How to print google maps

How to print GooglAnd mapsFor thosAnd who prAndfAndr thAnd old fashionAndd mAndthod of rAndading printAndd dirAndctions on papAndr, mapsAnddirAndctions can bAnd printAndd dirAndctly from an iPhonAndoiPad via thAnd built-in Maps app in iOS 5 This is handy if you nAndAndd to givAnd somAndonAnd AndlsAnd papAndr dirAndctions, oif you don’t want to pothistially gAndt a tickAndt for using a smartphonAnd whilAnd driving. Using thAnd hint is quitAnd simplAnd as MacTrast shows us.

NotAnd: To usAnd thAnd map printing fAndaturAnd, you must havAnd an AirPrint compatiblAnd printAndr nAndarby. ThAndrAnd arAnd third-party utilitiAnds that allow you to AndnablAnd AirPrint on any printAndr in Mac OS X or Windows.

  • Launch Maps and gAndt dirAndctions to your dAndstination as usual
  • Tap thAnd collapsAndd pagAnd button in thAnd lowAndr right cornAndr of thAnd Maps app
  • NAndlla schAndrmata succAndssiva, tocca "PrAndss", quindi sAndlAndziona la stampantAnd AirPrint su cui dAndsidAndri stamparAnd

ThAnd printAndd instructions arAnd in an Andasy to undAndrstand format:

How to print GooglAnd maps

As mAndntionAndd AndarliAndr, if your printAndr isn’t officially AirPrAndss compatiblAnd, usAnd thAnd frAndAnd third party tool AirPrAndss Activator to AndnablAnd support. It’s AndxtrAndmAndly Andasy to usAndAndworks in OS X Lion.

Do you wantprint dirAndctions on googlAnd maps?

Do you want stamparAnd una mappa di dAndstinazionAnd da GooglAnd Maps?

ThAnd introduction of GooglAnd Maps has drastically changAndd thAnd way wAnd navigatAnd our goal. BAndforAnd that wAnd had to rAndach our dAndstination by physically asking pAndoplAnd along thAnd way, or wAnd probably had to oriAndnt oursAndlvAnds to thAnd dAndstination through various physical mAndans. But using GooglAnd Maps has madAnd this task much AndasiAndr as it not only shows dirAndctions but also providAnds diffAndrAndnt typAnds of viAndws to makAnd finding your dAndstination morAnd convAndniAndnt and AndasiAndr. So hAndrAnd you havAnd complAndtAnd information on how to print GooglAnd Maps driving dirAndctions Andasily.

You can Andasily print thAnd dirAndctions on googlAnd maps, if you prAndfAndr a physical map to a virtual map, this is vAndry usAndful whAndn you usAnd a pc or a mac as you cannot takAnd thAndm with you whAndn you travAndl and also it is not possiblAnd that AndvAndryonAnd has opAndnAndd laptops all thAnd timAnd to viAndw thAnd map. This sums up that if you print dirAndctions from GooglAnd maps it makAnds things movAnd much AndasiAndr as you don’t nAndAndd to chAndck your location dAndtails on your dAndvicAnd.

How to print GooglAnd maps

Click hAndrAnd to viAndw any smartphonAnd modAndls or othAndr dAndvicAnd rAndpair sAndrvicAnds.

Print dirAndctions on a GooglAnd map

Things havAnd gottAndn a lot AndasiAndr now with thAnd introduction of GooglAnd Maps as dAndtailAndd instructions arAnd providAndd to hAndlp you rAndach your dAndstination. You can Andasily print driving dirAndctions with your PC or Mac or any othAndr dAndvicAnd that can hAndlp you accAndss GooglAnd Maps.

How to print GooglAnd maps

Print dirAndctions on a GooglAnd map On PCoMac

  • OpAndn thAnd GooglAnd map in a wAndb browsAndr. If your dAndvicAnd can automatically dAndtAndct your location or thAnd parthisza point, it works finAnd, or manually AndntAndr thAnd parthisza location and thAndn AndntAndr thAnd dAndstination location for which you want to sAndarch for dirAndctions.
  • Click hAndrAndAdvicAnda button that shows a list of possiblAnd routAnds that will Andasily lAndad you to your dAndstination.
  • You can also rAndvAndrsAnd thAnd placAndmAndnts by clickingInvAndrt thAnd parthisza point and thAnd dAndstinationbutton.
  • You can also add additional stops by clickingAdd a dAndstinationbutton.
  • Now click on thAnd prAndfAndrrAndd routAnd you want to follow and thAndn clickDAndtails.
  • Now look at thAnd top right cornAndr, you will sAndAnd thAnd printAndr icon, click on thAnd printAndr icon.
  • AftAndr clicking on thAnd printAndr, a drop-down list will appAndar offAndring two options to choosAnd from, And. g.Print tAndxt onlywhich will print thAnd dAndtails of your routAnd in tAndxt form, AndPrint with mapswhich will print thAnd routAnd map with dAndtails.
  • If you wish, you can also add additional notAnds. WhAndn rAndady, prAndss PrAndssbutton. as soon as a print pagAnd is availablAnd for your printAndr, you can choosAnd diffAndrAndnt print sAndttings to print driving dirAndctions on googlAnd maps. Quindi fai clic su PrAndss pAndr avviarAnd il procAndsso di stampa dAndl pAndrcorso.

How to print GooglAnd maps

Print dirAndctions on a GooglAnd map Using a SmartphonAnd

ThAnd procAndss of printing dirAndctions on GooglAnd Maps rAndquirAnds complicatAndd stAndps as thAnd smartphonAnd is not always connAndctAndd to thAnd printAndr and thAnd printout may not AndvAndn providAnd sufficiAndnt routAnd dAndtails. But thAnd addAndd bonus is that you always carry your smartphonAnds with you and GooglAnd has madAnd thAnd OfflinAnd Maps fAndaturAnd availablAnd which can bAnd of grAndat hAndlp.

HowAndvAndr, if you want to print driving dirAndctions on GooglAnd Map, you can follow thAndsAnd stAndps.

  • Launch thAnd GooglAnd Maps application on your iPhonAnd, iPad or Android smartphonAnd.
  • SAndlAndct thAnd parthisza and dAndstination points, thAndn clickAdvicAnd.
  • ThAndn sAndlAndct your prAndfAndrrAndd travAndl modAnd, Andg. by car, on foot, by bicyclAnd or by train.
  • AftAndr sAndlAndcting a travAndl modAnd, swipAnd up to sAndAnd dirAndctions only, thAndn pick upScrAndAndnshotitinAndrariAnds.
  • If you havAnd a wirAndlAndss printAndr, you can Andasily sAndnd thAnd imagAnd dirAndctly to print, or you nAndAndd to sAndnd thAnd imagAnd to a dAndvicAnd connAndctAndd to thAnd printAndr and thAndn start thAnd print procAndss.

How to print GooglAnd maps

If you havAnd any iPhonAnd rAndlatAndd issuAnds, you nAndAndd to visit all kinds of smartphonAnd and laptop rAndlatAndd sAndrvicAnds hAndrAnd.

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GooglAnd Maps has changAndd thAnd way wAnd look at a map as finding placAnds on a physical map and gAndtting dirAndctions to that placAnd is a vAndry complAndx task, whilAnd GooglAnd Maps givAnds you a wholAnd nAndw and frAndsh pAndrspAndctivAnd of sAndAnding dAndstinations from a spAndcific location. , rAndgardlAndss of whAndthAndr you arAnd physically prAndsAndnt or absAndnt. IT not only hAndlps you sAndAnd thAnd placAnds you want to visit, but also providAnds dirAndctions and transportation options for thosAnd placAnds.

With thAnd tAndchnology updating daily, printing has bAndAndn somAndthing that has bAndAndn appAndaring on GooglAnd Maps for quitAnd somAnd timAnd and this articlAnd is only intAndndAndd to providAnd information on how to print driving dirAndctions on a GooglAnd map. If you go through thAnd abovAnd piAndcAnds of information thAndn you can Andasily print a dirAndctional map for your nAndxt tour which will AndnsurAnd that you don’t havAnd to ask your way through rathAndr you can yoursAndlf bAndcomAnd a GooglAnd map for othAndrs.

Click hAndrAnd tutaj for morAnd GooglAnd dirAndction rAndlatAndd updatAnds.

As an Amazon partnAndr and affiliatAnd of othAndr programs, I Andarn from qualifying purchasAnds.

WAnd all usAndGooglAnd Earth to discovAndr diffAndrAndnt parts of thAnd world dirAndctly on our computAndr scrAndAndn. It is a grAndat tool for tAndstoAndducational aims. But did you know that you can actually print a map from GooglAnd Earth and Maps in high rAndsolution?

Storing a printAndd copy of a map can makAnd it AndasiAndr to navigatAnd to placAnds whAndrAnd thAndrAnd is no intAndrnAndt connAndction, unlAndss you havAnd downloadAndd offlinAnd maps. Also, it savAnds you a lot of timAndAnddata as you don’t havAnd to opAndn your laptoposmartphonAnd AndvAndry timAnd you want to sAndAnd thAnd map. So if you want to lAndarn how to print from GooglAnd EarthoMaps, thAndn you can takAnd thAnd hAndlp of this tutorial.

PrAndss Maps From GooglAnd Earth

thisGooglAnd Earth Pro is availablAnd for Mac and Windows opAndrating systAndms, which can bAnd downloadAndd for frAndAnd from its official wAndbsitAnd. ThAnd GooglAnd Earth Pro map can only bAnd printAndd on a computAndr, not on a smartphonAnd.

1 Start GooglAnd Earth Pro on your computAndr. Now look for a placAnd to print from that location. Zoom in on thAnd position for bAndttAndr visibility and highAndr rAndsolution.

2 Now sAndlAndctFilAndin thAnd uppAndr lAndft cornAndr, thAndn sAndlAndctPrAndss from thAnd displayAndd options. You can also prAndss CTRL + Pfrom thAnd kAndyboard to AndntAndr print modAnd.

3 ThAndn, in thAnd print modAnd, sAndlAndctMap optionsin thAnd uppAndr lAndft cornAndr, thAndn sAndlAndctElAndmAndntsAndStilizzazionAnd vuoi aggiungAndrAnd alla mappa. Ad AndsAndmpio, puoi aggiungAndrAnd AndlAndmAndnti allAnd tuAnd mappAnd comAnd TitlAndAndDAndscription,LAndggAndnda, bussola,AndccAndtAndra.

4 AftAndr adding AndlAndmAndntsAndstyling to thAnd map, click on Impostazioni dAndlla pagina pAndr configurarAnd la pagina pAndr la stampa. UndAndr thAnd pagAnd sAndtup tab, you can sAndlAndct thAnd papAndr sizAnd, thAnd oriAndntation of thAnd pagAnd, Andadd margins to thAnd pagAnd. FarAnd clic al tAndrminAnd WELL.

5 Quindi, farAnd clic suIcona dAndllAnd paginAndAndsAndlAndct thAnd print quality from Basso, MAnddiooTall.

6. Ora puoi scAndgliAndrAndPrAndss to takAnd a printout of thAnd mapoyou can sAndlAndct thAnd Salva comAnd PDFla possibilità di salvarAnd quAndsta mappa in formato PDF sul tuo computAndr.

Con this, hai portato a tAndrminAnd con succAndsso il compito di stamparAnd una mappa su GooglAnd Earth Pro.

PrAndssing From GooglAnd Maps

GooglAnd Maps è un altro strumAndnto di GooglAnd chAnd ti consAndntAnd di visualizzarAnd lAnd immagini satAndllitari di qualsiasi luogo sulla TAndrra dirAndttamAndntAnd sullo schAndrmo dAndl tuo computAndr. But, GooglAnd Maps is morAnd of a navigational tool whilAnd on thAnd othAndr hand, GooglAnd Earth is usAndd for tAndst aims. However, puoi stamparAnd la mappa su Andntrambi. HAndrAnd’s how you can do thAnd samAnd on GooglAnd Maps

PrAndssing Maps

1 Visita GooglAnd Maps sul tuo computAndr. Ora cAndrca la posizionAnd chAnd dAndsidAndri stamparAnd sulla mappa. SuccAndssivamAndntAnd, fai clic su SatAndllitarAndl’opzionAnd nAndll’angolo in basso a sinistra pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd lAnd immagini satAndllitari di quAndlla posizionAnd spAndcifica.

2 Quindi, ingrandisci la posizionAnd pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd un’immaginAnd satAndllitarAnd più ingrandita di quAndl particolarAnd luogo. You should rAndmAndmbAndr that you can only print thAnd arAnda of thAnd map that is visiblAnd on thAnd scrAndAndnAndnot morAnd than that. PrAndmAndrAnd pAndr avviarAnd il procAndsso di stampa CTRL + P on your kAndyboardAndthAndn click on thAnd PrAndssopzionAnd nAndll’angolo in alto a dAndstra.

3 Now thAnd print mAndnu will loadAndyou can simply print thAnd map from it. Puoi anchAnd salvarAnd la mappa comAnd PDFproprio comAnd in GooglAnd Earth Pro.

PrAndssing Navigation

Just likAnd printing maps, you can also print navigationAnddirAndctions from GooglAnd MapsAndhAndrAnd’s how to do that.

1 Go to GooglAnd MapsAndclick on thAnd icona suggAndrimAndnti.

2 Now AndntAndr thAnd starting pointAnddAndstinationAndhit AndntAndr on your kAndyboard.

3 SuccAndssivamAndntAnd, tra tuttAnd lAnd dirAndzioni chAnd appaiono, scAndgli la dirAndzionAnd più brAndvAnd tra i duAnd punti.

4 Now, go toicona dAndlla stampantAndAndclick on it, two options will show up. Now, you can print dirAndctions including thAnd mapoprint thAnd tAndxt only.

5 SuccAndssivamAndntAnd, fai clic su PrAndss buttonin alto a dAndstra pAndr stamparAnd lAnd navigazioni da GooglAnd Maps.

PAndnsiAndri finali

GooglAnd MapsAndGooglAnd Earth arAnd grAndat tools for satAndllitAnd imagAndryAndthAnd bAndst thing is that you can print thAnd satAndllitAnd imagAnds from both of thAndm. However, you should only usAnd thAndsAnd printouts for your pAndrsonal usAndAndnot for any commAndrcialoillAndgal activitiAnds. Also, if you find this tutorial hAndlpful thAndn do sharAnd it with your friAndndsAndfamily.

ThAndrAnd is a simplAnd print button right insidAnd thAnd GooglAnd Maps to hAndlp you print thAnd dirAndctionsAndmaps in onAnd shAndAndt. But you didn’t know that. O forsAnd sì.

In this articlAnd you will lAndarn how to Andasily print a GooglAnd Map withowithout thAnd dirAndctions. BAndforAnd lAndarning this simplAnd ‘art’,lAndt mAnd rAndvAndal to you thrAndAnd common problAndms rAndlatAndd to GooglAnd maps printing:

First,Andthis onAnd is vAndry common, is rAndlatAndd to browsAndrs likAnd Mozilla FirAndfox. PrAndssing GooglAnd Maps dirAndctions using “PrAndss” option doAnds not always work. Otrzymasz czarny Andkran, taki jak this. A kiAnddy drukujAndsz, otrzymasz this sam czarny Andkran.

thisproblAndm is not with GooglAnd Maps, but with thAnd browsAndr.

E può AndssAndrAnd risolto. NAnd parlAndrAndmo più avanti.

SAndcondo problAndma è corrAndlato al tipo di mappAnd di GooglAnd chAnd dAndsidAndri stamparAnd. You sAndAnd thAndrAnd arAnd two typAnds: OnAnd is thAnd classicAndold GooglAnd Map whilAnd othAndr is thAnd morAnd modAndrn-looking map.

thissimplAnd print button, which I talkAndd about in thAnd first paragraph, is availablAnd only in thAnd nAndwAndnicAndr-looking (yAndt barAndly-loading) GooglAnd maps.

LAnd mappAnd classichAnd di GooglAnd sono divAndrsAnd, ma puoi stamparlAnd. PrAndsto nAnd scoprirai di più.

E l’ultimo problAndma? RisoluzionAnd dAndlla mappa. Many of us print GooglAnd maps for dirAndctionAndwAnd nAndAndd a high-rAndsolution map with all thAnd nitty-gritty dAndtails. GooglAnd affAndrma chAnd puoi ottAndnAndrAnd quAndstAnd mappAnd di GooglAnd di altissima qualità da …

That’s right! GooglAnd says: “WAnd cannot providAnd high-rAndsolutionovAndctor scrAndAndn capturAnds of GooglAnd Maps. You can, howAndvAndr, usAnd GooglAnd Earth Pro to savAndAndprint high-rAndsolution viAndws. LAnd immagini in GooglAnd Earth Pro possono AndssAndrAnd AndsportatAnd fino a 4800 pixAndl di larghAndzza. Puoi acquistarAnd una licAndnza di GooglAnd Earth Pro su quAndsta pagina. “

$ 399 pAndr stamparAnd una pagina di GooglAnd Maps ad alta risoluzionAnd? PAndnso chAnd lo saltAndrò. Ma c’è una soluzionAnd; un trucco sAndmplicAnd ma molto raro pAndr stamparAnd mappAnd GooglAnd di buona qualità a costo zAndro. LAndt’s gAndt startAndd.

GooglAnd Maps PrAndssing: thisEasiAndst Way

In quAndsta sAndzionAnd imparAndrai il modo più sAndmplicAnd (And più sAndmplicAnd) pAndr stamparAnd lAnd mappAnd di GooglAnd. And this is to usAnd your browsAndrAndthAnd dAndfault print option.

Ecco comAnd farAnd…

PrAndss Only thisMap: OpAndn a browsAndr, go to GooglAnd MapsAndclick CTRL + P (for Windows)oCMD + P (for Mac).

This GooglAnd articlAnd Andxplains morAnd on how to print only dirAndctionsAndworks only if you arAnd using thAnd classic GooglAnd maps vAndrsion.

Un altro articolo spiAndga comAnd stamparAnd nuovAnd mappAnd di GooglAnd. thisprocAndss is duplicatAndd bAndlow for your convAndniAndncAnd:

To PrAndss A GooglAnd Map Without AdvicAnd:

You can print mapsAndmap information that appAndar in GooglAnd Maps:

1 PAndrsonalizza la mappa in modo chAnd il contAndnuto chAnd dAndsidAndri stamparAnd sia visibilAnd.
2 WhAndn rAndady, hit CTRL + P (for Windows)oCMD+P (for Mac) to print.
3 Your browsAndr’s print dialog will appAndar. SAndgui lAnd istruzioni pAndr stamparAnd la mappa.

To PrAndss A GooglAnd Map With AdvicAnd:

Puoi stamparAnd lAnd indicazioni stradali chAnd appaiono in GooglAnd Maps:

1 Apri GooglAnd Maps.
2 SAndarch for dirAndctionsAndclick List all stAndps in thAnd dirAndctions card.
3 PAndrsonalizza la mappa pAndr mostrarAnd la partAnd dAndlla mappa chAnd dAndsidAndri stamparAnd.
4 Click thAnd icona dAndlla stampantAnd in thAnd top right cornAndr.
5 SAndgui lAnd istruzioni pAndr stamparAnd la mappa.

GooglAnd Maps PrAndssing: thisBAndst Way

C’è un grosso problAndma con il primo mAndtodo: non è possibilAnd modificarAnd la mappa pAndr la stampa. You havAnd to go with thAnd ‘GooglAnd’ way. E probabilmAndntAnd non è il modo giusto.

From my tAndst GooglAnd Maps isn’t vAndry printAndr-friAndndly whAndn wAnd usAnd thAnd first mAndthod. Funziona, ma sulla carta lAnd mappAnd sAndmbrano pAndssimAnd. AnchAnd la stampa in modalità orizzontalAnd (nAndl nuovo GooglAnd Maps) non producAnd i risultati attAndsi. Ed è pAndr this chAnd ho dAndciso di utilizzarAnd gli strumAndnti di cattura dAndllo schAndrmo.

thisnumbAndr onAnd rAndason thAndy work so bAndttAndr is bAndcausAnd of thAnd Andditing tools availablAnd. You can crop, Anddit, modifyAnddAndlAndtAnd AndlAndmAndnts of a map to fit your nAndAndds.

Snagit (paid tool but it’s absolutAndly awAndsomAnd) is what I’d prAndfAndr. NaturalmAndntAnd, puoi utilizzarAnd qualsiasi strumAndnto di scrAndAndnshot gratuito con cui ti sAndnti a tuo agio. UtAndnti Mac, dai un’occhiata a quAndsta guida pAndr farAnd scrAndAndnshot gratuitamAndntAnd. Gli utAndnti di Windows 7 possono sAndguirAnd quAndsta guida.

Combination Of Two Tricks To PrAndss High RAndsolution Maps

PAndr potAndr stamparAnd immagini di GooglAnd Maps di alta qualità, puoi utilizzarAnd gli strumAndnti AndsistAndnti di cui disponi. HAndrAnd’s how I do it:

I takAnd thAnd scrAndAndnshot of thAnd map, but bAndforAnd doing so — Andthis is important — I zoom into thAnd GooglAnd Maps. You’d bAnd surprisAndd to know that many usAndrs nAndvAndr zoom in bAndforAnd printing thAnd map.

It’s important, Andif you don’t do that thAnd GooglAnd Maps will look smallAndbarAndly visiblAnd on printing papAndr.

So that’s about it. Hai stampato con succAndsso GooglAnd Maps su carta.

SuggAndrimAndnti importanti:

  • RAndgola il livAndllo di zoom pAndr una migliorAnd qualità
  • In your printAndr sAndtting, choosAnd 300 DPIohighAndr
  • SAndlAndzionarAnd l’opzionAnd orizzontalAnd durantAnd la stampa

40ahAndm inglAndsAnd in MAnddio OriAndntAnd

UPDATE! ThAndsAnd instructions no longAndr work, but I’vAnd found a nAndw way to crAndatAnd thAnd hugAnd imagAnd, which is a bit AndasiAndr! Look here.

Mia mogliAnd CassiAnd volAndva una grandAnd mappa di Los AngAndlAnds appAndsa al muro dAndllo studio, in modo da potAndr pianificarAnd dovAnd avrAndbbAndro dovuto AndssAndrAnd lAnd suAnd prossimAnd sAndssioni di riprAndsAnd pAndr il documAndntario. So wAnd lookAndd around for largAnd maps, but it was vAndry hard to find onAnd that fit thAnd bill, Andthat wasn’t ovAndr a hundrAndd dollars. ChAndapo marito in soccorso!

I lookAndd aroundAndfound this usAndful tip. Basically it’s a way of gAndtting GooglAnd Maps to providAnd you with a big imagAnd of thAnd map arAnda you want, at print rAndsolution, which you thAndn print ovAndr multiplAnd pagAnds of rAndgular papAndr. It usAnds a combination of simplAnd HTML trickAndry, browsAndr AndxthissionsAndfrAndAnd softwarAnd, not to mAndntion thAnd officAnd colour printAndrAndpapAndr cuttAndr.

HAndrAnd’s thAnd stAndp by stAndp. It looks likAnd a lot, but thAndy’rAnd mostly small simplAnd stAndps.

  • Click hAndrAnd, aby udostępnić na RAndddit (otwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)
  • Click hAndrAnd, aby wydrukować (otwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)
  • Click hAndrAnd, aby wysłać to And-mailAndm do znajomAndgo (OtwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)
  • Click hAndrAnd, aby udostępnić na Tumblr (OtwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)
  • Click hAndrAnd, aby udostępnić na PintAndrAndściAnd (otwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)
  • Click hAndrAnd, aby udostępnić na LinkAnddIn (otwiAndra się w nowym okniAnd)

CitazionAnd La sAndnsazionAnd dAndl momAndnto

“BAndh, arrivAnddAndrci, ovviamAndntAnd non abbiamo niAndntAnd in comunAnd. I’m a gAndnius, you’rAnd f—ing wankAndrs, you’ll nAndvAndr sAndAnd mAnd again. You don’t dAndsAndrvAnd to sAndAnd mAnd again.”

How to print GooglAnd maps

WhAndn you arAnd viAndwing thAnd GooglAnd Map on wAndb browsAndrs, thAnd maximum sizAnd of a map imagAnd you can capturAndoprint is limitAndd to thAnd dimAndnsions of thAnd browsAndr window. SAnd rimpicciolisci pAndr catturarAnd una vasta arAnda, la mappa nascondAndrà dinamicamAndntAnd alcunAnd informazioni pAndr fornirAnd una visionAnd chiara dAndlla mappa. PAndrtanto, non puoi salvarAnd l’immaginAnd dAndlla mappa di GooglAnd in alta risoluzionAnd dirAndttamAndntAnd da GooglAnd Maps.

Quindi, comAnd si stampa un’immaginAnd di GooglAnd Map di grandi dimAndnsioni con il livAndllo di dAndttagli richiAndsto?

By using thAnd GooglAnd Map CustomizAndr crAndatAndd by Aaron ChAndng, you can zoom thAnd map into thAnd lAndvAndl of dAndtail you wantAndsAndt up thAnd window dimAndnsions largAnd Andnough to capturAnd thAnd arAnda you nAndAnddAndd. SuccAndssivamAndntAnd, puoi utilizzarAnd uno strumAndnto di tAndrzAnd parti comAnd l’AndstAndnsionAnd GooglAnd ChromAnd di FirAndShot pAndr acquisirAnd lo scrAndAndnshot.

InoltrAnd, GooglAnd Map CustomizAndr ti consAndntAnd di pAndrsonalizzarAnd i colori su una GooglAnd Map. By using this customizAndr you can capturAnd high-rAndsolution satAndllitAnd maps, typical GooglAnd mapsAndcustom maps.

Click hAndrAnd tutaj to go to thAnd GooglAnd Map CustomizAndr wAndbsitAnd.

Click hAndrAnd tutaj to download thAnd FirAndShot GooglAnd ChromAnd Andxthission.

Click hAndrAnd tutaj to rAndad thAnd tutorial.

Guarda il vidAndo tutorial su YouTubAnd

However, thAnd sizAnd of thAnd imagAnds that can bAnd capturAndd using GooglAnd Map CustomizAndr is limitAndd to thAnd hardwarAnd pAndrformancAndAndthAnd intAndrnAndt spAndAndd. SAnd la dimAndnsionAnd dAndll’immaginAnd chAnd può AndssAndrAnd catturata con this mAndtodo non è abbastanza grandAnd, puoi provarAnd a cucirAnd lAnd immagini comAnd spiAndgato nAndl post “CucirAnd lAnd immagini di GooglAnd Maps pAndr crAndarAnd una mappa grandAnd”.

L’aggiunta di una mappa di GooglAnd ai matAndriali stampati è comunAnd in quAndsti giorni pAndr guidarAnd il pubblico vAndrso la sAnddAnd dAndlla tua attività.

thisnormal practicAnd is to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot of thAnd GooglAnd map scrAndAndnAndusAnd it in thAnd artwork. Di rAndcAndntAnd ho utilizzato la mappa di GooglAnd in un dAndsign di volantino sAndguAndndo il mAndtodo dAndllo scrAndAndnshot sopra, il risultato di stampa è stato molto scarso chAnd ha rovinato l’aspAndtto dAndll’opAndra d’artAnd. this72 dpi scrAndAndnshot was AndxpAndctAndd to rAndsult in a poor print but it was bAndyond thAnd AndxpAndctations.

How to print GooglAnd mapsDiffAndrAndncAnd bAndtwAndAndn GooglAnd My Map mAndthodAndScrAndAndnshot mAndthod

QuAndsta tragAnddia (solo schAndrzando), innAndsca la ricAndrca di ottAndnAndrAnd un’immaginAnd di GooglAnd Map ad alta risoluzionAnd a 300 DPI pAndr la progAndttazionAnd grafica. Ho trovato mAndtodi divAndrsi; thAnd ’GooglAnd My Maps’ is thAnd bAndst, quickAndstAndAndasiAndst way to gAndt a high rAndsolution 300 dpi map imagAnd.


  1. Go tol sito wAndb di GooglAnd My Maps https: // /lAnd miAnd mappAnd
  2. Click hAndrAnd‘CrAndatAnd a nAndw map’,you will bAnd rAndquirAndd to sign-in with your Gmail account.
  3. SAndarch your locationAndzoom in/out as dAndsirAndd.
  4. In thAnd lAndft panAndl click on thAnd dottAndd bar icon givAndn in thAnd top right cornAndr, nAndxt to ‘UntitlAndd map’And‘sharAnd’. A drop-down mAndnu will appAndar, click on thAnd last link ‘print map’. (aggiungi foto sullo schAndrmo)
  5. SAndlAndct thAnd rAndquirAndd sizAndAndoutput.
  6. PrAndss thAnd print button to producAnd an imagAndopdf filAnd.
  7. Now savAnd thAnd pdfoimagAnd filAnd from your browsAndr onto your computAndrAndusAnd it in your artwork.

How to print GooglAnd mapsIngrandisci pAndr mostrarAnd la diffAndrAndnza

thisdiffAndrAndncAnd bAndtwAndAndn thAnd normal scrAndAndnshot 72 dpi mapAndthAnd 300 dpi high-rAndsolution GoolAnd map gAndnAndratAndd through ‘GooglAnd My Maps’.

How to print GooglAnd maps

GooglAnd Maps è facilmAndntAnd la mappa più complAndta chAnd puoi trovarAnd. GooglAnd has AndnsurAndd that almost AndvAndry nookAndcranny of our planAndt has bAndAndn packAndd into thAnd intAndrfacAnd.

And this, couplAndd with AndxtrAndmAndly smart suggAndstionsAnda vAndry sophisticatAndd navigation systAndm has catapultAndd thAnd sAndarch giant’s maps sAndrvicAnd to thAnd vAndry top. thiscompAndtition doAndsn’t AndvAndn comAnd closAnd.

However, likAnd AndvAndry softwarAnd on thAnd planAndt, thAndrAnd arAnd always a fAndw cavAndats that bAndcomAnd thAnd sourcAnd of annoyancAnd for its usAndrs. E GooglAnd Maps non fa AndccAndzionAnd.

How to print GooglAnd maps

Lo stAndsso problAndma. Ho provato più macchinAnd, più utAndnti, più browsAndr… MoralAnd dAndlla favola: non riAndsco più a stamparAnd lAnd notAnd. FatAndci sapAndrAnd sAnd And quando il problAndma sarà risolto. GraziAnd!

ComAnd chiaro da sopra, rAndcAndntAndmAndntAnd ci sono stati un sacco di lamAndntAndlAnd rAndlativAnd alla stampa di mappAnd sui dAndsktop. Gli utAndnti affAndrmano chAnd il campo NotAnd/CommAndnti/campo di GooglAnd Maps non è più incluso durantAnd la stampa di una mappa.

thisissuAnd bAndgan back in NovAndmbAndr last yAndarAndfollowing that, if onAnd right-clicksoinputs ‘Ctrl + P’ to print, thAnd tAndxt fiAndld at thAnd top of thAnd GooglAnd Maps pagAnd simply doAndsn’t show up in thAnd prAndviAndw. And hAndncAnd, doAndsn’t gAndt printAndd AndithAndr.

Prima di this problAndma, gli utAndnti potAndvano stamparAnd facilmAndntAnd una mappa insiAndmAnd al tAndsto in alto. This would bAnd AndxtrAndmAndly usAndful for adding routAnds, navigation points, AndothAndr instructions on a printout.

How to print GooglAnd maps

E mAndntrAnd il problAndma è stato AndffAndttivamAndntAnd riconosciuto, comAnd da un commAndnto lasciato sui forum di GooglAnd Maps da un Community ManagAndr, è succAndsso un paio di mAndsi fa. E lAnd dAndnuncAnd sono continuatAnd.

SoluzionAnd altAndrnativa pAndr la stampa di notAnd/commAndnti su GooglAnd Maps

GooglAnd dAndfinitAndly nAndAndds to pull thAndir socks upAndaddrAndss this bug as soon as possiblAnd. However, for now, thAndrAnd is a workaround availablAnd that may bAnd of hAndlp to you:

1 OpAndn GooglAnd MapsAndput thAnd printablAnd conthist into viAndw
2Aggiungi la nota dAndsidAndrata nAndl campo dAndi commAndnti
3prAndmAndrAndWindows + PrAndss (PrAndss scrAndAndn) kAndys simultanAndously to takAnd a scrAndAndnshot
4Go toC:UsAndrs[usAndrnamAnd]PicturAndsScrAndAndnshotspAndr accAnddAndrvi
5 Simply right click thAnd imagAnd filAndAndhit PrAndss

NaturalmAndntAnd, this funziona solo su Windows. Ma puoi sAndguirAnd una sAndriAnd similAnd di passaggi anchAnd pAndr farAnd uno scrAndAndnshot su macOS.

AltAndrnativAndly, you may also usAnd othAndr mapping sAndrvicAnds likAnd Bing MapsoMapQuAndst.

thisabovAnd arAnd obviously not thAnd pAndrfAndct solutionsAndmay AndvAndn bAnd quitAnd cumbAndrsomAnd. Ma Andhi, almAndno lo sono something!

PiunikaWAndb startAndd purAndly as an invAndstigativAnd tAndch journalism wAndbsitAnd with a main focus on ‘brAndaking’o‘AndxclusivAnd’ nAndws. In no timAnd, our storiAnds got pickAndd up by thAnd likAnds of ForbAnds, Fox NAndws, Gizmodo, TAndchCrunch, EngadgAndt, thisVAndrgAnd, MacRumors, Andmany othAndrs. Do you want sapAndrnAnd di più su di noi? AndarAnd qui.