How to store watermelon

Watermelons include about 93 % water, in accordance to The Ohio State College Extension web site, however that prime water content material does not imply that they keep contemporary indefinitely at room temperature; the carbohydrates and sugars within the fruit lead to spoilage finally. How lengthy a melon can keep at room temperature earlier than you refrigerate it and earlier than it goes dangerous will depend on its dimension and its diploma of ripeness if you convey it dwelling from the store.

Should you plan to use a watermelon inside a number of days, select the ripest one you’ll find; search for a yellowish-white resting spot, as opposed to a white or pale inexperienced spot, the place the melon has rested on the bottom. A mushy “give” if you press the blossom finish of the melon, reverse the stem finish, additionally signifies ripeness.

Complete melons keep contemporary at room temperature, ideally in a cool, darkish place to retard additional ripening, for up to 10 days below splendid circumstances, with no extra wrapping wanted. But when your watermelon is already totally ripe if you convey it dwelling, it might begin to spoil inside Three or Four days, particularly on sizzling summer time days.

An entire watermelon stays contemporary for up to 2 weeks within the fridge, with no wrapping vital, however could solely final for 1 week relying on the diploma of ripeness when bought or picked.

Let watermelon come to room temperature for 1 hour earlier than serving so its flavors and aromas are extra intense.

As soon as it is minimize, whether or not into chunks or slices with out the rind or in halves or quarters with the rind left on, watermelon stays contemporary within the fridge for 3 to Four days; by no means store minimize watermelon, or any minimize fruit, at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. Cowl the minimize portion of the melon tightly with plastic or foil or store minimize items in an hermetic container to decelerate the getting old, oxidation processes.

Reduce watermelon stays protected for up to 10 months wrapped tightly in foil and plastic within the freezer. The flesh can be mushy and inedible for consuming out of hand, but it surely provides candy, watermelon taste in smoothies and sorbets.

How to store watermelonWatermelons are often ripe and prepared for harvest when the underside turns from white to yellow and at the least three tendrils on either side of the melon are lifeless.

Harvest watermelons about 85 to 90 days after sowing seed, 35 to 45 days after flowers seem.

When to Harvest Watermelon

There are a number of methods to know watermelon is ripe and prepared to harvest:

  • The fruit is the scale you count on it to be at harvest; dimension varies by selection.
  • The tendril closest to the fruit begins to wither, flip brown, and curl. If the tendril is inexperienced, the fruit is just not ripe. If the tendril is lifeless, the fruit is ripe or overripe.
  • The rind or pores and skin loses it vibrant colour and gloss and turns boring and there may be little distinction between stripes on the pores and skin.
  • The underside of the fruit the place it touches the bottom has a big white, cream, or yellow-colored oval spot. The bottom spot colour at ripeness will fluctuate with selection.
  • Once you thump the fruit you hear a low punk or thud sound. Unripe melons make a pointy ping sound when rapped.

Watermelons on the identical plant sometimes ripen over a two week interval. When the primary melon is ripe, the others ripen shortly.

When the tendril closest to the fruit simply begins to flip brown and wither, harvest will are available in a couple of week. Every week earlier than harvest, lower watering—water simply sufficient to forestall the vine from wilting. Withholding water from a melon will trigger the sugars within the fruit to focus. An excessive amount of water reduces sweetness.

In cool summers, the ripening course of will be very gradual, and the variety of days to harvest will enhance.

How to store watermelon

Harvest watermelons by slicing the stem with a backyard lopper or sharp knife

How to store watermelon

Watermelons are a tasty deal with to get pleasure from all 12 months spherical. Not solely are watermelons scrumptious, however additionally they have quite a few well being advantages. Studying how to hold watermelon contemporary permits you to prolong the general shelf lifetime of your fruit.

One watermelon is loaded with nutritional vitamins and vitamins that assist decrease irritation, decrease stress and are a good way to hold you hydrated. There are such a lot of well being advantages in only one watermelon. Moreover, there are a number of methods to benefit from the fruit.

If you’re wanting to get essentially the most out of your watermelon, look no additional. We offer you skilled methods to hold your watermelon contemporary for so long as potential to forestall it from getting mushy.

Our superb preservation strategies make the most of widespread family merchandise which can be simple to discover and cheap. Moreover, we embrace some distinctive DIY recipes to shortly convert frozen watermelon right into a scrumptious deal with for you to get pleasure from.

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    • How to Maintain Watermelon Contemporary in a Fridge
    • How Lengthy do Watermelon Final in Plastic Wrap?
  • Wonderful DIY Watermelon Recipes
    • Protecting Watermelon Contemporary as Ice Cream
    • Create a Refreshing Watermelon Smoothie

Storing Watermelon Made Simple

Preserving contemporary produce the precise manner is just not onerous, however every one is totally different. How lengthy do greens and fruits final? It will depend on the sort.

Watermelons sometimes have a two-week shelf life if left uncut. After you narrow a watermelon, preserving watermelon contemporary is likely to be a bit harder due to the fruit’s publicity to the air.

Realizing the place and the way to store uncut watermelon and minimize watermelon permits you to benefit from the fruit for so long as potential.

How to Maintain Watermelon Contemporary in a Fridge

You is likely to be asking, “How lengthy do watermelon final within the fridge?” The reply to this query will depend on whether or not the watermelon is minimize or not.

It is important to refrigerate watermelons to protect their ripeness, simply as it’s to hold salad contemporary and plenty of different kinds of produce. After choosing the entire watermelon from its vine, it can’t ripen any additional.

Place your entire watermelon in your fridge till you’re prepared to minimize it into smaller items. Storing a watermelon at room temperature takes away a number of the juices the fruit gives.

How lengthy do watermelon final within the fridge? Once you refrigerate an entire watermelon, it lasts for 2 to three weeks earlier than turning mushy.

How Lengthy do Watermelon Final in Plastic Wrap?

Plastic wrap prevents your minimize watermelon from absorbing different flavors from totally different meals in your fridge. Realizing how to hold watermelon contemporary utilizing plastic wrap could be very easy and executed in minutes.

It is usually a helpful approach in case you solely want to minimize half of your watermelon into small items. First, take a pointy knife and minimize away the rind of the fruit. One trick which will allow you to is to minimize off one of many rounded ends of the watermelon.

Set the minimize finish face down in your slicing board. Slicing the top off makes the fruit extra secure when slicing a whole watermelon into smaller minimize items. If just one half of the watermelon is minimize, wrap the minimize aspect in plastic wrap earlier than storing it within the fridge.

Place the smaller minimize items in an hermetic container earlier than refrigerating. Wrapping your watermelon in plastic wrap will protect it for up to three days.

Wonderful DIY Watermelon Recipes

Now that you understand how to hold contemporary watermelon, making some tasty recipes with watermelon is straightforward.

Protecting watermelon contemporary after it’s blended right into a smoothie or ice cream is straightforward as a result of you may freeze it. Once you freeze watermelon, it slows down the speed at which it spoils.

Protecting Watermelon Contemporary as Ice Cream

Freezing is right to hold strawberries contemporary longer and the identical precept applies to watermelon.

This straightforward recipe permits you to convert frozen items of watermelon into ice cream with a number of steps. This recipe is a decrease calorie different to common ice cream whereas additionally satisfying your candy tooth.


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Look the watermelon over. You might be on the lookout for a agency, symmetrical watermelon that’s free from bruises, cuts or dents.
  2. Raise it up. The watermelon needs to be heavy for its dimension. Watermelon is 92% water; many of the weight is water.
  3. Flip it over. The underside of the watermelon ought to have a creamy yellow spot from the place it sat on the bottom and ripened within the solar.

Storage & Shelf Lifetime of Complete & Reduce Watermelon

Store watermelon between 50-59°F, nevertheless 55°F is the best temperature. If watermelon are obtained refrigerated don’t break the chilly chain and store them in refrigeration. Watermelon will hold for 7-10 days at room temperature. After two days at 32°F, watermelons develop an off-flavor, change into pitted and lose colour. Freezing causes rind to break down and produces a mealy, mushy texture. As soon as a melon is minimize, it needs to be wrapped and saved between 9-36°F.

As part of Slicing & Yield Analysis the NWPB examined watermelon shelf life, as soon as minimize. The 36-count watermelon was nonetheless edible at day 7 and had a 7-day shelf life. The 45- and 60-count watermelon sampling and microbial research confirmed that the watermelon was nonetheless edible at day Four and had a 4-day shelf life. Meals Innovation Heart (part of Oregon State College) researchers prompt additional shelf life analysis due to the 36-count being obtained refrigerated and the 45- and 60-count obtained at ambient temperatures, which might clarify the shelf life discrepancy. Moreover, researchers careworn the necessity for foodservice training about washing the surface of the watermelon earlier than slicing the fruit.

Keep on prime of what’s occurring with Watermelon

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How to store watermelon

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Take pleasure in Candy, Juicy Harvests for Years to Come

There’s nothing fairly like the enjoyment of sinking your tooth right into a candy and juicy watermelon slice on a sizzling summer time’s day. Planting watermelon from hand-saved seeds could possibly be an unbelievable success or a fruitless catastrophe. Learn the way to choose the precise seeds to save so as to guarantee the very best outcomes to your efforts.

Heirloom or Hybrid?

Earlier than you narrow into the enormous watermelon in your counter so as to save the seeds to your subsequent watermelon, ensure you are saving seeds from an heirloom selection and never a hybrid selection. All seedless kinds of watermelon are hybrids, and most different grocery store varieties are hybrids, too. Some farmer’s markets or specialty grocery shops promote heirloom produce, together with watermelons. Ask a specialist within the produce division concerning the kinds of watermelon they provide on the market, after which see if the heirloom selection is one the favored varieties listed right here:

  • Black Spanish Watermelon
  • Citron Watermelon
  • Cuban Queen Watermelon
  • Ice Cream Watermelon
  • King and Queen Watermelon
  • Kleckley Sweets Watermelon
  • Moon and Stars Watermelon
  • Mountain Candy Watermelon
  • Rattlesnake Watermelon

Should you can’t find an heirloom watermelon domestically, think about buying heirloom seeds from a specialty retailer after which saving the seeds out of your first crop to get pleasure from for years to come.

Although it might be tempting to attempt to develop hybrid seeds, bear in mind the vines will develop however fruits are unlikely to develop as hybrid seeds have a tendency to be sterile. People who do develop fruits are doubtless to produce small fruits with poor high quality and taste, and that don’t match the mother or father selection.

Saving and Preserving Seeds

Opposite to common data, watermelons are literally within the vegetable household, so saving seeds is comparatively easy. As you eat the watermelon, spit the seeds right into a bowl or bucket after which wash them in cool water with a tiny drop of dish cleaning soap; rinse them totally. Permit to dry on screens for a number of weeks, till they’re dry sufficient to snap in half by hand. Alternately, unfold them in an excellent layer on dehydrator screens set to the bottom potential warmth and dry them till they’re brittle. Store dried seeds in an envelope or jar for up to 4 years.

Particular Planting Concerns

Cross-pollination is a priority for heirloom greens, together with watermelons. Observe regular planting tips for rows or mounds, however be certain that totally different heirloom kinds of watermelon are planted half a mile or a mile aside, so as to hold them from crossing, which can inhibit your harvest and have an effect on fruit high quality and seed harvest for the next rising season.

Summer time by no means comes quickly sufficient in Chicago, the place I reside, nor does it final so long as I would like. So right here’s my trick for savoring the season: eat watermelon day by day, all summer time lengthy.

How to store watermelon

27 Methods To Eat The Fruit That Tastes Like Summer time

The common American food plan consists of roughly 14 kilos of watermelon a 12 months, in accordance to the USDA. I purchased my first watermelon of 2016 on Memorial Day weekend and haven’t gone every week since with out one on my kitchen counter or within the fridge. If I’m not outpacing my fellow residents, I’m on monitor.

These first melons I introduced dwelling from the store had been from a hotter clime and I used to be high-quality with that. You do what you’ve got to do right here within the Metropolis of Massive, Unhealthy Winters. (Peaches, although—these I await.)

However now, lastly, I can take my choose of watermelons on the market. I checked in with Stephanie Barlow, spokeswoman for the Nationwide Watermelon Promotion Board, which exists to encourage a watermelon-filled way of life for all, and rounded up the next ideas.

You’ll find watermelons when it’s not summer time. These sometimes ship from Mexico and Central America. However the perfect time to purchase is between Could and September. That’s when manufacturing kicks in for the 4 prime watermelon-growing states—Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia—which account for two-thirds of the U.S. crop and hold grocery store bins constantly full. In northern areas, the fruit would possibly simply now be hitting its peak at your native market.

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Seedless is, fingers down, the sort most of us purchase.

“Shut to 90 % of our growers produce seedless,” Barlow says. However the time period “seedless” is a bit deceptive. These small white flecks are literally undeveloped seeds.

With seedless melons, which price greater than the old style seeded ones, we’re not simply paying for the comfort. They’re harder to develop.

How to store watermelon

Watermelon-Mint Agua Fresca

Each seedless and seeded varieties—there are a whole lot—vary in dimension, form, and colour. They are often rectangular or spherical as a bowling ball. The rind will be striped, speckled, strong inexperienced or yellow. The flesh can fluctuate from orange (uncommon) to yellow (getting extra common) to numerous shades of purple.

Grocery shops often differentiate by seeded/seedless and by dimension: 30-plus pounders are on the massive finish, a median melon is about 20 kilos, a small one is 10 to 12 kilos, and a mini is round 5 kilos.

On the farmers’ market, you’re extra doubtless to come throughout watermelons marked with their selection names. Ask about taste and texture variations between them, as there absolutely are some.

How to store watermelon

Sesame-and-Soy Watermelon Poké

Simply because it’s a great time to purchase watermelon doesn’t imply it’s unimaginable to convey dwelling a dud. It’s occurred to all of us, and what a bummer that’s. An overripe watermelon is mealy and an underripe one tastes watery. (All is just not misplaced in both case. Put the puréed flesh to use in the whole lot from limeade to soup.)

Factor is, you do not really know what you’re coping with till you narrow into it. However you’ll enhance your odds of choosing a primo watermelon by doing three issues, says Barlow: look, carry, and switch.

Search for any main gashes, bruises, or dents. A watermelon is hard, however indicators of great harm to the surface doesn’t bode nicely for the within.

Subsequent, the carry check: choose it up and put it down, then choose up others to examine. The one you need ought to really feel heavy for its dimension.

Lastly—crucially—flip the watermelon round and search for a creamy yellow patch, referred to as the sector or floor spot. This tells you that the watermelon sat on the bottom and ripened within the solar. If it’s ripe, it ought to have one no matter dimension or selection, Barlow says.

You may need been taught to thump on the melon and pay attention for a specific sound. Possibly this works, but it surely isn’t one thing the watermelon board endorses.

“I’ve heard it ought to sound hole, I’ve heard it ought to sound boring. There’s a lot debate, so there isn’t a assure,” Barlow says.

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If a watermelon was chilly if you purchased it, hold it chilly by storing it within the fridge. If not, it’s high-quality to go away the entire watermelon out at room temperature.

Reduce into it inside every week, Barlow says. (Don’t overlook to wash it first.) Should you’ve purchased it on the farmers’ market, why even wait? You may guess that melon is at its peak and hasn’t been out of the sector lengthy. Store the minimize fruit in an hermetic container within the fridge. It’ll final every week. Should you go away any portion uncut, wrap the uncovered floor nicely and carve up the remaining inside a number of days.

“As quickly because it’s minimize, it’ll begin seeping liquid. The life cycle actually shortens,” Barlow says.

You may freeze watermelon in chunks, however ensure to use them frozen. Watermelon does wonders for preserving you in a summer time mindset, but it surely doesn’t defrost nicely.

Be taught to select a ripe melon and minimize good cubes, wedges and sticks safely and simply.

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A wedge of juicy, ripe watermelon is an actual summertime deal with. This refreshing fruit is a staple at any yard barbecue. However earlier than you attain for the pre-cut stuff, attempt selecting a contemporary melon and slicing it your self. Your fruit can be brisker and it’ll price much less — a win-win! We’ll present you the ins and outs of selecting the sweetest melon, plus three basic cuts — cubes, wedges and sticks.

How to store watermelon

How to Select a Watermelon

How to store watermelon

First off, search for a agency, symmetrical watermelon with none bruises, cuts or dents. Raise a number of and select one which feels heavy for its dimension — this means that the melon accommodates extra juice and is subsequently sweeter.

How to store watermelon

Subsequent, search for the sector spot — the yellow mark the place the watermelon rested on the bottom. It needs to be a light-weight, creamy yellow to point out ample time within the subject. If it is lacking or white, your melon is under-ripe. If it is darkish yellow, it is likely to be overripe.

Wash Melons Earlier than Slicing

Many individuals skip this subsequent step — but it surely’s essential. Earlier than slicing, rinse your entire watermelon with water. Reduce, unwashed melons could be a supply of foodborne sickness, particularly after they sit at room temperature — like on a picnic buffet. (Needless to say washed or not, meals shouldn’t be at room temperature for greater than 2 hours.)

How to store watermelon

Learn the way to develop watermelon and add this favourite summertime deal with to your backyard. Homegrown watermelon picked on the peak of sweetness tastes so a lot better than one purchased on the store.

Watermelon wants loads of area and at the least 80 days of heat temperatures to develop nicely. When you have each, learn the way to develop watermelon with the following tips.

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7 Suggestions for How to Develop Watermelon

How to store watermelon

1. Choose the perfect number of high quality seeds to your local weather and site

In heat climates, most varieties do nicely. Some favorites embrace Crimson Candy and Moon and Stars.

In sizzling summer time climates just like the low desert of Arizona, select short-season varieties or varieties tailored to the warmth of the summer time resembling Desert King and Hopi Yellow .

In cooler climates, select short-season varieties resembling Golden Midget and Sugar Child .

Smaller rising area? Select shorter-vining varieties resembling Mini- Love , Bush Sugar Child or Cal Candy Bush . These varieties will be grown in a single 4×Four foot mattress or much less.

2. Select and put together a great location for planting watermelon

  • Watermelon wants loads of room. Some vines attain up to 20 toes or extra. Give watermelon the area it wants to develop nicely.
  • Amend the planting space with compost and aged manure . Add a balanced natural fertilizer earlier than planting.
  • Select a location that will get loads of daylight .

How to store watermelon

3. Plant watermelon seeds straight in heat soil

Watermelon does greatest when straight sown as soon as soil temperatures attain 70℉ . Plant exterior 2-Three weeks after your final frost date. Sow 3-Four seeds 1 inch deep, 4-5 toes aside. Water nicely with seaweed emulsion after planting. Skinny to the strongest plant when vegetation have 3-Four leaves.

If utilizing sq. foot gardening, plant shorter bush varieties and plan on one plant taking a whole 4×Four foot mattress.

The most effective time to plant within the low desert of Arizona is through the month of March .

In cooler climates, begin seeds indoors in Four inch or bigger pots 1 month earlier than planting exterior. Watermelon could be very frost tender; wait to plant if there may be any hazard of frost.