How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Planning an Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel from Start to Finish?

Second to kitchen renovations, remodeling a bathroom can quickly become one of the most expensive home projects. But it doesn’t have to be. With a proper plan and a little creativity, you can makeover your bathroom without breaking your budget.

We spoke to Kohler, Signature Hardware, HomeZada and Niagara Conservation for expert tips to help you get started with your low-budget bathroom remodel.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

The average cost of a bathroom remodel is $9,798, but homeowners can spend up to $14,191 on the high end of the spectrum. This includes new fixtures like the toilet, sink and bathtub, along with the cost of a new vanity, countertop and tiling.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

6 Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Tips

1. Set Your Bathroom Renovation Budget and Timeline

A solid plan is essential. Think about what you want to achieve with your budget bathroom remodel and how much you’re able to spend. Prioritize the projects that will make the biggest impact without draining your budget. Consider working with an interior designer or architect to make sure your timeline, budget and overall design are realistic.

“Many people who want to save on a bathroom remodel think the most economical way is to go it alone and take the DIY route. However, a professional designer can help you discover the style that fits your personality and budget — and help you avoid costly mistakes.”

Lynn Schrage | Interior Designer, KOHLER

2. Shop Around for Materials and Labor

Whether you’re retiling your floor yourself or hiring a contractor, it’s important to shop around for the best price. Compare material costs from multiple locations and collect three to four contractor estimates before starting your renovation.

To find cheap bathroom remodel materials:

  • Compare department store prices online.
  • Search for deals at bargain stores, thrift shops and outlets.
  • Visit your neighborhood Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • Try online resources like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

3. Keep Your Plumbing in Place

Work within your current plumbing configuration. Moving major plumbing or installing new water pipes will overflow your budget during a bathroom renovation, so don’t move your water supply and drainage unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead of replacing your current shower, bathtub, sink and toilet, consider these budget bathroom remodel ideas:

  • Change your toilet seat and lid instead of replacing it entirely.
  • Retrofit your shower with a new system.
  • Install a pre-fabricated shower instead of a tiled shower.
  • Replace your old shower curtain or install a new glass door.
  • Convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower.
  • Refinish your tub or shower with a liner.

“If you’re looking for an affordable way to renovate your shower, shower panels can easily be retrofitted to fit existing single shower valve plumbing. This gives you the potential to add additional functionality without having to alter existing plumbing in the wall.”

Casey Williams | Plumbing Product Specialist, Signature Hardware

4. Don’t Go Overboard With Tile

Floor-to-ceiling tile may look beautiful, but the expenses can stack up quick. To save money, opt for a durable linoleum or vinyl flooring.

You can even skip wall tile in favor of less expensive alternatives like mildew-resistant paint, reclaimed wood panels or wallpaper accent walls. If your heart is set on a natural stone or ceramic tile, reserve it for an accent wall.

5. Upgrade Hardware and Fixtures

The smallest details can make the boldest statement. From replacing light fixtures to switching out drawer handles, these inexpensive bathroom renovations completely change the look and feel of your space.

  • Install a new sink faucet, drain and handles.
  • Refresh the hardware on your vanity with brushed nickel, brass or copper versions.
  • Install open shelving to free up counter space on your vanity.
  • Add small items like towel racks, robe hooks and toilet paper holders.
  • Update your floor registers to match your new hardware.
  • Replace outdated track lighting and install energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Switch out electrical plates and plugs.
  • Re-caulk or re-grout the seals around your sink, shower and tiles.

“To save on a bathroom remodel, update the finishes in a bathroom rather than replacing the major components. Items like toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers are more expensive than faucets, hardware and paint.”

Elizabeth Dodson | Co-founder, HomeZada

6. Go Green with Your Bathroom Remodel

Incorporating water conservation into your budget bathroom remodel is a simple way to extend your savings. Installing low-flow toilets, showers and sinks can lower your monthly utility bills and reduce your water footprint—especially important in areas affected by drought.

“An average family of 4 can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per year using high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. That’s with retrofitted high-efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators and toilets. If you’re already making a purchase, it pays to purchase the most efficient model.”

Matt Voorhees | Director of Wholesale, Niagara Conservation

Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Don’t let the dollar signs stand in the way of creating your Zen retreat. We’re here to help! Read our DIY Bathroom Demo Guide to learn how to save even more by handling the demolition work yourself. Then it’s time to find the right contractor to finish the job.

For more DIY home improvement tips and tricks, visit the For the Home section of our blog.

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Her dramatic bathroom makeover is a must-see!

Three years after moving into her family’s Raleigh, North Carolina home, artist and interior stylist Ashley Whiteside was officially ready to upgrade her main bathroom. “The space was inoffensive but very builder-basic,” she explains. “When we’d moved in, we’d painted the walls and done absolutely nothing else—it was time to bring some joy and functionality to the space.”

Since the house was only about a decade old, Ashley says there was no need for much more than cosmetic upgrades. “I began by painting the trim, doors, and vanity, then added wallpaper, new medicine cabinet mirrors, lighting, faucets, and bathroom hardware,” she explains. “In doing so, we added character and interest to the room while making it more efficient.”


How to remodel your bathroom on a budget


How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Curious how you can revamp your bathroom without breaking the bank? We asked Ashely to share some of her favorite budget-friendly ideas for remodeling a bathroom and this is what she had to say.

1. Apply low-contrast wallpaper.

To help brighten up the dim bathroom without relying on traditional white paint, Ashley dressed up the walls with a neutral-toned toile wallpaper. “I challenged myself to work with more neutrals, and the wallpaper was the jumping off point for the design direction of the bathroom,” she explains. “The low-contrast pattern features multiple shades of white and cream, with some pearlescent touches, that complement the builder-grade beige square floor tile that wasn’t in the budget to replace.”

2. Create contrast with trim paint.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

To play up the neutral hues of the wallpaper, Ashley painted the door, window and wall trims in Grayish , a soft airy gray with obvious green undertones. “In use, the color feels light but grounded,” she explains. “Intriguing, but without being too bold.” She says she opted to keep the architectural moldings of the door white to create a pop of contrast that added a dash of vintage drama to the space. “I often paint things the same color to hide offenses, but in this case, I wanted the small space to look elevated and storied,” she explains.

3. Update dated fixtures.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

To ensure the space felt sophisticated without spending an arm and a leg, Ashley swapped out the boring builder-grade sink fixtures with brand-new chrome-finished ones and replaced the vanity lights above the sink. “These lights were originally white and gold, but I thought their presence was best incorporated into the room as a shape, and not as colors,” she explains. “I spray-painted them taupe to create a subtle contrast against the wallpaper.”

4. Incorporate eye-catching decor accents.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

To modernize the space without creating unnecessary visual clutter, Ashley employed a pair of shapely arched vanity mirrors above the sink and hung an eye-catching green-checked hand towel between them. “Going with a modern mirror shape with an almost-invisible frame was a very effective way to modernize the whole space, while the contrasting hand towel pattern helps make the toile wallpaper feel less traditional.”

5. Add texture wherever you can.

A little texture can go a long way in when remodeling a bathroom on a budget, which is why Ashley says she incorporated several organic elements into the decor scheme. “Adding texture to a space is a great way to make it feel elevated yet approachable when you’re on a budget,” she explains. “The wooden knobs, vintage vase, and Monstera plant add an organic touch to the bathroom, and remind you that the space is meant to be lived in.”

Looking for more bathroom inspiration? Check out: The best bathroom paint colors (and how to use them)

We make paint shopping simple with curated colors, zero VOC paint and everything you need to create a home you love, delivered.

Looking to renovate your bathroom in a wallet-friendly way?

Right behind kitchen renovations, remodeling a bathroom can quickly add up to an expensive overhaul. But it doesn’t have to be. With a plan set in place and a little creativity, you can stay on budget and on track with your bathroom renovation.

What’s the cost?

The average cost of a bathroom remodel is $9,798, but homeowners can easily spend up to $14,191 on the high end of the spectrum depending on their selections. Once you include new fixtures such as the sink, toilet, bathtub, along with the cost of a new vanity, countertops and tiling… it adds up quick!

Step 1: Make a budget

It was once said that having an idea without a plan is just a dream. Especially when it comes to bathroom planning, it’s easy to get lost in the “dreamy” aspect of it. With so many choices and options, it’s a good idea to prioritize the projects. Consider the most important parts of the renovation and allocate the largest sum of your budget to that so you get your must-haves without a doubt of any last-minute unexpected occurrences. Working with an interior designer or architect can keep your timeline, budget and overall design in check.

Step 2: Shop around

Whether you’re tiling the wall yourself or hiring a contractor (link to our blog), it’s important to give yourself some homework and do your own research on the best price. A good rule of thumb is to collect three to four estimates so you have a good amount of options to compare.

Finding cheap remodeling materials:
– Compare online store prices
– Check your local bargain and thrift stores
– Visit your local Habitat for Humanity Restore or other Rehabilitation Restore.
– Check your online social resources such as Facebook Marketplaces or pages and apps alike.

Step 3: Keep the plumbing location the same

Work with your current configuration. Moving the plumbing configuration can lead to installing new pipes and overflowing your budget. Instead of replacing your current shower, bathtub, sink and toilet, consider these budget bathroom remodel ideas:

  • Change your toilet seat and lid instead of replacing it entirely.
  • Retrofit your shower with a new system.
  • Install a pre-fabricated shower instead of a tiled shower.
  • Replace your old shower curtain or install a new glass door.
  • Convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower.
  • Refinish your tub or shower with a liner.
Step 4: Keep and recycle what you can

The smallest details can make the biggest changes. Replacing the light fixtures and switching out the drawer handles are two of the easiest fixes you can do to an existing bathroom that can change the look drastically. Here are some other ideas:

  • Add small items like towel racks, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders that compliment the existing hardware.
  • Replace outdated track lighting and install energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Re-caulk or re-grout the seals around your sink, shower and tiles.
  • Switch out electrical plates and plugs.
  • Simply replace the mirror or add wood around the existing plain mirror to add extra flare.
  • Paint the existing vanity.
Update your bathroom without the budget kill

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to mean taking a big hit to the wallet. As we explained, you can easily search for deals, cut back in certain areas and reuse to create your dream bathroom. While you may not need a dumpster for just a bathroom renovation, if that renovation grows into other areas; know we are here for all your roll off dumpster needs and are just a contact button away!

How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are you ready to redecorate and redesign your bathroom? Great! The best part is you don’t even need to spend thousands of dollars to do it. Just determine how much you can afford to spend on remodeling to establish the amount of the changes you can make. If your budget is on the lower end, try sticking to cosmetic changes like new fixtures or a new paint color for your walls. If you can afford to spend more, focus on bigger changes like adding a bigger shower or a new toilet. It all depends on the guidelines you set for your budget. There are plenty of ways to remodel your bathroom on a budget, so here are some more great ideas for you to save money.

Make Little Changes

You don’t have to completely renovate your bathroom. You can just add a couple of changes, like a new sink or lighting feature, to make a huge difference in your space. Or you can just update your bathroom with new accessories, like a bold shower curtain or window shade.

Redecorate Existing Features

Save money by reusing your existing features instead of buying new ones. Refresh your bathroom vanity with new molding and shelves, and then add a new coat of paint to make a brand new look in your space. Another great idea is instead of replacing your bathroom mirror, just add decorative molding around the edges to create a more sophisticated look in your bathroom. It’s simple and less expensive than buying a new one.

Always Buy Used

Look for bargains online for used bathroom accessories and furniture. You can find doors, mirrors, sinks and more when you scour the internet for great finds. You can also find vintage lighting fixtures and shelving that can add a unique look to your bathroom.

Fresh Coat of Paint

There’s no better way to give your bathroom a facelift than with a fresh coat of paint. It’s inexpensive and can easily turn your bathroom into a new space. Just pick a color scheme you desire and start painting.

Replace Your Lighting

Update your outdated light fixture for a new and dramatic look. Light fixtures can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom without costing you an arm and a leg. It may be the only thing you need to change up your bathroom’s look.

Choose White

Save thousands in remodeling expenses by choosing white bathroom features. White sinks, showers and toilets all cost less than those in more colorful options, because manufacturers make and sell more of them.

Save on Countertops

Granite countertops are a very popular choice in a bathroom remodel, but they can be costly. However, you can save money on granite countertops by looking at color and imperfections. First, look at what colors are most popular. These colors will be the most expensive, so consider other color options and price them out in your budget. Another way to save is by looking for imperfections. By buying a granite countertop with an imperfection, you can save half of what it originally was priced for. The more visible the imperfection, the cheaper the countertop will be.

Find a Professional in Illinois

If you need help with your bathroom remodel, don’t be afraid to call a professional. At Newline Design Center, we can help you renovate your bathroom and bring your vision to life. We’ll work with you to determine an affordable budget and the overall cost of your project. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

When you’re trying to up-level the appeal and comfort of your home, you might be trying to think of ways to save money on a bathroom remodel. After all, every room of your house is going to show its age, but there’s something about an old or outdated bathroom that’s especially troubling — it’s the place you go to get clean, so shouldn’t it be the place in your home that feels the freshest and spic and span?

The only problem, of course, is that a full bathroom remodel is pretty expensive! At least, it can be. But if you’re smart about the choices you make, there are plenty of ways to save money without compromising on a fully finished and satisfying end result. You could have a sparkling new bathroom at a fraction of the cost you would spend if you were just frivolously throwing money at the project — and who can afford to do that?!

Here are a few ways you can be smart about your bathroom remodel and ultimately save yourself lots of money:

Plan ahead.

As with any major home project, you should make a full assessment of your goals — what needs to change and what can potentially stay the same. It can be helpful to talk with a professional and get their opinion about what your priorities should be. You might think that your bathroom needs a new sink but a professional might advise you to focus your budget on the toilet (or vice versa). A professional can also provide input on what other expenses might be necessary based on certain plans you’re making. If you’re adamant about wanting a multi-head shower system installed, then this might require some plumbing changes to increase your water pressure. In turn, this might call for a bigger water heater so that you don’t run out of hot water too quickly.

Focus on changing surface-level aspects of the bathroom.

Sure, you might be thinking about how luxurious it would be to put your bathtub near the window overlooking your backyard, and move the toilet back to the corner where it’s out of the way. But unless these rearrangements are absolutely necessary, you should forget them. That includes choices like building out a wall to give your bathroom a little more room or even switching where the electrical sockets are located.

That’s because the biggest expense in any home renovation happens when you change the size and layout, especially if you’re changing exterior walls of your home (sometimes referred to as your load-bearing walls). Relocating the toilet and bathtub could cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Instead, focus on cosmetic changes you can make.

Of course, major changes like these might be a priority for you. Not having an electric socket right next to the sink drives you crazy because nobody in your family is able to plug in a hair dryer or an electric razor. If that’s the case — go for it! But make sure you ask yourself why it’s such an important priority.

Don’t replace tile if you can simply resurface it.

Maybe you’re sick of looking at the same dingy tile in your shower. What would you do if you could take it all out and put beautiful brand-new tile in its place? It makes sense that you would want this! Unfortunately, retiling is another major expense. A more reasonable priced solution is refinishing the tile instead of replacing it. Refinishing involves a thorough cleaning and then the application of a protective sealant that will keep it looking fresh and almost as if it were new. If refinishing isn’t an option and you really have to go with new, consider opting for a pre-fabricated shower installed instead of retiling the entire shower. (This isn’t always an option, however, as some bathrooms have doors that are too narrow to bring in a prefabricated shower.)

Think practically to avoid wasting money in the long run.

Saving money on the renovation doesn’t always equate to saving money in the long run. You might be wiser to invest a few hundred dollars more during the renovation and avoid larger bills in the future.

You know you need tile in your shower, but what if you were to do wood paneling on the other walls instead of tile? That would save money. But wood is much more susceptible to mold than tile is, and unless you have a great ventilation system in your bathroom, you might be paying for mold remediation in a few years.

Remember, certain parts of a bathroom remodel are not meant to be DIY projects. You might think you know what you’re doing, but just as you consulted a professional about your budgetary priorities, you should also trust a professional when it comes to installing certain new toilets or sinks.

When it comes to interior design, no other place is neglected more than the bathrooms, which is why most old houses have quite unimpressive and impractical bathrooms. Therefore, if you want your bathroom to match your home’s contemporary style, you need to plan a remodeling.

However, remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive undertaking, and it can take a lot of time and effort as well. However, just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean that you can’t make your bathroom more luxurious and lavish.

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget 10 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Today I am going to tell you ten ways in which you can remodel your bathroom on a budget. So, keep reading to learn more.

Stick with the Same Layout

One of the facts that make a bathroom renovation expensive is that changing the layout can be very difficult. When you move any fixtures, the plumbing has to be shifted accordingly, which means that the walls and floors have to be torn to lay the pipes, and then remade.

You can change out the fixtures, but don’t change the layout; otherwise, the renovation cost can increase dramatically:

Renovate the Walls

You probably don’t want simple painted walls in the bathroom, and stone tiles can be quite expensive; therefore, going for porcelain tiles can be an excellent budget-friendly option. Adding tiles keeps the walls safe from splash marks and adds to the bathrooms’ elegance.

If you aren’t adding tile to the walls, consider repainting them, and maybe add an art piece to the wall as well.

As far as the color pallet for the walls or the tiles is concerned, it would be best if you opted for neutral tones. Though white is pretty mainstream, it is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it gives a more open and cleaner look.

Add Some Plants to the Decor

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Indoor plants are a very important feature of contemporary interior design. It would help if you considered adding some plants to your bathroom for a welcome splash of color and a more refined ambiance.

Indoor plants also improve the bathroom’s smell and keep the air fresh, while making the bathroom feel less claustrophobic, which is a common problem with smaller bathrooms.

Install Some Luxury Features

Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you can add some luxury to the bathroom. Investing is a central feature that becomes the focal point of your bathroom. It is a great way to make your bathroom look and feel incredible.

Id suggests going for a nice chemical-free hot tub. Not only does a hot tub make your bathroom much more comfortable and relaxing, but it will also add to the decor, and if you choose to splurge on a single luxury feature, you will probably be able to afford a chemical-free hot tub without an issue.

Chemical-free hot tubs are an excellent investment since they don’t have any harmful effects on your skin, either.

Improve the Lighting

The lighting is one of the most important design factors in any room, and especially in one as small as the bathroom. Most bathrooms only have a single overhead relief, which can make the design look quite underwhelming.

Therefore, you should consider adding multiple smaller ceiling LEDs and adding some makeup lights on top of the vanity mirror.

Upgrade the Vanity

The vanity and the mirror play a very important role in the bathroom’s overall decor, and you should pay special attention to them. If you have space, you can opt for a double vanity, which is a feature in many modern luxury homes; otherwise, remember to add a large vanity mirror and contemporary designed sink.

Floating vanities are quite trendy these days since they don’t cover the floor, and give the bathroom a more open feel.

You should also consider the vanity countertops; mostly, luxury bathrooms have stone countertops made from granite or marble; however, if you don’t have the budget to splurge on these luxury materials, you can make your ordinary countertops look like a stone by adding some vinyl wrap.

Refurbish and Reuse Materials Where Possible

If you choose to add new materials everywhere, the renovation cost can add up; however, an easy and simple way to stay inside your budget is to prioritize refurbishing materials wherever possible.

For instance, if you have wooden floors, you should repair any damages and apply a layer of varnish instead of adding new flooring. Moreover, instead of replacing the cabinets, you can repaint the old ones and reuse them.

Getting thrifty with the materials allows you to save a decent amount of money, which can go towards additional decor features.

Add Some Decorative Elements

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Small decorative elements like decorative soaps and towels are an essential part of lavish bathroom design. They add some color to the decor, which is quite important in bathrooms that are mostly white or another natural shade.

Moreover, you can add several other small items to the bathroom to make it stand out; for instance, you can add some art to the walls, and some decoration pieces, the countertops. You can also frame the vanity mirror if you feel like it.

Pick up Some Easy DIY Projects

If you are skilled with your hands and know a little bit about plumbing, you can do many upgrades in your bathroom by yourself. This can save you a lot of labor fees and bring down the price of your renovation.

Therefore, believe in your skills, do your research, consult people who have already remodeled their bathroom, get a handy friend to help and check the internet for instructions, and probably do many upgrades by yourself.

Update the Fixtures in the Bathroom

A bathroom can be made perfect, but certain small fixtures in the bathroom can be upgraded for a better overall appearance; for instance, you can add new and stylish faucets, drawer handles, light fixtures towel racks to the bathroom for a relatively low investment.

These small upgrades may feel insignificant, but they can be quite impactful on the bathroom’s decor.

If you watch any of the popular home improvement TV shows, you know that the options are endless when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. From skylights to heated floors, granite countertops to marble shower tiles, there are countless ways to upgrade and personalize this often-overlooked space. But what if you’re not working with an HGTV budget? No problem! All it takes to give your bathroom a boost for an affordable price is a little planning and creativity. The following bathroom remodel ideas will get you on your way.

Play with Paint

As is the case with any room in the house, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward reinventing your bathroom. For most bathrooms, a couple of cans will be plenty, which makes this among the most affordable remodeling tricks. If your bathroom is currently decorated in a neutral palette, consider introducing some bright, bold colors, creating an accent wall, or adding stripes or other stenciling. But remember, it’s not just the walls that can benefit from a new hue; upgrade cabinets, shelves, mirror frames, and more with just the swipe of a brush. Just be sure to apply primer before you paint, and use a semi-gloss, satin, or gloss paint to defend against moisture and make surfaces easier to clean.

Turn a Tag Sale Steal into a Statement Piece

If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, check out a local tag sale and look for an old dresser or table that can be repurposed as a vanity. Simply cut a hole in the top for a sink insert, and a hole in the back to accommodate plumbing. Stain or paint the dresser according to your taste, and voila! You have a personalized, functional piece that makes your bathroom feel brand new. Other ideas include reupholstering an ottoman for use as a dressing stool and refinishing an old bookcase to hold towels and toiletries.

Replace Hardware and Fixtures

While you’re at that tag sale, keep an eye out for unique hardware that can add flair to your existing or new bathroom furniture. New or antique drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and other touches can completely change the look of a piece at a very low cost. The same goes for fixtures. Changing out the faucets, light fixtures, and towel rods is a simple, inexpensive way to add style and sophistication to your bathroom.

Remodel With Some Accent Tile

Retiling your entire bathroom or shower can be a lot of work and a drain on your budget. So instead of retiling the entire space, consider adding some accent tile for a pop of color or area of interest. For example, you could remove a strip of the existing tile in the shower and replace it with small, colorful mosaics, or you could add a decorative tile border on the walls or floor. Another idea is to create an accent wall above the sink or on one wall of the shower, or retile just the floor of the shower. All of these options will save you money while enhancing the space.

Beautify with Beadboard

Beadboard is a type of wood paneling, also known as wainscoting, that typically goes halfway up the wall and can be either stained or painted. While tile lends a bathroom a spa-like look, beadboard provides a homier, more old-fashioned feel that fits well in cottage, colonial, and farmhouse-style homes. It’s also often cheaper than tile and easier to install. Just remember, as when refinishing bathroom furniture, always prime the beadboard before you paint, and use a semi-gloss, satin, or gloss paint for improved durability. When staining, be sure to apply a polyurethane or other sealing top coat to protect the wood from moisture.

Consider a Steam Shower

Thus far, we’ve shared smaller, mostly aesthetic bathroom ideas, but if your budget allows, you might want to consider including a larger project in your remodel, such as a steam shower. With its many health benefits, adding a steam shower to your bathroom will both improve your quality of life and add value to your home. You have two basic options when it comes to steam showers: buying an all-in-one, prefabricated unit, and building it yourself. There are pros and cons to both, so be sure to do your research before you choose.

If you are wondering how to rehab a bathroom with little money, you need to accept that there isn’t much you can do. Bathroom renovations are expensive ( average in the US $10,272 ), so you won’t be able to afford anything big. What you can do, however, is to choose the small changes that will make the most positive impact.

I also strongly advise looking up tips on how to budget and save money so you can afford to make better renovations in the future.

How to Rehab a Bathroom on the Cheap: 4 Ideas to Try

Need to change flooring? Choose vinyl

Vinyl flooring is the cheapest option you can use for a bathroom today. It’s also sturdy and fit for use in humid environments. Most importantly, today you can find vinyl designed to look similar to tile and other more expensive materials. Using these will allow you to make the bathroom look more expensive. This kind of trick is important if you renovate to increase the house value before selling it.

In case you have wooden flooring in your bathroom, consider painting it instead of replacement. Look for specialized protective enamel solutions that can make the wood last for years yet.

Refinish instead of replacement

If it’s the bathtub or shower that are in a dire need of fixing, you can cut the costs significantly by refinishing them. A replacement is the most expensive option by default, even if you buy a used tub of good quality. You can refinish the bathtub yourself to save as much as possible. In this case, I strongly advise buying the best kind of coating you can afford.

Note that even the best refinish is a temporary solution only.

New hardware + paint = no need for new cabinets

If you are wondering how to rehab a bathroom on a budget, you don’t have spare cash to install new cabinets. However, you can revamp the look of the place completely by repainting the ones you have now. If necessary, you should replace the hardware on them to ensure everything moves smoothly. Sand the cabinets before repainting in bright colors to make your bathroom look fresh and new.

Use wainscot

Can’t afford tile on your bathroom walls? Water-resistant wainscot is a cheap substitute that will look near as good. It also doesn’t need any special maintenance and painting. Therefore, it’s cheap even long-term, and it can be very durable.

Do you have any other ideas on how to rehab a bathroom on a shoestring budget? Please, share your suggestions and experiences in the comments!

How are your bathrooms looking lately? We have a curated collection of budget friendly bathroom makeover ideas to help you consider the décor in this very important living space. We spend quite a bit of time in our bathrooms, and they should be efficient and beautiful spaces that are just as equipped for a relaxing bath or shower as they are for quickly getting ready in the morning. Bathrooms are relatively small spaces with a lot of items to consider.

28 Marvelous Before and After: Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom Space

How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Tubs, toilets, and sinks can be expensive to replace, but there are other ways to modernize your bathroom space. If you’re looking to update your bathroom this season, we’ve got some budget friendly bathroom makeover ideas that will take advantage of some big changes that can be made while leaving the big ticket items alone. Bathrooms are often left fairly bare and devoid of personality.

We’d like you to consider this a blank canvas upon which you can create whatever look you want; art, paint, storage, mirrors and lighting, hardware, and accessories can all be considered when creating the feel of your bathroom space. Our budget friendly bathroom makeover ideas will give you plenty of before and after inspiration, no matter what your taste or price point may be.

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