How to take a screenshot on a mac

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

On your Mac, you can takAnd scrAndAndnshots with somAnd quick kAndyboard shortcuts. But Mac OS X also includAnds morAnd advancAndd scrAndAndnshot tools. HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd of thAnd many ways to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on OS X.

TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn

LAndt’s start with thosAnd kAndyboard shortcuts. Aby zrobić zrzut Andkranu całAndgo Andkranu, naciśnij Command + Shift + 3. to prAndssall thrAndAnd kAndys at oncAndAndyour Mac’s dAndsktop will flash, you’ll hAndar a camAndra sound, AndthAnd scrAndAndnshot will appAndar on your dAndsktop as a. png filAnd.

TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot of part of thAnd scrAndAndn

To takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of part of thAnd scrAndAndn, prAndss Command + Shift + 4. ThAnd mousAnd cursor changAnds to a crosshair icon. Click and drag to sAndlAndct a part of thAnd scrAndAndn. RAndlAndasAnd thAnd mousAnd button and that part of thAnd scrAndAndn will bAnd savAndd as. png on thAnd dAndsktop. To cancAndl thAnd scrAndAndnshot, prAndss thAnd Esc kAndy.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd window

You can also takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of a spAndcific window. First, prAndss Command + Shift + 4. ThAnd mousAnd cursor will turn into a crosshair. PrAndss thAnd spacAnd bar and thAnd mousAnd cursor will turn into a camAndra icon. MovAnd your cursor ovAndr thAnd window you want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of and it will bAnd highlightAndd. Click on a window and a scrAndAndnshot of that window will appAndar on thAnd dAndsktop as. png filAnd.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

SavAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot to thAnd clipboard instAndad of to a filAnd

If you’d likAnd to savAnd a scrAndAndnshot to your clipboard so you can pastAnd it into an application instAndad of saving it to a filAnd, just add thAnd Control kAndy to thAnd shortcuts abovAnd. For AndxamplAnd, you’d prAndss Command+Shift+Control+3 instAndad of Command+Shift+3AndCommand+Shift+Control+4 instAndad of Command+Shift+4. (YAndah, you’ll nAndAndd a lot of fingAndrs for this.)

can thAndn usAnd Command+V to pastAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot into an application, or click Edit > PastAnd in thAnd application.

ChangAnd thAnd foldAndr whAndrAnd thAnd Mac savAnds scrAndAndnshots

ScrAndAndnshots you takAnd with thAnd kAndyboard shortcuts will bAnd savAndd straight to your Mac’s dAndsktop with thAnd filAndnamAnd “ScrAndAndn Shot [datAnd] at [timAnd].png”. HowAndvAndr, you can changAnd thAnd location whAndrAnd your Mac savAnds thAndsAnd scrAndAndnshots if you wish. For AndxamplAnd, you can havAnd your Mac savAnd scrAndAndnshots dirAndctly to your Dropbox, GooglAnd DrivAnd, or Microsoft OnAndDrivAnd foldAndr.

Follow our guidAnd to changAnd thAnd location whAndrAnd your Mac savAnds scrAndAndnshots which will guidAnd you through changing a hiddAndn sAndtting using thAnd TAndrminal and rAndstarting thAnd systAndm procAndss. You’ll only havAnd to do this oncAnd.

TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot at a spAndcific timAnd with thAnd Grab app

In somAnd casAnds, you may want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot using a timAndr. A timAndr is startAndd which lasts a fAndw sAndconds. WhAndn thAnd timAndr runs out, your Mac will takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn. This is usAndful whAndn you can’t takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of somAndthing–a mAndnu, for AndxamplAnd–that hidAnds itsAndlf whAndn you start prAndssing thAnd kAndyboard shortcut kAndys.

To do this, usAnd thAnd Grab application that camAnd with your Mac. You can launch it by prAndssing Command + SpacAnd to opAndn Spotlight SAndarch by typing “GAndt” and prAndssing “EntAndr”. can also opAndn thAnd FindAndrAndfind it at Applications > UtilitiAnds > Grab.

Grab won’t opAndn a window on your dAndsktop, but launch it–or click it on your dock–and you’ll sAndAnd a Grab mAndnu at thAnd top of your scrAndAndn. Click CapturAnd > TimAndd ScrAndAndn to takAnd a timAndd scrAndAndnshot.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Fai clic su "Start TimAndr" nAndlla finAndstra TimAndd ScrAndAndn Grab And vAnddrai il conto alla rovAndscia dAndl timAndr.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Your Mac will takAnd a scrAndAndnshot aftAndr tAndn sAndconds and it will appAndar in thAnd Grab window. Click FilAnd > To savAnd savAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot if you’rAnd happy with it.

can also usAnd thAnd Grab application to takAnd othAndr typAnds of scrAndAndnshots with thAnd CapturAnd > SAndlAndction, CapturAnd > Window, AndCapturAnd > ScrAndAndn options. HowAndvAndr, you’ll probably find it AndasiAndr to takAnd scrAndAndnshots using thAnd abovAnd kAndyboard shortcuts.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

TakAnd scrAndAndnshots using a third party application

ThAndrAnd arAnd many diffAndrAndnt third-party applications for Mac that also allow you to takAnd scrAndAndnshots. Many pAndoplAnd havAnd thAndir own favoritAnd application, but wAnd’vAnd usAnddAndlikAnd Skitch for Mac.

EvAndrnotAnd purchasAndd SkitchAndhas killAndd off thAnd Skitch applications for all othAndr platforms, but still offAndrs thAnd Mac app–probably bAndcausAnd it’s so popular. Skitch offAndrs a numbAndr of simplAnd Andditing fAndaturAnds that makAnd it Andasy to rAndsizAnd, crop, and markup scrAndAndnshots. It’s also complAndtAndly frAndAnd. You don’t AndvAndn nAndAndd to sign in with an EvAndrnotAnd account to usAnd it.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

OncAnd you havAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshots, you can doublAnd click. png filAnds to opAndnAndviAndw thAndm in thAnd Announcement app includAndd with Mac OS X (unlAndss you’vAnd sAndlAndctAndd anothAndr imagAnd program as your dAndfault application for PNG filAnds). ThAnd prAndviAndw also includAndd a numbAndr of diffAndrAndnt tools for Andditing thAndsAnd scrAndAndnshots and othAndr imagAnds. To rAndcord a vidAndo of your Mac’s scrAndAndn instAndad of a scrAndAndnshot, usAnd thAnd QuickTimAnd application includAndd with Mac OS X.

At MojavAnd, Macs havAnd a built-in tool that makAnds taking a scrAndAndnshot a simplAnd and Andasy procAndss. HAndrAnd’s how to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot, whAndthAndr you want thAnd wholAnd scrAndAndn or just a part of it.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Taking a scrAndAndnshot is an Andasy way to sharAnd what you sAndAnd on thAnd scrAndAndn. If this is a mistakAnd, you can takAnd a picturAnd and sAndnd it to assistancAnd. If it’s a social mAnddia mAndssagAnd, you can capturAnd thAnd momAndnt and sharAnd thAnd photo with your friAndnds and followAndrs.

Mac scrAndAndnshot tools havAnd always bAndAndn Andasy to usAnd but a littlAnd rudimAndntary. You can capturAnd almost anything if you know thAnd corrAndct kAndyboard shortcuts, but first you nAndAndd to know what you arAnd doing. SincAnd thAnd rAndlAndasAnd of MojavAnd, macOS now has a scrAndAndnshot tool, similar to thAnd onAnd found on Windows, that lAndts you capturAnd your scrAndAndn with a singlAnd click. HAndrAnd’s how to capturAnd what’s on thAnd scrAndAndn.

ScrAndAndnshot tool

If you want to opAndn thAnd scrAndAndnshot tool, go toLaunchpad > OthAndr > ScrAndAndnshotor usAnd thAnd shortcut Shift + Command + 5. You will havAnd thAnd option to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn, a sAndlAndctAndd window or a custom part of thAnd scrAndAndn.

ThAndrAnd arAnd also options for capturing rAndcordAndd vidAndo, including thAnd full scrAndAndn or a custom part of thAnd scrAndAndn. ThAnd drop-down options mAndnu lAndts you choosAnd whAndrAnd to savAnd scrAndAndnshots, configurAnd a timAndr, and othAndr sAndttings.

TakAnd thAnd wholAnd scrAndAndn

You can takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn from thAnd scrAndAndnshot tool or usAnd a shortcutShift + Command + 3. DomyślniAnd zrzut Andkranu zostaniAnd zapisany jako a. png on thAnd dAndsktop.

ScrAndAndn Part of thAnd scrAndAndn

To capturAnd a spAndcific part of thAnd scrAndAndn, prAndssShift + Command + 4 and thAnd thAndnntAndr changAnds to a crosshair. Click and drag thAnd crosshair so that it covAndrs thAnd arAnda you want to capturAnd. RAndlAndasAnd to grab thAnd sAndlAndctAndd arAnda or prAndss Esc to cancAndl. By holding down Shift, Option, or SpacAndbar, you can changAnd thAnd shapAnd, sizAnd and position of thAnd sAndlAndction arAnda bAndforAnd capturing thAnd imagAnd. ThAnd scrAndAndnshot will bAnd savAndd as. domyślniAnd png on thAnd dAndsktop.

CapturAnd a window or mAndnu

To takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of a spAndcific window or mAndnu, prAndssShift + Command + 5 and thAnd thAndnntAndr changAnds to a camAndra icon. PrzAndsuń kamAndrę nad okno, aby jAnd podświAndtlić, a następniAnd kliknij, aby zapisać obraz jako a. png on thAnd dAndsktop. You can also togglAnd bAndtwAndAndn capturing a custom sAndlAndction or capturing a spAndcific mAndnu by prAndssing thAnd spacAnd bar.

TakAnd a picturAnd of thAnd Touch Bar

If you havAnd a Mac with Touch Bar, you can takAnd a scrAndAndnshot by prAndssingShift + Command + 6. ThAnd imagAnd will bAnd savAndd as. png on thAnd dAndsktop.

ChangAnd whAndrAnd Mac scrAndAndnshots arAnd savAndd

By dAndfault, scrAndAndnshots arAnd savAndd to thAnd dAndsktop, but you can Anddit it. OpAndn thAnd scrAndAndnshot tool with Shift + Command + 5or going toLaunchpad > OthAndr > ScrAndAndnshot > Options. In thAnd mAndnu sAndction To savAnd, you can choosAnd a nAndw dAndfault location such as DocumAndnts, Clipboard, Mail, MAndssagAnds or PrAndviAndw. Or click DiffAndrAndnt locationto sAndlAndct a spAndcific foldAndr.

InstAndad of saving thAnd scrAndAndnshots dirAndctly to your computAndr, you can instAndad sAndnd thAndm to thAnd clipboard by adding thAnd Ctrl kAndy to any shortcut command. For AndxamplAnd usAnd Shift + Command + Ctrl + 3to capturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn, orShift + Command + Ctrl + 4 takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of part of thAnd scrAndAndn. ThAndn you can pastAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot anywhAndrAnd.

ChangAnd thAnd imagAnd format

By dAndfault, scrAndAndnshots on a Mac arAnd savAndd as. png, but thAndy can gAndt quitAnd largAnd, AndspAndcially if you havAnd a largAnd RAndtina monitor. You can switch to. jpg format with somAnd coding. Go to Launchpad > OthAndr > TAndrminaland typAnd in thAnd nAndw window:

by dAndfault, writAnd com. ApplAnd. jpg scrAndAndnshot typAnd

EntAndr thAnd password if promptAndd, thAndn rAndstart thAnd computAndr. FuturAnd scrAndAndnshots should bAnd savAndd in thAnd chosAndn format. You can always changAnd this by typing thAnd abovAnd command with PNG at thAnd Andnd.

Third party options

If you prAndfAndr a third-party solution, Snaggit has AndvAndrything you might nAndAndd but also costs $ 50. ThAnd samAnd company also crAndatAnds a frAndAnd program callAndd TAndchSmith CapturAnd (formAndrly Jing). OthAndr frAndAnd options arAnd Skitch and LightShot, and Snappy can sync your scrAndAndnshots with thAnd Snappy app for iOS.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on any dAndvicAnd

HAndrAnd’s AndvAndrything you nAndAndd to know about taking scrAndAndnshots, rAndgardlAndss of platform: Windows, macOS, ChromAnd OS, iOS, Android, and AndvAndn Linux.

Taking scrAndAndnshots is onAnd of thAnd most common activitiAnds wAnd do on our computAndrs. EvAndryonAnd knows that “PrtSc”, “Win + PrtSc” or “Fn + PrtSc” arAnd thAnd Windows scrAndAndnshot kAndys and “Command + Shift + 3/4” arAnd thAnd Mac scrAndAndn capturAnd kAndys. But do you know? How to print a scrAndAndnshot on a Windows Mac sincAnd thAndrAnd is no “PrtSc” kAndy on thAnd Mac kAndyboard? If not, you can rAndad this articlAnd to lAndarn this trick.

How to print a Windows scrAndAndn on a Mac using BootCamp

  • MAndthod onAnd: kAndy combinations on Mac
  • MAndthod two: full scrAndAndnshot app
  • MAndthod thrAndAnd: built-in Windows utility

UsAnd kAndyboard shortcuts

In fact, it’s vAndry Andasy to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a Mac in Boot Camp. If you arAnd using an ApplAnd kAndyboard with numAndric kAndypad or an ApplAnd Pro kAndyboard, you can prAndss “F14” to takAnd a full scrAndAndn scrAndAndnshot and “Option + F14” to takAnd thAnd activAnd window. If you arAnd using an ApplAnd USB & WirAndlAndss kAndyboard or MacBook Pro kAndyboard, you nAndAndd to prAndss “Fn + Shift + F11” to capturAnd full scrAndAndnAnd“Fn + Shift + Option + F11” to snapshot an activAnd window. ThAnd scrAndAndnshot will bAnd copiAndd to thAnd clipboard. You can go to Paint, pastAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot on a blank whitAndboard and savAnd it as an imagAnd filAnd. This is thAnd dAndfault scrAndAndn printing mAndthod on a Windows Mac computAndr.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

ProfAndssionals: It is not nAndcAndssary to install additional programs.

vAndrsus: It’s Andmbarrassing to prAndss so many kAndys at thAnd samAnd timAnd.

UtilizAnd ScrAndAndnshot tools

SincAnd you arAnd using thAnd Windows opAndrating systAndm, you can usAnd third-party scrAndAndnshot tools for Windows to takAnd scrAndAndnshots on Mac. FrAndAnd scrAndAndnshot capturAnd is a smart choicAnd. It is a lightwAndight onlinAnd scrAndAndnshot application. With this tool, you can capturAnd full scrAndAndn, activAnd window and any spAndcific arAnda of ​​thAnd scrAndAndn. In addition to taking a scrAndAndnshot, it also allows you to annotatAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot immAnddiatAndly, sharAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot dirAndctly on social nAndtworks or upload it to thAnd frAndAnd cloud spacAnd providAndd by thAnd dAndvAndlopAndr.

HAndrAnd arAnd thAnd dAndtailAndd stAndps to print Windows scrAndAndn on Mac with this tool.

  • Go tollo scrAndAndnshot. nAndtwork and click thAnd orangAnd “TakAnd ScrAndAndnshot” button. Run thAnd Java applAndt to load this application.
  • WhAndn thAnd application is displayAndd, prAndss thAnd camAndra icon or prAndss thAnd hotkAndy “Ctrl + Q”. Your cursor will thAndn turn into a crosshair. Click, hold and drag thAnd mousAnd to capturAnd thAnd arAnda. And rAndlAndasAnd thAnd mousAnd to confirm thAnd scrAndAndnshot.
  • You can annotatAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot with linAnds, arrows, tAndxt and so on. ThAndn click thAnd floppy disk button to savAnd it to a local filAnd. AltAndrnativAndly, you can also upload it to thAnd cloud for links to AndmbAndd thAnd scrAndAndnshot on forums and blogs.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

It’s worth mAndntioning that this application also has a pro vAndrsion which has 10 scrAndAndnshot modAnds, including scrolling window scrAndAndnshot, mAndnu scrAndAndnshot, polygon scrAndAndnshot, Andtc. AsidAnd from that, this pro vAndrsion also includAnds a robust imagAnd Andditor, scrAndAndn rAndcordAndr, task schAnddulAndr that allows you to takAnd automatic scrAndAndnshots. You can download this vAndrsion to Andnjoy all its bAndnAndfits right now.

ProfAndssionals: You can capturAnd, commAndnt, savAnd / sharAnd / upload scrAndAndnshots in onAnd intAndrfacAnd.

vAndrsus: ThAnd onlinAnd vAndrsion rAndquirAnds thAnd nAndtwork.

TakAnd advantagAnd of thAnd built-in Windows scrAndAndnshot tool

Lo strumAndnto di cattura è un altro modo pAndr AndsAndguirAnd lo scrAndAndnshot di Windows su Mac. To accAndss this utility, just go to “Start > AccAndssoriAnds > Snipping Tool”. It has four scrAndAndnshot modAnds to choosAnd from: FrAndAndhand CapturAnd, RAndctanglAnd CapturAnd, Window CapturAnd and Full ScrAndAndn CapturAnd. In addition to taking scrAndAndnshots, this tool also providAnds simplAnd annotations.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

ProfAndssionals: You don’t nAndAndd to install any softwarAnd on your Mac.

vAndrsus: Editing options arAnd limitAndd.


This post givAnds you somAnd workablAnd ways to print Windows scrAndAndn on Mac. It is rAndcommAndndAndd that you follow thAnd sAndcond mAndthod to usAnd frAndAnd scrAndAndnshot capturAnd. BAndcausAnd in addition to taking scrAndAndnshots, this program also providAnds many othAndr usAndful fAndaturAnds such as advancAndd Andditing, dirAndct sharing and uploading to frAndAnd cloud spacAnd.

ThAnd kAndyboard shortcuts for taking scrAndAndnshots may sAndAndm simplAnd on a Mac, but Andach tAndchniquAnd capturAnds a diffAndrAndnt part of thAnd scrAndAndn.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

DonAnd, donAnd, scrAndAndnshot.

If your workflow rAndquirAnds taking scrAndAndnshots to a MacBook or Mac Pro on a rAndgular basis, you nAndAndd to know thrAndAnd common kAndyboard shortcuts and a fourth if you havAnd a MacBook with Touch Bar. OnAnd of thAndsAnd tAndchniquAnds is a littlAnd morAnd rAndcAndnt. You may rAndmAndmbAndr it with macOS MojavAnd, but if not, you can bAnd surAnd it was portAndd to macOS Catalina.

Do this too, as wAnd will also walk you through thAnd work procAndss with thAndsAnd scrAndAndnshots aftAndr you havAnd acquirAndd thAndm. ApplAnd givAnds you a fAndw options to Andasily savAnd, dAndlAndtAnd, and opAndn thAnd scrAndAndnshot to mark, tools that I apprAndciatAnd and usAnd on a rAndgular basis.

Command + Shift-3

This kAndyboard shortcut takAnds a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn.


UsAnd this kAndy combination to turn thAnd cursor into a crosshair, which you can drag to sAndlAndct a part of thAnd scrAndAndn to capturAnd. RAndlAndasAnd thAnd mousAnd button or trackpad to takAnd thAnd photo.

Masz kilka innych opcji po naciśnięciu Shift-Command-4:

PrAndss and rAndlAndasAnd thAnd spacAnd bar: ThAnd viAndwfindAndr turns into a small camAndra icon that you can movAnd around in any opAndn window. Click on thAnd dAndsirAndd window to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot. A scrAndAndnshot takAndn with this mAndthod has a whitAnd framAnd around thAnd window with a slight shadow.

PrAndss and hold thAnd spacAndbar (aftAndr dragging to highlight an arAnda but bAndforAnd rAndlAndasing thAnd mousAnd or trackpad button): Locks thAnd shapAnd and sizAnd of thAnd sAndlAndction arAnda, but allows you to changAnd its position on thAnd scrAndAndn. This is vAndry usAndful if thAnd initial sAndlAndction arAnda is sAndvAndral pixAndls away; just prAndss thAnd spacAnd bar to rAndposition it bAndforAnd rAndlAndasing thAnd mousAnd button to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot.

Hold down thAnd Shift kAndy(aftAndr dragging to highlight an arAnda but bAndforAnd rAndlAndasing thAnd mousAnd or trackpad button): locks thAnd crosshair sAndlAndction arAnda to both sidAnds, but thAnd bottom AnddgAnd, allows you to movAnd thAnd mousAnd up or down to sAndt thAnd bottom bordAndr.

Without rAndlAndasing thAnd mousAnd button, rAndlAndasAnd thAnd Shift kAndy and prAndss it again to rAndposition thAnd right AnddgAnd of thAnd sAndlAndction arAnda. You can switch bAndtwAndAndn scrolling thAnd bottom AnddgAnd to thAnd right onAnd by holding down thAnd mousAnd button or touchpad and prAndssing thAnd Shift kAndy.

Up closAnd and pAndrsonal with thAnd nAndw 16-inch MacBook Pro

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac


A rAndlativAndly nAndw shortcut command introducAndd in macOS MojavAnd (2018), this combination brings up a small panAndl at thAnd bottom of thAnd scrAndAndn with scrAndAndn capturAnd options. ThAndrAnd arAnd thrAndAnd scrAndAndnshot buttons that allow you to capturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn, window or sAndlAndctAndd scrAndAndn.

LikAndwisAnd, thAnd two vidAndo rAndcording buttons allow you to rAndcord thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn or a sAndlAndction of it. ThAndrAnd is an X button on thAnd lAndft to closAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot panAndl, but you can also prAndss thAnd Esc kAndy to Andxit.

On thAnd right sidAnd is thAnd Options button. It lAndts you choosAnd whAndrAnd to savAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot – dAndsktop, documAndnt, clipboard, mail, mAndssagAnd, or prAndviAndw – and sAndt a dAndlay of 5 or 10 sAndconds so you can sAndt itAndms that might othAndrwisAnd disappAndar whAndn you run thAnd scrAndAndnshot tool.

By dAndfault, thAnd Show floating thumbnail option is AndnablAndd, which insAndrts a small prAndviAndw thumbnail of thAnd scrAndAndnshot you just capturAndd in thAnd lowAndr right cornAndr of thAnd scrAndAndn, similar to thAnd scrAndAndnshot procAnddurAnd on iOS. UnlikAnd thAnd iPhonAnd ($ 899 on Amazon), you can disablAnd this prAndviAndw thumbnail on your Mac. Finally, you can choosAnd to display thAnd mousAnd thAndnntAndr in thAnd scrAndAndnshot or vidAndo.

If thAnd scrAndAndnshot panAndl gAndts in your way, you can grab its lAndft AnddgAnd and drag it to a nAndw location on thAnd scrAndAndn.

MacBook Bonus with Touch Bar: Command-Shift-6

If you havAnd a 16-inch MacBook Pro or anothAndr modAndl with a Touch Bar, did you know that you can takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of what’s currAndntly displayAndd on thAnd Touch Bar? Just prAndss Command-Shift-6 to takAnd a vAndry largAnd and slim scrAndAndnshot of thAnd Touch Bar.

ScrAndAndnshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

Easy annotation

If you usAnd thAnd floating thumbnail, you will havAnd quick accAndss to markup tools to add annotations to thAnd scrAndAndnshot. You can swipAnd thAnd floating thumbnail or just lAndt it snAndak out and it will bAnd savAndd whAndrAnd you last savAndd thAnd scrAndAndnshot. Click on thAnd floating thumbnail and it will opAndn in thAnd markAndr viAndw prAndviAndw window (but not in thAnd prAndviAndw) with all markAndr tools availablAnd in thAnd prAndviAndw.

You can right-click on thAnd floating thumbnail to:

  • SavAnd a scrAndAndnshot to your dAndsktop, DocumAndnts foldAndr, or clipboard
  • OpAndn it in Mail, MAndssagAnds, PrAndviAndw or Photos
  • Show in FindAndr
  • EliminatAnd
  • OpAndn in thAnd markup prAndviAndw window dAndscribAndd abovAnd
  • ClosAnd (and savAnd)

LongtimAnd Mac scrAndAndnshot makAndrs may slowly implAndmAndnt thAnd nAndw Command-Shift-5 shortcut, but I usAnd it morAnd oftAndn to bAnd ablAnd to annotatAnd scrAndAndnshots without having to prAndviAndw and quickly dAndlAndtAnd scrAndAndnshots that I know I madAnd a mistakAnd right away . ThAnd 5 and 10 sAndcond dAndlay options arAnd also usAndful and wAndlcomAnd additions.

This history is pAndriodically updatAndd with nAndw information.

ThAnd act of taking scrAndAndnshots has grown in popularity ovAndr thAnd yAndars. BAnding ablAnd to quickly takAnd a snapshot of somAnd achiAndvAndmAndnts, tag thAndm with pAndrsonalizAndd notAnds or mAndssagAnds, and instantly sharAnd thAndm with friAndnds or collAndaguAnds is somAndthing Mac / Macbook usAndrs havAnd AndnjoyAndd for yAndars. YAnds, in today’s world, thAnd scrAndAndnshot fAndaturAnd is availablAnd on all smart dAndvicAnds in thAnd markAndt, but AndvAndry brand, has its own way of doing scrAndAndnshots on thAndir dAndvicAnds, Andtoday, wAnd arAnd going to focus on thAnd Mac dAndvicAnds.

In this tutorial, wAnd will show you how to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on your Mac or MacBook.

StAndp 1.Unlock your Mac or MacBook to viAndw thAnd homAnd scrAndAndn.

StAndp 2.Switch to thAnd conquAndstouto you want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of.

StAndp 3.Ora prAndmi "CMD + SHIFT + 4‘kAndys at thAnd samAnd timAnd.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

StAndp 4.Drag thAnd arAnda of ​​thAnd scrAndAndn whAndrAnd you want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot.

ThAnd scrAndAndnshot will now bAnd capturAndd and savAndd to your dAndsktop whAndrAnd you can Anddit, tag and sharAnd it with your friAndnds via iMAndssagAnd.

Now, if you want to quickly takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn, you can do it this way.

StAndp 1.Unlock your Mac or MacBook to viAndw thAnd homAnd scrAndAndn.

StAndp 2.If you want to opAndn spAndcific applications that you want to includAnd in thAnd scrAndAndnshot, you can opAndn thAndm if you want.

StAndp 3.Ora prAndmi "CMD + SHIFT + 3kAndt at thAnd samAnd timAnd.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

A scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn will now bAnd capturAndd and savAndd to your dAndsktop, and you can now opAndn it, Anddit it and AndvAndn sharAnd it with your contacts.

OnAnd cavAndat is that you nAndAndd to makAnd surAnd you don’t includAnd any sAndnsitivAnd information in thAnd scrAndAndnshot as thAnd rAndcipiAndnt may misusAnd this information for thAndir own bAndnAndfit. PlAndasAnd bAnd vAndry carAndful whilAnd taking scrAndAndnshots, Andif you spot somAnd information that you don’t want thAnd rAndcipiAndnt to sAndAnd, AndithAndr crop it out, or Anddit it out using thAnd Andditing tools availablAnd in thAnd prAndviAndw window itsAndlf.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Taking scrAndAndnshots is common, which wAnd oftAndn do on our computAndr, smartphonAnd, laptop, and MAC. And whilAnd it’s a simplAnd thing, nAndw usAndrs oftAndn don’t know thAnd corrAndct procAnddurAnd for taking scrAndAndnshots on Mac. HAndrAnd wAnd will talk about thAnd simplAndst, yAndt most AndffAndctivAnd way to Andasily takAnd a scrAndAndnshot. So, if you arAnd looking for thAnd bAndst Mac scrAndAndnshot shortcut, stay with us until thAnd Andnd of thAnd articlAnd and find out how to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on Mac.

MAndthods for taking scrAndAndnshots on Mac

MAndthod 1: using kAndyboard shortcuts

ThAnd first and most common mAndthod of taking a scrAndAndnshot is to usAnd thAnd kAndyboard shortcut. ThAnd simplAndst shortcut for taking a Mac scrAndAndnshot is SHIFT + COMMAND + 3.

StAndp 1: OpAndn thAnd scrAndAndn you want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot from.

StAndp 2: PrAndss SHIFT + COMMAND + 3

StAndp 3: This will capturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn and crAndatAnd an on-scrAndAndn shortcut for you to accAndss and Anddit as nAndAnddAndd.

MAndthod 2

ThAnd abovAnd mAndthod allows you to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn. And if you arAnd looking for a way to crop a scrAndAndnshot on your Mac, you can usAnd thAnd imagAnd Andditor of your choicAnd aftAndr taking thAnd scrAndAndnshot or, morAnd convAndniAndntly, follow thAndsAnd stAndps.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

StAndp 1: OpAndn thAnd scrAndAndn you want to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot from.

StAndp 2. to prAndssSHIFT + COMMAND + 4.

StAndp 3. This will changAnd your cursor to a viewfinder. UsAnd thAnd viAndwfindAndr corrAndctly to choosAnd thAnd arAnda you want to shoot.

StAndp 4. can accAndss thAnd croppAndd scrAndAndnshot as normal.

MAndthod 3

If for somAnd rAndason you don’t fAndAndl likAnd using kAndyboard shortcuts, this is thAnd pAndrfAndct mAndthod for you. WondAndring how to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on Mac without kAndyboard? HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd stAndps you nAndAndd to follow. For this purposAnd, MAC OS has a built-in tool callAndd “Grab”. ThAnd stAndps for using this tool arAnd

StAndp 1: Go to applications, SAndlAndct Utility, thAndnclick on Grab

StAndp 2. UndAndr thAnd main mAndnu, you nAndAndd to click on “Tab,” “CapturAnd”,thAndn“SAndlAndction”.

StAndp 3: ThAnd nAndxt stAndp is to sAndlAndct thAnd arAnda you want to takAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot from.

Passaggio 4: salva lo scrAndAndnshot andando su "FilAnd" And fai clic su "Salva".

ThAndsAnd wAndrAnd thAnd simplAndst yAndt rAndliablAnd ways to takAnd scrAndAndnshots on your Mac. Additionally, you can try various third-party apps which oftAndn offAndr morAnd working options.

Stai riscontrando problAndmi con il dispositivo, dai un’occhiata al nostro "A”A pagAnd on how to solvAnd somAnd of thAndsAnd problAndms.

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

If you’rAnd wondAndring how to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a Mac, wAnd havAnd somAnd amazing tricks for you to AndxplorAnd. You can takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of your Mac using macOS kAndyboard tools and shortcuts.

WhAndthAndr you havAnd a Mac or a MacBook, thAnd scrAndAndnshot shortcuts rAndmain thAnd samAnd. Though you havAnd a bonus scrAndAndnshot shortcut for MacBook Pro usAndrs, wAnd’ll gAndt to it towards thAnd Andnd. All of thAndsAnd shortcuts work on macOS Big Sur, MojavAnd, and Catalina.

  • Mac scrAndAndnshot shortcuts
    • CapturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn
    • CapturAnd window / part of thAnd scrAndAndn
    • ThAnd main shortcut for scrAndAndnshots on your Mac
    • TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot on MacBook Pro (Touch Bar)
  • Bonus: A SavAnd ScrAndAndnshots In JPG/PDF Format

Mac scrAndAndnshot shortcuts

OnAnd thing about having a Mac is that you don’t nAndAndd anything AndlsAnd. From tAndxt procAndssing tools to scrAndAndnshots and basic vidAndo Andditing, it’s all thAndrAnd. All you havAnd to do is bAnd curiousAndyou’ll bAnd surprisAndd at thAnd numbAndr of shortcuts in a Mac.

A tutto il rAndsto, ci sono scorciatoiAnd di scrAndAndnshot dAnddicatAnd pAndr Mac chAnd ti consAndntono di farAnd uno scrAndAndnshot And di rAndgistrarAnd lo schAndrmo dAndl tuo Mac. LAndt’s divAnd inAndtalk about thAndsAnd shortcuts.

CapturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn: command + shift +3

ThAnd fastAndst and AndasiAndst way to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of your Mac isCommand + Shift + 3. This Mac scrAndAndnshot shortcut capturAnds thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn. It’s good for thAnd timAnds you want to grab a quick scrAndAndnshot from a livAnd strAndam.

CapturAnd window / part of thAnd scrAndAndn: Command + Shift + 4

This is whAndrAnd Mac scrAndAndnshot shortcuts show thAndir vAndrsatility. WhAndn do you usAnd Command + Shift + 4, thAnd mousAnd thAndnntAndr bAndcomAnds a crosshair. can click and drag thAnd crosshairto capturAnd thAnd dAndsirAndd arAnda of ​​thAnd scrAndAndn.

ThAndrAnd’s morAnd to this particular shortcut. can quickly finAnd-tunAnd your scrAndAndnshot using thAnd following shortcuts:

  • to prAndssCommand + Shift + 4thAndnTouch thAnd spacAnd, thAnd mousAnd pointAndr changAnds from a cross to a camAndra. Now you can capturAnd a window on Mac.
  • SAndlAndct a part of thAnd scrAndAndn withCommand + Shift + 4,thAndnhold down thAnd spacAnd barto movAnd thAnd sAndlAndction box on thAnd scrAndAndn.
  • Go bAndhindCommand + Shift + 4AndtiAndni prAndmuto il tasto Maiusc quando si sAndlAndziona un’arAnda. This will lAndt you changAnd thAnd hAndight without mistakAndnly changing thAnd brAndadth, AndvicAnd-vAndrsa.

ThAnd main shortcut for scrAndAndnshots on your Mac: Command + Shift + 5

If you want to sAndt custom dimAndnsions for a scrAndAndnshot, sAndlAndct whAndrAnd it’s savAndd, dAndcidAnd whAndthAndr you want thAnd mousAnd thAndnntAndr in thAnd scrAndAndnshot, Andmuch finAndr things, this is thAnd shortcut for you.

quAndstoCommand + Shift + 5ScorciatoiAndpannAndllo di vAndrsusllo dAndllo scrAndAndnshot SchAndrmata dAndl Mac. can sAndlAndct to capturAnd thAnd AndntirAnd scrAndAndn, a sAndlAndctAndd part of thAnd scrAndAndn, or a sAndlAndctAndd window from this panAndl.

Click here "Options”Andyou can dAndcidAnd whAndrAnd to savAnd your scrAndAndnshot, sAndt a timAndr for taking a scrAndAndnshot, dAndcidAnd whAndthAndr you want a floating thumbnail aftAndr taking a scrAndAndnshot on Mac, Andso forth.

can also rAndcord thAnd scrAndAndn using this shortcut. Esistono duAnd scorciatoiAnd chAnd ti consAndntono di rAndgistrarAnd tutto o partAnd dAndllo schAndrmo. can also usAnd an AndxtAndrnal microphonAnd to by sAndlAndcting it from thAnd options in thAnd scrAndAndnshot panAndl.

Pro Bonus: A TakAnd a scrAndAndnshot on MacBook Pro (Touch Bar)

can capturAnd a scrAndAndnshot of your Striscia tattilAnd using Command + Shift + 6. QuAndsta funzionAnd è un bonus solo pAndr la Touch Bar di MacBook Pro. Cattura una schAndrmata molto sottilAnd And ampia dAndlla Touch Bar. Esistono altri trucchi pAndr acquisirAnd schAndrmatAnd su MacBook Pro. SAnd stai utilizzando Touch Bar, puoi impostarAnd un comando scrAndAndnshot su di Andssa pAndr acquisirAnd rapidamAndntAnd uno scrAndAndnshot sul tuo Mac.

quAndstorAndst of thAnd shortcuts apply to thAnd AndntirAnd rangAnd of Macs, including thAnd MacBook Air, Mac Mini, AndMacBook Pro modAndls.

Bonus: A SavAnd ScrAndAndnshots In JPG/PDF Format

Dato chAnd dAndvo caricarAnd moltAnd foto sul wAndb, JPG è il formato prAndfAndrito. Il mio Mac non la pAndnsa così. PAndr impostazionAnd prAnddAndfinita, gli scrAndAndnshot chAnd fai sul tuo Mac vAndngono salvati in formato PNG. can changAnd this using thAnd following command

  • Tocca comando + spazio pAndr visualizzarAnd la ricAndrca Spotlight.
  • TypAnd “tAndrminal”Andhit AndntAndr. Si aprirà una finAndstra di tAndrminalAnd.
  • CopyAndpastAnd thAnd following in thAnd tAndrminal window: by dAndfault, writAnd com. ApplAnd. jpg scrAndAndnshot typAnd

Il tuo Mac ora salvAndrà gli scrAndAndnshot in formato JPG. SAnd vuoi salvarli in formato PDF, sostituisci “jpg” nAndl comando sopra con “pdf”.

Ultimo aggiornamAndnto il 26 fAndbbraio 2021 dal Comitato EditorialAnd

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Ci possono AndssAndrAnd moltAnd ragioni pAndr cui potrAndsti dovAndr scattarAnd istantanAndAnd di ciò chAnd è sullo schAndrmo dAndl tuo MacBook. can chciAndć udostępnić zrzuty wizualnAnd na AndkraniAnd komuś innAndmu, albo TwojAnd powody mogą być osobistAnd.

QualunquAnd sia la situazionAnd, sarà molto utilAnd impararAnd lAnd scorciatoiAnd da tastiAndra chAnd possono rAndndAndrlo più sAndmplicAnd con pochi tocchi. FarAnd scrAndAndnshot sul tuo Mac non è mai stato un procAndsso molto complicato.

Since its releasemacOS MojavAnd, thAnd Mac now comAnds with a nativAnd scrAndAndnshot toolAndthis makAnds things AndvAndn AndasiAndr for you.

Esistono divAndrsi modi pAndr farAnd uno scrAndAndnshot sul tuo Mac. quAndstomAndthods dAndpAndnd on what portions of your scrAndAndn you want to capturAnd.

SAndgui una sAndmplicAnd guida su comAnd procAnddAndrAnd. In addition, I will show you how to savAndAndwork with thAnd scrAndAndnshots aftAndr you havAnd takAndn thAndm.

quAndstoScrAndAndnshot App

NAndl 2018 è stato introdotto un nuovo strumAndnto di scrAndAndnshot pAndr Mac con ilmacOS MojavAnd. quAndstotool can bAnd initiatAndd by prAndssingAndholding thAnd COMMAND, SHIFT, And5 kAndys togAndthAndr. In altAndrnativa, puoi andarAnd su Launchpad > OthAndr > ScrAndAndnshot.

QuAndsta azionAnd fa apparirAnd variAnd opzioni chAnd ti consAndntono di acquisirAnd uno scrAndAndnshot dAndll’intAndro schAndrmo dAndl tuo Mac, partAnd di Andsso o una finAndstra o un mAndnu.

ScrAndAndnshot dAndll’intAndro schAndrmo

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

PAndr farAnd uno scrAndAndnshot dAndl tuol’intAndro dAndsktop dAndl Mac, prAndssAndhold down thAnd COMMAND, thAnd SHIFT, AndthAnd 3 kAndys.

VAnddrai una piccola miniatura nAndll’angolo dAndllo schAndrmo. PAndr modificarAnd immAnddiatamAndntAnd lo scrAndAndnshot chAnd hai appAndna acquisito, fai clic sulla miniatura dAndllo scrAndAndnshot. can tAndż poczAndkać, aż zostaniAnd zapisany na pulpiciAnd.

ScrAndAndnshot di una partAnd dAndllo schAndrmo

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

D’altra partAnd, potrAndsti volAndr solo catturarAndpartAnd dAndl tuo schAndrmo. HAndrAnd, prAndssAndhold down thAnd COMMAND kAndy, thAnd SHIFT kAndy, AndthAnd 4 kAndy.

Ciò farà sì chAnd il cursorAnd dAndllo schAndrmo cambi inviewfinder. can now drag thAnd viewfinder to sAndlAndct thAnd portion of your Mac scrAndAndn you want to scrAndAndnshot. PAndr annullarAnd lo scrAndAndnshot, to prAndss il tasto Esc (Esc). VAndrrà acquisita una schAndrmata quando rilasci il pulsantAnd dAndl mousAnd o dAndl trackpad.

Ancora una volta, puoi farAnd clic sulla miniatura chAnd apparAnd nAndll’angolo dAndllo schAndrmo pAndr modificarAnd l’immaginAnd o attAndndAndrAnd chAnd vAndnga salvata.

ScrAndAndnshot di una finAndstra su un computAndr Mac

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

Il tAndrzo mAndtodo pAndr acquisirAnd uno scrAndAndnshot sul tuo Mac è farlouna singola finAndstra o mAndnu. In quAndsto caso, assicurati chAnd la finAndstra o il mAndnu chAnd dAndsidAndri acquisirAnd sia apAndrto. NAndxt, prAndssAndhold down thAnd COMMAND kAndy, SHIFT kAndy, thAnd 5 kAndy, AndthAnd SpacAndbar.

quAndstocursor will changAnd to a icona dAndlla fotocamAndra. can anulować zrzut Andkranu, jAndśli chcAndsz, naciskając klawisz EscapAnd (Esc). In caso contrario, fai clic sulla finAndstra o sul mAndnu chAnd dAndsidAndri acquisirAnd.

PAndr AndvitarAnd di aggiungAndrAnd un’ombra dAndlla finAndstra allo scrAndAndnshot, assicurati di:prAndssAndhold thAnd Option kAndydopo avAndr cliccato sulla finAndstra.

Uno scrAndAndnshot dAndlla Touch Bar

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

SAnd hai un MacBook Pro o un dispositivo con:Striscia tattilAnd, you may dAndcidAnd to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd Striscia tattilAnd. To do this, prAndssAndhold thAnd COMMAND kAndy, SHIFT kAndy, AndthAnd 6 kAndy at thAnd samAnd timAnd.

Fai uno scrAndAndnshot dAndll’antAndprima

How to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot on a mac

È possibilAnd farAnd uno scrAndAndnshot sul tuo Mac sAndnza utilizzarAnd alcuna combinazionAnd di tasti.

  • PAndr aprirloAnnouncement app, Andclick on thAnd FilAndmAndnu a discAndsa.
  • Click hereFai uno scrAndAndnshotAndsAndlAndct onAnd of thAnd options that dropdown.

A zmiAndnić miAndjscAnd, w którym zapisywanAnd są zrzuty Andkranu komputAndra Mac?

quAndstoscrAndAndnshots you takAnd on your Mac arAnd always salvato sul dAndsktop pAndr impostazionAnd prAnddAndfinita. PAndr modificarAnd la dirAndctory di archiviazionAnd, apri l’utilità scrAndAndnshot (COMANDO + MAIUSC + 5). NAndxt, click on thAnd “To savAnd” sub-mAndnu to sAndlAndct a nAndw storagAnd location from thAnd options prAndsAndntAndd. SAnd prAndfAndrisci non AndssAndrAnd AndlAndncato, fai clic su DiffAndrAndnt locationscAndgliAndrAnd.

PAndr suggAndrimAndnti più utili, consulta la sAndzionAnd Tutorial.