How to play pyramid solitaire

The complete rules for Pyramid Solitaire, also known as Solitaire 13

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Nusha Ashjaee / The Spruce

If you are looking to switch up your solitaire game, then try a different version. Pyramid, also called Solitaire 13, is a solitaire card game with very simple rules. It is easy to learn and takes just a few minutes to play each hand. It is perfect when you have just a few minutes to kill.

Like traditional solitaire, the game is played with one player and a standard 52-card deck; the goal is to removal all of the cards from the pyramid.

How to Setup the Game

The setup of the game is one of the key things that is different about this version from the original version. As usual, shuffle the deck. Deal cards to form a pyramid, starting with a row of 1 card, followed by a row of two cards, and so on, down to a row of 7 cards. Each row should overlap the previous one. The pyramid will include a total of 28 cards when complete. The remaining cards are set on the table face down to form the draw pile.


Reveal cards from the draw pile, one at a time. If a card from the draw pile is not used, it should be covered up by the next card from the draw pile. It can be used later in the game, but only if it gets uncovered because any draw pile cards on top of it are able to be discarded.

When two exposed cards total 13, they can be discarded. (This is why this version of the game is sometimes referred to as Solitaire 13.) Discarding is always optional, and there may be times when it is a better tactical choice not to discard.

Cards in the pyramid are exposed if no cards are overlapping them. Only one card from the draw pile is exposed at any given time in the game (the most recent draw pile card to be turned up is the only card from the draw pile that's exposed).

For example, if a 9 and a 4 are both exposed in the pyramid, they can be discarded. If a 5 is exposed in the pyramid and an 8 is exposed after being turned up from the draw pile, they can be discarded.

Card Values

Aces are worth 1, jacks are worth 11, queens are worth 12, and kings are worth 13. Kings can be discarded as a single card.

Some possible discard combinations:

  • King: As a single card
  • Queen + an ace
  • Jack + No. 2 card
  • No. 10 card + No. 3 card
  • No. 9 card + No. 4 card
  • No. 8 card + No. 5 card
  • No. 7 card + No. 6 card

Draw Pile Alternate Version

Instead of revealing cards from the draw pile one at a time, reveal them in sets of three. The first set of three is laid on the table to start with three distinct piles. When future draws are made, the three new cards are spread over these three piles. The order in which cards are placed on the piles should remain constant throughout the game.

How to Win the Game

You win the game when all of the cards have been removed from the pyramid or when the draw pile has been exhausted, whichever happens first.

Pyramid is played with a single, well shuffled pack of 52 playing cards. A pyramid of cards is dealt, consisting of 21 cards formed from six overlapping rows. Each card in the top five rows are blocked by two cards in the row beneath. Both of these cards must be discarded before releasing the card above, making it available for play. The six exposed cards in the bottom row of the pyramid are available for play immediately. Six cards are dealt to a reserve below the pyramid, each card of which is available for play.


Pairs of exposed cards that total 13 are removed and placed in a single discard pile at the top left of the play area. The object of the game is to discard all 52 cards, demolishing the pyramid in the process. Aces count as 1, Jacks 11, Queens 12 and Kings total 13 in themselves and as such, are discarded as a single card rather than as a pair.

Pyramid Rules

Cards are turned from the stock one card at a time. If the card cannot be paired with another available card, it is discarded to a waste pile, the top exposed card of which is always available for pairing. At any time, any pair of available cards that total 13, or single exposed kings may be transferred to the discard pile. Available cards are any cards that are completely exposed and include any of the six reserve cards, the last card turned from the stock, the top card of the waste pile and any completely uncovered card in the pyramid. Only the six cards in the bottom row of the pyramid are available at the start of the game, and as they are removed, they make cards higher up in the pyramid available. For a pyramid card to be available, it must be completely exposed by removing the two cards covering it. When the stock has been exhausted and no more pairs of 13 can be found, the game is over.

In the above screen shot, the K can be discarded on its own along with the following pairs of cards:

Q and A
J and 2
8 and 5
7 and 6
4 and 9

Game Controls Specific To Pyramid

Exposed cards may be turned face down by moving the mouse pointer over them and clicking on them. To discard a pair of cards that total 13, click on both cards (or a single King) to turn them both face down, then click on the discard pile in the top left of the screen. The cards will fly there automatically. If you make a mistake, then you can turn face down cards, face up again by clicking on them once again.

Indeed it is true that there is a kid in everyone. People would never seem to outgrow games, regardless if it is a board game or card game. This is probably the reason why various games have continued to revolutionize throughout the years.

Card games are one of the oldest forms of recreation indulged by man. In fact, there have been many different types of these kinds of games that have been developed for the amusement and entertainment of everyone บาคาร่า . Other card games though are used in casinos and other establishments that allow betting. These are not just for fun and betting though, but are actually mind boggling as well. In fact, these are also considered as mind games.

One of the most popular card games is the pyramid solitaire. Pyramid solitaire is an exciting version of solitaire where the player needs to help the pharaoh build his pyramid. This can be done by removing all the cards that are dealt at the beginning. The player then tries to match pairs of cards that total to 13. Getting this done is not that simple at all. It requires skills and precise calculations so that the players would be able to match pairs correctly.

The player needs to deal 21 cards in order to start Pyramid solitaire. The cards are then arranged into 6 rows with an orientation resembling that of a pyramid shape which starts with a single card on top. These are dealt row by row until all of the remaining 27 cards are left in the deck for use later. If the cards do not match, these are dealt at the bottom and are matched with either the base of the pyramid or inside the waste pile. Just like in any solitaire version, as a card is removed, other cards that are behind it are opened as well.

Pyramid solitaire has become very popular to people of all ages because it can be played online as well. There are a lot of websites that offer this solitaire for free. What is more amazing is that there are even online tournament games where players actually win prizes. Moreover, the excitement of scaling the pyramids skillfully continues to entice people into playing this game.

Some of the top pyramid solitaire online websites offer the best versions of this solitaire. These sites also offer free downloads such as wallpapers, themes, and icons. Moreover, these sites also offer tournament games which can be played by the players for some exciting prizes. While most of these tournaments offer cash prizes, there are also those which offer freebies.

Solitaire is an offline and online card game, it is generally played by a single player. One can play solitaire in many versions like FreeCell, Pyramids, Scorpion and Klondike. This game is popular in the United Kingdom as “patience”. In other countries like United States the game is popular with its original name. Today card games can be played on free gaming sites by choosing any favorite theme. These games don’t have hard rules, so players can master over them by applying simple logic and following general strategies of playing. One can play solitaire by arranging cards in well shuffled decks. Most cards are arranged on the play table according to predefined rules.

The deck of cards in online solitaire game is arranged according to ranks and suites. Many forms of this game involve reshuffling of cards. This game has its own word terminology. Players can win easily if they have knowledge of world terminology concerned with card games. One can enjoy numerous varieties of card games. They can play solitaire online by choosing any theme. Among all themes the one named Klondike has been converted into an online multiplayer game. Two basic types of scoring are seen in the game. One is Vegas and another is Standard. Players have to deal carefully while scoring in the mode of Vegas.

The rules used to play solitaire vary and depend upon the experience and skill of players. This game can be played with a single or multiple decks of cards. It is nice to see that these games can be easily downloaded and played on the computer. They can also be enjoyed in a casino, however there chances of money loss are strong. It is better to play this game just for entertainment. Many versions like FreeCells and Klondike can be downloaded on the computer having installation of Microsoft Windows. Even Apple iPods have the facility of playing solitaire. Many similar games can be enjoyed totally free on the internet. Solitaire was a favorite game of Napolean Bonaparte. After advancement of computer technology and arrival of internet, this game has become popular all over the world.

Pyramid Solitaire is a game played by one person where the goal is to discard all 52 cards into a discard pile and demolish the pyramid in doing so. The game technically is won once the pyramid is gone so not all of the 52 cards will necessarily need to make it to the discard pile for you to win.

To discard cards, it must be done in pairs and each pair must equal 13. We will discuss card values later, but to get the main point of the game, you must discard cards totaling 13 in value and do this to uncover more cards in the pyramid to discard.


The cards all hold different values most of them are easy to remember because they coincide with the numerical value on their card. Like all 2s hold a value of two, all 3s hold a value of three, and so on and so forth. There are a few discrepancies though and I will explain these to you now. Aces have a value of one, jacks have a value of eleven, queens have a value of twelve and kings have a value of thirteen.

The king having a value of Thirteen means it’s the only card that doesn’t need a pair to be discarded.

/>Card Values


To setup pyramid solitaire you will thoroughly shuffle your 52-card deck and start the pyramid by placing the first card face up, now to start the second row you place two more face-up cards slightly overlapping the top card. This pattern is repeated until you reach your bottom row which will have 7 cards in it.

/>The Setup

Once the pyramid has been constructed you will continue with the rest of the board. In some games, you will do a second row of seven below (not overlapping) the bottom row of the pyramid. This is called the reserve and these cards are always available to be played. But for now, we will continue as if we are not playing with a reserve row. Once the tableau is dealt the remaining cards are placed to the side face-up to form the stockpile and you will use cards from this deck throughout the game.

It is smart to move your top card from the stockpile to the discard pile. Cards in the discard pile are also placed faced up and essentially the reverse of your stockpile. You can play from both piles throughout the game.


The game is played by pairing cards to a total value of 13 points and discarding these pairs. Only cards that are available can be used in pairs. At the start of the game available cards include the bottom row of the pyramid, the top card from the stockpile, and the top card of the discard pile.

To make more cards available in the pyramid both cards that overlap it must be removed, once a card has no others overlapping it can be used to pair.

  • />Find pairs that equal 13 pts.
  • />King = 13pts and can be removed without a match.


The game is over once there are no more pairs to be made legally or the pyramid is completely destroyed. In the case that the pyramid is destroyed you have won the game. If the game ends without the pyramid’s destruction, the game is lost.

Пасьянс (франц. Patience) – карточная игра для одного игрока (хотя существуют пасьянсы и для нескольких игроков). Известны сотни различных вариаций этой игры.

BVS Solitaire Collection 8.4 для Windows 10/8.x/7/XP – зто коллекция из 540 пасьянсов. Значительная часть этих пасьянсов – уникальные вариации, не встречающиеся больше нигде. Вы не найдете так много оригинальных пасьянсов в других программах.

How to play pyramid solitaire

Кроме того, ВVS Solitaire Collection позволяет изменять правила практически любого пасьянса, включенного в коллекцию, создавая, таким образом, новый пасьянс.

Игра включает все наиболее популярные пасьянсы, такие как Паук ( Spider ), пасьянс Косынка, Свободная Ячейка ( Солитер, FreeCell ), Пирамида, Аккордеон, Монте-Карло, Скорпион. а также оригинальные игры: Коса, Дамы Кувырком, Королевские Тайны, 12 Спящих Дев, Наполеон Бежит из Москвы.

BVS Solitaire Collection предоставляет обширный набор статистики и возможностей подсчета очков. Вы можете детально отслеживать ваши успехи и прогресс в освоении разнообразных пасьянсов.

BVS Solitaire Collection включает в себя:

  • 540 карточных пасьянсов!
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How to play pyramid solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a patience game for one player. Remove pairs of cards equal to 13 to win this game! Find the video tutorial and written explanation for how to play the card game pyramid solitaire below.

Pyramid Solitaire Tutorial



The game is setup by creating a pyramid with seven rows. The top row has one card. Each additional row has an additional card, and overlap the row above it. The remaining deck is placed at the bottom of the pyramid.


The object of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. Cards are removed in pairs that equal 13. Kings are removed without a pair.

Card Values

2s-10s: Face Value

Game Play

The game begins by removing any pair available that equals 13 when combined. Cards from the remaining deck can be flipped up and used as a pair to remove cards. When a card has no other cards overlapping it, it is open. Only open cards can be removed.

The cards continue to be flipped and paired, if possible. A waste pile is created for cards flipped from the deck with no pair available.

Play continues until all cards have been removed from the pyramid, or there are no more moves to make.


The top card on the deck and the top waste pile card can be combined and removed if equal to 13.

The top card of the waste pile can be paired and removed with a card from the pyramid if together they equal to 13.

An open move can be skipped if wanted.

Once the deck runs out, the waste pile can be turned over to reset the deck to draw from.

The object of the game is to remove pairs of cards that add up to a total of 13, the equivalent of the highest valued card in the deck, from a pyramid arrangement of 28 cards. When using the standard 52-card deck, Jacks are valued at 11, Queens at 12, and Kings at 13.

How do you play pyramid on Windows?

To set up the pyramid, one card is dealt face up at the top of the playing area, then two cards beneath and partially covering it, then three beneath them, and so on completing with a row of seven cards for a total of 28 cards dealt. The remaining cards are placed to the side face down. This is the Draw Pile.

How do you play Microsoft Solitaire Collection?

On the Microsoft Solitaire Collection page in Microsoft Store, select Install. The game will download and install automatically. To launch the game, select Play. You can always launch the game from the product page, but there’s an easier way–pin it.

How many times can you go through the deck in Pyramid Solitaire?

For basic pyramid solitaire, the game is over when: You have matched and removed every card in the tableau, stock, and waste. This means you have won the game. You have gone through the deck (moved all of the cards from the stock to the waste) three times.

How do you play $10000 Pyramid?

Partner A starts with the word or phrase on the bottom left of the pyramid. When Partner B correctly guesses, Partner A describes the next word or phrase on the bottom middle of the pyramid. Play continues as partners move up the pyramid, completing the bottom row, then middle, then top.

What is an ace worth in Pyramid Solitaire?

Playing pyramid solitaire Aces (A) are worth 1, Jacks (J) are worth 11, queens (Q) are 12 and kings (K) are 13. The aim of the game is to remove all the cards from the big triangle you dealt out. You do this by choosing two cards which add up to 13.

How many levels are in Pyramid Solitaire 2020?

but for now, I can already tell you that there are 185 levels available on Facebook and 1445 levels on mobile – You can find out more here.

What are the odds of winning Pyramid Solitaire?

What are the odds of winning a game of Pyramid Solitaire? Mathematically, the odds of winning by clearing the board is roughly 0.5%, which is very rare. If you can pair with the stock at the start of the game, the probability is 5.5 percent.

What games can you play with a deck of cards by yourself?

  • Wish Solitaire.
  • Emperor. Teach yourself one of the great solo card games: Emperor.
  • Devil’s Grip. Fall into the Devil’s Grip and learn this solo, 96- card grid game.
  • Napoleon at St. Helena.
  • Streets and Alleys. Learn how to play Streets and Alleys, a game built on foundations.
  • Accordion.
  • Klondike.
  • Spider Solitaire.

What is the best free solitaire app?

Best Free Solitaire App for Android: Solitaire By Zynga Solitaire by Zynga is the best free Solitaire app you can download on Android. This Solitaire app includes 1 card draw and 3 card draw. That way, you can up the difficulty when 1 card draw gets repetitive for you.

Does Windows 10 have free solitaire?

Solitaire and Minesweeper Have Gone “ Free -to-Play” With Windows 10, Microsoft includes the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app out-of-the-box. This Solitaire game will show you banner ads as well as full-screen video advertisements, making money for Microsoft.

Where can I find solitaire on my computer?

1Choose Start→Games, then double-click Solitaire. The Solitaire window appears, and the cards are dealt in the opening tableau. If this is the first time you’re playing games, Windows displays a Set Up Game dialog box. If it does, make choices (such as whether to check automatically for game updates) and click OK.

Why do you add to 13 in Pyramid Solitaire?

It can be used later in the game, but only if it gets uncovered because any draw pile cards on top of it are able to be discarded. When two exposed cards total 13, they can be discarded. (This is why this version of the game is sometimes referred to as Solitaire 13.)

How do you get a high score on Pyramid Solitaire?

To achieve the big scores, you need to increase the Bonus to a nice respectable level as soon as possible by clearing out the pyramid and reserve quickly. This will result in you being awarded more points for all further pairs.

How do you get more lives in Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

You just need to have full lives in order to be able to send any. If you have linked your game to Facebook you’ll be able to ask for extra lives from those people who you know on Facebook who also play the game.

Pyramid solitaire is a fun solitaire game that’s quite different to normal solitaire- in most solitaire games you build up cards onto a foundation, but in Pyramid solitaire you remove cards! Cards can only be removed when they add up to 13. With it’s easily recognizable layout (shaped like a pyramid), and requiring a combination of luck and skill, it’s a popular solitaire game played by many.

The basic rules are…

  • You win if you can remove ALL cards from play
  • Cards are removed in pairs, when they add up to 13
  • You can deal from the talon at any time
  • You get 2 redeals of the talon
  • Only a maximum of 2 cards are visible from the talon at any time

You can only use cards that are completely uncovered( If a card is in the pyramid but covered by another card, you cannot select it)
For example, if a part of the pyramid looks like this…

Initially you won’t be able to pair the Jack with the two (because the two is covered by the five and the eight cards). Start by removing the five and eight. Now the 2 card will be uncovered, and can be paired with the Jack card.

The possible pairings in Pyramid Solitaire are…

Kings are a special case, that are removed on their own.

Pyramid Solitaire Tips

  • Don’t just automatically combine any cards you see. Knowing when to match and when to hold off is usually the difference between winning and losing.
  • Always remove Kings as soon as you can. There is never any reason to keep them in play.
  • Look for cards “trapped” by other cards underneath. You may need to remove specific cards in a certain order to get to them

Here is an example of a “trapped” card…

Notice the five has 3 eight’s underneath it. Fives are removed with eights, so we’ll need to pay special attention to this inversion. That 5 can’t be matched with any of the eight’s underneath it. Wherever the other 8 is, we will need to keep it for THIS five. If we use it on another five, then we will never be able to remove this one, and the game will become unwinnable.

That might sound a little complicated but don’t worry too much about it- you’ll start picking it up effortlessly the more you play.

Pyramid solitaire can be quite hard sometimes. In fact some deals are actually impossible to complete.