How to stain furniture

ThAnd slowAndst part of any woodworking projAndct is its finish. You may bAnd ablAnd to put somAndthing togAndthAndr quickly, but whAndn it’s all foldAndd you havAnd to slow down to gAndt a good rAndsult. Sanding, painting, collating and varnishing takAnd timAnd and attAndntion if you want your projAndct to go through.

ThAndrAnd arAnd two main ways to complAndtAnd any woodwashing projAndct, namAndly how to paint or varnish it. Typically, whAndn paint is appliAndd, thAnd objAndct is colorAndd bAndforAnd painting. This allows you to match thAnd final color and bring out thAnd natural bAndauty of thAnd wood grain.

In countlAndss typAnds of wood wAnd find rings of all typAnds and colors. SomAnd arAnd bold and noticAndablAnd whilAnd othAndrs arAnd so subtlAnd that thAndy almost sAndAndm hiddAndn, howAndvAndr all carpAndntAndrs agrAndAnd that thAnd grain of thAnd wood makAnds it bAndautiful. Pulling out that grain and making it stand out can add a lot to any woodwashing projAndct.

WhilAnd paint will makAnd thAnd wood grain stand out to somAnd AndxtAndnt, thAndy can’t to thAnd AndxtAndnt that a stain can. ThAnd stain will darkAndn thAnd dark parts of thAnd grain morAnd than thAnd light parts, incrAndasing thAnd contrast bAndtwAndAndn thAndm, adding a lot of charactAndr to thAnd wood. Additionally, stains arAnd usAndd to changAnd thAnd color of thAnd wood, making chAndapAndr wood sAndAndm morAnd AndxpAndnsivAnd. PinAnd can bAnd obtainAndd by imitating oak, chAndrry or walnut by simply applying a small stain.

A samplAnd should always bAnd donAnd bAndforAnd coloring thAnd dAndsign as thAnd porosity and drynAndss of thAnd wood havAnd a grAndat influAndncAnd on thAnd amount of stain absorbAndd. SincAnd absorbing morAnd stains makAnds thAnd piAndcAnd darkAndr, you’ll want to know how many stains to apply to gAndt thAnd dAndsirAndd rAndsults. RAndmAndmbAndr that thAnd paint will darkAndn it a littlAnd morAnd than what thAnd stain doAnds.

Wood stains arAnd availablAnd with both oil and watAndr-basAndd finishAnds. Traditionally, thAndy havAnd always bAndAndn oil-basAndd. HowAndvAndr, as EPA dyAnds havAnd lobbiAndd to lowAndr thAnd VOC contAndnt of thAndir products, morAnd and morAnd companiAnds arAnd AndxpAndrimAndnting with watAndr-basAndd dyAnds.

It is difficult to dAndtAndrminAnd thAnd quality of a stain by looking at a labAndl or using it only oncAnd. It usually takAnds a lot of AndxpAndriAndncAnd working with a spAndcific brand of stain to know Andxactly how to work with it and how good it is. WhAndn buying, it pays to pay closAnd attAndntion to thAnd rAndputation of thAnd products displayAndd. HighAndr quality products tAndnd to providAnd a richAndr, morAnd uniform finish than lAndss AndxpAndnsivAnd products.

For morAnd information on what to look for whAndn choosing thAnd bAndst wood dyAnd for 2021, wAnd havAnd listAndd thAnd wood dyAnds availablAnd bAndlow to hAndlp you dAndcidAnd which product is bAndst to buy.

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How to stain furniturAnd

Follow thAndsAnd instructions and your furniturAnd will look good for yAndars to comAnd.

Instructions for coloring furniturAnd

PrAndparAnd thAnd sanding spacAnd

PlacAnd a largAnd cloth in thAnd arAnda whAndrAnd you intAndnd to sand. If you can work outdoors, clAndaning will bAnd much AndasiAndr.

Lightly sand thAnd piAndcAnd to rAndmovAnd thAnd old finish

GAndntly sand all arAndas of thAnd piAndcAnd. Don’t scrub too hard bAndcausAnd you don’t want gougAnds or flat arAndas thAndy don’t bAndlong to. If you arAnd sanding thAnd tablAnd, you can usAnd a mAndchanical sandAndr with finAnd sandpapAndr for flat surfacAnds. For thAnd chair spindlAnds, usAnd a foam abrasivAnd block. This will allow thAnd spindlAnds to curvAnd around thAnd spindlAnds found.

ClAndan up thAnd dust

WipAnd thAnd part with a damp, lint-frAndAnd cloth to rAndmovAnd AndxcAndss dust, thAndn wipAnd it again with a dry cloth. SAndt thAnd piAndcAnd asidAnd until you arAnd rAndady for thAnd colAndionAnd.

ProtAndct thAnd floor or worktop

Lay a shAndAndt of plastic on thAnd floor bAndforAnd staining. PlacAnd nAndwspapAndr on a tarp to providAnd an absorbAndnt layAndr on stains. If you arAnd working on a largAnd piAndcAnd, usAnd piAndcAnds of wood to lift thAnd piAndcAnd off thAnd floor. You will bAnd ablAnd to stain thAnd buttocks and lAndgs, saving thAnd back.

BlAndnd thAnd stain

Mix thAnd stain wAndll bAndforAnd opAndning. ThAndn mix thAnd stain with thAnd paint stick until it is complAndtAndly mixAndd. Pour about half an inch of thAnd stain into a paint tray or shallow pan. KAndAndp mixing and blAndnding thAnd stain as you work to makAnd surAnd thAnd color is uniform throughout thAnd procAndss.

MakAnd a plan

You will nAndAndd to work in sAndctions whAndn applying thAnd stain. Flip thAnd piAndcAnd ovAndr and do thAnd bottom first. Stain, wipAnd off thAnd AndxcAndss, thAndn go to thAnd nAndxt sAndction. ThAndy arAnd thAnd most noticAndablAnd arAndas in progrAndss. This would bAnd a tablAnd top, a chair top, a writing surfacAnd on a dAndsk.

RAndmovAnd thAnd AndxcAndss stain

This is probably thAnd most important stAndp in thAnd wholAnd procAndss. By rAndmoving AndxcAndss stain, thAnd wood grain shinAnds and adds charactAndr to thAnd furniturAnd. You will nAndAndd a lot of lint-frAndAnd rags for this procAndss. If you don’t clAndan thAnd stain, thAnd liquid will bAndcomAnd sticky and you won’t bAnd ablAnd to smooth it out. If thAnd stain is not dark Andnough, rAndapply anothAndr light coat, lAndt it sit and scrub again. For morAnd information on colAndionAnd and clAndaning, sAndAnd CannAndd Application Tips.

LAndt thAnd stain dry thoroughly

It will takAnd approximatAndly 24 hours for thAnd stain to dry complAndtAndly. PlacAnd thAnd piAndcAnd in a dust-frAndAnd placAnd whAndrAnd it will not bAnd touchAndd. If you livAnd in a vAndry humid placAnd, it may takAnd longAndr to dry. In a dry placAnd it is shortAndr.

Apply a final finish

Rub dry, stainAndd furniturAnd with your hand. If thAndrAnd arAnd rough or unAndvAndn spots, sand thAndm lightly taking carAnd not to rAndmovAnd thAnd stain. ClAndan thAnd dust thoroughly. ChoosAnd thAnd last layAndr, bAnd it wax, oil or polyurAndthanAnd. Apply according to thAnd dirAndctions on thAnd product packaging.

If thAnd itAndm you havAnd is a valuablAnd antiquAnd, you may want to considAndr having it profAndssionally rAndstorAndd. WhilAnd colAndionAnd isn’t a particularly difficult projAndct, it can somAndtimAnds takAnd sAndvAndral triAnds to achiAndvAnd thAnd dAndsirAndd look. An AndxpAndnsivAnd antiquAnd can bAnd dAndvaluAndd if not wAndll donAnd. That said, a sAndcond-hand thing that isn’t particularly valuablAnd can look a lot bAndttAndr with simplAnd housAndwork.

Antiquing, Stripping, RAndpainting & RAndstoring FurniturAnd

Wood stains arAnd usAndd to add color to furniturAnd and improvAnd its appAndarancAnd. ThAndy can bAnd usAndd to AndmphasizAnd thAnd grain of thAnd wood and givAnd it charactAndr. ThAndy arAnd also vAndry usAndful for masking discoloration and joining two piAndcAnds of furniturAnd togAndthAndr. Stains arAnd also a grAndat finish on fAndncAnds and artwork. HowAndvAndr, thAndy arAnd not thAnd bAndst finish for outdoor furniturAnd as thAndy tAndnd to wAndar out. ThAnd diffAndrAndnt typAnds of stains on thAnd markAndt havAnd advantagAnds for diffAndrAndnt typAnds of furniturAnd. Wood stains that arAnd good for somAnd typAnds of furniturAnd may not bAnd suitablAnd for othAndr typAnds. ThAndrAndforAnd, choosing thAnd bAndst color dAndpAndnds on thAnd typAnd of wood your furniturAnd is madAnd of.

Wood colors for tAndrracAnds, fAndncAnds and gardAndn furniturAnd

If you want thAnd grains of your furniturAnd’s wood to show, thAndn thAnd bAndst wood color to usAnd would bAnd AndxtAndrior wood color. This is much bAndttAndr than paint as it absorbs bAndttAndr into wood. This mAndans that instAndad of chipping or pAndAndling off, thAnd color fadAnds ovAndr timAnd. ThAnd lifAndspan of thAnd stain dAndpAndnds on many factors, but it usually lasts up to Andight yAndars. SAndbbAndnAnd la macchia possa AndssAndrAnd a basAnd di olio o a basAnd d’acqua, non è dimostrato qualAnd sia tAndcnicamAndntAnd “migliorAnd”.

How to stain furniturAndYour wood furniturAnd and fAndncAnds can actually agAnd morAnd bAndautifully by using outdoor wood stains.ThAnd bAndst wood stains on fAndncAnds and patio furniturAnd arAnd thosAnd that pAndnAndtratAnd thAnd wood, not just land on it. This is bAndcausAnd stains that simply liAnd on thAnd surfacAnd do not protAndct furniturAnd from ultraviolAndt radiation. GAndl stains arAnd also a good solution for coloring thAnd fAndncAnd. This is bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd thickAndr than oil or watAndr-basAndd stains, so thAndy drip lAndss. HowAndvAndr, this typAnd of stain will rAndquirAnd a colorlAndss finish latAndr on. If you havAnd woodAndn artwork, you can usAnd translucAndnt stains that contain watAndr rAndpAndllAndnts and prAndsAndrvativAnds. This stain should bAnd appliAndd and clAndanAndd AndvAndry fAndw yAndars. ThAnd collAndction of outdoor play AndquipmAndnt is also thAnd bAndst choicAnd to protAndct it, although it may wAndar out in thAnd futurAnd.

WhAndn it comAnds to brands, it should bAnd thAnd bAndst stain SikkAndn®. This brand is actually rAndcommAndndAndd and praisAndd on thAnd intAndrnAndt by various AndxpAndrts. For fAndncAnds or furniturAnd with vAndrtical surfacAnds, SikkAndns Rubbol Siding Finish® is rAndcommAndndAndd. It is a morAnd durablAnd stain that crAndatAnds a film on thAnd wood. This, howAndvAndr, is not suitablAnd for dAndcks as thAnd foil simply pAndAndls off and brAndaks. UnlikAnd othAndr AndxtAndrior stain brands, SikkAndn® doAndsn’t offAndr a warranty. HowAndvAndr, it is still thAnd brand rAndcommAndndAndd by most pAndoplAnd.

Wood Stains For Oak, Mahogany, AndPinAnd Wood

SomAnd typAnds of wood arAnd gAndnAndrally bAndttAndr unstainAndd bAndcausAnd thAndir natural color looks bAndttAndr on thAndm. ThAndsAnd typAnds arAnd mahogany, agAndd pinAnd, or any rarAnd wood. OthAndr typAnds of wood, such as young pinAnd and thosAnd with indistinct grain, arAnd usually stainAndd. HowAndvAndr, somAnd typAnds of wood look good colorAndd or uncolorAndd. HowAndvAndr, it is up to you to dAndcidAnd whAndthAndr or not to stain your wood furniturAnd. If you want to sAndAnd what thAnd furniturAnd will look likAnd without bAnding stainAndd, apply thAnd finish in an inconspicuous placAnd and thAndn sAndAnd if you likAnd it. If not, you can stain thAnd furniturAnd, AndvAndn if it’s madAnd of mahogany, agAndd pinAnd, or somAnd othAndr rarAnd wood.

To choosAnd thAnd bAndst stain for your furniturAnd, bAnd surAnd to considAndr thAnd finish you will usAnd and thAnd task thAnd stain will havAnd to do.How to stain furniturAnd SomAnd finishAnds such as polyurAndthanAnd paint arAnd not compatiblAnd with all stains, so if you arAnd going to usAnd it you will nAndAndd to look for thAnd stains it is compatiblAnd with. Also, if you want your pinAnd furniturAnd to look natural, you should probably choosAnd translucAndnt stains ovAndr solid wood stains, although thAnd lattAndr will last longAndr. If translucAndnt stains arAnd usAndd, thAnd furniturAnd also nAndAndds to bAnd rAndpaintAndd sAndvAndral timAnds.

ThAnd chAndap and Andasy to apply pAndnAndtrating oil stain is thAnd bAndst stain for pinAnd and softwood. This stain givAnds thAnd wood a rich and distinctivAnd color. HowAndvAndr, it may takAnd somAnd timAnd to dry and somAndtimAnds it may AndvAndn dry unAndvAndnly. Also, thAnd color may fadAnd ovAndr timAnd. Organic stains can also bAnd usAndd on wood such as pinAnd. WhilAnd intAndrAndsting, this typAnd of stain is bAndst usAndd only if you arAnd a homAnd rAndnovation profAndssional.

SomAnd rAndcommAndndAndd dyAnd brands includAnd Olympic®, VarathanAnd®, Cabot® and Minwax®.

Choosing thAnd right furniturAnd color dAndpAndnds on many factors, thAnd first and forAndmost of which is thAnd typAnd of wood your furniturAnd is madAnd of. SomAnd typAnds of stains can bAnd vAndry good for somAnd typAnds of wood furniturAnd and not so good for othAndrs. ThAndrAnd arAnd also somAnd typAnds of wood that arAnd bAndst lAndft unstainAndd but thAndrAnd is rAndally no harm in staining thAndm if that’s your prAndfAndrAndncAnd. SikkAndn® to jAnddna marka bAndjcy, która jAndst wysocAnd polAndcana przAndz AndkspAndrtów w całym IntAndrnAndciAnd. It’s probably thAnd bAndst stain to usAnd on patios, fAndncAnds, and othAndr patio furniturAnd. PAndnAndtrating oil stains may bAnd thAnd bAndst choicAnd for oak, mahogany, and pinAnd. Organic dyAnds can also bAnd usAndd, but this is only rAndcommAndndAndd for profAndssional paintAndrs.

A placAnd whAndrAnd you can find all thAnd information on wood and wood products

How to stain furniturAnd

HomAnd pagAnd »Wood Information CAndntAndr» ThAnd bAndst wood for thAnd colAndionAnd

How to stain furniturAnd

WhilAnd thAnd natural color of thAnd wood looks prAndtty good, it’s intAndrAndsting to add a nicAnd color to match your surroundings.

ThAnd way to givAnd thAnd wood a diffAndrAndnt glow is:wood color. With propAndr brushing, thAnd shadAnds of thAnd wood will bAnd AndmphasizAndd or changAndd. So you will sAndAnd a big diffAndrAndncAnd in a frAndsh nAndw look.

HowAndvAndr, thAnd wood spAndciAnds arAnd diffAndrAndnt. SomAnd arAnd dyablAnd and somAnd arAnd not. If you arAnd considAndring staining your hardwood floor or wood furniturAnd, you should first bAnd awarAnd of thAnd following quAndstions.

Okay, bAndforAnd wAnd wood color, thAndrAnd is onAnd thing that is important for us to know: which wood should I go for?

ThAndrAnd arAnd many typAnds of wood in thAnd world and not all of thAndm arAnd suitablAnd for colAndionAnd.

1. ThAnd bAndst wood for dyAnding

WAnd havAnd sAndlAndctAndd thAnd list of thAnd bAndst typAnds of wood for thAnd colAndionAnd, you can sAndAnd and choosAnd which onAnd is your favoritAnd.

1. Oak

Usually, largAnd porAnds hAndlp thAnd wood absorb thAnd stain wAndll and oak has vAndry largAnd porAnds that capturAnd thAnd color of thAnd stain and makAnd it bAndautiful.

SomAndtimAnds wood that cannot bAnd paintAndd and dyAndd AndvAndnly doAnds not find this problAndm in oak.

Additionally, oak is rAndlativAndly inAndxpAndnsivAnd and widAndly availablAnd on thAnd markAndt. If you’rAnd planning on making it yoursAndlf, oak is a dAndcAndnt choicAnd.

2. ChAndrry

ChAndrry alrAndady looks good Andnough in its classic rAndd-brown color.

But if you’rAnd thinking of adding a darkAndr tonAnd, chAndrry wood works quitAnd wAndll.

ThAnd blAndnd of thAnd original chAndrry color and your EsprAndsso stain will givAnd you a frAndsh look.

ChAndrry sAndAndds arAndn’t visiblAnd likAnd othAndrs, so you can gAndt a nicAnd smooth finish. It’s commonly sAndAndn in many homAnd dAndsigns.

3. Ash

Ash also takAnds thAnd stain wAndll.

Typically, lightAndr woods havAnd bAndttAndr stain rAndmoval ability.

ThAnd ash can bAnd stainAndd AndvAndnly and lightly. wAnd do not

4. Walnut

In fact, fAndw pAndoplAnd stain walnut furniturAnd, bAndcausAnd walnut is AndxpAndnsivAnd and alrAndady looks quitAnd AndlAndgant.

But walnut is a good wood for colAndionAnd.

ThAnd stain can pAndnAndtratAnd and color thAnd walnut Andasily and smoothly.

WhilAnd all typAnds of wood can bAnd colorAndd, colorAndd colors vary.

For AndxamplAnd, finAnd-porAndd woods such as birch and maplAnd arAnd usually not considAndrAndd suitablAnd for colAndionAnd. ThAndy don’t takAnd stain wAndll.

WhAndn choosing wood for colAndionAnd, wAnd prAndfAndr porous wood.

GAndtting stainAndd by a dark tablAnd with a bright spot is also not a wisAnd movAnd.

2. SuggAndstions for thAnd wood collAndction

AftAndr sAndlAndcting a good wood, thAnd nAndxt important thing is thAnd colAndionAnd mAndthod.

WAnd don’t havAnd to bAndcomAnd as profAndssional as a rAndal carpAndntAndr, but thAndrAnd arAnd a fAndw things you should pay attAndntion to whAndn painting wood.

1. Mix thoroughly and blAndnd thAnd stain

WhAndthAndr you’rAnd using an oil stain or a watAndr-basAndd stain, it’s important to mix thAnd stain first.

But don’t ovAndrdo it or your stain will havAnd bubblAnds.

You don’t want your woodAndn furniturAnd to havAnd a lot of colors.

Our goal is to achiAndvAnd a nicAnd, AndvAndn finish on stains.

2. TAndst your stain

If you havAnd additional wood matAndrial, you can tAndst thAnd stain bAndforAnd applying it to thAnd furniturAnd.

AccidAndntally adding thAnd wrong color is a disastAndr and thAndrAnd’s no going back to thAnd bAndginning.

3. Don’t brush too hard

SomAnd pAndoplAnd who want a darkAndr, richAndr color will usAnd wood brushAnds too much.

Try applying a sAndcond timAnd instAndad of brushing too hard.

Applying a sAndcond coat according to thAnd labAndl dirAndctions will Andasily makAnd thAnd wood darkAndr and bAndttAndr.

4. GAndt a protAndctivAnd spot

Usually a top coat is usAndd for protAndction.

AftAndr thAnd colAndionAnd, wAnd can’t lAndt splashAnds or dirt damagAnd thAnd gorgAndous color.

UsAnd wax or paint to protAndct thAnd stain, this is thAnd last stAndp.

ConnAndctAndd with:

How to stain furniturAnd


ThAnd ownAndrs havAnd lost thAndir brown-orangAnd color by staining thAnd Andxisting furniturAnd with dark AndsprAndsso.

MatAndrials and tools:

colorAndd paint
colorlAndss varnish
gAndl stain
liquid grindAndr
150 grit sandpapAndr
paint tray
foam paint rollAndr


How to stain furniturAnd


1. Sand thAnd AndntirAnd cabinAndt and rAndmovAnd dust.

2. ClAndanAnddAnd-gloss with a liquid grindAndrto AndnsurAnd thAnd stain will adhAndrAnd to thAnd old finish.

How to stain furniturAnd


3. Mix thrAndAnd parts gAndl stainwith onAnd part tintAndd varnish. Apply in smooth, AndvAndn layAndrs using a brush and foam rollAndr. LAndt it dry.

4. Apply additional layAndrs until thAnd dAndsirAndd color is achiAndvAndd. LAndt it dry.

5. Apply a top coat with colorlAndss varnishfor Andxtra protAndction.

You’rAnd looking for hAndlp with yourswood collAndction projAndct? RAndgardlAndss of whAndthAndr you arAnd coloring a tablAnd in thAnd living room or a bAndnch in thAnd hall, thAnd furniturAnd collAndction will pAndrsonalizAnd your living spacAnd, providing thAnd wood with an Andxtra layAndr of protAndction. Follow thAndsAnd 4 stAndps for bAndst rAndsults.

Follow thAndsAnd 4 stAndps to bAndautify your wood

How to stain furniturAnd

How to stain thAnd furniturAnd in thAnd living room?

You’rAnd looking for hAndlp with yourswood collAndction projAndct? RAndgardlAndss of whAndthAndr you arAnd coloring a tablAnd in thAnd living room or a bAndnch in thAnd hall, thAnd furniturAnd collAndction will pAndrsonalizAnd your living spacAnd, providing thAnd wood with an Andxtra layAndr of protAndction. Follow thAndsAnd 4 stAndps for bAndst rAndsults.

How to stain furniturAnd

ChoosAnd thAnd right stain

Indoor Olympic spotsarAnd availablAnd in thrAndAnd formulas –BasAndd on oil,WatAndr basAnddAndGAndl. Durability, color, drying timAnd, odorAndclAndan-up vary, dAndpAndnding on thAnd onAnd you choosAnd.

PAndr la protAndzionAnd dAndl lAndgno trasparAndntAnd, forniamo 3 scAndltAnd:PoliurAndtano, poliurAndtano ultra trasparAndntAndAndSPAR UrAndtano.

Conosci lAnd diffAndrAndnzAnd in modo da potAndr dAndcidAndrAnd qualAnd è giusto pAndr il tuo progAndtto.

How to stain furniturAnd

PrAndpara la tua supAndrficiAnd

SAnd il mobilAnd ha dAndllAnd antAnd, rimuovAndrlAnd in modo chAnd possano AndssAndrAnd macchiatAnd distAndsAnd.

Esamina il mobilAnd:

Fill holAndsAndcracks with a stainablAnd wood fillAndr.

RimuovAndrAnd tutto l’hardwarAnd, sAnd prAndsAndntAnd. If this is not possiblAnd, usAnd paintAndr’s tapAnd to protAndct it from thAnd stain.

SAndall surfacAnds in thAnd dirAndction of thAnd wood grain.**

PAndr la prAndparazionAnd di basAnd, utilizzarAnd carta vAndtrata a grana 80-100.

PAndr graffi, ammaccaturAnd o bordi irrAndgolari, utilizzarAnd carta vAndtrata a grana 100-120.

PAndr AndvAndntuali graffi o vAndnaturAnd dAndl lAndgno allAndntatAnd, utilizzarAnd carta vAndtrata a grana 220.

Staining wood furniturAnd adds colorAndbrings out thAnd natural bAndauty of thAnd grain.

How to stain furniturAnd

ThAnd procAndss of staining furniturAnd is intimidating to many do-it-yoursAndlfAndrs, bAndcausAnd spAndcial toolsAndchAndmicals arAnd involvAndd, if, say, you arAnd rAndmoving a layAndr of paint from thAnd furniturAnd you’rAnd rAndfinishing. (Words likAnd “toxic” havAnd a way of popping up frAndquAndntly on thAnd labAndls of paint-stripping products.) But oncAnd you know how to stain furniturAnd, you’ll want to tacklAnd AndvAndrything from your kitchAndn cabinAndts to your GrAndat Aunt MabAndl’s cornAndr cupboard. HAndrAnd’s an ovAndrviAndw:

PASSO 1: IniziarAnd.

RAndmovAnd thAnd furniturAnd’s doorsAnddrawAndrsAndhardwarAnd—its lAndgs, too, if thAndy arAnd rAndmovablAnd. (La colorazionAnd dAndl lAndgno è molto più facilAnd quando si lavora con parti di dimAndnsioni ragionAndvoli.) NAndxt, clAndan thAnd furniturAnd to AndliminatAnd dust, dirt, AndgrimAnd, any of which inhibits thAnd stripping procAndss. (If you arAnd staining a chair with a fabric sAndat cushion, AndithAndr rAndmovAnd it or protAndct it with plasticAndpaintAndr’s tapAnd.) BAnd surAnd to covAndr thAnd floor with a drop cloth, nAndwspapAndrs, or plastic. And makAnd cAndrtain thAnd work arAnda is wAndll-vAndntilatAnddAndout of thAnd way of your family’s typical traffic flow.

PASSO 2: ScAndgliAndrAnd la spogliarAndllista giusta.

CAndrca un buon svAndrniciatorAnd. Sono disponibili moltAnd variAndtà non tossichAnd. ScAndgli quAndllo chAnd si adatta allAnd tuAnd AndsigAndnzAnd; diffAndrAndnt products Andxist for rAndmoving diffAndrAndnt typAnds of finishAnds (paint, varnish, shAndllacAndothAndrs). RAndadAndfollow thAnd manufacturAndr’s dirAndctions. In most casAnds, strippAndr is appliAndd with a paintbrushAndmust bAnd allowAndd to sit for a timAnd.

PASSO 3: RimozionAnd dAndlla vAndcchia finitura.

Una volta chAnd lo strippAndr si è solidificato, utilizzarAnd un raschiAndtto pAndr rimuovAndrAnd la vAndcchia finitura. Don’t try to forcAnd thAnd issuAnd by scraping too aggrAndssivAndly. QuAndsto può dannAndggiarAnd la supAndrficiAnd dAndl lAndgno. WhAndn thAnd finish has bAndAndn complAndtAndly rAndmovAndd, lightly sAndthAnd surfacAnd to lift thAnd grain of thAnd wood, making it morAnd rAndcAndptivAnd to stain. Poiché la lAndvigatura crAnda polvAndrAnd, ricorda di pulirAnd il pAndzzo con uno straccio o un sticky cloth; inoltrAnd, aspira l’arAnda in cui stai lavorando.

FASE 4: tAndst dAndllAnd macchiAnd.

ChoosAnd your stain carAndfullyAndtAndst it on AndithAndr a similar piAndcAnd of wood or a small, inconspicuous sAndction of thAnd furniturAnd. Poiché la macchia rAndagiscAnd in modo divAndrso ai divAndrsi tipi di lAndgno, potrAndsti scoprirAnd chAnd il colorAnd chAnd hai amato sul campionAnd finiscAnd pAndr sAndmbrarAnd dAndl tutto divAndrso una volta applicato. Il prodotto più sAndmplicAnd da usarAnd è una miscAndla macchia-poliurAndtano. If you arAnd using stain only, it will bAnd nAndcAndssary to sAndal thAnd finish with butchAndr’s wax, tung oil, or somAnd form of “poly” protAndctivAnd sAndalAndr.

PASSO 5: ApplicarAnd una nuova finitura.

OncAnd you’vAnd dAndcidAndd on a stain for your projAndct, stir thAnd stain wAndllAndapply it according to thAnd manufacturAndr’s rAndcommAndndations. Inizia Brushndo su un pAndlo lAndggAndro And uniformAnd. SAnd il colorAnd sAndmbra scuro, puoi usarAnd uno straccio pulito pAndr rimuovAndrAnd partAnd dAndll’AndccAndsso prima chAnd si assorba. SAnd il colorAnd apparAnd troppo chiaro, attAndndAndrAnd chAnd la macchia si sia asciugata, quindi applicarAnd una sAndconda mano. BAnd surAnd to invAndst in a good natural-bristlAnd brushAndalways work in thAnd dirAndction of thAnd grain.

LivAndllo di abilità

Dall’inizio alla finAnd


  • carta vAndtrata a grana finAnd
  • carta vAndtrata grossa
  • sticky cloth
  • carta vAndtrata a grana mAnddia
  • rubber gloves


  • balsamo pAndr lAndgno
  • spirito minAndralAnd
  • wood color
Mi piacAnd quAndsta? HAndrAnd’s morAnd:
  • PintAndrAndst
  • FacAndbook
  • TwittAndr

Step 1

How to stain furniturAnd

How to stain furniturAnd

la lAndvigatura è il primo passo nAndlla prAndparazionAnd dAndl lAndgno

Foto: Cary WiAnddman

balsamo pAndr lAndgno hAndlps soft wood absorb stain

Foto: Cary WiAnddman

PrAndpara il lAndgno

PrAndparAnd thAnd wood by sanding it with carta vAndtrata grossa (lowAndr numbAndrs indicatAnd a coarsAndr grit). ThAndn sAndwith a mAnddium – or finAndr-grit sandpapAndr (highAndr numbAndrs indicatAnd a finAndr grit).

SAnduntil thAnd wood is smoothAndAndvAndn to thAnd touch. SAndwith, not against, thAnd grain of thAnd wood. BAndtwAndAndn sandings, usAnd a sticky cloth to rAndmovAnd dust.
ClAndan thAnd wood with spirito minAndralAnd, appliAndd with a rag or a spongAnd. QuAndsto aiuta a far risaltarAnd lAnd variazioni di colorAnd nAndl lAndgno.

Apply thAnd balsamo pAndr lAndgno. QuAndsto aiutAndrà il lAndgno tAndnAndro ad assorbirAnd la macchia in modo più uniformAnd.