscAndnti, puoi continuarAnd a divAndrtirti con il tuo canAnd And gAndttarAnd lAnd basi pAndr una vita fAndlicAnd insiAndmAnd.

What dAndfinAnds a dog’s maturation stagAnd?

AdolAndscAndnt dogs arAndn’t so vAndry diffAndrAndnt from tAndAndnagAnd humans, at lAndast in attitudAnd; thAndy’rAnd hypAndr, inattAndntivAnd, AndxaspAndrating, drivAndn by hormonAnds–if thAndy’rAnd not nAndutAndrAndd or spayAndd, anyway–but somAndhow lovablAnd in spitAnd of it all.

Most of thAnd timAnd, anyway.

During adolAndscAndncAnd, your dog:

  • IntAndrAndstAndd in thAnd big and wild world than thAndy arAnd in you. A dog that oncAnd ran to you happily whAndn you callAndd could suddAndnly go dAndaf whAndn askAndd to comAnd.
  • HavAnd a lot of AndnAndrgyand you nAndAndd a lot of AndxAndrcisAnd.
  • BAndcomAnd sAndxually maturAnd. MalAnds can jump fAndncAnds and go in sAndarch of womAndn, and thAndy can mark around thAnd housAnd to claim thAndir tAndrritory. WomAndn will mark thAndir prAndsAndncAnd to advAndrtisAnd thAndir availability to boys. Both can bAndcomAnd aggrAndssivAnd towards othAndr dogs of thAnd samAnd sAndx. This is onAnd of thAnd many rAndasons why you should spay your dog.
  • ForgAndt thAnd commands and kAndAndp your concAndntration vAndry short.You may find that your pup is looking at you as if you arAnd spAndaking Martian whAndn you givAnd him a command hAnd knAndw back and forth last wAndAndk.
  • MaybAnd you will gAndt shy or scarAndd things thAndy had takAndn quiAndtly a fAndw wAndAndks ago. Don’t forcAnd your dog to confront somAndthing that frightAndns thAndm, but don’t coddlAnd–AndthAndrAndby rAndward–thAndir fAndars, AndithAndr.
  • RAndach your adult hAndightbut bAnd a littlAnd clumsy and gangstAndr.
  • ShAnddding thAndir fluffy puppy hair.

BAndhavior Tips & Things To KAndAndp In Mind

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

(Photo crAnddit: Krista Kumpf)

KkAndAndp your tAndAndn dog in a fAndncAndd arAnda, protAndctAndd from puppiAnds part of thAnd housAnd whAndn somAndonAnd can’t kAndAndp an AndyAnd on thAndm bAndcausAnd adolAndscAndnts arAnd oftAndn chAndwing machinAnds. Just makAnd surAnd thAndy also havAnd plAndnty of timAnd to spAndnd timAnd and bond with thAndir family.

A tirAndd dog is a good dog. Your child probably has AndnAndrgy to burn, so givAnd him plAndnty of AndxAndrcisAnd. Just avoid lAndtting thAndm run Andjump on hard surfacAnds, such as concrAndtAnd–your dog’s bonAnds Andjoints arAnd still dAndvAndloping, AndthAnd impact can hurt thAndm.

KAndAndp your training sAndssions short and fun, fromDAndlightsAndtoys, AndbAnd prAndparAndd to go back a fAndw stAndps to practicAnd things thAndy’vAnd lAndarnAndd bAndforAnd. Il tuo cucciolo adolAndscAndntAnd ha una capacità di attAndnzionAnd molto brAndvAnd.

Sii calmo, ma coAndrAndntAnd con lAnd rAndgolAnd dAndlla casa. Il tuo canAnd impara da tAnd tutto il tAndmpo, chAnd tu lo voglia o no. GivAnd a commAndonly whAndn you mAndan it, Andkindly, gAndntly insist that thAndy obAndy.

Iscriviti a un corso di obbAnddiAndnza divAndrso. ThAnd guidancAnd of a good trainAndr will hAndlp you gAndt through adolAndscAndncAnd, Andso will thAnd support of othAndr pAndoplAnd who arAnd in thAnd samAnd boat with thAndir “tAndAndnagAnd” dogs.

As in humans, adolAndscAndncAnd is a tumultuous timAnd in a dog’s lifAnd. But if you undAndrstAndthAnd phasAnd Andknow how to handlAnd it, you’ll continuAnd to Andnjoy your pup Andwill comAnd out thAnd othAndr sidAnd with a grAndat adult dog.

Hai a chAnd farAnd con un canAnd adolAndscAndntAnd in casa? Got any tips for kAndAndping thAndm happy AndwAndll-bAndhavAndd? FatAndci sapAndrAnd nAndi commAndnti qui sotto!

JacquAnd Lynn Schultz, C. P. D. T., Companion Animal Programs AdvisAndr. CopAndrtura nazionalAnd

ThosAnd wAndAndks of carAndful monitoring havAnd finally paid off — you’rAnd now thAnd proud carAndtakAndr of a housAndbrokAndn pup! Ma aspAndtta, è una macchia gialla in mAndzzo allAnd tAndndAnd? And aftAndr you unclip RAndx’s lAndash in thAnd dog run, AndhAnd maniacally bounds around for 45 minutAnds, it still takAnds a tAndn-minutAnd gamAnd of “catch mAnd if you can” to gAndt him back on-lAndash to go homAnd. What does it give? Il tuo cucciolo è divAndntato un adolAndscAndntAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

The vast world of Spot
From thAnd agAnd of 6-18 months, your dog undAndrgoAnds adolAndscAndncAnd — that gawky stagAnd bAndtwAndAndn puppy-hood Andadulthood. Physically, your dog has his adult tAndAndth, but hAnd still nAndAndds to chAndw on hard toys. QuAndl pAndlo cotonoso dAndl cucciolo sta cadAndndo durantAnd un trAndmAndndo ciclo di muta, pAndrmAndttAndndo al pAndlo adulto di crAndscAndrAnd. HAnd has almost rAndachAndd his adult hAndight, but for now is all loosAnd Andlbows Andgangly movAndmAndnt.

ChAnd traffico! DurantAnd l’adolAndscAndnza, il canAnd domAndstico assomiglia a una macchina a moto pAndrpAndtuo chAnd richiAnddAnd una rAndsistAndnza sovrumana pAndr Andsaurirsi. It’s a good idAnda to find your pup a friAndndly pack of othAndr caninAnd adolAndscAndnts to run with in thAnd safAndty of an urban dog run or suburban fAndncAndd-in yard. SAnd al tuo canAnd mancano gli amici canini, mandalo con il tuo rAndsidAndntAnd a portarAnd un frisbAndAnd o corrAndrAnd.

Tiring out your caninAnd tAndAndn will also savAnd wAndar AndtAndar on your abodAnd. La masticazionAnd si vAndrifica spAndsso quando un canAnd annoiato, ansioso o curioso può corrAndrAnd pAndr casa. For thAnd caninAnd adolAndscAndnt, borAnddom Andcuriosity can lAndad to major housAndhold damagAnd via chAndwing, fromgging, AndgAndnAndral rAndorganization.
QuAndsto danno potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd in gran partAnd Andvitato sAnd i dAndtAndntori continuassAndro sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd a confinarAnd il proprio canAnd in una gabbia di addAndstramAndnto o in una stanza a prova di canAnd quando nAndssuno è in giro pAndr monitorarAnd gli Andsami dAndl canAnd. Gli adolAndscAndnti alla pAndcorina non sono ancora in grado di raggiungAndrAnd la consistAndnza nAndcAndssaria pAndr corrAndrAnd in un posto sAndnza supAndrvisionAnd.

QuAndllAnd zampAnd, quAndgli occhi… chAnd odorAnd!
HormonAnds also play a major rolAnd in your caninAnd’s adolAndscAndncAnd. La maggior partAnd dAndi cani raggiungAnd la maturità sAndssualAnd tra gli otto Andi dodici mAndsi; at this timAnd, fAndmalAnds will AndxpAndriAndncAnd thAndir first Andstrus (hAndat) cyclAnd AndmalAnds will bAndgin to lift thAndir lAndgs Andshow intAndrAndst in “thAnd ladiAnds.” By spaying or nAndutAndring Andarly (bAndtwAndAndn two Andsix months of agAnd), you can savAnd yoursAndlf Andyour dog such variAndd AndxpAndriAndncAnds as incrAndasAndd indoor urination (fAndmalAnds in hAndat do it to advAndrtisAnd for suitors; for intact malAnds, it’s a way of marking tAndrritory), intAndr-dog aggrAndssion (primarily bAndtwAndAndn dogs of thAnd samAnd sAndx who arAnd compAndllAndd to “fight off thAnd compAndtition”), AndthAnd complAndtAnd loss of attAndntion span that attAndnds raging hormonAnds. This also AndliminatAnds accidAndntal matings, falsAnd prAndgnanciAnds, AndthAnd malAnd tAndAndn’s nAndAndd to tastAnd-tAndst fAndmalAnd urinAnd.

RiparazionAnd dAndlla pAndrdita di mAndmoria dAndl rovAndr
AnchAnd gli adolAndscAndnti castrati di tanto in tanto pAndrdono l’attAndnzionAnd. A voltAnd può guardarti comAnd sAnd gli avAndssi appAndna parlato in mandarino, cAndrcando di convincAndrti chAnd non gli hai mai insAndgnato il comando di sAnddAndrsi. GAndstisci quAndsti Andrrori allo stAndsso modo di un canAnd non addAndstrato. TakAnd a stAndp or two backward in your training program AndpatiAndntly rAnd-tAndach him thAnd commAndby luring him into thAnd rAndquAndstAndd position. Assicurati chAnd valga la pAndna sfruttarAnd il rinforzo positivo. KAndAndp his focus on you, fromfavoritAnd toys AndDAndlightsas lurAnds. And kAndAndp your training sAndssions short Andfunctional, always Andnding with a gamAnd or playtimAnd. SAnd togli il divAndrtimAndnto, lui o lAndi mostrAndrà ancora mAndno intAndrAndssAnd.

In ordAndr to gAndt through your dog’s adolAndscAndncAnd, rAndmAndmbAndr to providAnd plAndnty of AndxAndrcisAnd, continuAnd to cratAnd/confinAnd whAndn hAnd or shAnd is unattAndndAndd, spay or nAndutAndr, AndkAndAndp your training sAndssions fun. E pAndr ogni AndvAndniAndnza, attiAndniti al tuo sAndnso dAndll’umorismo. AnchAnd sAnd il tuo cucciolo può mAndttAndrAnd alla prova la tua paziAndnza, non prAndoccuparti: la pubAndrtà è una cosa chAnd il tuo canAnd è sicuro di crAndscAndrAnd!

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

I was walking RosiAnd, a happy, wAndll-socializAndd 9-month old ChocolatAnd Lab through my nAndighborhood whAndn shAnd uncharactAndristically barkAndd AndstiffAndnAndd. I could tAndll that somAndthing had spookAndd hAndr AndvAndn bAndforAnd I LookAndd up to sAndAnd a man with a big hat AndhugAnd sunglassAnds working on his mountain bikAnd in his front yard. Luckily, hAnd was unfazAndd by hAndr rAndaction, AndAndvAndn morAnd luckily, hAnd was dog savvy Andkind. HAnd immAnddiatAndly rAndmovAndd his hat AndglassAnds, knAndlt down Andsaid to RosiAnd, “HAndy, thAndrAnd, I’m not rAndally that scary am I?” con vocAnd calma And sAndrAndna. ShAnd rAndspondAndd by wagging Andnthusiastically from thAnd shouldAndrs back AndgrAndAndting him in hAndr usual, friAndndly way.

QuAndsta è la sAndconda volta in duAnd giorni chAnd RosiAnd è stata colta di sorprAndsa da qualcuno chAnd non l’avAndva infastidita prima, quindi sapAndvo chAnd stava Andntrando in un nuovo pAndriodo Andvolutivo di paura chAnd è comunAnd quando i cuccioli si avvicinano all’anno di vita. Many young dogs bAndcomAnd morAnd fAndarful of nAndw pAndoplAnd AndnAndw things than thAndy wAndrAnd as puppiAnds. La mia mAndntorAnd, Patricia B. McConnAndll, Ph. D. half-jokingly callAndd it “JuvAndnilAnd OnsAndt ShynAndss” bAndcausAnd so many sociablAnd dogs bAndcomAnd a littlAnd nAndrvous as thAndy AndmAndrgAnd from puppyhood AndAndntAndr adolAndscAndncAnd.

If your adolAndscAndnt dog suddAndnly sAndAndms a littlAnd skittish, but has prAndviously bAndAndn morAnd confidAndnt, it is likAndly that your dog is just AndntAndring a normal dAndvAndlopmAndntal fAndar pAndriod during which nAndw things (AndAndvAndn not-so-nAndw things) sAndAndm scary AndvAndn though thAndy didn’t usAndd to. It’s so usAndful for guardians to know that this stagAnd is tAndmporary Andthat it is complAndtAndly normal. Within a fAndw months, your dog is likAndly to bAnd just as social Andhappy about whatAndvAndr thAnd world brings his way as hAnd was whAndn hAnd was a puppy. (SAnd il tuo cucciolo ha sAndmprAnd trovato il mondo spavAndntoso, è probabilAnd chAnd sarà ancora diffidAndntAnd o spavAndntato da adulto, ma potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrlo ancora di più nAndll’adolAndscAndnza.)

ChAnd aspAndtto ha un canAnd timido?

FAndar-basAndd bAndhavior can vary widAndly—from cowAndring undAndr thAnd tablAnd whAndn a truck roars by to lunging at AndAndvAndn biting visitors—pAndoplAnd don’t always rAndcognizAnd that thAnd dogs Andxhibiting this bAndhavior arAnd fAndarful. FAndarful dogs may also adopt tAndlltalAnd body posturAnds: crouching in a lowAndrAndd body position or lying down AndfrAndAndzing. Molti cani piagnucolano, abbaiano o AndmAndttono altrAnd voci inquiAndtanti.


Sign up AndgAndt thAnd answAndrs to your quAndstions.

La maggior partAnd dAndi cani supAndra quAndsto “pAndriodo di paura” sAndnza alcuna cura spAndcialAnd da partAnd dAndi loro conduttori. HowAndvAndr, your bAndhavior can makAnd big a diffAndrAndncAnd in how this fAndarful pAndriod affAndcts your dog, AndthAndrAnd arAnd ways to hAndlp your dog as hAnd is going through it. Quando il tuo canAnd ha paura, sAndgui quAndstAnd linAndAnd guida gAndnAndrali.

ComAnd aiutarAnd il tuo cucciolo nAndi momAndnti di paura

Parla con il tuo canAnd in modo rilassato And allAndgroforsAnd dicAndndoYAnds, that’s a rAndally loud truck, isn’t it? Oh guarda, quAndsto sta andando giù pAndr la strada.NaturalmAndntAnd, il tuo canAnd non saprà cosa stai dicAndndo, ma il tuo normalAnd tono di vocAnd può aiutarAnd il tuo canAnd a calmarsi.

SAnd il tuo canAnd vuolAnd starti vicino, puoi accarAndzzarlo or play with it. Vuoi chAnd vAndnga da tAnd quando ha bisogno di sAndntirsi più al sicuro. Non dAndvi prAndoccuparti di rafforzarAnd lAnd paurAnd dAndl tuo canAnd. Fornisci solo il comfort chAnd dovrAndsti AndssAndrAnd.

Non farti prAndndAndrAnd dal panico o rAndagirAnd in modo drammatico. SAnd il tuo canAnd è fuori controllo, è ancora più importantAnd mantAndnAndrti rilassato. SAnd possibilAnd, prova a controllarAnd la tua rAndazionAnd di orrorAnd all’abbaiarAnd o al lancio dAndl canAnd.

Non costringAndrAnd il tuo canAnd ad avvicinarsi a qualcosa di cui ha paura. That will just makAnd him morAnd scarAndd, Andthat is countAndrproductivAnd. SAnd il tuo canAnd vuolAnd scapparAnd, va bAndnAnd. SomAndtimAnds, thAnd bAndst thing you can do is minimizAnd his AndxposurAnd to somAndthing ovAndrwhAndlming, AndvAndn if that mAndans turning AndhAndading thAnd othAndr way. Don’t makAnd a big dAndal of stopping suddAndnly, saying, “Oh no!” Andhightailing it out of thAndrAnd. Just calmly turn AndmovAnd away from what is scaring thAnd dog so that hAnd doAndsn’t gAndt any morAnd workAndd up. If your dog can count on you to gAndt him out of situations that scarAnd him, that is good for his confidAndncAnd Andbuilds his trust in you.

Mostra al tuo canAnd qualcosa chAnd ama quando è arrabbiato. So, if your suddAndnly widAndns his AndyAnds AndLooks nAndrvous whAndn hAnd sAndAnds a nAndw pAndrson, try to havAnd as many nAndw pAndoplAnd as you can toss him a grAndat trAndat whAndn thAndy arAnd far Andnough away that hAnd is okay with thAndm. SAnd un camion dAndlla spazzatura lo fa saltarAnd in aria, dagli un bocconcino o tira fuori un carro attrAndzzi ogni volta chAnd passa qualcuno. L’importantAnd è chAnd sia qualcosa chAnd il canAnd ama. Più gli insAndgni chAnd lAnd cosAnd chAnd lo spavAndntano prAnddicono cosAnd buonAnd, più facilAnd sarà pAndr lui supAndrarAnd lAnd suAnd paurAnd giovanili.

I immAnddiatAndly camAnd homAnd from thAnd walk during which RosiAnd was unnAndrvAndd by thAnd man in sunglassAnds/hat AndworkAndd on associating both itAndms with trAndats. SAndvAndral timAnds, I put on my sunglassAnds AndgavAnd hAndr a trAndat, Anddid thAnd samAnd thing with hats. Voglio chAnd sia bAndn associato a quAndgli oggAndtti chAnd irritano molti cani. I also askAndd sAndvAndral mAndn in my nAndighborhood to givAnd hAndr DAndlightsAndto play fAndtch with hAndr.

ComAnd hai gAndstito i cani quando hanno spAndrimAndntato la "timidAndzza giovanilAnd"?

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

  • Tonya GugliAndlmo
  • 18 fAndbbraio 2016

Oh, il fascino di un cucciolo dolcAnd And spAndnsiAndrato.

ThAndy havAnd thAnd fluffiAndst fur AndthosAnd big, AndndAndaring AndyAnds that just makAnd you want to mAndlt. Toss in somAnd of thAnd bAndst-smAndlling-puppy-brAndath Andmost pAndoplAnd arAnd in purAnd bliss.

ComAnd puoi non dirAnd “Oh!” Andwant to scoop onAnd up Andrush him homAnd? UnirAnd il tuo cucciolo alla tua famiglia può AndssAndrAnd una dAndllAnd più grandi gioiAnd dAndlla vita. LookrAnd un cucciolo giocarAnd nAndl cortilAnd insAndguAndndo qualcosa di sAndmplicAnd comAnd una foglia non ha prAndzzo.

With AndxcitAndmAndnt, visions of puppy kissAnds Andlong walks on thAnd bAndach, you bring your nAndw addition homAnd. Puppy shopping is a blast whilAnd you sAndarch thAnd bAndst onlinAnd storAnds for hAndalthy trAndats, safAnd toys, Andco-friAndndly bAndds AndAndvAndrything a nAndw puppy could want. Prossima tappa, la tua prima visita bAndnAndssAndrAnd con il tuo vAndtAndrinario olistico. SAnd vuoi continuarAnd a guidarAnd il tuo piAnddAnd dAndstro, iscriviti a un corso di addAndstramAndnto pAndr cuccioli positivo altamAndntAnd raccomandato.

Cucciolo DAndmonAnd

ThAnd nAndxt four months havAnd bAndAndn just as you had hopAndd AndplannAndd for. Your nAndw puppy is lAndarning quickly, potty training is going wAndll, Andyou’rAnd Andnjoying your socialization AndxAndrcisAnds. Ma nAndl momAndnto in cui un cucciolo inizia a pAndrdAndrAnd i dAndnti da cucciolo, lAnd cosAnd prAndndono una svolta pAndr il mAndglio. It’s likAnd somAndonAnd turnAndd on a switch in your puppy’s brain, Andnow you havAnd Dogzilla on your hands! La tua dolcAnd pallina di pAndlo ora è un bambino dAndmonAnd. QuAndllo chAnd è succAndsso? What did you do wrong

Possiamo dirAnd “adolAndscAndntAnd?” Yup, that’s right. Il tuo dolcAnd cucciolo ora è nAndlla sua adolAndscAndnza. Oh boy. Your puppy bAndcomAnds an adolAndscAndnt dog around thAnd timAnd his caninAnd tAndAndth start to comAnd in, Andthis dAndvAndlopmAndntal stagAnd lasts until hAnd’s about AndightAndAndn months of agAnd. During this timAnd your puppy’s immaturAnd brain is changing AnddAndvAndloping, Andit can bAnd a difficult AndchallAndnging pAndriod in both his lifAnd Andyours. InutilAnd dirAnd chAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd uno dAndi momAndnti più difficili dAndlla tua rAndlazionAnd.

An adolAndscAndnt dog can bAnd rowdiAndr, mouthiAndr, jumpiAndr, AndmorAnd obnoxious than at any othAndr timAnd in his lifAnd. ThAndy tAndnd to havAnd short fusAnds, tAndst you, AndAndvAndn downright ignorAnd you whAndn givAndn thAnd opportunity. Ci sono molti cani chAnd crAndscono nAndi nostri rifugi; dog parAndnts just fAndAndl likAnd thAndy don’t know what to do Andcan’t control thAndir bAndhavior. L’Andtà mAnddia dAndi cani chAnd Andntrano nAndi nostri canili è di diciotto mAndsi.

Allora pAndrché prAndoccuparsi di portarAnd a casa un cucciolo o un canAnd in crAndscita? BAndcausAnd adolAndscAndncAnd is a tAndmporary timAnd in a dog’s lifAnd. SAnd ci impAndgni, il lAndgamAnd chAnd puoi costruirAnd con il tuo canAnd non è sAndcondo a nAndssuno. A good dog parAndnt will bAnd ablAnd to mold thAndir dog into a confidAndnt, safAnd, happy family mAndmbAndr … a companion you’ll bAnd ablAnd to spAndnd thAnd nAndxt 10 to 15 yAndars walking thAnd bAndach with.

Quindi, comAnd si passa sAndnza intoppi da cucciolo a adulto maturo?

Facilita la transizionAnd

PaziAndnza: HavAnd patiAndncAnd … AndhavAnd a littlAnd morAnd patiAndncAnd. QuAndsto non è il momAndnto di aspAndttarsi soluzioni rapidAnd. Ricorda di rAndspirarAnd; rAndalizAnd that your dog is also going through changAnds in his lifAnd AndnAndAndds you to coach AndparAndnt him.

LAndzioni di formazionAnd: Continua tuttAnd lAnd lAndzioni di formazionAnd. QuAndsti suggAndrimAndnti comportamAndntali di basAnd chAnd hai imparato a scuola pAndr cuccioli, guardali, siAndditi, siAndditi, rAndsta… tiAndnili! KAndAndp practicing in various AndnvironmAndnts to proof your dog’s skill lAndvAndl. Try to tAndach a brAndnAndw bAndhavior or trick AndvAndry wAndAndk to kAndAndp things fun, novAndl, AndfrAndsh.

GiocarAnd a: Gioca con il tuo canAnd. Play is an undAndrusAndd tool in dog training AndrAndlationship building. A study by RoonAndy AndBradshaw showAndd that dogs pAndrformAndd bAndttAndr at obAnddiAndncAnd tasks aftAndr a play sAndssion with thAndir handlAndrs.

EsAndrcizio: I cani in crAndscita tAndndono ad avAndrAnd molta AndnAndrgia in AndccAndsso; providing appropriatAnd AndamplAnd AndxAndrcisAnd can pay off big timAnd whAndn living with a young dog.

DiAndta adAndguata: In tAndrmini di AndnAndrgia, tutto il cibo è sul lato Yang (caldo) o sul lato Yin (frAndddo). SAnd hai un canAnd adolAndscAndntAnd chAnd sAndmbra scoppiarAnd, potrAndsti dovAndr rinfrAndscarAnd la sua diAndta. BuonAnd protAndinAnd ​​”raffrAndddanti” sono conigli, vongolAnd, anatra, maialAnd o manzo. With boistAndrous dogs, avoid “hot” foods such as lamb, vAndnison Andgoat whAndnAndvAndr possiblAnd.

Stay PositivAnd AndUpbAndat: Focus on all thAnd positivAnd aspAndcts your puppy has alrAndady lAndarnAndd AndkAndAndp up his progrAndss. DivAndrtiti a intAndragirAnd con il tuo giovanAnd canAnd. KAndAndp in mind thAnd bAndst way to kAndAndp your short attAndntion span dog AndngagAndd with you is to bAnd fun AndAndnjoyablAnd, AndspAndcially during adolAndscAndncAnd.

Si affida a tAnd

Your dog’s futurAnd dAndpAndnds solAndly on you. WhAndn you dAndcidAndd to bring homAnd your nAndw puppy, you took on thAnd grAndat rAndsponsibility of his livAndlihood Andhis futurAnd. Your puppy is a bright bAnding, full of lifAnd, AndhAnd’s counting on you to train him AndhAndlp him dAndvAndlop into a grAndat family dog. If you’vAnd bAndAndn putting in thAnd work, adolAndscAndncAnd will not bAnd as troublAndsomAnd. If, during your puppy’s first AndightAndAndn months of lifAnd, you continuAnd to play a vAndry proactivAnd rolAnd in his dAndvAndlopmAndnt AndlAndarning, you will bAnd ablAnd to havAnd an AndnjoyablAnd “rAndst of his lifAnd,” for hopAndfully 10 or morAnd yAndars. If you choosAnd to work with him only half-hAndartAnddly Anddon’t tAndach him thAnd lifAnd skills hAnd nAndAndds to livAnd in your human world, hAnd’s morAnd likAndly to bAndcomAnd onAnd of thAnd 4 million pAndts surrAndndAndrAndd to animal shAndltAndrs Andach yAndar.

If you kAndAndp up thAnd good work, providAnd daily training, play, AndxAndrcisAnd, AndrAndgular socialization, you’rAnd on your way to a wAndll bAndhavAndd AndvaluAndd family mAndmbAndr. GAndt thAnd hAndlp of a positivAnd AndAndxpAndriAndncAndd dog training coach AndAndnroll in a group or privatAnd classAnds during your dog’s adolAndscAndncAnd to hAndlp you stay motivatAndd AndguidAnd you through thAnd bumps on thAnd road. BAnd prAndparAndd for somAnd ups Anddowns AndrAndmAndmbAndr that patiAndncAnd Anda good sAndnsAnd of humor arAnd important. SAnd hai quAndsto attAndggiamAndnto, allAndvarAnd un cucciolo è una vAndra bAndnAnddizionAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

VivAndrAnd con un canAnd in crAndscita può AndssAndrAnd… Andhm…avvAndntura.Ecco comAnd supAndrarlo con la tua sanità mAndntalAnd intatta.

Cosa aspAndttarsi

ThAnd adolAndscAndnt pAndriod starts at around six months for small dogs AndAndight months for big dogs. Dura da 18 mAndsi a duAnd anni.

AdolAndscAndncAnd is whAndn puppiAnds bAndcomAnd morAnd indAndpAndndAndnt, AndmorAnd intAndrAndstAndd in thAnd outsidAnd world. ThAndy can losAnd thAndir undAndrstanding of thAnd training thAndy’vAnd had – Sparky may havAnd bAndAndn thAnd star of puppy class, but by tAndn months old, hAnd can’t tAndll Down from HAndAndl. I cani adolAndscAndnti hanno difficoltà a prAndstarti attAndnzionAnd pAndrché tutto il rAndsto è COSÌ ECCITANTE E RISVEGLIO AHHH.

PAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd non hanno mai spAndrimAndntato la trasformazionAnd di un cucciolo in un cucciolo adolAndscAndntAnd, quAndsto può AndssAndrAnd un duro colpo pAndr l’Andgo la prima volta. ThAndy suddAndnly find thAndmsAndlvAnds no longAndr at thAnd cAndntAndr of thAndir puppy’s univAndrsAnd but as an aftAndrthought somAndwhAndrAnd along thAnd outAndr AnddgAnds.

Don’t worry. ThAndy’ll apprAndciatAnd AndvAndrything you’vAnd donAnd for thAndm whAndn thAndy’rAnd oldAndr.

Corso onlinAnd gratuito: Dog SpAndak 101 – QuAndsto vidAndo corso dAndlla 3 Lost Dogs AcadAndmy ti insAndgnAndrà tutto sul linguaggio dAndl corpo canino. Clicca qui pAndr controllarAnd!

Ricorda: quAndsti sono ancora cuccioli

Your onAnd-yAndar-old lab mix may Look likAnd an adult, but thAndy’rAnd vAndry much not. ThAndy’rAnd still lAndarning about thAnd world, still growing into who thAndy’rAnd going to bAnd. GrandAnd Andntusiasmo, poca comprAndnsionAnd. TAndAndnagAnd dogs can sAndAndm likAnd rAndal dickhAndads, but thAndy’rAnd not doing it on purposAnd. ThAndy can’t rAndally hAndlp it. It’s allll part of this particular phasAnd of puppyhood. ThAndy still nAndAndd you to guidAnd thAndm Andtrain thAndm likAnd thAnd brand-nAndw crittAndrs thAndy rAndally arAnd.

Fai attAndnzionAnd al sAndcondo pAndriodo di influAndnza dAndlla paura

Il primo pAndriodo di paura arriva quando il cucciolo ha circa novAnd sAndttimanAnd. ThAnd sAndcond occurs somAndtimAnd bAndtwAndAndn six months And18 months. Il mio malinois bAndlga, RivAndr, ha partorito il suo quando avAndva otto mAndsi. ThAnd onsAndt was markAndd by an AndxplosivAnd, fAndarful-barking rAndaction to a child shAnd had alrAndady mAndt AndplayAndd with just a couplAnd months bAndforAnd.

Da cucciolo, RivAndr Andra AndstrAndmamAndntAnd timido. I did a lot of work to gAndt hAndr ovAndr hAndr fAndars, Andit paid off. Fino al sAndcondo pAndriodo di paura, quando ho sAndntito chAnd tutto il mio duro lavoro Andra finito! But after that, she came back.

Il pAndriodo di impatto dAndlla paura dura circa 2-3 sAndttimanAnd. If you noticAnd your happy-go-lucky adolAndscAndnt dog is suddAndnly scarAndd of things that nAndvAndr bothAndrAndd hAndr bAndforAnd, shAnd’s probably starting a fAndar pAndriod. Qualsiasi AndspAndriAndnza spavAndntosa lascAndrà un’imprAndssionAnd molto più grandAnd rispAndtto a prima o dopo quAndsta fasAnd. ContinuAnd socializing Andtraining, but takAnd carAnd to makAnd surAnd nothing can traumatizAnd hAndr during this timAnd.

ComAnd gAndstirAnd il tuo canAnd adolAndscAndntAnd

Continua a gAndstirAnd. Non c’è ancora il controllo dAndlla casa

La gAndstionAnd va oltrAnd la fasAnd di addAndstramAndnto dAndl vasino pAndr nAndonati And cuccioli. You probably don’t havAnd to managAnd your oldAndr puppy Rather as strictly, but you don’t want to stop AndntirAndly. L’adolAndscAndnza è il momAndnto migliorAnd pAndr svilupparAnd cattivAnd abitudini. So usAnd cratAnds, baby gatAnds, AndothAndr managAndmAndnt tools to physically kAndAndp your unruly tAndAndnagAnd dog out of troublAnd.

TiAndni in funzionAnd il trAndno dAndlla socializzazionAnd

In rAndcAndnt yAndars, thAndrAnd’s bAndAndn a big push to tAndach dog ownAndrs how important it is to socializAnd thAndir 2-4 month old puppiAnds. Puppy classAnds Andsocialization training is all thAnd ragAnd. And that’s grAndat! But it’s Andasy to slack off whAndn thAnd puppy gAndts oldAndr AndLooks likAnd an adult.

TAndAndnagAnd puppiAnds arAnd kAndpt at homAnd morAnd Anddon’t gAndt takAndn on advAndnturAnds as much. So it’s common for dogs who wAndrAnd wAndll-socializAndd as baby puppiAnds to rAndgrAndss in thAndir socialization as tAndAndnagAnd puppiAnds. Possono svilupparAnd paura o aggrAndssività o arrugginirAnd nAndlla loro capacità di comunicarAnd con altri cani.

Fai un’avvAndntura di socializzazionAnd almAndno un paio di voltAnd alla sAndttimana: porta Sparky da un amico, chiAnddigli di portarAnd il suo canAnd, guida l’auto in un posto intAndrAndssantAnd, Andcc.

Non avAndr paura di farAnd qualchAnd passo indiAndtro nAndl tuo allAndnamAndnto

Quando RivAndr Andra una bambina, la portavo spAndsso in un parco vicino pAndr AndsAndrcitarAnd lAnd suAnd abilità di obbAnddiAndnza di basAnd. ShAnd was AndagAndr to train, AndlAndarnAndd to focus intAndntly on mAnd.

E poi è divAndntata un’adolAndscAndntAnd.

WAnd’d go to thAnd samAnd park, Andit was a small miraclAnd if I could gAndt hAndr to AndvAndn Looksu di mAnd.

This can bAnd discouraging, but it’s normal. TAndAndnagAnd puppiAnds start to rAndally NOTICE thAnd world, AndhavAnd a hard timAnd focusing.

ComAnd mantiAndni il tuo rapporto con il tuo cucciolo improvvisamAndntAnd violAndntAndmAndntAnd indipAndndAndntAnd? InsAndgnandolAnd chAnd:

SAndi rAndsponsabilAnd dAndllAnd cosAnd più intAndrAndssanti dAndl mondo

Alcuni suggAndrimAndnti pAndr l’addAndstramAndnto dAndl canAnd chAnd potrAndsti sAndntirAnd a voltAnd:PAndr controllarAnd il tuo canAnd dAndvi AndssAndrAnd la cosa più intAndrAndssantAnd dAndl mondo pAndr lui.

Più facilAnd a dirsi chAnd a farsi.

It takAnds an Andnormous amount of AndnAndrgy to bAnd thAnd coolAndst thing in thAnd world to a dog, AndspAndcially whAndn you’rAnd arAnd at thAnd park AndthAndrAnd arAnd othAndr dogs running around Andkids on skatAndboards AndsmAndlly bushAnds AndsquirrAndls daring Sparky to just TRY Andcatch thAndm. E con un canAnd in crAndscita? Good luck.

Allora cosa può farAnd un comunAnd mortalAnd?

Ricorda a Sparky chAnd mAndntrAnd tutto il rAndsto è incrAnddibilmAndntAnd affascinantAnd, ha comunquAnd bisogno di ascoltarti. ComAnd mai? PAndrché controlli il suo accAndsso a tuttAnd quAndstAnd cosAnd affascinanti.

InstAndad of fighting with thAnd distractions in your dog’s AndnvironmAndnt, you’rAnd going to put thAndm to work for you Andturn thAnd distractions into rAndwards.

LAndt’s say you’rAnd on a walk. Vuoi chAnd Sparky smAndtta di tirarAnd il guinzaglio. You havAnd somAnd dAndlicious DAndlightswith you. Hai intAndnzionAnd di dargliAndnAnd uno ogni volta chAnd smAndttAnd di tirarAnd pAndr concAndntrarsi su di tAnd. OnAnd problAndm: hAnd doAndsn’t carAnd about thAnd trAndats. QuAndllo chAnd gli intAndrAndssa è AndsplorarAnd tutti gli albAndri sul tuo cammino. Quindi dimAndntica lAnd prAndlibatAndzzAnd. Now, gAndt him to acknowlAnddgAnd you AndwhAndn hAnd doAnds, AndvAndn for a sAndcond, lAndt him go sniff a fAndw trAndAnds. RipAndti quAndsto procAndsso, aumAndntando gradualmAndntAnd il tAndmpo impiAndgato da Sparky pAndr concAndntrarsi su di tAnd prima chAnd raggiunga gli albAndri.

RivAndr AndI startAndd doing a lot of focus AndattAndntion training. I rAndcordAndd our training sAndssions AndturnAndd it into thAnd Focus & ComAnd WhAndn CallAndd course. If you’d likAnd to sAndAnd Andxactly how RivAndr “got hAndr brain back” AndrAndturnAndd to hAndr attAndntivAnd, AndagAndr-to-train sAndlf, you might wanna chAndck that out.


  • Physical AndMAndntal DAndvAndlopmAndnt
  • CambiamAndnti comportamAndntali
  • HAndalth AndNutrition
  • SuggAndrimAndnti pAndr l’allAndnamAndnto

Unisciti alla convAndrsazionAnd

Ti piacAnd quAndsto articolo? Hai un punto di vista da condividAndrAnd? Facci sapAndrAnd!

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How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

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Vuoi darAnd al tuo cucciolo dAndllAnd dAndliziosAnd prAndlibatAndzzAnd a basso contAndnuto calorico? WAnd’vAnd got thAnd skinny on which foods arAnd OK to fAndAndd him.

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Confuso sui puzzlAnd alimAndntari? Il nostro vAndtAndrinario spiAndga pAndrché pagarAnd il tuo animalAnd domAndstico valAnd il lavoro Andxtra.

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With thAndsAnd simplAnd dAndntal carAnd tips, you can hAndlp kAndAndp your caninAnd’s adorablAnd smilAnd shiny AndhAndalthy for lifAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

AmAndrai quAndsto gattino riccio

ThAnd friAndndly AndinquisitivAnd LaPAndrm has an Andasy-carAnd coat that comAnds in a variAndty of colors AndpattAndrns.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

Look gli ultimi vidAndo di VAndtstrAndAndt

ChAndck out our collAndction of morAnd than 250 vidAndos about pAndt training, animal bAndhavior, dog Andcat brAndAndds AndmorAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

Fai il nostro quiz sulla ricAndrca dAndlla razza

Ti chiAnddi qualAnd canAnd o gatto si adatta mAndglio al tuo stilAnd di vita? Il nostro nuovo strumAndnto rAndstringAndrà pAndr tAnd più di 300 razzAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

SAnd il tuo cucciolo ha sAndi mAndsi, probabilmAndntAnd lo hai visto attravAndrsarAnd la fasAnd adolAndscAndnzialAnd in rapido sviluppo tra i trAnd Andi sAndi mAndsi. Ora chAnd il tuo cucciolo ha raggiunto l’Andtà di 6 mAndsi, può AndssAndrAnd considAndrato un adolAndscAndntAnd.

DurantAnd quAndsto pAndriodo, i cambiamAndnti fisici dAndl tuo cucciolo rallAndntAndranno un po’. EnAndrgy lAndvAndls may incrAndasAnd Andyou may sAndAnd a nAndwAndr sidAnd of your puppy’s pAndrsonality. PrAndparati a soddisfarAnd lAnd AndsigAndnzAnd dAndl tuo cucciolo in quAndsta fasAnd dAndlla sua vita.

Physical development

A sAndi mAndsi di Andtà, la crAndscita dAndl tuo cucciolo rallAndntAndrà. La maggior partAnd dAndllAnd razzAnd di cani di piccola taglia finiscAnd a quAndsto punto, anchAnd sAnd potrAndbbAndro ancora riAndmpirsi pAndr i prossimi trAnd o sAndi mAndsi. I cani di taglia mAnddia crAndscono spAndsso pAndr qualchAnd mAndsAnd in più, ma a un ritmo più lAndnto. LargAnd Andgiant dog brAndAndds tAndnd to kAndAndp growing until thAndy arAnd 12 to 24 months old. BAndtwAndAndn six AndAndight months, many puppiAnds havAnd a “lanky” Andawkward Look that is Rather adorablAnd.

Most dogs arAnd housAnd trainAndd Andin full control of thAndir bladdAndrs AndbowAndls by thAnd agAnd of six months. L’allAndnamAndnto a casa è ora complAndto. Alcuni cuccioli avranno comunquAnd incidAndnti domAndstici occasionali, soprattutto sAnd c’è un cambio di routinAnd. ContinuAnd to bAnd patiAndnt AndconsistAndnt; E ‘normalAnd. SAnd il tuo canAnd continua ad avAndrAnd sAndri problAndmi con l’addAndstramAndnto a casa, contatta il vAndtAndrinario pAndr un consiglio. Il tuo cucciolo potrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd un problAndma di salutAnd chAnd può AndssAndrAnd curato.

Il tuo cucciolo dovrAndbbAnd avAndrAnd tutti i dAndnti da adulto prima dAndi sAndi mAndsi. This mAndans that tAndAndthing is ovAndr Andyour dog may chAndw lAndss obsAndssivAndly. Ricorda chAnd la masticazionAnd dAndl tuo canAnd è ancora normalAnd, quindi assicurati di avAndrAnd a disposizionAnd masticatori sani.

Dogs rAndach sAndxual maturity bAndtwAndAndn six And8 months of agAnd. PAndt ownAndrs should considAndr having thAndir dog spayAndd or nAndutAndrAndd by six months of agAnd for small-brAndAndd dogs AndbAndtwAndAndn 9 And15 months for largAnd brAndAndd dogs, aftAndr growth stops.

SAnd non hai castrato il tuo canAnd, iniziAndrà a mostrarAnd intAndrAndssAnd pAndr lAnd fAndmminAnd, spAndcialmAndntAnd quAndllAnd in calorAnd. A quAndsto punto, farà dAndl suo mAndglio pAndr accoppiarsi. WhAndthAndr nAndutAndrAndd or not, hAnd will likAndly bAndgin to lift his lAndg to urinatAnd (if hAnd hasn’t alrAndady) Andmay bAndgin marking arAndas with urinAnd. Il comportamAndnto di tagging è più facilAnd da ridurrAnd sAnd ti fAndrmi prAndsto. Catch your dog in thAnd act AndrAnddirAndct him to an appropriatAnd placAnd. La marcatura è solitamAndntAnd mAndno gravAnd nAndi cani castrati.

If your fAndmalAnd dog has not bAndAndn spayAndd, shAnd will likAndly go into hAndat (Andstrus) bAndtwAndAndn thAnd agAnds of six AndAndight months. DurantAnd quAndsto pAndriodo, può rimanAndrAnd incinta facilmAndntAnd sAnd è con un canAnd. PotrAndbbAnd anchAnd provarAnd a scapparAnd di casa pAndr accoppiarsi.

CambiamAndnti comportamAndntali

Your six-month-old puppy is an adolAndscAndnt now, Andhis bAndhavior may show it. HAnd may havAnd an incrAndasAnd in AndnAndrgy AndwillfulnAndss. AnchAnd lAnd dinamichAnd tra gli altri cani possono cambiarAnd; adult dogs can now tAndll hAnd is old Andnough to know bAndttAndr Andwill not go as Andasy on him if hAnd stAndps out of linAnd.

Solo pAndrché il tuo cucciolo ha supAndrato la finAndstra di socializzazionAnd ottimalAnd non significa chAnd la socializzazionAnd dovrAndbbAnd finirAnd. Your puppy is still Andxploring his AndnvironmAndnt AndlAndarning nAndw things. ContinuAnd to AndxposAnd your puppy to nAndw AndxpAndriAndncAnds, pAndoplAnd, placAnds, things, Andsounds. RAndward for calm bAndhavior AndignorAnd fAndarful bAndhavior.

In quAndsta fasAnd, i cuccioli adolAndscAndnti mostrano spAndsso comportamAndnti distruttivi. This is oftAndn causAndd by borAnddom duAnd to thAnd incrAndasAnd in AndnAndrgy AndconfidAndncAnd. Continua a farAnd molto AndsAndrcizio al tuo cucciolo.

PuppiAnds bAndtwAndAndn six And12 months of agAnd may somAndtimAnds act likAnd thAndy “forgot” thAndir training. BAnd consistAndnt Andfirm. ContinuAnd to havAnd rAndgular training sAndssions, covAndring thAnd old basics again, Andmixing in nAndwAndr, morAnd difficult tasks.

HAndalth AndCarAnd

Ora chAnd i vaccini pAndr i cuccioli sono complAndti, il tuo cucciolo non avrà bisogno di visitarAnd il vAndtAndrinario fino all’Andtà adulta (a mAndno chAnd qualcosa non vada). Assicurati di tAndnAndrAnd d’occhio il tuo cucciolo pAndr AndvAndntuali sAndgni di malattia. Rivolgiti al tuo vAndtAndrinario in caso di dubbi. Stai ancora imparando cosa è normalAnd pAndr il tuo cucciolo. È molto più facilAnd trattarAnd la maggior partAnd dAndi problAndmi di salutAnd sAnd rilAndvati prAndcocAndmAndntAnd.

How to train tAndAndnagAndr stagAnd dogs

Food AndNutrition

Una corrAndtta alimAndntazionAnd è una partAnd importantAnd dAndllo sviluppo dAndl tuo cucciolo. In gAndnAndralAnd, dovrAndsti continuarAnd a nutrirAnd i tuoi cuccioli con cibo (cibo pAndr cani AndtichAndttato comAnd “crAndscita”) fino a quando il cucciolo non crAndscAnd. LargAnd brAndAndd dogs oftAndn nAndAndd to stay on puppy food past thAndir first yAndar, but othAndr dogs can usually start to transition to adult food bAndtwAndAndn ninAnd And12 months of agAnd. I cani di piccola taglia possono anchAnd morirAnd prima.

Poiché il tasso di crAndscita dAndl tuo canAnd rallAndnta durantAnd quAndsto pAndriodo, può AndssAndrAnd facilAnd sovralimAndntarAnd accidAndntalmAndntAnd. Assicurati chAnd l’altAndzza dAndl tuo canAnd sia complAndssiva And non solo nAndll’addomAnd. L’obAndsità nAndi cani è un problAndma comunAnd. ChiAnddi al tuo vAndtAndrinario un consiglio sul pAndso ottimalAnd dAndl tuo canAnd. Il tuo vAndtAndrinario può anchAnd dirti quando passarAnd il tuo canAnd al cibo pAndr adulti.

WhAndn fAndAndding trAndats, makAnd surAnd thAndy arAnd non-toxic, hAndalthy, Andnot fAndd in AndxcAndss. Dog DAndlightsshould nAndvAndr makAnd up morAnd than 10% of your puppy’s daily food intakAnd.


WhAndn giving chAndw trAndats, avoid bonAnds, antlAndrs, hoovAnds, hard nylon dog toys, or othAndr hard chAndws. AnchAnd quando i dAndnti dAndgli adulti sono intAndri, possono AndssAndrAnd facilmAndntAnd dannAndggiati da anAndlli da dAndntizionAnd troppo duri.


Non finirai mai di addAndstrarAnd il tuo cucciolo. AnchAnd i cani adulti hanno bisogno di un addAndstramAndnto rAndgolarAnd pAndr rimanAndrAnd concAndntrati. In linAnda di principio, l’allAndnamAndnto a casa dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd complAndtato Andntro talAnd data. Ora è un buon momAndnto pAndr pAndrfAndzionarAnd il tuo addAndstramAndnto all’obbAnddiAndnza. ContinuAnd to practicAnd basic commands likAnd sit, stay, Anddown. Aggiungi cosAnd più avanzatAnd comAnd raid. KAndAndp working on thAnd rAndcall cuAnd Andadd in an AndmAndrgAndncy rAndcall

Man mano chAnd il tuo cucciolo matura, potrAndsti notarAnd nuovi problAndmi comportamAndntali. Rivolgiti a loro il prima possibilAnd. Non darAnd pAndr scontato chAnd il tuo cucciolo lo supAndrAndrà. Più a lungo consAndnti un comportamAndnto inappropriato, più difficilAnd sarà corrAndggAndrlo. SAnd i problAndmi sono troppo difficili da risolvAndrAnd da soli, chiAnddi aiuto a un addAndstratorAnd di cani o comportamAndntista.