How to trade manaphy for any pokemon you want

Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire – Handel

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Information for the user: Ilsiamon

I misread, sorry. I have Greninja, Chespin, Eevee, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Reshiram, Zekrom, Palchia, Dialga, buneary and others

Few others: P? Obviously I have too many things when it’s hard to find things I don’t have x’D. However, I don’t have a bright Zekrome yet, so that’s one less. Now, if I can find another one you can choose between Meloetta and Manafa ho: P

User Information: PokemonChambers

Information for the user: Ilsiamon

What are these? I also have liteo female, pidgeot, swellow, porgon z, joltik, pachirisu, dratini, charmander and bisharp

Most of them are on my list: P.
Shy Meloetta
Bizarre Meloetta
Modest Meloetta
Meloetta Hurry
Japanese meloetta rash
Most of them are from Spring 2013 Party, Japanese from Movie Party 2012.

The manaphy are;
Manafa Hardy
ManafaGER Bold
Gentle manafa
Manafa Modesto
ManafaJPN Hardy
Shy Manafa
Lonely Manafa
Manafa Pace
ManafaKOR Shy

Where the first two are the shining egg of Pokemon Ranger, and the later ones are in the order of TRU, Nintendo World, Pal City, JBHF x2, E4ALL and Nintendo of Korea Manafa.

I would be very interested in the glittering Litleo and Joltik, by the way: D

To get started, select the game you wish to trade OR use the form below.

What you need

To send a Pokémon from Pokémon Leaf Green to Pokémon Pearl, you will need a Nintendo DS with a GBA cartridge slot.

Make sure your cartridges are genuine Nintendo products! Counterfeit games may not be able to trade. Here is a guide explaining how to check if a GBA game is genuine or fake: how to spot counterfeit / counterfeit Pokémon games. Here is a guide explaining how to find out if a Nintendo DS game is genuine or fake – quick and easy ways to find a bootleg Nintendo DS game. For more information, including contact details for the bootleg report, please visit Nintendo’s anti-piracy site.

Game Requirements

Before you can send Leaf Green Pokémon to Pokémon Pearl, in Pokémon Pearl you must see all 150 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex (except Manapha) and then speak to Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town to get the National Pokédex.

How to trade

This is a UNIQUE TRANSFER!Pokémon sent by Pokémon LeafGreen to Pokémon Pearl cannot be sent back to Pokémon LeafGreen!

Insert the Leaf Green Pokémon cartridge into the GBA slot of the Nintendo DS system. Put the Pokémon Pearl cartridge in the DS slot. Start playing Pokémon Pearl and select “Migrate from Leaf Green Pokémon” from the menu. When prompted to migrate, say Yes. When prompted for confirmation, say yes. Select exactly six Pokemon (no more and no less) to transfer. When selected, say Yes and when told that the Pokémon cannot be returned to the GBA cartridge, say Yes.

Then start playing Pokémon Pearl. In the game, you need to go to Pal Park. Pal Park is on Route 221. To get there, go south from Sandgem Town and use Surfer to go to Route 219. From there, go south on Route 220, then take the Northeast Trail to go to Route 221. Continue east until you reach the building. This is Pal Park. Come inside.

Use of Pal Park

Before you start using Pal Park, you may want to bring a Pokémon that knows Surfing with you, as some areas of Pal Park are only accessible with Surfing. If this is your first visit, Professor Oak will speak to you. Then go to the counter and talk to the guy wearing the construction helmet. Say Yes when asked to participate in a fishing demonstration. He will ask you if you want to read the user manual. When you’re done, choose UNDERSTAND! Then say Yes to join the Catching Show right away. He’ll give you six parking balls. You will then enter the Pal Park. Run across tall grass to meet the Pokémon you migrated from the Leaf Green Pokémon. Park Balls always grab successfully, just like Master Balls (but you can only use Park Balls in Pal Park), so throw the ball and you’ll catch a pokémon. Repeat this procedure to catch all the Pokémon you transferred from the Leaf Green Pokémon. After capturing all of them, you will be asked if you want to put all captured Pokémon in the PC boxes.

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Pokemon Soul Silver Questions and Answers:


how do you find out your friend code if you tell me correctly i will give you one of the following, to others you will have to business me a non shiy evoloution:
glossy giratina lv40 holding a gustrius ball
a glittering arceo lv42 holding a scary plate
shiny or not shiny Rgigias lv40 holding a masterball
shiny dyoxys lv 51 holding a masterball
shiny lv 40 manafia holding a masterball
flygon lv40 with a share of exp
dragonite lv 40 with a share of exp
gachomp lv100 holding a masterball



Enter the bag, under the key items. If you were at the back of the poker center, then
will have a friend. use it and you will find options to view your friend’s code or add it
other people. My friend’s code is 3868 1698 6881.

On occasion

the above message is me.


go to your friend [with whom you can enter the Wi-Fi room] and punch the name of your hero friends
code [bottom selection].


in fact can you change me into manafia?

my code is 3438 5865 6528

Go to Wi-Fi Plaza

Which is downstairs in any pokemon center. And they will give you the code. I do not want
your pokemon, no need.

you go.

downstairs in the poker center after getting your first gymnastics badge. When you go down?
the lady will talk to you and give you a friend’s block. Once you have a friend, you enter
your bag, go to the key items and hit your friend’s pad. to find your friend’s code you have to
go to the union room or the wi-fi room. when you go out you will have a friend
code. Once you have your friend’s code, get in the bag, go to the key items and press
friend pad. Then you will see 3 options: Check your cock friend; Register a friend’s code;
The user’s friend code [your name]. You have reached the last one: the friend code of [Your full name], then
a series of 12 numbers will appear. that is your friend code.

By the way – My name is Aura and my fc is 1076 4311 1202

if there r any more of the pokemon u listed up for free business could i get one?

if there r any more of the pokemon u listed up for free business could i get one?

How to get a friend’s code too!

Grab the mace from the bottom of the pokemon center (the woman closest to the stairs) and grab it
then go to the bag, find the buddy pad and select it, then after going to the interface
one of the options is to check your friend code. If you still give Pokémon, can I?
have Dyossis! my FC: 4027 6609 1477

How to get a friend’s code too!

Grab the mace from the bottom of the pokemon center (the woman closest to the stairs) and grab it
then go to the bag, find the buddy pad and select it, then after going to the interface
one of the options is to check your friend code. If you still give Pokémon, can I?
have Dyossis! my FC: 4027 6609 1477

anyone who answered so far will get a free pokemon, anyone who gets this question

say what you want and I’ll give it to you


there’s a lot more down there, you can have one or maybe two

just tell me a time to business your FC and ill business for any of the pokemon listed above

19:00 tomorrow

ican business tomorrow at the time given above lala. my code is 3438 5865 6528 and iwant
manafia for magneson

Hi, I have already answered aaaaarrrrrccccceeeeuusss for free

Hi, I have already answered aaaaarrrrrccccceeeeuusss for free

I, I’m only really free on weekends (smile)

I can do it at any time

I want giratina but if there are 2 available can I also have regigigas? which time zone
You in?

almost anytime

free on weekends and you can also have regigie

Sounds good

All you need is a friend’s code and have you registered mine?

I’m Aura. I answered already.

Yes, can I have some brilliant Rgigia please. My fc is at the bottom of my post


i want manafia i casn business at three



The pokemon donor has already stated that they are on weekends.

how you get it i am the one whose fc is 4027 6609 1477 and my name is rosalie (by the way
says I wanted dioxy and that’s what I still want) Thanks!

10:00 Polish time

I the one from above so can we business 10:00am Eastern standered time on sat july 3rd again

I’m on top

Hi rosalie omg my fc starts with / 5 not 4 but everything else is fine thanks

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Pokemon Diamond Codes :

Easter Egg – Get a Manafai Phione without Wi-Fi trading, but you will need 2 DS

Many pokemon fans have wanted to have the chance to catch one of the rarest pokemon in sinnoh MANAPHY, but due to the fact that diamond and pearl pokemon do not have any manafia available in the ENTIRE GAME. So the easiest way to get a manafia is to get the game called POKEMON RANGER. This game has a mission that you can play after doing a few things.

(1). Complete the Pokemon Ranger game.

(2). From the Ranger Network screen, hold the R, X and D-PAD LEFT buttons (if you win the game, you will know what the Ranger Network is).

(3). When the screen prompts you to enter the password, enter P8M2-9D6F-43H7 (Cap-sense is enabled).

(4). Then, on the Special Missions screen, you will see a mission called SAVE THE EGG. Touch it and then complete the mission and get the egg, it won’t be easy and it will take a lot of time and effort, but in the end it all pays off.

(5). Borrow (or purchase) a second Nintendo DS and a copy of the Pokémon Diamond or Pearl you want to place the Manafa on. The second DS should have entered Pokemon Ranger. Go to the Ranger network with Ranger DS and tap CHECK EGG, then tap SEND MESSAGE. If your Diamond/Pearl DS is close enough to receive the message, you will get the Manafaegg businessd to you.

(1). Turn on the second DS with the D / P carriage.
(2). Select the option to move Manapha.
(3). Wireless is ok and what not.
(4). Go to the nearest market with 5 or fewer Pokemon to collect your egg.

(1). Put Ditto and Manafaw in kindergarten
(2). 600 steps later, collect the egg
(3a). Make sure you have at least 2-4 pokemon with the Magma Armor or Flame Body skill to reduce the time it takes to hatch eggs
(3b). Hatch an egg

* note * You can only breed Manafa / Phione to get Phione, but you cannot develop Phione to get Manapha

Can you farm Legendary Pokémon with Ditto?

Since all the legendary Pokemon are in the unknown egg group, no Pokemon can breed with them.

The one exception (kind of) is Manapha.

If you grow a Manafaz Ditto you will get Phione.

Can Mew hatch from an egg?

Can you hatch meow from the egg and be legal? No, any hatched Pokemon that has an “unknown” egg group is illegal. This includes Mew and all other legends, as well as some random ones like Same. This means you can’t business it or use it online, but you can put them in Pokebank.

Will Ditto be able to defeat Mewdue?

Sure, a Ditto can transform into Mewdue … but Mewdue will always have an advantage over a Ditto transformed into Mewdue, because when Ditto transforms into another Pokémon, it retains its HP value, instead of copying another Pokémon’s HP. .

Kto jest potężniejszy arceo czy Mewdue?

Arceocan’t learn every move, so he can’t copy mewtwo, and mewtwo was proven the most powerful Pokemon. Mewdue jest znacznie silniejszy, in Arceojest wyjątkowo przereklamowany. Mewdue would definitely win. Mewdue can wipe out and control the minds of humans and Pokemon.

Can you breed ditto together with Pokemon Sun?

Ditto can reproduce with almost any Pokemon and only Ditto can reproduce with a Pokemon of a certain unknown gender. Ditto will always create the other Pokemon it’s matched with in the day care, never other Same. Even if you put two Dittos in kindergarten, you will never get the same egg.

Is Ditto stronger than Mewdue?

Ditto is only good against a handful of Pokémon that have less HP than him. 15 HPIV Same has about 50% true HP that Mewdue would have at the same level. If Mewdue does have Shadow Ball, it’ll hit incredibly hard once. And then it’ll get hit by a return Shadow Ball and get one-shot.

Who can beat Idem?

The best Pokemon Go Ditto counters are Lucario, Blaziken, Shadow Weavile, Regigigas, Shadow Salamence & Shadow Dragonite.

Which Pokémon is Mewdue against?

Najlepsze liczniki Mewdue to silne pokemony typu Ghost i Dark, takie jak Origin Giratina, Gengar, Cbusinessure, SB Mewdue, Hydreigon i Tyranitar. Pokemon GO Mewdue can be found as a Level 6 Boss Raid or as an EX Raid Encounter.

Is the armored Mewdue better than the Mewdue?

In fact, the armored Mewdue has a lot more defense and a lot less attack than the standard Mewdue, making it slightly less valuable for rallying teams. However, when he fights him, his weaknesses are the same as the original Mewdue. To battle armored Mewdue, the psychic type, use the worm, ghost and dark moves.

Is Mewdue stronger than Mew?

Mewdue is Mew’s bigger and more powerful clone. Mewdue suffered more trauma than the original. Mew has a better variety of attacks, but Mewdue’s overall Pokédex stats are better. Only Mew stood in its clone’s path and they faced each other in battle.

Is Mew in sword and shield?

Mew, the originator of Mewdue, is actually available in Pokémon Sword & Shield — even though you won’t find Mew on the Galar Pokedex. This makes Mew one of the weirdest outliers you can add to your Pokémon collection, and there are only a few ways to get one.

How to get the meow sword?

How to get Mew in Pokémon Sword and Shield

  • Buy Poké Ball Plus.
  • Plug the Poké Ball Plus into the Switch Dock’s USB port.
  • Press X to open the menu and select Mystery Gift.
  • Seleziona "Vai a fare una passeggiata con la Poké Ball Plus".
  • Press A to continue!
  • Tap the button on the red side of the Poké Ball or press the joystick.
  • Press A to choose Yes.

Can you breed with Ditto?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to breed Unown with Ditto as well, as Unown belongs to the Unknown Egg Group.

Is there a Mewthree?

Mewthree is a Pokémon that has never appeared in any anime game or episode, although it has had an appearance in the entire Pokémon franchise. It is technically not a real Pokémon, as it is just a transformed form of Red’s Clefairy.

Are idems rare?

Same. The same thing in Pokemon Go has often been considered one of the rare Pokemon that cannot be caught. As of November 22, 2016, Ditto has been released in the wild (no updates required to catch Ditto) and hides like other Pokémon.

Ditto is a legend?

Ditto is a unique Pokémon in that it can breed with any kindergarten Pokémon, regardless of gender, with the exception of another Ditto, Legendary Pokémon (except Manafaa Phione), Unown, Nidoqueen, Nidorin, and Baby Pokémon.

Is Eternatus a guaranteed catch?

Eternatus is an automatic catch at the end of the story not to be missed. At the end of the story, you are forced to fight Eternatus in a Max Raid battle. After defeating it, throw a Pokeball and it’s a guaranteed catch.

Can Ditto become Mewdue?

Ditto is the only non-legendary / mythic one who can learn movement transformation, which literally allows him to transform into the opposite Pokemon by copying his type, stats, and mods. Yes, Ditto can transform into Mewdue if he finds it and clones it.

Does Mewdue evolve into Mew?

Mew doesn’t evolve into Mewdue, nor the other way round. They’re their own species. One was the original ancestor to all Pokemon and the other is a super beefed up Pokemon that was created by scientists from Mew’s DNA.

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Pokémon Platinum Questions and Answers:

How to get Manafa?

Can someone tell me please! Who thinks Sonic the hedgehog is better than Mario? I’m not doing!

how to get Manafa?

you have to have pokemon ranger do the secret mission get the egg business it from ranger to
pearl, diamond

How do you get manafia?

If you complete the Ranger mission, the Ranger will give you an EGG MANAPHA.

Buy the user manual!

Go to Gamestop and get the user manual and show everything!
It costs 19.99

I think

I think you get manafia by getting the sea chart and going to the proffessor

Manafa How to get

he’s not the one who got the sea map.

true answer


I have many manafi if you want one


I have no idea how to get manafia, but I wanted to post to say that sonic is better than

Thank you!

Yes, Sonic is better, thanks to Kanninham! and bteam i don’t have wi-fi. but I would like to!

pokemon palace

get it from a ranger or a mansion south of his hometown where the two men reside
standing shows a book with a picture of manafia


i will go to the wi-fi club and give me one

pokemon start, I know everything

to get manafia go to distriction world fight girantina and then go back to mesprit
era and the boulder inside will rise and manafia is in good luck fighting and
to handle

I’ve got a Manphy and wanna business for a nice pokemon (rare or strong) so please .

I’ve got a Manphy and wanna business for a nice pokemon (rare or strong) so please send your
friend codes to register in my buddy pad


i dont know how to get an actual manafia but go to pokemon palace amd look at book coz
that gets it in your pokedex and thats a start then I think [robs the only way to get it
there is wifi and take it off for people who only have a pokemon ranger or actionreplay code
get a replay of the action


New member
  • May 15, 2007
  • #
  • All of this is legal, except I’m not sure about the shiny Dialga and Palchia. They were obtained in business.

    I have:


    Others:(All of this will be level 1, just hatched. Some may know the movements of the eggs or TM)
    All 12 holders
    Treecko with a ball of energy
    Mudkip with a mirror coat
    Flashlight with resistance / flip
    Twilight of divided pain
    Abra with the energy ball
    Togepi with a bad conspiracy / thunder wave


    I want: (Don’t mix categories)

    PM, I will accept almost any legendary if I think it is a fair business.

    Tailow (male) with facade.
    He will accept others. IN THE AFTERNOON. Sometimes it also accepts males with TM or egg movements.

    Basically everyone

    I have many Dawn, Dusk and Shiny stones. I will business them for any of the new evolution items.

    I also have the Pokerus virus.

    To trade:
    I can breed many hidden abilities and 5IV Pokémon for you.
    Shiny Klefki lv 36 The Shy (house keys with a nickname)
    Shiny Sewaddle lv 16 Rash (from Unova, not from Kalos)
    Xerneas lv 51 Calm 31 31 31 19 14 2 (nickname MegaStantler)

    I am currently looking for:
    Nothing in particular, but I’ll business 5IV for 5IV , shiny for shiny, etc.

    Wolf Goddess

    Autumn wolf

    • October 10, 2006
  • #

    1. Non abbiamo bisogno di un sacco di post "Vorrei [nome qui]" se non hai i giochi.
    2. Conduct your businesss via IN THE AFTERNOON. We don’t need a ton of “Want to business” posts, either.

    Any posts that fall into the above categories will be immediately deleted.

    Please complete this form before trading, please:

    First name:
    Friend code:
    Pokemon up for business:
    The Pokemon you want:

    Cecil 090

    chaos of the night
    • October 10, 2006
  • #
  • Name – Cecil
    friend code – 4209 8541 9318
    pokemon and items up for business – anything i have in my sigs, dark stone, light stone, masterball, and awakening stone

    what i like: each of the starting evos, eevee, any line of electric pokemon, poison toad evo and that latest dragon hammer evo.

    so please PM em with any offer.
    (sorry I don’t know the names very well)

    Lightning may not strike twice, but we do

    Fire mouse

    Rainbow Coach
    • October 10, 2006
  • #
  • Name – Paweł
    Friend code – 5111 8147 9023
    Able to business – I now have a mating pair of both Gregguru and Murkrow
    You are looking for – One of the exclusive Pearls.

    New edition from 13.10 .:
    Changed my able to business and looking for/have. (not much yet)

    Alias ​​XIII

    Famous member
    • October 10, 2006
  • #
  • Someone would be kind enough to give me Hikozaru. I don’t have much to offer as I just started the game and I only have four Pokémon.

    First name: Akai
    Friend code: 3651 5259 6520
    Pokemon up for business: Cleffa
    The Pokemon you want: Hikozaru


    Passionate about Final Fantasy
    • October 10, 2006
  • # 5
  • I need the following Pokemon to complete my Pokedex:

    Politoad (one offered)

    If you have any of these please let me know! I’ll make it worth it!

    I’m also looking for these items:

    Luminous stone
    Any TM memory

    If you can catch me, I’ll try to get what you want!

    Wii Revolution 1

    Zelda TP Glitcher: D
    • October 10, 2006
  • #
  • FINALLY a commercial topic!

    First name: WiiRe
    Code: (it’s in my sign)
    Pokemon that I am willing to business: Fearow, Zubat, Machoke, Tentacruel, Marill, Whooper, Quagsire, Unknown.

    In Pokedex Shinou (I don’t remember the damn names!): #, $ 25, # 2, # 82, # 86, # 89, #, # 2.

    The Pokemon I Want: I want Eevee! I also want Mew (Although for the Pokemon I have you probally would’nt business me a Mew =)

    And your pokemonIT MUST BE REAL! I DO NOT want, I repeat, I DO NOT want glitched ants, cloned or fake Pokémon.

    I will update it soon!

    I have Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Also: If I don’t register you as a friend / don’t answer your PM it’s because I’m very busy and I’m so sorry.


    Tsukigumi Taichou
    • October 10, 2006
  • #
  • Updated 04/18/07

    First name:Yuu-1
    Friend code:0730 9485 0109
    Up for business: Any appetizer of any generation, Rioru, "Eevee Haruki", Mitsuhoney, Aipom, Fuwante, Mikaruge, Rotomu, Zugaidosu e Tatetopsu
    He wanted: Any previous version Legend, Manafa, Elekid or Magbywith their respective evo items, various 1st-3rd gen pokemon, Ice, Water or Dark type TMs (especially the new ‘Shadow’ ones) willing to entertain offers in PM

    Desperately Wanted:Shiny Eevee
    Offer:Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Torchic, Deoxys, Mew, MewTwo

    explanation: Haruka’s Eevee is a basic Eeveeon that I’ve used Shadow Ball and Dig on TM on. I can grow many. As a bonus, Bite will also be included (as I got tired of getting all my Eevees to 29 just to get Bite before developing it). Their move sets are: Helping hand / kick / shadow ball / bite. Digging is especially useful for getting out of most dungeons if you don’t have an escape rope. I’m currently trying to make Eevee Shiny Haruka, wish me luck!

    [-MODIFY-] Sorry if I haven’t updated in a while. I’ll probably update more once the game is released and I have it in English, but still have been having minor connection issues to people who are also behind firewalls, so please keep that in mind when trying to business with me. I also temporarily disabled my AIM account as I rarely use it lately anyway. Thank you!

    I can’t guarantee your gender, but if you want a woman wait. If you want an egg and don’t care about sex, please specify it. It is also likely that your pokemon has Pokerus if you decide you want a specific gender, as I recently noticed “sickness” in my game. As always, I update this list when I get a new Pokemon. Thank you all!

    Categorized as IT