How to store fresh garlic

Profit from your garlic by storing it the proper approach.

Storing garlic correctly is a simple approach to be certain that it retains its high quality, taste, and pungency for so long as potential — and life is approach too quick to eat dangerous garlic. Right here’s every part you want to find out about the easiest way to store your entire, peeled, and minced bulbs:

How Lengthy Does Garlic Final?

It will depend on the way you store it and whether or not or not it’s been peeled. A complete, unpeeled garlic head will final fairly some time (about six months). An unpeeled clove that has been separated from the top, in the meantime, will keep good for about three weeks.

When you peel garlic, you’re going to need to use it inside every week. Don’t even take into consideration chopping or mincing the garlic except you intend to use it ASAP — you’ll be fortunate if it lasts 24 hours within the fridge.

How Do You Know When It’s Unhealthy?

Give your unpeeled garlic head a mild squeeze. If it’s agency, it’s most likely good to go. If it’s smooth, in the meantime, it might be previous its prime.

One other inform story signal that your garlic is dangerous is its coloration: Peeled garlic cloves ought to be a lot nearer to white than yellow. Discoloration is an indication of decay.

Garlic Storage

How to Store Complete Garlic Heads

Maintain the bulb intact for so long as potential. Once more, when you begin peeling, your garlic’s lifespan decreases way more quickly.

The most effective place for an entire head of garlic is someplace cool, dry, and darkish. Sound just like the fridge? Assume once more. As an alternative of the fridge, go for someplace nearer to room temperature. Ideally, garlic could be saved someplace between 60° and 65°, however that’s not reasonable for many households. Simply use your greatest judgment. For most individuals, the pantry is the most secure spot.

Additionally, when you can, select someplace that will get respectable air flow. Don’t shut your garlic in a small drawer or seal it up in a bag. Should you should bag it up, paper or mesh supplies are way more breathable than plastic.

How to Store Peeled Garlic

Peeled garlic is a special story. Whether or not you’ve separated and peeled the entire thing otherwise you just some uncovered cloves, refrigeration goes to be your greatest wager. Seal it up in an hermetic container or zip-top bag, then toss it within the fridge. Although it might begin shedding pungency after just a few days, it’ll be tremendous to use for a few week.

How to Store Chopped or Minced Garlic

Did you by accident chop extra garlic than you wanted for a given recipe? You’ll be able to toss it in a little bit of olive oil, seal it in an hermetic container, and stick it within the fridge to use inside a day or two. Don’t strive to hold it for longer than that: Fresh garlic in oil may develop botulism over time, in accordance to the USDA (the pre-minced garlic you purchase on the grocery store has been handled with preservatives that hold it safe-to-eat for longer).

Do not be fussy when it comes to garlic storage. Merely hold the heads collectively and permit for air circulation.

The place would we be with out garlic? Pungent when uncooked, mellow when cooked, it provides a scrumptious aroma and deep taste to so many dishes. But past garlic’s capacity to flip recipes from good to nice, there’s another excuse to love this workhorse of an ingredient: From a storage standpoint, it is one of the crucial low-maintenance meals you possibly can have in your kitchen. Garlic advantages from a fairly hands-off strategy: Give it the air and area it wants, and it will love you again.

The very first thing you want to bear in mind about storing garlic is that it retains greatest when saved collectively. Resist the temptation to break the cloves off the bulb till you are prepared to use them, and depart them collectively, coated of their paper overlaying. They’re going to keep fresh longer this fashion—we have seen them hold properly up to six months!

Second, do not fret an excessive amount of about what sort of container you retain the garlic in. A terra-cotta or ceramic container particularly designed for garlic storage is nice, however so is a paper or mesh bag, a wire basket, and even only a easy bowl. The purpose is to encourage the circulation of dry air, which is why a plastic bag is a no-no because it seals in moisture.

Lastly, stash your garlic someplace darkish and funky. The pantry is an efficient spot (the fridge, not a lot)—that’s, so long as you retain the garlic away from potatoes (garlic, onions, and different alliums emit gases that may hasten sprouting in these spuds). Why hold garlic away from mild and moisture? These situations contribute to sprouting (which does not essentially imply the garlic has spoiled, however sprouted garlic—you may comprehend it by its small inexperienced shoots—can style bitter) and mould development.

When you begin breaking the cloves off from the bulb, the garlic will start to deteriorate. After eradicating the primary clove, you most likely have about 10 days to two weeks earlier than the remaining garlic on the bulb begins to sprout.

Now, when you’ve peeled extra cloves than you want, the fridge is definitely one of the best place to store them—wrap them in plastic or put them in a sealed bag or container for up to every week. Chopped typically would not final greater than a day within the fridge, however you possibly can eke out one other two or so days when you cowl it in olive oil. The reality is, although, leftover peeled garlic hardly ever wants to be saved, since including a bit extra garlic to no matter you are cooking most likely will not damage.

How to store fresh garlic

Now that you’ve efficiently grown and harvested your garlic, it’s time to determine how to store your fragrant crop. The easiest way to store garlic will depend on how you propose to use it. Proceed studying to study extra about how to store fresh picked garlic out of your backyard, together with garlic storage earlier than planting extra subsequent 12 months.

How to Store Garlic

There are a selection of strategies for storing garlic from the backyard. As soon as harvested, you’ll want to determine how to store garlic primarily based in your preferences and what you intend on doing together with your crop.

Storing Garlic at Room Temperature

Unfold some newspapers out in a location away from daylight and in a cool, well-ventilated space. Enable the garlic to dry for a minimum of two weeks, in a mesh bag or ethereal container, till the skins turn out to be paper like. This air-dry storage technique preserves garlic for 5 to eight months.

How to Store Garlic by Freezing

Frozen garlic is ideal for soups and stews, and may be achieved one in every of 3 ways:

  • Chop garlic and wrap tightly in freezer wrap. Break or grate off as wanted.
  • Go away garlic unpeeled and freeze, eradicating cloves as wanted.
  • Freeze garlic by mixing some garlic cloves with oil in a blender utilizing two components olive oil to one half garlic. Scrape out what is required.

How to Store Fresh Picked Garlic by Drying

Garlic have to be fresh, agency, and bruise-free to dry utilizing warmth. Separate and peel cloves and minimize lengthwise. Dry cloves at 140 levels F. (60 C.) for 2 hours after which at 130 levels F. (54 C.) till dry. When garlic is crisp, it’s prepared.

You can also make garlic powder from fresh, dried garlic by mixing till tremendous. To make garlic salt, you possibly can add 4 components sea salt to one half garlic salt and mix for just a few seconds.

Storing Garlic in Vinegar or Wine

Peeled cloves may be saved in vinegar and wine by submerging them and storing within the fridge. Use garlic so long as there isn’t any mould development or floor yeast within the wine or vinegar. Don’t store on the counter, as mould will develop.

Garlic Storage Earlier than Planting

If you need to hold a few of your harvest for planting subsequent season, simply harvest as common and store in a cool, darkish, well-ventilated spot.

Now that you know the way to store fresh picked garlic from the backyard, you possibly can determine the easiest way to store garlic primarily based in your particular person wants.

Maintain these heads — and even single cloves — fresh with the following pointers.

How to store fresh garlic


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How to store fresh garlic

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Garlic is commonly regarded as an ingredient you possibly can hold round indefinitely. Some individuals cling braids of garlic for months — and longer. However how must you store garlic to maximize its use, and the way lengthy is it good for?

One of the generally used elements, garlic helps to kind the bottom of many dishes as a taste builder. You’ll be able to simply purchase it in bulk for value effectiveness, and fortunately, with the proper storage, it’ll final for some time. Listed below are some easy-to-follow suggestions for extending the lifetime of your garlic, plus some added concepts for utilizing up any surplus you will have available.

How to Store It

Garlic is often bought by the top (additionally known as the bulb). It’s greatest to store entire heads of garlic as an alternative of breaking them aside into the cloves as a result of the papery exterior will hold the cloves inside more energizing for longer. When you’ve gotten entire heads of garlic, store them in a wire basket or open paper bag so there’s loads of air circulation, then place the container in a dry, darkish location, such because the again of your pantry or tucked below a cupboard on the counter. Daylight of any child will change the temperature and humidity within the surroundings, which can encourage most any type of produce to ripen extra rapidly, serving to it go dangerous sooner.

How Lengthy Will It Final?

Correctly saved, an entire head of garlic can final for up to six months. Unpeeled cloves can final for 3 to 4 weeks. When you have separated or peeled cloves of garlic, store in an hermetic container and refrigerate for up to every week. Any chopped/minced garlic you’ve gotten ought to be used ASAP.

Should you discover the cloves begin to sprout, you possibly can nonetheless use them, however get to them rapidly. Reduce the cloves in half and take away the germ. It is yellow-ish white when younger and sprouts a inexperienced shoot because it ages. If the clove itself is brown or the top softens, it ought to be discarded.

How to Use It

When you have a surplus of garlic, strive roasting it! Reduce 1/2-inch from the highest of an entire head of garlic to expose the cloves, then drizzle with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Wrap the garlic in aluminum foil and bake at 350 levels F till caramelized and tender, 45 to 55 minutes. Enable the garlic to cool barely, then squeeze the cloves out of their papery pores and skin. You should utilize roasted garlic in dressings, do-it-yourself hummus, or just shmeared on bread.

Listed below are some favourite garlicky recipe concepts:

How to store fresh garlic

The Spruce / Randi Rhoades

  • Whole Time: four hrs
  • Ability Degree: Intermediate

Thanks to its scrumptious style and fame as a wholesome meals, garlic (Allium sativum) is common with gardeners.   However rising this relative of the onion takes a good quantity of area and persistence. It’s an uncommon plant within the vegetable backyard as a result of you’ve gotten to wait about Eight months after planting earlier than you get to benefit from the fruits of your labor. However when you’ve grown it properly and harvested and saved it correctly, you possibly can have fresh garlic all winter. In reality, this is among the greatest greens for long-term storage.

How to store fresh garlic

When to Harvest Garlic

Basically, garlic is prepared for harvesting when the decrease leaves begin to brown.   The one approach to ensure is to dig up just a few bulbs to verify their progress. If the cloves fill out the skins, it’s time to harvest.

Harvesting too quickly will end in smaller cloves that don’t store properly. Nevertheless, leaving the bulbs within the floor too lengthy causes the cloves to burst out of their skins, making them weak to illness and shorter storage time. So timing is sort of essential when it comes to harvesting and storing garlic.

What You will Want

Tools / Instruments

  • Backyard fork
  • Knife or kitchen scissors
  • Mesh bag (non-obligatory)


  • Mature garlic plant


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Put together the Garlic for Harvest

With most root greens, together with garlic, it may be troublesome to know when harvest time has arrived as a result of you possibly can’t see their ripeness.   Most gardeners plant garlic within the fall and watch for the crops to sprout the next spring. When the leaves start to flip yellow and dry, often in June or July, harvest time is close to.

As soon as the leaves in your garlic start to decline, cease watering the plant. That is unattainable if it rains on the plant, however do one of the best you possibly can. A dry spell will assist to remedy the garlic within the floor.

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Decide When the Time Is Proper

Selecting the correct time to harvest garlic is one thing of an artwork kind. However the specialists from Seed Savers Alternate say the plant is prepared after three or 4 leaves have died again however 5 or 6 inexperienced leaves stay. Keep away from ready too lengthy as a result of the cloves will start to separate from the bulbs within the floor.

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Dig Up the Bulbs

If potential, watch for the soil to dry. Garlic bulbs do not simply pull out of the bottom like onions do. Whereas you will have planted a small clove, the mature bulb is now a number of inches deep with a robust root system. So at all times dig up your garlic. By no means strive to pull it out of the bottom, because the stalks can break and separate from the bulbs.

A backyard fork sometimes works higher than a shovel for digging up garlic, although both software will do. Loosen the soil, and gently dig up the garlic bulbs, taking care not to slice by means of them. (A sliced bulb can be utilized instantly, however it could’t be saved.) Then, shake off the remaining filth by hand to separate the bulbs from the soil.

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Treatment the Garlic

Garlic ought to be cured or dried earlier than storing it for later use. Begin by disregarding any soil remnants clinging to the bulbs. Don’t wash them off or get the bulbs moist. Go away the stalks and roots on the bulbs whereas they remedy. Both bundle 8 to 10 garlic stems collectively, tie with twine, and cling bulb-side down in a cool, darkish area, like a basement, or lay the garlic flat on a raised display screen in a single layer. Enable the bulbs to remedy for 3 to 4 weeks. Maintain out of daylight, as it could change the flavour of fresh garlic.

As soon as the tops and roots have dried, minimize them off and clear the garlic by eradicating the outer papery pores and skin. Watch out not to expose any of the cloves. Or you possibly can depart the stalks and braid the garlic, when you’ve grown softneck varieties.

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Store the Bulbs

Maintain your garlic in a darkish, cool place (32 to 40 levels Fahrenheit) the place it’ll nonetheless get some air circulation. Braiding and hanging garlic is an efficient approach to store it. Nevertheless, don’t cling it within the kitchen the place will probably be uncovered to mild. You may as well store garlic in a mesh bag.

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Ideas for Harvesting and Storing Garlic

Not all garlic varieties mature on the similar time. Artichoke garlic typically matures first, adopted by rocambole garlic. Then come different varieties, together with purple stripes, porcelains, and silverskins.

Softneck kinds of garlic may be saved for six to eight months. Verify periodically to be certain that the garlic shouldn’t be going smooth or sprouting. Hardneck varieties would possibly dry out, sprout, or go smooth inside three to 4 months. Nevertheless, storing hardneck varieties proper at freezing temperature typically helps them survive for up to seven months with out deteriorating.

Should you’re a seed saver, there’s nothing simpler than saving garlic seed cloves. Merely put apart just a few of your largest, healthiest bulbs to plant subsequent season. Do not hassle saving smaller bulbs, as planting them will end in small bulbs in your subsequent harvest. Store bulbs for planting at room temperature with pretty excessive humidity, so they do not dry out.

Study to make minced garlic that lasts for a number of weeks utilizing these helpful storage strategies.

There is a cause store-bought, jarred garlic is so common: The comfort of getting minced garlic available always is difficult to beat.

However, there’s additionally a cause individuals nonetheless go for fresh, do-it-yourself minced garlic; it is way more potent than the preserved stuff you get on the grocery store. So what is the answer? Pre-mince and store your individual garlic at dwelling! Right here you may learn the way to safely prep and store do-it-yourself minced garlic.

How to Mince Garlic

Begin with entire garlic cloves, both fresh or pre-peeled. For fresh, unpeeled garlic, you may want to break off the cloves from the top and peel each. To learn the way, learn our step-by-step information to peeling garlic.

As soon as the garlic cloves are peeled, it is time to mince. For giant portions of garlic, a meals processor or a blender goes to be your greatest wager. Course of/mix your garlic cloves to your required consistency (this may very well be anyplace from a tremendous paste to a chunky, minced consistency). Be aware: For Methodology #2, you’ll need to course of your garlic with oil (the ratio is 2 components oil to one half garlic).

For small portions of garlic, mince as you usually would utilizing both a knife, a garlic press, or perhaps a Microplane grater.

How to Store and Protect Minced Garlic

Methodology #1: Preserving Garlic in Jars With Oil

Store-bought minced garlic is commonly packed in oil and jarred, and this similar storage technique additionally works for do-it-yourself garlic. The oil protects the garlic from air, serving to to protect its taste and coloration.

Nevertheless, the USDA warns that there’s a botulism danger related to storing garlic in oil at room temperature and even within the fridge over longer durations of time: “Analysis carried out by the College of Georgia confirmed that mixtures of garlic in oil saved at room temperature are in danger for the event of botulism. Garlic in oil ought to be made fresh and saved within the fridge at 40 levels F or decrease for not more than 7 days. It could be frozen for a number of months.”

Store-bought, pre-minced garlic in oil is handled with preservatives to forestall the event of dangerous micro organism. So, holding monitor of how lengthy your garlic has been within the fridge or freezer is crucial when utilizing this technique at dwelling.

This is What You will Want:

  • Minced garlic
  • An hermetic container, both plastic or glass
  • Vegetable oil of your alternative (we suggest olive or avocado)
  • One thing to label the container with (masking tape and a marker will work)


  1. Add your minced garlic to a clear, hermetic container (huge mouth mason jars are a wonderful freezer-safe possibility).
  2. Prime off with oil (select an oil with impartial taste like olive oil or avocado oil), till the garlic is totally coated, leaving ½-inch of headspace.
  3. Seal and label the containers with the date. Refrigerate for up to one week, or freeze and use inside about three months.

All the time use a clear, dry spoon to take away the garlic from the jar whenever you’re prepared to use. It will forestall contamination and mould development.

Methodology #2: Freezing Garlic in Parts

This technique is most well-liked in order for you to store your garlic in particular person parts to add to your recipes as you go.

This is What You will Want:

  • 1 half entire, peeled garlic cloves
  • 2 components oil (we suggest olive or avocado)
  • Meals processor or blender
  • Measuring teaspoon
  • Baking sheet or ice dice tray
  • Freezer-safe bag
  • Marker (to label bag with the date)


  1. Add peeled garlic cloves and oil to a meals processor or blender and pulse/mix till you have reached your required consistency.
  2. Scoop out one teaspoon at a time of the garlic and oil combination and add to both a baking sheet or an ice dice tray.
  3. Flash freeze the garlic by putting the baking sheet or ice dice tray within the freezer for a number of hours, or till frozen stable.
  4. Switch the garlic chunks to a freezer-safe storage bag, label with the date, and store for up to three months.

Once you’re prepared to use your garlic, merely add it to your dishes straight from frozen.

How to store fresh garlic

Spells of heat, sunny climate make it an excellent 12 months for garlic and in July it begins to turn out to be prepared to harvest. Comply with these easy steps to get one of the best crop of garlic.

Garlic planted in autumn is prepared to harvest from the tip of June. Garlic planted in spring is prepared to harvest in July, August and September.

The time to harvest garlic is when the leaves begin to flip yellow. The leaves will weaken and begin to fall in addition to going yellow, so they’re prepared to harvest.

Elevate the garlic bulbs from the soil as quickly because the leaves wither, in order that the plant doesn’t placed on any secondary development, which may weaken the bulb.

Take care that you just don’t break the pores and skin of the bulbs whenever you elevate them from the soil or they won’t hold for as lengthy. Use any broken bulbs first so that they don’t have the possibility to rot in storage.

Lay out the harvested bulbs on trays and hold them someplace heat, dry and well-lit. In a greenhouse or a conservatory shall be very best.

As soon as the soil on the bulbs has dried, brush it off and hold the bulbs in a cool, dry unheated place indoors, at an excellent of temperature of 10C.

A brand new crop of garlic may be planted in autumn – How to plant garlic

Sprinkle grit alongside the rows earlier than you plant and blend it into the soil with a trowel earlier than planting the cloves, to additional assist drainage.

Plant garlic alongside rows spaced 30cm aside so that there’s a lot of room to hoe across the crops simply in spring and summer season. If weeds are allowed to develop unchecked round your garlic crops, yield is probably going to be poor.

Plant garlic cloves with the sharp finish going through up and the flat finish on the backside. Plant garlic just under the soil floor so the very tip of the clove is simply coated, and area every clove 15cm aside alongside the rows.

Label every row and provides an preliminary watering if soil is dry. Put up some chook scarers across the planting website to defend younger shoots from being pecked at.

For extra crops to develop within the backyard this summer season, click on right here.

How to store fresh garlic

Cured properly and saved in the proper situations, garlic will store properly, even in your house.
Courtesy of Petra Web page-Mann / Fruition Seeds

The storage lifetime of your garlic is a posh equation.

I really like consuming garlic all season lengthy. I’ve let untold bulbs of garlic sprout, shrivel and mould through the years. My hope for this text is to prevent time, cash and heartache, so right here is how to store garlic properly, for seasons to come. The quick story:

Optimum Situations for Storing Garlic

  • 56 to 58 F
  • 45 to 50% relative humidity
  • Plastic mesh luggage are very best

Backside line: Pretty cool, comparatively dry & well-ventilated areas store garlic greatest

Like something, there’s a lot extra to take into account. Right here’s the complete story:

Rising Nice Garlic to Store in All Seasons

The storage lifetime of your garlic is a posh equation, with three primary variables:

  • Cultivar
  • Rising Situations
  • Storage Situations

Let’s dig a bit of deeper.


Past softneck and hardneck, there are lots of completely different DNA varieties of garlic with hundreds of sorts. The Rocambole DNA sorts, for instance, store for about 3 to four months. Silverskins, alternatively, will typically store over 12 months.

Our web site is a superb reference for these particulars. We develop many various kinds of garlic to take pleasure in their numerous flavors in addition to guarantee our garlic provide in every season.

Rising Situations

Wholesome garlic shops for much longer than diseased or confused garlic.

Balanced, ample fertility is vital for giant, wholesome bulbs. An excessive amount of nitrogen will enhance bulb dimension however lower bulb storability. And do you know your garlic begins to go into dormancy earlier than you harvest it? When common temperatures the month prior to harvest are above 80 F, your garlic doesn’t go into dormancy as rapidly, reducing your garlic’s storability.

Additionally, an excessive amount of or too little water can have an effect on bulb dimension in addition to storage, although garlic has a reasonably huge window of tolerance for water. Don’t fret.

Lastly, harvesting your garlic on the correct time and curing it properly makes a world of distinction when it comes to long-term storage.

How to store fresh garlic

Bulbs with uncovered cloves and few wrappers ought to be eaten first, since they are going to store poorly.
Courtesy of Petra Web page-Mann / Fruition Seeds

Storage Situations

Industrial garlic storage goals to hold bulbs between 56 and 58F. Lower than 50 F, your garlic is probably going to sprout. Don’t be tempted to store garlic in your fridge! Above 66 F, your garlic will rapidly shrivel.

The best relative humidity in your garlic is 45 to 50%. Good circulation prevents air from stagnating and mould from growing in your garlic. When you have decrease humidity, air circulation will trigger much less heartache. An unheated pantry or storage is commonly very best. Basements typically have the optimum temperature, however their humidity may be too excessive.

Balancing these variables may be fairly a puzzle.

What to Store Your Garlic In

Brief time period, storing your garlic in paper luggage will do the trick. Should you’ll eat all of your garlic earlier than the New 12 months, this can be a excellent plan.

For the lengthy winter forward, plastic mesh luggage will serve you greatest. Particularly when you’ve got an abundance of garlic and are dedicated to having fun with it properly into spring (if not summer season), the extra airflow from the mesh shall be your biggest ally.

Secrets and techniques to Lengthy-Storing Garlic

Small and medium-sized bulbs store longer, on common, than massive bulbs, supplied their dimension doesn’t mirror illness or different adversity. Make certain to re-plant your largest bulbs this fall, however take pleasure in your second largest bulbs first this winter.

Clear bulbs with ample, tight wrappers store higher than bulbs with remnant soil, harboring potential moisture and pathogens with few wrappers.

Garlic with its stem minimize lower than one-half inch from the bulb will doubtless store much less lengthy, since extra air is probably going to penetrate its wrappers.

Maintain an in depth eye in your garlic. Look and contact your bulbs all through the winter, having fun with the bulbs that soften first. Discover if there’s a sample: the garlic towards the entrance tends to shrivel first.

Garlic is among the most rewarding crops to develop and to eat. Saved properly, you’ll take pleasure in your garlic this season and for a lot of extra to come!