How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

What is a mom and pop company?

“Mom and pop” is a colloquial term used to describe a small family business or independent. Mommy and pop stores often find it difficult to compete with larger companies such as supermarkets, which generally have greater purchasing power than smaller players. In recent years, “local shop” and “small shop” have been used as slogans in marketing campaigns. The term “mom and pop” also refers to inexperienced investors who play casually on the market.

Key takeaway

  • The popularity of mom-and-pop stores is growing, in part thanks to shoppers looking for unique services or products.
  • Traditional mom-and-pop businesses like bookstores and drugstores have financial difficulties competing with large retail chains.
  • March 29 is National Mother’s Day and Pop Entrepreneurs’ Day.
  • Mom-and-pop companies benefit from local consumers who are determined to pump their money into their communities to drive local economic growth.

Mum and dad

Understanding the actors mom and dad

Mom-and-pop stores have historically been used to describe local, family-owned and operated convenience stores or drugstores. Today, mom-and-pop establishments are synonymous with a variety of businesses, including restaurants, bookstores, auto repair shops, and insurance agencies.

In many ways, mom and pop companies find themselves in a difficult position relative to large corporations, ecommerce companies, technology platforms and franchise companies that enjoy greater economies of scale, greater access to capital for investment. , higher advertising budgets, greater brand awareness, greater access to the talent pool for hiring, etc.

Together, this gives bigger players a competitive edge over mom and dad companies.who often lose ground and in response are forced to retire from the business.

Fortunately, there are signs of hope for mom-and-pop stores. More than ever, consumers are demanding more personalized products and services. When shoppers ask, “Where can I find a store near me?” look no further than the Internet. Using technologies such as social media, small businesses can broaden their target audience and expand their geographic reach.

Mom-and-pop stores also benefit from a phenomenon known as “Small Business Saturday,” which is a recent American tradition of local shopping on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Shopping Celebration is the logical answer to Black Friday, with large retailers offering enticing discounts to consumers. Mom and Dad entrepreneurs tend to have a vested interest in the community, its citizens, and the local economy. As such, they offer highly interactive and personalized services that large companies cannot replicate. For this reason, mom-and-pop stores often gain greater brand loyalty among consumers.

Mom-and-pop pharmacies have usually been owned and operated by the same family for generations where the pharmacist or pharmacist would also own the store.

Mom-and-Pop Investors and Mom-and-Pop Institutions

“Mama and pop” also refers to inexperienced investors with minimal investments in the stock market. Despite their limited capital commitments, mom and dad investors often rely on significant returns on their operations to supplement their income.

However, many investors mom and dad are unfamiliar with market research and respond impulsively to fluctuations and fluctuations in the market, rashly abandoning their positions instead of fleeing troubled times.

Some mom-and-pop traders are battling their inexperience by hiring brokers to facilitate trading or by using one of the many online trading platforms to facilitate their investments.

"Conversazione" con la madre

Despite the fact that most people will eventually, sex is still a subject that makes us squirm, at least when we discuss it with our parents. In the case of teenagers, this embarrassment is compounded, especially since the act is uncharted territory. My mom never sat me down nor did she ever talk to me about sex, much less engaging me in a comfortable conversation about it – and I never asked. I was too embarrassed to ask questions and even more humbled by her answers. Instead, I found out what birds and bees are through movies, books, and talking to my friends. Here is the advice I wish I had received to comfortably talk to my mother about sex and all the emotions and complications of her.

Talk about sex with your mom when you need information

As abstinence is taught more and more in schools, teens find it harder and harder to understand how sex works, let alone its consequences (we skipped this chapter entirely in health lessons, even though we had to write an article on the condition. sexually transmitted of our choice). As a result, there is a lot of misinformation about sex – and such misinformation can lead to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and a host of emotional problems. If you approach the subject in a mature way, your mom should be a safe and reliable source of sex information – after all, she had you! So she knows something about it.

When you’re ready to talk about sex with your mom, here’s how to deal with it:

  • Wait a moment during the day and tell your mom that you would like to chat like two adults and that you have questions about sex. A good way to start would be to pull out a health lesson or something you recently watched on TV together.
  • If you have specific questions, write them down to remind them – it will also help you if you feel nervous.
  • Keep Calm: Sex is natural and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Being brave enough to get information is admirable!
  • Don’t just ask about the physical aspects, ask about the emotional aspects as well.
  • If the conversation goes well, ask your mom for advice and perspective – there are choices she would have made differently in her youth and what they would have been.
  • In the end, and it’s tough, put yourself in your mom’s shoes – you grew up fast and she probably still sees you as a kid. You understand that talking to you about sex is difficult for her too!

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

When it’s time to talk to your mom about sex, feel free to ask about birth control.

Talk about sex with your mom when you are ready for sex

Regardless of our society’s general religious or moral beliefs, the fact is that many teens choose to have sex and it’s important to make sure the choice is made as safely as possible. Teenagers who are really close to their mother may feel comfortable approaching her and asking her for advice and help with birth control. Here’s how to get close to your mom when you think about sex.

  • If you’re comfortable enough to tell your mom you’re thinking about sex, chances are your relationship was already open about it. Go to your mother at a quiet time and tell her you would like to talk as an adult.
  • Explain to mom why you think you’re ready for sex and ask her what you need to do to get ready.
  • Ask your mom about the ramifications of sex, even if you think you’ve already covered the ground. It doesn’t hurt to hear it again.
  • Ask your mother about birth control options and methods.
  • If you’re a girl, ask your mom to help you plan your first gynecologist appointment – all sexually active women should see their gynecologist every year.
  • The conversation should be open, calm and neutral – it’s a heavy subject, even if you have a great relationship with your mother.

(Note that I am not advocating for teenage sex – the more you wait, the more emotionally prepared you will be. However, for teens who choose to have sex, open communication with their parents is important!)

What to do when mom doesn’t want to talk about sex

Not everyone will feel comfortable talking to their mother about sex – and for some people, for religious or other reasons, it may not be possible at all. However, you still have a choice. They include:

  • Ask a parent of a friend if you are close
  • A question from an older sister or brother
  • Viewing a book from the library
  • Question about planned parenting
  • Ask your doctor, in private

These are things you should NOT rely on if you feel uncomfortable talking about sex with your mom and can’t find any other options:

  • Advice, stories and acquaintances from friends (depending on where they got it, they may or may not have the correct information)
  • Forum or chat
  • Random search engine searches on this topic

This content is accurate and truthful to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not intended to replace formal and personalized advice from a qualified professional.


LilyMarch 4, 2020:

The songs are weird and Billy Winkeys is weird for

uzair13 June 2018:

How do I tell my mom about sex

Randi Benluluof Mesa, AZ on January 20, 2013:

And I thought that my mom not telling me about sex was generational! Luckily I had 2 older sisters so I was covered by insurance! When I gave birth to my children, I promised to be very open with them. She worked well for us. Great center and good useful information. Up +

Saffron Fiore (author)Dallas, Texas, January 17, 2013:

It is amazing that you have been so open to your children! I really think promoting a healthy approach to sex is a great way to keep children smart and safe and to help them come to you when they need information.

Dr. Abby Campbellin Charlotte, North Carolina, January 17, 2013:

Agree with braids and braids! I think every 13 year old woman should read this. Of course I started talking about sex with my children when they were very young (before kindergarten). just what they needed to know, like the anatomy and provenance of the children. It became a natural argument when they became teenagers, thank God! : P

Saffron Fiore (author)Dallas, Texas, January 14, 2013:

Thanks for your comment! Yes, as a teenager I really wanted to have more open conversations with my mom. I hope my future child will feel comfortable sharing these topics with me.

Chugafrom Africa 12 January 2013:

Thanks for the tips here. I wish I could refer every 13 year old girl and her mother to this site.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Littlest Pet Shop. We’ve been selling on eBay for 15 years now and have been selling LPS exclusively for several of those years. We started collecting them and selling our duplicates. Our favorite thing is to dress them up and run with them on walks. ™ ‚

They are hereThe 7 most important things you needknow before buying Littlest Pet Shops:

1) Beware of fakes. Personally, I would never buy directly from China. While it is true that you can get good pet deals, there are many fakes that go in this direction. The Dachshund LPS # 675, as shown in the first photo, is heavily bred by individuals other than Hasbro. They call this dog “after sales marketing” or “special edition”. She is not a Hasbro special edition, and by claiming she is ‘after market’ is very misleading. It is not made by Hasbro and many collectors and children would be very disappointed. The second photo shows another dachshund known to be fake.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

2) Kenner founded LPS in the 1990s.They are absolutely nothing new, however, the pets that were made “pre-Hasbro” are called ‘vintage.’TA new version of the LPS was introduced by Hasbro in 2005. They began making them with wider eyes, and completely different than their previous versions. There were pink magnets underneath and then slowly they turned into gray magnets, and the newer animals don’t have magnets at all, but rather a hole. You can age your pet largely by the color of the magnet on the underside of the paw or the lack of it.

In 2012, the brand new LPS style was introduced. Animals have larger, rounder eyes and different bodies. Later, in 2013, the bodies of the animals were restored, but the eyes were preserved from the 2012 edition which continues to this day. Currently, more than 3,000 different animals have been produced since 2005.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

3) LPS rotate in stores every 1-3 months , depending on the store. What you see there today will most likely not be available tomorrow. Therefore, older animals are in great demand for this reason. Many children also dislike the new style of their new pets (most don’t care about the new eye style).

4) Hasbro once had circle stickers that came in packages. You can collect and trade them for special edition pets. Hasbro discontinued it in 2013. Now is an app for android / iphone / ipad that children can download and use the application cards (called LPS tokens) available for free in the new pets to play in the application. Many kids love this app.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

Fun tip: Blythe Baxter was founded in 2012. We love watching fairy tales here. There are 4 video’s full of short cartoons Hasbro has produced to date.

5) Many adults and children collect animals. Children love to play with them for years. I also saw 13-year-old teenagers playing with them. Hasbro makes houses, stuffed toys, bedroom decorations, bedding, pets, Blythe (similar to Barbie, but much better!) And so on.

You can dress them up and role play. Some kids even like to make video’s on YouTube and have thousands of followers!

The animals themselves measure approx. 2 inches tall. Teens (smaller versions of travel play animals) measure approximately 1 “

6) Resale and care of animals.If you plan to save them for future generations or resell them in the future, make sure you don’t write on them with a marker or permanent pen. Niektórzy rodzice lubią pisać na nich inicjały lub kropki i w tym momencie są prawie bezwartościowi. There are a handful of animals over $ 100, so it would be tragic to write about them.

Another thing you’ll never want to do is to bathe them or soak them in water. They get rust rings very easily and again are practically useless if they do. Wash the surface only and dry immediately.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

7) Last animals.TBags for curtains these are the handbags that Hasbro releases for some animals. These are just blind bags. They are usually cheaper than regular pets, but you can’t see which pet you are buying. In my experience, blind bag animals are never as valuable as regular LPS, nor do they become more valuable over time.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

Similarly, Hasbro began making called petsSkates. They are not like other pets. They are basically very small balls with the face painted on them. You can fit them into certain clothes, known as ‘bodies.’ Most children are unimpressed with this style of pet and are easily lost.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

I hope this guide has helped you become a more educated buyer. If you’ve learned something or have something to add, comment below. ™ ‚

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The press materials on this website are for personal use only. You may not alter or redistribute them for profit without the written consent of the author, Sarah Titus. Insegnanti/educatori: puoi condividerli con la tua classe e i colleghi purché non vengano modificati in alcun modo.


Hi i was selling a pack of these on ebay until i noticed a lot of interest as i can find numbers numbers for sale

Some are worth the money, yes. Selling as a lot, you’ll lose out. You’ll need to know which ones are valuable and which ones aren’t. You can check the numbers on eBay. Just look for a description. Like “brown white collie” and it’ll narrow down your search a lot. Go with trusted sellers to get the correct number. Full lists are also available here.

You don’t have to sell with all numbers, however you may want to sell the rarer lps separately with their specific numbers.
Look up these numbers on the Internet.
Good luck in the sale
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If you don’t use the numbers when selling individual pets, you won’t get near as much traffic to the ads nor sales unfortunately. Most people know the numbers and check them this way.

My daughter would like to sell her pet shops but after looking on eBay and your site we’ve noticed that some have more value than others. We don’t know the names or collections they are from. I’m not sure you can help me or suggest where I should look. Thank you

Shannon, I think this post will help a lot, Littlest Pet Shop Rare Pet Shop List – Earn Money on eBay.

The mom-and-pop store works hard for your dollars


Wholesale retailers like BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club lure customers with a promise to save money by buying in bulk. But do they really pay for the average consumer, or can you get better deals by shopping at smaller retail stores and local stores? In other words, is it worth making big purchases? Here are five pros and cons to consider.

Price £

Price £ is often the biggest factor when choosing where to shop. Big Box stores offer the most attractive discounts on Big Ticket products, undercutting the prices of specialty stores and smaller retailers. So yes, you can often save hundreds of dollars on electronics, hardware, and other large purchases if you shop at a large retail store.

Key takeaway

  • Many customers shop in large stores to save money on large products and buy them in bulk.
  • Buying large quantities of perishable items may work well for large families, but not necessarily for singles or people with small families.
  • Wholesalers charge a membership fee that won’t be refunded if the buyer doesn’t visit the store frequently enough.
  • Unlike local stores and mom-and-pop stores, customer service isn’t a top priority for many large retailers.
  • Smart customers will weigh the pros and cons of each type of salesperson when looking for a bargain.

But not everything sold in large retail stores comes at a big discount. Once they find you in the shop, they count on you to purchase other items that are not on sale and that you may not even need.

When you are in a large store, your best bet is to buy what you came for and avoid browsing. Check out the weekly promotions in your local market or at a discount store and claim their coupons. You may find that you get a better deal on some items.


Large stores typically have large items or quantities. The real bargains can be found by purchasing bulk items such as stationery. Foods with a long shelf life, such as fizzy drinks, canned food, or large bags of frozen chicken wings, are generally well priced.

It works for large families, but it may not be worth it for singles or small families. And it doesn’t work well for people who live in small spaces with limited storage space. To be practical. Buy what you can store easily and avoid buying large quantities of perishable goods that can break before you have a chance to use them.

Registration fees

Warehouse clubs like Costco charge membership dues, typically between $ 60 and $ 120 per year. This tax takes you to the door. If you have a large family and make frequent purchases, the money saved during the year will easily cover your membership fee. If you don’t visit enough of the shop, the fee won’t be refunded and it’s best to buy from smaller shops and local markets.

Consider your shopping habits before spending more than $ 60 or more just for the privilege of crossing the threshold.


Large-format stores draw crowds at rush hour, which can mean long queues at checkout counters and crowded parking lots. Sometimes it’s worth fighting the crowd. If not, retailers would not be able to count on Black Friday sales that will run into the fourth quarter. But sometimes the struggle isn’t worth it, let alone the time and stress. When you count your savings, you offset the benefits of saving money, think about how much your time is worth.

At least try to shop during off-peak hours when the crowds might be smaller. And think long term, buying enough to last a few weeks, not just a few days.

Customer service

When it comes to customer interaction, large stores can be very different from your typical local store or retailer. Some large stores don’t put an emphasis on customer service as several employees on the floor are busy putting away the shelves. In this regard, big box customers are usually not interested in chatting with sellers, but are more focused on finding bargains and buying.

Some shoppers prefer the personal attention and experience that mom-and-pop or specialty stores can offer. Ask yourself what you prefer, anonymity or close, personal attention. If you know what you want to buy and don’t need a lot of help from customer service, a large store is probably the place to shop for some of your purchases.

The bottom line

I negozi di grandi dimensioni hanno sicuramente un posto nel panorama dei consumatori americani, così come i piccoli rivenditori e i negozi locali. A wise customer evaluates each one’s merits and looks closely at where the real deals are.

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

As children, we look at our parents and assume they can’t do anything wrong. Our mother is the one who takes care of us and sets the rules, so whatever she says is fine. However, not all parents are mature just because they are parents, and there may be clear signs that your mother is indeed immature. Growing up and discovering that your parent isn’t perfect can be weird, but realizing it can help you better understand how to manage your relationship and how to deal with your mother.

SecondPsychology today many immature parents express “emotional hunger,” which is a strong emotional need, often caused by the deprivation of childhood. Immature parents often behave because they are desperate to fill an emotional void and use the child to try to fill that connection. Of course, this can be frustrating if you are a child.

Dealing with an immature mom can be stressful – you may feel insecure about your decisions, unsure of advice to follow, and even exhausted from the constant arguments you find yourself in. But when you realize that she is your mother and not you, you may feel a little better. Here are eight signs that your mother is immature and she may be experiencing her own emotional development with you.

He behaves differently at home than in public

We all behave differently when we are at home with our families, but this difference is much more extreme with an immature mom. “For example, this mom can brag about her children to other people, but she’s very critical of them at home,” says psychologist Stephanie M. Kriesberg, Psy. D by email. “What others think matters to you.”

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There is nothing in this world more fun than hitting up the mall, pulling clothes off the hangars, and trying on until you’ve found the perfect outfit. That’s right, it’s time to go CLOTHES SHOPPING. Whether you’re looking for shoes, blouses, or skirts, work clothes, lounge clothes, or going Show More

There is nothing in this world more fun than hitting up the mall, pulling clothes off the hangars, and trying on until you’ve found the perfect outfit. That’s right, it’s time to go CLOTHES SHOPPING. Whether you’re looking for shoes, blouses, or skirts, work clothes, lounge clothes, or going out clothes, your choice in fashion will tell us a lot about your style.

By the end of this quiz, we’ll be able to crystallize your fashion sense into a single word. Bold, classic, sexy, or boho, no matter what kind of style you have, it’s all your own and we’ll help you find it and embrace it.

Jump in! Start trying on those clothes and don’t forget the accessories. It’s time to shop ’til you drop, or at least until we know enough about you to tell you what word best sums up your style. Where were the shoes you wanted to try on?

How to tell your mom that you would like to shop at different stores

Think Co / Hilary Allison

  • TESOL Diploma, Trinity College London
  • Master in Musical Performance, University of Music, Cologne
  • Bachelor of Vocal Studies, Eastman School of Music

Use polite questions when shopping or helping a customer in the store. Polite questions are asked with “may”, “may” and “would”. You can also ask shops for advice using “should”.

Shopping za sweter

Salesperson:Can I help you?
Customer:Yes, I’m looking for a sweater.

Salesperson:What size are you?
Customer:I am very big.

Salesperson:Would you like a plain sweater or something else?
Customer:I am looking for a simple blue sweater.

Salesperson:What about that?
Customer: Yes, that’s nice. Can I try this?

Salesperson:Sure, the changing rooms are there.
Customer: Thank you. (goes to the locker room to try on a sweater)

Salesperson:How is?
Customer: It is too big. Do you have great?

Salesperson: Yes, you are here. Would you like to try it out to see if it fits?
Customer: Wrong. Thank you. I’ll take it. I’m also looking for some nice pants.

Salesperson: Great. We have some very nice wool pants here. Do you want to take a look?
Customer:Yes, thanks for your help.

Salesperson:What are your dimensions?
Customer:They are 38 inches from the waist and 32 inches from the seams.

Salesperson:What do you think of them?
Customer:They are cute, but I prefer cotton pants if you have them.

Salesperson: For sure our summer pants collection is here. What do you think of these?
Customer: Yes, I like these. Do you also have them in gray?

Salesperson: Yes, here are a couple of them. You said the size was 38 “by 32”, right?
Customer: Yes it’s correct. I’ll go and try them.

Salesperson:Let me know if you need any help.
Customer: Thank you. (come back) They are big. This gives you a sweater and a pair of gray pants.

Salesperson:OK, how would you like to pay?
Customer:Do you accept credit cards?

Salesperson:Yes. Visa, Master Card and American Express.
Customer:OK, here’s my visa.

Salesperson: Thank you. Good day!
Customer: Thank you, goodbye.

Key vocabulary

come back

  • Could /Can I help you?
  • Can I try it on (them)?
  • How is?
  • How would you like to pay?
  • I am looking for.
  • I’d rather.


  • fitting rooms
  • Size – Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large – Used with standard sizes
  • Measurements – Used with specific sizes for pants, suits, etc.
  • Saleswoman / receptionist
  • Pants / Trousers / Trousers
  • Life
  • Internal seam
  • Credit cards

Enter the missing word to fill in the blanks and end the conversation with the seller.

Salesperson:Hi, _____ Can I help you find something?
Customer:Yes, I’m looking for a _____ blouse and matching pants.

Salesperson: Great. What do you want?
Customer: I’m _____ for a white blouse and black pants. They’re about to have an important job interview.

Salesperson: Good. Feel free to visit the business clothing section.
Customer:Thank you per l’aiuto.

Salesperson: My pleasure. Do you see anything you like?
Customer:Yes, this blouse looks cute.

Salesperson:Who are you?
Customer: I am small. Now let’s take a look at the pants.

Salesperson: Are cute. Would you _____?
Customer:Do you have anything else?

Salesperson:Yes, we also have these pants.
Customer:I like these, I’ll try them _____.

Salesperson:What are your _____?
Customer:Mam 26" w talii i 32" szew.

Salesperson: Here are a couple of them. Would you like to try them?
Customer:Yes where _____?

Salesperson:You can try them there.
Customer: Thank you. (tries on clothes, leaves the wardrobe to show it to the seller) What do you think?

Salesperson: You are in great shape! I am sure you will get this job!
Customer: Thank you! I’ll take them.

Salesperson:Do you want _______ in cash or by credit card?
Customer: _____ , Please. Here is my Visa card.

Salesperson: Thank you. It will be $ 145.

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Save with app discounts, flash sales, exclusive products and shipping notices!

Product measurements

Shipping methods and costs

If your order contains multiple products and / or includes gift cards, these may be shipped from multiple locations and / or delivered in different packages on different dates, there are no additional costs for split shipments.

Shipping and handling costs depend on the shipping method selected and are non-refundable, even with a return. Si prega di consultare la tabella seguente per i costi di spedizione e i tempi di consegna stimati. Please note that processing time can vary from 1 to 2 business days.

The sum of the order

Standard delivery


$ 0 – $ 74.99

$ 75 +

Standard orders placed before noon EST Monday through Friday will ship the same day. Delivery will take place within 3-5 working days.

Accelerated orders placed before 2pm EST Monday – Friday will be shipped the same day. Delivery is guaranteed within 2 working days.

For more information visit oursShipping FAQ page

Returns & Exchanges

WAŻNE: Z ograniczonymi wyjątkami zwroty są zcome backne za pomocą kredytu sklepowego, który można wykorzystać na dressbarn. com. Dressbarn does not provide a store credit for original shipping costs.

With a few exceptions, we don’t offer prepaid return labels; you are responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

Online return policy

Remember to send your item back to us in accordance with our return policy:

      Items must be returned within 30 days of delivery.

    Items must be unworn, unwashed, and have original tags attached.

    After contacting our support team at support @ dressbarn. com, the agent will create an unpaid shipping label and send it to you to print and attach to the package.

    Upon receiving the return and passing inspection, support agent creates a store credit for the customer to use for purchasing an exchange, etc

    We are not responsible for any return shipments that may be lost or stolen in transit. Please keep proof of postage and / or return shipment tracking number when returning.

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