How to promote a facebook page for free

Create A New Facebook Account guide 2021. If you plan to create an account on the most widely known social network on earth — Facebook, it is free and simple to create and it requires nothing but just a couple of minutes and your smartphone.

A facebook account will enable you to contact your family and friends, and share happiness, and media with family and friends, and upload media files.

See steps to create a new facebook account below:

If you want to create the facebook account, the steps are:

  • Go to
  • Fill in your name, email address, password, birth date, gender.
  • Click on sign up.

Step 1: create an account

Before create an account, you will need to tap on ‘settings’ on your smartphone to find the displayed logo of facebook, then tap on ‘develop new account’

Action 1. Developing an account.

Prior to creating a account, you require tap “Settings” on iPhone or iPad to discover Facebook logo design then choose “Develop New Account”.

Step 2. Fill in your info to register.

Then enter your last name, given name, email address, birthday, gender and password. You must

use your real name for your account. After getting in all your information, tap “Register” to next page

Step 3. Launch the app.

Tap “Install” button then download and install the official app, which offers you complete access to your account. Once downloaded you can visit to the app with your User name and Password.

Step 4. Build Your Profile

When you are done setting up the app, head on to the app and tap the settings. Better still, listed below the app icon on the service-specific menu with setting customize particular features of the online social networking app.

Step 5. Setting your Facebook.

Go to the heading Allow These Apps To Utilize Your Account, turn on or off the virtual switches associated with specific apps. For example, your calendar and contacts apps can synch with your Facebook account if you permit them.

Step 6. Update your contacts.

Now update your contacts to Facebook, tap on “Update Contacts” button to add your buddies to Facebook. This likewise allows you to allow you to access your online account. When do this for the Facebook, contacts include profile image, birthdays and other information listed on the Facebook profile to your contacts entry.

After setting up all info, you can use Facebook easily. Chat with pals, share things with good friends, or upload images on Facebook and so on.

Establishing a Facebook company account

Establishing a Facebook business account is basic, and can help increase the exposure and engagement with your business.

Initially, you need to have an individual Facebook account, or produce one. All Facebook service pages, or fan pages, should be connected to a minimum of one personal Facebook account.

Second, to establish your Facebook company account, browse to the “Produce a Page” area of Facebook. You’ll be asked to choose the type of page you wish to develop.

Third, upon selecting the kind of page, you’ll be asked concerns to help complete your profile. Some example questions include service classification, company name, and telephone number.

Once your page has actually been created, you’ll have to select a profile photo (this will appear on your page, and will function as the icon next to each product you post from your business account). You should likewise create a cover picture (the big header image) that shows something that will resonate with your clients and prospects customers, some alternatives consist of a collage of the items you produce, your logo, or something that evokes your place in the community. Awajis can provide other ideas and assist you to develop an expert Facebook cover picture.

To conclude this beautiful article, it will be a good show of courtesy if you give a good welcome post to your pals, customers, neighbourhood members. This will boost your new fan page in the long run.

I’ll instantly send you my WordPress Beginner Toolkit (PDF) that comes along with all that you need to know as you start your WordPress web design journey. Intermediate and advanced WordPress users have found it helpful too .

How to promote a facebook page for free

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How to Promote A Facebook Page For Free (Boost Facebook Page)

How to promote a facebook page for free

  • By: Kwehangana Hamza
  • Last Updated: August 17, 2019
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In this article, am going to show you how to promote your facebook page for free or boost a facebook page for free in six simple steps.

Facebook is the 3rd most visited website on the globe after Youtube and Google. And its not by chance that this is happening.

Being the most popular social media platform founded by school dropout Mac Zuckerberg, it has found its ways to the lead through connecting people.

Form the word go, facebook has stood out for one single reason. And that has been to connect as many people as possible. From family and friends, work mates, spouses and teams in distant locations.

However, of recent there has been a twist at facebook in the way it performs. Of course, in this blog am NOT going to talk about the facebook data breaches but am going give you an insight into what facebook has now turned out to be.

Not just a social media platform where friends and families connect. Its more of that. People now running businesses on facebook and its by no surprised that even facebook is changing the way people expressed themselves politically and impacting on politics right within every country.

Okay, let’s dive straight and see how you can promote a facebook page for free to grow your following, impact and influence.

List Of Contents

1. Curate Valuable Content to Boost Your Facebook page

I don’t how much i should always have to stress this point. Value over anything. If you actually want to make it one the facebook platform, please just bring value to people. That will pay you more than just money.

The way facebook works is like wild fires. You publish something on your wall and little do you know who is seeing it or not. Before you know it… It has been republished on another platforms and with a way bigger audience. You’ll find people joining your gang and following your page.

And that’s where the value point really keeps in and will always win. Be of value and provide value.

2. Utilise Groups And Promote Your Facebook Page

One of the tips that actually works really well is to join and be of value in groups. Groups are under rated by Facebook users but i want you to know from this blog that actually content shared in groups has more reach than that shared on your facebook page.

The one single fact is that once you share your content into the groups, you’re well assured of the number of people who are going to see that content.

Let’s suppose you share your content in a Facebook of 10,000 members. Well you’re certain that 10k people will see you content than your 2000 page followers.

So, if you’re being valuable or if you provide value to your readers that means that they will love what you’re sharing and they will be happy to share it too with there friends too. And in turn this boosts your facebook page and builds you audience and influence.

3. Be Fun and Meaningful

Aside from just pushing out content. Being fun is one other things that can greatly help you boost facebook page for free.

I mean, who does’t want fun? Who does’t enjoying laugher and feeling good about themselves. Its pretty a simple measure but of course way harder to create fun but meaningful content. Content that still provides value but in a fun and meaningful way.

When people fall on your fun filled and meaningful content that actually relates to them, trust me, you’ll never walk alone. You’ll be surprise by how this will boost your facebook page for free in no time.

4. Utilize the Facebook Search

This is the least used facebook feature but yet one of the most powerful. Just imagine a section of Google that was embedded into facebook and this is facebook search.

Name what you’re looking for, you’ll certainly get a result in the facebook search results. And guess what, you even have the option to sort the type of content you want to view, from people, pages, videos, groups etc.

And how does it relate to boost your facebook page for free?. Well, you can actually use the search features to reach out the potential persons, pages or groups where you can further promote your facebbok page content.

But one thing i always advise content creators is to first be of value even in the platforms they’re trying to reach and promote their content.

5. Convert Your Profile into a Page

This is a very simple hack to repurpose your profile content on facebook. Imagine if you have already 5000 friends on facebook. That means that by converting your facbeook profile into a page, facebook will bring over all your friends into already people liking your page.

That’s the beauty about this feature. Like i’ve seen people having to rebuild a following on there facebook page other have to boost facebook page for paid likes because they never knew this simple hack which actually saves you lots and lots of time in growing your page.

6. Promote Facebook Page Content For Free

Mentioning about the facebook public page creation and not mention about the beauty it comes with would not be fair to this blog post and you the readers.

Did you know that you can actually run ads using your newly created facebook page that you converted from your profile?. The goodies here are that you can boost your facebook page to thousands of possible prospects who might work with you, give you business or actually start following you.

It is basically a win win for you promoting your page and gaining new followers but all to the followers who find your content either fun, valuable or both. At the same time, you can merge two different facebook pages into one for free. That means will actually be able to move over your audience from one page to another hence boosting your other facebook page audience and reach.


There are unlimited number of ways you can grow your facebook page audience and following. This is just being a scoop on that. One thing though you have to know is that you can actually grow on facebook, promote your business and get a following. It is very possible.

Loved it and have some tips to share, let me know in the comments section below.

To create an ad that will send people to your website, follow these steps.

Click the steps below to reveal more.

1. On your Facebook business Page, select Promote.

Go to your Page and select Promote in the left column.

2. Choose a goal.

To drive traffic to your website, select the Get More Website Visitors promotion.

3. Choose your ad creative.

Choose your Ad Creative. We'll suggest an image and ad text automatically, but you can swap them out with your own choices of image, video or slideshow and text.

4. Create your audience.

Create your Audience. Set a radius around your location and choose your audience's age range, gender and special interests.

5. Set your budget.

Set how much you want to spend by clicking the drop-down below Daily Budget. Select a pre-filled budget or type in a custom budget.

6. Set the duration.

Under Duration, set how long you want to run your ad. Choose 7, 14 or 28 days, or set a custom duration by clicking in the Run this ad until field.

Duration vs. Budget

A food truck owner could spend $100 with a one-day duration, while the owner of a consignment shop spends $100 spread out over 14 days. Their promotions will theoretically reach a similar number of people once completed.

But the food truck owner only wants to promote for a single sports event, while the shop owner doesn't have such a time-sensitive business goal.

Or, since the consignment shop is always in the same location, the owner could run an ongoing Local Audience Promotion to bring in new customers as they move to the area.

From your Facebook page, post the page URL on your timeline so everyone can see it. To do this, simply go to the page and click the Share button. A pop-up appears, which shows your page’s cover photo and profile picture.

You can add a short message to it, if necessary. Now, you can post it on your timeline (to promote your page). Do this by selecting the “Share on your timeline” option on the pop-up, and there you have it. You can also promote your page by sharing on your friend’s timeline, in a private message, and so on.

Also, when promoting your Facebook page, go to the privacy settings. There, you can choose the people that should see your posts. Three options are there namely: the public, Facebook friends, and some particular friends. This is your choice to make, but remember that to get the best possible results; you need to share them with the public. Through this, your page gets more exposure.

3. Use Your Business to Promote Your Page

If the purpose of your Facebook page is for your business, no problem! You can still promote the page by emailing your employees and urging them to like your page and share it with your friends and family. Remind them that, the more they promote the page, the more people will know about the business and what it has to offer.

Another way to promote your business page on Facebook is to add your page link to your email signature. To do this, write a note at the bottom of your email or type in your name, and then paste the link at the base. Through your email link, you will see many people clicking through and visiting your Facebook page.

You can also make use of your business cards to promote your Facebook page. On a certain part of the card, insert your page link or a QR code that also links to your page.

You can also search for similar businesses related to yours on Facebook. Now, check for people who are interested in it and reach out to them to like your page.

4. Include a Page Plugin to Your Website

Another easy and free way to promote your Facebook page is through page plugins. You can make use of your page plugins and attach a part of your Facebook page to your email. From the Page Plugin page, you can copy some code lines and add them to your website’s code.

It will not only show the page’s cover photo but with the Page Plugin, you can expand your presentation with several features:

How to promote a facebook page for free

How to promote a facebook page for freeMy company helps businesses build custom apps for Facebook pages.

So I often hear feedback from our users about the step that comes after they launch their fan page app:

How do I promote my Facebook page?

Plenty of businesses use Facebook advertising to promote their page apps, but the majority do not.

If you’ve built an app that is unique and interesting to your fanbase — and has built-in sharing features as well as an awesome incentive (a prize, access to exclusive content, etc.), then you’re halfway there.

And the truth is, you don’t need to spend money to get the word out about your cool new app.

If you’re not marketing your business on Facebook, you’re out of the game. Grab this Ebook and start!

7 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page Without Spending A Dime

In this post I’m going to cover how your business can promote your business’s app to existing fans and people outside of your Facebook network.

All without spending a dime.

Tips to Promote Your App to Current Fans

1. Post multiple status updates about your new app or product

I’m going back to the basics with this first tip. If you want fans to know about something, you have to tell them — and keep reminding them.

For example, if you just launched a contest app, make multiple Facebook announcements during different times of the day and throughout the week (or during the period of time the app is running).

To promote a product or app, make multiple Facebook announcements during different times of day and week

Also, don’t forget to use an eye-grabbing image for your posts. The more attention your status updates receive, the better it is for the promotion of your app.

2. Update your cover photo

A well-designed and thought-through cover image should be a part of any effective Facebook strategy.

One of the most important things to remember is that your cover image needs to follow all Facebook guidelines.

Recently, Facebook has kicked in the door for how businesses can use their largest piece of Timeline real estate — the cover photo.

According to their new promotion guidelines, calls-to-actions are now allowed in the copy and design of cover photo images.

This is a total game-changer!

One of the things you can do to draw attention to apps is use arrows or other illustrations, like the cover photo below, that point to your Timeline’s apps.

How to promote a facebook page for free

Whatever strategy you decide to use for your Facebook cover image, make sure

Tips to Promote Your App to Non-Facebook Networks

1. Send a message to your email list

Whether your list includes 50 or 50,000 subscribers, send an email to your list asking them to check out your new Facebook app.

For example, if you’ve created an app for a giveaway, make sure to let everyone on your email list know to check it out for a chance to win!

2. If you have a blog, write a blog post

If you have a company blog, use it as a platform to talk about your newly launched custom app.

For example, at ShortStack our blog is Socially Stacked. Every time we launch a new app for our Facebook Page, we write a blog post about it and link our readers back to the app.

Because we get a decent amount of traffic to Socially Stacked, this approach works really well for us.

So, write about your app or product on your blog, and then share the blog on Facebook.

If you have a great Facebook strategy and an effectively built Facebook page, you’ll start seeing traffic and app sign-ups in no time.

If you don’t have an effective Facebook strategy, be sure to check out our Ebook on how to conquer Facebook marketing.

How to promote a facebook page for free

3. Use Twitter for personal outreach

I have a Twitter rockstar on my team who uses this tip.

Rather than tweeting out generic updates like, “Check out our new app for a chance to win!” it’s more effective to tweet at individuals who you think would most likely share news about your app with their communities.

You can also test using a specific hashtag in the tweets you’re promoting your app — this will help your company keep track of what users are saying.

Tips to Promote Your App to People Outside of Your Network

1. Issue a press release

In business, writing a press release has long been a best practice for making company announcements.

When your business launches an awesome new app, it’s news! So go ahead and write a press release about it.

Most apps, especially contest and promotion apps, anchor a company’s overarching campaign. Use the press release to talk about the campaign, then provide a call to action and a link to your app.

If your company isn’t already signed up with a press release distribution company, this option will cost you (about $99 to distribute one press release, to be exact). Although, in a lot of cases, it’s worth it.

PR Web, for example — the service I use at ShortStack — makes it super easy to get your release out to search engines and major news sites like Yahoo News.

2. Make an Announcement in Your Store

Okay, you got me. This last tip may cost you a few cents for printing paper, but I think it’s worth mentioning anyway.

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, create signs and/or add a line to receipts reminding customers to visit your Facebook Page to check out your new app. You can also print a reminder on the bottom of receipts.

If your third-party app provider supports mobile, add a QR code to your in-store signs. A QR code lets your customers easily navigate to your app from their smartphones.

This tip is especially great for apps that host a promo code! Shoppers can visit your app while they’re in the store and use the promo code to get a discount on their purchase. Customers love this and businesses benefit because it encourages a sale.

Final Thoughts

It’s not necessary to spend much (or any) money to promote your app.

Simply use Facebook’s features, tap into your existing networks and leverage traditional PR and marketing efforts to give new exposure to your app.

These seven tips are just the tip of the iceberg!

In the comments below, please share your other zero cost or low cost options businesses have for promoting their Facebook app.

How to promote a facebook page for freeWe at Book Cave prefer Jutoh for ebook creation because it gives us more control than most other ebook software out there, while still maintaining a friendly interface.

How to promote a facebook page for free

To sell books, you need to find more readers. Spreading the word about your ebook can be challenging, but there are a lot of ways you can promote yourself and promote your ebook on Facebook.

1. Set up landing pages to link to from your Facebook posts

When people see and click on your promotion Facebook posts, you want to take them to a page on your website that will encourage them to buy your books or signup for your newsletter. That page needs to be attractive, well-designed, and have a call to action (like links to buy the books or a signup button).

2. Create an author page

You’re limited on what you can do with Facebook if you’re just using your personal Facebook profile. We recommend setting up an official author page so you can more easily promote your ebook on Facebook. With a page, you can schedule posts, use ads to get more likes, and can easily advertise to those who’ve liked your page.

3. Ask readers to share posts with others

Many people are willing to pass on the word but don’t even think to do so. If you ask them to share, they are more likely to hit that share button, meaning that more people will see your post. This can be accomplished by saying “Please share with your friends!” at the end of the post. Naturally, you don’t want to do this with every post.

4. Keep Facebook posts short

Followers are more likely to read and respond to a short post. A post with a short question and a link to a longer blog post is a great tactic.

5. Post things that will encourage engagement

It may surprise you to know that Facebook does not show all of your posts to all of your followers. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine how many posts it shows to how many people. Basically, more engagement = more reach. If more of your followers like your posts and leave comments, then Facebook will in turn show more of your posts. Drive engagement by asking followers a question with everything you post, even if it’s just a link to an interesting article. This means that not all of your posts will be “promotional.” This is important for more than just Facebook’s algorithm: people don’t like to be continually sold to, and they may leave if they don’t feel that your page offers anything other than promotion.

6. Make posts interesting

Images are a great way to keep posts interesting. If you link to a webpage that has a share image, Facebook will automatically insert the image for you. (So with all your blog posts, make sure to have great images!) You can also post funny images or memes. If you’re just posting straight text, make sure to ask a question or use a statement that compels participation so the post will hold people’s interest.

7. Post about giveaways

Readers love getting books for free! Giveaways for books that are downloaded directly from a landing page (rather than bought from a retailer like Amazon) and can even include additional prizes, like a gift card. These giveaways can be a book you’re giving away yourself as a subscriber magnet (where readers have to sign up for your newsletter to receive a new book), or it can be a group giveaway that you’re doing with other authors. These kinds of posts often get a lot of shares as well and will help you gain more followers organically, without paying money. Make sure this post links to a great landing page; Book Cave provides this landing page for you when you use our subscriber magnet services.

8. Post about sales on your books

Unlike a giveaway, when a book is on sale, even if it’s on sale for $0.00, readers buy it directly from the retailer. If your book is only on sale at one retailer, like Amazon, your Facebook post can link directly to Amazon. If it’s on sale at multiple retailers, link instead to a landing page on your website that links to all the retailers where it’s available.

9. Post about upcoming releases

Those who are following you on Facebook are doing so because they like your books, so they’ll be ecstatic to learn about new releases—especially if that new release is on sale for a limited time. Make sure to provide a link where they can go to actually buy the book.

10. Post book trailers

Videos are a great way to catch people’s attention; Facebook even has an autoplay feature that starts a video if it’s showing on the page. Creating a book trailer can be time-consuming, and it should be done well. Only try this if you have the time and talent (or know someone who can do it for you).

11. Promote your ebook on Facebook using ads

Ads can be tricky to get right, but when done properly, they can have amazing effects. An add should have only a small amount of text, with most of it being an eye-catching image. The best ads promise viewers something: offering a free book (could be in return for a newsletter signup) through an ad can be very effective. Make sure the ad links to a compelling landing page on your website or on the website that is hosting your book (like your landing page for your subscriber magnet on Book Cave). When creating an ad, make sure to adjust the audience and the times it runs to reach those you know will like your books.

12. Track and adjust your Facebook ads

Like we said, getting ads right can be tricky, which is why it’s important to check them regularly, track how they’re doing, and make adjustments to the audience, the times, or even the image itself. Please note that any comments, likes, or shares on your ad are removed after you edit it, so give your ad some time before you decide that it’s not working. You may just want to duplicate the ad and make the changes to the new ad, keeping the old ad as a backup. You can easily turn ads off and on.

13. Boost posts on your page

When you boost a post, you pay a fee for it to appear higher on Facebook users’ news pages, which means they’ll be more likely to see it and respond to it. The posts you boost should be those that promote your ebook or bring users to your website in some way.

14. Invite those who have liked your posts and your ads to also like your author page

Facebook makes inviting people to like your page easy: just go to a post and click on the text that shows how many people liked the post. A popup will appear that lists all the people, and on the right of each name will be an invite button. Click on each one to invite all those people to like your page. More likes means that more people will see and share your posts. Also, you can directly advertise to everyone who likes your page, so the more likes you have, the better.

We hope these ways to promote your ebook on Facebook will help you sell more books! If you have any additional ideas, we’d love to hear them in the comments below. If you’d like to learn more about Book Cave author promotions, please enter your email below and click the “Learn More” button.

It’s true. Facebook ads are becoming an increasingly important component of effective social media strategies, and organic reach on Facebook has decreased in relation to paid advertising. There have even been some reports of organic reach below 1%. Unfortunately, for many small and growing businesses, shelling out a lot of money�on Facebook ads�isn’t in the budget yet.

Don’t fret! There are a lot of Facebook fan pages out there that have created large, engaged, organic followings while spending $0.00 on Facebook ads. �They’re able to drive fans to their Facebook store and boost sales without massive advertising costs.�It may be more difficult, but if you know the rules of the game you can successfully avoid “paying to play” on your fans’ Facebook walls.

How to promote a facebook page for free

Here are 10 ways you can get better organic reach with your�Facebook page without buying advertisements:

1. Post�content that leads to�high engagement

It seems like a no brainer, but many businesses forget that low-quality posts will lower your overall organic traffic. Every time you post something that has a low engagement rate you’re sending a signal to Facebook that says “This isn’t interesting to my fans.” Test a few different types of posts with your fans to see what gets the most comments, shares, and clicks. If one of your latest posts didn’t have high engagement, ask yourself why, and then adapt.

2. Always include an image, link, or video with your post

3. Don’t overpost (or underpost!)

The rule of thumb is to avoid posting content more than�2-3 times/day. That said, make sure you’re posting at least once every other day to avoid stagnation on your page.

4. Cross promote your posts on other platforms

Share your Facebook post on Twitter, Pinterest, your blog and any other platforms you use to distribute your content.�You’ll be able to get your posts in front of a larger audience, which will help you�expand your overall reach and post performance.

5. Continue to grow your fan base

Only getting�10% of your current fan base to see your posts? Double�the total number of fans on your page and you’ve doubled your reach. Here’s a trick you can use to invite all of your friends and family to like your page: Invite All Facebook Friends to Like a Page at Once

6. Avoid “click-bait” text with your post

What do I mean by “click-bait”? I’m talking about posts that are heavy in words like “Click here!” or “Comment on this post!” or “Share this post for…”- Facebook is cracking down on click-bait�and you don’t want to take any risks that might hurt your reach. Stick with posts that contain interesting content that your fans will enjoy rather than “salesy” content (posts that just encourage fans to take an action or make a purchase).

Have you used other techniques to avoid buying ads on Facebook? How are you increasing your engagement rate? Let us know in the comments or send us a note on the ShopTab Facebook page.

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This article is really useful. Just stated the natural ways in promoting someones Facebook page without the use of Advertisement. I really like it. How about with the use of Advertisement? Can you differentiate please. I am looking for a content on buying and on advertising like what I saw on here . Thanks.

These are some great tips Zach! In particular number 4. Another platform to cross promote your page would be

Very informative post, Thanks for sharing. Gotta try this one. If ever you want to promote your page, just visit this. Facebook page manager

promote your facebook page
facebook page management

I really love the idea of Reaching out, and advertise, in this case it is more effective in attracting visitors to come to your facebook page.
Great. thanks for posting.
There are other useful ways and techniques about promoting facebook page and other social media account at
I hope it would help

What are your thoughts on posting to Facebook selling groups/walls? How often should businesses post to them?

We don’t suggest that you do this. It can feel like spam to those groups unless you’ve been invited to do so. Posting on your own wall/timeline about your products or store makes lots of sense since those fans/friends have elected to hear from you. We recommend 1 to 3 times a week but to make sure the posts are engaging and conversational.

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How to promote a facebook page for free

How to Use Facebook to Market Your Website

Facebook now has over 2 billion users, and over a billion of them visit the site every day – sometimes multiple times a day.

Within the last couple of years, choosing not to be on Facebook has become an eccentricity. Across demographics, it’s the place online to be.

For brands, that makes it a crucial tool for reaching your audience and driving more traffic to your website. If you aren’t on Facebook already, what are you waiting for?

If you could use some guidance in how to use the platform to promote your website, here are the four main steps you should take.

1. Create a Facebook page for your brand.

The first and easiest step you should take is creating a Facebook page for your brand. Your Facebook page is the first thing people actively looking for you on Facebook will see. You can provide a lot of information about your brand – including a link to your website.

How to promote a facebook page for free

To create a page, click on Create a Page on the Facebook Business site.

How to promote a facebook page for free

Choose the appropriate category from the options provided.

How to promote a facebook page for free

And start filling in your information.

How to promote a facebook page for free

Facebook is a pretty visual platform, so in addition to the information you fill in, make sure you find a good cover photo to include as well.

While adding your website link on your page is a good start, it’s not enough to drive new traffic to your website. First, people have to find your Page.

2. Promote your page to customers and followers.

The way Facebook works, nobody’s going to navigate to your Facebook Page on their own. You have to help promote it. While it might seem backwards to focus efforts on promoting your Facebook page when your ultimate goal is using Facebook as a tool to promote your website, you won’t get any traction on Facebook until people start following you there.

Put links to your Facebook page on your website and in emails you send to customers. You can order stickers to put up in your store urging people to follow you on Facebook and include a mention of your Page on any advertising materials you create.

The people most likely to follow you are those you already have a relationship with, and their interest in your Facebook page is important for it to accomplish anything.

3. Share your content on Facebook.

As you start to get followers, you have to give them something to keep them interested in your Page and brand. So start sharing your content on the website. Link to blog posts, videos, podcasts, or anything else you’re creating that’s of value to your followers. Also use the space to share any deals or sales that your customers would be interested in – all with links back to your website.

How to promote a facebook page for free

Wherever possible, try and make your posts interactive. Ask questions that will encourage your followers to answer, or make use of Facebook’s voting features. You don’t want your page to just be about pushing your own content out, you want it to be a space to interact directly with your followers.

How to promote a facebook page for free

While you definitely want to use this space to share your own content and links back to your website, don’t make that all you share. Look for opportunities to share other relevant content or post updates about things your followers will be interested that aren’t about your brand.

How to promote a facebook page for free

4. Use paid advertising.

Your Facebook page is a great way to interact with the followers you have, but if you want to expand to new people who aren’t already familiar with your brand, then you’ll get a lot farther if you invest in Facebook advertising.

Creating ads in Facebook is fairly simple – the company has built an intuitive advertising platform for users. To use Facebook advertising effectively, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Use targeting.

One of the best things about advertising on Facebook is that the site has tons of data on users. People are quick to share personal information on the platform about relationship status, interests, places they visit – just about everything. You can use the information Facebook has to target your ads to the people most likely to be interested in your products.

Promote content instead of just products.

While Facebook ads are a good way to promote your products, they’re also a good opportunity to generate interest in your brand and start building a relationship with new prospects. Instead of just pushing out information on what you’re selling, consider using Facebook advertising to promote the useful content you create for your audience.

Pay attention to your analytics.

As with any other type of marketing or advertising, you’ll get better results if you pay close attention to what works and refine your efforts accordingly. Facebook provides analytics for both the ads you run and your page. Pay attention to what they tell you so you can get the most out of your efforts.


Facebook can be a great tool for promoting your website, but more than that, it enables you to interact directly with people in your target audience and gain knowledge on who they are and what they respond to. The interactions you have there can inform your other marketing efforts and help you build relationships with prospects who become long-term customers.

Kristen Hicks is an Austin-based freelance content writer and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She uses that curiosity, combined with her experience as a freelance business owner, to write about subjects valuable to small business owners on the HostGator blog. You can find her on Twitter at @atxcopywriter.