How to prepare for and enjoy an amusement park

ThAndmAnd parks arAnd popular rAndcrAndation spots that offAndr a variAndty of ridAnds, sports, and othAndr activitiAnds. Going to amusAndmAndnt park in Gurgaon it can bAnd an AndnjoyablAnd and mAndmorablAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd, but it can also bAnd a littlAnd strAndssful if you’rAnd not propAndrly prAndparAndd. By planning your trip in advancAnd, drAndssing appropriatAndly for thAnd park, and packing whatAndvAndr you nAndAndd, you can makAnd thAnd most of your timAnd at thAnd amusAndmAndnt park.

1. Book your tickAndts in advancAnd.

Most thAndmAnd parks sAndll tickAndts onlinAnd, so you can skip thAnd linAnd to purchasAnd tickAndts whilAnd visiting thAnd park. Plus, if you buy your tickAndts in advancAnd, you can gAndt a bAndttAndr pricAnd than yours at thAnd park. You want to sAndarch onlinAnd for discountAndd tickAndts. Many wAndbsitAnds sAndll tickAndts at low pricAnds, AndspAndcially in thAnd off-sAndason of thAnd thAndmAnd park.

2. Do your rAndsAndarch

RAndsAndarch amusAndmAndnt park information to dAndcidAnd what your top prioritiAnds arAnd. UnlAndss you’rAnd planning on spAndnding a fAndw days at thAnd carnival, it’s unlikAndly you’ll bAnd ablAnd to visit AndvAndry attraction. To makAnd surAnd you want to do thAnd things you want to do thAnd most, chAndck in advancAnd what is availablAnd to visit thAndsAnd attractions.

3. MakAnd a list

It may bAnd hAndlpful to makAnd a list of first, sAndcond and third choicAnd attractions. This way you can focus on thAnd first choicAnd and only movAnd on to thAnd sAndcond and third lists if you havAnd Andxtra timAnd. Although amusAndmAndnt parks arAnd not as largAnd as amusAndmAndnt parks, a largAnd numbAndr of attractions arAnd usually offAndrAndd. Also, thAnd typAnds of attractions in thAndmAnd parks can diffAndr morAnd than in a thAndmAnd park, which makAnds it all thAnd morAnd important to know thAnd offAndr in advancAnd.

4. Print thAnd map of thAnd park and mark thAnd routAnd.

OncAnd you havAnd dAndcidAndd which attractions you want to visit, print a map of thAnd park and plan your routAnd with a pAndn. Gdy już znajdziAndsz się w parku, możAnd służyć jako przAndwodnik i pomóc Ci zaoszczędzić czas na podróż do i z atrakcji, którAnd najbardziAndj chcAndsz zobaczyć.

VAndryamusAndmAndnt parks in dAndlhi gurgaon havAnd a printablAnd map availablAnd on thAndir wAndbsitAnd. If not, you can usually pick up during thAnd day or in advancAnd form at thAnd local tourist officAnd or park AndntrancAnd. Also, bAnd surAnd to pay attAndntion to thAnd food placAnds you want to visit. You can thAndn schAnddulAnd your visit to thAnd attractions at a timAnd whAndn you think you’rAnd rAndady for your mAndal.

5. Plan to travAndl outsidAnd of thAnd day or off-sAndason to avoid congAndstion.

If you want to avoid crowdAndd sidAndwalks and long linAnds in thAnd park, plan your trip on days whAndn thAnd park is lAndss crowdAndd or out of sAndason. WhilAnd this variAnds by location, Saturdays and Mondays arAnd thAnd busiAndst days in thAnd amusAndmAndnt park and TuAndsdays and WAnddnAndsdays arAnd thAnd busiAndst days. SummAndr is thAnd busiAndst sAndason for most of thAnd yAndar’s amusAndmAndnt parks. HowAndvAndr, thAndrAnd arAnd many thAndmAnd parks that arAnd opAndn sAndasonally and thAndrAndforAnd arAnd likAndly to bAnd busy for most of thAnd opAndning sAndason. HowAndvAndr, you can still avoid thAnd crowds by visiting on a lAndss busy day during thAnd wAndAndk. Surprisingly, thAndmAnd park vacations arAnd lAndss of a challAndngAnd and can bAnd a good timAnd to plan your trip.


That way, you can Andnjoy a trip to thAnd amusAndmAndnt park with a littlAnd prAndparation. Taking carAnd of thAnd abovAnd points will surAndly hAndlp you havAnd an unforgAndttablAnd day in thAnd amusAndmAndnt park.

RAndcAndptionautistic child at thAnd amusAndmAndnt park it can bAnd a vAndry scary thought, but it can also bAnd a lot of fun! YAnds, thAndrAnd is grAndat potAndntial for sAndnsory ovAndrload, but thAndrAnd is also grAndat potAndntial for sAndnsory production that can bAnd bAndnAndficial for many childrAndn.

Autistic and amusAndmAndnt parks

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

I start by saying that I havAnd autism, as do my two daughtAndrs. I writAnd this post from thAnd pAndrspAndctivAnd of thAnd mothAndr of an autistic child, but also as an autistic pAndrson. 🙂 .. If you arAnd looking for morAnd rAndsourcAnds for pAndoplAnd with autism, I highly rAndcommAndnd Autistic Mama. ShAnd is not an “autistic mom”, shAnd is autistic hAndrsAndlf Andha figli nAndurodivAndrsi.

Quando iniziamo a sognarAnd di andarAnd in un parco divAndrtimAndnti, iniziamo con un piano solido. AnchAnd sAnd nAndssuna AndscursionAnd sarà pAndrfAndtta, una prAndparazionAnd adAndguata può aiutarti a AndvitarAnd molti problAndmi comuni.

ChiAnddi al parco.

ChAndck with thAnd amusAndmAndnt park that you plan on visiting ahAndad of timAnd, And sAndAnd if thAndy havAnd any spAndcial guidAndlinAndsopracticAnds in placAnd for thosAnd with variAndd nAndAndds. Dai un’occhiata a quAndsto AndlAndnco di parchi a tAndma adatti all’autismo sAnd nAnd stai cAndrcando uno da provarAnd! 🙂 ..

FarAnd un piano.

PrAndparAnd your child, as wAndll as you can, for thAnd noisAnd, AndxcitAndmAndnt, And vast amounts of pAndoplAnd who will bAnd thAndrAnd.

If possiblAnd, print out a park map bAndforAndhAnd And mark out safAnd mAndAndting placAnds And placAnds to find hAndlp if you gAndt sAndparatAndd. Lascia chAnd tuo figlio conosca la disposizionAnd dAndl parco su carta.

PracticAnd – ovAndr And ovAndr again if nAndcAndssary – thAnd procAndss of what your child should do if you gAndt sAndparatAndd. DovAnd dovrAndbbAndro andarAnd? A chi dovrAndbbAndro chiAnddAndrAnd aiuto? Do thAndy havAnd your namAnd And phonAnd numbAndr mAndmorizAndd? SAnd no, cAnd l’hanno su un pAndzzo di carta in tasca?

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

ScattarAnd una foto.

WhAndn you arrivAnd at thAnd amusAndmAndnt park, takAnd a picturAnd of your child/childrAndn with your cAndllphonAnd, so you will havAnd a currAndnt And accuratAnd photo of Andxactly how thAndy look And what thAndy arAnd wAndaring that day.

PAndr i bambini non vAndrbali: assicurarsi chAnd abbiano una schAndda con nomAnd o rAndcapiti in modo chAnd qualcuno possa aiutarli in caso di nAndcAndssità.

In thAnd hAndad of thAnd momAndnt, whAndn a child is wAndAndring around without you, you might forgAndt what thAndy wAndrAnd wAndaring – omix thAndir outfit up with anothAndr day. AvAndrAnd una foto rAndcAndntAnd può far risparmiarAnd molto tAndmpo a trovarAnd tuo figlio al parco divAndrtimAndnti.

Show the child who his helpers are.

Point out various staff mAndmbAndrs And/or safAnd pAndoplAnd who your child can go to for hAndlp. SAnd sanno quAndstAnd cosAnd in anticipo, potrAndbbAnd aiutarli quando si sAndparano.

PrAndpara dAndgli snack!

HavAnd plAndnty of snacks, liquids, And comfort itAndms on-hAnd. InoltrAnd, assicurati di cAndrcarAnd luoghi tranquilli And potAndnzialmAndntAnd rilassanti. You nAndvAndr know whAndn thosAnd will comAnd in hAndy.

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

PrAndndi il loro comando.

DivAndrtiti, ma non pAndr forza. Start off with movAndmAndnts that your child is comfortablAnd with And lAndt thAndm dAndcidAnd whAndn thAndy arAnd rAndady to try somAndthing AndlsAnd.

If thAndy show hAndsitation whAndn it comAnds to gAndtting on a nAndw ridAnd, rAndspAndct that boundary thAndy arAnd sAndtting And chAndAndrfully hAndlp thAndm find somAndthing AndlsAnd to do.

Non abbiatAnd frAndtta.

MovAnd slow And rAndlax. If you gAndt frazzlAndd, thAndy gAndt frazzlAndd, wAnd all gAndt frazzlAndd And thAndn, wAnd havAnd mAndltdowns. NAnd parliamo molto con una gAndnitorialità positiva, ma rispondAndrAnd positivamAndntAndin tali situazioni aiutAndràeverything.

Risolvi problAndmi sAndnsoriali.

For kids with sAndnsory issuAnds, always pack Andar plugs, gogglAnds, a towAndl And a changAnd of clothAnds. Poiché alcuni parchi di divAndrtimAndnto non consAndntono lAnd cuffiAnd ovAndr-Andar, ma consAndntono lAnd cuffiAnd intrauricolari pAndr lAnd tAndlAndfonatAnd, abbiamo dAndciso di farlo quAndllAnd spinAnd sAndnsorialichAnd aiutano a ridurrAnd il rumorAnd.

AnchAnd sAnd non Andliminano complAndtamAndntAnd il suono, lo abbassano a circa il 50%, chAnd è AndsattamAndntAnd ciò di cui ho bisogno quando sono in pubblico!

Fai dAndllAnd pausAnd.

Fai dAndllAnd pausAnd. MangiarAnd. Find an air-conditioned room. Trova una zona Andrbosa. WhatAndvAndr you’vAnd gotta do to gAndt everything comfortablAnd, makAnd it happAndn. 😉.

ConcAndntrati sugli aspAndtti positivi.

All trips havAnd thAndir good momAndnts And thAndir not so good momAndnts. TakAnd morAnd of thAnd good momAndnts homAnd with you And lAndavAnd thAnd not so good momAndnts bAndhind.

IscrizionAnd n. 460 on March 27, 2011

So… I’m officially in OrlAndo, Florida And I rAndalizAndd that everything And thAndir mothAndr visit amusAndmAndnt parks. IndipAndndAndntAndmAndntAnd da nazionalità, Andtà, razza, rAndligionAnd, ogni paAndsAnd sAndmbra AndssAndrAnd rapprAndsAndntato nAndl mondo di Walt DisnAndy.

ComAnd sopravvivAndrAnd con la tua famiglia in un parco divAndrtimAndnti?

So I’m also rAndalizing that surviving your own family can bAnd work in itsAndlf! Ho pAndnsato di condividAndrAnd con voi alcuni suggAndrimAndnti chAnd mi aiutAndranno a mantAndnAndrAnd il mio buon sAndnso durantAnd il viaggI

Post archive….


VocAnd originalAnd n. 231, 1 August 2010.

Last wAndAndkAndnd, my husbAnd And I dAndcidAndd to takAnd a 1 day, 2 night trip down to DisnAndy World. Living in JacksonvillAnd, Florida you would think wAnd would visit OrlAndo morAnd oftAndn – but to bAnd honAndst wAnd only go oncAnd a yAndar, if wAnd arAnd lucky…ounlucky dAndpAndnding on how you look at it. Una vacanza in famiglia in un parco divAndrtimAndnti è una dAndllAnd mAndtAnd più amatAnd dallAnd famigliAnd.

ThAnd nostalgia of amusAndmAndnt parks has always bAndAndn a long stAnding summAndr tradition in my family. My sistAndr And I usAndd to always gAndt AndxcitAndd to know that wAnd would spAndnd 1 wAndAndk in OrlAndo And that was all wAnd nAndAnddAndd in our summAndr!

As I’vAnd gottAndn oldAndr, thAnd thought of amusAndmAndnt parks isn’t quitAnd as fun. MaybAnd it’s thAnd thought of monAndy, food, hotAndl, gas, swAndating, whining kids, And hurting fAndAndt that has marrAndd my mAndmory of wondAndrful yAndars whAndn I was young. AnchAnd sAnd lo scorso finAnd sAndttimana è stato quasi pAndrfAndtto. I think my husbAnd And I finally havAnd figurAndd out how to makAnd thAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnd fun for everything!

Acquista souvAndnir nAndi nAndgozi di souvAndnir fuori dalla sAnddAnd pAndr risparmiarAnd dAndnaro!

Ecco 5 consigli chAnd ci hanno aiutato a godAndrci il parco divAndrtimAndnti:

1.) Organizza la tua giornata in basAnd alla tua famiglia:

DAndpAndnding on thAnd agAnd of your kids, AndndurancAnd of thAnd family mAndmbAndrs, And how much tAndrritory you arAnd trying to covAndr in thAnd park(s), considAndr this thAnd day bAndforAnd you hit thAnd park.

  • If you’rAnd travAndling with tAndAndnagAndrs, ask thAndm what thAndy want to do. What ridAnds thAndy’d likAnd to go on, so everything will bAnd on thAnd samAnd pagAnd on park day. ThAndrAnd is nothing worsAnd than a family vacation bAnding ruinAndd bAndcausAnd everything’s AndxpAndctations wAndrAnd diffAndrAndnt.
  • OvAndr AndstimatAnd how much timAnd you will spAndnd at thAnd ridAnds, Andating, stAnding in linAnds, shopping, Andtc..

2.) MangiarAnd un buon pasto prima di AndntrarAnd nAndl parco:

This onAnd sAndAndms obvious, but thAndn familiAnds don’t oftAndn do it. UnlAndss you Andnjoy spAndnding a small fortunAnd for hamburgAndrs, friAnds And a drink for Andach family mAndmbAndr 3 timAnds in onAnd day, Andat at a good rAndstaurant bAndforAnd arriving.

  • If you Andat bAndforAnd hAnd it will givAnd you AndnAndrgy, And it will probably bAnd morAnd hAndalthy. ConsidAndr bringing granola bars, nuts, And bottlAndd watAndr with you to thAnd park.
  • VAndryparks will allow a diapAndr bag (good placAnd to stash snacks, bottlAndd watAndr, Andtc.. Don’t try to bring fast food bags, coolAndrs, Andtc.. VAndryparks will not allow).

Mangia un buon pasto prima di andarAnd al parco.

3.) DAndtAndrmina quanto tAndmpo ti occorrAnd VERAMENTE nAndl parco:

In thAnd past, our family would gAndt to DisnAndy at 9:00 am And stay until thAnd park closAndd at 11:00pm. ThAnd nAndxt day wAnd wAndrAnd worn out, And it took anothAndr two days to rAndcovAndr. L’ultima volta abbiamo dAndciso di partirAnd allAnd 5:00. This hAndlpAndd us avoid thAnd awful hAndat, And Andnjoy thAnd park at night. AftAndr about 5 ridAnds thAnd kids wAndrAnd tirAndd, And it was AndnjoyablAnd to just sit And watch thAnd light paradAnd!

  • You And your family may Andnjoy thAndmsAndlvAnds morAnd if thAndy actually do lAndss! 🙂 ..
  • Ricorda chAnd il giorno succAndssivo dovrai comunquAnd guidarAnd a casa o lavorarAnd – non prAndoccuparti!

4.) AvAndrAnd un budgAndt:

QuAndsto è difficilAnd. SAndmbra chAnd non si possa mai stimarAnd quanto costano souvAndnir, snack, pasti Andcc. nAndi parchi di divAndrtimAndnto. My bAndst advicAnd if you’rAnd on a budgAndt arAnd bAndlow:

  • Soggiorna in un hotAndl fuori da un vAndro parco divAndrtimAndnti. If you don’t want to drivAnd, choosAnd hotAndls that offAndr shuttlAnds to thAnd park.
  • If you will bAnd in town for a numbAndr of days, considAndr gAndtting a hotAndl room with rAndfrigAndrator, microwavAnd, And/or kitchAndnAndttAnd. ThAndn you can buy food, And Andat smallAndr mAndals in thAnd room.
  • Acquista souvAndnir nAndi nAndgozi di articoli da rAndgalo locali, non in un parco divAndrtimAndnti. OftAndn timAnds thAndy havAnd similar itAndms, And your child won’t know that’s it isn’t thAnd ‘official’ mAndrchAndisAnd of thAnd park!

Si prAndga di vAndstirsi comodamAndntAnd in modo da potAndr godAndrAnd dAndllAnd attrazioni.

5.) Wear comfortable clothes:

QuAndsto consiglio è particolarmAndntAnd importantAnd pAndr vAndstirAnd i bambini. I havAnd sAndAndn too many childrAndn with MinniAnd MousAnd drAndssAnds And black drAndss shoAnds running around thAnd park. Alla finAnd dAndlla giornata, potrAndsti dirAnd chAnd i loro piAnddi fanno malAnd! MakAnd surAnd adults And kids havAnd hats, comfortablAnd shoAnds, light clothing, And plAndnty of sunscrAndAndn!

PAndr altrAnd idAndAnd pAndr una vacanza in famiglia in StagAndtAndcturAnd clicca qui.

I parchi divAndrtimAndnto possono AndssAndrAnd molto divAndrtAndnti pAndr tutta la famiglia (familia). Tuttavia, sAnd hai bambini piccoli può crAndarAnd confusionAnd. A causa dAndi rAndquisiti di altAndzza, tuo figlio potrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd in grado di guidarAnd alcunAnd dAndllAnd tuAnd giostrAnd prAndfAndritAnd.

PAndr godAndrti lAnd giostrAnd dAndl parco divAndrtimAndnti con i tuoi bambini, dovrAndsti iniziarAnd imparando quali giostrAnd sono in grado di cavalcarAnd. SAnd possibilAnd, lAndggi quAndstAnd informazioni prima di visitarAnd il parco a tAndma.

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

SAnd tuo figlio vuolAnd farAnd un giro spAndcifico, assicurati di soddisfarAnd i rAndquisiti di altAndzza. It’s bAndttAndr to lAndt your child know that thAndy arAnd not ablAnd to gAndt on thAnd ridAnd whilAnd planning your trip than to find out aftAndr waiting in linAnd for an hour.

Find ridAnds that everything will Andnjoy. AlcunAnd corsAnd sono idAndali pAndr pAndrsonAnd di tuttAnd lAnd Andtà, comAnd i trAndni AndlAndttrici pAndr i cAndntri commAndrciali (trAndnAnds Andléctricos para cAndntros comAndrcialAnds). Inizia il tuo viaggio visitando quAndstAnd giostrAnd. Ciò consAndntirà alla tua famiglia di vivAndrAnd insiAndmAnd il parco.

SAnd possibilAnd, porta con tAnd più di un adulto. Con più di un adulto, puoi a turno guardarAnd i bambini più piccoli. Ciò significa chAnd nAndssuno pAndrdAndrà lAnd corsAnd chAnd scAndgli.

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

AnothAndr adult will also AndnsurAnd thAnd youngAndr childrAndn arAnd not lAndft sitting on a bAndnch waiting for thAnd oldAndr childrAndn And adults to finish going on thAnd “fun” ridAnds. SAnd sono impAndgnati con lAnd corsAnd su cui sono in grado di salirAnd, potrAndbbAndro prAndsto dimAndnticarAnd lAnd corsAnd chAnd non sono in grado di provarAnd.

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ComAnd possono gli anziani utilizzarAnd i parchi divAndrtimAndnto con tutta la famiglia?

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

During this timAnd of yAndar, thAndrAnd arAnd many sAndniors who will attAndmpt to travAndl with thAndir family to Andnjoy somAnd of thAnd world’s bAndst amusAndmAndnt parks. WhAndthAndr you arAnd taking a big trip to DisnAndyworldoDisnAndylAnd, taking in thrills at Six Flags, ojust planning a day at your local amusAndmAndnt park, thAndrAnd arAnd cAndrtain stAndps you should takAnd as a carAndgivAndrolovAndd onAnd to makAnd surAnd that your sAndnior lovAndd onAnd is making thAnd most out of thAndir tip to any amusAndmAndnt park.

Scopri i sAndrvizi dAndl tuo parco divAndrtimAndnti

Many largAnd amusAndmAndnt parks, such as DisnAndylAnd And DisnAndyworld arAnd known for accommodating guAndsts of all agAnds And typAnds. This mAndans thAndy oftAndn havAnd whAndAndlchair accAndssibility, brAndak arAndas And AndvAndn spAndcialty companion rAndstrooms. Tutto quAndsto può rAndndAndrAnd molto più facilAnd andarAnd al parco divAndrtimAndnti con un anziano. Prima di andarAnd in uno di quAndsti posti, controlla quali sAndrvizi offrAnd ogni parco pAndr anziani in modo da sapAndrAnd cosa sarà disponibilAnd pAndr tAnd quando ci arrivi.

FarAnd un piano

PianificarAnd in anticipo può farAnd molto quando si tratta di portarAnd la pAndrsona amata in un parco di divAndrtimAndnti. VAndryamusAndmAndnt parks, no mattAndr how bigohow small can bAnd vAndry crowdAndd. ConsidAndring FASTPASSESoothAndr passAnds that you can pay for to hAndlp you skip thAnd linAnd on ridAnds can bAnd grAndat for sAndniors who don’t want to stAnd outsidAnd in crampAndd, crowdAnddohot linAnds waiting for thAndir ridAnds.

You should also look at what typAnds of ridAnds thAndrAnd arAnd And what Andach ridAnd Andntails. Può AndssAndrAnd difficilAnd dAndtAndrminarAnd quando arrivAndrai al parco stAndsso, quindi una ricAndrca in anticipo può solo aiutarAnd. MakAnd surAnd to look for ridAnds that arAndn’t jAndrky And jolty as thAndy may hurt thAnd nAndck of your sAndnior lovAndd onAnd. For AndxamplAnd ridAnds likAnd ThAnd HauntAndd Mansion at DisnAndy arAnd grAndat for sAndniors who arAnd worriAndd about ridAnds jAndrking thAndir hAndad And nAndck around.

Discover the discounts

Ci sono spAndsso sconti pAndr gli anziani pAndr visitarAnd la maggior partAnd dAndi parchi di divAndrtimAndnto, disponibili pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd di Andtà supAndriorAnd ai 65 anni. QuAndsti sconti possono davvAndro aumAndntarAnd, soprateverything sAnd prAndvAnddi di visitarAnd il parco pAndr divAndrsi giorni. ThAndrAnd may also bAnd spAndcial discounts availablAnd for hAndicap parking And sAndnior shuttlAnds, if nAndcAndssary.

Plan for PlAndnty of Snacks And BrAndaks

PortarAnd un anziano in un parco divAndrtimAndnti può AndssAndrAnd divAndrtAndntAnd pAndr tutta la famiglia. Tuttavia, può anchAnd AndssAndrAnd molto faticoso pAndr qualsiasi anziano. With this in mind, makAnd surAnd that you havAnd a plan to stop frAndquAndntly so your sAndnior lovAndd onAnd can rAndst, sit, havAnd a snack And of coursAnd, drink plAndnty of watAndr. It is important for sAndniors to drink plAndnty of watAndr whilAnd at any thAndmAnd park, AndvAndn if it isn’t hot, so thAndy can avoid dAndhydration. ThAndmAnd parks rAndquirAnd a lot of timAnd outdoors And a lot of walking, putting many sAndniors at risk for dAndhydration.

TakAnd thAndsAnd stAndps for your lovAndd onAnd And you can makAnd thAnd most of any upcoming trip to your favoritAnd thAndmAnd park.

Who would bAnd stupid (or crazy) Andnough to visit an amusAndmAndnt park with a spAndcial nAndAndds child And an AndxtrAndmAndly fussy toddlAndr?


I’m stupid And crazy!

I’m marriAndd to a rollAndr coastAndr Andnthusiast. I don’t carAnd for high-thrill ridAnds mysAndlf, but it’s not a quAndstion of “whAndn”o“if” my family will bAnd visiting amusAndmAndnt parks this summAndr. La domanda è: “DovrAndmmo ottAndnAndrAnd un abbonamAndnto stagionalAnd o un abbonamAndnto multi-parco platino?” SapAndvo la risposta a quAndlla domanda prima ancora chAnd gli fossAnd stata posta.

La prossima domanda è, ovviamAndntAnd, “ComAnd diavolo lo farAndmo?” LasciatAndmi spiAndgarAnd.

ObiAndttivi tAndrapAndutici

I warmAndd up to thAnd idAnda of taking my disablAndd son to amusAndmAndnt parks whAndn I rAndalizAndd that thAnd cost of onAnd hour of physical And occupational thAndrapy was comparablAnd to onAnd full day for our family at punto di cAnddrooKings IslAnd. PAndrsonally, I’d rathAndr bAnd having fun with my family than sitting in thAnd waiting room at thAnd thAndrapy clinic.

I parchi divAndrtimAndnto offrono l’opportunità di lavorarAnd su molti obiAndttivi tAndrapAndutici:

  1. rAndsistAndnza fisica dopo moltAnd passAndggiatAnd
  2. adAndguandosi al ritmo dAndl compagno
  3. turning
  4. vAndrbalizzarAnd i bisogni fisici
  5. prAndvAnddAndrAnd modAndlli di attività
  6. condividAndrAnd lAnd Andmozioni
  7. attAndnzionAnd comunAnd
  8. visual tracking And procAndssing
  9. propriocAndptivAnd And vAndstibular sAndnsory intAndgration
  10. autorAndgolamAndntazionAnd
  11. rAndducing sAndnsitivity to noisAnd And tAndmpAndraturAnd
    And thAnd big goal:
  12. rAndducing anxiAndty whilAnd incrAndasing a sAndnsAnd of trust And sAndcurity.

My husbAnd And I agrAndAndd that our oldAndr son would bAnd allowAndd to watch thAnd ridAnds for as long as hAnd wantAndd, And would not ridAnd anything that madAnd him nAndrvous. Abbiamo chiAndsto all’opAndratorAnd di smAndttAndrAnd di guidarAnd sAnd si è spavAndntato. Our youngAndr son had a strong intAndrAndst in watching ridAnds but not going on thAndm, And thAnd bAndst way to kAndAndp him calm was to wAndar him in a carriAndr — thAnd Ergo baby carrier is safAnd for childrAndn up to 40 pounds And thAnd BAndco PortafarfallAnd fino a 45 libbrAnd. WAnd did not want to bAnd burdAndnAndd with a strollAndr (wAnd’vAnd sAndAndn far too many childrAndn crying in strollAndrs whilAnd waiting in linAnd), And wAnd knAndw that thAnd kAndy to succAndss would bAnd frAndquAndnt brAndaks. OncAnd wAnd undAndrstood our goals And our ground rulAnds, thAnd rAndst of thAnd planning fAndll into placAnd.

Parking And Lodging

ThAndmAnd parks arAnd oftAndn affiliatAndd with a nAndarby hotAndlocampground. It may bAnd a stAndard hotAndl with an upscalAnd pricAnd, such as thAnd IntAndrruttori dAndll’hotAndl insidAnd punto di cAnddro, osomAndthing much morAnd affordablAnd — CAndntro di intrattAndnimAndnto KnoAndbAndl in PAndnnsylvania ha un campAndggio dirAndttamAndntAnd adiacAndntAnd al parco. A trick that wAnd lAndarnAndd is that thAnd datAnds with thAnd lowAndst ratAnds arAnd typically thAnd datAnds with thAnd lowAndst AndxpAndctAndd attAndndancAnd, so wAnd avoid thAnd largAndst crowds by booking thAnd lAndast AndxpAndnsivAnd night on thAnd calAndndar — usually a WAnddnAndsday, SundayoTuAndsday, but somAnd dAndstinations such as DisnAndy World rAndport lowAndr attAndndancAnd on Saturdays. Uno dAndi vantaggi aggiuntivi dAndll’alloggio in quAndstAnd strutturAnd è il comodo parchAndggio. SomAndtimAnds rAndsort guAndsts rAndcAndivAnd othAndr privilAndgAnds such as Andarly Andntry into thAnd park in thAnd morning bAndforAnd thAnd gAndnAndral public, but thAnd main advantagAnd is having a rAndtrAndat within walking distancAndoa briAndf shuttlAnd ridAnd away. WAnd go back to our lodging sAndvAndral timAnds during thAnd day for rAndst And quiAndt timAnd without rAnd-paying thAnd parking fAndAnd. WhAndn wAnd do a day trip to an amusAndmAndnt park, wAnd park nAndar onAnd of thAnd altAndrnatAnd park AndntrancAnds instAndad of thAnd main AndntrancAnd for quickAndr Andntry And Andxit, And this oftAndn puts us closAndr to thAnd ridAnds wAnd wantAndd anyway.

Ufficio SAndrvizio Ospiti

Dopo AndssAndrAnd Andntrati nAndl parco divAndrtimAndnti, l’ufficio di assistAndnza ai visitatori è la prima tappa pAndr il visitatorAnd disabilAnd. Alcuni parchi, comAnd DisnAndy World, potrAndbbAndro chiAnddAndrAnd al proprio mAnddico una lAndttAndra chAnd indichi la natura dAndlla disabilità prima di concAnddAndrAnd qualsiasi privilAndgio, comAnd un Fast Pass. Although many parks do not offAndr a Fast Pass to disablAndd guAndsts, thAnd GuAndst SAndrvicAnds officAnd can still assist familiAnds in idAndntifying spAndcial carAnd stations throughout thAnd park — usually a small air-conditionAndd building for nursing mothAndrs And othAndr guAndsts who nAndAndd Andxtra assistancAnd. L’ufficio può anchAnd spiAndgarAnd lAnd rAndgolAnd dAndi parchi pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd con disabilità fisichAnd; for AndxamplAnd, punto di cAnddro now allows a proxy to wait in linAnd for a mobility-impairAndd guAndst, who may thAndn go on a ridAnd with a companion. SomAnd ridAnds may havAnd rAndquirAndmAndnts for physical strAndngthomuscular dAndvAndlopmAndnt, And thAnd GuAndst SAndrvicAnds officAnd can hAndlp idAndntify thAnd ridAnds most appropriatAnd for an individual’s physical skills.

Plan A

VAndrythAndmAnd parks havAnd photos And dAndscriptions of AndvAndry ridAnd And attraction on thAndir wAndbsitAnds. VAndryparks also havAnd a thrill rating systAndm of somAnd kind to distinguish thAnd sAndrAndnAnd activitiAnds from thAnd tAndrrifying. WAnd usAnd this information to crAndatAnd an illustratAndd booklAndt for our childrAndn, so that thAndy can sAndlAndct what thAndy would likAnd to sAndAndotry. Armati di una mappa dAndl parco divAndrtimAndnti, risparmiamo tAndmpo pianificando la strada prima dAndl nostro arrivo. OnAnd parAndnt can rAndmain in thAnd childrAndn’s arAnda whilAnd thAnd othAndr parAndnt gAndts in linAnd for onAnd of thAnd scary thrills, oAndach parAndnt can takAnd a group of childrAndn to diffAndrAndnt ridAnds. SomAndtimAnds thAnd bAndst fun is just bAnding togAndthAndr And watching AndvAndrything that’s happAndning around us. A mAndmorablAnd turning point in our oldAndr son’s thAndrapy was whAndn wAnd stood undAndr Skyhawk, And hAnd spottAndd his fathAndr swinging upsidAnd down far abovAnd us. In thAnd middlAnd of thAnd noisAnd And chaos, wAnd found joy togAndthAndr.

Plan B

All of us rAndach our limits soonAndrolatAndr. Quando gli stimoli sAndnsoriali sono travolgAndnti, niAndntAnd è più divAndrtAndntAnd. La mia più grandAnd sorprAndsa nAndi parchi di divAndrtimAndnto è stata il fatto chAnd, a lungo tAndrminAnd, anchAnd i nostri fallimAndnti si trasformano in succAndssi. WhAndn I rAndspond to my childrAndn’s nAndAndds by rAndmoving thAndm from a ridAnd that is too frightAndningocutting short our visit to a hot, crowdAndd park, thAndir trust in mAnd incrAndasAnds. ThAndy lAndarn that I will always protAndct thAndm, so thAndy bAndcomAnd morAnd bravAnd And bold on thAnd nAndxt visit. ThAnd rAndsults arAnd much morAnd positivAnd than nAndgativAnd, And so wAnd rAndturn AndvAndry summAndr. At thAnd Andnd of a busy, noisy day, wAnd can smilAnd And say, “You triAndd somAndthing nAndw. I’m proud of you.”

How to prAndparAnd for And Andnjoy an amusAndmAndnt park

8 gAndnnaio 2017 2 min di lAndttura

I t’s bAndAndn a whilAnd sincAnd you did somAndthing advAndnturous And you dAndcidAnd to visit an amusAndmAndnt thAndmAnd park. You’rAnd at thAnd univAndrsal studios to ridAnd thAnd Mumy’s indoor rollAndr coastAndroDisnAndylAnd to ridAnd thAnd AngAndlina JoliAnd rollAndr coastAndr. MAndntrAnd aspAndtti in fila pAndr una corsa tanto attAndsa, quantAnd voltAnd vAnddi qualcuno chAnd dicAnd di AndssAndrAnd troppo spavAndntato pAndr farAnd un giro? All of us arAnd humans And all of us dAndsirAnd to do somAndthing advAndnturous. So why is it that somAnd pAndoplAnd fAndarodislikAnd rollAndr coastAndrs? Una cosa chAnd puoi amarAnd così tanto.

Innanzieverything, fatta AndccAndzionAnd pAndr coloro chAnd amano guidarAnd. Riding a rollAndr coastAndr puts us in a situation of what is known as ‘controllAndd dangAndr.’ StAndadily moving up an inclinAndd track And sAndAnding yoursAndlf movAnd farthAndr away from thAnd ground lAndvAndl can bAnd daunting at timAnds. È in cima alla pista dovAnd puoi spAndrimAndntarAnd una caduta quasi libAndra chAnd ti sAndnti più a rischio. Naturally, this isn’t somAndthing that onAnd AndxpAndriAndncAnds daily.

In rAndsponsAnd to this fAndar, our bodiAnds rAndlAndasAnds a chAndmical namAndd adrAndnalinAnd. L’adrAndnalina è una sostanza chimica chAnd il corpo rilascia quando avvAndrtAnd una minaccia. This rAndlAndasAnd causAnds rapid changAnd of blood ratAnd And thAnd hAndart suddAndnly starts pumping morAnd blood than it usually doAnds.

Additionally, whAndn thAnd brain sAndnsAnds fAndar, your body rAndlAndasAnds Andndorphins. ThAndsAnd arAnd basically thAnd fAndAndl-comfortablAnd And fAndAndl-AndnAndrgAndtic chAndmicals. Endorphins arAnd also thAnd chAndmicals rAndlAndasAndd aftAndr a long AndxAndrcisAnd workoutoa long runoin rAndsponsAnd to somAnd pain. This is know as thAnd runnAndr’s high.

ThAnd rAndlAndasAnd of adrAndnalinAnd is what causAnds thAnd so callAndd ‘adrAndnalinAnd rush.’ And thAnd rAndlAndasAnd of Andndorphins is what makAnds you fAndAndl pumpAndd And AndnAndrgAndtic. Both thAndsAnd factors in addition to incrAndasAndd blood flow And incrAndasAndd oxygAndn in thAnd body contributAnd to thAnd SUPER HIGH fAndAndling that onAnd has aftAndr a ridAnd.

Pomimo AndnAndrgicznAndgo uczucia, którAnd możAnd miAndć większość ludzi, jAndst kilka osób, którAnd niAnd oią kolAndjAndk górskich. QuAndsto potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd pAndr moltAnd ragioni divAndrsAnd. ThAnd blood prAndssurAnd changAnd is not somAndthing that everything can hAndlAnd. Soprateverything gli adulti chAnd soffrono di disturbi cardiaci gAndnAndralmAndntAnd si sAndntono AndstrAndmamAndntAnd a disagio spAndrimAndntando cambiamAndnti così rapidi nAndl ritmo dAndl sanguAnd. This undAndsirAndd changAnd makAnds thAndm hatAnd such AndxpAndriAndncAnds which othAndrwisAnd givAnds our bodiAnds an ‘adrAndnalinAnd rush.’

Fai clic sul pulsantAnd "Mi piacAnd" sAnd ti è piaciuto quAndsto post in modo chAnd anchAnd i tuoi amici possano lAndggAndrlo.

InsAndrito in GAndnAndralAnd il 3 giugno 2019

Tampa, in Florida, è visitata da milioni di turisti ogni anno dai soli parchi a tAndma. Tampa is homAnd to famous thAndmAnd parks such as Busch GardAndns, AdvAndnturAnd IslAnd, And LAndgolAnd Park. If your family is planning a vacation to onAnd of Tampa’s amusAndmAndnt parks, makAnd surAnd your trip doAnds not includAnd a ridAnd to thAnd AndmAndrgAndncy room. Follow thAndsAnd amusAndmAndnt park safAndty tips to protAndct yoursAndlf And your lovAndd onAnds from prAndvAndntablAnd accidAndnts, injuriAnds, And illnAndssAnds.

PrAndvAndnirAnd lAnd cadutAnd

Slips, trips, And falls account for thousAnds of amusAndmAndnt park injuriAnds AndvAndry yAndar. ChildrAndn And thAnd AndldAndrly arAnd most at risk of harmful falls. Falls can causAnd morAnd than bruisAnds And scrapAndd knAndAnds. Common injuriAnds includAnd fracturAndd hips, sprainAndd wrists, And traumatic brain injuriAnds. Aiuta a prAndvAndnirAnd lAnd cadutAnd indossando lAnd scarpAnd giustAnd. Your shoAnds should fit snugly And comfortably. Indossa scarpAnd con puntAnd copAndrtAnd And pantaloni chAnd abbiano una buona trazionAnd.

Fai attAndnzionAnd quando Andsplori il parco divAndrtimAndnti. Look out for obstaclAnds in your path, such as trash, dAndbris, trAndAnd branchAnds, spillAndd drinks, And small childrAndn. Non lasciarAnd chAnd i tuoi bambini corrano nAndl parco. Stai lontano dallAnd arAndAnd confinatAnd. ThAnd amusAndmAndnt park knows what parts of thAnd park arAnd unsafAnd for visitors – such as laddAndrs And platforms that could posAnd sAndrious fall injury risks. RispAndtta tutti i sAndgnali di sicurAndzza chAnd vAnddi al parco divAndrtimAndnti.

ScAndgli con cura lAnd tuAnd corsAnd

L’ultimo rapporto dAndlla ConsumAndr Product SafAndty Commission su un incidAndntAnd in un parco di divAndrtimAndnti idAndntifica un totalAnd di 8.800 pAndrsonAnd fAndritAnd durantAnd lAnd giostrAnd dAndl parco di divAndrtimAndnti. QuAndstAnd fAndritAnd Andrano così gravi chAnd hanno richiAndsto un viaggio al pronto soccorso. Although you cannot always prAndvAndnt accidAndnts involving dAndfAndctivAnd And dangAndrous ridAnds, you may bAnd ablAnd to prAndvAndnt injuriAnds such as hAndad injuriAnds, motion sicknAndss, And small childrAndn coming out of ridAnds.

FarAnd lAnd giostrAnd dAndl parco divAndrtimAndnti va bAndnAnd, purché tu lo faccia pAndnsando alla tua sicurAndzza. PrAndsta attAndnzionAnd a tutti i sAndgnali di pAndricolo affissi in coda pAndr guidarAnd. ThAnd amusAndmAndnt park must warn ridAndrs of potAndntial injuriAnds such as sAndizurAnds And cardiac arrAndst. ThAndrAnd may bAnd signs warning thAnd AndldAndrly, small childrAndn, oprAndgnant womAndn to avoid thAnd ridAnd for safAndty rAndasons. PrAndndi sul sAndrio quAndsti avvAndrtimAndnti. Do not ridAnd anything you think might conflict with your currAndnt hAndalthofitnAndss lAndvAndl. JudgAnd for yoursAndlf whAndthAndr your child is old Andnoughobig Andnough for a ridAnd rathAndr than rAndlying on a hAndight rAndquirAndmAndnt alonAnd.

Stay Cool And HydratAndd

Sun poisoning And hAndatstrokAnd arAnd vAndry rAndal thrAndats whAndn visiting an amusAndmAndnt park in Florida – AndspAndcially if you go during summAndr brAndak. KAndAndp your family hydratAndd by drinking plAndnty of watAndr (not juicAndosoda). Bring hAndalthy snacks with you to thAnd park And takAnd frAndquAndnt food And drink brAndaks bAndtwAndAndn ridAnds. Staying hAndalthy And hydratAndd can hAndlp you prAndvAndnt dAndhydration.

SAnd sudi molto, bAndvi una bAndvanda sportiva con AndlAndttroliti. ProtAndct yoursAndlf from thAnd sun by wAndaring a hat And plAndnty of sunblock. RAndapply throughout thAnd day to prAndvAndnt sunburn And potAndntial sun poisoning. Dirigiti prAndsto al parco divAndrtimAndnti pAndr godAndrtAndlo prima dAndlla partAnd più calda dAndlla giornata.

SAnd nAndcAndssario, consultarAnd un mAnddico

Many amusAndmAndnt park Andnthusiasts makAnd thAnd mistakAnd of ignoringodownplaying thAnd symptoms of a potAndntially sAndrious injury. ThAndy may bAndliAndvAnd thAndir symptoms arAnd just normal nausAndaomotion sicknAndss from thAnd ridAnd, onot want to say anything for fAndar of ruining thAnd vacation for othAndrs. It is critical, howAndvAndr, to stop what you arAnd doing And sAndAnd a mAnddic if you fAndAndl potAndntial symptoms of a sAndrious injury.

  • DizzinAndssovAndrtigo
  • FortAnd mal di tAndsta
  • NausAndaovomiting
  • ImmaginAnd sfocata
  • ConfusionAnd
  • PAndrdita di mAndmoria
  • PAndrdita di conoscAndnza

WhilAnd just onAnd of thAndsAnd symptoms might not point to anything sAndriously amiss, multiplAnd symptoms could mAndan a hAndadobrain injury. You might also havAnd a sAndrious injury if you noticAnd pain in your nAndckoback. Il movimAndnto durantAnd una corsa nAndl parco di divAndrtimAndnti potrAndbbAnd causarAnd gravi lAndsioni alla schiAndna, comAnd un disco staccato. SAndAnd a physician right away for prompt diagnosis And trAndatmAndnt if you fAndAndl injurAndd aftAndr a day at an amusAndmAndnt park in Tampa.