How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Hairspray is quite versatile. While its most obvious use is as a firming spray for hair, did you know that it can help you preserve fresh flowers and bouquets?

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Hairspray is quite versatile. While its most obvious use is as a firming spray for hair, did you know that it can help you preserve fresh flowers and bouquets?

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Preserving flowers well past their blooming date is a tricky business. Sometimes, you can get it right with minimal effort and sometimes no matter what you do, all your preservation efforts are in vain. When it comes to preservative substances, used to artificially prolong a flower’s looking-good period, substances range from the most absurd (copper coins) to the very practical but exclusive (silica gel). One such substance is hairspray. This spray is used to keep one’s hair in place. But, it can be used for preserving flowers as well. Hairspray as a preservative, works best on robust full blooms like roses, with heavy petals and a more open blooming style. It will also work with smaller blooms, which have a better shelf-life, like lavender.

Pre-Preservation Steps

In order to correctly preserve fresh flowers with hairspray, the flowers need to be cut at the right time and in the right way. If you are trying to preserve cut flowers, which are arranged in a bouquet, skip ahead to “how to preserve flowers” section.

Cut Blooming Flowers:

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If you want to preserve fresh blooms still on the plant, then you will need to cut the flowers, when they have completely bloomed and are open. Do not cut flowers during the budding stage or when they have turned dry.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Cut Flowers in the Morning:

Cut blooms in the middle of the morning before late afternoon.

Right Place to Cut:

Cut the blooms with at least 6 inches of their stem. Take out most of the leaves but leave a few to give the flowers a green look.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Keep away from Sunlight:

Keep the cut flowers away from sunlight immediately. Before applying hairspray, make sure there are no open flames or flammable sources around, as hairspray is highly flammable.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Preserving Flowers With Hairspray

  • Find a nice dark but dry location, like a closet to hang your flowers undisturbed.
  • Tie the ends of the flower stems together using some twine or dental floss.
  • Then tie the end of the string to a hanger or a nail to hang the flowers upside down.
  • You can even tie each flower or two flower stems together with a string and tie them to the hanger, to dry the flowers individually.
  • Leave the flowers to hang-dry for 2-3 weeks. When they have turned completely dry, remove them from the hangers.
  • You can arrange the flowers into a bouquet but do not place the flowers in a vase just yet.
  • Use a can of ordinary aerosol hairspray.
  • Stand a little away, at least 6-8 inches, from the bouquet and spray the flowers.
  • Make sure each flower’s petals and stems get fogged with hairspray evenly.
  • Let the hairspray dry on the bouquet for 10 minutes. During the day, you can spray the bouquet 2 or 3 times again to touch up.
  • You can spray the flowers once every few days to preserve them.

Preserving Flowers With Hairspray and Silica Gel

  • You will need silica gel and a deep container for this preservation.
  • Spread the flowers individually in the container, with some distance between the flowers.
  • Pour the silica over the flowers and fill the container at least an inch high.
  • Cover the flowers and their petals well with silica gel.
  • Cover the container and leave it undisturbed for 4-5 days.
  • When the flowers have turned stiff and dry, you can take them out and tie them into a bunch or arrange them into a bouquet.
  • Then spray the flowers with hairspray.

When spraying the flowers, cover the surrounding area with newspaper, so the spray does not affect anything around. Do not spray flowers in a vase, as flowers will stick to the vase with the spray. Sprayed flowers will last for at least 1-2 months, if kept out of humid or brightly-lit rooms. The longevity of the preserved flowers also depends on the type of flower.

Hang fresh flowers upside down in a cool, dark location until they are completely dry (about two to three weeks). In a well-ventilated spot, evenly spray the surface of the flowers, making sure all the surface is covered, keep a good distance between the hairspray nozzle and the flowers so they aren’t damaged.

Beside above, how do you store dried flowers? If you are going to be storing your dried flowers, wrap them in some newspaper, to prevent them from drawing in moisture from the air. Then place the wrapped flowers in a box, so they don’t get accidentally crushed. Keep them out of damp basements and overly dry spots, like attics.

Besides, how do you dry roses with hairspray?

Wrap the string around a coat hanger so the roses hang upside down. Place the hanging roses in a warm, dark, dry area, such as a closet. Allow the roses to completely dry, which usually takes about one week. Spray the roses with a light mist of clear hairspray, allowing the hairspray to dry.

How long do dried flowers last?

Prolonged Shelf Life : Depending on storage / environmental conditions, preserved flowers can from 6 to 12 months. However, they have been know to last up to years in dry and cool conditions.

By: Greyson Ferguson

14 December, 2017

Once you pick a flower, it has an expiration date set on it. Although it is possible to prolong the look of fresh flowers, they inevitably will wither and discolor. However, there are a few tricks available to extend the beauty of the flower, including the use of hairspray. Hairspray helps hold the flower firm and prevents wilting for an additional few days (as long as you consistantly reapply it). This is helpful if you need the flowers to last for several days.

Step 1

Remove the flowers from the vase. Spraying the flowers while in the vase results in the flowers sticking to the vase.

  • Once you pick a flower, it has an expiration date set on it.
  • However, there are a few tricks available to extend the beauty of the flower, including the use of hairspray.

Step 2

Spray the hairspray on the flowers from several inches away. Do not move the spray can too close to the flower as the force from the spray may damage the flower.

Step 3

Hang the flowers upside down in a well-ventilated area until the hairspray dries.

Step 4

Position the flowers back in the vase. Reapply the hairspray every few days or as needed to keep the flowers looking pristine.

Dress Up Your Vase

This leather handled vase DIY project is so simple it’s silly! And quite stunning in it’s design. Add a little something extra to your favorite vase when you want to display your favorite flowers and plants.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray – Birthday flowers and gifts – Brazil flowers shop.

How To Preserve Flowers With Hairspray

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? Cover then in Mod podge, it will dry CLEAR so don’t worry about the mess! make sure to get down into the petals, you can use this or a cheap sticky aerosol can oh hairspray . Take them outside and spray them untill they are soaked.

Secondly, what can you dip flowers in to preserve them? Preserving cut flowers with wax can offer a helpful solution to ensure the longevity of your bouquets. It involves dipping the flowers in paraffin wax and hanging them to dry until the wax is completely hard.

Consequently, can you preserve fresh flowers in resin?

Preserving fresh flowers in resin means preparing the flowers first by drying them and covering them with a spray resin so they can hold up to the process. Choose a mold for the resin that meets your needs, such as a thin, round mold for a coaster or a small one if you want to turn the flowers into jewelry.

How do you preserve flowers for years?

Air drying flowers is perhaps the easiest and most common way to preserve flowers.

  1. Take the leaves off of the stem of the flower. (This allows the flower to dry faster).
  2. Tie the flowers into small bundles of three or four using a rubber band.
  3. Hang them upside down in a well-ventilated area.

The rose is the world’s loveliest and most popular flower with an aroma that brings back memories of romance and crisp spring days. And the moment of receiving a special bunch on your birthday, wedding day or celebration doesn’t need to end with throwing them in the trash.

Drying roses and creating your set of forever roses is a beautiful way to hold onto their sentimental value and create a keepsake you can admire forever. So, let’s take a look at the most to least common ways to keep your roses forever.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Air drying the rose

The most common way of drying roses is the air drying method. It’s arguably the most simple way to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

The first step to keeping your roses forever is to choose a favorite to dry. It’s important to start the process before the flower starts to wither. You can tell which flower is ready by the dryness of the stem. If the stems are too wet, it’s not a good candidate for drying and you’re best to throw it away and choose another. Let’s take a quick look at how to do this.

Trim the rose

The next step is to trim the stem and remove its leaves. There’s too much moisture in the leaves so they don’t dry well.

Hang it upside down

The final step to the process in keeping your flowers forever is to hang them upside down to dry. We suggest taping them to a wall in a cool, dark space to preserve the color. If you prefer a slightly darker dried rose color, hang them at a window exposed to the sun as it helps dry the rose faster. After leaving it for a week you’ll notice the flower looks brown-ish and sounds like potato crisps that could crack at any time.

You can see why this simple process is one of the most familiar and loved ways to dry your roses.

Spray the rose with hairspray

Using hairspray to keep the rose in mint condition is a less common method in preserving the flower. Using a can of ordinary hairspray, you simply work your way around the rose covering the petals, stem and leaves with the liquid. The hairspray holds the petals firm and prevents them from falling off while hung upside down.

Use desiccant to dry the roses

A more uncommon way of drying roses is by using desiccant. According to Wiki:

Desiccant is a sandy-textured product which absorbs moisture from the rose encouraging it to dry quickly and evenly

The whole process is a little more complex than simply leaving the roses upside down to dry. You’ll need to cut the rose stem quite short, place them into an airtight container and ensure they’re far enough apart to complete the drying process. The drying time frame tends to take an extra week compared to the simple air dry method.

Preserve roses in Glycerin

There are many other uncommon ways to preserve roses including using glycerin to soak the flower in. It helps the rose appear fresh forever by exchanging the water in the flower with glycerine.

Freeze dry your flowers

If you’re really serious about preserving the way you flowers appear you can’t go past freeze drying. While it’s not a DIY process, you can rest in the knowledge that the professionals have taken care of the steps and will provide you with a lasting keepsake.

Dry your roses in sand

Covering your roses with sand is a less common way to preserve your flowers. However, it’s very effective as the sand dries out the flower and you can simply shake off the grains when you’re done. This may be a fun activity to try with your children as it gets their hands dirty, however, we think you can’t go past watching the rose transform as it’s hung out to dry.

Dry our sustainable roses

Drying roses is a relaxing and beautiful process that keeps the memory of your special occasion alive. As well it brings a romantic and precious touch to your space. You can make a dried flower bouquet for your desk or simply hang the rose on a piece of string to your wall. It’ll look so beautiful and be a keepsake forever. Why not try this with the next bunch of roses you’re given as a gift, or that you buy yourself!

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Find out how to keep the beauty of your garden going all year long by learning the best way to preserve flowers.

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Whether it’s your bridal bouquet, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day arrangement, or a particularly gorgeous vase of flowers gathered from your own garden, drying your flowers will preserve their beauty and sentimental value. Dry flowers make lovely home decor and can be used in a myriad of craft projects. The preservation method you use will depend on the look you wish to achieve and the type of flower.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Photo by: Shutterstock/Chamille White

How to Air Dry Flowers

Air drying is also known simply as hanging the bouquet upside down. This method is best for entire bouquets or robust flowers such as roses, lavender, strawflower, baby’s breath, statice, celosia, gomphrena and thistle.

  • Strip excess foliage from flowers.
  • Cut stems to the desired length, but leave at least 6 inches.
  • Use a rubber band or twine to tie the stems together (if you have a bouquet).
  • Hang them upside down in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area. Keeping the flowers out of direct sunlight will help them retain their color.
  • The drying process will take about two to three weeks.
  • Once dried, take down the flowers and spray with unscented hairspray for protection.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Photo by: Shutterstock/Mark Brandon

How to Preserve Flowers in the Microwave

Another way to dry blossoms is to use a microwave with the help of silica gel. The gel helps to preserve the shape of the flowers and is reusable. Individual flower blooms such as Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses and tulips take well to the microwave flower-drying technique. This drying method helps preserve color and structure better than air drying. You can also use silica gel to dry flowers without the help of the microwave, but it takes longer. Silica gel is available in large containers at craft stores and online.

  • Remove the blooms from the stems.
  • Find a microwave-safe container that will fit into your microwave and hold your blooms. Make sure that this container will not be used for food after the drying process.
  • Cover the bottom of the container with an inch of silica gel (you may need a bit more for larger blossoms.)
  • Place flowers blossom-up in the gel.
  • Gently pour more gel over the blooms so the petals do not get flattened.
  • Place the container, uncovered, into the microwave.
  • Temperature and time will vary according to the flower. Start the microwave on a low heat setting and let it run for 2 to 5 minutes. Check the flowers’ drying progress before you increase the heat or the time.
  • Once the flowers are dry, open the microwave and cover the container.
  • Remove the container from the microwave and open the top slightly to vent.
  • Let it sit for 24 hours.
  • After the 24 hours, remove the gel from the petals with a soft brush.
  • Mist with acrylic spray for protection.

Tip: Dried flowers fade quickly in sunlight or extreme heat. Keep them in cool areas away from windows.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Flowers add an instant injection of color to the home and office. They also offer a sweet fragrance and make for great table centerpieces. With this in mind, you’ll want to make them last as long as possible! However, blooms when cut doesn’t last a great deal of time unless cared for correctly. Thankfully there are a number of ways to preserve fresh flowers and one clever tip involves the use of hairspray.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to keep your cut flowers looking fresh

Using hairspray on flowers works to prolong their lifespan. Just as hairspray preserves your hairstyle, it keeps flowers in tip-top condition too, ensuring they look pristine for longer and don’t wilt. By strengthening your plants in this way, you should find that the lifespan of your blooms is increased.

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

Firstly, you’ll need to remove your cut blooms from the vase or container they are housed in. The next step requires you to spray them with hairspray. For best results, hold the can several inches away from the flowers and lightly spray underneath the petals. But be careful, as if you spray too close, the force can damage the petals. Once you have sprayed your blooms, hang the flowers upside down in a well-vented area and allow them to dry – you can use a coat hanger and string to do this. You may wish to repeat the process once or twice more before returning your blooms to the vase. You can use a coat hanger and string to do this. Spraying the flowers in the vase or returning them before they are completely dry can cause the petals to stick to the container.

How much to spray to use

It’s important to be frugal when spraying your blooms with hairspray as too much can damage them. It is, however, wise to reapply the hairspray every few days, particularly if you have an event coming up and wish to preserve the flowers for a long period of time. Hairspray can make them last for several days longer than when hairspray is not used.

Which flowers to choose?

For best results, cut blooming flowers in your garden during the summer months. Choosing flowers in full bloom means you can preserve the rich hue of the petals. Hairspray works particularly well when it comes to preserving flowers with full-bodied blooms, including species such as roses. It also works well on flowers with delicate blooms, such as lavender.
If you’re looking to prolong the life of flowers that bloom in the winter months, choose options such as Winter Jasmine, Hellebore and Algerian Iris as these species tend to last longer than others when sprayed and kept indoors in a vase or other container.

Alternatives to hairspray

If you’ve run out of hairspray or wish to try another method, there are other tips you can consider. Some of these include cutting fresh flowers early. The best time to pick flowers is in the morning, immediately after the dew has dried out and when the temperature is a little cooler. Other advice includes using an amply sized vase – as it is important not to crowd your blooms. The vessel you use should also be clean and should only be filled with three inches of water, as too much can actually cause the flowers to decay more quickly. Removing any foliage before the waterline will help to prevent bacteria growth while placing them out of direct sunlight and away from ripening fruit will ensure they last for longer.

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How to preserve flowers with hairspray

How to preserve flowers with hairspray

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