How to share the gospel like jesus

People tend to classify themselves based on certain identifiers and group themselves with similar ones. For example, we can define ourselves or others based on ethnicity, interests, political affiliation, country of origin, lifestyle or the like. In discussions of sharing the gospel, we sometimes wonder if there is a particular way in which it is best to share the gospel with someone from one of these groups.

It is true that there are similarities between people with a similar cultural background or a different type of group identifier. And it is true that certain aspects of the gospel message may resonate more with one group than with another – and some groups may have a particular resistance to accepting the gospel – but the gospel message is universal. Every human being is made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Each was born in sin and separated from God (Romans 3:23; 6:23). The way of forgiveness and eternal life leads only through Jesus – this is true for every person (Jn 14: 6; Acts 4:12). We don’t have to think of ourselves in terms of group rankings. It is our duty in life to fulfill the Great Missionary Order. Christians are called to share the Gospel, the good news of Jesus, with everyone (Lk 24:47).

1 Peter 3: 15-16 tells us: “In your heart worship Christ as Lord. Always be ready to answer anyone who asks you for the reasons you hope. But do it with meekness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good conduct in Christ will be ashamed of their slander. • Our life should reflect the reality of the gospel. We live in submission to Christ as Lord. In part, this means that we treat others with kindness and respect, regardless of which group they identify with. Sharing the gospel is an act of compassion. Sharing the gospel does not mean finding areas of difference. It is about sharing a universal message to satisfy a common need.

The issue of sharing the gospel with ______ often becomes complicated when dealing with people who have committed a particularly obvious sin that appears to be part of their lifestyle, even their identity. For example, when we witness homosexual or heterosexual couples living together outside of marriage, we tend to condemn sin and try to change the person’s behavior. before sharing of Jesus. While we must recognize what sin is, we must also remember that the Holy Ghost is the persuader (John 16: 8). Usually, we don’t need to catalog someone’s sins, or even isolate one, to share that Christ died for sinners. Trying to “cleanse your deed” or stop a specific sin will not give anyone eternal life. Homosexuals and fornicators are saved not by holding back their sexual sin, but by accepting Christ by faith; sin will cease when they are changed and renewed in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

At other times, it can become difficult to share the gospel with ______ when interacting with someone of a different religion. We can tend to apology and begin to point out anything that is incorrect in false religion, but this is usually counterproductive. Apologetics is helpful, as is knowing a person’s beliefs and how they differ from what the Bible says, but the best way to illuminate the darkness is to simply turn on the light. Indicates the person of Christ. When people see who Jesus is and what he did, they will be able to see all that is wrong with their religion.

Jesus was “full of grace and truth” (Jn 1:14), as were his followers. We do not share the gospel with an attitude of spiritual pride or with a position of superiority. We face sin when necessary. We oppose faith which is incompatible with the Bible. However, when we share the truth, we care about how we share it: “Enemies should be gently instructed in the hope that God will grant them repentance to know the truth and that they will come to their senses and escape the trap of the devil who he has enslaved them, to do your will. ”- 2 Timothy 2: 25-26.

If we mistreat or discredit those who are different from us, we will limit our opportunities to share the gospel with them. Why would people want to repent and believe in Jesus Christ if Jesus’ followers are being rude and disrespectful? We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, no matter who we speak to (2 Corinthians 5: 16–21). If we are loving, kind and caring for all of humanity, then we are a true reflection of Jesus Christ. Salvation is open to all who believe: “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” (Jn 3:17).

When we share the gospel with ______, we should show our true compassion and care for him as a person, regardless of the group he identifies with. We take care of what happens in his life; we are really worried about the problems he is facing. In the context of the relationship, we can teach him the need for a Savior by pointing to the scriptures and explaining how all mankind is lost and in need of Jesus Christ.

When sharing the Gospel, it is good to remember that the good news is “the power of God to bring salvation to all who have faith” (Rom 1:16). This message is truly life changing.

Sharing faith is one of the most important vocations for following Jesus. These resources will help you develop your skills, desires and abilities to join others on their spiritual journeys and bring them closer to Jesus.

What is the Gospel?

Have you ever wondered what the gospel is? The word “gospel” means messages. This is the message of who Jesus Christ is, what he did and how it changes everything for all of us. Find out what’s so good about the gospel message from this in-depth explanation.

How to share the gospel like jesus

More than anything, alwaysyone needs to experience God’s love and grace. Not only that, but God has commanded his followers to always be ready to give reason to their hope (1 Peter 3:15) and to go and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19).

With whom?

There are close people, such as your neighbors, acquaintances, friends and family, and distant people, such as those of cultures other than yourself and those of other countries with whom God has called you to share Jesus.

You can join people on their spiritual journeys by being aseeker(find out where they are spiritually), aGuide(pointing the way to Jesus), aBuilder(help people overcome obstacles) orMentor(walking with them as they grow in faith).

Where to start?

Start where you are. You don’t have to have all the answers, and it’s not your job to change anyone’s mind. Love people and share the hope you have in Jesus with tenderness and respect. I need help? Take the next step with the resources below.

Preparation of a personal testimony

Your story is its story. When you talk about how God saved you from sin and death through Jesus, it gives others the opportunity to learn about God and what he can do. Find out how to prepare and share your story.

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How to share the gospel like jesus

Have you ever felt uncomfortable sharing your faith? Not because you are ashamed, but because you don’t know what to say?

Believe me, you are not the only one. For us it’s easy to talk to our friends, and family, and other Christians about The Lord.

Now, when it comes to talking to strangers, it’s sometimes hard to find out what to say when there is so much to say.

That’s why I’ve prepared this little guide How to Share the Gospel in 5 Easy Steps.

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Why is it important to share the gospel?

Of all the things we can learn in this world, sharing the gospel is the first thing we need to learn the most, because there is so much at stake.

Whenever we share the gospel with someone, we give them the opportunity to live and not die. We give them the opportunity to know Jesus and the love God has for them.

Also, we give people the chance for a new life, forgiveness, and a second chance.

Even if they don’t know it, what they need most is the gift of salvation.

It is our duty to share a gospel that is too good to be true news with the lost.

Go therefore and make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.

Here Jesus didn’t say “If you want”, He said “Go”. It was an order, not a suggestion. Which also means we can all do it. We don’t have to be pastors, or worship leaders, or deacons, we all need to “go”.

There are people in this world waiting to hear from you. They are waiting for you to step forward in faith and share God’s love with them.

The gospel is simple, it is not complicated, it is a love story of a loving Father.

How to share the gospel like jesus

Share the gospel with others in 5 easy steps

  1. God: Our story begins with a loving Father who created everything we see. Me and you too. He created us to have a relationship with him and live with him forever. He is a holy Father who sees everything, even what is in our hearts. (Genesis 1:27)
  2. Pity: When sin entered the world, it created an abyss that separated us from God. We could no longer come into the presence of our Father. Because God sees everything, he sees sin in our lives and the Bible tells us that the price of sin is death. (Romans 6:23). Thus we were separated from our Father and put to death.
  3. Jesus: But God’s love for us was so much that He could not let us die. He instead gave him his most loved treasure than him, Jesus, to die for us. Jesus, the Son of God, became man so that he could suffer, die and pay the price we had to pay. After 3 days, he has risen from the dead, has overcome sin and death and now sits right next to his Father. Jesus is the bridge we must cross to go to our Father. (Romans 5: 8)
  4. Gift: The blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross is what washes away our sins. This is a gift for us. This gift makes us pure, makes us righteous, forgives and allows us to have a close relationship with our Father and to have access to everything He has for us. This is the gift of salvation. It is up to us to decide whether or not to accept this gift. (Ephesians 2: 8)
  5. Be careful: No one is forced to accept this gift. If you want it, you have to ask for it; you have to say it with your mouth and you have to believe it in your heart. When you do, you will be saved and a new one will be born in you. The Spirit of God will dwell in you and help you with everything you need. You will never be alone again, Jesus will be with you wherever you go. (Romans 10: 9-10)

Prayer for salvation

Always be ready to lead people in prayer for salvation. This is the best decision they intend to make and you are privileged to show them how. This is an honor, don’t take it for granted.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
Because it is by faith with the heart that you are justified before God, and by confessing with your mouth you are saved.

“Father, I know that I am a sinner and I need a savior. I believe that Jesus is your son, I believe that he died for me and rose again. Jesus, I open my heart to you and accept you as my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you and love you. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me be more like you. In Jesus’ Name I pray” Amen.

How to share the gospel like jesus

Helpful Tips for Sharing the Gospel

  • Our testimony speaks louder than our words. Be a good example.
  • Pray for those with whom you will share the gospel.
  • Be led by The Spirit and pay attention to God’s voice. The stronger your relationship with God, the easier it is to hear his voice.
  • Walk in love, you are a reflection of God’s love for the world.
  • Keep it simple and easy for people to understand.
  • Don’t be pushy, you are just sowing a seed. It is The Holy Spirit’s job to grow that seed.
  • If a person accepts Jesus as their love and savior, try connecting them to your local church. He remembers that he is only a born-again Christian and will need help to grow.
  • Don’t get into arguments. Sometimes people’s hearts are hardened and they won’t receive the good news of the gospel.
  • If time permits, share your testimony.
  • Don’t forget to tell the person how much God loves them. Make sure he/she understands that God’s love is unconditional.

In the end

Finally, let me tell you that we are called to be light in the dark. We are called to shine the light of Jesus and to bring that light into people’s darkness.

God will prepare you to do the work he has called. You can do it!

Remember that there are people who need you to tell them they are loved. The world needs Jesus.

Feel free to share this post so more and more people will learn how to share the gospel and bring salvation to the world.

Author: Matt Henslee

C’è un cliché nei circoli aziendali che dice: "Con cosa li salvi, li salvi".

While this may be an oversimplification, and God has certainly used the means of wild banquets and nerf wars to draw many to Himself, the gospel we share in disciple making is extremely important.

Certainly, some undoubtedly have brought many to the Lord with a single verse, such as: “For God so loved the world: he gave his only-begotten Son, so that whoever believes in him may not perish, but have eternal life” ( John) . 3:16).

However, as Bill Hull says:

“… by reducing the complete gospel story God’s work from Genesis to Revelation to a packaged three or four points with a prayer, we have diminished our understanding of salvation and what it means to be a follower of Christ. This passage from an evangelical culture to a culture of salvation has weakened the church, diminished the Christian life and made discipleship difficult ”.

Building a good foundation

Therefore, if our goal is to move from initial salvation to continued discipleship, the gospel we share should lay the foundation for the new believer’s discipleship.

Think about it: the gospel is the good news that Jesus left the glory of heaven to be born of a virgin, live a perfect life, and die a sacrificial death for us.

He was buried, resurrected three days later and ascended to the glory of heaven until his return.

He offers salvation to all who will repent and believe on Him, whereby God forgives the sinner through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on the cross, and, in exchange, His perfect life is credited to their account, justifying them before God.

After salvation by grace by faith, the sinner is fully justified and, by God’s constant grace, he will enter a sanctified life until he breathes and is glorified in heaven.

This message is Good News because all have sinned and deserve to die, completely unable to do anything to be saved.

But god!

That is because God:

“Whoever is rich in mercy, thanks to his great love that he had for us, has given us life with Christ, even though we were dead in our transgressions. You are saved by grace!

He also resurrected us with him and made us sit with him in the heavens in Christ Jesus, so that in the centuries to come he may reveal the immeasurable riches of his grace through his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.

For you are saved by grace through faith, and this does not come from you; it is God’s gift—not from works, so that no one can boast.

Because we are his work, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God has prepared for us in advance "(Eph 2: 4-10).

Because a good foundation is important

I grew up in Texas and lived there for many years, long enough to see what a poor foundation could do to my home. When it comes to disciple-making, a good foundation is just as important.

For example, taking the model above, there are certain things a Christian must believe, such as the condescension of Christ (Philippians 2:5-8), the virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14), the sinless Savior (1 Peter 2:22), the perfect sacrifice (Romans 5: 8), the victorious resurrection (John 19:40-42; Mark 16:4-7), and His ascension (Mark 16:10; Revelation 1:7).

There is also a need for a way to summon the lost person to salvation (Romans 10: 9) and what it provides (Romans 3:25; Hebrews 5: 9).

Furthermore, knowing that you are justified (2 Corinthians 5:21; Rom 5: 1) gives confidence, and the work of sanctification (1 Thessalonians 5:23) leads the new believer into the life of a disciple with the promise of praise (Phil 3: 20-21) in mind. .

Finally, when we try to save them from something, they need to understand what they were saved from (Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; Ephesians 2: 1-3) and how God did it (Ephesians 2: 4-10).

Prepare a new believer for success

Yes, God can use a simple testimony or verse to save someone, but the gospel we share can also help lead a new believer to a life of discipleship.

Therefore, let’s do itpreparelead someone to Jesus throughevangelizewith the gospel that leads them to know and love Jesus.

Here we goabsorbto the discipleship program of our church,Activationmake disciples and thengear upgo out into the world and tell others how they can have peace with God.

Nobody likes idiots, but many times this is the impression that many Christians make when they share their faith. There are many people who claim to follow Christ but share their faith in a way that completely contradicts Jesus’ message and manner. This also applies to well-meaning and kind-hearted Christians. They want their friends and family to get to know Jesus Christ, but they fall into unhealthy faith-sharing patterns that draw people away from God rather than draw them to them. I want to start by saying that I understand. Sharing the Christian faith is difficult.

Rico Tice in his bookHonest evangelization: how to talk about Jesus, even when it is difficulthe says: “I find evangelization difficult for me. The problem with being an evangelist is that people assume evangelism is simple; but for me it is not easy and it never has been. It has often been upsetting for me to tell people about Jesus “(11)”

Over the years I have had the privilege of having friends who seemed naturally gifted to share their faith. They made it sound easy, but when I talked to them I found they had the same difficulties as me. They had the same fears and worries. They stumbled into their words. Here are seven points I learned from them.

1. Kindness goes a long way.

It may seem obvious, but too often when Christians share their faith it turns into a heated dispute. The cross is quite offensive. Because I share my faith, I need to make sure I show respect and kindness. I know plenty of people who have turned away from Christianity even though they think it’s true, because church people were jerks. As you try to kindly share your faith, you may be surprised that people are more likely to listen.

2. Honesty shows and earns respect.

Some people who share their faith take shape. They become “spiritual”. This “spiritual” person never has doubts, worries or sins. This “spiritual” person always loves Jesus more than life. This “spiritual” person doesn’t respect people enough to say, “I don’t know the answer to that question.” This “spiritual” person is afraid to admit that he may need to learn what others think.

Too many Christians fear being honest. They fear that honesty will lose people’s respect. It doesn’t. The truth is, honesty often outweighs respect. When Christians treat people as people rather than numbers or “sinners,” they often get respect. When Christians confess their sin, when they ask for forgiveness after not showing kindness, they often get respect. Don’t be afraid to be honest.

3. Ordinary conversations are of the utmost importance.

You don’t need a formula, a method, or a program to share the faith. You need to have casual, sincere, kind and respectful conversations about faith. Try this: Ask people if they would like to talk about Christianity. Sometimes I just ask: “Can I tell you about Jesus?” opens up people.

If people don’t want to talk, you probably won’t convince them by raising your voice or trying to coerce them. Respect their decision. Remember these conversations are difficult for humans. To have serious conversations with certain people, you need to gain a certain level of trust. Frustration, anger or violence will only drive these people away. Be patient. Be available. Do not worry.

4. You can only share what you know.

I have found that the main reason most people don’t share their faith is because they know very little about the faith. Think of it as a language. It is much easier to read a foreign language than to speak. It is much easier to hear and understand the gospel than to teach and talk about it. Talking about the gospel – sharing it – requires a certain competence in the gospel. Regular scripture reading and prayer are necessary to become evangelical fluency. Too many Christians haven’t given enough time to learn the faith. As you spend time reading the scriptures, praying, and studying the Christian faith, you will find that you too will have much to say about God and the gospel.

5. Share the true gospel.

The message we share with people is not about hell, morality or the church. Hell, morality and the church are important. However, the gospel message – what is most important – is that Jesus came to save sinners. You don’t really need to convince people that they are sinners. You don’t have to ask them if they keep the Ten Commandments. Tell them what Jesus did on the cross. The fact that Jesus suffered and died on the cross is sufficient proof that something is wrong with the world. Most people feel that there is something wrong with their lives. Talk about what Jesus came for and why he came to do it. Start with Jesus and you may be surprised how many people will admit that they are sinners who need a savior.

6. Don’t talk too much. To listen.

Whenever I share my faith, there is a lot to say. I want to tell people about Jesus’ perfect life. I want to talk about his crucifixion. I want to speak of a glorious resurrection, but I must remember that speaking is not a word. I am not preaching. I’m supposed to have a conversation. She discards the agenda and gives up on presenting everything you want to say. Have faith in God. Enjoy the conversation.

7. Play the long game. To bear.

Becoming a Christian can take a long time. Sometimes, when people hear the gospel, they immediately believe it and become Christians. The Holy Spirit’s regenerating work of creating faith happens in an instant, but only God can see it. You and I see people asking questions, learning, doubting and believing. Nobody believes everything at once, because nobody can learn it all at once. There is a lot to learn in Christianity.

We should expect people to take the time to ask questions and express concerns. Learning takes time. Therefore, sharing faith is not something Christians once do. Whenever a pastor preaches, he should remind the congregation of God’s mercy and love in sending Jesus Christ to death and resurrection for sinners. As Christians, you and I will learn the gospel for the rest of our lives. As you share your faith, trust God to save your friends and family in time.


In sharing faith, as I have, you often fail. Happens. Don’t worry about it. When you are unkind, you speak honestly, you are authentic, you share a gospel message, you listen or are impatient, admit guilt, and ask for forgiveness. Remember, God draws straight lines with a crooked stick.

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t just for adults. Children share the gospel daily through their pure testimony and righteous example. Primary school children are missionaries to their families and friends. Their example of faith changes lives and inspires others to come unto Christ.

How to share the gospel like jesus

Being a young member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a tremendous opportunity. Young children are taught the commandments and teachings of Jesus. They learn the plan of happiness and receive the blessing of repentance and forgiveness. They have the gift of the Holy Ghost and are taught to recognize his gentle influence on their lives. Elementary school children spend time in church each week feeling the Spirit and deepening their testimony of the gospel. As a result, they become quite spectacular individuals who are disciples of Jesus Christ.

How to share the gospel like jesus

I love the central theme for October because children are some of the best missionaries in the world. Children are naturally inclusive. Because of this, they make friends easily and love to share and spread happiness. Their humility and lack of judgment make it easier for them to spread the gospel. As a result, they are sharing the gospel without even knowing it!

There are three subtopics that are assigned to sharing time every Sunday. We encourage you to download the Basic Lesson, which should fill in the blanks for each of the three topics the children will cover as they spend time together. These printable basic speeches are perfect for kids who are asked to speak as they relate to the topic and age. I leave some snippets out of the text to allow the child to fill in their own thoughts and ideas. This helps the child feel connected with the message and gives him a sense of belonging to the message.

How to share the gospel like jesus

Week one and two: Living the gospel helps me be a missionary now.

During the first two weeks of October, the children will learn how living the gospel helps them be missionaries now. It is important for children to understand that by choosing what is right they are setting an example for others to follow. See, they make a difference, no matter how small.

Week three: I can share the gospel with family and friends.

Sometimes it is scary to think that you are sharing the gospel. Remember the phrase “alien danger?” Primary children share the gospel with family and friends without even knowing it. It doesn’t have to be big and scary. They make changes in their homes by reminding their family to pray, read the scriptures, and come to church on time. So this conversation will help them see their missionary contributions.

Week Four: My testimony is strengthened as I share the gospel.

The certificate is like a muscle. The more it is used and shared, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, this printed elementary talk teaches children that their testimony grows stronger as they use it. He wants to talk to us so that their testimony grows. So let’s get them ready for sharing.

Hopefully, these printable Basics talks will help keep your Primary assignments stress-free and meaningful. The Gospel is a message of peace and happiness! I think these short synopses help us stay calm and happy in our homes on Sunday mornings!

I am always amazed by the Spirit that is felt in the primary classroom of the church. When Jesus came to America, he gathered the children to come to him. Since he knew of their great value, he wanted to spend time with them. We are fortunate to be able to spend time with the little ones in church during elementary lessons and at home. They teach us by their example and their faith. They are missionaries!

We post new lessons every month, so don’t forget to check out new topics and guidelines.

Evangelization in one verse ® is a simple, interactive way to share Christ’s love conversationally and visually. Using just one verse, it’s easy to learn, and you can write it anywhere. One verse evangelism shares a powerful gospel message in 10-15 minutes of conversation.

Many times we feel that to be effective in evangelism, we need to create complex illustrations and remember a series of seminar-worthy verses. But the gospel is more powerful when shared with love, clarity and (sometimes above all) simplicity.

Evangelization in one verse is a simple, interactive way to share Christ’s love conversationally and visually. It is about asking questions and simply sharing the truth. It’s easy to learn because it uses just one verse. Evangelization in one verseit can be shared in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, but it can have an impact on life.

Here’s a brief look at how it works. Here we gosay God is leading you to share the gospel with your neighbor, Jeff. Write Romans 6:23 on a piece of paper or napkin: “Because the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord ”.“(NIV). Everything you need is included in this step. Ask Jeff if he would like to see a simple diagram based on this verse that will explain God’s relationship with mankind (us).


Circle the word “salary” and ask, “How would you feel if your boss refused to pay you your salary?” The answer is, of course, that he would want justice, in this case the salary he worked for. After all, we all know that we are rightly getting what we deserve. Likewise, we receive “payment” from God for how we have lived our lives.

Draw a circle around “sin” by asking your neighbor Jeff what he thinks when he hears the word. You can explain that sin is more of an attitude than an action. It can be an active struggle with God or simply excluding him from our life. You may ask, “Did God ever seem distant to you?” If he says “Yes,” you can explain that that’s one of the things sin does—it makes God seem far away. Now he draws two opposite cliffs with an empty space between them.


Circle the word and ask what thoughts come to your mind. He explains that death in the Bible always means some sort of separation – in the most basic sense, separation from life. Since God is the author of life, spiritual death simply means being separate from Him.

When looking for this word, mention that it is important because it means that there is a strong contrast of ideas coming up. What we have just seen is bad news; the next is the good news.

Draw a circle around the word. Ask, “If the person is earning, what is a gift?” She reminds Jeff that while any gift is free to the person who receives it, someone still has to buy it.


Circle and make it clear that the gift you are talking about is free. Pochodzi od samego God. It’s so special that no one else can give it. Ask, “How do you feel when someone gives you a special gift?”

Eternal life

Then circle the two words and then ask, “How would you define these words?” He compares one side of the cliff, death, to the other side, eternal life. Zapytaj: „Co jest przeciwieństwem oddzielenia od God?”

Jesus Christ

Write these words to create a bridge between the two cliffs. Pomóż swojemu przyjacielowi pomyśleć, że tak jak każdy dar ma wyjątkowego dawcę, tak tylko Jesus Christ może dać dar życia wiecznego.


Write this word on the bridge you just drew. He explains that a true friend is a friend you can trust and tell Jeff that Jesus is offering him to be a true friend. Tutto ciò che Jeff deve fare è ammettere di essere responsabile del suo peccato, sia per aver combattuto God o per averlo escluso dalla sua vita. Confidenceing Jesus means believing that He has power to forgive us for rejecting God and that He will wash us clean from all that we have done wrong in life. A questo punto, puoi chiedergli se vuole avere una relazione con God che durerà per always. If he says “Yes”, ask him to say a short prayer in the same words as him, asking Jesus to forgive him and make him new.

Infine, ricordagli che questo semplice esempio mostra com’è God: qualcuno che ha veramente a cuore le persone, specialmente lui. Ask him to read everything in the Bible – John’s Gospel is a great place to start.

Download this Navigator discipleship tool

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Before you start reading this post, I want you totake a moment and try to think back to the last time you shared the gospel with someone. How much time has passed? you do always share the gospel with someone? How was it?

Truly. Take some time. I’ll wait.

If you haven’t shared the gospel with anyone in a while, what’s holding you back? Are you worried about what people will think of you? Scared that you won’t know what to say or that you won’t be able to answer their questions? Do you think sharing the gospel is only for pastors and missionaries? Maybe you just haven’t thought about it or you don’t think it’s important. Or maybe you don’t even have non-Christian friends to share it with? (It’s okay to be honest.)

Whatever your reason, the fact is that in Matthew 28: 18-20, Jesus COMMANDS us to go and make disciples (yes, that includes you!)

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey alwaysything I have commanded you. I na pewno jestem z tobą always, do samego końca.” – Matthew 28: 18-20

Also, not only do we have to do it because Jesus COMMANDS us, but also – shouldn’t we? When you have fantastic news, don’t you WANT to share it with your friends? And I’d venture to say the Good News is the most important news of all!

Why Christians Don’t Share the Gospel

So, if sharing the gospel is so important, why not us?

I think this is due to the fact that many people have the wrong impression that they are sharing the gospel. Sharing the Gospel doesn’t mean that you have to grab the nearest unbelialways, open your Bible, and lecture them about Heaven and Hell. It doesn’t mean that you have to know all of the answers (though it helps if you do actually know why you believe what you believe). And it doesn’t have to be awkward or scary or weird.

Rather than,sharing the gospel is just talking to another person who doesn’t believe the same things you do. Except instead of talking about football or the weather, you’re telling your story about your God and the things He has done in your life, and letting them know that He can do the same for them too.

Sharing the gospel is not trying to convince the other person that you are right and they are wrong. It isn’t about telling them a great argument so that they will believe. It isn’t trying to get them to stop being such an awful sinner. It’s just sharing who God is, what He’s done for you and explaining why that matters.

Furthermore–the point of sharing the Gospel isn’t to save people. Yes, you read that correctly. “Saving people” isn’t our job–it’s God’s job. Our job is to simply plant the seed, feed the seed, and hopefully harvest the seed eventually.Obbediamo per condividere l’amore di God con gli altri e per il resto ci affidiamo a Lui.

So, without further ado, here is:

How to share the gospel like jesus

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25 easy ways to share the gospel

  1. Tell people that you have gone (or are going) to church when they ask you about your weekend. Add a short sentence about the topic of the sermon.
  2. Refuse to participate in unholy activities. When they ask why, politely (!!) let them know.
  3. Turn on your car’s Christian radio while you drive (you can turn it on silently. You don’t have to blow it up and sing it out loud, unless you want to).
  4. Pray for people when you feel they are having a hard time. Pray with them there and let them know that you will also pray for them alone.
  5. Read the Bible or other Christian books during your lunch break. People will notice. They may ask you what your book is about or you can remember it yourself.
  6. Do you have a garage sale? Put some Bibles on the table that read “Get one for free!” sign.
  7. He teaches Sunday school.
  8. When someone is sick, bring them a hot meal and a piece of paper with a nice note and encouraging writing written on it.
  9. Ask them for their opinion on current events. Also, share your (pious but humble) opinion.
  10. Be honest about the difficult times you are going throughe come devi davvero fare affidamento su God per superare questo.
  11. you do un atto di gentilezza casuale e lascia un biglietto dicendo semplicemente "perché Gesù ti ama".
  12. Invite them to a Church event. Many people who don’t attend regularly would go if you ask, especially around major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter.
  13. Are you the owner of a company? Leave some Bibles in the waiting room for people to read while they wait.
  14. Share encouraging scriptures, memes, YouTube videos, and posts from your favorite Christian bloggers on your social media accounts. 🙂 ..
  15. Support a child in a third world country.
  16. Non aver paura di condividere le grandi cose che God sta facendo nella tua vita.
  17. Did you know that there are phone numbers or websites that can be visited at any time of the day or night if they want to know more about Jesus? You can register as one of the people who answer or talk to their questions.
  18. Are you feeling super brave? Go door to door.While most people aren’t interested, if you find some that are, it’s totally worth it.
  19. Volunteer in a setting like a hospital, children’s home, women’s shelter or crisis pregnancy center. Hear their stories, give them hope, pray with people.
  20. Go to the bar and talk to people. (No, I’m not joking.) Find out their life story. Share yours.
  21. Start a Bible study with some Christian friends. Ask nonbelialwayss if they would like to join you.
  22. Wear Christian themed t-shirts / jewelry.
  23. Help the people stuck on the roadside. Dai credito a God.
  24. Be a big brother or a big sister.
  25. Start a blog where you can tell the world about Jesus!

Do you share the gospel regularly? If not, what’s holding you back? Which of these 25 ways do you think you can do or what other tips could you add?

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