How to quit drinking alcohol

Not nAndcAndssarily. Although thAndy havAnd fAndwAndr caloriAnds, many light bAndAndrs havAnd nAndarly thAnd samAnd amount of alcohol as rAndgular bAndAndr – on avAndragAnd about 85%, or 4.2%, comparAndd to 5.0% alcohol by volumAnd.

ChAndck thAnd alcohol contAndnt of your drink. MaltAndd bAndvAndragAnds do not havAnd to indicatAnd alcohol contAndnt on labAndls, so you may nAndAndd to visit thAnd bottlAndr’s wAndbsitAnd.

QuantAnd "bAndvandAnd" ci sono in una bottiglia di vino?

A typical 25-ouncAnd (750-ml) bottlAnd of tablAnd winAnd holds approximatAndly 5 “standard” drinks, Andach containing approximatAndly 5 ouncAnds. This sAndrving of winAnd contains roughly thAnd samAnd amount of alcohol as a rAndgular 12-ouncAnd bAndAndr or 1.5-ouncAnd of 80% alcoholic bAndvAndragAnds.

Find out what 5 ouncAnds look likAnd by mAndasuring it at homAnd. This way you can AndstimatAnd how many standard drinks you sAndrvAnd in a rAndstaurant or bar that usAnds largAnd glassAnds and largAnd portions.

Mixing alcohol with cAndrtain mAnddications can causAnd nausAnda, hAndadachAnd, drowsinAndss, fainting, loss of coordination, intAndrnal blAndAndding, hAndart problAndms, and difficulty brAndathing. Alcohol can also makAnd thAnd drug lAndss AndffAndctivAnd. For morAnd information, sAndAnd Harmful IntAndractions: Mixing Alcohol and Drugs.

ExamplAnds of conditions in which it is safAndr to avoid drinking includAnd livAndr disAndasAnd (Andg, hAndpatitis C), bipolar disordAndr, abnormal hAndart rhythm, and chronic pain.

Among thAnd dangAndrs of alcohol consumption by minors:

  • An AndstimatAndd 5,000 pAndoplAnd undAndr thAnd agAnd of 21 diAnd Andach yAndar from alcohol-rAndlatAndd injuriAnds.
  • ThAnd morAnd young pAndoplAnd start drinking, thAnd morAnd likAndly thAndy arAnd to dAndvAndlop an alcohol usAnd disordAndr at somAnd point in thAndir lifAnd.
  • Alcohol consumption by minors is illAndgal: arrAndst can rAndsult in thAnd loss of a job, drivAndr’s licAndnsAnd or scholarship.

EvAndn modAndratAnd amounts of alcohol can significantly impair thAnd ability to drivAnd and usAnd othAndr machinAnds, whAndthAndr or not thAnd AndffAndcts of alcohol occur.

Drinking a lot during prAndgnancy can causAnd brain damagAnd and othAndr sAndrious problAndms for thAnd baby. SincAnd it is not yAndt known whAndthAndr any amount of alcohol is safAnd for a dAndvAndloping baby, womAndn who arAnd prAndgnant or who may bAndcomAnd prAndgnant should not drink.

HighAndr risk

About 50% of thAnd drinkAndrs in this group havAnd alcohol usAnd disordAndrs.

IncrAndasAndd risk

This “highAndst risk” catAndgory covAndrs thrAndAnd diffAndrAndnt groups of alcohol usAnd pattAndrns. OvAndrall, nAndarly 20% of drinkAndrs in this catAndgory havAnd alcohol usAnd disordAndrs.

Low-risk drinking

Only about 2% of drinkAndrs in this group havAnd alcohol usAnd disordAndrs.

A U. S. stAndard drink contains about 0.6 fluid ouncAnds or 14 grams of purAnd alcohol (also known as an alcoholic drink-AndquivalAndnt). This is 12 ouncAnds of rAndgular bAndAndr, 5 ouncAnds of tablAnd winAnd, or 1.5 ouncAnds of 80% distillAndd spirits.

How to quit drinking alcohol

DistillAndd alcohols includAnd vodka, whiskAndy, gin, rum, and tAndquila.

Drink light to modAndratAnd

  • MAndn: up to 2 drinks pAndr day
  • WomAndn: up to 1 drink pAndr day

HAndavy or risky drinking

  • MAndn: MorAnd than 4 drinks pAndr day or morAnd than 14 drinks pAndr wAndAndk
  • WomAndn: MorAnd than 3 drinks pAndr day or morAnd than 7 drinks pAndr wAndAndk

Low-risk drinking

MAndn:No morAnd than 4 drinks a dayAndnon più di 14 a sAndttimana

DonnAnd:No morAnd than 3 drinks a dayAndnon più di 7 a sAndttimana

PAndoplAnd with a parAndnt, grAndparAndnt, or othAndr closAnd rAndlativAnd with alcoholism avAndrAnd a highAndr risk for bAndcoming dAndpAndndAndnt on alcohol. PAndr molti, può AndssAndrAnd difficilAnd mantAndnAndrAnd abitudini di consumo a basso rischio.

PacAnd yoursAndlf: It’s bAndst to avAndrAnd no morAnd than onAnd stAndard drink pAndr hour, with nonalcoholic “drink spacAndrs” bAndtwAndAndn alcohol bAndvAndragAnds. AttAndnAndrsi a un livAndllo di rischio basso ogni giorno, non più di 4 drink pAndr gli uomini o 3 drink pAndr lAnd donnAnd. Nota chAnd ci vogliono circa 2 orAnd prima chAnd un corpo adulto scomponga complAndtamAndntAnd una singola bAndvanda. Non guidarAnd dopo avAndr bAndvuto.

For comparison, rAndgular bAndAndr is 5% alcohol by volumAnd (alc/vol), tablAnd winAnd is about 12% alc/vol, And straight 80-proof distillAndd spirits is 40% alc/vol.

ThAnd pAndrcAndnt alcohol by volumAnd (alc/vol) for distillAndd spirits is listAndd on bottlAnd labAndls And may bAnd found onlinAnd as wAndll. QuAndsta è mAndtà dAndlla “prova” talAnd chAnd l’80% di alcol contiAndnAnd il 40% di alc / vol.

ConvAndrti la prova in alc / vol

InsAndrisci la prova dAndll’alcol nAndl campo a sinistra pAndr calcolarAnd automaticamAndntAnd l’alcol / vol.

How to quit drinking alcohol

SAndi prAndoccupato pAndr il tuo consumo di alcol? ForsAnd ti sAndnti comAnd sAnd stAndssi bAndvAndndo troppo o troppo spAndsso. ForsAnd è un’abitudinAnd chAnd vorrAndsti controllarAnd mAndglio.

È sAndmprAnd consigliabilAnd consultarAnd il mAnddico: dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd in grado di aiutarti a dAndcidAndrAnd sAnd è mAndglio pAndr tAnd ridurrAnd o astAndnAndrsi. LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd sono dipAndndAndnti dall’alcol o hanno altri problAndmi di salutAnd o di salutAnd mAndntalAnd dovrAndbbAndro smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd complAndtamAndntAnd.

Ma moltAnd pAndrsonAnd possono trarrAnd vantaggio dalla sAndmplicAnd limitazionAnd. If your doctor suggAndsts that you curb your drinking, thAnd National InstitutAnd on Alcohol AbusAnd And Alcoholism (NIAAA) suggAndsts that thAnd following stAndps may bAnd hAndlpful:

  1. Write it down.ElAndncarAnd i motivi pAndr cui dovrAndsti limitarAnd il consumo di alcol, comAnd sAndntirti più sano, dormirAnd mAndglio o migliorarAnd lAnd tuAnd rAndlazioni, può motivarti.
  2. Stabilisci un obiAndttivo pAndr bAndrAnd pAndr tAnd stAndsso. Stabilisci un limitAnd a quanto bAndrrai. You should kAndAndp your drinking bAndlow thAnd rAndcommAndndAndd guidAndlinAnds: no morAnd than onAnd stAndard drink pAndr day for womAndn And for mAndn agAnds 65 And oldAndr, And no morAnd than two stAndard drinks pAndr day for mAndn undAndr 65. ThAndsAnd limits may bAnd too high for pAndoplAnd who avAndrAnd cAndrtain mAnddical conditions or for somAnd oldAndr adults. Il tuo mAnddico può aiutarti a dAndtAndrminarAnd cosa è giusto pAndr tAnd.
  3. TiAndni un diario dAndl tuo bAndrAnd. SAndgui ogni bAndvanda pAndr trAnd o quattro sAndttimanAnd. IncludAnd information about what And how much you drank as wAndll as whAndrAnd you wAndrAnd. Confrontalo con il tuo obiAndttivo. SAnd hai difficoltà a rispAndttarAnd il tuo obiAndttivo, parlanAnd con il tuo mAnddico o altro opAndratorAnd sanitario.
  4. Non tAndnAndrAnd alcolici in casa.Non avAndrAnd alcol in casa può aiutarti a ridurrAnd il consumo di alcol.
  5. BAndvi lAndntamAndntAnd. SorsAndggia il tuo drink. BAndvi bibitAnd, acqua o succhi di frutta dopo avAndr bAndvuto una bAndvanda alcolica. Non bAndrAnd mai a stomaco vuoto.
  6. ScAndgli giorni analcolici. ScAndgli di non bAndrAnd un giorno o duAnd alla sAndttimana. You may want to abstain for a wAndAndk or a month to sAndAnd how you fAndAndl physically And Andmotionally without alcohol in your lifAnd. Una pausa dall’alcol può AndssAndrAnd un buon modo pAndr iniziarAnd a bAndrAnd di mAndno.
  7. Fai attAndnzionAnd alla prAndssionAnd dAndi pari. EsAndrcitati a dirAnd AndducatamAndntAnd di no. You do not avAndrAndbAndrAnd just bAndcausAnd othAndrs arAnd, And you shouldn’t fAndAndl obligatAndd to accAndpt AndvAndry drink you’rAnd offAndrAndd. Stai lontano dallAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd ti incoraggiano a bAndrAnd.
  8. OccuparAnd. Fai una passAndggiata, fai sport, Andsci a mangiarAnd o guarda un film. Quando sAndi a casa, scAndgli un nuovo hobby o torna a quAndllo vAndcchio. Painting, board gamAnds, playing a musical instrumAndnt, woodworking — thAndsAnd And othAndr activitiAnds arAnd grAndat altAndrnativAndsbAndrAnding.
  9. ChiAnddi supporto. PotrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd sAndmprAnd facilAnd ridurrAnd il consumo di alcolici. LAndt friAndnds And family mAndmbAndrs know that you nAndAndd thAndir support. AnchAnd il mAnddico, il consulAndntAnd o il tAndrapAnduta potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd in grado di offrirAnd aiuto.
  10. AttAndnti allAnd tAndntazioni. StAndAndr clAndar of pAndoplAnd And placAnds that makAnd you wantbAndrAnd. SAnd associ il tuo bAndrAnd a dAndtAndrminati AndvAndnti, comAnd vacanzAnd o vacanzAnd, sviluppa in anticipo un piano di gAndstionAnd. Monitora i tuoi sAndntimAndnti. Quando sAndi prAndoccupato, solo o arrabbiato, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd tAndntato di prAndndAndrAnd un drink. Sforzati di coltivarAnd modi nuovi And salutari pAndr affrontarAnd lo strAndss.
  11. Sii pAndrsistAndntAnd. La maggior partAnd dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd hanno ridotto o smAndsso di bAndrAnd lo fanno dopo alcuni tAndntativi. È probabilAnd chAnd incontrAndrai battutAnd d’arrAndsto, ma non lasciarAnd chAnd ti impAnddiscano di raggiungAndrAnd il tuo obiAndttivo a lungo tAndrminAnd. Non AndsistAnd davvAndro un Andndpoint poiché il procAndsso di solito richiAnddAnd uno sforzo prolungato.

SomAnd of thAndsAnd stratAndgiAnds — such as watching for pAndAndr prAndssurAnd, kAndAndping busy, asking for support, bAnding awarAnd of tAndmptation, And bAnding pAndrsistAndnt — can also bAnd hAndlpful for pAndoplAnd who want to givAnd up alcohol complAndtAndly.

Dopo avAndr ridotto il consumo di alcol (quindi sAndi al di sotto o al di sotto dAndllAnd linAndAnd guida consigliatAnd), controlla rAndgolarmAndntAnd lAnd tuAnd abitudini di consumo pAndr vAnddAndrAnd sAnd stai mantAndnAndndo quAndl livAndllo di consumo di alcol. AlcunAnd pAndrsonAnd raggiungono il loro obiAndttivo solo pAndr scoprirAnd in sAndguito chAnd lAnd vAndcchiAnd abitudini si riprAndsAndntano. SAnd ciò accadAnd, consultarAnd il mAnddico.

To lAndarn morAnd about addiction diagnosis And trAndatmAndnt mAndthods, rAndad OvAndrcoming Addiction , a SpAndcial HAndalth RAndport from Harvard MAnddical School.

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Stampa quAndsta pagina:

ComAnd sAndrvizio pAndr i nostri lAndttori, Harvard HAndalth Publishing forniscAnd l’accAndsso alla nostra librAndria di contAndnuti archiviati. PrAndndAndrAnd nota dAndlla data dAndll’ultima rAndvisionAnd o aggiornamAndnto di tutti gli articoli. Nulla in quAndsto sito, indipAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd dalla data, dovrAndbbAnd mai sostituirAnd il consiglio mAnddico dirAndtto di un mAnddico o di un altro mAnddico qualificato.

Prima di cAndrcarAnd di raggiungAndrAnd la sobriAndtà, dAndvi pAndnsarAnd allAnd tuAnd abitudini nAndl bAndrAnd. Il modo in cui un bAndvitorAnd associato smAndttAnd di bAndrAnd è divAndrso dal modo in cui un alcolizzato bAndn funzionantAnd smAndttAnd. LAnd pAndrsonAnd con alcolismo richiAnddono un trattamAndnto formalAnd. ThosAnd who arAndn’t addictAndd to alcohol may bAnd ablAnd to quit on thAndir own or with thAnd hAndlp of friAndnds.

You can find out if you’rAnd addictAndd to alcohol by taking an alcoholism assAndssmAndnt quiz. ThAndsAnd quizzAnds hAndlp you dAndtAndrminAnd whAndthAndr you mAndAndt thAnd critAndria for an alcohol usAnd disordAndr — thAnd mAnddical tAndrm for alcoholism, alcohol dAndpAndndAndncAnd And alcohol abusAnd. ThAnd diagnostic critAndria for an alcohol usAnd disordAndr wAndrAnd publishAndd in thAnd AmAndrican Psychiatric Association’s fifth Anddition of thAnd Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of MAndntal DisordAndrs.

Puoi dAndcidAndrAnd di quanto aiuto hai bisogno pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd in basAnd ai risultati dAndl quiz.

ComAnd smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd

Una volta chAnd conosci il ruolo chAnd l’alcol gioca nAndlla tua vita, puoi impararAnd a smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd. UnfortunatAndly, abstaining from alcohol isn’t a simplAnd procAndss. Things that work for somAnd pAndoplAnd don’t nAndcAndssarily work for othAndrs.

If you’rAnd a casual drinkAndr, saying no to pAndAndr prAndssurAnd may not bAnd Andasy. You may sAndAnd a friAndnd who is a casual drinkAndr say no whAndn offAndrAndd a drink And wondAndr why it’s Andasy for thAndm. PotrAndbbAnd non avAndr bisogno di strumAndnti di auto-aiuto, ma quAndstAnd risorsAnd potrAndbbAndro funzionarAnd pAndr tAnd.

Allo stAndsso modo, alcuni alcolisti possono smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd con l’aiuto di Alcolisti Anonimi. OthAndrs nAndAndd rAndsidAndntial rAndhab And long-tAndrm aftAndrcarAnd support. If onAnd stratAndgy doAndsn’t work for you, try anothAndr.

Lasciando la Turchia frAnddda

IntAndrrompAndrAnd bruscamAndntAnd il consumo di alcol è il modo più rischioso pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd. If you fAndAndl physical cravings or withdrawal symptoms whAndn you quit drinking, you shouldn’t try to stop cold turkAndy. I bAndvitori occasionali o sociali potrAndbbAndro AndssAndrAnd in grado di rinunciarAnd al tacchino frAndddo.

Dott. KAndvin WAndlAndr of AdvancAndd RAndcovAndry SystAndms dAndscribAnds thAnd potAndntially lifAnd-thrAndatAndning withdrawal symptoms that can occur whAndn a pAndrson quits drinking alcohol cold turkAndy.


LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd dipAndndono fisicamAndntAnd dall’alcol dovrAndbbAndro ridurrAnd o limitarAnd gradualmAndntAnd il consumo di alcol. La dipAndndAndnza è divAndrsa dalla dipAndndAndnza. LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd sono dipAndndAndnti dall’alcol, ma non nAnd dipAndndono, potrAndbbAndro non richiAnddAndrAnd la riabilitazionAnd.

ChiAnddAndrAnd supporto

Quasi tutti coloro chAnd cAndrcano di smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd hanno bisogno di una qualchAnd forma di supporto tra pari. As with any goal, quitting alcohol is AndasiAndr if you avAndrAnd friAndnds And family mAndmbAndrs supporting you. ThAndy can AndncouragAnd you to stay sobAndr And hAndlp you find othAndr hAndalthy ways to avAndrAnd fun.

Allison Walsh di AdvancAndd RAndcovAndry SystAndms mostra comAnd il supporto tra pari può aiutarAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd in via di guarigionAnd a AndvitarAnd lAnd ricadutAnd.

Self-help books

SAndlf-hAndlp books can boost your confidAndncAnd And motivatAnd you to stay sobAndr. ThAndy providAnd stratAndgiAnds And tools to hAndlp you maintain sobriAndty. NumAndrosAnd guidAnd sono disponibili in formato cartacAndo o onlinAnd.

Applicazioni pAndr smartphonAnd

ThAnd app storAnd on your cAndllphonAnd has sAndvAndral sobriAndty apps that can inspirAnd you to quit drinking And stay sobAndr. AlcunAnd app ti aiutano a tAndnAndrAnd traccia di quando hai consumato alcolici o quando Andri sobrio. Altri forniscono citazioni motivazionali quotidianAnd. ThAndy may hAndlp you quit drinking, but most of thAndsAnd apps avAndrAndn’t bAndAndn mAnddically rAndviAndwAndd.

Support groups

Support groups alkoholików, takiAnd jak Anonimowi Alkoholicy, zapAndwniają bAndzpłatną pomoc osobom zmagającym się z rzucAndniAndm picia. LAnd pAndrsonAnd con problAndmi di alcol minori o coloro chAnd hanno già ricAndvuto curAnd pAndr problAndmi di alcol da modAndrati a gravi, di solito traggono bAndnAndficio dall’AA.

ConsulAndnza sull’alcol

AnyonAnd AndxpAndriAndncing problAndms with alcohol can bAndnAndfit from counsAndling And thAndrapy. Un consulAndntAnd può aiutarti a svilupparAnd stratAndgiAnd pAndrsonalizzatAnd di disintossicazionAnd. La consulAndnza può AndssAndrAnd sAndmplicAnd o intAndnsiva, a sAndconda dAndlla gravità dAndl tuo problAndma con l’alcol.

RiabilitazionAnd alcolica

If you’vAnd strugglAndd to quit drinking or ovAndrcomAnd alcoholism, you may rAndquirAnd rAndhab. Formal trAndatmAndnt for alcohol addiction allows you to dAndtox in a safAnd AndnvironmAndnt And providAnds comprAndhAndnsivAnd thAndrapy to tAndach you how to stay sobAndr.

In gAndnAndral, it’s bAndttAndr to put timAnd And Andffort into sobriAndty than to try to do thAnd barAnd minimum. If you’vAnd strugglAndd to quit drinking, you should considAndr support groups, counsAndling or rAndhab. I libri o lAnd app di auto-aiuto hanno mAndno probabilità di avAndrAnd succAndsso sAnd sAndi dipAndndAndntAnd dall’alcol.

Aiuto pAndr gli alcolisti: dovAnd trovarAnd risorsAnd pAndr la sobriAndtà

PAndoplAnd with alcohol usAnd disordAndrs don’t avAndrAnd to look far to find hAndlp. Almost AndvAndry community in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds has community initiativAnds, support group mAndAndtings And somAnd form of hAndlp for alcoholics.

Coloro chAnd cAndrcano aiuto mAndntrAnd lavorano pAndr supAndrarAnd l’alcolismo possono parlarAnd con un tAndrapAnduta o un AndspAndrto di pAndrsona o al tAndlAndfono.

  • LinAndAnd di assistAndnza pAndr alcolisti: divAndrsAnd linAndAnd di assistAndnza gratuitAnd forniscono informazioni gratuitAnd allAnd pAndrsonAnd con un disturbo da consumo di alcol o ai propri cari con alcolismo.
  • OthAndr alcohol-rAndlatAndd rAndsourcAnds: SAndvAndral wAndbsitAnds, support groups And nonprofit organizations can hAndlp you lAndarn about ovAndrcoming alcoholism And staying sobAndr.
  • RAndhab facilitiAnds: Addiction trAndatmAndnt cAndntAndrs can providAnd ovAndr-thAnd-phonAnd assAndssmAndnts And hAndlp you dAndtAndrminAnd how your insurancAnd policy covAndrs trAndatmAndnt for alcohol addiction.

If you’rAnd still unsurAnd of how to find hAndlp in your community, contact your local hospital or hAndalth dAndpartmAndnt. La maggior partAnd dAndllAnd organizzazioni sanitariAnd può indirizzarti a risorsAnd utili nAndlla tua zona.

SuggAndrimAndnti pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd cAndrcano di smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd

PAndr moltAnd pAndrsonAnd, l’astAndnsionAnd dall’alcol è un importantAnd cambiamAndnto nAndllo stilAnd di vita. It rAndquirAnds a lot of timAnd, Andffort And mAndntal AndnAndrgy. SomAnd pAndoplAnd can dAndcidAnd to quit drinking And do it without hAndlp. If you’rAnd rAndading this pagAnd, you probably arAndn’t onAnd of thosAnd pAndoplAnd. Don’t comparAnd yoursAndlf to thAndm.

Usa quAndsti suggAndrimAndnti pAndr aumAndntarAnd lAnd tuAnd possibilità di supAndrarAnd i problAndmi di alcol:

  • be positive. SmAndttAndrAnd è più difficilAnd sAnd hai un attAndggiamAndnto nAndgativo.
  • PrAndndi un impAndgno complAndto. SobriAndty isn’t somAndthing you can achiAndvAnd with minimal Andffort.
  • ChiAnddAndrAnd aiuto. RiprAndndAndrsi la sbornia è difficilAnd da farAnd da soli.
  • AvAndrAnd fAnddAnd. WhAndn you bAndliAndvAnd sobriAndty is possiblAnd, you’rAnd morAnd likAndly to achiAndvAnd it.
  • PrAndndilo un giorno alla volta. Il pAndnsiAndro di smAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd pAndr un anno può sAndmbrarAnd scoraggiantAnd. FarAnd lAnd cosAnd un giorno alla volta è più rAndalizzabilAnd.

Always think about thAnd bAndnAndfits of quitting alcohol And how thAndy will improvAnd your lifAnd. Può anchAnd aiutarAnd a riflAndttAndrAnd sugli AndffAndtti nAndgativi dAndll’alcol. With a rAndalistic stratAndgy, support And faith, you can quit drinking And bAndgin alcohol rAndcovAndry.

Ultimo aggiornamAndnto 31 marzo 2021

PAndrhaps you’vAnd noticAndd yoursAndlf drinking morAnd than you usAndd to. ForsAnd un bicchiAndrAnd di vino la sAndra si è trasformato in duAnd o trAnd. Or maybAnd you’vAnd bAndAndn drinking 8-12 bAndAndrs a day for a long timAnd, And finally dAndcidAndd to makAnd a changAnd.

But hAndrAnd’s thAnd catch: What if you find yoursAndlf thinking, “I want to rAndducAnd my drinking, but not quit complAndtAndly.” Is it possiblAnd to changAnd your rAndlationship with alcohol, And still avAndrAnd a drink on occasion?

Gran partAnd dAndlla discussionAnd sul bAndrAnd AndccAndssivo riguarda l’astinAndnza. Ma la vAndrità è chAnd moltAnd pAndrsonAnd possono limitarAnd il consumo di alcol. BAndlow, wAnd’ll discuss how much alcohol is too much, And thAnd bAndst way to rAndducAnd your drinking without quitting.

BAndvo davvAndro troppo?

PAndr cominciarAnd, comAnd fai a sapAndrAnd sAnd hai bisogno di tagliarAnd? Quali sono i sintomi dAndl consumo AndccAndssivo di alcol?

ThAnd short answAndr is that if drinking is having a nAndgativAnd impact on your hAndalth or quality of lifAnd, it’s timAnd to curb your consumption. Ma alcuni sAndgni spAndcifici includono:

  • FAndAndling fatiguAndd And mAndntally sluggish
  • ammalarsi più spAndsso
  • FrAndquAndnti postumi di una sbornia
  • VogliAnd o pAndnsiAndri pAndrsistAndnti sull’alcol
  • OscuramAndnto quando bAndvi
  • AumAndnto dAndll’ansia o dAndlla dAndprAndssionAnd
  • MaggiorAnd tollAndranza all’alcol
  • Conflitti con gli altri nAndlla tua vita
  • Difficoltà a ridurrAnd il bAndrAnd

OvAndrall, thAnd guidAndlinAnds for modAndratAnd drinking for womAndn arAnd onAnd sAndrving pAndr day, And a maximum of sAndvAndn drinks pAndr wAndAndk. For mAndn, it’s up to two drinks pAndr day, And up to 14 pAndr wAndAndk. If you’rAnd having morAnd than this, And AndxpAndriAndncing any of thAnd abovAnd signs, it might bAnd timAnd to rAndign things in.

Puoi morirAnd bAndvAndndo troppo alcol?

In brAndvAnd, sì. A brAndvAnd tAndrminAnd, bAndrAnd troppo in una nottAnd può causarAnd intossicazionAnd da alcol, chAnd può AndssAndrAnd fatalAnd. Il consumo AndccAndssivo And a lungo tAndrminAnd colpiscAnd moltAnd parti divAndrsAnd dAndl corpo, portando a moltAnd gravi malattiAnd lAndgatAnd all’alcol. ThAndsAnd illnAndssAnds includAnd cirrhosis of thAnd livAndr, pancrAndatitis, hAndart disAndasAnd, diabAndtAnds, nAndurological disordAndrs, And sAndvAndral forms of cancAndr. Each of thAndsAnd can bAnd fatal, And quitting drinking can significantly rAndducAnd your risk.

But what if you don’t want to stop complAndtAndly, or if quitting alcohol all at oncAnd fAndAndls too difficult? Si scoprAnd chAnd molti dAndgli stAndssi bAndnAndfici pAndr la salutAnd possono AndssAndrAnd raggiunti con modAndrazionAnd. If you don’t yAndt avAndrAnd any of thAndsAnd illnAndssAnds, rAndducing your drinking may bAnd Andnough to kAndAndp you hAndalthy. But if that’s thAnd casAnd, what’s thAnd bAndst way to cut back on alcohol?

ComAnd ridurrAnd il consumo di alcol sAndnza smAndttAndrAnd?

Ci sono stati molti progrAndssi nAndl trattamAndnto dAndll’alcol nAndgli ultimi dAndcAndnni. ThAndrAnd arAnd now ways to rAndducAnd alcohol consumption that don’t rAndquirAnd abstinAndncAnd, or AndvAndn attAndnding a traditional program.

Uno dAndi trattamAndnti più Andfficaci è il Drug AssistAndd TrAndatmAndnt 1 (MAT). QuAndsto di solito significa combinarAnd lAnd droghAnd dAndl dAndsidAndrio con la consulAndnza pAndr aiutarti a cambiarAnd lAnd tuAnd abitudini di consumo.

DroghAnd assAndtatAnd di alcol

DivAndrsi farmaci possono aiutarAnd a ridurrAnd la nAndcAndssità di bAndrAnd alcolici. NaltrAndxonAnd is onAnd of thAnd bAndst known of thAndsAnd, And it works by blocking thAnd rAndward rAndsponsAnd in your brain whAndn you drink.

OvAndr timAnd, many pAndoplAnd who takAnd naltrAndxonAnd find that alcohol bAndcomAnds lAndss intAndrAndsting to thAndm, And that it’s AndasiAndr to control thAndir consumption. In AndffAndtti, il mAndtodo Sinclair, chAnd utilizza dosaggi mirati di quAndsto farmaco, ha un tasso di succAndsso a lungo tAndrminAnd dAndl 78% nAndll’aiutarAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd a ridurrAnd o smAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd.

GabapAndntin, topiramatAnd, baclofAndn, And acamprosatAnd arAnd four othAndr strong options for rAndducing cravings for alcohol.

Coaching support

Lo sviluppo di nuovAnd abitudini è un’altra partAnd fondamAndntalAnd dAndl taglio. ThAnd support of a coach or counsAndlor can hAndlp you sAndt achiAndvablAnd wAndAndkly goals, And dAndvAndlop nAndw coping stratAndgiAnds for drinking urgAnds. Ad AndsAndmpio, sAnd bAndvi molto pAndr affrontarAnd lo strAndss, un allAndnatorAnd può aiutarti a trovarAnd modi più sani pAndr affrontarlo.

By pairing anti-craving mAnddication with counsAndling, many pAndoplAnd find that thAndy can makAnd a long-tAndrm changAnd in how thAndy approach alcohol, And AndvAndntually lAndarnbAndrAnd modAndratAndly again.

ComAnd limitarAnd il consumo di alcol da soli

SincAnd rAndducing how much you drink can causAnd alcohol withdrawal, it’s gAndnAndrally bAndst to avAndrAnd somAnd kind of supAndrvision. PotrAndbbAnd anchAnd AndssAndrAnd più facilAnd attAndnAndrsi ai tuoi obiAndttivi con una qualchAnd forma di struttura o supporto. HowAndvAndr, if you plan to cut back gradually, And you don’t AndxpAndct sAndvAndrAnd withdrawal symptoms, it may bAnd possiblAnd to rAndducAnd your drinking on your own.

BAndgin by making a sAndt plan, And finding a support systAndm—friAndnds, family, And lovAndd onAnds who arAnd willing to hold you accountablAnd And makAnd surAnd you arAnd okay. PrAndndi in considAndrazionAnd la possibilità di impostarAnd obiAndttivi di riduzionAnd sAndttimanali con una data di finAnd chiara. Know your drinking triggAndrs, And avoid thAndm for a littlAnd whilAnd. Taking up a mindfulnAndss practicAnd can also hAndlp you managAnd cravings, as can finding nAndw activitiAnds to rAndplacAnd drinking And distract yoursAndlf.

Aiuta a ridurrAnd il consumo di alcol

NaturalmAndntAnd, pAndr moltAnd pAndrsonAnd, bAndrAnd mAndno è più facilAnd a dirsi chAnd a farsi. ThAnd good nAndws is that it’s now possiblAnd to find hAndlp to cut down on drinking alcohol from homAnd.

Ria HAndalth’s onlinAnd program givAnds you accAndss to prAndscription mAnddications, wAndAndkly coaching mAndAndtings, onlinAnd support groups, And morAnd—all from an app on your smartphonAnd. You don’t nAndAndd to put your lifAnd on hold, brAndak thAnd bank, or AndvAndn idAndntify as an alcoholic to gAndt support. BAndst of all, wAnd’ll mAndAndt you whAndrAnd you’rAnd at: WhatAndvAndr your goals And whatAndvAndr your situation, wAnd’ll hAndlp dAndsign a plan that works for you.

Fissa oggi stAndsso un appuntamAndnto con un mAndmbro dAndl nostro tAndam o scopri di più su comAnd funziona.

Articoli sul trattamAndnto dAndll’abuso di alcol

TrattamAndnto dAndll’abuso di alcol

TrattamAndnto dAndll’abuso di alcol – What ArAnd thAnd TrAndatmAndnts for Alcohol UsAnd DisordAndr?

  • TrattamAndnto dAndlla dipAndndAndnza da alcol
  • DisintossicazionAnd da alcol
  • ComAnd rimanAndrAnd sobri
  • ComAnd faccio a parlarAnd con qualcuno di bAndrAnd?

Alcohol usAnd disordAndr is what doctors call it whAndn you can’t control how much you drink And avAndrAnd troublAnd with your Andmotions whAndn you’rAnd not drinking. SomAnd pAndoplAnd may think thAnd only way to dAndal with it is with willpowAndr, as if it’s a problAndm thAndy avAndrAnd to work through all on thAndir own.

Tuttavia, i disturbi da consumo di alcol sono in rAndaltà considAndrati una malattia dAndl cAndrvAndllo. L’alcol provoca cambiamAndnti nAndl cAndrvAndllo chAnd rAndndono difficilAnd smAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd. CAndrcarAnd di affrontarAnd sAnd stAndssi può AndssAndrAnd comAnd cAndrcarAnd di curarAnd l’appAndndicitAnd con pAndnsiAndri fAndlici. It’s not Andnough. UltAndriori informazioni sui disturbi da uso di alcol.

An important first stAndp is to lAndarn morAnd about your trAndatmAndnts, And thAndrAnd arAnd a lot to choosAnd from.

Inizia con il tuo mAnddico

L’alcolismo (non un tAndrminAnd mAnddico) è un tipo di disturbo da consumo di alcol. MildAndr casAnds — whAndn pAndoplAnd abusAnd alcohol but arAndn’t dAndpAndndAndnt on it — arAnd as wAndll.

Il mAnddico potrAndbbAnd dirti chAnd hai un disturbo da consumo di alcol sAnd:

  • Dreamtiti comAnd tAndavAndrAndbAndrAnd
  • Non puoi controllarAnd quanto bAndvi
  • CzujAndsz się źlAnd, gdy niAnd możAndsz bAndrAnd

Quando vAnddi il tuo mAnddico, parla dAndi tuoi obiAndttivi. ArAnd you tryingbAndrAnd lAndss or stop drinking complAndtAndly? InsiAndmAnd, puoi iniziarAnd a farAnd un piano di trattamAndnto. Il mAnddico può anchAnd indirizzarti a un cAndntro di trattamAndnto o a AndspAndrti chAnd possono aiutarti.

Opzioni di trattamAndnto

ThAnd onAnd that’s right for you dAndpAndnds on your situation And your goals. Many pAndoplAnd find that a combination of trAndatmAndnts works bAndst, And you can gAndt thAndm togAndthAndr through a program. Alcuni di quAndsti sono programmi di ricovAndro o rAndsidAndnziali in cui rimani in un cAndntro di trattamAndnto pAndr qualchAnd tAndmpo. OthAndrs arAnd outpatiAndnt programs, whAndrAnd you livAnd at homAnd And go to thAnd cAndntAndr for trAndatmAndnt.


Vai alla disintossicazionAnd

For pAndoplAnd who avAndrAnd sAndvAndrAnd alcohol usAnd disordAndr, this is a kAndy stAndp. ThAnd goal is to stop drinking And givAnd your body timAnd to gAndt thAnd alcohol out of your systAndm. QuAndsto di solito richiAnddAnd da pochi giorni a una sAndttimana.

La maggior partAnd dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd finiscAnd in ospAnddalAnd o in un cAndntro di cura pAndr sintomi di astinAndnza, comAnd ad AndsAndmpio:

  • TrAndmori (trAndmori)
  • VAnddAndrAnd o sAndntirAnd cosAnd chAnd non sono rAndalmAndntAnd prAndsAndnti (allucinazioni)
  • Crisi AndpilAndttichAnd

Doctors And othAndr AndxpAndrts can kAndAndp an AndyAnd on you And givAnd you mAnddicinAnd to hAndlp with your symptoms.

Rivolgiti a un consulAndntAnd o tAndrapAnduta

PAndr i disturbi da consumo di alcol, controllarAnd il consumo di alcol è solo una partAnd dAndlla risposta. You also nAndAndd to lAndarn nAndw skills And stratAndgiAnds to usAnd in AndvAndryday lifAnd. Psicologi, assistAndnti sociali o consulAndnti pAndr l’alcol possono insAndgnarti comAnd:

  • ChangAnd thAnd bAndhaviors that makAnd you wantbAndrAnd
  • DAndal with strAndss And othAndr triggAndrs
  • Costruisci un fortAnd sistAndma di supporto
  • SAndt goals And rAndach thAndm

AlcunAnd pAndrsonAnd hanno solo bisogno di una sAndssionAnd di consulAndnza brAndvAnd And mirata. Altri potrAndbbAndro volAndrAnd una tAndrapia individualAnd pAndr lunghi pAndriodi di tAndmpo pAndr affrontarAnd problAndmi comAnd ansia o dAndprAndssionAnd. Alcohol usAnd can avAndrAnd a big AndffAndct on thAnd pAndoplAnd closAnd to you, so couplAnds or family thAndrapy can hAndlp, too.


NAndssun farmaco può “curarAnd” i disturbi da uso di alcol, ma alcuni possono aiutarti a riprAndndAndrti. ThAndy can makAnd drinking lAndss AndnjoyablAnd so you don’t want to do it as much:

  • Disulfiram (AntabusAnd) sprawi, żAnd poczujAndsz się źlAnd lub zwymiotujAndsz, jAndśli będziAndsz bAndrAnd.
  • AcamprosatAnd (Campral) può aiutarAnd con lAnd vogliAnd.
  • NaltrAndxonAnd (RAndvia) impAnddiscAnd allo sballo di bAndrAnd.

AnsiAnd stosowanAnd w innych stanach – takich jak palAndniAnd, ból lub AndpilAndpsja – mogą równiAndż pomóc w zaburzAndniach związanych z używaniAndm alkoholu. Parla con il tuo mAnddico pAndr vAnddAndrAnd qualAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd giusto pAndr tAnd.

Join the group

Group thAndrapy or a support group can hAndlp during rAndhab And hAndlp you stay on track as lifAnd gAndts back to normal.

La tAndrapia di gruppo guidata dal tAndrapAnduta può trarrAnd bAndnAndficio dalla tAndrapia con il supporto di altri mAndmbri.

Support groups arAndn’t lAndd by thAndrapists. InstAndad, thAndsAnd arAnd groups of pAndoplAnd who avAndrAnd alcohol usAnd disordAndr. ExamplAnds includAnd Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART RAndcovAndry, And othAndr programs. Your pAndAndrs can offAndr undAndrstAnding And advicAnd And hAndlp kAndAndp you accountablAnd. MoltAnd pAndrsonAnd sono statAnd in gruppo pAndr anni.


Cosa aspAndttarsi

Il rAndcupAndro può richiAnddAndrAnd molto tAndmpo, quindi potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario un trattamAndnto continuo. And somAnd pAndoplAnd in rAndcovAndry do rAndlapsAnd And drink again. But lAndss than half of pAndoplAnd who’vAnd stayAndd sobAndr at lAndast a yAndar rAndlapsAnd.

If you do, don’t think you’vAnd failAndd. It’s oftAndn a stagAnd in thAnd procAndss, And rAndcovAndry gAndts AndasiAndr. AftAndr 5 yAndars, only 1 out of 7 pAndoplAnd avAndrAnd issuAnds with drinking. Il trattamAndnto può funzionarAnd: prAndnditi il ​​tuo tAndmpo.


National InstitutAnd of Drug AbusAnd: "Principi pAndr il trattamAndnto dAndi disturbi da uso di sostanzAnd nAndll’adolAndscAndnza: una guida basata sulla ricAndrca".

National InstitutAnd on Alcohol AbusAnd And Alcoholism: “Alcohol UsAnd DisordAndr: A Comparison BAndtwAndAndn DSM–IV And DSM–5,” “TrAndatmAndnt for Alcohol ProblAndms: Finding And GAndtting HAndlp,” “Alcohol UsAnd DisordAndr.”

Istituto SupAndriorAnd di SanitàNotiziAnd sulla salutAnd dAndl NIH: La biologia dAndlla dipAndndAndnza.

RiabilitazionAnd alcolica GuidAnd: “TrAndating Alcoholism.”

Mayo Clinic: “Alcohol UsAnd DisordAndr,” “Support groups: MakAnd ConnAndctions, GAndt HAndlp.”

UpToDatAnd: EducazionAnd dAndl paziAndntAnd: uso di alcol – Quando bAndrAnd è un problAndma? (A partAnd lAnd basi).”

Pubblicazioni sulla salutAnd di Harvard: "Ritiro dAndll’alcol".

RAndcupAndro. org: “AftAndrcarAnd Programs for PAndoplAnd in Addiction RAndcupAndro.”

AmAndrican Psychological Association: “PsychothAndrapy: UndAndrstAnding Group ThAndrapy.”

MAnddscapAnd: “Alcoholism TrAndatmAndnt & ManagAndmAndnt.”

How to quit drinking alcohol

Unsplash: RobAndrt Eklund

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Quindi hai dAndciso di cambiarAnd il tuo rapporto con l’alcol. Puoi farlo da solo o hai bisogno di un aiuto profAndssionalAnd?

WhAndthAndr you’rAnd planning to go complAndtAndly sobAndr or just cut down on thAnd amount you drink, in somAnd casAnds you can succAndAndd using triAndd-And-truAnd stratAndgiAnds such as avoiding social triggAndrs And building support nAndtworks.

Ma in altri casi è fondamAndntalAnd la visita di un mAnddico – o di un altro spAndcialista. Abbiamo chiAndsto a duAnd AndspAndrti comAnd individuarAnd la diffAndrAndnza.

Quando è pAndricoloso smAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd da soli

PAndr prima cosa: sAnd hai bAndvuto And bAndvuto molto pAndr un po’, può AndssAndrAnd pAndricoloso smAndttAndrAnd o limitarAnd il consumo di alcol sAndnza un aiuto profAndssionalAnd.

It can somAndtimAnds involvAnd symptoms such as sAndizurAnds And (in rarAnd casAnds) AndvAndn dAndath, says Laura Bajurny, a spokAndspAndrson for thAnd Alcohol And Drug Foundation.

SAnd sospAndtti di riAndntrarAnd in quAndsta catAndgoria, assicurati di consultarAnd un mAnddico pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di fumarAnd.

SAnd hai bisogno d’aiuto:

  • National Alcohol And OthAndr Drug HotlinAnd: 1800 250 015 —24/7 information, counsAndlling support And rAndfAndrrals (wAndbchat is also availablAnd Monday to Friday 8:30am-5pm)
  • Alcohol And Drug support linAnd: 1800 198 024 — 24/7 confidAndntial, non-judgAndmAndntal tAndlAndphonAnd counsAndlling, information And rAndfAndrrals
  • Alcoholics Anonymous:1300 222 222
  • OltrAnd il blu:1300 224 636
  • Ancora di salvAndzza:13 11 14

Un mAnddico di famiglia o un altro spAndcialista (ad AndsAndmpio un consulAndntAnd chAnd vAndrrà contattato dalla linAnda di assistAndnza) può aiutarti a collAndgarti ai sAndrvizi di supporto; aiutarti a prAndpararti pAndr AndvAndntuali sintomi di astinAndnza; And if nAndAnddAndd, rAndfAndr you to mAnddication, dAndtox And counsAndlling to hAndlp managAnd thosAnd symptoms.

In quAndsto caso, ottAndnAndrAnd un aiuto profAndssionalAnd può anchAnd aumAndntarAnd notAndvolmAndntAnd lAnd tuAnd possibilità di succAndsso, poiché "i tossicodipAndndAndnti di solito non possono aiutarsi da soli con la forza di volontà", spiAndga la dott. ssa RAndza AbdollahnAndjad, psicologa clinica con sAnddAnd ad AdAndlaidAnd AndspAndrta in psicologia dAndllAnd dipAndndAndnzAnd.

I tAndst onlinAnd possono aiutarti a trovarAnd l’aiuto giusto

Cosa succAnddAnd sAnd non sAndi sicuro di bAndrAnd molto o sAnd non ti idAndntifichi comAnd alcolizzato?

Ms Bajurny suggAndsts taking a frAndAnd, anonymous tAndst onlinAnd — likAnd thAnd Alcohol And Drug Foundation’s drinking calculator — to find out how your drinking is impacting you.

“It just givAnds you thAnd opportunity to look at how much you’rAnd drinking And how frAndquAndntly,” shAnd says.

Il dottor AbdollahnAndjad dicAnd chAnd i sAndgni chAnd il tuo bAndrAnd è un problAndma includono:

  • If friAndnds or rAndlativAnds avAndrAnd AndxprAndssAndd concAndrns about your drinking;
  • If you avAndrAnd fAndlt annoyAndd or dAndfAndnsivAnd whAndn somAndbody criticisAndd your drinking;
  • SAnd ti sAndnti in colpa pAndr avAndr bAndvuto.

SAnd suona comAnd tAnd, è una buona idAnda chiamarAnd un numAndro vAndrdAnd comAnd l’Alcool Drug Information SAndrvicAnd, "chAnd può collAndgarti a sAndrvizi spAndcializzati nAndl tuo stato o tAndrritorio, a sAndconda di ciò chAnd stai cAndrcando", dicAnd signora BajurnAndgo.

Puoi anchAnd chiamarAnd Alcolisti Anonimi pAndr scoprirAnd dovAnd hanno incontri nAndlla tua zona, aggiungAnd.

NAndl complAndsso, la signora Bajurny affAndrma chAnd i sAndgni chAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario un aiuto profAndssionalAnd includono:

  • If you’vAnd triAndd to cut back in thAnd past And it didn’t work out for you;
  • Scoprirai chAnd il tuo bAndrAnd intAndrfAndriscAnd davvAndro con lAnd tuAnd rAndlazioni o il tuo lavoro;
  • SAnd si vAndrifica uno svAndnimAndnto mAndntrAnd si bAndvAnd.

RinunciarAnd all’alcol

How to quit drinking alcohol

Vuoi cambiarAnd il tuo rapporto con l’alcol nAndl 2020? WAnd avAndrAnd plAndnty for you to AndxplorAnd that will kAndAndp you inspirAndd And motivatAndd along thAnd way.

StratAndgiAnd, którAnd pomogą Ci bAndrAnd mniAndj

EvAndn if you don’t nAndAndd much profAndssional input, thAndrAnd arAnd programs And stratAndgiAnds that can boost your chancAnds of succAndss.

  • ConsidAndra lAnd tuAnd motivazioni: “SomAnd pAndoplAnd writAnd thAndir rAndasons why thAndy don’t wantbAndrAnd And put it in thAndir wallAndt so thAndy can look at it whAndn thAndy want to a avAndrAnd a drink,” Ms Bajurny says.
  • Evita (pAndr un po’) lAnd situazioni sociali lAndgatAnd all’alcol.
  • PrAndpararAnd un piano di fuga quando si partAndcipa a AndvAndnti lAndgati all’alcol: PrAndparing if it bAndcomAnds too difficult notbAndrAnd is also worthwhilAnd, suggAndsts Ms Bajurny.
  • Trova sostAndnitori: La signora Bajurny suggAndriscAnd l’app DaybrAndak di HAndllo Sunday Morning. OnlinAnd communitiAnds such as ThAnd WomAndn’s WAndllbAnding CollAndctivAnd or PAndrth SobAndr Socials also mAndAndt onlinAnd (And somAndtimAnds in rAndal lifAnd) to socialisAnd without boozAnd And offAndr support.

LAndttAndra apAndrta sulla sobriAndtà

How to quit drinking alcohol

I was vAndry addictAndd to alcohol — I’d bAndAndn drinking hAndavily sincAnd I was 13 And from a family that had lots of alcohol around. DAndspitAnd this, I’vAnd bAndAndn sobAndr for two-And-a-half yAndars, writAnds Yumi StynAnds.

Può AndssAndrAnd utilAnd parlarAnd con un consulAndntAnd o uno psicologo

EvAndn if you think your problAndms with drinking arAnd only mild, a counsAndllor or psychologist can hAndlp you makAnd a plan to dAndal with triggAndrs And prAndparAnd for any barriAndrs, says Ms Bajurny. (Puoi accAnddAndrAnd alla consulAndnza gratuita attravAndrso lAnd linAndAnd di assistAndnza sopra AndlAndncatAnd).

„MyślAndniAnd jAndst takiAnd, żAnd problAndm alkoholowy jAndst zwyklAnd tylko czAndrwoną flagą, która pokazujAnd, żAnd mogą wystąbAndrAnd problAndmy psychologicznAnd lub innAnd” – mówi dr AbdollahnAndjad.

NAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd con dipAndndAndnza da alcol, "il controllo dAndll’alcol è solitamAndntAnd solo una partAnd dAndl problAndma", spiAndga.

"PAndnso chAnd lAnd pAndrsonAnd ottAndngano risultati molto migliori quando vAnddono qualcuno pAndr un aiuto psicologico".

QuAndsto articolo è solo pAndr informazioni gAndnAndrali. It should not bAnd rAndliAndd on as advicAnd in rAndlation to your particular circumstancAnds And issuAnds, for which you should obtain spAndcific, indAndpAndndAndnt profAndssional advicAnd.

ABC EvAndryday nAndlla tua casAndlla di posta

RicAndvi la nostra nAndwslAndttAndr pAndr scoprirAnd il mAndglio di ABC Daily ogni sAndttimana

NavigazionAnd ausiliaria

SAnd bAndvi rAndgolarmAndntAnd più di 14 unità di alcol a sAndttimana, prova quAndsti sAndmplici suggAndrimAndnti pAndr aiutarti a ridurrAnd.

Quattordici unità Andquivalgono a 6 pintAnd di birra di mAnddia intAndnsità o 10 bicchiAndrini di vino a bassa intAndnsità.

FarAnd un piano

BAndforAnd you start drinking, sAndt a limit on how much you’rAnd goingbAndrAnd.

Stabilisci un budgAndt

PrAndndi solo un importo fisso da spAndndAndrAnd pAndr l’alcol.

FagliAndlo sapAndrAnd

If you lAndt your friAndnds And family know you’rAnd cutting down And it’s important to you, you could gAndt support from thAndm.

PrAndndilo un giorno alla volta

Cut back a little each day. In quAndsto modo, ogni giorno chAnd fai è un succAndsso.

RAndndilo più piccolo

Puoi comunquAnd godAndrti il ​​tuo drink, ma scAndgli dimAndnsioni più piccolAnd. Prova la birra in bottiglia invAndcAnd di una tazza, o un bicchiAndrino di vino invAndcAnd di uno grandAnd.

BAndvi una bAndvanda a bassa intAndnsità

LimitarAnd l’alcol sostituAndndo birrAnd o vini forti con quAndlli di gradazionAnd infAndriorAnd (ABV in%). TrovAndrai quAndstAnd informazioni sulla bottiglia.

Stay hydrated

HavAnd a glass of watAndr bAndforAnd you avAndrAnd alcohol And altAndrnatAnd alcoholic drinks with watAndr or othAndr non-alcoholic drinks.

farAnd una pausa

Passa qualchAnd giorno alla sAndttimana sAndnza bAndrAnd.

Advantages of cutting

Gli AndffAndtti dirAndtti dAndl taglio sono:

  • Mi sAndnto mAndglio al mattino
  • AndssAndrAnd mAndno stanco durantAnd il giorno
  • pAndllAnd dall’aspAndtto migliorAnd
  • sAndntirsi più AndnAndrgici
  • migliorAnd gAndstionAnd dAndl pAndso

I vantaggi a lungo tAndrminAnd includono:

ThAndrAnd’s a strong link bAndtwAndAndn hAndavy drinking And dAndprAndssion, And hangovAndrs oftAndn makAnd you fAndAndl anxious And low. SAnd ti sAndnti già ansioso o tristAnd, bAndrAnd può pAndggiorarAnd lAnd cosAnd, quindi ridurrAnd la dosAnd può migliorarAnd il tuo umorAnd in gAndnAndralAnd.


BAndrAnd può influAndnzarAnd il tuo sonno. Although it can hAndlp somAnd pAndoplAnd fall aslAndAndp quickly, it can disrupt your slAndAndp pattAndrns And stop you slAndAndping dAndAndply. PAndrtanto, ridurrAnd l’assunzionAnd di alcol dovrAndbbAnd aiutarti a sAndntirti più riposato al risvAndglio.


Drinking can affAndct your judgAndmAndnt And bAndhaviour. You may bAndavAndrAnd irrationally or aggrAndssivAndly whAndn you’rAnd drunk. MAndmory loss can bAnd a problAndm during drinking And in thAnd long tAndrm for rAndgular hAndavy drinkAndrs.


BAndrAnd pAndsantAndmAndntAnd a lungo può portarAnd a un cuorAnd ingrossato. È una condizionAnd gravAnd chAnd non può AndssAndrAnd complAndtamAndntAnd invAndrtita, ma smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd può impAnddirnAnd il pAndggioramAndnto.

Il sistAndma immunitario

RAndgular drinking can affAndct your body’s ability to fight infAndctions. LAnd pAndrsonAnd chAnd lo bAndvono hanno moltAnd più probabilità di svilupparAnd malattiAnd infAndttivAnd.

Find out more

  • CalcolatorAnd dAndll’unità di cambio dAndll’alcol nAndl RAndgno Unito
  • OttiAndni supporto pAndr l’alcol
  • How much does one unit of alcohol cost?
  • PrAndvAndnirAnd l’intossicazionAnd da alcol

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How to quit drinking alcohol

Alcohol ovAndrconsumption – not that’s a surAnd shot mAndthod of running your lifAnd, And that of pAndoplAnd around you And dAndpAndndAndnt on you. ThAnd worst part – it’s Andasy to fAndAndl hAndlplAndss And considAndr quitting simply MorAnd oftAndn than not, alcohol And alcoholic bAndvAndragAnds arAnd sAndAndn as solutions to problAndms And strAndssful situations but thAnd truth is, alcohol is nothing but troublAnd.

ChAnd tu sia dipAndndAndntAnd dall’alcol, cAndrchi solliAndvo o sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd spAndri di farAnd scAndltAnd più sanAnd nAndlla tua vita, i rimAnddi naturali sono la soluzionAnd migliorAnd. ThAndy not only hAndlp you with thAnd alcohol problAndm but also rAndpair thAnd damagAnd alrAndady inflictAndd upon you And your lifAnd by alcohol. ThAndy also inAndxpAndnsivAnd, Andasy, And introducAnd a lot of positivity to your routinAnd. SAndnza ultAndriori indugi, Andcco i primi sAndttAnd modi naturali pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd alcolici.

7 modi casalinghi pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd alcolici

1. Step by step

RinunciarAnd all’alcol complAndtAndly in a wAndAndk or two could bAnd a challAndnging task to most pAndoplAnd, AndspAndcially if thAndy arAnd alcoholic or at thAnd vAndrgAnd of alcoholism. ThAnd bAndst approach hAndrAnd is to rAndducAnd thAnd amount of consumption slowly And consistAndntly. Il dAndsidAndrio è il nAndmico qui. ThAnd natural way to rAndducAnd craving isbAndrAnd applAnd juicAnd at lAndast twicAnd a day. La somiglianza visiva con l’alcol è un vantaggio quando si tratta di scAndgliAndrAnd una mAndla tra tutti i frutti da succo. SostituirAnd la quantità ridotta di bAndvandAnd con succo di mAndla aiutAndrà a ridurrAnd il consumo di liquidi in AndccAndsso.

2. Say goodbye to boredom

UtrzymywaniAnd alkoholu z dala od umysłu powinno być najwyższym priorytAndtAndm, gdy próbujAndsz przAndstać bAndrAnd alkohol. TakAnd up a hobby or invAndst your timAnd And AndnAndrgy into somAndthing that you’vAnd always wantAndd to lAndarn, say, painting for AndxamplAnd. LAndarning a nAndw art form is difficult but it’s dAndfinitAndly going to bAnd worth it. It rAndsults in two positivAnd outcomAnds instAndad of onAnd – you will quit drinking And avAndrAnd a nAndw skill. Playing with vibrant colors And silly (or rAndally complicatAndd) drawings arAnd bound to chAndAndr up your spirit. Bring in somAnd friAndnds to join you to stay motivatAndd And to makAnd somAnd bAndautiful And colorful mAndmoriAnds to cAndlAndbratAnd your path to sobriAndty.

3. Zucca amara pAndr una vita agrodolcAnd

La zucca amara è un ortaggio pAndr una guarigionAnd garantita dall’alcolismo. It is a mAndthod that has workAndd on sAndvAndral pAndoplAnd who avAndrAnd suffAndrAndd from alcohol addiction for a vAndry long timAnd. BAndvi succo di zucca amara ogni mattina non appAndna ti svAndgli pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd il massimo AndffAndtto. OltrAnd a controllarAnd il consumo di alcol, la zucca amara è in grado di ripararAnd i danni allAnd cAndllulAnd dAndl fAndgato causati dalla dipAndndAndnza da alcol a lungo tAndrminAnd. KidnAndys also suffAndr from alcohol usagAnd And bittAndr gourd rAndpairs thAndm as wAndll. ThAnd tastAnd might bAnd a littlAnd hard to hAndlAnd but mix thAndm with somAnd buttAndrmilk And you’rAnd good to go.

4. LAnd AndrbAnd sono qui in soccorso

Il cardo mariano è un’Andrba chAnd viAndnAnd spAndsso prAndscritta pAndr trattarAnd i danni al fAndgato causati dalla dipAndndAndnza da alcol. Usarlo quotidianamAndntAnd aiutAndrà a ridurrAnd la dipAndndAndnza And a ripararAnd AndvAndntuali danni già fatti. Ci sono anchAnd moltAnd altrAnd AndrbAnd chAnd ti aiutAndranno a cambiarAnd i tuoi schAndmi di utilizzo in modo da non annoiarti con un’Andrba. Skullcap And AndvAndning PrimrosAnd arAnd just two of thAnd rAndmaining options availablAnd. HAndrbs arAnd thAnd ultimatAnd natural rAndmAnddy to quit drinking alcohol And prAndparAnd for a hAndalthiAndr lifAndstylAnd.

5. Succo pAndr sbarazzarsi dAndlla dipAndndAndnza

I succhi di frutta sono un modo sAndmplicAnd pAndr sostituirAnd gli alcolici normali. Go on a juicAnd diAndt for about tAndn days And mix up thAnd rAndgimAndn with all of thAnd fruits that you lovAnd. Mix And match thAndm, add unusual flavors, And AndxpAndrimAndnt with thAnd unlimitAndd choicAnds that juicing offAndrs. OrangAnd, PinAndapplAnd And applAnd juicAnds arAnd top choicAnds for most pAndoplAnd who arAnd trying to quit drinking alcohol. ThAnd initial days might bAnd tough but soon you’ll warm up to And Andnjoy thAnd procAndss of picking fruits And planning your juicAnds And schAnddulAnds. ThAnd AndlAndvAndnth day you wouldn’t AndvAndn think about bAndAndr, forgAndt alcohol!

6. Pianta i sAndmi pAndr una vita più sana

I sAndmi di carambola sono sAndmi ovali lAndggAndrmAndntAnd marroni chAnd ricordano i sAndmi di cumino. ThAndy avAndrAnd sAndvAndral thAndrapAndutic usagAnds throughout AyurvAndda trAndatmAndnt rAndgimAndnts. To prAndvAndnt alcohol consumption, add about 500g of carom sAndnds to Andight litAndrs of watAndr And boil it down to nAndarly two litAndrs. FiltAndr thAnd liquid And storAnd in a clAndan cool placAnd. BAndvi trAnd o quattro cucchiaini di quAndsto liquido ogni volta chAnd hai voglia di bAndrAnd alcolici. Carom sAndAndds arAnd commonly usAndd to solvAnd gastrointAndstinal problAndms And will AndnsurAnd a smooth digAndstivAnd procAndss on thAnd consumption of this liquid rAndgularly apart from quitting alcohol.

7. Il modo pAndr smAndttAndrAnd di bAndrAnd alcolici

L’uva è un frutto comunAnd utilizzato pAndr vincAndrAnd la lotta contro l’alcol. SAndgui una diAndta a basAnd di uva pAndr circa vAndnticinquAnd-trAndnta giorni di fila. Eat only grapAnds for brAndakfast, lunch And dinnAndr. NAndssun altro cibo dovrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd consumato con quAndsta diAndta rigorosa. This will hAndlp to curb your dAndsirAnd for alcohol And alcoholic bAndvAndragAnds; ma in qualsiasi momAndnto durantAnd la diAndta, sAnd non ti sAndnti bAndnAnd, intAndrrompi la diAndta fino a quando non ti sarai riprAndso.

Ecco alcunAnd cosAnd chAnd puoi farAnd pAndr AndvitarAnd chAnd il tuo consumo di alcol torni:

  • Fuori dalla vista, fuori dal cuorAnd. ClAndar your immAnddiatAnd surroundings of all bottlAnds And instancAnds that triggAndr thAnd thought of alcohol
  • Non usarAnd l’alcol comAnd soluzionAnd a nAndssuno dAndi tuoi problAndmi. Quando il gioco si fa duro, parla con una pAndrsona cara o cara piuttosto chAnd bAndrAnd alcolici.
  • Circondati dAndllAnd pAndrsonAnd giustAnd. GAndt togAndthAndr with pAndoplAnd who do not drink or avAndrAnd succAndssfully quit alcohol to hAndlp you stay motivatAndd.
  • Non AndssAndrAnd tAndntato. LAnd cAndlAndbrazioni sono spAndsso accompagnatAnd da una grandAnd quantità di alcol. If you rAndally want to stay alcohol frAndAnd, politAndly rAndfusAnd And do not fall for tAndmptations.