How to seduce a woman

How to seduce a woman

Seducing a woman can be a dicey task for some men as they would not want to come off as creepy or unappealing. When a man comes across a woman, he would want to set a good impression with some playful and harmless flirting.

Many men may know about the art of seduction but are not quite aware of how to go about it or use it in a way that might be fruitful or effective. Hence, they tend to become awkward and uncomfortable, eventually making the lady uncomfortable. But as you go about reading, you will understand the basic art of seduction and how to use it to your benefit in a subtle and not creepy way.

The art of seduction is all about paying attention to the other person’s needs and moving forward consequently. If you want to seduce a woman, start with spending time getting to know her, setting a suitable atmosphere, and then slowly making a further move. You do not want to overdo it, and neither becomes way too subtle to the point that you fail to connect with the particular woman.

Seduction calls to the person’s most primal instincts to let the person become oblivious to the fact that you are seducing them. It is, hence, sly and can grant you more power than you realize. This art shows results on a person’s subconscious mind as well.

How does a Man seduce a Woman?

Tell-tale Signs of Flirting

Flirting is something that may not come naturally to every person. Many people may find it strikingly hard to understand this kind of skill. Social anthropologist and self-proclaimed ‘flirtologist,’ Jean Smith, explained the secret theory of flirting, which can help identify flirting signs in real life. Smith offered an acronym for a few of the most common signs showing that someone might dig you or show the same. That is called the HOTAPE theory of flirting.

Here, the primary sign is Humor. Although it sounds cliche, a good sense of humor is still an excellent way to tell if someone is flirting. According to this theory, having a shared sense of humor is one of the most critical factors for building a new healthy relationship. It is a significant way to tell if both the partners connect.

The second meaningful sign is Open Body Language. Non-verbal communication is something that sometimes is underestimated. Open body language with shoulders back, open arms, and facing the person forward are good signs to portray that you are attracted to the person. Touch is another sign that creates a positive physiological response that you can employ to send signs that you are interested in. However, this contact should always be safe and acceptable, like at the shoulder or arm.

Giving the other person a fair amount of attention is another right way to show that you are interested. In this case, respecting their personal space and knowing when to draw a boundary is essential, as well as you would not want to come off as invading their space. Proximity is something that comes in naturally when you are attracted to someone. You would genuinely want to be by their side and always make an effort and go out of your way to stand by them.

The last sign is Eye Contact, one of the most important ways to tell that you are trying to flirt with them. While trying to flirt, the gazes and little looks frequently happen- this also lasts longer. However, do not reach a point where you gawk at them, making them uncomfortable and yourself creepy.

What do women want in a man?

One thing that no woman would want is the guy to be fake. This is a complete turn-off and makes them feel uneasy about you. Therefore, make sure that your words and actions are congruent with who you are and what you feel by showing integrity and standing by what you stated earlier- your opinions, thoughts, and feelings. That would make the woman attracted to you.

Women with true integrity would not want someone who agrees with everything they have to say. If you are afraid to disagree with a woman, it shows your neediness, insecurity, and lack of integrity. But by being willing to disagree with the girl, you are not seeking approval and are a secure and confident man. This makes you even more attractive to women. However, this does not mean being rude to the woman. It means stating your opinion in a teasing manner with a smile and a joke to lighten the mood. Use it as an occasion to have a bit of fun and start some playful banter with the woman.

The Right Place to Flirt

It is important to note that there is a time and place for flirting. Surveys show that the place and time you flirt in are just as important as the way you choose to flirt. Socially acceptable scenarios and places where you can use your flirting skills are parties, drinking places like bars and clubs, sports clubs, and spectator events. Places such as sports clubs and everyday events also give you the common ground for conversation starters as you already share a common interest. This might also suggest your high compatibility.

How to Seduce a Woman without her knowing?

Be subtle in your actions and expressions and seduce her without her knowing. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable and both of you will be totally comfortable with each other. There wouldn’t be any weird and awkward pauses in the entire time you both are together. This is the best way to how to seduce a woman with words.

The following are the few ways by which you learn how to seduce a woman without creeping them off.

However, as simple as that seems, the truth is that a guy will find it very difficult to seduce a woman if he feels nervous or shy around her, or if he doesn’t know how to flirt and make her feel sexual attraction for him. Why?

Women are attracted to the strength in men (e.g. confidence) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. nervousness, shyness, anxiety, insecurity, etc). The more confident you are as a guy, the more natural and easy it is to seduce a woman. In fact, when you have the level of confidence that an alpha male has, women will try to seduce YOU.

There are many different alpha male traits that women love to see in guys. One simple way of showing her that you are alpha and not like 80% of the guys she meets, is to be a bit of a challenge. Make her work to attracted and to get you really interested in her, then let her have the privilege of having sex with you.

How Confident Are You Around the Types of Women You Want to Seduce?

So, the question is: How confident are you around the types of women you want to seduce? If you lack confidence around a woman and instead show signs of nervousness, shyness and insecurity, don’t expect her to want to have sex with you; she’s not going to be feeling turned on by you.

To seduce a woman, you have to start by making her feel sexually attracted to you. Only after she feels that way, will she then truly open up and want to connect with you emotionally. When that happens, she will want to get physical by kissing you and having sex with you.

Do You Have a Particular Woman in Mind?

Most of the guys who want to know how to seduce a woman already know of a particular woman that they are looking to seduce. Maybe it’s a girl at school, a woman at work, a friend of a friend or even your neighbour.

Whatever the case for you, I am here to help and I will not only show how to seduce this woman into having sex with you, but I will also explain exactly how to seduce new women that you meet. I have personally had sex with more than 250 women, so seducing women into sex and love is something that I know a LOT about.

Guys who come to me for help are often making the mistake of trying to become a woman’s “friend” in the hope that she will eventually want to have sex with him. That storyline works out in the movies in TV drama series, but in real life, an alpha male simply comes along, makes a woman feel sexual attraction to his confidence, flirts with her and then escalates to kissing and sex.

Being really nice to her or trying to be her innocent friend is not only the slowest way to seduce a woman, it is the way that results in REJECTION most of the time.

How to Seduce a Woman Into Love

A common mistake that guys make when they want to seduce a woman into a loving relationship, is thinking that it is all about the “connection’ they have with her. Based on this thinking, the man then tries to become really good friends with the woman and make her see him as a super nice, sweet, loyal, innocent guy.

A good connection is an important part of courting a woman, but if she doesn’t feel sexual attraction for you, then it is simply a friendship. All it will take for you to be slammed further into the dreaded friend zone is for a confident guy to come along, make her feel attraction, connect with her and then escalate to kissing and sex with her.

How to Seduce a Woman Into Seducing You

The guys who enjoy easy, natural and consistent success with women are those who TURN THE TABLES by getting women to seduce them instead. The best part is that women actually WANT it to be that way; they prefer guys who aren’t desperate to be with them.

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I want man who is a challenge” or noticed that the types of guys whom women CHASE AFTER are those who don’t desperately try to impress women? That is not a coincidence.

At The Modern Man, our whole approach to success with women is about switching the roles so that women try to seduce you. It is SO MUCH EASIER this way because when you try hard to seduce a woman like most guys do, she notices and:

a) Puts up her guard.
b) Plays hard to get.
c) Feels like she has more value in the situation.

At The Modern Man, we teach special “undetectable” techniques that you can use to make a woman feel like YOU are the valuable one and that SHE should be chasing you. No doubt you have seen women behave like that around guys who are just normal, average guys right? It happens all the time, but only SOME guys know how to do it.

Most guys think that success with women is all about looks, height, muscles or money. However, we’ve all seen ugly guys hooking up with beautiful women. Why? It’s not about looks for most women…and SOME guys know that.

Are You Serious About Learning How to Seduce Women?

There are millions of “dating advice” sites online that have articles written by men and women who are NOT successful with women. They are just making up their tips as they type because they want to have a lot of articles on their site.

That’s where The Modern Man is different.

We are actual experts at approaching, talking to and seducing women. Everything that we teach here at The Modern Man has been TESTED by us in our own lives and by our 1,000s of happy customers from all over the world.

If you want real advice on how to seduce women, don’t go looking on random websites for “tips” from anyone who can write text on a website. If you want to learn how to seduce women for real, then consider learning from real experts like us.

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Sure, when seducing a woman, you should say the right thing at the right time. However, so many men focus on what to say or what not to say that they often forget to focus on what they should do. Sometimes, seducing a woman isn’t about your words – it’s about your actions and how they make her feel. This is why this article will focus on seducing a woman with touch, one of the most underrated forms of seduction. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

How to Seduce a Woman with Touch

Try the Casual Touch

So you’re talking and you guys are having fun. In fact, you’re having so much fun that both of you are laughing. So the next time you throw your head back and laugh, try and very lightly touch her shoulder with one hand while wiping your tear away with the other. Immediately look away so that she thinks this first touch from your side to be subconscious or genuine instead of being fake or forced.

Sit Smartly

And when I say smartly, I mean in a manner that lets you touch her, not in a creepy ass way. So what’s the easiest way to do that? Well, you sit right next to her. Never make the mistake of sitting opposite to her, because in this way you might get a good look at her face, but seducing her with touches will become that much harder. This is one of the most important pointers to keep in mind when working on how to seduce a woman with touch.

Play With Her Stuff

If you’ve never noticed a woman’s jewellery before, then now’s the time. Earrings, bracelets or rings – they provide a perfect opportunity for you. Lightly touch them and compliment on her choice. Tell her how they suit her attire and how gorgeous she’s looking. She spared no effort to look good for the date, so you better make her feel good!

Get a Shot with Emotional Hand Holding

Be a gentleman and ask her to tell you more about herself. And then be a sly little fox and encourage her to talk about topics she’s passionate or emotional about. She’s sure to get emotional while discussing those topics, which it could be her pet dog who died or starving kids in Africa – doesn’t matter. And when she gets emotional, be there to comfort her.

No, don’t hug her. That’s too soon unless she starts crying. Hold her hand and tell her it’s gonna be okay. She’s gonna remember that one. If she is hesitant to share personal stories, then go ahead and share a story close to your heart. That will make her trust you enough to share one of her stories with you.

Try the Phone number touch

This one is a genius hack for how to seduce a woman with touch. So now your date is about to finish and you’re confident she wants to meet up for a second date. Instead of asking her to give you her number so that you can note it down, give her your phone and ask her to save her number there herself. When you hand over the phone, touch her hands ever so little, and do the same when she returns it to you.

Walk Hand in Hand

So now the date has ended and it’s time to walk her home. Remember to always opt for walking her home, until and unless she lives really far away. This way you not only get to talk to her and know more about her, but you can hold her hands with her permission while doing so.

Hugging Really Matters

Now that you’ve reached her apartment, tell her, "We should do this again" and then lean forward to hug her. And the "hello again” hug. Do hug her when you meet her again for the second date. Duh.

Never Forget the Kiss

And now that she’s responded positively to all your physical moves, it’s obvious she’s comfortable being in close proximity to you. So go ahead, and kiss her. No tongue, please. Be a gentle man. And don’t linger on her lips for too long – you don’t wanna come off as a desperate person. This is a very obvious thing that most men sadly often forget, and thus need to be told when working on how to seduce a woman with touch.

Use Your Arm

I’d suggest not trying this manoeuvre the first time around, but keep it for the second or third date. So when you’re on your next date with her and are sitting beside, not in front of, her, casually slide your arm around her shoulder, resting it on the head of the sofa you guys are sitting on, and let it stay there. She’s sure to notice it and in all probability she’s gonna let it stay there, because if you people are on your 2 nd date, then she obviously is attracted to you.

Gently Touch Her Leg

Well, come on. You guys have kissed, you’ve hugged, and you’ve hugged again. She’s obviously into you so why not make a move? But first, create an emotional connection with her and win her trust. Bear in mind that the more she opens up to you, the more she’ll trust you. The more her brain tells her to trust you, the easier it will be to seduce her with your touches. So go ahead, and ever so gently rub your hand on her thigh. But be careful – some women assess this move to be too intimate and it may backfire. So if you’re not confident of her reaction, then keep this aside for the 3 rd date.

A Sagittarius woman is fun and outgoing, and she enjoys expressing herself in a sexual manner. If you are planning to seduce her, you should ask her on a date outdoors. A Sagittarius craves adventure, and she also enjoys maintaining very long conversations. Asking her questions about herself is a good way to start, as long as you do not ask anything that is too personal. She does love to give advice, so make sure to bring up a topic that will allow her to share her insight.

Dating a Sagittarius woman requires an adventurous spirit. She views everything as a potential challenge, including love, and she does not deal well with being bored. Romance is very important, but do not expect her to fall in love with you immediately. Once a Sagittarius does fall in love, however, she will be a faithful partner that brightens up every room that she enters.

It is important to note that a Sagittarius woman has little to no tolerance for feeling unhappy. If you give her a reason to think that a relationship with you is going to be difficult or filled with emotional conflicts, she will simply walk out the door. It is common for a Sagittarius woman to have multiple intense love affairs throughout her life, and this is due to the fact that she will not settle for a relationship that makes her unhappy in any way.

To successfully date a Sagittarius woman, you will need to possess a love of travel and a free spirit. To her, life is one big adventure. A Sagittarius woman wants to feel like she is not inhibited from experiencing life to its fullest, and she expects you to be romantic and spontaneous. If you can keep up with her, she will provide you with a constantly entertaining love life. If you disappoint a Sagittarius, however, she will be off and dating someone else before you can even blink.

How to seduce a woman


How to seduce a woman

A lot of guys come to me with excuse after excuse for why they can’t sexually escalate with women:

“I just don’t see anyone I actually like…”

The truth is, I get it. But these excuses aren’t the real reason that escalating with women is so difficult:

The real reason this feels so hard is because the unknown can be very scary.

It’s frightening, confusing, and often, it’s downright overwhelming.

So in an attempt to make this process less scary, I’d like to break down the first hour or so with a new woman into 5 simple steps. And that’s what I’m going to show you today.

Baby Steps Vs. Big Leaps: Which Works Better With Women?

In my experience, the easiest way to approach sexual escalation is to think about it in terms of baby steps.

Sure, it helps to have your eye on the “prize” so to speak–but the way you get there is by taking small, tiny steps.

That way, you minimize the uncertainty, and you maximize your odds of sexual success.

Additionally, after you practice these steps dozens of times, you’ll just get better and better each step of the way.

Maybe you have no problem getting started, for example, but struggle with moving from step one to step two.

By breaking it down, you can pinpoint exactly where your “problem area” is, and then you can focus on getting past it.

It’s kind of like rehearsing a play or memorizing a poem.

You can get up to some line and then it gets shaky, but the line you’re up to keeps moving forward.

It keeps moving forward, and in this case, your rehearsal is not in a vacuum, but in front of a live audience–a real woman.

That means that in addition to practicing what you’ll say and how you’ll say it, you’re also working past the natural stage fright that makes talking to someone you don’t know uncomfortable.

And for many guys, this leads to nervousness and anxiety.

What If You’re Struggling With Approach Anxiety & Nerves?

The first time you practice these steps, you might feel anxious or nervous–and that’s perfectly normal.

It’s a new environment…

And because of the uncertainty, this can cause a lot of stress.

After the second or third time you approach women and follow these steps, however, I promise:

You will feel better about it.

In fact, you may even find it comfortable to approach and talk to women.

Extrapolate this over dozens of encounters at different places, and you’ll find that interacting with women, in general, becomes a lot easier.

It Doesn’t End There…

Eventually, you will feel comfortable in the venue, and the people there will feel comfortable around you as well.

Soon, you will realize that this comfort you’re feeling becomes “generally” comfortable.

New places will feel less uncomfortable, even the first time you walk in.

And by the way, “dozens of times” really only takes around two weeks of talking to 10 or so people a day.

It’s actually even easier than that, because you can talk to 10 people in less than an hour.

Remember, most of your conversations won’t keep going and will wrap up pretty quickly. 🙂

So, without any further ado, here are my 5 simple stages of sexual escalation.

My 5 Stages of Sexual Escalation: A Step-By-Step Breakdown

Let’s start out with simply listing the stages:

1) Interrupter

2) Opener

This gets the conversation going:

3) Subject Change

Changing the subject is the easiest way to keep a conversation flowing and keep her interested in you:

4) Touch

Approach her “personal space”…

Use covert and overt touches…

And so on. This will help turn things sexual.

5) Move

Change location within the venue…

Change the venue altogether…

Or go home with her.

Remember, your goal is not to go through all 5 stages right now.

Your goal is only to start at stage #1.

Work at breaking into her world.

Don’t work too hard at what you say next. Just work on getting into that conversation, and observe which interrupter works best for you.

Stil feeling stuck? I get it–even getting past stage one can feel stressful.

So if that’s the case, here’s something that I think will help you a lot:

How to seduce a woman

Shy Or Introverted? Use These Eye Contact “Tricks” to Reel Her In (No Words)…

Countless men in our community have asked me how to get over their “approach anxiety”… and I used to always tell them the same thing:

“You just have to suck it up and go talk to as many women as possible. Because the more you do it, the less scared you’ll feel.”

And while this works “pretty alright” for guys who are naturally talkative… for the men who are maybe a little on the quieter side?

Time and time again, I would give them that same piece of advice… and saw ZERO results. And that was a huge problem for me.

I knew I had to do something… so I approached fellow Community Expert, Magic. Magic’s on the “shy” side… though he seemingly has no trouble talking to women… so I figured I’d pick his brain for some better tips to help these guys out.

His best piece of advice?

Forget about “approaching” her… forget about words altogether… and focus instead on your eye contact.

Because before you ever say “hi” to a woman… you can start seducing her with your eyes.

That’s when Magic showed me this video… of 8 of his best “eye contact tricks” to get women to approach you.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first… because I had always relied on my words to escalate with women… so as an “infield test,” I showed the video to a couple of the “shy” guys in our community who had asked me for help…

Jackpot. Finally, a way for “introverts” to sidestep approach anxiety & get real results with women:

In this article, I will outline how to attract women instantly. That is to say how to make an instant impression on a woman by giving her an instinctive response that you are an attractive guy.

The same way that we have an instinctive response when we see a girl or a woman who we find physically attractive.

Here I am referring to the first two to three seconds of when she first sees you.

Above all, there are three ways in which you can impact this instant impression:

  • The first way is by what you are wearing
  • The second way is with your body language
  • The final way is with your eye contact

We can teach you to make an irresistible first impression with women. Why not review our client testimonials and book onto our next dating confidence course? Watch them on YouTube here: Dating confidence course for men reviews:

How to seduce a woman

Table of Contents

How to attract women with your style of dress?

As a general rule when you are looking at what clothes to wear, there are two archetypes of style that are super attractive to women:

  • The first attractive archetype is the bad boy style

To dress in this style you will routinely wear dark clothes, like a black leather jacket and dark jeans. In effect, what this does is give off a bad boy vibe.

In addition, having a thick beard adds to this look.

  • The other attractive archetype is that of someone who is successful

This means wearing a stylish suit, a pocket square, nice stylish shoes and a belt for instance.

Above all, a well put together outfit conveys you are successful in life.

The image below was taken from a course that I hosted in London on the Art of Seduction. Watching this 90-minute video will give you invaluable pointers on how to flirt with women and exude more confidence to women.

How to seduce a woman

Learn to instantly attract women with your body language?

It is commonly accepted that body language makes up a significant proportion of our communications with others.

There are a few different ways that you can instantly alter your body language to appear more confident and attractive:

  • Take up more space

When you sit down take up more physical space with open body language. This means uncrossed arms, shoulders back and sitting up with a relaxed demeanour.

This all conveys confidence.

In contrast, an unconfident man may shrink to take up less space, have closed body language and fidget as he is uncomfortable.

  • Stand with your shoulders back and chin up

When you stand square your shoulders back and lift your chin up slightly. This is a positive body language pose of an attractive confident man.

In contrast, if your chin is facing slightly downwards this is actually the body language signal of shame:

  • It can make you appear shifty
  • It infers that you have something to hide
  • You will appear timid and unconfident

To clarify if your chin is up slightly, it is the body language pose of someone who is confident and who has self-respect.

As a result, you will be displaying attractive signals to women when they first see you.

As per the image below we can train you in how to read a woman’s go-ahead signals.

To find out more about our training then you can visit our live training page and see what courses we offer.

How to seduce a woman

How to use seductive eye contact to attract women?

Eye contact is another huge means of communication. Indeed, with your eye contact, there is a pose which is known as alpha male eye contact.

Most importantly, this is a powerful way of eliciting an instant reaction from women.

Alpha male eye contact

Below are the simple steps to employ alpha-male eye contact:

  • Focus your attention on the girl’s eyes
  • Squint your eyes slightly to make your gaze more intent
  • Do not break eye contact first

In holding straightforward and deep eye contact with her you will come across as confident and self-assured.

In a similar vein, in not breaking eye contact first you are displaying assertive body language.

Above all, within the first two to three seconds, if you get the eye contact correct what you will find is that women will look down, or to the left or right.

This is a good indicator that they are instantly attracted to you.

My infographic below offers more on how to hold seductive eye contact. You can also read my eye contact attraction article where I go into more detail on how to perfect this.

Okay, here’s a basic lesson about seduction for you guys out there: being men, you innately possess all the attractiveness you need to seduce women. He who wears no masks and is in full alignment with his masculinity shall get laid. Powerful words. Still, that’s not the whole story! As much as women will agree to the first part and hate to admit what comes now, learning how to seduce women through behavior plays a significant part in flirting. The “wrong” tenure, body language or composure can screw you big time before you get to screw anyone else. This is why with all the authenticity and sincerity you need, knowing about the right behavioural traits will help you in your journey to seduce women.

Your mannerisms have to reflect your inner attitude.

Before I open the door to seducer wisdom for you, though, remember that all you learn here has to become a reflection of your innermost being and convictions. Otherwise, it’ll be smoke and mirrors, and you’ll end up pissing your girl off majorly when she discovers that you were trying to pull “techniques” on her. Do not “act” this. BE it. All right, now here we go.

How to seduce a woman

Eye contact

I find it disconcerting how many people avoid steady and solid eye contact in everyday life, even when they are already in a conversation. You want to get good with women? Start practicing eye contact right now, and I’m talking every person you ever come across here. Once you’re in a conversation with a girl, you want to hold steady eye contact and explore her eyes with true curiosity. They reflect what people think and feel inside. Which brings us to the next point:

Radiate sexual energy

With a steady eye contact, your thoughts will transmit. There is an energy, an aura, that every person has, and it can be transferred across the physical boundaries of our bodies. If you are sitting close to the girl, perhaps facing her on the same bench (and that’s a situation you hopefully established when you came into the conversation – do not sit across a table, it gives you zero leverage!), and have been building some intensity in eye contact, don’t let your thoughts be about… libraries, bees and flowers or the Ark of the Covenant. This is male-female interaction, spice it up! Think about what it would feel like to kiss her, the texture of her lips (look at them), the taste of her tongue. Think about your breath on her neck. She’ll feel that vibe.

If you’re never even thought about what kind of energy you project, then you’re very likely missing out on an entirely other level of communication with women.

Slow down

Hectic or quick movements will never spark any gut-level attraction in a woman. Be a lover with a slow hand, a man with an easy touch. Love and seduction are smooth and tender, and so have to be your movements: imagine your movements as one flow – they’re all interconnected, like the movements of a ballet dancer. In a steady flow, escalation is not happening in steps, it is just moving along gaplessly to higher and higher points.

Lower your voice

A nervous, high-pitched, rushed voice is anything but attractive or even seductive. The real seduction kicks in when you tone down your voice to a croon that still vibrates with low-key energy. In those moments, it doesn’t even matter what you say. I once listened to a girl explain to me the procedures for signing up and paying for a workshop. While she was speaking, I looked deeply into her eyes with calm and desire, and when she was done, when I spoke, it was deep and slow. On the surface, we exchanged simple information, but on a deeper level, a lot of male-female tension was going on.

Establish body contact

You want to put yourself into a position where you can easily get close to her, touch her, kiss her. If your head is already close to hers, it’s easier to reach her lips as getting up from your chair and walking around the table. Don’t hesitate to touch her legs with yours when sitting next to her, or take her hand when you’re making a point, or stroke her cheek with the back of a finger when she says something cute. Never do so in a clingy or needy way: remember that you are in control of the situation.

Watch “Don Juan DeMarco” with Johnny Depp

These are a couple of pointers on your journey to learn how to seduce women. There are many ways that can lead to seduction and love: when and where you do what depends on the circumstances and the two individuals involved. When you “click” into somebody’s personality, and establish that vibe that starts with the first intense eye contact, you will have a “feel” for steering the interaction.

How have women tried to seduce you?

– By walking by me a bunch of times and glancing over

– By looking at me and then quickly looking away if I even move my head in their direction

– By walking behind me in a crowded room and touching me for no reason then walking away

– By standing in a group and giggling to each other while looking over

In summary just a bunch of stupid shit.

My absolute favorite is when they get black out drunk and then just spontaneously sexually assault me in public while I’m out with my friends and coworkers. And let me tell you why a woman sexually assaulting a man is especially unsettling; because women that do that type of thing don’t just want to touch your arm’s or paw at your junk, they also wanna hold your hand and are having some kind of f*cked up emotional experience while they are doing it. It’s great.

How to spot introverted women seduce them and make them your slaves?

That escalated quickly :\

How do some extremely ugly fat old men manage to seduce young attractive women?

Any of the above. And if it isn’t obvious to you from looking, then it’s probably a great sense of humor.

Guys often stress out trying to find the perfect opening line to say to a girl. But if you know how to attract women without talking, then all that pressure to figure out what to say to the girl disappears. It becomes much easier to relax and start a conversation with the woman because you already know the woman is interested. So if you’d like to take the pressure off of meeting women and learn how to attract women without talking, check out the attraction tips for men below.

How to seduce a womanAttract women with eye contact
The most important part of attracting women without talking is making quality eye contact with women. When you find yourself making eye contact with a woman, hold her gaze and give her a warm smile. Holding eye contact shows women confidence. Smiling shows her that you’re a warm, friendly guy.

Now, maintaining that warm, confident eye contact with women can be difficult if you’re nervous. To ease that anxiety, there are two things you can do: First, when making eye contact with a woman, breathe deep into your belly as this will help you relax. Second, make your eye contact with women warm and inviting by “smiling with your eyes”. You know that feeling you get in your eyes after you laugh really hard? When your gaze is warm, relaxed, and open? That is the feeling you want when looking to attract women with eye contact.

Get women to notice you through social proof
A great way to stand out and get women to notice you is through social proof. Surrounding yourself with women (especially attractive women) proves that you are the type of man women want to be around. Other women in the venue will wonder what it is that makes these women want to be with you. It’ll automatically get women curious about you, interested in you, and maybe even a little jealous that they’re not included. (For more on how to attract women with social proof check out the Art of Charm Podcast with Adam Lyons)

Non-verbal banter with women
Banter is a great way to start a conversation with women. But there’s more to banter than just using banter lines. There are also non-verbal ways to banter with women that will get women interested in you.

For example, if you’ve made eye contact with a woman and want to get things rolling with a little banter, a great thing to do is to simply make funny faces at her. Have some fun and play – stick your tongue out – cross your eyes – make whatever silly face you feel like. It’s a great way to make a girl smile and from there, it will be easy to approach the woman start a conversation with her. (This tip on attracting women was mentioned in the Art of Charm Podcast on Attraction signs women show)

Attract women with your appearance
If you want to get women to notice you, take the time to dress well. As mentioned in the Art of Charm podcast with relationship expert Kimberly Seltzer, women always notice how a man is dressed – and it always makes a major impact.

Attracting women with your appearance doesn’t require expensive clothing. All you really need is to show women you’re a guy who has his life together. Leave the sweatpants and flip-flops at home and attract women by going out in clean, wrinkle-free clothes that fit well. A pair of sharp-looking shoes, trim fingernails, and well-managed hair will go a long way in getting women to notice you in a positive way.

Attractive body language
Women can tell a lot about you by your body language alone. If you want to show the confidence that will get women attracted to you, then you want to make sure your body language is on point.

To show the confident body language that attracts women, be sure to stand tall – as if there is a string from the base of your spine pulling you up through the crown of your head. Keep your shoulders back and relaxed, your head up, and smile.

You can further show confidence through body language by avoiding excess movements and fidgeting. When you walk, walk with purpose and direction. Having control over your body language helps you come across as the powerful, confident man women want.

Get women to notice you by making friends
Thus far this article has been all about how to attract women without talking at all. But as Johnny mentioned in the mailbag episode, sometimes getting women to notice you requires a bit of effort. Sitting around and waiting for women to notice you just isn’t as effective as getting up and making yourself noticeable.

How can you make sure women notice you? By being the social, friendly guy who gets along with everyone. When you go out, look to talk with anyone who is around – guys, girls, staff members, etc. Women will notice you getting along with everyone and they’ll become interested in meeting you. Plus, acting this way shows women you’re confident, friendly, and able to handle yourself in social situations – all traits women find attractive in men.

Make women chase you
Making women chase you can be shockingly easy. All you have to do is go out and – no matter what you’re doing or who you’re with – focus on having a damn good time. Keep a smile on your face, have fun and enjoy yourself. It will get women to notice you and excited to join in on the fun.

At AoC bootcamps, the primary objective each night is to “Have fun and fuck shit up”. Embrace that as your number one goal when you go out, and you’ll create a vortex of fun and positivity that will attract women and get women chasing you.

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