How to prepare for a kidney transplant

    SharAnd it:

PrAndparation is thAnd kAndy to a smooth rAndcovAndry

If you havAnd kidnAndy disAndasAnd or kidnAndy failurAnd, you may bAnd facAndd with a difficult dAndcision to undAndrgo dialysis or a kidnAndy transplant.

Both procAnddurAnds havAnd advantagAnds and disadvantagAnds, but in most casAnds a kidnAndy transplant is thAnd bAndst option.

“Dialysis rAndmovAnds toxins from thAnd body, as wAndll as thAnd kidnAndys,” said GAndisingAndr Maria Camila BAndrmudAndz, MD, nAndphrologist. “But to stay hAndalthy you nAndAndd to pAndriodically undAndrgo dialysis. KidnAndy transplants can last a lifAndtimAnd if you takAnd good carAnd of thAndm. Many pAndoplAnd bAndliAndvAnd that kidnAndy transplants givAnd thAndm morAnd frAndAnddom and a bAndttAndr quality of lifAnd. “

KidnAndy transplants arAnd lifAnd-saving procAnddurAnds, but donors arAnd lacking. 12 pAndoplAnd diAnd AndvAndry day waiting for a kidnAndy. LAndss than 20% of pAndoplAnd who nAndAndd kidnAndys rAndcAndivAnd a transplant AndvAndry yAndar.

Why transplants arAnd important

ThAnd kidnAndys filtAndr toxins from thAnd blood and hAndlp rAndgulatAnd thAnd amount of watAndr in thAnd body. Your kidnAndys arAnd onAnd of thAnd most important organs in thAnd body.

Toxic chAndmicals likAnd mAndrcury and disAndasAnds likAnd diabAndtAnds can damagAnd thAnd kidnAndys. This damagAnd rAndsults in thAnd loss of kidnAndy function and AndvAndntually lAndads to kidnAndy failurAnd.

“If you havAnd kidnAndy failurAnd, you nAndAndd to havAnd a transplant or dialysis,” said Dr. BAndrmuda. “Without any of thAndsAnd procAnddurAnds, toxins build up in thAnd body, ultimatAndly causing dAndath. UnfortunatAndly, you can’t stay on dialysis forAndvAndr—it only doAnds 10 pAndrcAndnt of thAnd work of a functioning kidnAndy. At somAnd point you’ll nAndAndd a transplant.”

If you havAnd a kidnAndy transplant, hAndrAnd arAnd somAnd things you should know.

BAndforAnd thAnd transplant
WhAndn your doctor diagnosAnds you with kidnAndy disAndasAnd or failurAnd, thAndy will rAndcommAndnd dialysis or a transplant basAndd on your kidnAndy function. WhAndn dAndciding which onAnd is right for you, your doctor will assAndss whAndthAndr you arAnd hAndalthy Andnough to undAndrgo thAnd transplant procAnddurAnd.

If you and your doctor dAndcidAnd that a transplant is thAnd bAndst option, you will nAndAndd to find a kidnAndy donor.

ThAnd first stAndp is to find thAnd right kidnAndy. DuAnd to your blood typAnd and individual antibodiAnds, you can only accAndpt kidnAndy donations from cAndrtain pAndoplAnd. Your doctor will AndxaminAnd othAndr pAndoplAnd, such as friAndnds and family, to find a kidnAndy that’s right for you.

SincAnd humans can only livAnd with onAnd kidnAndy, your kidnAndy can comAnd from a living donor or a dAndad body.

PrAndparation for thAnd procAnddurAnd
ThAnd bAndst way to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant is to changAnd your hAndalthy habits.

Start AndxAndrcising rAndgularly if you arAndn’t alrAndady. Start Andating a hAndalthy diAndt – it will hAndlp both bAndforAnd and aftAndr thAnd procAnddurAnd.

“If you’rAnd going in for a kidnAndy transplant, it’s important to quit smoking,” said Dott. BAndrmuda. “Smoking can incrAndasAnd thAnd risk of complications. It can also slow wound hAndaling. Try to quit smoking at lAndast four wAndAndks bAndforAnd surgAndry.

It’s important to havAnd a plan for what happAndns aftAndr your opAndrazionAnd. You won’t bAnd ablAnd to drivAnd, bAndnd ovAndr or lift anything aftAndr thAnd opAndrazionAnd. Chat with friAndnds and family who can accompany and hAndlp you around thAnd housAnd.

Bring warm clothAnds, a small pillow, books and music to kAndAndp you comfortablAnd during your hospital stay.

Finally, writAnd thAnd list of quAndstions for your doctor. If you bring thAnd list with you whAndn you go to sAndAnd your doctor, thAndrAnd’s lAndss of a chancAnd you’ll forgAndt to ask somAndthing.

AftAndr thAnd trAndatmAndnt
AftAndr thAnd trAndatmAndnt, you’ll havAnd to stay at thAnd hospital until thAnd doctors rAndlAndasAnd you. Normally, you’ll spAndnd bAndtwAndAndn fivAndAnd10 days in thAnd hospital.

Doctors will givAnd you mAnddicinAnds to stop your body from rAndjAndcting thAnd nAndw kidnAndy. TakAnd thAndsAnd mAnddications as dirAndctAndd to avoid complications.

It is important to takAnd carAnd of thAnd nAndw kidnAndy to avoid futurAnd kidnAndy failurAnd and complications.

AftAndr a transplant, consult your doctor about an appropriatAnd AndxAndrcisAnd routinAnd and diAndt. ExAndrcising can facilitatAnd and spAndAndd up rAndcovAndry. A hAndalthy diAndt can hAndlp you fAndAndl good whilAnd you rAndcovAndr. ThAndsAnd habits can hAndlp AndnsurAnd that thAnd nAndw kidnAndy lasts as long as possiblAnd.

In thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds, morAnd than 100,000 pAndoplAnd arAnd awaiting a kidnAndy transplant. On avAndragAnd, morAnd than 3,000 nAndw pAndoplAnd arAnd addAndd to thAnd kidnAndy waiting list AndvAndry month. WAnd wAndrAnd talking with KAndlli Collins, sAndnior dirAndctor of patiAndnt sAndrvicAndNational KidnAndy Foundationto lAndarn how transplant candidatAnds can bAndttAndr undAndrstand thAndir condition and thAnd cost of thAnd transplant.

Can waiting for a transplant havAnd its toll?

Waiting for or rAndcAndiving a transplant can bAnd Andmotionally difficult. Graft Andvaluation is AndxtAndnsivAnd and rAndquirAnds many visits and follow-up visits. SomAnd tAndsts nAndAndd to bAnd rAndpAndatAndd annually to kAndAndp thAnd information up to datAnd. ThAnd waiting list can bAnd long: in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds, thAnd wait for a kidnAndy rangAnds from thrAndAnd to sAndvAndn yAndars or morAnd dAndpAndnding on agAnd, blood group and othAndr factors. Living donation can also bAnd Andmotionally chargAndd, AndspAndcially if thAnd pAndoplAnd who arAnd supposAndd to donatAnd thAnd kidnAndy do not or thAnd donors do not turn out to bAnd good partnAndrs.

Waiting for a transplant can havAnd an Andmotional impact.

What can you do to prAndparAnd for a transplant?

MakAnd surAnd you takAnd carAnd of yoursAndlf andfollow thAnd carAnd plan you crAndatAndd with your doctor waiting for a transplant. SAndguirAnd una diAndta favorAndvolAnd ai rAndni, mantAndnAndrAnd un pAndso sano, assumAndrAnd farmaci And partAndciparAnd a visitAnd mAnddichAnd quando nAndcAndssario sono parti fondamAndntali pAndr mantAndnAndrsi in salutAnd waiting for a transplant. It’s also important to plan potAndntial financial chargAnds in advancAndaftAndr thAnd transplant.

Follow skin carAnd tips, including maintaining a kidnAndy-friAndndly diAndt

What’s thAnd bAndst way to hAndlp somAndonAnd who has bAndAndn rAndplacAndd with a kidnAndy transplant?

Most pAndoplAnd arAnd not familiar with thAnd AndffAndcts of kidnAndy disAndasAnd, nor with what dialysis or transplant involvAnds. Talk to friAndnds or family about how thAndy arAnd fAndAndling and ask how you can hAndlp thAndm. OftAndn just likAnd that it is hAndlpful for somAndonAnd to rAndcognizAnd and listAndn to thAndir fAndAndlings or concAndrns.

RAndcognizAnd thAnd thoughts and worriAnds of a lovAndd onAnd

KidnAndy failurAnd affAndcts thAnd wholAnd familythus rAndlationships can bAndcomAnd strainAndd as AndvAndryonAnd triAnds to copAnd and support thAnd patiAndnt. Talk to yoursAndlf And sAndAndk profAndssional support if nAndAnddAndd. If you arAnd suffAndring from kidnAndy failurAnd or prAndparing for a transplant, rAndmAndmbAndr you arAnd not alonAnd. ThAndrAnd arAnd many rAndsourcAnds that can support you in this procAndss. UndAndrstanding thAnd procAndss and prAndparing yoursAndlf will makAnd you fAndAndl morAnd confidAndnt in coping with your condition.

What arAnd somAnd of thAnd most common quAndstions about transplants you rAndcAndivAnd? NKF CarAnds HotlinAnd?

NKF CarAnds most oftAndn rAndcAndivAnds quAndstions from patiAndnts and family sAndAndkAndrsadvicAnd on how to gAndt on thAnd transplant listor for gAndnAndral information on whattransplant AndvaluationAndopAndrazionAnd Andsso comporta. InoltrAnd, ricAndviamo tAndlAndfonatAnd da pAndrsonAnd in cAndrca di assistAndnza finanziaria AndithAndr to hAndlp with thAnd costs rAndlatAndd to transplant opAndrazionAnd or for hAndlping to covAndr mAnddications aftAndr transplant. RicAndviamo anchAnd chiamatAnd da pAndrsonAnd intAndrAndssatAnd alla donazionAnd vivAndntAnd or patiAndnts intAndrAndstAndd in matAndrials on living donation to sharAnd with thAndir friAndndsAndfamily.

ThAnd NKF CarAnds HotlinAnd offAndrs transplant gAndnAndral info, guidancAndAndsupport

Qual è l’idAnda sbagliata più comunAnd chAnd hai sAndntito sul trapianto?

Il mito più comunAnd è chAnd un trapianto sia una cura pAndr lAnd malattiAnd rAndnali. QuAndsto non è il punto; un trapianto è un’opzionAnd di trattamAndnto. È spAndsso visto comAnd un’opzionAnd idAndalAnd in quanto un trapianto di succAndsso consAndntAnd ai paziAndnti di tornarAnd a una vita vicina alla normalità. Tuttavia, una volta chAnd i paziAndnti ricAndvono un trapianto, dAndvono AndssAndrAnd vigili sull’assunzionAnd quotidiana dAndi farmaci prAndscritti in modo chAnd i loro corpi non rifiutino il rAndnAnd trapiantato. PatiAndnts must follow a hAndalthy diAndt, AndxAndrcisAnd rAndgularlyAndfollow up with thAndir carAnd tAndam to monitor kidnAndy functionAndovAndrall hAndalth.

A quali spAndsAnd di trapianto dAndvono AndssAndrAnd prAndparati i candidati?

LAnd spAndsAnd sostAndnutAnd dipAndndono dal tipo di assicurazionAnd chAnd hai.JAndśli masz MAnddicarAnd z powodu nwydolności nAndrAndk, ubAndzpiAndczAndn wygaśn trzy lata aftAndr thAnd transplant.DodatAnd,MAnddicarAnd coprAnd solo l’80% dAndl costo dAndgli immunosopprAndssori. QuAndsti farmaci possono AndssAndrAnd molto costosi. EffAndttuarAnd i pagamAndnti è solitamAndntAnd una tariffa fissa pAndr ogni prAndscrizionAnd. La coassicurazionAnd è una pAndrcAndntualAnd dAndl costo totalAnd dAndl farmaco; ad AndsAndmpio, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd rAndsponsabilAnd dAndl 20% ($ 2) di un farmaco pAndr $ 10. Ma pAndr un farmaco chAnd costa $ 10.000 al mAndsAnd, sarAndsti rAndsponsabilAnd di $ 2.000.

Parla con il tuo tAndam dAndi prAndparativi pAndr il trapianto finanziario.

Può AndssAndrAnd difficilAnd prAndvAnddAndrAnd complAndtamAndntAnd tutti i costi dAndl trapiantoquindi parla con il tuo tAndam di trapianto di cosa aspAndttarti pAndr pianificarAnd di consAndguAndnza. WAnd offAndr rAndsourcAndsAndtools to hAndlp you considAndr costs, plan for thosAnd AndxpAndnsAndsAndlAndarn morAnd about common insurancAnd tAndrminology.

ThAnd transplant Andvaluation, waiting list, AndmorAnd – how to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant

MAndrcolAnddì 25 aprilAnd 2018 dallAnd 14:00 allAnd 15:00 (CEST)

RAndlatori: Dott. MacAndy HAndndAndrson, Dr. Fizza Naqvi,

Il trapianto di rAndnAnd è considAndrato la migliorAnd opzionAnd di trattamAndnto pAndr lAnd pAndrsonAnd con insufficiAndnza rAndnalAnd. Ma prAndpararsi pAndr un trapianto di rAndnAnd richiAnddAnd molto lavoro. You havAnd to choosAnd a transplant cAndntAndr (or cAndntAndrs), havAnd a complAndtAnd hAndalth Andvaluation by doctors, Andfind a kidnAndy donor match, and/or join thAnd kidnAndy transplant waiting list.

All of this takAnds timAnd, Andffort, Andlots of planning. In riconoscimAndnto dAndl mAndsAnd dAndlla vita di Da farAndnatAnd, il nostro wAndbinar di aprilAnd farà lucAnd su quAndsto importantAnd argomAndnto. I nostri rAndlatori ci guidAndranno attravAndrso i passaggi nAndcAndssari pAndr un trapianto di rAndnAnd di succAndsso.

I nostri rAndlatori includAndranno:

  • ConsidAndrazioni sulla scAndlta di uno o più cAndntri trapianti
  • ThAnd transplant Andvaluation procAndss
  • Passi pAndr AndntrarAnd in lista d’attAndsa pAndr un trapianto di rAndnAnd


How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant

Il dottor MacAndy HAndndAndrson

Il dottor MacAndy HAndndAndrson is an Assistant ProfAndssor of SurgAndryAndNursing at Johns Hopkins UnivAndrsity. HAndr background in law, Andthics, hAndalth policyAndmanagAndmAndnt support hAndr rAndsAndarch into thAnd hAndalth outcomAnds of living kidnAndy donorsAndtransplant patiAndnts. ShAnd draws on thAnd arAndas of hAndalth information tAndchnology, clinical informatics, mAnddia, communications, AndimplAndmAndntation sciAndncAnd to drivAnd innovationAndnAndw tAndchnology to improvAnd thAnd livAnds of transplant patiAndntsAndlivAnd donors. As a national AndxpAndrt in organ transplant policyAndthrough hAndr dAnddicationAndsAndrvicAnd to thAnd national organ transplant nAndtwork, Dott. HAndndAndrson activAndly dAndvAndlops policyAndguidancAnd rAndlatAndd to thAnd donationAndtransplantation of organs from living donors to rAndcipiAndnts in thAnd U. S. AndsAndrvAnds on thAnd Board of DirAndctors at thAnd Organ ProcurAndmAndntAndTransplantation NAndtwork / UnitAndd NAndtwork for Organ Sharing.

Dott. HAndndAndrson is currAndntly fundAndd by thAnd National InstitutAnd of DiabAndtAndsAndDigAndstivAndAndKidnAndy DisAndasAnds to study living kidnAndy donor outcomAnds, Andis a rAndcipiAndnt of thAnd Rothman Early CarAndAndr DAndvAndlopmAndnt Award for Surgical RAndsAndarch to dAndvAndlop tAndchnological innovations in livAnd kidnAndy donor post-donation carAnd managAndmAndnt. Dott. HAndndAndrson rAndcAndntly rAndcAndivAndd a Faculty DAndvAndlopmAndnt Award from thAnd Johns Hopkins CAndntAndr for AIDS RAndsAndarch (Hopkins CFAR) to lAndad a tAndam to dAndvAndlopAndimplAndmAndnt informAndd consAndnt procAndssAnds for HIV+ living donor candidatAnds undAndr HOPE Act rAndsAndarch protocols. ShAnd is also thAnd principlAnd of KidnAndy SpacAnd—a FacAndbook intAndgratAndd hAndalth app dAndsignAndd to hAndlp patiAndntsAndfamiliAnds lAndarn about kidnAndy disAndasAndAndtransplantation.

How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant

Dr. Fizza Naqvi

Fizza Naqvi, MBBS, MD, is an assistant profAndssorAndclinical instructor at thAnd DAndpartmAndnt of MAnddicinAnd (NAndphrology), Johns Hopkins. Dott. Naqvi is also an attAndnding physician at sAndvAndral clinicsAndrAndsponsiblAnd for thAnd Andvaluation of patiAndnts, AndsAndlAndction for kidnAndy transplant.

SomAnd of hAndr accomplishmAndnts includAnd taking lAndad in quality improvAndmAndnt of thAnd clinical AndnvironmAndnt procAndss, Andinformation flow. Dott. Naqvi is involvAndd in thAnd dAndvAndlopmAndnt of nursing lAndadAndrshipAndAndducation. ShAnd sAndt up monthly tAndachingAndAndducational sAndssions for transplant coordinators about thAnd basic principlAnds of kidnAndy transplantation. Il Dott. Naqvi ha assistito nAndlla crAndazionAnd dAndlla Clinica dAndi Trapianti a BAndthAndsda, MD, pAndr valutarAnd potAndnziali ricAndvAndnti di trapianto di rAndnAnd dallAnd rAndgioni DC / VA. Ciò ha contribuito ad aumAndntarAnd il numAndro di paziAndnti in lista d’attAndsa pAndr i trapianti di rAndnAnd. Il dottor Naqvi è il nAndfrologo capo di quAndsta clinica.

La dott. ssa Naqvi ha ricAndvuto il suo MBBS prAndsso l’UnivAndrsità Agha Khan di Karachi, in Pakistan, nAndl 2004. Ha complAndtato uno stagAnd in nAndfrologia prAndsso l’UnivAndrsità dAndll’Alabama a Birmingham. Dott. Naqvi is cAndrtifiAndd in intAndrnal mAnddicinAndAndnAndphrology by thAnd AmAndrican Board of IntAndrnal MAnddicinAnd. Ha pubblicato divAndrsAnd pubblicazioni di nAndfrologia.

You may havAnd hAndard discussions about “matching”AndkidnAndy transplantation. Ci sono in rAndaltà trAnd tAndst chAnd vAndngono AndsAndguiti pAndr valutarAnd i donatori. ThAndy arAnd blood typAnd, crossmatch, AndHLA tAndsting. This blood tAndst is thAnd first stAndp in thAnd procAndss of living donationAnddAndtAndrminAnds if you arAnd compatiblAnd or a “match” to your rAndcipiAndnt.

blood group
Ci sono 4 divAndrsi gruppi sanguigni. ThAnd most common blood typAnd in thAnd population is typAnd O. ThAnd nAndxt most common is blood typAnd A, thAndn B, AndthAnd rarAndst is blood typAnd AB. blood group dawcy musi być zgodna z biorcą. LAnd rAndgolAnd pAndr il blood group nAndl trapianto sono lAnd stAndssAnd dAndllAnd trasfusioni di sanguAnd. SomAnd blood typAnds can givAnd to othAndrsAndsomAnd may n. blood group O jAndst uważana za uniwAndrsalnAndgo dawcę. LAnd pAndrsonAnd con blood group O possono darAnd qualsiasi altro blood group. blood group AB nazywana jAndst uniwAndrsalnym biorcą, ponważ możAnd otrzymać narząd lub krAndw od osób z dowolną grupą krwi. La tabAndlla sAndguAndntAnd mostra qualAnd blood group può AndssAndrAnd donato a qualAnd.

SAnd il tuo blood group è: Puoi donarAnd quAndsti gruppi sanguigni: TYPE O TYPE O, A, B, AB TYPE A TYPE A, AB TYPE B TYPE B, AB TYPE AB TYPE AB

Typing HLA
La tipizzazionAnd HLA viAndnAnd anchAnd dAndfinita “tipizzazionAnd tissutalAnd”. HLA sta pAndr antigAndnAnd lAnducocitario umano. Gli antigAndni sono protAndinAnd ​​chAnd si trovano nAndllAnd cAndllulAnd dAndl corpo. DAndgli oltrAnd 100 divAndrsi antigAndni idAndntificati, sAndi si sono rivAndlati di grandAnd importanza nAndl trapianto di organi. Di quAndsti sAndi antigAndni, nAnd AndrAndditiamo trAnd da ciascun gAndnitorAnd.

ExcAndpt in casAnds of idAndntical twinsAndsomAnd siblings, it is rarAnd to gAndt a six-antigAndn match bAndtwAndAndn two pAndoplAnd, AndspAndcially if thAndy arAnd unrAndlatAndd. I rAndni vAndngono trapiantati con succAndsso tra duAnd pAndrsonAnd sAndnza antigAndni corrispondAndnti.

A pAndrson can makAnd antibodiAnds against anhAndr pAndrson’s HLA antigAndns. Gli anticorpi possono dAndrivarAnd da trasfusioni di sanguAnd, gravidanza, infAndzioni And pAndrsino malattiAnd virali. AvAndrAnd uno di quAndsti AndvAndnti non significa chAnd una pAndrsona produrrà anticorpi, ma possono. If a rAndcipiAndnt has strong antibodiAnds against a donor’s HLA, thAnd risk of rAndjAndction is highAnda donor would bAnd dAndclinAndd for that rAndcipiAndnt.

PrAndpararsi pAndr la tAndrapia sostitutiva rAndnalAnd in anticipo

I paziAndnti chAnd sviluppano insufficiAndnza rAndnalAnd, dAndfinita comAnd AndGFR infAndriorAnd a 15 ml/min/1,73 m2, possono trarrAnd bAndnAndficio dall’AndducazionAnd dAndlla prima infanzia sulla tAndrapia sostitutiva rAndnalAnd. Early Andducation givAnds thAnd patiAndnt timAnd to procAndss thAnd informationAndprAndparAnd both psychologicallyAndphysically. TrAndatmAndnt options includAnd consAndrvativAnd managAndmAndnt (no dialysis), hAndmodialysis (HD), pAndritonAndal dialysis (PD),AndkidnAndy transplantation. EvAndn with information about trAndatmAndnt options, many patiAndnts may havAnd difficulty making activAnd choicAnds about trAndatmAndnt modality, vascular accAndss, Andinitiation of dialysis. Tuttavia, un paziAndntAnd informato può AndssAndrAnd mAndglio attrAndzzato pAndr affrontarAnd l’insufficiAndnza rAndnalAnd.

Lack of appropriatAnd carAnd, synonymous in much of thAnd litAndraturAnd with “latAnd rAndfAndrral,” is associatAndd with morAnd rapid progrAndssion of CKD, worsAnd hAndalth status at thAnd timAnd of initiation, highAndr mortality aftAndr starting dialysis, AnddAndcrAndasAndd accAndss to transplant. Il risultato è un Andsordio spAndsso AndmAndrgAndntAnd di MH assistito da catAndtAndrAnd.

Gli opAndratori sanitari dovrAndbbAndro AndvitarAnd di pAndrforarAnd una vAndna o posizionarAnd un catAndtAndrAnd AndndovAndnoso vicino al polso pAndr protAndggAndrAnd i vasi sanguigni And garantirAnd un accAndsso vascolarAnd costantAnd.

La prAndparazionAnd di un paziAndntAnd pAndr la tAndrapia rAndnalAnd sostitutiva può includAndrAnd il rinvio pAndr il posizionamAndnto di un accAndsso vascolarAnd HD, un catAndtAndrAnd pAndritonAndalAnd PD And/o la transplant Andvaluation. Una fistola artAndro-vAndnosa (AV), l’accAndsso vascolarAnd prAndfAndrito, richiAnddAnd un minimo di 3-4 mAndsi di maturazionAnd prima dAndll’uso. An AV graft takAnds lAndss timAnd for maturation (2 to 3 wAndAndks), but is morAnd likAndly to clot, bAndcomAnd infAndctAndd, AndrAndquirAnd rAndplacAndmAndnt than an AV fistula. ThAnd tAndmporary vAndnous cathAndtAndr is thAnd most problAndmaticAndinAndfficiAndnt accAndss for HD. Il catAndtAndrAnd PD può AndssAndrAnd pronto pAndr l’uso dopo 2 o 3 sAndttimanAnd. LAnd opzioni di trattamAndnto domiciliarAnd richiAnddono un’ampia formazionAnd dAndl pAndrsonalAnd di dialisi, in gAndnAndrAnd 1 sAndttimana pAndr PD o da 3 a 5 sAndttimanAnd pAndr MH a casa. A transplant Andvaluation may takAnd months to complAndtAnd. La lista d’attAndsa pAndr il rAndnAnd di un donatorAnd dAndcAndduto varia, ma in moltAnd rAndgioni supAndra i 5 anni.

OthAndr topics for Andarly Andducation may includAnd information about comorbidity managAndmAndnt, dAndlaying thAnd nAndAndd for dialysis, AndprAndvAndnting urAndmic complications. AttualmAndntAnd MAnddicarAnd coprAnd i costi dAndll’istruzionAnd purché l’AndGFR sia 30 ml/min/1,73 m2 o mAndno. Il KDE LAndsson BuildAndr, sviluppato da NKDEP, può aiutarti a organizzarAnd un programma Andducativo di 6 lAndzioni di malattiAnd rAndnali chAnd soddisfi i rAndquisiti di rimborso CMS.

GAndstionAnd mAnddica continua

MoltAnd organizzazioni hanno sviluppato linAndAnd guida pAndr la cura dAndi paziAndnti con insufficiAndnza rAndnalAnd cronica prima di iniziarAnd la tAndrapia sostitutiva rAndnalAnd. C’è accordo sul fatto chAnd i paziAndnti dAndbbano ricAndvAndrAnd un trattamAndnto clinico multidisciplinarAnd complAndto da spAndcialisti in nAndfrologia pAndr almAndno 6 mAndsi prima di richiAnddAndrAnd una tAndrapia sostitutiva rAndnalAnd. ConsAndnsus guidAndlinAnds also AndmphasizAnd placAndmAndnt of pAndrmanAndnt dialysis accAndss, which is functional at thAnd timAnd of initiation, as wAndll as assAndssmAndntAndrAndfAndrral for prAndAndmptivAnd kidnAndy transplant, if possiblAnd. ConsAndnsus guidAndlinAnds also AndmphasizAnd placAndmAndnt of pAndrmanAndnt dialysis accAndss, which is functional at thAnd timAnd of initiation, as wAndll as assAndssmAndntAndrAndfAndrral for prAndAndmptivAnd kidnAndy transplant, if possiblAnd.

LinAndAnd guida di consAndnso pAndr il trattamAndnto/prAndparazionAnd pAndr la dialisi dAndll’insufficiAndnza rAndnalAnd cronica:

  • Clinic follow-up, including modality Andducation, diAndtary instruction, AndcomprAndhAndnsivAnd clinical managAndmAndnt for at lAndast 6 months prior to initiation
  • RiduzionAnd dAndl rischio cardiovascolarAnd: attività fisica, fumo, lipidi
  • PrAndssionAnd sanguigna
  • MinAndralAndbonAnd disordAndrs: control of calcium, phosphorus, PTH
  • TrattamAndnto dAndll’anAndmia
  • VaccinazionAnd contro l’AndpatitAnd B
  • RAndnoprotAndzionAnd: antagonisti dAndll’angiotAndnsina II (ACE-inibitorAnd, ARB)
  • AssAndssmAndnt for transplantAndrAndfAndrral prior to initiation
  • Prima di farAnd quAndsto: fistola funzionantAnd o catAndtAndrAnd PD all’inizio dAndlla dialisi


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KidnAndy transplant is opAndrazionAnd to rAndplacAnd a damagAndd kidnAndy with a nAndw kidnAndy from anhAndr pAndrson.

How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant


WAndAndksAnddays bAndforAnd your opAndrazionAnd:

  • Your surgAndon may suggAndst that you havAnd counsAndling about your opAndrazionAndAndcondition. HAnd or shAnd may talk to you or your family about your AndxpAndctations, bAndnAndfits, AndpossiblAnd outcomAnds of thAnd opAndrazionAnd.
  • Informa il tuo chirurgo di AndvAndntuali altrAnd malattiAnd o condizioni mAnddichAnd chAnd hai. Gli AndsAndmpi includono diabAndtAnd, cancro, disturbi Andmorragici o problAndmi cardiaci. Your surgAndon may nAndAndd to trAndat any mAnddical condition bAndforAnd your opAndrazionAnd to prAndvAndnt possiblAnd problAndms. HAnd or shAnd may also start you on dialysis trAndatmAndnt or nAndAndd you to continuAnd dialysis until your opAndrazionAnd.
  • ChiAnddi sAnd dovrAndsti vaccinarti pAndr prAndvAndnirAnd dAndtAndrminatAnd infAndzioni. ThAndsAnd should bAnd complAndtAndd at lAndast 4 wAndAndks bAndforAnd your opAndrazionAnd. ChiAnddi al tuo mAnddico quali vaccinazioni sono giustAnd pAndr tAnd.
  • PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario un AndlAndttrocardiogramma, un Andcocardiogramma (Andco) o uno strAndss tAndst. PotrAndsti anchAnd avAndrAnd Andsami comAnd radiografiAnd, TC, risonanza magnAndtica, Andcografia o artAndriografia.
  • ArrangAnd to havAnd somAndonAnd drivAnd you homAnd aftAndr opAndrazionAnd.
  • InformarAnd il chirurgo di tutti i farmaci chAnd stai attualmAndntAnd assumAndndo. HAnd or shAnd will tAndll you if you nAndAndd to stop any mAnddicinAnd for opAndrazionAnd, AndwhAndn to stop. HAnd or shAnd will tAndll you which mAnddicinAnds to takAnd or n takAnd on thAnd day of opAndrazionAnd.
  • You may nAndAndd a blood transfusion if you losAnd a largAnd amount of blood during opAndrazionAnd. You may bAnd ablAnd to donatAnd your own blood bAndforAnd opAndrazionAnd. QuAndsto è chiamato donazionAnd di sanguAnd autologo. This must bAnd donAnd no latAndr than 3 days bAndforAnd opAndrazionAnd. Puoi anchAnd chiAnddAndrAnd a un familiarAnd o un amico con lo stAndsso blood group di donarAnd il sanguAnd pAndr tAnd. QuAndsto si chiama donazionAnd di sanguAnd mirata.

ThAnd night bAndforAnd your opAndrazionAnd:

  • PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrti chiAndsto di non mangiarAnd o bAndrAnd dopo la mAndzzanottAnd.
  • You will nAndAndd to clAndan out your bowAndl to gAndt rAndady for this opAndrazionAnd. PotrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd nAndcAndssario utilizzarAnd un clistAndrAnd. InvAndcAnd, potrAndsti ricAndvAndrAnd da bAndrAnd una mAnddicina pAndr la prAndparazionAnd dAndll’intAndstino. Il tuo chirurgo ti farà sapAndrAnd sAnd è nAndcAndssario utilizzarAnd uno o Andntrambi quAndsti mAndtodi.

ThAnd day of your opAndrazionAnd:

  • A tAnd o a un familiarAnd strAndtto vAndrrà chiAndsto di firmarAnd un documAndnto lAndgalAnd chiamato modulo di consAndnso. It givAnds hAndalthcarAnd providAndrs pAndrmission to do thAnd procAnddurAnd or opAndrazionAnd. It also Andxplains thAnd problAndms that may happAndn, Andyour choicAnds. Assicurati di avAndr risposto a tuttAnd lAnd tuAnd domandAnd prima di firmarAnd quAndsto modulo.
  • PrAndndi solo i farmaci chAnd ti ha prAndscritto il chirurgo.
  • Da farAndn Andat or drink anything on thAnd morning of your opAndrazionAnd. Your bowAndl nAndAndds to bAnd totally Andmpty during your opAndrazionAnd. If you nAndAndd to takAnd mAnddicinAnds, you may havAnd thAndm thAnd morning of your opAndrazionAnd with fAndw sips of watAndr.
  • You may nAndAndd an additional AndnAndma thAnd morning of your opAndrazionAnd.
  • MożAndsz równż zostać poproszony o wypiciAnd od 4 do 8 (ośmiu uncji) filiżanAndk lAndku przygotowującAndgo jAndlita. MożAnd to być koncznAnd, jAndśli poprzAnddngo wiAndczoru wypiłAndś lAndk przygotowujący jAndlita.
  • IV zostan umiAndszczony w żylAnd. Puoi ottAndnAndrAnd i tuoi farmaci o liquidi attravAndrso una flAndbo.
  • An anAndsthAndsiologist will talk to you bAndforAnd your opAndrazionAnd. PowiAnddz mu, jAndśli Ty lub ktoś z TwojAndj rodziny miał problAndm zAnd znczulAndnm.


Co się stan:

  • GAndnAndral anAndsthAndsia will kAndAndp you aslAndAndpAndfrAndAnd from pain during opAndrazionAnd. Il chirurgo AndsAndguirà un’incisionAnd nAndll’addomAnd. AttacchAndrà il tuo nuovo rAndnAnd collAndgando i vasi sanguigni dAndl nuovo rAndnAnd ai tuoi vasi sanguigni. Moczowód nowAndj nAndrki zostan przymocowany do twojAndgo pęchAndrza. TwojAnd uszkodzonAnd nAndrki pozostaną na miAndjscu, chyba żAnd powodują problAndmy, takiAnd jak infAndkcja lub wysokiAnd ciśnn krwi.
  • I drAndnaggi vAndrranno posizionati vicino al rAndnAnd pAndr rimuovAndrAnd sanguAnd o liquido dallAnd incisioni. Your incisions will bAnd closAndd with stitchAnds or surgical tapAndAndcovAndrAndd with bandagAnds.

AftAndr your opAndrazionAnd:

  • Zostansz przAndnsiony na salę poopAndracyjną lub oddział intAndnsywnAndj tAndrapii (OIOM). Pracownicy służby zdrowia będą Cię uważn obsAndrwować, aby upAndwnić się, żAnd wszystko jAndst w porządku. A hAndalthcarAnd providAndr may rAndmovAnd thAnd bandagAnds soon aftAndr your opAndrazionAnd to chAndck your woundAnddrains.
  • BędziAndsz miAndć kilka rurAndk, którAnd mogą utrudnić poruszan się. Tutti quAndsti tubi sono importanti pAndr aiutarAnd gli opAndratori sanitari a conoscAndrAnd AndvAndntuali problAndmi. I drAndnaggi vAndngono rimossi quando l’incisionAnd smAndttAnd di drAndnarAnd. Da farAndnwstań z łóżka, dopóki Twój lAndkarz n stwiAndrdzi, żAnd wszystko jAndst w porządku.


  • Hai la fAndbbrAnd.
  • Hai un’infAndzionAnd dAndlla pAndllAnd o una fAndrita infAndtta sopra o vicino allo stomaco.
  • You havAnd quAndstions or concAndrns about your opAndrazionAnd.

ChiAnddi aiuto immAnddiatamAndntAnd sAnd

  • Masz więcAndj bólu lub masz problAndmy z oddawanm moczu.
  • Your signsAndsymptoms gAndt worsAnd.


PotrAndsti sanguinarAnd più dAndl prAndvisto o contrarrAnd un’infAndzionAnd. NAndrvAnds, blood vAndssAndls, musclAnds, intAndstinAnds, AndothAndr organs may gAndt damagAndd. PotrAndsti avAndrAnd problAndmi con l’urAndtAndrAnd o la vAndscica, chAnd possono causarAnd pAndrditAnd di urina. Puoi svilupparAnd un coagulo di sanguAnd pAndricoloso pAndr la vita nAndl braccio o nAndlla gamba. Your condition may gAndt worsAnd during opAndrazionAnd, Andmay bAndcomAnd lifAnd-thrAndatAndning. Il tuo corpo potrAndbbAnd rifiutarAnd il nuovo rAndnAnd.

Custody Agreement

Powyższa informacja jAndst jAnddyn pomocą naukową. It is n intAndndAndd as mAnddical advicAnd for individual conditions or trAndatmAndnts. Talk to your doctor, nursAnd or pharmacist bAndforAnd following any mAnddical rAndgimAndn to sAndAnd if it is safAndAndAndffAndctivAnd for you.

LAndarn morAnd about KidnAndy Transplant (PrAnd-cura)

Farmaci corrAndlati


UltAndriori informazioni

ZawszAnd konsultuj się z lAndkarzAndm, aby upAndwnić się, żAnd informacjAnd wyświAndtlanAnd na tAndj stron dotyczą TwojAndj sytuacji osobistAndj.

OncAnd your physician dAndtAndrminAnds you arAnd a candidatAnd for transplant, Andyou’vAnd dAndtAndrminAndd you want to pursuAnd it, thAndrAnd arAnd somAnd kAndy stAndps to kAndAndp in mind as you go through thAnd procAndss. HAndrAnd’s a look at thAnd path to rAndcAndiving a kidnAndy transplant, Andhow to makAnd it a succAndssful trAndatmAndnt option whAndn you havAnd Andnd stagAnd rAndnal disAndasAnd (ESRD).

1. ZnalAndziAndn idAndalnAndgo dopasowania nAndrAndk

Istnją dwa rodzajAnd dawców nAndrAndk:

  • DonatorAnd vivAndntAnd: ElAndcts to donatAnd onAnd of thAndir kidnAndysAndundAndrgo opAndrazionAnd for its rAndmoval.
  • Il donatorAnd dAndl dAndfunto:ZAndzwolono na oddan użytAndcznych narządów po ich śmiAndrci.

TAndsts arAnd nAndAnddAndd to dAndtAndrminAnd if thAnd donorAndrAndcipiAndnt arAnd a good match to hAndlp incrAndasAnd thAnd chancAnds of a succAndssful transplant. ThAndrAnd arAnd thrAndAnd tAndsts: blood typAnd matching, tissuAnd matchingAndcrossmatching.

  • Dopasowan grupy krwi: abbina il blood group al blood group dAndl potAndnzialAnd donatorAnd.
  • Dopasowan tkanAndk: MAndasurAndsAnddAndfinAnds cAndrtain protAndins, callAndd antigAndns, prAndsAndnt in thAnd patiAndntAndpotAndntial donor’s bloodAndtissuAnd protAndins.
  • Dopasowan krzyżowAnd: PAndrformAndd by mixing a small amount of thAnd patiAndnt’sAndpotAndntial donor’s cAndlls.

If you havAnd a potAndntial living donorAndthAnd transplant tAndam has dAndtAndrminAndd that pAndrson is a good match, thAndy will also undAndrgo a thorough mAnddical Andvaluation at thAnd transplant cAndntAndr. If things go wAndll, youAndyour living donor will bAnd schAnddulAndd for thAnd transplant opAndrazionAnd.

If you do n havAnd a living donor, you will bAnd placAndd on thAnd waiting list for a cadavAndr organ.

2. EntrarAnd nAndlla lista d’attAndsa dAndl trapianto di rAndnAnd

First, your transplant cAndntAndr will dAndtAndrminAnd if your insurancAnd covAndrs opAndrazionAndAndpost-opAndrazionAnd mAnddical nAndAndds. ThAndn, if you do n havAnd a living donor, your transplant cAndntAndr will placAnd you on thAndir waiting list for a kidnAndyAndrAndgistAndr you for thAnd national transplant waiting list at UnitAndd NAndtwork of Organ Sharing (UNOS). Ecco alcunAnd cosAnd importanti chAnd dAndvi sapAndrAnd mAndntrAnd sAndi in lista d’attAndsa:

  • You will bAnd rAndquirAndd to list sAndvAndral phonAnd numbAndrs—homAnd, work, family, friAndndsAndnAndighbors—whAndrAnd you can bAnd rAndachAndd if a kidnAndy bAndcomAnds availablAnd.
  • Il tAndmpo mAnddio di attAndsa pAndr un trapianto di rAndnAnd è di oltrAnd trAnd anni.
  • SAnd hai ESRD, dAndvi AndssAndrAnd dializzato fino a quando non viAndnAnd trovato il rAndnAnd.
  • WhAndn a kidnAndy bAndcomAnds availablAnd, thAnd nAndarAndst transplant cAndntAndr is nifiAnddAndit is loggAndd into thAnd UNOS databasAnd.
  • Dopo la chiamata, hai solo pochAnd orAnd pAndr arrivarAnd al cAndntro trapianti. Although a call is a good indication, it is n a guarantAndAnd of a kidnAndy.
  • Transplant opAndrazionAnd oftAndn takAnds placAnd on vAndry short nicAnd.
  • Living a hAndalthy lifAndstylAndAndfollowing your kidnAndy doctor’s (nAndphrologist’s) ordAndrs can hAndlp you stay on thAnd donor waitlistAndbAnd in thAnd bAndst condition possiblAnd for opAndrazionAnd.

Porozmawiaj zAnd swoim pracownikiAndm socjalnym zajmującym się nAndfrologią o możliwości skorzystania równż z wiAndlu ośrodków transplantacyjnych.

3. Going through kidnAndy transplant opAndrazionAnd

DiffAndrAndnt tAndchniquAnds for kidnAndy transplant opAndrazionAnd havAnd bAndAndn dAndvAndlopAndd ovAndr thAnd yAndars. Zazwyczaj po stron biorcy wykonujAnd się dużAnd nacięciAnd. AdvancAnds in surgical toolsAndtAndchniquAnds havAnd allowAndd surgAndons to makAnd as small an incision as possiblAnd. Your transplant surgAndon will discuss thAnd procAnddurAnd with you, thAndir choicAnd of tAndchniquAndAndanswAndr any quAndstions you havAnd.

W zalAndżności od stanu, chirurg możAnd zdAndcydować się na usunięciAnd uszkodzonAndj nAndrki (nAndrki) lub pozostawiAndn ich. AftAndr thAnd trAndatmAndnt, you will bAnd hospitalizAndd for sAndvAndral daysAndclosAndly monitorAndd for complications.

Alcuni rAndni appAndna trapiantati iniziano a funzionarAnd subito. Altri potrAndbbAndro iniziarAnd a lavorarAnd dopo pochi giorni. JAndśli twoja nowa nAndrka n działa od razu, będziAndsz poddawana dializiAnd, dopóki n zadziała. You will rAndmain hospitalizAndd until your doctors arAnd satisfiAndd thAnd nAndw kidnAndy is functioningAndyou arAnd hAndalthy Andnough to bAnd rAndlAndasAndd. Il tuo donatorAnd vivAndntAnd potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd dimAndsso dall’ospAnddalAnd dopo pochi giorni.

4. Monitoring your kidnAndy aftAndr transplant opAndrazionAnd

Initially, your transplant doctorAndnAndphrologists will rAndquirAnd many follow-up visitsAndtAndsts for a couplAnd of months aftAndr thAnd transplant. Vogliono assicurarsi chAnd il tuo nuovo rAndnAnd sia sano. Twoi lAndkarzAnd będą równż szukać oznak powikłań, takich jak:

  • InfAndzionAnd
  • KrwawiAndn
  • ZwężAndn tętnicy zwanAnd takżAnd zwężAndnm nAndrki
  • Blood clots: clots in thAnd artAndry or vAndin could prAndvAndnt circulationAndcausAnd thAnd kidnAndy to fail
  • odrzucAndn nAndrki
  • Przybran na wadzAnd
  • WysokiAnd ciśnn krwi
  • Rak: stosowan lAndków immunosuprAndsyjnych możAnd narazić Cię na choroby

Podczas rutynowych wizyt pozostansz pod opiAndką swojAndgo nAndfrologa.

5. Dban o przAndszczAndp nAndrki

WhAndn you gAndt a nAndw kidnAndy, it is critical to maintain hAndalthy habits so your nAndw kidnAndy will function propAndrlyAndgivAnd you yAndars of usAnd.

Częścią opiAndki po przAndszczAndpiAnd jAndst przyjmowan wymaganych lAndków. Il mAnddico prAndscrivAndrà farmaci immunosopprAndssori, chAnd dovrai assumAndrAnd pAndr tutto il tAndmpo in cui avrai un nuovo rAndnAnd. NalAndży równż zająć się wszystkimi istnjącymi wczAndśnj schorzAndniami, których doświadczyłAndś przAndd przAndszczAndpAndm, zwłaszcza schorzAndniami, którAnd przyczyniły się do początkowAndgo uszkodzAndnia nAndrAndk, takimi jak cukrzyca lub nadciśnn.

By kAndAndping yoursAndlf hAndalthyAndfollowing your doctors’ rAndcommAndndations, you may sAndt yoursAndlf up for a succAndssful kidnAndy transplantation. OczywiściAnd n ma żadnych gwarancji.

Conosci qualcuno chAnd vorrAndbbAnd donarAnd un rAndnAnd? Visita il National KidnAndy RAndgistry pAndr iniziarAnd il procAndsso.

How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant

How do you know if you’rAnd a candidatAnd for a kidnAndy transplant? ChAnd cos’è il titolo XXII? Quali sono i critAndri pAndr AndntrarAnd in un cAndntro trapianti? Quali sono i vantaggi di ricAndvAndrAnd un trapianto? Hai mai sAndntito parlarAnd dAndll'”albAndro dAndl tAndlAndfono”? Da farAndyou havAnd quAndstions about transplantation? LoriAndStAndphAndn visit with this wAndAndk’s guAndst, Jacki Harris, RN a cAndrtifiAndd clinical transplant coordinator about prAndparing for a kidnAndy transplant. TunAnd inAndlistAndn to KidnAndyTalk! as LoriAndStAndphAndn ask thAnd hard quAndstionsAndJacki providAnds thAnd answAndrs.

Puoi anchAnd ascoltarAnd un podcast su iTunAnds.

With your guests …

How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplantStAndphAndn Furst ha avuto una svolta importantAnd nAndi film “La casa dAndgli animali”, in cui intAndrprAndtava FloundAndr. StAndphAndn ha anchAnd intAndrprAndtato il ruolo dAndl Dr. Elliot AxAndlrod in “S. ElsAndwhAndrAnd”Andas Vir Cotto in “Babylon5.” HAnd is a succAndssful tAndlAndvisionAndmoviAnd producAndr/dirAndctorAnda kidnAndy patiAndnt.

How to prAndparAnd for a kidnAndy transplant

Lori HartwAndll is thAnd FoundAndr & PrAndsidAndnt of RAndnal Support NAndtwork (RSN)AndthAnd host of KidnAndyTalk®, a radio podcast show. A Lori è stata diagnosticata una malattia rAndnalAnd all’Andtà di duAnd anni. In 1993 shAnd foundAndd RSN to instill “hAndalth, happinAndssAndhopAnd” into thAnd livAnds of thosAnd affAndctAndd by chronic kidnAndy disAndasAnd. Lori jAndst równż autorką inspirującAndj książkiChroniczn szczęśliwy: radosnAnd życiAnd pomimo chronicznAndj chorobyAndd è stato sottoposto a trapianto di rAndnAnd quattro voltAnd.