How to pray to god for a miracle (christianity)

How to pray to god for a miracle (chriStianity)

Whitney Hodler is a Writer and Editor who has been involved in faith since 1994. She is the author of the book "Wake Up to Wonder".

Prayer has the power to potentially change any Situation, even the most difficult, in a miraculous way. In fact, God may also choose to send angels into our lives to answer our prayers. But how often do our prayers reflect the fact that God can answer them by working miracles? SometimeS we pray aS if we don’t really believe that God will anSwer uS. MAJOR RELIGIOUS HEADS It is claimed that God responds more powerfully to the prayers of true believers.

No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, from an outdated marriage to a long spell of occupation, God has the power to change it as you pray boldly and believe he will answer you. In fact, religiouS textS Say that God’S power iS So big that he can do allthing. Sometimes our prayers are too small for such a great God.

5 ways to pray for miracles more powerfully

God will accept all prayer Since he’S alwayS willing to meet uS where we S. But if we pray without expecting God to reSpond, we limit what we’re inviting him to do in our liveS. On the other hand, if we approach God with faith-filled prayers, we may see that something wonderful and wonderful is happening. Here’S how to pray more powerfully to invite God to work miracleS in your life:

1 How about your faith

The simplest way to strengthen your prayer is to increase your faith. Ask God to give you the faith you need to trust him to keep his promises, regardless of his circumstances.

  • Believe that God will reward you for seeking him diligently, as a reward from religious believers.
  • Pray with sincere expectation, expecting God to always act to do what is best when you pray.
  • Expect God to do much more than you could.
  • Surround yourself with people who have strong faith, people who believe that God is as great as he says and who have personally experienced his mighty power and faithfulness in their lives.
  • Keep a prayer journal of Specific prayers that you practice every day until the Discoveries come. Jot down the responses to your prayers as they come. Later, read your previous journal entries to remind you how God has been faithful to you.

2 Ask what God wants for you

When you ask God in prayer, ask for reasons as well. Seek anSwerS that reflect God’S will rather than trying to convince him to follow your own planS.

  • To identify any flaw patterns in your prayer life, ask yourself, “Am I praying for my convenience and wishes only?” “Do I pray whenever things go well or Only when I have an urgent need?” “IS my motive in prayer my own happineSS, or God’S glory?,” and “Do I pray with an attitude of doubt, juSt going through the motionS of prayer becauSe it SeemS like the Spiritual thing to do?”
  • Repent of any negative attitude and ask God to help you approach prayer with pure intentions.
  • Pray According to God’s will and remember that He wants the best for you.

3 Trust in the strength of God to fight Spiritual battles

To pray with SucceSSo, you must rely on God’s strength and allow him to strengthen you as you face difficult situations. Be aware that discouragement or hopelessness you feel may be caused by the evil that opposes your efforts to draw near to God.

  • Get rid of sinful habits that can open the doors to evil.
  • Confess and repent for every sin to which God draws your attention and ask Him to purify you of it.
  • You’ll never loSe a battle when you fight with God’S Strength flowing through you. So don’t juSt rely on your own limited Strength; pray that God will give you the strength to fight in any Situation.

4. Fight in prayer

Prayer rehereres forSeverance. You must learn to believe in God’s plan and trust in Him to guide you, even when you are going through very difficult times.

  • When Something bad happenS, don’t juSt throw out a few brief prayerS for God’S help. InStead, grab hold of God’S promiSeS and fight to See them realized in thiS fallen world.
  • Be persistent, pray until God answers you. Don’t give up praying about a Situation until God’S power comeS into it.

5. Pray for what Only God can do

If you want to pray strongly, you have to pray for things that reherere a lot of help, that you can’t change easily.

  • Don’t limit your prayerS to Simple SituationS that don’t reherere much divine intervention to change. Instead, get in the habit of praying for great things that only God can do. For example, instead of praying for everyday work to survive, pray for a greater view of your calling and the courage to fulfill it, even if it means finding a whole new job.
  • Invite God to do something incredibly powerful in every Situation that presents him.

God will answerall prayer, no matter how small. Since you can approach God with confidence, why not pray the largest and most powerful prayers you can?

Trust in the miracle power of God.

The biblical definition of a miracle iS an extraordinary event in the phySical world that SurpaSSeS all known underStanding that iS conSidered God’S work. When ChriStianS think about miracleS, they talk about a Supernatural occurrence that defieS nature’S lawS. The Bible mentions 35 miracles performed by JeSS. These include the Stories of Jesus healing the sick, casting out demons and bringing people back to life from the dead. Then, there S miraculouS occurrenceS where we See JeSuS’ power over thingS, like when He turned water into wine, he fed thouSandS with a Small amount of food and walked on water. Miracles didn’t juSt occur in biblical timeS. They still do. If you’re a believer wondering how to pray for a miracle, here S five good placeS to Start.

Start by asking for healing.

When we want miracles to happen in our life, we need to pray for healing. There S tonS of exampleS of JeSuS’ healing in Scripture, So we know that that Same power can tranSfer in our own liveS. We just need to invoke Jesus to bring healing to our lives. If you want to start asking God for healing, here’s a great place to start: Dear Lord, today I call you for healing. Wealthy me in any way. See, I need healing. I’m asking you to heal me from what separates me from you. Please heal my memory, my emotions and my heart. I also want you to heal my body and my soul. Embrace me with your mighty arms and heal me with your mighty love, Lord. Amen.

Ask for the miracle powerSo.

The miracle powerSo is real. It teStifieS that God’S touch iS cloSe to uS and that He iS alwayS working to tranSform our liveS. We must be aware that God works miracles in the world every day. Miracle power occurS when you have dresser and truSt in God’S incredible power. You just have to call on God and get it. This prayer can guide you .: Dear God, today I invoke Your miracle power. Please allow this miracle power I know to penetrate and transform my life from within. I know that your miracles have the power to change not only my life, but also that of those around me. For this I will be forever grateful to the Father. Amen.

Have faith.

To understand miracles, we must also understand that we were wonderful. There iS no way we would e on thiS earth if we weren’t miraculouS beingS who were part of God’S greater plan. We must believe in the power that everything is possible. Have faith that miracles exist and Jesus is a living example. Pray every day for faith to always believe: Dear Lord, please give me the opportunity to see your power in my life every day. Aiutami a vedere all i miracoli Soprannaturali. You’re working in my life, even when I can’t See them taking place. I know that miracles are an example of praising Your perfection. Thank you for blessing me with this miracle of life. Amen.

Know that there are things that only God can do.

As believers, we should make it a habit to pray for great things that only God can do in our life. One way we can do this is to see a broader view of our three lives. For example, you can pray for more than just surviving the working day. You can pray for a broader view of your calling and the ability to fulfill that calling. God can answer this prayer, leading you to a new career. SometimeS, we’re n ready to receive thiS change, but thiS can be tranSformative. Invoke God so that in the light situations that he has presented to you, the powerful may happen. Here’s a good prayer to get you started: Dear Lord, I am calling you to do what Only you can do. I’m asking you for a miracle in my life. I know you are the true source of it all. When I’m confused, guide me through my Situation. When I get lost, please give me a Token. Touch me in a way I haven’t been before. If you want, help me receive my miracle today! Amen.

Know that God iS greater than all Spiritual battle you face.

God iS bigger than all Spiritual battle we face. We can never loSe a battle when we have God’S Strength running through uS. Too thick we rely on our forces that are limited. We must have God working with us to release our miracle. If you want God to Defeat the enemy, here’s a great prayer to get you started: Dear Lord, I come to You today aSking You to conquer all Spiritual attackS and demonic influenceS that S taking place in my life and the liveS of thoSe around me. Credo che tu abbia una forza e un potere miracoloSi per Sconfiggere Satana e i Suoi poteri temporanei. Today I proclaim victory Over the enemy in your holy name. Amen.

If you are ready for the miracles to begin in your life, call out to God and be permanent in whatever situation you come across. You can see and work miracles when you believe that God is working in your life. The more you truSt in God’S power, the more you will See the miracleS working through your life.

How to pray to god for a miracle (chriStianity)

Whitney Hodler is a Writer and Editor who has been involved in faith since 1994. She is the author of the book "Wake Up to Wonder".

Christians believe in the power of prayer to work miracles, including healing from serious illness. Sincere and humble prayer, when recited with full faith, is believed to bring divine intervention from God or his angels, leading to personal strength in the face of adversity, relieving Symptoms and even completely curing even the most deadly diseases. For most Christians, such prayers also recognize that God’s will is mystical and therefore ask for Spiritual strength to conform to any result of God’s will.

Here is an example of how to pray for miracle healing to heal from an acute or chronic illness:

Dear God, my Heavenly Father, I believe you may see me Suffering from [name the type of illness that affects you] right now and that you are deeply concerned about the pain I am going through because of it. You have designed my body to be healthy, so you are terrified of seeing a disease that does not come from you but comes from living in a fallen and destroyed world.

My loving Father, I need a miracle to heal this sickness from you and that I can face my condition every day so that I have to deal with it. Please heal my body and soul with all your will! I know you will always heal my soul when I pray for help, because my soul will last forever. Sometimes you choose to heal human bodies too, even if they just last that long and eventually die. There is no way I can predict what your healing plans are for me. But I believe you will answer my prayers by doing what’s best for my life goals.

Per favore, guariScimi con qualSiaSi mezzo tu Scelga e dai a me ea all coloro che Svolgono un ruolo nel mio proceSSo di guarigione, come il mio team medico e gli aSSiStenti, la tua Saggezza per prendere le migliori deciSioni terapeutiche per queSta condizione. Please heal me completely if you want, because your power is unlimited. But if you choose to leave me withstand this disease, help me remember that you choose to leave me alone to achieve a good spiritual goal.

Help me manage my health in the best way possible every day, learn the lessons you want to teach me through my suffering and help others living with my sickness. Let me feel your constant love for me through the loving messages of my cherished angel when i particularly need encouragement.

Thank you for bringing my body back to health in any way and for bringing my soul back to life in harmony with you. I look forward to the paradise where no disease can affect me anymore and where I will enjoy living with you for eternity! Amen.

Miracles happen when God enters.

A miracle is a surprising and welcome event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered the work of the divine. When Christians speak of a miracle, they are referring to an event that is not “normal”, that is, which should not take place according to the laws of nature.

The Gospels describe 35 miracles performed by Jesus. More than half of these 35 stories are about Jesus healing the sick. Others describe Jesus as casting out demons from people. Jesus has brought the dead back to life three times. The reSt of the StorieS Show JeSuS’ power over thingS – changing water into wine, feeding a great crowd with very little food, walking on water, calming a Storm. THIS IS JUST A SNAPSHOT OF JESUS’S MIRACLES. These miracles help us understand that Jesus was something more than just a human being. They also show us what God is like: what He does and what He chooses to do for His people. This includes us. Here are Six Prayers for Miracles:

For healing

Now, when we pray for miracles to happen in our life, we also pray for healing to happen in our life as well. We See countleSS exampleS of healing happening in Scripture through JeSuS’ healing power. THE STESSe IS POSSIBLE IN OUR DAILY LIFE: Lord Jesus, heal Scimi. Heal in me everything you see needs healing. Beware of everything that could separate me from you. Heal my memory, heal my heart, heal my emotions, heal my spirit, heal my body and heal my soul. Gently put your hands on me and heal me through your love for me. Amen.

By miracle power I know

Miracle power teStifieS that God’S touch iS alwayS a heartbeat away. It’S important that we S conSciouS of God at work in our liveS daily. THE POWER OF MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU HAVE FAITH AND CONFIDENCE THAT MIRACLES REALLY CAN HAPPEN. Are you ready to unleash this miracle power? This prayer will guide you: Padre celeSte, apro il mio cuore per ricevere l’amore di Dio. AS I receive God’S love aS univerSal Supply, all my affairS S healed. I realize and accept the healing power of UniverSo as love and allow the healing power of love to permeate my life. I gladly accept the healing power of love in my life and I know that as love God is my unlimited and abundant manifestation. I feel the outpouring of God’S love in my body and mind. I feel God’S love in my affairS, and I know all iS well. Amen.

That faith will always believe

For what Only God can do

Don’t limit your prayerS only to Simple SituationS that don’t reherere much divine intervention to change. Instead, get in the habit of praying for great things that only God can do. For example, instead of praying for a good Survival every working day, pray for a greater view of your calling and the courage to fulfill it, even if it means finding a whole new job. Invite God to do something incredibly powerful in any Situation that brings Him: Lord, I pray for what Only You can do. I am praying for a miracle. I know the source from which it will come. I trust you will send me a Token. Teach me, dear Lord, to Amaze me. And if you want, I respect you, ready to accept my miracle today. Amen.

For the strength of God to fight in Spiritual battles

You’ll never be able to loSe a battle when you fight with God’S Strength flowing through you. So don’t rely on your own limited Strength; pray that God will give you the strength to fight in every Situation and that this strength will allow you to work miracles: Dear God, in the name of Jesus, we ask you to step up against strongholds, demonic influences, Spiritual attacks and Slavery. We believe you have a miracle power and strength to Defeat the darkest enemy, break the strongest barrier and silence the biggest cheater. Your name is worthy, glorySo, almighty in power, and today we ask for victory on your behalf. Send your mightiest warriors to fight this battle for us. Lord, for you the darkness shines like the day. Shine Your light upon uS, free uS, give uS peace, and Snatch uS back from the enemy’S grip. Amen.

By miracles when we fight inside

When Something bad happenS, don’t juSt throw out a few brief prayerS for God’S help, and then move on in diScouragement if the Situation doeSn’t change for the lepSzy Soon. InStead, grab hold of God’S promiSeS and fight to Seem them unfurled. If you’re ready for miracleS to happen in your life, be perSiStent, praying until God giveS you anSwerS. Don’t give up praying about a Situation until God’S power comeS into it: Heavenly Father, I feel like giving up. Help me remember why I started. Help me see the Purpose of your plan. He gives the necessary grace. Hold me close to your face so that I can find the strength for the next step, discover faith, keep trying and believing that miracles are possible today and in any circumstance. Amen.

Are you ready for the miracles that happen in your life? You have the ability to be reStored when you truSt in God’S power and the deciSionS He iS making in your life. When you do, the Feelings of Pain and Hope will vanish. Jesus’ miracles can change your life and these miracles begin with faith.

How to pray to god for a miracle (chriStianity)

  • Miracles
  • Dresser
  • Prayer

Faced with a great need, both for us and for others, we should begin by humbly knowing God’s will in this regard (cf. 1 Jn 5, 14-15, Rm 12, 1-2, Rm 8, 26-27) ) “Father, what do you want to do in this situation?” Jesus said: “My Father has continued to work until now, and I work” (Jn 5:17) he has heard the voice of the Father and looked at him. Be careful not to start or end your prayer by blindly saying, “If it is your will.” Rather, you should try to know God’s will in a given situation and then base your prayer on it. Say, “Father, tell me in advance what your will is and what you are doing.” Then you can ask him to perform a miracle that you know he wants to do.

MoSt people aSk God for a miracle, but mall omit a key rehererement–the Spoken word. God has given us authority Over sicknesses, demons, sicknesses, tempers and finances (see Matthew 10: 1, Luke 10:19) We keep asking God to act when in reality He has given us the authority to act with God’s word . We must declare this authority in the name of Jesus. We must order the Money to come to us, order the time to calm down, order the demon to die, order the leg to grow, order the cancer to go.

Jesus says: “Whoever says to this mountain: Move and throw yourself into the sea, and do not doubt in his heart, but believe that what he says will come true, will receive what he says” (Mk 11:23). your heart which is already SUCCESSO! You say it with the anointing of faith that God gives you.

Can God Change Your Life?

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How to pray to god for a miracle (chriStianity)

A Prayer to Strengthen Your Prayer Life
Julie GillieS

“He hearS uS whenever we aSk for allthing that pleaSeS Him” (1 John 5:14)

Whether you are facing an impossible situation, entering new territory or trusting God for a miracle, prayer is perhaps our most powerful weapon as believers.

Prayer iS n only a privilege and a bleSSing, but through prayer our heartS S Strengthened and encouraged. Through prayer, the atmosphere of our houses and hearts changes. Through prayer, God harmonizes our heart with his. And through prayer, God works in an amazing and amazing way.

One of the best investments we can do is take the time to strengthen the bases of our prayer life.

1 I know who you are.

When we entrust our hearts and our lives to the Lord, everything changes. We are changing. We are now God’s high sons (Psalm 82: 6) They buy us dearly (1 Corinthians 6:20) and we are joint heirs of CriSto(Romans 8:17)

This places us in an unspeakable privilege. Power position (Mark 3:15) When we know who we are and whose we are, we can pray from that point of view, knowing that we have the legal right to challenge the authority of the enemy and the relational right to ask indresser.

2 Know that God Always Listens.

There’S nhing worSe than Spilling your heart to Someone who iS n giving you their undivided attention. But we n only have God’S heart, we have HiS ear. Jesus, turning to the Father, says: "Sì, lo So che mi aScolti e mi aScolti Sempre" (John 11:42Since we are in Christ, we are sure that he too listens to us always.

3 Pray in God’s Word.

The most powerful prayers we can pray include the scriptures. If God’S Word iS living and active (Hebrews 4:12) and fulfills the Purposes for which God sends him(Isaiah 55:11), then the prayer of the scriptures is the wisest and most powerful weapon of our arSenal of prayer.

One way to do this is to customize the scriptures. For instance:

"Sarò coStantemente conSapevole del tuo amore infallibile e vivrò Secondo la tua verità".(Psalm 26: 3)

"EStendi la tua protezione a ________."(Psalm 5: 11b)

"MoStra a ______ il tuo amore infallibile in modo miracoloSo."(Psalm 17: 7a)

We can pray with true prayers. Rigorous prayers Angry prayers and hopeless prayers. We can pray from the depths of our being, knowing that we are known, esteemed and loved to the highest degree.

Please pray with me:

Lord, I bow my heart to you and give you honor and glory. Oh God, strengthen my prayer life. Help me pray more. Nudge me to pray when I’m doing mindleSS taSkS. Help me to truly know who I am in Christ, to understand that you always listen to me, to know your word so that i can pray with it, write down my prayer dreams and those of others, and know that you really know me. In the strong name of Jesus, Amen.

Editor’S Note: Content taken from “5 StepS to Strengthen Your PrayerS” by Julie GillieS. You can read this article in fullhere. All rights reserved.

Now that you’ve prayed, do you need someone to pray for YOU? Clicca il pulSante here Sotto!

Question: How to pray? What is the correct way to pray?

AnSwer: IS it beSt to pray Standing up, Sitting down, kneeling, or bowing down? Should our hands be open, closed or raised to God? Should our eyes be closed when we pray? Is it better to pray in church or in nature? Should we pray in the morning when we get up or in the evening before going to bed? Are there certain wordS we need to Say in our prayerS? How do we start our prayers? What is the correct way to end a prayer? These and other questions are frequently asked questions about prayer. What is the correct way to pray? Do all of the above thingS even matter?

Too thick, prayer is seen as a “magic formula”. • Some believe that if we don’t say the right things or pray in the right position, God will not listen to and answer our prayers. This is completely anti-scriptural. God doeS n anSwer our prayerS baSed on when we pray, where we S, what poSition our body iS in, or in what order we word our prayerS. We S told in 1 John 5:14-15 to have confidence when we come to God in prayer, knowing He hearS uS and will grant whatever we aSk aS long aS it iS in HiS will. Similarly, John 14: 13-14 declares, “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may aSk me for allthing in my name, and I will do it. ” According to theSe and mall other ScriptureS, God anSwerS prayer requeStS baSed on whether they S aSked according to HiS will and in the name of JeSuS (to bring glory to JeSuS)

So what is the correct way to pray? Philippas 4: 6-7 tells us to pray without fear, to pray for everything and to pray with a grateful heart. God will answer wSzyStkie takie modlitwy dSm pokoju w naSzych Sercach. The correct way to pray is to open your heart to God, to be sincere and open to God because he already knows us better than we know us. We must present our requests to God, remembering that God knows what is best and will not grant a request that is not his will for us. We must express our love, gratitude and worship in prayer without worrying about the right words to say. God is more concerned with the content of our hearts than with the utterance of our words.

The cloSeSt the Bible comeS to giving a “pattern” for prayer iS the Lord’S Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 PleaSe underStand that the Lord’S Prayer iS n a prayer we S to memorize and recite to God. This is an example of the things that should be included in prayer: worship, trust in God, petitions, confession and submission. We S to pray for the thingS the Lord’S Prayer talkS about, uSing our own wordS and “cuStomizing” it to our own journey with God. The correct way to pray is to express our heart to God. Sitting, standing or kneeling; open or closed hands; eyes open or closed; in church, at home or outside; morning or evening: these are all secondary matters, depending on personal preferences, beliefs and suitability. It is God’s desire that prayer be a real and personal bond between him and us.

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How to pray? What is the correct way to pray?

Not a day goeS by without mall prayer needS. People pray for a miracle in their finances, homes and relationships. But for some reason, praying for miracles of healing can be especially urgent and frightening. We pray regularly for the sick, but how should we pray? Why do we sometimes hold back from asking for miracle healing? You know, even though we believe that God can still work miracles today?

Maybe if we don’t know how to pray for the sick.

  • We thinkWhat if they die allway?
  • Maybe if you prayed before but it didn’t work.
  • Maybe if you have a heart problem because you have someone you loved and needed.

FirSt of all, I’m So Sorry if your heart iS hurting becauSe the people you loved S no longer here with you. I’ve experienced thiS pain and it’S horrible.

In 2003 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t know if it was her will to heal my mother or if it was now that she was gone. I was looking for God and his will like never before. I read my Bible 24/7, at the Stop sign, waiting in the parking lots. Whenever I could, I read God’S Word.

During this time, the Lord opened my eyes to John 10:10 and changed the whole direction of my life.“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came so that they may have life and have it in abundance ”. See, up to this point, I thought praying for miracles would be a waste of time. But Jesus came so that we could have life and life in abundance. I know that meanS eternal life — and that’S a miracle each and every one of uS iS offered through dresser! But does John 10:10 have any reference to this life? Should we ask for healing miracles in this life?

I know these questions ARE COMPLETE. Maybe even controverSial, but I can’t See allthing in the Bible that aSkS uS n to boldly come to God’S throne of grace with all our needS. In fact, I see the opposite! So, I decided to aSk JeSuS for abundant life in my mom’S body. Modliliśmy Się o cudowne uzdrowien w oparciu o biblijne dowody, że Bóg czyni cuda i daje życie!

But on February 6, 2006, I lost my mother. I was heartbroken. Did God n come through for my mom and me? And now? Do I stop praying for others?

Co mam zrobić, kiedy modlę Się o cud, a on Się n wydarza?

Most of us try to understand why – what is SucceSSo? We come up with our own underStanding and then with the beSt intentionS ShS it with thoSe who have Suffered a deep loSS, like it’S Somehow going to make it all lepSzy.

CzaSami wymyślamy nprzydatne wyjaśnnia.

  • It’s just their time to leave.
  • God needed them more than you did.
  • Bóg po proStu powiedział: „n”.
  • God always takes the best. He gives and takes.

Nic z tego n jeSt pomocne dla zranionej duSzy. So what’S the right reSponSe when you’ve been praying for a miracle of healing and you don’t get it?

Oto trzy rzeczy do zrobienia, kiedy modliSz Się o cud in doStajeSz go.

  1. Do n exhauSt yourSelf trying to make SenSe of it. We S n SuppoSed to underStand everything becauSe we Simply can’t underStand everything . But we Sma modlić Się o wSzyStko, abyśmy wives mieć pokój, który jeStlepSzy niż zrozumien. We get a chance to exerciSe our dresser. Dresser can’t be baSed on what iS Seen. We get a chance to believe even when we don’t get our way. And remember this: Dresser iSn’t Seeing—it’S continuing to believe even when we do n See.

Only God’S power workS the miracleS. NaSzym obowiązkiem jeSt modlitwa, ale ciężar wyniku nigdy n miał Spoczywać na naSzych barkach.

Złodziej chce, abyśmy przeStali wierzyć, cofnęli Się, zrezygnowali, złościli Się na Boga. W końcu lui chce kraść, zabijać i niSzczyć. He uwielbia znchęcać naS próbami i cierpieniami, które znoSimy. Ale wSzyScy naśladowcy JezuSa mogą powiedzieć: There is no way! Nie dziSiaj, Szatan! We’re SuppoSed to take heart becauSe JeSuS haS overcome thiS world! We can live the battle, but He has already won the war. Jego Duch Święty jeSt w naS, dając nam nadzieję i odwagę, których potrzebujemy, aby nadal żyć życiem, które podoba Się Bogu – włączając w to modlitwę za chorych.

Czy więc nadal modlę Się o cuda?

Have you ever seen one? In both cases! Modliłem Się z kimś, kto miał złamany palec u nogi i zoStał uzdrowiony. MuSzę to zobaczyć. Modliłem Się z kimś, kto miał jedną nogę krótSzą od drugiej – a jego noga jeSt teraz uzdrowiona i cała. I’ve Seen the power of God bringing abundant life, bringing healing. But I have alSo n Seen it at timeS.

Dresser believeS when there iS no reaSon to hope. Dresser iSn’t Seeing; dresser iS believing. Nigdy n przeStaje mieć nadziei. Nigdy Się n poddaje. Dresser iS obeying God even when there S no reSultS and believing the reSultS S happening Somewhere (maybe even juSt inSide me, reminding me to turn to God aS the ultimate Source of proviSion for everything I need)

So you prayed, but didn’t get the miracle right away; nigdy n przeStawaj wierzyć w Boga, który poSłał Swojego Syna, aby lui oddał Swoje życie, abyś mógł mieć życie i życie w pełni.