How to style clothes you already have

July 10, 2017 by Blair Donovan
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How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the prowl for the latest and greatest new clothes. After a certain point, my current wardrobe just doesn’t cut it anymore, and I start to crave new pieces to add to my closet. I’m really starting to feel like I have a wardrobe with clothes but nothing to wear which makes dressing up every day a pleasure. Il prurito per i nuovi vestiti peggiora anche con il cambio delle stagioni, e i miei vestiti per la protezione solare preferiti della scorsa estate ora sembrano datati e insipidi. As rewarding as it is to embark on a shopping spree and splurge on new clothes, you don’t necessarily have to. While none of us unfortunately have perLike thisnal stylists or even Cher’s digital styling tool from helpless, it’s easier than ever to make matters into your own hands and reinvent your wardrobe without enlisting professional help. Before you take your bag of unwanted clothes to your local thrift store, check out these great tips for styling the clothes you already have.

Put on the belt

Hate your raggedy pair of jeans that you’ve had for the past decade, or that shift dress that you swore you never wanted to wear again? Item of clothing, belt for a meeting. This heavenly cut wardrobe adds pizza to life and can make a shapeless dress instantly more flattering and to complement any body type. You can also use the normal accessories in the closet as a belt replacement, such as a neckerchief or handkerchief.

How to style clothes you already have

Cut out the pants

Grab any pair of pants from zero to 100 by simply pulling off the cuffs. It also gives you more freedom in the footwear department. If you roll your jeans, you’ll have more exposed leg room for lace-up shoes or booties. If you’re into the distressed pants look, I’m alLike this a huge proponent of taking a pair of scisLike thisrs to the hems of jeans. If you have a pair that’s too long on you, cut off an inch or Like this from each pant leg and wash them a few times. You’ll instantly have distressed hems without having to go buy a new pair of pants. Just make sure you cut them evenly!

How to style clothes you already have

Put on your shirts

The tucking trend can come off as stiff-looking and a little too formal, but you can tuck in your tops without looking like you’re headed to a business meeting. Experiment with different places where the hem is rolled up, such as tucking part of the top into the side of a pant or skirt, or simply puckering the front and letting the back of the top hang loosely. There’s no unwritten fashion rule that says you have to leave your shirts either completely tucked in or untucked, Like this go to town with whatever variation meets your fancy, and even add a belt in to the mix.

How to style clothes you already have

Tie your buds

For another fun variation on the tops you already own and seem fed up with, give them a cute tie with a tie. Tons of retailers now produce blouses with excess fabric specifically for fastening clothes, so save time and money by doing so with the blouses you currently own. Plus, it only takes 10 seconds to DIY. Once you’re wearing the top, pull a section of material from the front or side, depending on where you want the tie. Wrap a section of the stretched fabric around two fingers and wrap it in a circle. Take one edge of the fabric and pull it through the loop. Bam! All your t-shirts can now undergo a wardrobe makeover. The button closures can also be fastened particularly easily at the front, so enhance your workwear style with a slightly more feminine touch.

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The next time you stare into your wardrobe thinking “There’s nothing to wear,” resist the temptation to throw away a lot of money on grocery shopping. Instead, change the style of the clothes you already own. Mix and match your outfits by re-layering and changing shoes. Refresh your casual shirts and pants with a roll up, cuffed cuffs, lacing and accessory fun. You can also modify your Music clothes by tearing up, cutting, wrapping or dyeing. Soon you will feel like you have a brand new wardrobe!

How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

Kalee Hewlett
Interview with a fashion designer expert. 23 April 2019

  • Try wearing colorful patterned heels to spice up your gray outfit.

How to style clothes you already have

There are so many clothes in your wardrobe that everyone thinks you don’t need clothes anymore! Unfortunately, every morning when you decide to wear something, your wardrobe always disappoints you! So what are you doing? To get started, read this article.

In this article, you will learn how to style the clothes you already own. With a few musical tweaks you can wear your winter wardrobe even in summer and vice versa. All it takes is some fashion sense and courage. Did you know that there are hundreds and thousands of different ways to wear the same dress and heck, you needn’t be ashamed – even Kate Middleton recycles her outfits time and again and media goes crazy. Let’s point out Like thismething here – Kate can very well choose to wear the same outfit everyday because she looks great in it and she is comfortable! So the same principle applies to you! Recreate the looks with the same dress and keep sizzling. We will tell you how.

How to style clothes you already havesource: nearest week. com

How to wear clothes for different purposes

1 Button and roll up the shirts

You need a cool breeze and some nonchalance – use this trick: for boring office shirts, just roll up your sleeves and tighten a few buttons at the top. The easy way to style even the grayest gray shirt you own.

source: Music popsugar-asset. com

2 Or Style These With A Satin Skirt

Now, you didn’t think of that one before right? Combine a white shirt or a plain boring blouse with a sleek looking satin skirt. This is actually a party look. Pair the outfit with really sequined heels and it’s ready!

How to style clothes you already haveSource: Sweet Costumes. com

3 Discard your blues

Tired of the same old jeans? Wait! Don’t go chopping yet. Just tie the jeans around your ankles to give them a chic look. The secret to getting the right cuffed jeans is when you roll them carelessly. Don’t try to look like you’re doing these hems. Make it look casual and you’re good to go. It’s also the perfect way to show off your latest pairs of stilettos.

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

4 Cardigan and cardigan

Sometimes, when there’s a hint in the air but you still want to style the outfits you already have, this classic combination can never go wrong. Pull out one of your favorite lightweight cardigans and casually wear it over your dress. Casual and casual look, but also so chic!

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

5. Legal

Don’t want to wear those belts, but still want your waist to outshine? Well this style is perfect for you. Don’t go knotting your expensive silk shirts because they are bound to get Like thisme unpleasant creases but for others, you can easily knot them on your waist. Wrap the shirt lightly around the circumference to give it a more casual look.

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

6. Silk scarves

The most underrated of all the items in your wardrobe are these beautiful silk scarves. Heaven knows why you bought them, but you can style them in many ways:
You can tie them around your head for a bohemian look (simpler and duplicated look)

Or use it asbandana:

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

Casually leave it around your neck

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

or the most innovative: pass it like a strap (now we bet you haven’t thought about it!)

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

See, you can do so many things with the same old scarf!

7. Lower the heat

Add a sailor touch to your casual outfit to make it look right off the runway. How is the combination of a hippie dress and a jacket:

How to style clothes you already havesource: Music popsugar-asset. com

So it’s done: now you know how to style the clothes you already have in your wardrobe in the coolest way. Yes, you can thank us later!

Dear Lifehacker,
I admit I’m not the coolest wardrobe. I know how to keep my clothes clean, neat and so on, but I don’t always know what to wear and I don’t look as neat and professional as my friends and colleagues. How can I learn to dress better?

Best regards,
Schlemiel in Seattle

Dear Schlemiel,
This is one of those things that a lot of people learn growing up, but if you’ve missed this exposure, learning later in life isn’t that easy and straightforward. On the plus side, most of what you need to learn is based on observation, and every day you have hundreds of examples to learn from. Before you start looking at other people’s clothing choices, start taking a look at yours.

Perform a cabinet audit

Before you go out to buy something new, the first place you should shop is your wardrobe. If you are an adult and have a job, chances are you fall into at least three situations: work, socializing, and lazy dressing at home. Some of your clothes can serve multiple purposes (the jeans you hang out in, for example, might be comfortable enough to watch Netflix), but you can probably put your clothes together for at least these situations.

However, being well dressed starts with preparing for the situation. Few of the people you see who look great in their dresses have started walking into the store just before they arrive. Review your wardrobe. Then ask the question if you would be ready right now to dress up for the following events:

  • Weddings
  • funeral
  • Job interview
  • Events in black tie
  • Elegant outings to a restaurant
  • Birthday / Graduation / Anniversary Parties

This list is by no means exhaustive, but as an adult (especially if you’re young) you can probably expect to be invited to at least some – if not all – of this list in any given year. Do you have the right clothes for every event? If not, start selecting specific events you want or need to be prepared for and start there.

Here’s how to look adorable without spending an extra dollar.

To paraphrase the TikTok whirlwinds created by Lorena Pages, we had so many cute dresses planned for last year that we couldn’t wear. Pilgrim collars, micro minis, some weird new forms of genius – all of this seemed stupid to enforce in the midst of a pandemic, especially when our actualhome clothes have become items like $ 13 leggings and blouses.

However, if part of your New Year’s resolution was to dress more often and keep up with the latest looks, we hear from you. And luckily, there’s good news: the best fashion trends of 2021 won’t cost you a dime. As styles like mid-waisted belts and vests have never had their time to shine in the past year, they’re still going strong and those in the fashion industry seem to happily skip over anything that is too fussy or over the top. Why wear a dress with a million straps and messy sleeves when you can wear a comfy maxi? Or enter one of the 10 matched sets you’ve accumulated over the past year?

It’s time to take a look at the 2021 fashion trends that are already in your wardrobe, along with some tips on how to wear them to keep them fresh.


Old way: We often see stripes as a practical accessory; they hold baggy pants and are more reflective than anything else.

Road 2021: We were already getting close to the buckle and now more and more influencers and fashion icons are bringing back the middle lane. Try using this little accessory to pull up your dress, jacket or sweater, a trick that’s back from an early age.


Old way: Like a bra! Sometimes this cheaper alternative was worn under baggy shirts to add an extra pop of color or print.

Road 2021: Get into the “parenting” trend. Le celebrità non possono smettere di indossare bralette sotto i cardigan e i blazer e non c’è tempo da regalare per provare. There’s no need to add a bra to the top layer – the simple black option will work well in many styles.

Black and white

Old way: This color combination is really obvious. When in doubt, these essentials come to the rescue and there is no classic combination like white button up and black pants.

Road 2021: It’s still as reliable as ever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. Add bold scarves, belts and earrings or play with layers and pair your favorite white top under a stylish LBD.


Old way:Sneak into this little expansionPop musiclike a bold shoe or hat to liven up some neutral colors.

Road 2021: Go all out! And don’t avoid absurd combinations either. Some of our favorite outfits from influencers and celebrities use the color blocking trend and there are so many shades that match perfectly.

Matching sets

Old way:Like pajamas and home clothing.

Road 2021: Yes, the matching suits and jumpsuits can still be worn at home, but they also work well in social situations. We like to enhance those pre-planned looks with chunky white shoes, a jacket, layered necklaces or an a-boo turtleneck. What if you don’t have the matching kit (or if they’re all in your pile of laundry)? You can easily create a similar monochromatic vibe with pieces from the same color family.

Voluminous sleeves and shoulders

Old way: In 2019 and early 2020 we all focused on glamor. Nothing was too extreme and we felt the need to play with earrings, polka dot accolades and brooches.

Road 2021: Obviously, nic nie stoi na przeszkodzie, abyś był kanałem lat 80., ale pokochaliśmy też kawałki z bufiastymi rękawami same w Like thisbie. A voluminous dress creates the perfect disposable look (especially during video calls), and puff sleeve blouses make for extravagant leggings, jeans, and even tracksuits.

Huge apartments

Old way: Sneakers and boots were definitely the most Pop musicular flat style for the past few years, but we can’t forget about loafers, ballet styles, and babydoll shoes. There is no time to get out of retirement.

Road 2021:Add some longer socks for a cool feeling and make the school chic trend come true.


Old way: This style of clothing has always been one of the most versatile things we have owned. Did you leave for a summer night? Put on your sandals and go. Are you going to a wedding? Dress it up with jewelry and brooches.

Road 2021: We have since called this baby a “blanket dress” because it completely covers our legs on the days we spend relaxing on the sofa. However, we’re all in favor of testing out some high-profile layering techniques, such as wearing them over pants or the mesh turtleneck.


Old way: I have to admit we associate this whimsical print with summer. We blame the picnic blankets.

Road 2021: Time does not exist and the seasons are a lie. Wear this print from head to toe all 12 months of the year and definitely don’t give up on these $ 50 Vans slip-ons. They never go out of style.


Old way:Last summer we went through a phase where apparently everyone started wearing vests as shirts, that issixth.

Road 2021: We’ll likely revisit the sixth once things warm up again, but right now, we’re looking at sweater vests as an accesLike thisry of Like thisrts. They are quick and easy to reinforce shirts and dresses. Don’t have a jacket? Knit an old sweater by cutting (carefully) the sleeves, or just put on a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt for a similar look.

Oversized trousers

Old way: Um, remember when the pants were tight and tapered? We love styles that hug the buttocks, but we definitely prefer having free and flexible legs.

Road 2021: Create a balance with something trimmed or trimmed at the top to prevent your baggy pants from looking lazy. Also, you don’t have to stick to just one style of pants; wide leg jeans, baggy pants and yoga pants have a moment.

How to style clothes you already have

Is it us or does it suddenly seem less so?Like this wiele Like thisej? While the minimalist lifestyle has been gaining ground for a while, the trend seems to have recently narrowed down to one area we care about: wardrobes. Whether it’s Marie Kondo’s cleaning technique, which often focuses on closets, or Matilda Kahl’s, of wearing a work suit for three years, many want to cut the grease in their wardrobes. We know we’re guilty of stocking Like thisme unworn, low-quality items, but we’d like to change that.

One wardrobe restriction program that has been particularly noisy lately is the capsule wardrobe. While many have launched into the B-clothes-cleaning fashion, the authority on the capsule wardrobe movement is Un-Fancy’s Caroline Rector. Below we will see what a real capsule wardrobe looks like, using the Rector’s methodology, what it does to change her life and how to start your own capsule collection.

Scroll down to see our how-to and whatВ the capsule wardrobe looks like IRL Like this you can start simplifying your closet and your life.

In the words of the Rector, the capsule wardrobe is “a mini wardrobe made of truly versatile elements that you love to wear. ” Each seaLike thisn, you clear your closet except for a set number of pieces to be in your capsule wardrobe. Rector’s golden number is 37 items, but it varies by seaLike thisn. Your capsule collection is made up of a combination of items you already own and love to wear, as well as new, quality items that you can shop for once a seaLike thisn. Dowiedz się Like thisej o tym, jak to działa w Un-Fancy.

According to Un-Fancy, a capsule wardrobe represents more time, more money, and more energy for the things in life that really matter (i. e., not your clothes). By shopping only once a seaLike thisn, you save money on frivolous items that add up. Rector alLike this says that by narrowing her wardrobe, she was actually able to define and understand her style more. Plus, she alwaysВ feels like she has Like thismething greatВ to put on, as every single item hanging in her closet is Like thismething she would love to wear right at that moment.

How to set up your:

The Rector takes a five-step approach to building your capsule wardrobe.

1Reduce your wardrobe to 37 items.
2Wear these 37 pieces for only three months.
3 Don’t go shopping during the seaLike thisn until…
4В During the last two weeks of the seaLike thisn, В plan and shop for your next capsule.
at 5.Kwota, jaką kupisz za następną kapsułkę, zależy od Ciebie, ale mniej znaczy Like thisej.

Read on for more Rector’s tips and rules that will help save your wardrobe.

What the capsule collection looks like in action:

Maximize your bedroom space while maintaining its style.

How to style clothes you already have

How to style clothes you already have

If you’re running out of storage space in your bedroom, take a look at what you already have: free space under the bed. While you might have this method of storing for days in your dorm (remember sofas?), Under-bed storage is a handy way to use what you already have to store your daily essentials. Browse through these creative under-bed storage ideas until you find a Like thislution that best matches your needs: off-seaLike thisn clothes, overflowing shoe piles, or your kid’s ever-expanding toy collection. Whether you opt for a DIY project or a store-bought Like thislution, these genius storage ideas will max out your bedroom’s potential. While practicality is top of mind, most of these ideas alLike this keep style and design in mind, Like this you don’t have to compromise the look and feel of your room for increased organization. Win.

How to style clothes you already have

For a finished look, dress standard wood crates with metal knobs and accents to match your bedroom aesthetic. An added bonus: these rolling boxes are double-decorated.

How to style clothes you already have

Sleek and streamlined on the outside, this Pop musicular IKEA bed comes with a secret inside: When you lift the mattress and bed frame, you’ll find ample space to house extra linens and pillows.

How to style clothes you already have

By giving the bed an extra height, it opens up space for new possibilities. i Like thisej koszy do przechowywania. Fill open areas with colorful plastic containers and organize them according to what’s inside.

How to style clothes you already have

If the area under the bed is visible at first glance, choose a sleeker looking storage space. These woven baskets perfectly create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

How to style clothes you already have

If you’ve experienced the pain of stepping on lost Lego bricks, then you know DIY is a must. Make use of the space under your child’s bed with these trolley baskets with divided compartments to perfectly accommodate LEGO bricks of all shapes and sizes.

How to style clothes you already have

Store your shoes under the bed for easy access: This wooden organizer has movable dividers, Like this you can tailor it to your ever-growing collection.

How to style clothes you already have

Get the best of both worlds by building a wooden bed platform with open shelves. Then store accesLike thisries in wire baskets, interspersed with potted artificial plants for a decorative look.

How to style clothes you already have

Attach this sturdy canvas drawer to one or both sides of the bed for quick storage. Each drawer is strong enough to hold up to 80 pounds of clothes, bedding, and sheets.

How to style clothes you already have

Attach drawer guides to swap crates to give them a finished, cabinet-like look and an extra dose of functionality.

How to style clothes you already have

All it takes is five minutes – and no tools – to turn your cheap mesh baskets into a spinner. Fill ’em with seaLike thisnal clothes, accesLike thisries, or extra toys to combat clutter in your kid’s room.

We have all these outfit combinations that we wear every week – uniform if you prefer. But when these tried-and-true ensembles get old, we’re left feeling bored with our wardrobes and in serious need of a trip to the mall.

Now, before you hand over your hard-earned cash on Like thisme new threads, try shopping in your own closet. That’s right! Mixing and matching items already in your wardrobe doesn’t require money. Let’s be real, we all have a few outfit combinations that we forget are ready and waiting in our closets. Here are some of our favorites.

Flares + Graphic T-Shirt + Jacket //

How to style clothes you already have

Skinny jeans may have dominated the scene for the past decade, but don’t forget your trusty pair of wide leg jeans, whether it’s flared, cut-out or boyfriend – youknow you have a couple. Oh, and that graphic tee you thought you threw away? Take it too. Take these millennial wardrobe classics for a walk by updating them with a casual-me-professional look. Il tuo blazer di base e i mocassini da college ravviveranno capi più rilassati per un look rilassato ma tirato giù.

Striped top + midi skirt + ballet flats //

How to style clothes you already have

The Parisian chic look is easier to achieve than you might think; let’s just forget that we have all the ingredients. Start with your Breton striped top (or even a Like thislid black quarter-sleeve shirt), and then pair it with your favorite midi skirt—we even think this goes perfectly with a bold floral. To truly complete the iconic French look, wear a pair of simple black ballet flats. Et voilà, tu es Français!

Denim Jacket + Cotton Dress + Sports Shoes //

How to style clothes you already have

Teraz ten jest trochę bardziej niekonwencjonalny i, ośmielimy się poknow, modny. But when utility meets comfort and style, we’re on board. Your favorite black stretch cotton dress worked: sneakers. You may never have thought about wearing sneakers with a dress, but this new take on luxury versus sportswear has made a name for itself in the fashion world. Who knew arch support could be Like this fashionable?

Crisp Poplin Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans + Heels //

How to style clothes you already have

Mniej znaczy Like thisej, gdy zestawiasz bez wysiłku elegancki strój. All this look takes is your crisp white Pop musiclin shirt, those relaxed boyfriend jeans, and your favorite pair of heels. The button closure creates a sense of professionalism fused together, while boyfriend jeans dress them for an overall street style. But to really enhance this boy-borrowed outfit, throw on the boldest heels for a stylish blogger-worthy look. The juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity will be a fun change in the everyday look.

Buttoned Plaid + Pencil Skirt + Converse //

How to style clothes you already have

This look is all about putting these seemingly contradictory elements together. A pencil skirt isn’t just for the office; in fact, it can be worn with the most casual garments. Your lucky button-down plaid shirt and high school Converse All Stars create a striking combination, complementing the formality of a pencil skirt by dressing it up for the party. Results? An innovative twist on your everyday professional business classics.