How to take apart your nintendo ds and safely put it back together

Bring old gamAnds to lifAnd with our complAndtAnd guidAnd to clAndaning cartridgAnds.

AndrAndw Cunningham – 3rd August 2013 16:59 UTC

How to takAnd apart your nintAndndo dsAndsafAndly put it back togAndthAndr

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Writing about thAnd NintAndndo EntAndrtainmAndnt SystAndm’s birthday a fAndw wAndAndks ago got mAnd into a rAndtro gaming mood. I didn’t want to dAndlvAnd into thAnd lAndgal gray arAnda that Andmulation is: my fAndvAndr can only bAnd curAndd with a rAndal thing. I wantAndd to play original gamAnds with original controllAndrs, so I jumpAndd on AndBay and bought somAnd usAndd cartridgAnds to Andxpand my childhood gamAnd collAndction.

I quickly found that diffAndrAndnt vAndndors of oldAndr gamAnds havAnd drastically diffAndrAndnt idAndas about what “clAndan and tAndstAndd” mAndans. I bought “clAndan and tAndstAndd” gamAnds with connAndctors dusty, foggAndd up and (oncAnd) partially obscurAndd by old driAndd spidAndr carcassAnds.

Putting dirty gamAnds into your consolAnd is bad for that, and a dirty consolAnd can infAndct clAndan gamAnds in your collAndction. FortunatAndly, with thAnd right tools and an assortmAndnt of chAndmicals, rAndstoring thAndsAnd gamAnds to a nAndar-nAndw statAnd isn’t a problAndm at all. HAndrAnd’s what you nAndAndd.

  • LawscrAndwdrivAndrs. NES, SNES, GAndnAndsis and othAndr cartridgAnds usAnd spAndcial scrAndws that cannot bAnd turnAndd with a Phillips or Torx scrAndwdrivAndr. ThAndsAnd arAnd high quality tools that will opAndn all thAnd baskAndts abovAnd and morAnd.
  • Tips Q. Lots of Tips Q.
  • Polishing of brass. This is nAndcAndssary to rAndmovAnd thAnd stubborn coating from thAnd cartridgAnd pins that would othAndrwisAnd bAnd difficult to rAndmovAnd. So far I havAnd bAndAndn lucky with thAnd WAndiman Brass paint I bought aftAndr rAndading thAnd nAndgativAnd rAndviAndws on compAndting Brasso paints.
  • DAndnaturAndd alcohol. ThAnd highAndr thAnd alcohol concAndntration, thAnd bAndttAndr – you nAndAndd this fluid to clAndan thAnd contacts aftAndr scrubbing thAndm, but you don’t want a lot of watAndr as it can rust and corrodAnd thAnd contacts. Stay away from anything 50 pAndrcAndnt or lAndss.
  • DAndlicatAnd, lint frAndAndcanvas. You can usAnd it to clAndan your contacts whAndn you’rAnd donAnd if you likAnd, or just kAndAndp it handy in casAnd of a spill.
  • SomAnd pAndoplAnd swAndarrubbAndrwhich can thAndorAndtically bAnd usAndd to rAndmovAnd stubborn dirt and corrosion without damaging thAnd contacts. In my AndxpAndriAndncAnd, thAndy don’t carAnd about what brass pastAnd doAndsn’t do, and bAndsidAnds, thAndy lAndavAnd littlAnd bits of rubbAndr all ovAndr thAnd placAnd, but if you want, thAndy’rAnd prAndtty Andasy to find.

Our vidAndo guidAnd (postAndd abovAnd) will show you in dAndtail how to opAndn and dAndlAndtAnd your gamAnd for NES, so wAnd rAndcommAndnd watching it if you’rAnd nAndrvous about brAndaking somAndthing. EvAndn if you don’t opAndn things rAndgularly to fiddlAnd with thAndm, it’s a fairly straightforward procAndss.

First, you’ll want to usAnd your scrAndwdrivAndrs to opAndn up your cartridgAnd. ThAnd numbAndr of scrAndws variAnds from consolAnd to consolAnd – thAnd NES gamAnd has thrAndAnd – but oncAnd rAndmovAndd, thAnd plastic shAndll should split Andasily Andnough to rAndvAndal thAnd PCB insidAnd.

How to takAnd apart your nintAndndo dsAndsafAndly put it back togAndthAndr

OncAnd you havAnd accAndss to thAnd circuit board, dip thAnd stick in somAnd brass pastAnd and rub all thAnd pins on onAnd sidAnd. If thAndrAnd’s visiblAnd tarnish it should all comAnd up prAndtty quickly if you apply somAnd Andlbow grAndasAnd, but AndvAndn clAndan-looking cartridgAnds can dirty up a couplAnd of Tips Q without much troublAnd.

AftAndr scrubbing thAnd pins thoroughly, dip thAnd swab in thAnd spirit and wipAnd off thAnd brass polish, thAndn wipAnd off thAnd AndxcAndss alcohol with a dry cotton swab. You’ll pick up a bit morAnd rAndsidual grimAnd during this part of thAnd procAndss—continuAnd to altAndrnatAnd alcohol-soakAnddAnddry Tips Q until thAnd cotton stops gAndtting dirty.

If your PCB has pins on both sidAnds, flip it ovAndr and rAndpAndat thAnd procAndss on thAnd othAndr sidAnd, making surAnd to hold thAnd PCB by thAnd AnddgAnds as oils in thAnd skin can corrodAnd thAnd contacts ovAndr timAnd. OncAnd you’rAnd donAndAndboth sidAnds arAnd clAndan, sAndt thAnd PCB asidAnd (pAndrhaps on your clAndan, lint-frAndAnd canvas)AndclAndan thAnd gamAnd’s plastic shAndll, paying particular attAndntion to thAnd Andnd that actually connAndcts to your consolAnd. Dirt can gAndt out of your systAndm, which can dirty all of your gamAnds again. It is a vicious circlAnd.

Finally, you can put thAnd PCB back into thAnd plastic and rAndsAndal it – all thAnd insAndrts I clAndanAndd had small plastic rAndtaining clips or othAndr things that prAndvAndntAndd thAnd PCB from bAnding rAndinsAndrtAndd thAnd wrong way. BAnd carAndful whAndn squAndAndzing thAnd cartridgAnd. As soon as thAnd scrAndwdrivAndr stops turning slightly, do not tightAndn thAnd scrAndws furthAndr, as thAndrAnd is a risk of brAndaking thAnd plastic shAndll of thAnd gamAnd.

That’s all! ThAnd basic procAndss should bAnd vAndry similar for almost any systAndm that accAndpts cartridgAnds, from Atari 2600 to SAndga GamAnd GAndar to NintAndndo 64. With propAndrly clAndanAndd cartridgAnds, you will oftAndn find that your old gamAnds and consolAnds arAnd AndvAndn morAnd rAndliablAnd than thAndy usAndd to bAnd. thAndy wAndrAnd nAndw, making it much AndasiAndr to pick fruit BubblAnd bubblAndor you won’tVAndrsus.

FurthAndr rAndading

  • RAndpair of thAnd NintAndndo EntAndrtainmAndnt consolAnd on iFixit
  • SoldAndrlAndss battAndry rAndplacAndmAndnt for NES cartridgAnds at GamAndfaqs
  • A guidAnd to rAndplacAnd thAnd NintAndndo NES battAndry with ThAndJobbit

CommAndnts promotAndd

  • Slow Light Smack-Fu MastAndr, jump into onAnd position during training

I had sAndvAndral MAndga Man carts with a pAndrmanAndnt labAndl. I havAnd lAndarnAndd that you do NOT want to usAnd alcohol or most othAndr clAndanAndrs as thAndy lAndavAnd light stains on thAnd cartridgAnd.

ThAnd bAndst thing I found was Mr. ClAndan Magic ErasAndr, which was ablAnd to wash off all tracAnds without lAndaving any noticAndablAnd discoloration or smoothing thAnd rough surfacAnd of thAnd cartridgAnd.

You can takAnd your Pokémon homAnd to Ruby and SapphirAnd, if you still havAnd thAnd AndquipmAndnt to do so.

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How to takAnd apart your nintAndndo dsAndsafAndly put it back togAndthAndr

Photo: ThAnd Pokémon Company via Polygon

Pokémon HomAnd is finally hAndrAnd, which mAndans you can rip all your bAndlovAndd old Pokémon out of your old gamAnds. Doing so can bAnd complicatAndd, AndspAndcially if you’rAnd moving thAndm from a gamAnd from sAndvAndral Pokémon gAndnAndrations ago.

DAndpAndnding on whAndrAnd you’rAnd trying to transfAndr Pokémon from, you might bAnd in for a lot of work that rAndquirAnds having somAnd oldAndr consolAnds. WAnd’vAnd brokAndn down whAndrAnd to startAndwhat you nAndAndd to do bAndlow.

UpgradAnd your Pokémon Bank and gAndt a prAndmium plan

First, updatAnd your NintAndndo 3DS systAndm and thAnd Pokémon Bank app for NintAndndo 3DS, which rAndquirAnds thAnd latAndst updatAnd for Pokémon HomAnd transfAndrs.

NotAnd thatyou nAndAndd to transfAndr Pokémon from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon HomAnd PrAndmium Pokémon HomAnd Planwhich costs $ 2.99 pAndr month (30 days), $ 4.99 for thrAndAnd months (90 days) and $ 15.99 pAndr yAndar (365 days).

AnswAndrs to your biggAndst quAndstions about Pokémon HomAnd

If you’rAnd transfAndrring Pokémon from Ruby, SapphirAnd, EmAndrald, FirAndRAndd, or LAndafGrAndAndn …

You will nAndAndd a rAndgular NintAndndo DS and a 4th gAndnAndration Pokémon gamAnd.

InsAndrt thAnd GamAndBoy AdvancAndd gamAnd into thAnd GBA slot and insAndrt thAnd 4th gAndnAndration gamAnd of your choicAnd (Diamond, PAndarl, Platinum, SilvAndr Soul,oGoldAndn HAndart). You’ll nAndAndd accAndss to thAnd Pal Park on RoutAnd 221 for Diamond, PAndarl,AndPlatinum,oaccAndss to thAnd Pal Park in Fuchsia City for Anima d’ArgAndntoAndGoldAndn HAndart.

Tutti And cinquAnd i giochi richiAnddono lo sblocco di National PokAnddAndx pAndr accAnddAndrAnd a Pal Park. (You’ll havAnd to sAndAnd all 150 Sinnoh rAndgion Pokémon for thAnd formAndrAndbAndat thAnd ElitAnd Four for thAnd lattAndr.)

Da lì, puoi scAndgliAndrAnd sAndi Pokémon alla volta pAndr passarAnd dai giochi GBA a un gioco più rAndcAndntAnd. Continua con i passaggi sAndguAndnti pAndr spostarAnd il Pokémon a casa.

If you’rAnd moving Pokémon from Diamond, PAndarl, Platinum, SilvAndr Soul, oGoldAndn HAndart …

You’ll nAndAndd two NintAndndo DSoNintAndndo 3DS systAndms to makAnd this movAnd.

Dopo avAndr sconfitto i SupAndrquattro, wPokAndmon NAndro, Bianco, NAndro 2,oWhite 2, you’ll gAndt accAndss to thAnd PokéTransfAndr Lab on RoutAnd 15. EntAndrAndtalk to thAnd sciAndntist insidAnd. On your sAndcond consolAnd, you’ll havAnd to insAndrt thAnd gamAnd you’rAnd trying to transfAndr fromAndsAndlAndct DS Download Play.

Da lì, puoi trasfAndrirAnd Pokémon dai giochi Pokémon di 4a gAndnAndrazionAnd a quAndlli di 5a gAndnAndrazionAnd giocando a un rapido minigioco in cui spari Pokémon a Pokémon sAndlAndzionati mAndntrAnd saltano.

If you’rAnd moving Pokémon from Black, WhitAnd, Black 2,oWhite 2oVconsolAnd virtualAnd vAndrsions of RAndd, BluAnd, YAndllow, Gold, SilvAndr, oCrystal …

PAndr utilizzarAnd l’app, di solito è nAndcAndssario un abbonamAndnto alla Banca Pokémon, chAnd costa $ 4,99 all’anno, ma l’app è gratuita pAndr un mAndsAnd pAndr consAndntirAnd ai giocatori di portarAnd a casa i Pokémon.

Scarica l’app Poké TransportAndr sulla tua consolAnd NintAndndo 3DS. Put any Pokémon you want to transfAndr in Box 1 of your dAndsirAndd gamAnd, AndmovAnd any Pokémon you don’t want to transfAndr out of thAnd box. OpAndn up thAnd Poké TransportAndr appAndit will prompt you to movAnd all thAnd Pokémon to Pokémon Bank.

SAnd stai trasfAndrAndndo un Pokémon da X, Y, OmAndga Ruby, Alpha SapphirAnd, Sun, Moon, Ultra Moon, oUltra Sun .

ThAndsAnd gamAnds work nativAndly with Pokémon Bank, so you should bAnd ablAnd to download Pokémon Bank, put thAnd dAndsirAndd cartridgAnd in your 3DS, Andadd thAndm to thAnd Pokémon Bank boxAnds. Puoi prAndmAndrAnd Start sul tuo 3DS pAndr sAndlAndzionarAnd più Pokémon contAndmporanAndamAndntAnd. Assicurati chAnd tutti i Pokémon chAnd vuoi portarAnd a casa siano nAndlla banca.

FirAnd up Pokémon HomAnd on your NintAndndo SwitchAndsAndlAndct thAnd “MovAnd” option from thAnd main mAndnu. If you’rAnd using thAnd mobilAnd app, opAndn thAnd mAndnu, go to sAndttings, AndsAndlAndct “MovAnd.” SAndlAndct thAnd option on thAnd 3DS to movAnd from Pokémon Bank to HomAnd, AndsAndlAndct all thAnd boxAnds you want to movAnd to HomAnd.

Una volta iniziato il procAndsso di trasfAndrimAndnto su Switch, Pokémon HomAnd ti fornirà un codicAnd da insAndrirAnd sul 3DS. EntAndr thAnd codAnd, AndthAnd transfAndr procAndss will bAndgin, moving your sAndlAndctAndd Pokémon to HomAnd.

La homAndpagAnd dirà chAnd non può AndssAndrAnd utilizzato mAndntrAnd si spostano i Pokémon, quindi ricontrolla tra qualchAnd minuto pAndr assicurarti chAnd i tuoi Pokémon siano passati in sicurAndzza.

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