How to season firewood

Good news. it’s really not that difficult if you follow a few basic guidelines.

Firewood can be a great alternative heating source to lower your monthly utility bill.

In fact, many people (including myself) have completely eliminated their monthly heating bill by burning firewood.

As fuel prices rise, the cost of heating a home can be a strain on your budget.

How to season firewood

To help save money and keep your home warm, burning firewood could be an option.

Before you run out and cut down a tree it’s important to understand the difference between dry, seasoned firewood and wet, unseasoned firewood.

Seasoning firewood takes time.

Dry firewood burns hotter, easier and safer than wet wood.

Unseasoned firewood has a high moisture content that can increase the amount of creosote that builds up inside the chimney, possibly causing a fire.

Unseasoned firewood can also be very frustrating to use.

It’s hard to start, smokes a lot and uses the heat generated by the fire to evaporate the water in the wood, leaving less heat for your home.

To get the most heat out of your firewood, follow these steps to make sure the firewood is seasoned and ready for use.

10 How To Season Firewood Tips

1.  Plan Ahead  - Seasoning firewood takes time.

Cut your wood early in the spring if you want to use it in the fall. 

Or even better, allow the wood to season one full year before use.

Different firewood types will take different amounts of time to season. 

For example, a lightweight wood like poplar or basswood will dry out in about 6 months if you store it properly. 

This is much different than a dense hardwood like oak which will take roughly 2 years to season.

How to season firewood

2.  Split It  - Splitting the firewood allows the air to reach all sides of the wood, speeding up the amount of time needed to dry the wood.

Logs left in the round without being split will retain their moisture for long periods of time.

The smaller you split your wood, the faster it will dry out.

Remember though, you don’t want to split all of your wood into tiny pieces because it will burn up quickly in your stove.

I like to split a variety of sized pieces, leaving larger pieces of wood for the evening, right before I go to bed.

These larger pieces will ensure I have a nice bed of hot coals in the morning to restart the fire.

3.  Keep It Off The Ground  - Keeping the wood elevated off the ground reduces the amount of moisture the wood soaks up from the earth and also decreases the amount of bugs and fungus on the wood.

If you stack the wood directly on the ground it eliminates the ability for the wind to circulate under the stack.

The bottom row will quickly grow fungus and mold, and it will prematurely rot because it constantly stays wet.

Pallets work great for elevating the wood.

Many stores will give them away for free and they last for several years. 

Just pound a T post into the ground at the end of each pallet and you have a quick, cheap way to store your firewood.

How to season firewood

4. How To Season Firewood By Stacking It – Stacking the firewood in rows or in a criss-cross pattern allows the air to flow across the wood removing any unwanted moisture.

If you just throw your firewood into a pile, it’s not going to effectively dry out, and you’ll probably have mice or other rodents living inside the wood pile.

5. How To Season Firewood By Covering It  - Using a tarp, firewood storage shed, or firewood cover will keep rain and snow off your firewood stack.

When using a cover, just place it over the top 1/3 portion of the firewood stack.

This will repel the rain and snow, but it also allows the wood to breath and remove the moisture inside the wood.

If you completely cover green firewood, you’ll have a mold problem because the moisture has no room to escape.

How to season firewood

6. How To Season Firewood Using The Sun  - When learning how to season firewood, don’t forget about the sun!

The sun is a natural kiln for firewood.

Use the suns heat to evaporate the moisture from the wood.

Stacking wood in the sunlight will allow the wood to dry much faster than a cool shady spot.

7. Pick A Good Location  - Choose a location near your home or wood furnace to stack and season the wood.

You don’t want to stack the wood directly against your home though because firewood will attract bugs and animals, neither of which you want around your home.

I store my firewood about 100 feet from my house. 

When I need firewood, I simply load up a jet sled or place the logs in a firewood cart and bring up a days worth of firewood at one time.

How to season firewood

8. Choose The Right Equipment  - Using a sharp splitting axe or hydraulic wood splitter will make processing the firewood faster and easer.

Also, a good, dependable chainsaw like a Stihl or Husqvarna may cost a few hundred dollars up front, but they’re amazing saws that last for many years.

Good firewood equipment is a great investment and the tools will help you process more firewood in a shorter amount of time.

9. How To Season Firewood With A Storage Rack  - A firewood storage rack can be purchased or made at home.

The rack can be placed in a convenient location and allow the wood to season properly.

Most racks are fairly inexpensive or can be built at home with a few simple tools.

How to season firewood

10. Think Positive  - Gathering firewood can be a family function that not only gives you great exercise, but can teach responsibility.

Sometimes firewood can be a lot a work.

If you start early in the spring and spread the work out through several weeks, it’s really not that bad.

Plus starting early will allow you to work while the outside temperatures are cool, which won’t make you so exhausted.

Then, once you have everything cut, split and stacked, you can sit back and relax while the summer sun dries out your wood!

How to season firewood

How to season firewood

How to season firewood


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How to season firewood

New York, New Jersey Firewood

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New York, New Jersey Firewood

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How to season firewood


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How to season firewood


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What is a Cord of Firewood?

A cord of firewood measures 128 cubic feet. To achieve this measurement, tightly stack the pieces of firewood all in the same direction, four feet high by four feet deep by eight feet long. 4′ x 4′ x 8′ = 128 Cubic Feet.

What wood Burns Best –

The best burning wood is seasoned hardwood, led by ash and followed by oak and hardwood maples. Seasoned means the tree has been cut and allowed to dry for a least one year, although it need not be split. The only exception to the seasoning rule is ash, which can usually be used the same season. Avoid pines and cedar which burn hot and can cause a build-up inside the fireplace. While birch wood, with its attractive white bark, is the prettiest wood, it is not among the best burning. The best smelling is oak; the worst, ailanthus, nicknamed the “tree of heaven.”

Where to Store Wood –

Keep split firewood in a dry place that gets proper ventilation and preferably, some sun. While it is not a good idea to have a wood pile too close to the house, it’s safe and very convenient to keep an immediate supply in an iron ring on the patio, porch or even beside the fireplace. If the wood is well-seasoned, you can cover the pile with plastic but be aware that a plastic cover will slow down the seasoning process. It is also a good idea to keep the wood on two treated two-by-fours so that it is not in direct contact with soil.

How to season firewood

ProCut Firewood

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How to season firewood


Important things to consider when ordering firewood delivery. Be informed and you won’t get ripped off by shady firewood delivery “companies” ie: down and out people with a truck and a chainsaw and a craigslist ad. Get informed below.

  • Seasoned Firewood vs Green Wood
  • Hardwoods vs Softwood
  • Firewood Stack Dimensions


“Seasoned” means the wood has had time to dry out, or the tree had been dead for at least a year and a half without being cut. But when a fresh tree is cut and split into firewood, the logs need at least 6 months to a year to dry out. “Seasoned” wood has no more than 20% moisture. It will split easy and burn evenly.

* You can tell if wood is seasoned by looking for cracks at either end where it was cut, the bark will be loose and come off easily and there will be surface dirt and saw dust picked up while curing. Dry wood will make a nice “Baseball Bat to the Ball” sound when hit together, a nice resonant woody “ring”.

Another thing is you don’t want the wood to be too dry! Properly seasoned wood has just the right amount of moisture to it. You want some sap as it good fuel for the fire. If the wood is too dry, it will feel light and fall apart easily almost rotten. That does not make a good fire.

On the other hand if you get firewood that is too “green”, it’s pretty obvious that it will be very heavy, will not split easy, and when you try to burn it, it will mostly just smolder and create tons of smoke leaving you as cold and wet as the log you just bought. (This is why we are informing you. So you don’t get ripped off!)


Hardwoods blaze longer and cleaner than most “ soft woods ”. Hardwood varieties include Oaks, Maple, Madrona, and the fruit trees, Cherry and Apple. Softwoods like Alder, Pine, Douglas Fir and Cedar for example, are common decent firewoods, but they tend to burn faster without as much heat output and will not burn as clean, meaning they create more smoke because they burn at a lower temperature.

However, don’t be fooled! A decent load of properly seasoned Doug Fir will burn just as well as some hardwoods. But most likely you’ll be burning it twice as fast as you would a decent load of hardwoods. That is why hard woods are more expensive. They are also not as plentiful as the softer woods.

The firewoods you find outside of grocery and convenience stores are usually Doug Fir, Pine or Alder. And you are paying a premium for those little bundles! Convenience has it’s price!


Just for your information, A cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide or 128 cubic feet.

Are Wood Stoves that much better than Fireplaces?

Wood stoves are very efficient for heating a room or home. Fireplaces are not efficient at all. This is because a stove is closed and controlled, whereas much of the heat output of an open fire escapes up the chimney rather than into the house. An average open fireplace will have an efficiency of up to 15 percent, but the chimney will cause a negative efficiency overall, as the fire in the fireplace burns down in the evening. The hot chimney will continue to pull air from the room, causing cold, outside air (called makeup air) to be pulled into the home. This results in very high heat loss.

On Average a fireplace is 15% efficiency (at best), An average older wood stove has 65% efficiency; Some newer woodstoves are over 80% to 90% efficient

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Firewood measurements can be confusing for a lot of people.

With terms like full cord, face cord, rick, bush cord or even a truck load, knowing exactly how much firewood you’re buying or selling is often misunderstood. 

Although we use these terms interchangeably to describe firewood, a cord of firewood is the only official measurement.

A cord of firewood has a total volume of 128 cubic feet which is actually a lot of firewood

Also referred to as a full cord, it can be stacked in any shape but it’s commonly stacked 4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long. 

How to season firewood

Why is this important to understand?  

If you buy firewood from a supplier it’s important to get the right amount of firewood.

After all, we typically heat with wood to help save money so you don’t want to get ripped off by receiving less wood than what you paid for.

Or, if you sell firewood it’s important to offer the correct amount of firewood to satisfy your customers and grow your firewood business.

Word of mouth is important when selling firewood so you’ll want to make sure your customers are happy.

Firewood Measurements – Free Calculator

How to season firewood

Sound confusing?  To make things easier we’ve created this calculator to determine how much firewood is contained within your stack of wood.

To use the firewood measurements calculator simply enter the dimensions of your firewood stack into the appropriate boxes and click the calculate button!

This calculator is a great tool for determining how much firewood you need to last the entire heating season.  

It’s a horrible feeling to watch your stack of seasoned firewood dwindle throughout the winter as you worry about running out of wood with a month or two left of cold weather.

How to season firewoodCedar Logs

I always like to cut an additional 25 percent more firewood than I typically use in a season.  

By cutting extra wood and allowing it to season throughout the summer, it allows extra wood in case we have an exceptionally cold winter and burn more wood than expected.

This also eliminates the need to buy firewood in February or March if you run out.  

Since the world runs on supply and demand, many firewood dealers will charge a higher price late in the year because they understand seasoned firewood is a valuable commodity towards the end of winter when many people are running low, or have run out of dry firewood.

Cutting extra wood gives you a safety net for cold temperatures.  

Plus, if you don’t end up burning the extra wood you can just save it for next year which will only help season the firewood and lower the overall moisture content.

Burning wet firewood is the leading cause of creosote buildup in your chimney so time is your friend when it comes to seasoning firewood.  

Since the wet wood does not effectively burn, the unburnt gasses travel up your cold chimney walls were they adhere to the sides, leaving behind creosote which can become highly flammable.

Check out the infographic below that describes the 3 stages of creosote.

How to season firewood

As long as you elevate your firewood off the ground by stacking the wood on pallets, using 2×4 runners or another similar method, you won’t need to worry about the wood rotting or turning punky.

If you don’t elevate the wood a few inches off the ground it will soak up ground moisture or become moldy because fresh air can not flow around the entire stack.

As long as you keep your firewood dry it will last for several years or longer before you have to worry about using it.

Cord Vs Face Cord Or Rick Of Firewood?

A face cord of firewood, also called a rick of firewood, is different than a cord.  

The common dimensions for a face cord or rick of wood is 8 feet long x 4 feet high x any length of wood.

How to season firewood

Although the common length of wood is typically 16 inches, there is no exact length requirement.  

So. if you buy a face cord of wood that has 12 inch pieces you will be getting less wood than another face cord of wood that has 16 or even 18 inch pieces. 

By only buying or selling firewood by the recognized 128 cubic feet volume, you eliminate the guesswork and always receive the amount of wood you expect.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy firewood by the face cord.

Many people buy it this way and it’s typically not a problem.  

Just make sure you know how long the pieces of firewood are before you commit to a price.

Stacking Seasoned Vs Unseasoned Wood – Firewood Measurements

Some other considerations for firewood measurements are:

  •   Whether or not the firewood is seasoned
  •   How tight the firewood is stacked
  •   Taper and crookedness of the pieces 
  •   How many knots are on the wood
  •   The presence or absence of bark

Seasoned firewood is described as a piece of wood that contains a moisture content of 20 percent or less.  

Since seasoned firewood burns hotter, lights easier and creates less creosote, it costs more than green or wet firewood.  

You’re basically paying a premium for the time needed for the firewood to dry out.

Like the old saying goes. time is money and this holds true with good quality, seasoned firewood.

How to season firewood

When the moisture leaves the piece of firewood is causes the wood to shrink about 6-8 percent.

Also, split, straight firewood that is tightly stacked will contain less air space compared to loosely stacked firewood that has a lot of knots.

So, when you compare a stack of seasoned, split, tightly stacked cord of firewood to a green, unsplit, loosely stacked cord of wood, the seasoned cord will contain more wood than the green loosely stacked cord.

It’s just something to consider when you’re buying firewood.

Overall – Firewood Measurements

Anytime you buy or sell firewood it’s important to use the standard cord firewood measurement because it’s consistent and it’s universal throughout the country.

Buying firewood that’s sitting in the bed of a pickup truck is confusing.

Depending on the size of the bed and how high or tight the wood is stacked can make a big difference in the total amount of firewood.

Using the cord description takes the guess work out of firewood measurements and it insures you’re either getting what you pay for, or selling the correct amount of firewood!

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Customer Pick Up!. If You Are Interested In A Delivery, Please Submit An Online Form.

We Are Located Approximately 2 Miles West Of HWY 75 Between Hardin Blvd And Lake Forest Rd On The South Side Of 380. (Across From “McKinney Trade Days).


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Please Read The Following

Minimum Delivery Is A 1/4 Cord Or (4X4) Stack. Delivery Prices Depend On Geographic Location And Logistics . No Stairs, Steps, Ledges, Soft Ground Or Soft Gravel. Randy Or Randy’s Firewood Is Not Liable For Ruts In Yards Due To Moisture. It Must Be Wheelbarrow Accessible ALL THE WAY To Where Firewood Is Stacked. Firewood And/Or Firewood & Racks Must Be Stacked Within 100 ft. Of Where Truck/Truck And Trailer Is Staged Or Parked. Unless Other Arrangements Have Been Made. ( Additional Charges May Apply). After The Information Is Received, We Will Give You A Call Or Send You An Email To Complete The Payment Arrangements And Delivery Details. If You Can Not Be At The Site Upon Delivery, You Can Leave A Check Made Payable To “RANDY’S FIREWOOD LLC”, Hidden In A Ziploc Bag And Tell Us Where You Put It, Or You Can Prepay(No Later Than The Day Before Delivery) With A Credit Card Over The Phone (All Credit/Debit Cards Have A 3.85% Upcharge). Tell Us Where To Put Firewood/ Firewood Rack(s). Make Sure Gates Are Unlocked And Pets Are Secured. We Will Be In Contact With You A.S.A.P.( Usually Within 24 Hrs Or Sooner) To Finalize And Get You On Our Schedule​.

Thank You For Your Business!

* Stairs, Steps, Ledges, Apartment Deliveries Will Be An Extra Charge

** Sales Tax Not Included

*** Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

**** Call Or Submit An Online Form For Delivery Prices In Your Area

How to season firewood

Getting firewood from Kosich Firewood couldn’t be easier. Simply use the online quote request form to place your order. We will respond quickly with a price quote and add you to our delivery list. Or give us a call for immediate pricing and delivery.

Why Choose Us:

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  • We offer �, �, full and multiple cord orders. We have oak, almond & pine available. We are able to mix cord orders to your request.
  • Stacking is available at an additional cost

Firewood Delivery Cities

Currently we are servicing firewood customers in the following cities.
Don’t see your city listed? submit a quote request and we’ll verify it for you.

Truckee / Tahoe / Incline Village

Alpine Meadows
Carnelian Bay
Crystal Bay
Donner Lake
Donner Summit
Incline, NV

Kings Beach
Martis Camp
Meeks Bay
Rubicon Bay
Squaw Valley

Tahoe City
Tahoe Donner
West Shore Tahoe

East Bay

Castro Valley


Pleasant Hill
San Lorenzo
San Ramon
Walnut Creek

A fire can be really satisfying, really enjoyable…the glow, the warmth, the atmosphere it creates, the way it draws people together. It’s all good.

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At Vermont Good Wood, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality kiln-dried firewood in New York and Connecticut to your family at an affordable price. Offering the convenience of home delivered wood that is treated using a different method than standard firewood, Vermont Good Wood is committed to our slogan of “Better Wood, Better Fires, Happier You!” Our products are safe for the home and create enjoyable fires that the whole family will appreciate.

Vermont Good Wood’s kiln dried firewood is different than regular firewood, offering the perfect balance of dryness and energy output to create warm, inviting conditions for your home. Our firewood is some of the best in the area, and you’ll see why from the first time you use it.

Vermont Good Wood is designed to be:

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We offer two choices of Vermont Good Wood, including an initial Full Size Setup of kiln dried firewood in Connecticut or New York for new customers, and a refill size for returning customers and those who already have a wood rack. It’s an affordable way to stock up on high quality firewood for the season. Vermont Good Wood also offers custom order pricing for special deliveries.

Vermont Good Wood is proud to serve a large delivery region, including Fairfield CT, Westchester NY counties and select areas of Manhattan. Deliveries are fast and completed on schedule thanks to our experienced delivery team. With Vermont Good Wood’s Exclusive Home Delivery Services, you can get quick refills of your wood in a matter of days, ensuring that you only have to store what you need or have space for. You never have to worry about running out of wood when refills are just a phone call away!

When you are looking for a high quality wood product to burn at home, look no further than Vermont Good Wood. Our top quality products and affordable pricing makes us the best choice in the area for firewood. Contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more or to place your first order.

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Predominately Oak, our range of firewood are available in various single and bulk sizes to fuel those colder winter evenings. Dry Oak firewood logs for fuel are commonly accepted as one of the very best forms of firewood available.

Here at UK Timber, we offer an extensive range of Unseasoned, Seasoned and Kiln Dried Firewood logs to provide you with hours of heat.

How to season firewood

Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

Seasoned Hardwood firewood logs are one of the very best firewood options for open fires, wood-burning stoves and chimineas. The wood logs have been seasoned throughout the summer months for immediate use during the winter season. Season firewood logs, also known as air dried firewood is incredibly long lasting and easy to light.

How to season firewood

Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood

Due to their consistent low moisture content, Kiln Dried Logs are one of the most popular types of firewood available on the market. With an 18%-25% moisture content, Kiln-Dried wood generates a consistent high heat output with a slow, efficient burn time. Perfect for immediate use to fuel your fire during the colder evenings.

How to season firewood

Sawmill Offcuts

We supply economy firewood as a byproduct from our onsite sawmilling process. Bulk Bags of sawmill offcuts are available in both seasoned wood; perfect for immediate use and unseasoned timber, that may need to be stored and dried prior to use.

Sawmill offcuts provide an incredibly affordable alternative to the traditional firewood logs, that will still produce a long and hot burn. An ideal fuel for log burners, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

How to season firewood

African Firewood

Baked by the African sun to a moisture content between 0-1% African Firewood has the lowest moisture content of firewood logs available. African Logs provide an incredibly intense, long-lasting heat for your fire as a result of the extremely dense and highly calorific properties of this wood. Traditionally used for cooking on the braai, these firewood logs are suitable for use on a range of burning appliances.

Coconino National Forest

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    Coconino Nat'l Forest
    Supervisor's Office

    1824 S. Thompson St.
    Flagstaff, AZ 86001
    Office: (928) 527-3600
    Fax: (928) 527-3620

    Firewood Permits and Cutting Season (mid-April to mid-December)

    The Coconino provides firewood for personal use both on a free-use permit and a paid permit basis. In either case, a permit must be acquired by anyone harvesting any firewood on the National Forest, except for the rather small amounts used in a campfire and gathered at the campfire site.

    Types of Permits & Associated Fees

    The cost of a permit varies according to the type of wood to be harvested, and the definition of a "cord" of wood is: a well-stacked pile 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.

    • Personal Use Paid Permits allow the cutting of down and dead wood or standing dead wood that meets certain criteria (see below) in specified areas at a cost of $5 per cord for oak, aspen, juniper and maple; or $2.50 a cord for pine and mixed conifer. The minimum purchase allowed is $20, and twelve cords per household per year is the maximum quantity allowed under paid permits.
    • Free Use Permits allow the cutting of up to 5 cords of down and dead wood in specified areas for no charge. A maximum of 5 cords per household per year is allowed under free use. There aren't always free-use firewood areas designated, so you will need to check with a Ranger Station to see if one currently exists.
    • Ceremonial Permits allow tribal members to collect ceremonial and medicinal plants. Tribal members should contact the Tribal Liaison for more information at 928-527-3475.
    • Commercial Permits are for collecting firewood to sell in a commercial capacity for profit. Personal Use Paid Permits are not allowed to be used to collect firewood to sell to someone else. Contact the Ranger Station of which district you're inquiring about for information about any commercial areas that may exist.
    • Green Wood Permits are occasionally offered. Information can be obtained on these occasional sales by calling the respective Ranger Station.

    Load Tag System

    The Coconino National Forest personal use firewood program is using the load ticket (tag) system. Tag System Instructions are available in English and Spanish.

    1. Firewood may not be sold, exchanged or used in business. In other words, you cannot buy a personal use paid permit to collect firewood and then sell the wood to someone else. That falls under a Commercial Permit, which is only allowed in specific areas and in rare occasions. Check with a ranger station to see if any commercial areas are available.
    2. You may designate two other individuals to cut wood in your absence. Individuals must be identified and their names added to the permit at time of purchase.
    3. Wood is only to be cut or gathered in areas specified on the permit.
    4. Stump height not to exceed 12 inches.
    5. Power saws must have a 0.023 stainless steel spark arrestor screen.
    6. The amount of wood gathered must be recorded on the permit in ink and the appropriate number of load tickets must be attached to the load before leaving the cutting area.
    7. Cut on National Forest land only.
    8. Chain saw restrictions may apply during fire season.

    Not all dead wood is fair game

    Trimming dead limbs from live trees is not permitted on the forest, and standing dead trees may only be cut if they meet standards listed below. Before cutting any dead tree check it carefully for signs of wildlife habitation. If it contains woodpecker holes or other large cavities, it most likely is providing a valuable home for birds and other small mammals. These trees are generally rotten and wouldn't make good firewood anyway, so please don't destroy an "Animal Inn."

    Rules for cutting standing dead trees

    1. Dead standing pine or fir that is less than 12 inches in diameter or less than 15 feet tall. (Diameter is measured at 4 and one half feet above the ground and 12 inches in diameter is equal to 37 inches in circumference.)
    2. Dead standing pinon and juniper is available regardless of size unless obvious wildlife cavities are present or the tree is signed as a wildlife tree.
    3. Dead standing aspen that is less than 12 inches in diameter or less than 15 feet tall may be cut from June 1 to September 30.
    4. No cutting any standing oak, dead or alive.

    You may take dead and down wood, limbs, old logs, and chunks of wood lying on the ground; however, you may not take any wood that is marked with paint or left in logging decks (stacks of logs, usually at the road side ready to be loaded on a log truck). You may remove wood from piles left behind as waste by road construction or logging operations (these piles are usually of a dome type shape and include logging slash, limbs, tops of trees and unusable larger pieces), but be sure to stack all that you don't use back on the pile.

    Off-road motorized travel has limitations

    How to season firewood

    The Travel Management Rule is in effect on the Coconino. Unless specified elsewhere on the permit or identified as prohibited, motorized off road travel is authorized to access and load firewood. The permit does not authorize motorized cross country travel to scout for wood. The permit authorizes off-road vehicular use by the most direct route in and out of the area to accomplish firewood retrieval. Off-road travel is not permitted to "scout" for wood. Use the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) in conjunction with your firewood guide. Roads not identified as "open" roads on the MVUM are not considered "roads" in the provision. Using these "roads" would be considered the same as "cross country travel" and should only be used to access and load firewood that has been previously located and cut without using your vehicle. The Coconino National Forest now has GPS-enabled maps for smartphones, tablets and Garmin GPS devices, which may be used as a supplement to the firewood guide issued with each permit.

    How to season firewood

    Van Beek’s offers high-quality firewood for sale that’s perfectly split to fit your needs and ready to burn! Our great selection of firewood is perfectly seasoned for easy lighting and a clean, safe burn. Our quick delivery service is available to ship firewood in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and surrounding areas.

    Whether it’s for a wood-burning stove or oven, a fireplace, or a backyard firepit, Van Beek’s is your best local source for firewood. Your home will be warm and comfortable even on the harshest of winter nights!

    How to season firewood

    How to season firewood

    How to season firewood

    Learn about our delivery service and our landscape materials for building the perfect backyard firepit!

    Seasoned Firewood: A Safe, Long-Lasting Choice

    Seasoned firewood has been cut and aged to allow moisture to evaporate over time. Well-seasoned wood has a 20% or less moisture content, so it lights easily, produces more heat and less smoke, and minimizes the buildup of flammable creosote inside your chimney.

    When stored properly, seasoned firewood can last up to 3 years without mould or degradation. At Van Beek’s, we start the seasoning process a year and a half in advance to ensure you get the best product and results from your wood.

    Have a question or need a quote?

    Our Types of Firewood for Sale

    Van Beek’s has different varieties of high-quality firewood for sale, each with its own advantages.
    Birch gives off little aroma and is ideal for starting a fire. Since it burns faster but gives off moderate heat, it should be used alongside slower burning woods.

    Hickory is a top choice thanks to its high heat output, minimal smoke, slow burning speed, amazing scent, and the flavour it imparts to foods.

    Oak is very dense, providing high heat and slow burning speed, with longer lasting fires and coal beds than some hardwoods.

    Cherry supplies moderate heat and crackles beautifully. It has an excellent burning aroma and splits easily.

    Mixed Blend is our best-selling option at Van Beek’s. It includes maple, birch, beech, ash, and oak, giving you a great selection of fast- and slow-burning woods and different scents.

    Let us help you choose the best type of firewood in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke and surrounding cities!

    How to season firewood

    We Deliver Our Firewood!

    Looking for top-quality firewood in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, or Milton? We offer convenient delivery throughout the area and can always deliver next day!

    How Much Firewood Do I Need?

    Generally, we estimate that a 1,000-square-foot house uses about three cords of firewood over one winter, but that number could vary depending on how often you use firewood. Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and other residents in the surrounding areas are welcome to call or contact our team with questions.

    Drop by one of our locations in Mississauga or Oakville for help determining how much to order and to request a quote!

    Should You Sod or Seed Your Lawn This year?

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    Order Your Firewood, Smoking Wood & Charcoal Today!

    Order Your Firewood, Smoking Wood & Charcoal Today!

    Order Your Firewood, Smoking Wood & Charcoal Today!
    BBQ Professionals

    Black Dog Firewood has been providing the highest quality seasoned wood, smoking wood, kiln-dried wood, firewood, and charcoal to over 200 of your favorite restaurants, countless home owners, and BBQ enthusiasts across the Sunshine State for over 30 years.

    As an environmentally conscious company we make sure that all of our charcoal and firewood products are manufactured from approved raw material and production sources, and all forest wood products that we supply come from renewable sources. Black Dog is committed to Earth Friendly Practices, and you can be assured that we work hard to maintain stringent standards for all our products.

    Tampa Wholesale/Retail Location: Open Monday Through Friday 9-5


    Do you own a restaurant with a wood fired grill? We have the premium cooking wood for you.

    We supply premium smoking wood to your favorite BBQ restaurants and Pitmasters! Come by and see our wide selection of woods cut to size in chunks for your smokers or Big Green Eggs.


    Having an evening fire? Need wood delivered to warm your home? Planning a camping trip? Let us help!

    We are happy to discuss your needs with you in person, or just call us at 813-920-4445.

    Have a few questions? Most people do. So, here’s a quick collection of some of the common questions we hear … with our answers.

    If you still have a question don’t hesitate to send us an email through our contact page (or give us a call). Our customers are our first priority!

    Seasoned firewood is cut, split and dried outdoors. It typically takes several months for seasoned wood to get to 25% moisture or less. Because we’re located in Tampa, Florida, our seasoning time is shortened due to the consistent warm weather and sunshine.

    Kiln dried wood is heat-treated in a kiln to reduce the moisture content in firewood. This process takes 48 hours and kills any pests which may be in the wood. The moisture content in kiln dried firewood is 15% – 20%, which allows the wood to burn hotter and longer. We recommend kiln dried wood for all indoor fireplaces. The kiln at Black Dog is fueled by wood to reduce our usage of fossil fuels and promote environmentally friendly practices.

    Rule 5B-65 was enacted in Florida to halt the spread of forest destroying pests and wood-boring insects. This rule requires firewood to be heat treated in a sealed kiln for 75 minutes at 160 degrees of internal temperature. The wood can also be treated by using approved chemicals.

    Black Dog only heat-treats our firewood, because we don’t believe that anyone wants to eat food that was cooked with chemically-treated firewood.

    This is a question for the ages and is has been debated by professionals and enthusiasts for ages. While there are some general rules, it simply comes down to your taste buds.

    For your wood burning oven, you’ll want to use very seasoned or kiln-dried wood as this will light easier and burn longer and hotter than unprocessed woods. For your Smoker, Big Green Egg, or Weber you will want smoking wood. For a more mild smoke, try Pecan, Oak, Cherry, or Apple. For a stronger smoked flavor Mesquite and Hickory are your partners and will provide a more robust flavor.

    Black Dog Firewood can supply you with wood sticks and wood chunks for all of your cooking needs.

    Our wood is professionally delivered by the Pallet or Eco Pallet. A Large Pallet is approximately a 1/2 Cord. An Eco Pallet is approximately a 1/4 Cord.

    Yes! Firewood is not only a renewable energy source, but using firewood as a fuel is eco-friendly, because the trees release as much carbon when burned as they absorb when alive. There is no net increase in carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

    Additionally, all of our kiln-dried firewood is dried in kilns which are fueled by firewood. This eliminates our use of fossil fuels in the drying process and reduces our overall environmental footprint.

    Black Dog Firewood is a member of the US Renewable Energy Association and the Florida Renewable Energy Association.

    Outdoors : Seasoned Oak. The best burning wood is low moisture and dense. Black Dog sources only local Florida Oak for our firewood. It is especially suited for burning because of its density due to the full year growing season. This produces wood that is fiercely thick and therefore burns slowly with tremendous heat.

    Indoors: Kiln Dried Oak or Cherry. Lower in smoke and ash, these woods burn long and low.

    We deliver by the pallet anywhere along I-4 and south in Florida currently, as well as internationally. We serve numerous customers in the Caribbean and beyond. We have a TWO pallet minimum for delivery. We serve over 200 restaurants, and countless home owners. Please give us a call at 813-920-4445 to see how we can take care of your firewood, cooking wood, and smoking wood needs.

    Looking for the best firewood available? Then you have found it! Unlike green or “seasoned” firewood for sale, Cutting Edge Kiln Dried Firewood has been dried in a high temperature oven. This not only removes moisture that normally makes firewood hard to light, but it also kills fungus and pests in the wood – making it cleaner and last longer than any other firewood available. Cutting Edge Firewood has the most rigorous drying process in the industry, we kiln dry our wood for 48 hours at 250 degrees, 12 times longer than the USDA standard.

    Choose Your Species

    How to season firewood

    Oak Firewood

    How to season firewood

    Hickory Firewood

    How to season firewood

    Cherry Firewood

    We also make it easier than ever before to order and receive firewood. We offer our customers a complimentary white glove delivery service inside our delivery artisan network and ship firewood throughout the continental USA.

    How Your
    Wood Arrives

    How to season firewood

    The Cutting Edge Firewood Rack (Patent Protected) is 2′ wide and 4′ tall with enough wood for 15-25 fires. If you’re a local customer, then we’re happy to loan you our metal rack. We can also remove the wood from our packaging and stack it into your firewood rack. If you order a rack for shipping, we’ll send it inside a wooden rack that is easy to move and manage.

    How to season firewood

    Cutting Edge Firewood Boxes are the quickest and easiest way to enjoy a night by the fire. Each firewood box contains everything you need for a fantastic experience, including kindling, a selection of fire starters, matches, and your choice of firewood logs. Each box contains enough wood for 2-4 fires.

    How to season firewood

    Cutting Edge Firewood

    S’mores, campfire stories, mantles decorated for the holidays, and cozy, soft lighting on a cold winter day — whatever the application is, indoor and outdoor fires are amazing experiences that provide endless relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you rely on firewood to warm your home or want the best fuel for your next backyard gathering, choosing high-quality firewood can make all the difference.

    High-quality wood will produce a long-lasting, clean burn that will shine brightly and provide plenty of warmth for the whole family — but what separates premium firewood from the rest?

    Learn more about the benefits of using top-quality, kiln firewood, including helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of each delivery. Then, shop Cutting Edge Firewood’s selection of kiln dried fire wood for sale, customize your shipment to fit your needs, and let our firewood experts take care of the rest.

    An Introduction to Firewood

    Generations of homeowners have relied on firewood to cook food and warm the home. Today, backyard bonfires and cozy fireplaces are the ideal ways to spend a weekend with loved ones — but not all firewood is created equally. The right firewood can transform an ordinary fire into an extraordinary experience, while burning low-quality wood can have unpleasant or hazardous side effects.

    Looking for the best firewood available? Then you have found it! Cutting Edge Firewood is the premier provider of top-quality, kiln dried firewood, perfect for your indoor or outdoor fireplace. Our wood is simple to ignite and provides a clean burn. We make it easier than ever before to order and receive firewood, with various options for you to choose from for a personalized experience that fits your lifestyle.

    We offer a complimentary white glove delivery service inside our delivery artisan network and ship firewood throughout the continental USA. We’ll even stack your firewood to your specifications, allowing you more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of high-quality kiln dried firewood.

    How to season firewood

    No two kinds of wood are the same.

    How to season firewood

    Oak is a popular choice of wood that provides excellent heat for your home. There are more than 600 different varieties of oak. This wood is dense and burns for a long time, though not quite as long as hickory. Once we use our special process to kiln dry our oak firewood, there is no possibility of it being delivered with insects or mold. It also produces very low emissions, making it safe to burn in your home and outdoors.

    How to season firewood


    Hickory is a dense and heavy hardwood that most agree is traditionally the best for burning. Hickory wood is extremely easy to ignite since it doesn’t hold much moisture once kiln dried. Of all our wood selections, many find that hickory provides the best overall traditional experience. There is no possibility of insects or mold, and it gives off the lowest emissions, making it safe whether you want to enjoy it indoors or outdoors.

    How to season firewood


    If you’re looking for an awesome unique wood burning experience that stands apart from the rest, try cherry wood. This firewood does not burn as hot or as long as our denser selections like hickory and oak, but many firewood enthusiasts refuse to burn anything but cherry firewood. The smell of cherry wood burning is out of this world, providing an amazing, slightly sweet aroma that will fill your home. Like all our kiln dried firewood, there is no possibility of cherry wood having insects or mold, and it produces minimal emissions.

    Properties and Characteristics of High-Quality Firewood

    From the outside, many types of firewood can look similar to one another. They likely come from the same forest and might share the same bark coloring and length, or even come from the same tree — but unless they were chosen, cut, and kiln dried by Cutting Edge Firewood experts, you won’t experience the same high-quality burn. That’s why it’s essential to source your firewood from professionals who know what it takes to produce the best caliber of wood for home use.

    Luckily, it’s fairly easy to spot the most notable traits of excellent firewood, which can help you pick the best kind for your specific application. You can determine the burn quality of a piece of firewood by looking for the following properties and characteristics:

    We sell our firewood in different volumes, the price of $59.00 is for 1/10 of a cord; for larger amounts please select more units. Volume discounts begin at 5/10ths of a cord. Our firewood is a mix of hardwoods which includes ash, oak, maple, cherry, apple, and hickory, currently our firewood is predominately ash. The firewood is 16-22″ in length and is split. Our firewood ranges in overall size as some pieces might be larger, others are smaller. Some wood pieces are considered larger by most standards, great for all night burns. We purchase from a firewood processor in southern Ohio with no control of length or overall size. The firewood will contain twigs, brush and bark; great for starting your fire. Currently our moisture content ranges from 15% to 45%, seasoned wood has a moisture content of 50% or less. We have an excellent delivery system and helpful, friendly employees. The delivery trucks are on delivery in the Columbus area daily.

    Want to pick up firewood? Drop by anytime we’re open and we’ll load your car, SUV, or truck!

    How do you get your firewood?

    We have different ways to get the firewood to your home

    1. You can stop by our store anytime to purchase the firewood and get it loaded into your vehicle

    • Need just a few pieces, we can do that too! Just $2.00 per piece, there are approximately 400 pieces per cord of firewood.
    • A trunk of a car will hold 1/10 to 2/10 cord and it will be full
    • An SUV or smaller pick up trucks will hold 3/10 to 4/10 of a cord of firewood.
    • A standard sized pickup truck such as a Ford F150 with an 8′ bed will hold 1/2 of a cord in the bed.
    • If you want a cord, bring a dump truck or a trailer!

    2. If you prefer, we can deliver it to your home so you do not need to pick up. The delivery charge varies depending on where you live and how much you get, here are the current DELIVERY RATES . When you are in the shopping cart, you will be prompted to select pick up in store or delivery. When you select the delivery option, it will ask for the zip code that the product will be delivered. We can dump the firewood on your driveway or we can stack it for you.

    3. Stacking with delivery is an option as well! We will stack your firewood almost anywhere you want it, but our stacking rate is based off of 15 minutes per worker. We generally can stack a 1/10 of a cord in this time if it is stacked within 50 feet of the back of the truck on the same level. We can go further as well as up and down stairs as well but there is an additional fee. If it takes longer, then we will either send you an invoice to pay before we stack it or we can dump the firewood. The choice is yours between these two options.

    Don’t Get Cheated!

    Buying firewood can be trickier than you think! Here’s a few things to look for:

      • *Get What You Pay For! – A “Cord” of wood is a measure of volume totaling 128 cubic feet when stacked (typically 4’x4’x8′). Many firewood sellers will tell you that they’re selling a cord when it’s really a “Face Cord” which is 1/3 of the size of a Cord (sometimes called a True Cord). Selling by the Face Cord, truckload, or “Rick” is illegal in the state of Ohio. To sell by the volume, firewood must be sold by the cord or fractions of a cord.
        • *Buy Hardwoods – Ask what kind of wood you’re getting! Hardwoods not only provide more heat, they burn longer. Also, some softwoods like pines contain pitch that, when not fully burned, can coat the inside of your fireplace and eventually catch fire. All firewood contains creosote but you’re much more likely to build up creosote on the walls of your chimney with pines.
          • *Make Sure It’s Dry Enough to Burn – The obvious goal is to get seasoned firewood. In 2021, we started receiving firewood in May to ensure it is fully seasoned when you need it. We have over 300 cords on the ground as of June 30th and expect to have approximately 450 cords by the end of July. We started to record the moisture of the firewood for your review in late June. Keep in mind that firewood is considered seasoned at 50% or less, but we think that is a bad standard to burn. From our 25 plus year history, we feel the firewood burns like you would expect it at with a mositure content of 25% or below. With that being said, it can burn at about 35% or less but that is not our optimal goal. When we purchase our firewood from the processor, it comes in at around 45%. That is why we bring so much firewood in the spring so it can season through the summer so it is ready to burn for you in the fall in winter. To see the current and historical readings, please see our Firewood Moisture Log.
            • “Seasoned Firewood?” – Unfortunately, there’s no well established definition for “seasoned firewood”. Even length of seasoning time can be misleading, depending on if the wood was already split when it was seasoned, how long the tree was dead before it was chopped down, and what kind of wood it is (some woods hold moisture longer than others). Anyone can tell you that their firewood has been seasoned but the best firewood sellers check their firewood with a moisture meter which checks the moisture content of the wood by running a current into the wood and checking its resistance. More resistance means less moisture. By law in Ohio, firewood must be sold below 50% moisture content. We try to sell our firewood when it’s 25% moisture content or below. This is the recommendation of the Franklin County Department of Weights and Measures. If the supplier doesn’t know what the moisture content of their wood is as a percentage, you can’t be sure that you’re getting firewood that will burn like it should.
            • *Know Who You’re Buying From – Buy from a company that has a reputation for selling firewood and that can be reached if something isn’t right. If you get shorted, the wood isn’t seasoned, or you find that you’ve been sold softwoods like pine that can be dangerous to burn, you want to be able to find that company so that they or the Department of Weights and Measures can make it right.

            If you check on these few points, you can avoid getting cheated by someone trying to make a quick buck.

            NBC4 and the Franklin County Department of Weights and Measures have used Mr. Mulch to shoot videos on our property for years to give consumers these tips. Don’t take our word for it. Hear it straight from them!

            The best seasoned firewood comes from Mr. Mulch! We have a variety of hardwood firewood, including oak, maple, cherry, apple and hickory. The firewood is 16-22″ in length with a quarter split.