How to recover deleted photos on android

When you accidentally deleted photos and videos on Android phone but don’t want to root the phone, don’t worry. Follow this page, with the help of EaseUS file recovery software and Android data recovery software, you can successfully retrieve lost photos, videos from Android external memory card or internal memory without root.

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Is Android data recovery without root possibleВ

With the increasing popularity of Android phones, data loss disasters also occur more and more frequently due to accidental deletion, virus attack, memory card errors or some other reasons.

Fortunately, there is a lot of third-party Android data recovery software that can help Android users to retrieve their lost data. However, all theseВ software require users toВ root Android deviceВ before data recovery.В

Most Android users feel reluctant to root the device as it violates the warranty. Some manufacturers won’t take the responsibility if the rooted set was ruined or damaged, even the causes are non-artificial factors, such as hardware failure or OS errors.В

So, isВ it possible to performВ Android data recovery without root? Yes. Read on and you’ll find two reliable methods that will assist you in resolving this issue with ease.

Method 1. Recover deleted photos and videos from AndroidВ SD card (without root)

Most Android phone and devices allow users to add an expanded memory sd card into the cellphone, extending Android memory. And many of them tend to save multimedia files like photos, videos, music files, etc. on the card. If you are one of these people, losing photos, videos, etc. on Android memory SD card, don’t worry.

EaseUS data recovery softwareВ enables you to recover data from Android phone memory card. You don’t need to root the device at all.

Now download this software and learn how to recover deleted files from an Android memory card with ease.

Step 1. Connect the SD card and start scanning

Connect the SD card to the computer via a card reader. Then launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, select the SD cardВ and click “Scan”.

How to recover deleted photos on android

Step 2. Select the photos you want to recover

Wait until the scanning completes and then select the photos you want to recover. To locate the items faster, click “Filter” > “Pictures” > Check lost files via tree view. Or type file extension on the search box.

How to recover deleted photos on android

Step 3. Recover photos

Click “Recover” and choose a location on another device to save the photos.

How to recover deleted photos on android

Video Tutorial: Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Method 2. Recover deleted photos/videos from Android internal memory (without root)

When you lost photos or videos, you also have many options, including restoring lost photos from Google photos, android backup, or using Android data recovery software for help.

Follow to recover your lost Android photos and videos with ease:

# 1. Recover lost photos/videos from Android backup

If you have created a backup of valuable files like photos, videos, contacts, etc. on your Android phone, you can effectively get them back without rooting the device:

  • Step 1:В Go to “Settings” on Android phone, tap on “Account”.
  • Step 2:В Sign in with your account and password.
  • Step 3:В Tap “Backup and Restore”, click “Restore”.
  • Then select the backup which contains your lost photos and videos to restore.

Wait for the recovery process to complete, you can reuse the lost files again onВ your phone again.

# 2. Restore photos and videos with Google Photos

If you used Google Photos to manage your photos and videos on Android phone, you can restore the deleted items within 60 days from Trash:

  • Step 1:В Open Google Photos app on Android phone, tap “Menu” at the top left.
  • Step 2:В Open the Trash, select the photos and videos you want to restore.
  • Step 3:В Tap “Restore” at the bottom.
  • Photos and videos to go back to the original location on your phone – the photo gallery, Google Photos library, albums, etc.

# 3. Restore lost photos/videos from Android internal memory (root required)

If you had no backup and didn’t use Google Photos to manage photos and videos on Android phone, your last option is to use reliable Android data recovery software for help. Also, rooting the device is required.

Here is a tutorial video to root your device:

After rooting the Android phone, you can apply EaseUS Android Data RecoveryВ toВ restore the lost photos and videos on Android phone with ease. Both Windows and app version can help.

How to recover deleted photos on android

With the use of smartphones, you can take a snap of everything in just one tap, and they will be automatically saved on the photo gallery on your phone. Indeed, these smartphones have changed the way we take and keep photos. But there are many reasons behind accidental photo deletion. It can be a corrupted memory, phone reformat, buggy OS version, viruses, system crash, rooting error or syncing problems. Luckily, there are simple ways on how to recover deleted photos from Android phone. Check them out after the jump.

Two Apps to Recover Deleted Android Photos


DiskDigger is a recovery tool that supports Android devices that are rooted and not rooted. Although it’s a free tool, still, it offers very helpful features. It has a basic scan function for not rooted phones and a full scan for rooted ones. This tool also allows the user to review and select the files before recovery. To recover deleted photos from Android phone, simply follow the steps given below.

  • Install and open the program on your phone.
  • Select between full scan and basic scan.
  • Once done scanning, select the photos you wish to retrieve and a prompt message will be shown afterwards. Select if how would you like to recover the files.

How to recover deleted photos on android

Android Data Recovery

This application can help you retrieve deleted photos from Android phone and it’s fully compatible with almost all versions of Android whether rooted or not rooted. Unlike other recovery tools, this software allows you to preview the data first to ensure accurate recovery. Moreover, there are options to recover all or selected files while the existing data is kept intact. It can also recover files from both internal memory and SD card. Read on to learn how to recover deleted Android photos using Android Data Recovery.

    Download and launch the application on your computer.

  • Connect your Android phone to PC using USB cable. Make sure to enable USB debugging mode.
  • On your PC, click “Android Data Recovery”, check “Gallery” and then tap “Next”.
  • Choose “Scan for deleted files” or “Scan for all files” to find your files, you can also choose “Advanced Mode”. And click “Next”, then “Start”.
  • When scanning accomplishes, select items you want and tap “Recover”.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Note: Do not disconnect the device during the recovery procedure to ensure the completion of scanning. After the process, you can get back the deleted photos on your computer and transfer them to your Android Phone.

    FonePaw Android Data Recovery

    Another tool that can recover deleted pictures from Android is FonePaw. This program can also retrieve contacts, messages, call logs, videos, audios and mobile documents. It supports multiple brands of Android phone from HTC, Sony, Google, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, LG, Motorola and many more. Preview of data before actual recovery is likewise available so you could precisely restore what’s only needed.

    This tool is risk-free. To recover deleted photos from Android phone using FonePaw, just follow the steps below.

    • Install this program on your computer and open it. Link Android device with the computer via cable.
    • On the home screen, there are several categories, choose “Gallery” for camera roll or “Picture Library” for photos from apps and browsers.
    • Click “Next” and wait until the scanning process completes. From the result page, select the photos you wish to restore.
    • Click “Recover” to save them back on your computer.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Additional Tip

    Now that you know the tools that can efficiently retrieve deleted photos from Android. Always make sure to keep a backup copy of all your pictures. You can do this by periodically backing up your phone. But if you don’t have the time to do so, one app can save your time.

    AirMore is a one-stop phone management application compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. You can use it to effortlessly transfer files from your phone to PC and vice versa. After you recover deleted pictures from Android, you can use this tool to effectively manage them with ease. But what makes it wonderful is that it will not require you to install anything on your PC and you can use it to transfer all your files on your phone wirelessly.

    Written By Mansi Verma

    Approved By Rohit Arora

    Updated on March 8, 2021

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    To safeguard privacy of personal photos and videos, android smartphone users secure them by using photo vault apps. These applications help keep their personal pictures and videos protected behind passwords, thus creating a private photo locker for them. But, what if:

    • The app gets crashed/deleted.
    • Photos get lost/deleted mistakenly.
    • Phone gets formatted accidentally.

    Regardless of the reason, you eventually end up losing access to your photos and videos. However, you need not to worry about losing your precious pictures. When you secure pictures or videos through such privacy protection apps, they generally hide the photos from their original location in the phone or move them to a secure app folder. However, they still remain in the phone memory (be it internal or external/SD card). In this post, we share the best methods to recover deleted photo from Photo Vault app.

    Use Android Data Recovery Software

    Choosing a free android data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery for Android is the best approach to recover deleted photos from the internal memory of your Android device. This DIY software is compatible with all Android devices, running on Android 4.0 and above versions. Also, it shows preview of recovered files before saving them.

    Follow the below given steps to retrieve photos and videos, by using the software:

    • Download and Install Stellar Data Recovery for Android on a Windows PC.
    • Connect Android phone to the PC, and run the software.
    • From ‘Select What to Recover’ screen, select Photos, and click Next.How to recover deleted photos on android
    • When ‘Scan Device to Recover Data’ screen appears, click Next.How to recover deleted photos on android
    • When ‘Device Rooting Required’ window appears, click Start.How to recover deleted photos on android
    • A rooting confirmation dialogue displays. Click Yes to start the rooting process.How to recover deleted photos on android
    • After the rooting process completion, software starts Analyzing and Scanning the Device process to restore your photos.
    • On completion of analyzing and scanning process, the list of recovered files shows .
    • You can also sort the scan results by clicking on ‘Show All,’ ‘Deleted Only’ or ‘Existing Only’ radio button.
    • The deleted items shows up in RED while others in Black. You can also see the preview of retrieved photos before saving them.
    • Select the photos you want to recover, and click Save.
    • In Save Files window, click Browse to choose a destination to save the recovered photos and click Save.How to recover deleted photos on android

    You may create a backup of your restored files for avoiding data loss in future.

    Use Photo Recovery Software

    In case the deleted photos were saved on the phone’s SD card, you can use a professional photo recovery software such as Stellar Photo Recovery. This easy-to-use software can recover deleted/lost photos from a formatted or even corrupt SD card. The software is available for free download and lets you scan and recover photos in a few simple steps.

    Wrapping Up

    The photos and videos are definitely the treasured assets of your life, and you simply can’t afford to lose them. Therefore, in case of photo deletion or loss from Photo Vault app on your smartphone, choosing Stellar Data Recovery for Android is the best approach to recover them. However, if the deleted pictures were saved on memory card or the SD card, you can choose Stellar Photo Recovery Software to get them back safely.

    About The Author


    Mansi Verma is a Technology Writer at Stellar®. She writes about data recovery, photo recovery and repair for windows and DIY tech. With over 5 years of experience in writing, she holds a demonstrated history of writing about different technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Robotics. Read More

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    How to recover deleted photos on android

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    How to recover deleted photos on android

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    How to recover deleted photos on android

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    Sir lost my photos and videos from clock vault app by accidently uninstalling the app how can I recover it ?

    Hi Gokul, you can try our free software, Stellar Data Recovery for Android, which will help you to recover your photos and videos from your phone’s internal storage!

    Deleted the wrong file by accident on your mobile phone? On our Windows and Mac computers, there is a recycle bin or trash can where the delete files reside. If you have second thoughts or delete the wrong files, you can restore them from this recycle or trash bin. On recent iOS devices, there is a Recently Delete album in the Photos app, similar to the recycle bin on our windows PC or Trash on Mac. You can see these steps to recover photos from Recently Deleted album on iPhone. Does Android have a recycle bin or are deleted files permanently deleted? It depends. Generally speaking, Android will not send those deleted files and documents to a recycle or trash bin since it takes up your phone’s memory that beats the purpose of deleting them at the first place. However in recent Android devices we can also find such a feature in the Gallery app and the Photos app from Google. This means any deleted photo or video will be moved to this recycle bin or trash folder so you can go there and restore your deleted files.

    Unlike the recycle bin on PC, the recycle bin or trash album on Android normally helps recover photos and videos. And you can only recover recently deleted photos and videos as they will be permanently and automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

    In this article, we will show you several ways to get your deleted pictures, videos and more files back on Android phone or tablet.

    Method 1. How to recover deleted photos from Trash folder on Android?

    As we mentioned above, not all Android phones have a recycle bin. If the lost file is very important to you, it is worth a try though. Open the stock Gallery app on your Android phone. In this demo, we use an Android powered LG mobile phone which has the Trash album. Once the Gallery opens, tap the Menu at the top left corner, you will find the Trash from the side menu. Tap to open the Trash album to find all your recently deleted photos and videos on LG or other Android phone. See below screenshot.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    On the LG phone, albums and files will be permanently deleted after being in the trash for 7 days. To recover photos and videos from the Android phone, tap the Restore button at the top right, then select the albums, photos or videos to restore. Files will be restore to their original folders where they were stored.

    If you like to manually and instantly delete any files in the Trash, tap the Delete icon at the top right corner, select the files to permanently delete it. You can also empty trash to quickly and permanently delete all the files in the trash on your Android device.

    Method 2. Retrieve deleted photos videos from Google Photos

    Many Android devices come with the Photos app from Google. If you use Google Photos to manage your pictures and videos on the phone, you can also recover recently deleted photos and/or videos. Files deleted from Google Photos will stay in the trash album for 60 days.

    Open the Photos app on your Android phone, tap Menu at the top left, then choose Trash.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    All your deleted photos, videos will be listed there. You can then select to restore them to their original folders or permanently delete them from your Android mobile.

    Method 3. Recover photos and more from Android without a trash folder

    Not all phones have such a feature to restore those deleted files from recycle bin or trash can. If you can’t find deleted files on your Android phone following above methods, you can try third-party recovery software solutions. We recommend this Android data recovery software.
    How to recover deleted photos on android

    It is powerful to scan, find and retrieve many different types of files and documents from both your phone’s internal storage and micro-SD cards. Supported files types include but are not limited to photos, videos, messages, contacts, Whatsapp messages & attachments, audios. You can read our detailed guide on recovering deleted WhatsApp chats on Android, recovering deleted photos from Samsung mobile, just to name a few. Remember that when you delete a file and realize your mistake, make less use of your phone and recover it as soon as possible. If you loaded too much stuff on the phone’s storage since the file removal, those deleted files may be overwritten and you lost them forever.

    If you have deleted accidentally files on your Android phone and you want them back there are a couple of ways to do it. Initially, up until version Android 4.0, data recovery was possible on phones via data recovery software on PC. With Android 4.0 Google has removed USB Mass Storage which did enable PC to gain access to files stored on Android phones up to that point. The reasons for removing USB mass storage and switching to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) are many, but one reason (probably the main one) was Google’s obligation to pay royalties to Microsoft for the said USB protocol. The second reason being is that MTP allows greater flexibility since data can be shared to and from /data and /sdcard, something that wasn’t possible under the old system.

    After that event, things have changed. Data recovery on phones via PC became impossible unless you were recovering files from an SD drive or you were willing to use unofficial hacks. However, after many Android versions now you can recover the files that you have deleted by simply going to Gallery and scroll down to Recently Deleted (files)

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    In the Gallery you should be able to find all of the files that you have deleted in the past 30 days. After that period Android will permanently delete them and you won be able to recover them.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    However, recovering files on the SD card is still possible via PC. Simply extract the SD card from your Android phone and put it into a USB to SD card adapter or simply called USB card reader. Plug the adapter into your PC. Your PC should be able to recognize it as a drive, hence the recovery process can start either via [email protected] UNDELETE, [email protected] File Recovery, or [email protected] Uneraser.

    Our team has created a very informative tutorial video guiding you every step of the way so if you are in trouble make sure to check it out!

    Although the Android operating system isn’t as “accessible” as it once was, likewise data recovery via PC, it is still possible to recover those files as long as you pay attention since 30 day period is a long enough time to correct any file deletion done by mistake. However, if you have files on your SD card that you want to recover then any of our data recovery software can help you in restoring them.

    If you want to permanently delete files on your phone make sure to try out our Storage Sanitizer for Android.

    If you have lost photos on your Android device, the first thing you need to try to do is recover deleted photos Android internal storage. You can do this using various ways and you do not even need a third-party app for most of these methods.

    This guide takes a look at how to recover deleted photos from Android phone memory using some easy to follow solutions.

    Part 1. First Things First: What You Can Do When Photos Get Lost or Deleted

    When you end-up losing photos on your Android device, there are a few things you should avoid doing. These things are as follows.

    1. Avoid Restarting Your Device

    When you find that your photos are missing on your phone, you should not attempt to restart your device multiple times. This can cause your photos to be lost forever.

    2. Do Not Install New Apps

    When you install a new app, it overwrites the data for the photos that you have lost. Therefore, you should avoid installing new apps to increase your chances of recovering your lost photos.

    3. Stop Using the Device

    If at all possible, stop using your phone to make calls, send and receive text messages, capture photos, and so on. This will avoid your deleted photos from being overwritten and you will have greater chances of restoring your lost files.

    4. Check the Recycle Bin

    One way to recover deleted photos from Android internal memory is to check your recycle bin. It might be that your deleted photos are there, and you can tap the Recover in there to recover your lost photos.

    Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Photos Android Internal Storage without Backup or Root

    You might come across some methods that let you recover your photos but they require a backup or root-access. If you do not have these, you might want to use a third-party app that helps recover photos without root and backups.

    Tenorshare UltData for Android is one such app that you can use to restore your lost photos without having to root your phone. This tool scans your entire phone to help you find missing photos, and it then displays the previews of your photos so you know exactly what you are recovering.

    You can use this app as follows to recover photos from Android internal memory:

      Head over to the program website and download and install the latest version of the program on your computer.

    Launch the tool on your computer and click Recover Lost Data on the main interface.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Turn on USB debugging on your phone if it is not already enabled.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Tick Photos on the following screen so your phone is only searched for lost photos. Then, click Start in the bottom to start a photo scan.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    You will see previews of your lost photos. Click the ones you would like to recover and hit Recover in the bottom.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    That is how to recover deleted photos from Android phone internal memory with ease.

    Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Photos Android Internal Storage from Backup

    If you made backups of your photos prior to losing them, you can restore your lost photos from these backups. Here we show how you can do an Android photo recovery internal memory using two of the popular backup methods on your device.

    1. From Google Photos

    Most people choose to back up their photos to Google Photos and they have a very good reason to do this. Google Photos offers an unlimited amount of storage and you can store as many photos as you want in it for free.

    If you used this service for your photos, the following shows how to restore your lost photos from this app:

    • Open the Google Photos app and tap Menu at the bottom.
    • Tap on Trash folder and you will find your deleted photos from here.

    Select the photos you want to restore in the Trash, and then select Restore.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Your lost photos will start to download on your phone. If you have loads of photos, this process can take longer.

    2. From Local Backup

    Many Android phones let you create local backups and you can restore these backups to recover your lost photos.

    Since each phone has a unique process to create and restore local backups, we cannot really describe the steps on how to do this. However, most users need to open the Settings app on their phones and choose the Backup option.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    There, you will find the option to restore your local backup.


    If you want to learn how to retrieve deleted pictures from phone memory, the guide above has some really good methods for you to try out. All these methods should help you get back the lost photos on your Android device. Tenorshare UltData for Android is highly recommended if you need to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage without backup and rooting.

    Updated on 2021-07-02 / Update for Android Recovery

    Android OS dominates the mobile operation system. Most of the people on the planet are using Android smart phones. If you are using Android and you deleted or lost photos accidently, just read this article. We will show you how to recover deleted photos from Android easily. You just need your android phone and Android photo recovery software. It is really easy to restore deleted photos from Android.

    Android Data Recovery software can retrieve deleted pictures/photos from Android. It supports any version of Android system and popular Android devices from Samsung, HTC, MOTO, Sony, LG and so on. It can also recover deleted text messages from Android, contacts, videos, music, and documents for Android users.

    Step 1. Connect your Android Device

    Download, install and run Android Photo Recovery. Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable. The software will automatically recognize your phone and load the basic info on the interface.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Step 2. Enable USB debugging mode and get superuser authorization

    To recover deleted photos from Android phone, you need to enable the USB debugging mode on your android smart phone and allow the superuser authorization of the program if you rooted your Android phone before.

    Enable USB debugging mode

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    According to different Android OS versions, you can follow the steps below or the steps on the interface of Android photo recovery. You will enable the USB debugging mode easily with few clicks.

    If you are using Android 2.3 or earlier version, you need to go to the “settings”>”Development”>”Development” and check “USB Debugging”.

    If you are using Android 3.0 to 4.1, you need to go to “Settings”>”Development” and then check “USB Debugging”.

    If you are using Android 4.2 or later version, you need to go to “Settings” > “About Phone”, tap “Build number” for 7 times until getting the note “You are under developer mode”. Go back to “Settings” > “Developer options” > check “USB debugging”.

    After you enable the USB debugging mode, you can easily click “Next” button. If you have already rooted your Android device, you need to allow superuser authorization to the program to have the right to analyze the data on your phone. There will be a pop-up message on your Android phone and you need to click “Allow”. The authorization process is done.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Step 3. Scan deleted photos on Android phone

    Now you can select the “Gallery” on the interface to scan to find the deleted photos on Android. Then you need to select the scan mode, I recommend you to choose scan for deleted photos if you just want to retrieve deleted pictures on Android. If you want to scan all the photos on Android, you can choose scan for all photos.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    If you also want to recover other data on Android, you can select other sections to scan, such as messaging, contact, call history, videos, audio and so on. But you need to remember that the more data you want to recover, the longer the software will take for scanning.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Step 4. Recover deleted photos on Android phone

    Once the Android Photo Recovery software finishes the scanning, you can preview and select which deleted photos you want to recover. Select the photos you want to recover and click “Recover” button. You can easily restore deleted photos on Android to your computer.

    All the steps are really simple and you can easily recover deleted photos from Android. The software will scan your Android data for some time according to how much data you want to scan. One more tips for Android users. Once you found you deleted photos accidently on Android, please stop using the camera until you recover the deleted photos from Android.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    We go into detail about how to Recover deleted photos and videos on Android devices in this guide. Recovery with or without a computer is possible for deleted videos. Your precious videos may lose due to many reasons. No matter why you lost files, now is the time to recover them.

    Your Android phone can be recovered from deleted photos and videos using several methods without a computer. Moreover, you might have a backup if you deleted the pictures recently. Different solutions are needed to recover deleted videos.

    Video Restore From Recently Deleted On Android

    All Gallery app users are aware that deleted videos and photos are kept in the Recently Deleted folder for some time. Even though the erased pictures and videos are gone for a short period, you can still recover them.

    Therefore, deleted items will still appear in the Recently Deleted folder. Recovering deleted photos and videos from your Android phone is easy.

    Check your Recently Deleted folder for recovered videos on your Android device:

    1– Go to the Gallery app and select “Albums.”

    2- Select “Recently deleted” from the drop-down list.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    You can restore a video by holding it and tapping it. Select other items you wish to restore by tapping them.

    Restore deleted photos and videos by tapping “Restore.”

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Photos and videos permanently recovered with Android Data Recovery

    If you empty the Recently Deleted folder, you will not recover videos or photos deleted 30 days ago. Your Android phone will permanently erase these items. What is the best solution for recovering permanently deleted videos?

    With the Android data recovery app, you can recover permanently deleted videos and photos on an Android device without a computer. An excellent Android app is EaseUS MobiSaver. Android devices recovered with this tool. With this app, you can retrieve deleted or lost photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages and WhatsApp messages. The recovery of Android videos may be facilitated by it.

    Deleted videos and photos from Android phones recovered by following these steps:

    Once the app is open on your phone, tap “START SCAN” to begin scanning all of your lost photos and videos.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Photos and videos that deleted are now visible on the screen.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Go to the settings tab. Here you can choose what sizes, formats, etc., the software should display.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Tap Recover after you have selected the files displayed. You can tap the eye icon. Photos and videos from the recovery process are stored there.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    How To Get Back Deleted Android Videos Using Google Photos

    Video and photo uploads are possible with Google Photos on Android devices. It will allow you to access them directly from the Google Photos app without using a computer. The following steps will explain how you can recover deleted Android video files without a computer:

    On your Android phone, launch the Google Photos application.

    On your screen, click the “Menu” button.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    Click “Done” after selecting “Trash.”

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    By selecting them, you can recover your pictures and videos.

    How to recover deleted photos on android

    You can restore your system by clicking the “Restore” button.

    1. How to Recover Deleted Photos From the Cloud

    Most cloud and photo apps (not including Instagram) offer to back up your photos in the background. If you’ve got this turned on, then chances are your photo isn’t really deleted.

    Deleting a photo from your phone’s gallery app won’t delete it from your cloud backup service. To get it back, just log into your cloud app and download it once more. In Google Photos, open the image and select Save to device from the menu. For Dropbox, this is located at Export > Save to device.

    If you deleted the image from your cloud backup, you can recover it from there, too. Most cloud services use a recycle bin that allows you to restore any deleted file within a certain time frame.

    How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Google Photos

    On Google Photos, open the app and select Trash or Bin from the sidebar. Long-press on each image you want to recover, then hit Restore. Deleted files remain available for 60 days.

    Recover Deleted Files From Microsoft OneDrive

    For Microsoft’s OneDrive, open the app and go to Me > Recycle Bin. Select your files and tap the Restore icon. OneDrive keeps deleted files up to 30 days, although it may delete them sooner if your recycle bin is larger than 10 percent of your total storage space.

    How to Restore Deleted Photos From Dropbox

    In Dropbox, you need to log in on your desktop to recover deleted images, as you can’t do it in the app. Go to Files > Deleted Files, then select the ones you want to restore. They’re available for 30 days after deletion.

    Other cloud apps work in similar ways. Check the terms for your account to see how long a particular service keeps your deleted files.

    2. How to Recover Deleted Android Photos From Your SD Card

    What if you don’t back up your photos to the cloud? If you need to know how to recover deleted photos from your gallery app, your best hope is that you’ve saved them to your phone’s SD card.

    You can connect your card to a desktop computer and use special recovery software to attempt recover the lost pictures, so long as it isn’t encrypted. But there are no guarantees with this.

    Deleted files remain on a memory card only until they get overwritten by new data. Thus, as soon as you realize you’ve deleted photos by mistake, you should remove your card from your phone to reduce the risk of them being overwritten.

    In case you were wondering, this method won’t work on your phone’s internal storage because Android doesn’t use the old USB Mass Storage protocol anymore. This is the same reason why it’s difficult to recover deleted text messages on Android.

    Restore Deleted Images With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

    The best free image recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can download it for both Windows and Mac.

    First, connect your memory card to your computer, either through a card reader or via your laptop’s SD card slot.

    Install and run Data Recovery Wizard. Once it launches, it will show you all available drives from which you can recover data. This should include your hard drive and the memory card.

    Select the memory card and hit Scan. The app will now start scanning for any files it can recover. You can restore up to 2GB of data at a time with the free version. Scanning can take up to 20 minutes or more, depending on the size of the card and how much data is on it. But you don’t have to wait for it to finish.

    Select Type in the left-hand panel. Click the dropdown arrow next to Graphics and select jpg (or whatever file format your phone saves images in). All the images you can recover show in the main window. Select the ones that you want.

    Click Recover Now and choose a location on your hard drive to save your images. They’ll export and save in their own folder. You can now copy them back to your phone.

    3. How to Restore Deleted Photos on a Rooted Phone

    If you aren’t using either a cloud backup service or a memory card, it becomes a lot harder to recover deleted photos from your Android phone. Despite claims from certain apps online, there’s no way to scan your phone’s internal storage to recover lost files—unless the phone is rooted.

    If you’re desperate, you can try rooting your phone. But this may require you to wipe your device, and that significantly increases the likelihood that your deleted pictures will be overwritten and lost forever.

    Fortunately, if your phone is already rooted, the process is simple. See our in-depth guide on how to root an Android phone for more.

    Undelete Photos With DiskDigger

    Install the app DiskDigger Photo Recovery from the Play Store. This is free for photo and video recovery; you only have to pay if you want to recover other types of files.

    Launch the app and grant root permissions when prompted. You’ll now see Basic Scan and Full Scan options. Ignore the first one, as it can only find low-res thumbnails of your images. Instead, you’ll want to use the Full Scan option.

    Find your phone’s internal storage. This is normally the /data partition. Tap it, then choose the type of file you want to search for (likely JPG and/or PNG). Tap OK to begin.

    The app starts scanning immediately and shows you a thumbnail grid of everything it finds. It doesn’t just show your deleted photos—it shows every image in your phone’s internal storage. The process thus takes a while to complete.

    To filter out some of the findings, tap the Settings icon. You should set a larger Minimum File Size—by choosing 1,000,000, for example, you’ll limit your results to images larger than a megabyte. You can also limit the date to a time near when the photos were taken.

    DiskDigger can’t find every deleted photo, and some might be corrupted. When it does find the ones you want, select them and tap Recover.

    Choose where you want to save the file. You can save them to a specific app, or put them straight back into your camera folder. Choose the DCIM folder to do this. Click OK to save your photos, and you’re done.

    How to Avoid Losing Your Android Photos Next Time

    The best way to avoid losing your precious photos in the first place is to keep them backed up somewhere.

    The easiest way is to use apps that back up your Android photos to the cloud. These apps run quietly in the background and you can control when they upload your photos. Set them to only work when you’re connected to Wi-Fi and your phone is charging and you won’t hurt your data plan or battery life.

    Google Photos gives you unlimited free photo storage for 16-megapixel photos—big enough for most smartphone cameras—and 1080p videos. Flickr gives you unlimited storage on a Pro account and uploads images in their full resolution.

    Photos aren’t the only important kind of data on your device; you should know the best ways to back up everything on your Android phone. With a regular backup plan, you’ll always have a copy of your information and never risk losing anything again.