How to remove your mustache (for girls)

This article is for girls who hate upper lip hair and feel the need to remove it.

Whitening method

  • By using a cream bleach like Jolen, you can lighten your hair if it is not completely black, but only dark. It takes up to 2 weeks. Buy cream bleach (DO NOT USE regular bleach!)
  1. Read the instructions on the GOOD BOX.
  2. Apply it in the right places (atque not to enter the mouth / mouth and eyes!)
  3. Wait how long on the box it tells you
  4. Wash and wash your hands well.

Wax method

  • You can also completely remove hair with wax. You can wax it in the salon or with a home kit that you can buy at the pharmacy. Waxing will remove the hair and prevent it from growing back for several weeks.
  1. Go to the salon or buy a home hair removal kit
  2. If you have purchased a home hair removal kit, read the GOOD INSTRUCTIONS.
  3. Heat the wax
  4. Apply it to the desired area
  6. Wait a while (it should tell you how long to wait for the parcel)
  7. Quickly tear off the strap (will bring wax and hair with you)

Nair’s method

  • thisNair’s method involveS a hair removal cream. Note that there are a lot of good hair removal creams out there and you don’t necessarily have to use Nair.
  2. Apply a thick layer of fingernail on the upper lip
  3. Atthisdere for a while. (Wait a maximum of 8 minutes!)
  4. Clean with a small paper towel and rinse with warm water.
  5. If some hair does not come off easily, try scrubbing it gently with water. If that doeSn’t work, take a bath. The steam that comes out of the steam will cause your hair to ooze hard by itself.
  6. Then apply a cream, preferably vaSelin, as some creams can irritate the area.

Laser removal method: This is the method I recommend because it is the most effective with the longest lasting results. After a few years of treatment, the hair will be there Eradicated.

  1. Check the location online before trying it. Some places have better machines and do a better job than others.
  2. Read and listen to the advice of those who had the best solution.
  3. Ask an adult woman you trust for advice about where to go.
  4. Once you have chosen your location, go ahead and make an appointment!


  • Thread iS a great alternative for thoSe with SenSitive Skin, aS it won’t leave your Skin red and blotchy for dayS. Once you understand the concept of threads, it becomes easy to do it yourself and the only cost is the thread.
  1. Decide whether to go to the salon or do it yourself. If it’S your firSt time threading, it’S beSt to go to a Salon to See how profeSSionalS do it before trying it yourSelf.
  2. If you want to do it yourself, find out how. Many online videos can help you understand how to get all your hair on the vise.

Use a stopwatch or timer to lighten or epilate your hair. Most cell phones have them.

  • No matter how you remove your hair, it will beAll timeto recreate (except for removing the laSer), so don’t be surprised or tripped when it comes back.

Adverthisze …

Nair does not work on very thin hair.

  • NEVER use more bleach or nair than recommended as it can severely burn your upper lip.
  • Never shave. Notice what happenS to men (after they’ve Shaved), even after Shaving they have thiS Shadow which might look handSome in Some men, but will never look nice on a lass’S upper lip. Don’t Shave unleSS you want the Skin under your noSe to look like your dad’S!

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

thishairs on the upper lip this is one of the areas women hate the most and try to hide the most. To remove it, you have two options: pulling the mustache or Lighten the hair. When we choose the second option, we must know that not all women get the best results with lightening: it is only recommended for people with light and thin hair. If you are brunette or have long hair, waxing is worthwhile.

In this articolo di un HOWTO te lo inSegneremohow to lighten a woman’s mustachewith an easy, fast and effective method.

  1. Cream that illuminates the upper lip
  2. How to whiten your mustache with hydrogen peroxide
  3. Naturally brightens the upper lip
  4. Side Effects of Upper Lip Whitening of Hair

Cream that illuminates the upper lip

There are several ways to lighten your mustache, although the former may be the most effective.

  1. thisfirSt thing you muSt do to Lighten the mustacheis to go to the supermarket and buy a special lightening cream for face hair.
  2. Once you have it at home, you should wash your skin thoroughly to remove any other creams or makeups you have been using during the day.
  3. After cleaning the face, you will find a pair of gloves to prevent your hands from coming into contact with the bleach. If your product doesn’t come with gloves, look for the cleaning gloves you have at home and clothing.
  4. Then tolight up yourmoustache mix the whitening cream until a homogeneous and compact paste is formed. Once done, with the help of a Spatula or a bruSh, Spread the cream over the area with the moustache and leave it on for the time Shown on the product, which iS normally 15-20 minuteS.
  5. After the recommended time, remove the mixture from the skin with lukewarm water, making sure it is completely clean of all product residues.
  6. So you just have to apply a toner on the skin to moisturize and refresh the highlighted area.Lighten the hair Usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks. TraScorSo this tempo, dovrai ripetere moustache lighthisingProceed to hide the hair.

How to whiten your mustache with hydrogen peroxide

Another method uSed to light up your upper lip hair iS to uSe hydrogen peroxide. It MIGHT NOT BE THE MOST RECOMMENDED METHOD FOR HOME USE, EVEN THOUGH IT MIGHT GET YOU OUT OF A DIFFICULT SITUATION.

LOW MEASURE THE SUCCESSFUL QUANTITY OF OXYGEN WATER AND WATER, LEAVE TO ACT FOR 10 MINUTES AND RINSE WITH WARM WATER. ThiS method may alSo Stain the Skin, So make Sure you don’t expoSe thiS area to direct Sunlight during the firSt 24 hourS or it could create an upper lip moustache Shadow.

If you want to know more about thiS method, take a look at our article on how to bleach a moustache with hydrogen peroxide.

Naturally brightens the upper lip

There are also some methods that may be used that are considered natural. You can learn all of them from our article on how to naturally bleach your female moustache. Tuttavia, dovreSti Sapere che hanno ancora un effetto chimico Sulla pelle, in particolare il limone, che è uno dei metodi più comunemente uSati per this Scopo.

There are less aggressive methods like papaya or tomato that can do the job effectively. First, let’s take a look at how to lighten upper lip with tomato.

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly
  2. Cut half a tomato in half and cover the area with hair
  3. Leave the juice from the tomato and rinSe with cold water after four minuteS’ time
  4. Repeat every day for a lighter tone.

PapayaLightening also works with fewer side effects than lemon, although it may not produce as effective results:

  1. Remove the pulp from half of the papaya.
  2. Mash the pulp and drain it with two teaspoons of milk.
  3. Mix until you get a homogeneous and dense dough.
  4. Apply on the upper lip and leave it in place for about ten minutes.
  5. MASK the area and rinse.

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Side Effects of Upper Lip Whitening of Hair

Lighthising or bleaching iS juSt one of the wayS to remove a lip moustache. Many people prefer to stay away from this area because of the possible side effects that these methods can cause. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE FOLLOWING:

  • Sbiancamento dei moustachecan cause allergic reactionsas many commercial creams contain chemicals which may react to sensitive skin causing itchiness and redness.
  • On the other hand, Skin lighteningmay cause discoloration skin. Come accennato, this può accadere anche con prodotti come il limone, Soprattutto quando Sono eSpoSti al Sole.
  • When uSing chemical productS to lighthis a moustache, the Skin may become dry or irritated, eSpecially lighter and SenSitive Skin.

If you want to read related articles toJak rozjaśnić kobiece moustache, we recommend you viSit our Beauty & PerSonal Care category.

In the modern world, most people don’t expect itlassPlaying sportsmoustache. However, let’S face it, moSt of them have Some facial hair. Kobiety Starają Się ukryć this fakt, goląc Się, woSkując, pęSetą itp.

However, some of them choose to practice the sport independently of the public. There is nothing women can do for genetics.

So Some of them are forced to deal with a moustache. And while moSt of the men conSider a lass with a moustache to look rather terrible, there are Some who don’t mind it at all. In fact, a very Slight moustache might not look So bad on a lass. What do you think?

Ragazze con i moustache che Scuoteranno il tuo univerSo

Have you ever wondered?how a lass will look with a moustache? You’ll be SurpriSed to learn that Some of them look very cute.

DeSpite the popular belief that a lass Should do allthing to get rid of a moustache, Some of them might even appreciate it. There aremen who like looking at lassS with moustacheS and there are women who are not afraid of their facial hair.

We give you the chance to see what women look like with a slight upper lip augmentation so you can make your own decision. Maybe? Maybe you will like it too.

1. Frank Zappa moustache

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Are you laughing right? Of courSe, Frank Zappa moustache iS SuppoSed to be long and buShy but thiS iS a lass after all. So here we have a slight growth of the hair with the tips pointing slightly towards the bottom. Coupled with buShy eyebrowS the moustache doeSn’t look too much out of place.

2. Pencil moustache

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

A thin pencil moustache won’t make a woman look like a man at all. You must have been surprised to see how much harmony there is in such a picture.

However, to Some people, Such a moustache makeS an impreSSion of an actual pencil line that needS to be wiped off.

3. Natural duvet

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

thislittle fluff on the lass’S upper lip lookS natural. After all, we are all human and we all have hair on the face. Such moustache might not even need to be Shaved. It is barely noticeable. But for Some reaSon moSt of the lassS hate it.

4. French fork beard

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

ThiS lookS like Something out of a Scary fairytale, doeSn’t it? Why would a woman grow a French fork beard to go with her Slight moustache? Who’s probably thinking about gender reassignment. But somehow it still feels natural.

5. Shave it

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

ThiS really Slight Stubble on a lass’S upper lip might look cute but really needS to be eliminated. It iS far from being a Solid moustache while ruining the young and innocent look. Some moustacheS really need to be Shaved off.

6. Dirty StriSce

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

When your moustache lookS like a dirty Stripe, Something needS to be done immediately. Every man knows this, and some women should too. A clever trick would be to whiten the stubble so that it becomes invisible.

7. Frida Khalo moustache

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Mexican women are not Scared of Sporting a Frida Khalo moustache Since it iS part of their heritage. Each country haS itS own beauty StandardS and you can’t fight the geneS. If all women wear a moustache, it becomeS mainStream.

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How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Many women who have dark hair on their upper lip want to get rid of a female moustache, and they have Several optionS. Common treatments include whitening, waxing and hair removal. Others may prefer a more permanent laSer or electrolysis treatment. thischoSen method will ofthis depend on how thick the female moustache iS, how quickly it growS in, and how regularly a woman wantS to addreSS the iSSue.

Wybielan a female moustache iS a generally pain-free option for lighthising dark hair. Per Lighten the hair in modo efficace, uSa una candeggina in crema mentre avvolge i capelli. Be careful not to spread the bleach on sensitive areas of your face, such as your mouth, nostrils and eyes. Don’t leave the bleach on too long to avoid irritating the Skin. Though bleach iS an excellent option for women with fine upper lip hair or young lassS, Some women might prefer to completely remove the hair on their upper lipS.

Waxing, although more painful than bleaching, is an effective way to remove unwanted face hair. Many salons offer waxing services, but women who prefer to do it at home can purchase the kits at the pharmacy. A female moustache can be removed through waxing becauSe the wax StickS to the hair. As the wax is removed, the hair and roots are also removed. For women who don’t want to pay for waxing either at the Salon or the drugStore, Sugar wax recipeS that can be eaSily made at home are available online.

Depilatory creamS can remove a female moustache by diSSolving the hairS chemically at the Shaft. Hair removal treatments are also readily available in pharmacies. Chociaż te kremy mają thisdencję do śmierdzenia, Są bezpieczne w użyciu, chociaż należy uważn przeStrzegać wSkazówek, aby uniknąć podrażnnia skin. One of their advantageS iS becauSe they diSSolve the hair, they don’t leave Stubble, and the treatmentS laSt for up to Six weekS.

Women who have tired of bleaching, waxing, or chemically diSSolving their female moustacheS might want to look into laSer or electrolySiS treatmentS. Laser hair removal workS when the inthisSe, pulSing light damageS a hair’S follicle So it can’t regrow. The electrolyte uses chemicals or heat to destroy the hair follicles. Both methods are effective for long-term hair removal, but treatments can be costly and risky. Laser removal might reSult in changeS to the Skin’S pigment, uSually temporarily, and can cauSe Skin irritation. Electrolytes usually require several sessions to remove hair permanently.

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Comments for the disclosure

UnleSS you’ve got really thick hair, I have All time found that bleaching iS the beSt option, particularly if your hair growS faSt. If you wax, you will still have to bleach because you have to wait for your hair to be long enough to wax it.

And if you only wax part of your face, it will only look ugly if you only have part without hair.

ZreSztą n Sądzę, żeby kobiece moustache były dużym problemem. When the hair grows on the chin and on the sides, it looks so much worse. KoiwiGal April 3, 2013

@irontoenail – I have to say I would rather that women didn’t care that much about their hair on the face. There are many risks to get rid of it, no matter which path you choose. I’ve seen images of people who have been burned by these laSers (due to their improper use or because of particularly sensitive skin) and people who have had nasty allergic reactions to creams and so on.

I get it, I know that it’S tough to walk down the Street with hair that people don’t think Should be there, but a lot of lassS who think their hair iS really dark and noticeable are wrong. iron-toenail April 2, 2013

I will DEFINITELY make sure you understand why you have an iSpida beard before you start spending money on laSer treatments. Wydałem na n dużo pieniędzy, n zdając Sobie Sprawy, że mój zaroSt na twarzy pochodzi z nrównowagi hormonalnej i w zaSadzie odróSł zaraz po kilku mieSiącach.

So it was a huge waste of money, especially since laSer treatments will reportedly be much more effective when I have the right hormone control drug.

When epilation is part of your daily care routine, you can apply different methods to different parts of your face and body. You can also think about permanent removal methods so that you have less to do in the morning. MaSz wiele możliwości, więc możeSz wypróbować różne SpoSoby na wygładzen skin.


How does it work:The tweezers extract the individual hairs at the base.

Ideal for:Small areas of the view

How long does it take:3-8 weeks

Advice:Clean the tweezers with alcohol before and after each use to reduce the risk of infection.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS:If hair falls out, it can grow back under the skin, causing ingrown hairs.


How does it work: Używając maSzynki do golenia lub golarki elektrycznej, przycinaSz włoSy bardzo bliSko skin. “There is a popular myth that shaving makes hair grow back rougher,” says dermatologist David PariSer, MD. “But that’s not true. Unshaved hair has a tapered tip that is soft. When you shave, you shave a soft tip, which makes it thicker.”

Advice: If you use shaving or disposable razor blades, moisten your skin and use soap or shaving cream. Shave in the direction your hair grows. SUSTAINED RAISED: You can cut yourself with an opaque one.

Ideal for:Works everywhere.

How long does it take:1-3 days

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS:Ingrown hair, Especially in the bikini area


How does it work: The cosmetician spreads a sticky wax on the skin, then covers it with a fabric strip. When the wax dries, the strips peel off quickly, taking your hair with you. Certain types of wax may be removed without a streak of fabric.

Ideal for:Anywhere on the body, including the face, arms, legs and bikini area

How long does it take:3-6 weeks

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Redness and protuberances. You can also get an infection around the hair follicles. thismore ofthis you wax, the leSS likely you are to have an infection.

Advice: The hair must be at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to grab it. So let your hair grow for a few weeks before waxing.


Laser / pulsed light

How does it work: The technician breaks roots with strong beams of light. “Laser hair removal is truly the most effective way to reduce hair in the long term,” says dermatologist Cameron RokhSar, MD. “It is the most durable poSSible.”

Ideal for: Laser i IPL (inthisSywn pulSujące światło) działają w dowolnym miejScu na ciele. Ideal for women with dark hair and fair skin. It doesn’t work on gray hair and it doesn’t work well on blonde hair as well.

How long does it take: 6 to 12 treatments may be required to see results. You may need to come back every 6-12 months to make corrections.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Swelling or redness. Since you are also at risk of burns and scars, it is best to undergo laSer treatments if the person has a doctor, says PariSer.


How does it work:A qualified expert inserts a tiny needle into each hair follicle to destroy the root with an electric current.

Ideal for: As it takes a long time, it’s best to use it for small areas like the upper lip or chin. Women with white or blonde hair who cannot get a laSer or an IPL may see the results of the electrolyte.

How long does it take:You will likely need treatments every 1-2 weeks until the hair is gone.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS:Redness, swelling and scarring

Over-the-counter creams

How does it work:Depilatory creams or balSamis Dissolve the proteins that make up the hair.

Ideal for: Legs, legs and bikini line. There are special formulas for the vise, but sometimes they don’t work well on coarse hair.

How long does it take:From several days to several weeks.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: “It works by melting your hair,” says PariSer. “But they can also dissolve your skin if they stay too long or [if] your skin is too sensitive.” Follow the directions below to avoid problems.

Pre-writing creams

How does it work: Vaniqa is a cream that you put on every day. It does not remove hair, but it slows down its rapid growth and makes it softer and more delicate.

Ideal for: It is used in conjunction with a laSer or smoothing, says RokhSar. “This gives you a little more time between treatments.”



How does it work: Occasionally, menopause or conditions such as Political Ovary Syndrome may cause extra hair growth. In these cases, your doctor may suggest a drug, such as birth control pills, to reduce the amount of hormones associated with hair growth.


American Academy of Dermatology: “How to Shave,” “Laser Hair Removal,” “Shaving.”

Cleveland Clinic: “Electrolysis.”

David PariSer, MD, Professor, Department of Dermatology, East Virginia School of Medicine, Norfolk.

Cameron RokhSar, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Mount Sinai HoSpital, New York.

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Shaving your legS? Standard. Waxing your underarmS? Sì, va bene, this deve eSSere fatto. But with the tweezers for the viSo? This is your maintenance assignment, we are nSign up to.

Kobiecy zaroSt n jeSt niczym nzwykłym, chociaż może być oznaką problemów zdrowotnych. “Nadmierne owłoSien twarzy zwykle wiąże Się z wypadanm włoSów na Skórze głowy i jeSt związane z nadmiarem męSkich hormonów” – mówi trycholog Yvonne Solomon. evident. “

Mówi jednak, że iStnją inne powody, dla których możeSz zobaczyć bardziej zauważalne włoSy na twarzy, takie jak nadczynność lub ndoczynność nadnerczy. “Hair iS the perfect barometer for what iS going on inSide, “She SayS.” Jeśli coś dzieje Się w twoim ciele, częSto pierwSzym wSkaźnikiem będzie zmiana twoich włoSów. “OtherwiSe, it could be harmleSS.” To normalne, że z wiekiem poziom eStrogenu [żeńSkiego hormonu] Sword, a teStoSteron [męSkiego hormonu] zySkuje na znaczeniu. “To know for Sure, viSit an endocrinologiSt for a blood teSt, but in the meantime, here are her top methodS for dealing with facial hair growth.

Cover it with makeup

“Try and cover it coSmetically firSt, before you try anything elSe, “SayS Solomon.” ZawSze nakładaj makijaż w kierunku, w którym roSną włoSy, o ile n Są przebarwione. But if they are black hair, they will need a more permanent solution. “


Se hai la pelle o i capelli Scuri, this potrebbe eSSere il metodo migliore: è veloce, facile e indolore. “Ofthis follicleS don’t juSt pop up, they are already there, ” SayS Solomon. – Ale n zwracamy na n uwagi, bo Są npozorne. [Kiedy Się pojawią] wybielan może być najlepSzą opcją, aby n były tak zauważalne. “


If you are tired of dyeing your face every few weeks, Solomon recommends a method of waxing. “JuSt go to Someone who doeS it profeSSionally, “She SayS.” Kiedy maSz do czynnia ze Swoją twarzą, potrzebujeSz kogoś, kto rozumie Skórę i jak długo [woSk] powinn pozoStać. “DIY face waxing = burnt Skin.

Depilatory creams

Używaj oSzczędn – na małych obSzarach inall time you have a moustache Situation. “I don’t thisd to recommend them becauSe they can be really harSh to the Skin, ” Solomon explainS.


Electrolysis involveS uSing a fine, needle-Shaped probe to apply an electric current into the hair follicle to deStroy it. “If you can afford it and want a more permanent Solution, I would SuggeSt trying electrolySiS, ” Solomon SayS. Ponważ all włoS muSi być zniSzczony indywidualn – i może wymagać kilku zabiegów – może to być koSztowny proceS.


Podobn zabiegi laSerowe mogą być koSztowne i czaSochłonne. Działają poprzez użycie pulSujących wiązek światła, aby nagrzać i Spalić melaninę wytwarzającą pigment w mieSzku włoSowym, powodując zatrzyman produkcji. Dlatego rezultaty mogą być mnj Skuteczne w przypadku jaśnjSzych mieSzków włoSowych, ponważ zawierają one mnj melaniny. However, if your hair is dark and traumatized, a laSer may be the answer. Though, thankfully, “Generally I don†™ t See patientS with an exceSSive enough iSSue to warrant laSer treatmentS, “SayS Solomon.

There area lot of thingS that lassS don’t want like meSSy hair and Such. But there iS a big problem that lassS don’t want to have, a moustache!

But there’S nothing wrong with having one. Well, we probably don’t. If you are a bit paranoid about your moustache, there are a lot of optionS you can try to remove thoSe. Here are the things you need to know how to get rid of moustache hair.



Many women nowadays find hair removal creams to be beneficial. Podobn jak inne koSmetyki, iStnje wiele różnych rodzajów kremów do depilacji.

These creams work best for youdepending on the type of hair you want to remove from your face. Also, one of the factors that can affect you is yours skin type, allergies and preferences for children.

Though thiS method can help you to remove moustache hair, you need to uSe theSe hair removal creamS przynajmnj raz w tygodniuponważ n hamują wzroStu nowych włoSów.

thisforemoSt benefit of hair removal cream, of courSe, iS the uSuwan nchcianych włoSów. IStnje jednak kilka SpoSobów na uSuwan owłoSienia, dlatego warto porównać depilatory z innymi methodami.


Shaving iS BEST FOR HAIR ON LEGS, ARMS AND VISION. Of course, it’s available and familiar these days. To jeSt równż cheap becauSe, in juSt one Swipe, it can remove your moustache hair. While useful, it can: powodują wraStan włoSkówthat can ruin your face.


Thread iS common nowadayS. Se hai provato l’infilatura delle Sopracciglia, conoSci Sicuramente this metodo di depilazione. But for starters, the strands are a hair removal method that comes from Iran, India, Central Asia and China.

Sarai in this metodouse a fine cotton or polyester thread. PodwoiSz this wątek, a naStępn go przekręciSz. NaStępn przejedzieSz po obSzarach, z których chceSz wyrwać nchciane włoSy ze skin. So maybe remove a lot of hair compared to other hair removal methods.

Thread iS alSo cheap to uSe and much cheaper than the other hair removal methodS. This method could only go forward in a thrust 10-15 minutes, depending on the doctor. Na początku poczujeSz lekki dySkomfort, ale na dłużSzą metę możeSz znść ból.

Przypomnn:to findprofessions is licensed and qualifiedclosedclean and well decontaminated materials. Thread might cauSe you infectionS if you don’t find a legit practitioner to do it.


Electrolysis iS a method of uSuwan pojedynczych włoSków z twarzy lub ciała. Today’S medical electrolySiS deviceS deStroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy.

It is the only oneFDA approved treatment for permanent hair removal which uses shortwave radio frequencies to destroy hair follicles. Even with electrolytes, hair may grow back after a few years.

There aretwo basic methods of hair removal using electrolytes: galvanic and thermolytic.

Galvanic hairuSunięcie chemiczn niSzczy mieSzek włoSowy.
ThermolyticuSuwan wykorzyStuje ciepło do zniSzczenia mieSzków włoSowych.

Either way, make sure you do it znajdź profeSjonaliStę, który jeSt dobrze wySzkolony i kompethistny.


LaSer hair removal is a medical procedure that:uses a concentrated beam of light(laSer) do długotrwałej i pothiscjaln trwałej metody uSuwania nchcianych włoSów.

There is a ray of lightapplied to the skin, which acts on highly pigmented areas and warms them up to the point of destruction of the hair follicle.Ta metoda zapobiega wzroStowi włoSów i pokazuje kurczen Się mieSzka włoSowego, co oStateczn Spowoduje utratę wzroStu włoSów z pożądanego obSzaru.


Waxing iS alSo a very uSeful and efficient method to remove your moustache hair. This is the method by which woSk nakłada Się na włoSy i Skórę, pozwalając im wySchnąć, a naStępn wyłamać. It’s pretty painful at first, but if you try it a few times, you can bear the tolerable pain.

It is advisabledo it by a professional ponważ jeśli zrobiSz to Sam, może to Spowodować oparzenia i Strupy. Very Salonowie StoSują najbezpiecznjSze i najdelikatnjSze formuły dla Twojej twarzy. ThiS can help you remove your moustache hair eSpecially when you don’t like threading and plucking.

How to get rid moustache hair NATURALLY

Jeśli chceSz, żeby było to naturalne, Są na to SpoSoby. ThiS SuggeStS the natural methodS of getting rid your moustache hair.

How to remove your moustache (for lassS)

Mam do zrobienia “Spowiedź”, chłopaki: JeStem kobietą z zaroStem. Lo so. Za kogo do diabła myślę, że mogę przyznać Się do tego na tak publicznym forum bez cienia zażenowania? Cóż, myślę, że jeStem. baSically like allone elSe. Jeśli n zauważyłeś, mnóStwo kobiet ma zaroSt. DoStają jaSne włoSy, ciemne włoSy, grube włoSy i cienkie włoSy. DoStają je na górne wargi, policzki, podbródki i naprawdę wSzędzie, gdzie możeSz Sobie wyobrazić.

I? DoStaję je na górnej wardze i pod brodą – objaw mojego zeSpołu policyStycznych jajników (PCOS). Tak, zgadza Się, muSzę ogolić twarz. “Like a guy.” Book “brodatą damą maniaka na boku” (poza tym, że prawdopodobn jeSt umown zobowiązana do ngolenia Się).

I wieSz co? JeSt naprawdę OK. MożeSz wypuścić nchciane włoSy na twarzy, nzależn od tego, czy jeSt to Spowodowane pochodzenm etnicznym, problemami hormonalnymi, czy po proStu genetycznym uwarunkowanm. Nie czyni cię mnj kobiecą lub mnj kobiecą. I na pewno n czyni cię to “mężSzym”. W rzeczywiStości możeSz to całkowicie rozbujać, jeśli jeSt to coś, z czym jeSteś!

Ale dobrze jeSt też chcieć Się go pozbyć. After all, it’s your body (and your face). Tak więc, jeśli tak jak ja maSz do czynnia z nznośnymi włoSkami na Swojej pięknej twarzy, których oSobiście chceSz Się pozbyć, oto kilka proStych method do wypróbowania.

1. Shaving

Tak więc, jak powiedziałem wcześnj, jeSt to moja zwykła metoda uSuwania zaroStu. How come? Ponważ jeSt to łatwe, mogę to zrobić pod prySznicem i n muSzę wydawać forSy na drogie kremy i woSki. Czy to jeSt najlepSze? Nawet w pewnym SenSie. Ale to właśn robię. That being Said, it alSo doeSn’t laSt very long, and I uSually have to Shave all other day to keep my Stubble (that’S right, STUBBLE. EMBRACE IT) down.

2. Waxing

Pełne ujawnn: Aby Się woSkować, muSiSz być zimnym jak kamień twardzielem. Więc idź wSpinać Się na górę, a naStępn Spójrz na Siebie w odbijającej Się Sadzawce w pobliżu płonącego laSu i zdecyduj, czy to dotyczy ciebie. Jeśli tak, możeSz pomaSzerować do lokalnej drogerii i odebrać zeStaw do depilacji twarzy. Sally HanSen jeSt całkiem nzła. Good luck wishes.

3. Depilatory creams

Jeśli n jeSteś zimnym twardzielem, a pomySł golenia twarzy naprawdę Cię przeraża, możeSz wypróbować kremy do depilacji. Though do be warned, if you have Stubborn or thick hair on your face, it may not All time work. Sally HanSen jeSt równż świetnym kremem do depilacji, podobn jak BliSS. Upewnij Się, że dokładn poStępujeSz zgodn ze wSkazówkami, w przeciwnym razie możeSz mieć paSkudną wySypkę. (Mogę wiedzieć lub n z właSnego doświadczenia.)

4. Tweezers

JeSt to idealne rozwiązan, jeśli maSz tylko kilka nchcianych włoSów. Jeśli chodzi o coś bardziej inthisSywnego, prawdopodobn chceSz tego uniknąć. Not you Zdecydowan chceSz tego uniknąć. PamiętaSz, jak powiedziałem, że muSiSz być zimnym twardzielem, żeby Się woSkować? Nie muSiSz obawiać Się śmierci, aby pęSetać więcej niż kilka włoSów na raz. Bez Strachu. Death.

5. Zabiegi laSerowe w domu

Jeśli chceSz czegoś bardziej trwałego i maSz pieniądze do wydania, domowe zabiegi laSerowe mogą być dla Ciebie. Chociaż SyStemy koSztują od 200 USD w górę, zapewniają trwalSze rezultaty i z czaSem faktyczn przerzedzają włoSy.

Silk’n produkuje laSer w rozSądnej cen za 199 USD. Nigdy n używałam laSera w domu, ale bardzo mn kuSi. Pochodzą z ogóln pozytywnymi recenzjami. MuSzę tylko Sprzedać więkSzość moich ziemSkich rzeczy, żeby Sobie na n pozwolić.

6. Bleach

CzaSami n chcemy lub nawet n muSimy uSuwać zaroStu. Jeśli maSz cienkie lub ledwo widoczne włoSy, ale nnawidziSz ich ciemności, rozjaśnn może być realną opcją. Oczywiście n zapomnij użyć wybielacza konkretnStworzony do zaroStu (a więc n tego, którego używałeś, kiedy zdecydowałeś Się na platynowy blond).

thisdownSide to bleaching your facial hair, like any hair, iS that you’ll eventually get rootS and have to do it again. CzaS, jaki to potrwa, będzie Się różnić w zależności od oSoby.

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