How to play office april fool’s day pranks

April Fools’ Day pranks are a tradition in some families. And as the kids get older, there can be some serious competition as to who can pull off the best stunt. Parents with younger kids typically try to come up with some April Fools’ Day pranks for kids that aren’t mean, so that their little ones can get into the spirit of the holiday without getting upset or feeling scared.

Before deciding whether or not to pull a prank on your kids this year, you must first take into consideration their temperament and understand their limits. Children who suffer from anxiety and depression, or those who have anger or impulse control problems could have escalated symptoms after a prank, child psychologist Dr. David Palmiter warned in an interview with The Today Show. For example, popping out of a closet while wearing a scary mask may not be the best prank to pull on a child who has struggled with night terrors, or is still afraid of the dark.

Additionally, you should consider not capturing the prank on video or posting it without your child’s consent. Your kid may be less of a good sport about being pranked if they are worried that their friends might come across the video online.

Here are some kid-friendly pranks you can pull this April Fool’s Day.

Balloon In The Toilet

Popsugar suggested writing "April Fools!" on a helium balloon and sticking it in the toilet with the lid closed. When your child gets up to use the bathroom and opens the lid, the balloon will provide an April Fools’ Day surprise.

April Fools’ Day has got to be one of the best holidays. You get to play nasty pranks and practical jokes on people – and get away with it! Kidzworld has put together some safe but fun April Fools’ pranks you can pull on your friends and family.

Got Milk?

If your milk comes in a cardboard container, add a few drops of food coloring. It’s harmless April Fool’s joke but the results are pretty colorful.

What’s That in Your Apple?

For a fruity April Fool’s practical joke, get a few gummy worms and carefully poke them into fresh fruit, particularly apples. Give mom or dad a wormy apple for lunch and leave a few apples on the table for friends and family members to snack on.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Worms in apples! Courtesy of Kitchenfloorcrafts

April Showers

If you have a sink with a sprayer, put a rubber band around the handle when nobody’s looking. This automatically keeps the nozzle in spray-mode. Make sure the nozzle is pointing up and outward. The next person to use the sink will get a splash! Too funny!

Spare Change

This April Fool’s practical joke is old but it still works. Super Glue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure it’s an appropriate place, then watch people break fingernails to get the coins.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Glue coins to the sidewalk

One Sick Joke

Fill a hot water bottle with blended leftovers or even pea soup. Keep the bottle hidden under your shirt near your chest and make a trip to the cafeteria. Your friends need to be in on this prank. When the cafeteria is full, make a loud noise to attract attention, bend over the table and squeeze the bottle. Your sludge should spew out all over the table like you’ve just thrown up.

Look What I can Do!

Ask your victim, er.. friend to put a quarter on a piece of paper and, without removing their finger, trace the coin with a pencil. Repeat the “test” with a few fingers. After that’s done, get the victim to pick up the quarter and roll it along the bridge of their nose. Then quietly snicker behind their back as they walk around with a black line along their nose. Don’t use a permanent marker because that’s not cool.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

What is your favorite April Fool’s Day prank?

Kids’ Suggestions

Take a Woopie Cushion to school and put it in the teachers desk!
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Morgan:)
Age: 15

For a great April Fool’s joke, if you have little holders for your salt and pepper, switch the salt with sugar and then watch your family’s and friend’s faces when they try their food! Just make sure they have something they eat salt with.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: kermitlover

Get a balloon and put it on the tailpipe of a truck, ferrari, etc. (Make sure the car isn’t already on!) Then get in it and have your parents start it up and it will pop. It will sound like the tire popped.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: barneykiller
Age: 14

Grab a bunch of alarm clocks, set them to alarm at very early times in the morning and hide them all around different places at your victim’s room!
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: PuNNishmenT
Age: 12

This is one of THE best tricks I know! First you put Saran Wrap or any other clear plastic wrap over the toilet, between the bowl and the seat. Do this at night so it is harder to see. Then when someone goes to the bathroom, SURPRISE! Oh, and a scream. I don’t recommend this because I got grounded for 3 months when I tried it. It’s funny, and messy, so if you don’t take my advice and do it anyway, be ready to clean up the mess! EWW.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Smintz
Age: 14

For even more great jokes and gags, head to the next page of April Fools’ Day pranks! To find out the history behind this funny holiday, click here.

Check out the April Fools Crossword Puzzle! Click here to play.

As hard as it might be to believe, April Fools’ Day is almost here. If you’re taking part in the holiday, then you need to come up with some good prank ideas now, rather than the day before or the day of. Preparation is key! And if you’re looking for practical joke inspiration, look no further than The Office‘s April Fools’ Day-style pranks, specifically everything Jim did to Dwight throughout the show’s many seasons. The Office offers so many ideas for pranks you can play on your co-workers, if you’re feeling bold.

While these pranks are all in good fun, you should probably make sure the co-worker you’re pranking has a good sense of humor and is a friend of yours. You don’t want to pull one of these jokes on the wrong person!

This year, you’ll also have to pull these pranks the Monday after April Fools’ Day or the Friday before, since April 1st is on a Sunday. That’s kind of annoying, but the upside is that the person or people you’re pranking will be totally caught off-guard.

If you want to channel Jim Halpert this year, then we’ve got you covered. Check out a few The Office April Fools’ Day prank ideas.

Then get to work pulling them yourself:

1Put their items in a vending machine.

If you’re friendly with the vending machine maintenance people, this joke is worth attempting. Pick a co-worker, then take a bunch of their office supplies and put them in the vending machine. If you want to be really evil, stick their wallet in there too, like Jim did to Dwight. That way, they’ll really have a difficult time getting their items back.

2Dress as and mimic one of your co-workers.

Remember the episode where Jim dresses as Dwight, talks like him, and mimics all of his weird little quirks? It’s amazing! If you’re friends with a co-worker who is very unique or has a very specific look, try this joke. It’s funny and it’s kind of cute… just make sure they know you’re not making fun of them!

3Reposition their desk by moving it one inch throughout the day.

In one early episode of The Office, Jim moves Dwight’s desk by about one inch throughout the day every time Dwight gets up or moves. By the end of the day, the desk is in a different spot than it was in the morning, and because it happened so slowly, Dwight has no idea what’s going on. This is a harmless and very funny prank you can definitely copy.

4Order 15 large pizzas under someone else’s name.

Here’s a prank everyone in your office will probably end up enjoying: pick a co-worker, then order 15 (or more) large pizzas under their name (Jim did this to Dwight in one episode). When the pizzas get delivered and they call that person’s name, they’ll be totally confused and probably kind of embarrassed. But hey, at least everyone gets pizza afterwards!

5Get other co-workers to call one co-worker by a different name all day.

In one episode, Jim calls Dwight “Dwayne” all day, and gets everyone else in on it at as well. If you can get other co-workers to do this with you, pick one poor co-worker to target, and call them by the wrong name all day, acting like it’s no big deal.

6Give someone an Altoid every time you boot up your computer.

Okay, this is a very elaborate prank, and is definitely going to take some time — but if you’re up for it, it’s super interesting.

In one episode, Jim reveals that he’s been conditioning Dwight to expect an Altoid every time he hears Jim’s computer boot up. Every time Jim restarts the computer, he offers Dwight an Altoid — after weeks of this, Jim restarts his computer, and Dwight reaches his hand out, expecting an Altoid, and is totally confused when he doesn’t get one. It’s funny, if you can pull it off.

7Send someone letters from their future self.

This is another prank that will definitely take some time, so you might want to start it before April Fools’ Day. In one episode, Jim reveals that he’s been sending letters to Dwight from future Dwight. This is easy to pull off, but unless your co-worker has the same personality as Dwight, they’ll know they’re being pranked. Still funny though!

8Slowly increase the weight of their telephone throughout the day.

Similar to the desk prank, this one will require you to mess with someone all day long. In one episode, Jim slowly increases the weight of Dwight’s telephone handset by putting nickels in it throughout the day. In the end, he takes all of them out at once so that Dwight hits himself in the face with it. Elaborate, but pretty funny.

9Replace someone’s writing instruments with crayons.

Here’s a more simple idea: Before your co-workers get in, replace all of their pens and pencils with crayons. Hehehe.

10Send someone letters from the CIA.

This is another longer prank, but take a cue from Pam this time. In one episode, it’s revealed that she’s been sending Dwight letters from the CIA, acting like they’re recruiting him. Try doing this to a co-worker… the results will probably be pretty hilarious.

11Put office items in Jell-O.

The most classic prank from The Office is when Jim puts Dwight’s items in Jell-O. You can definitely recreate this one, and everyone will probably find it amusing.

12Put someone’s desk in the bathroom.

In one episode, Jim puts Dwight’s entire desk in the bathroom. Will this be extremely difficult to pull off? Probably, but if you can do it, that’s pretty impressive!

13Create a quad desk.

This is another idea that might be really difficult to pull off, but again, if you can do it, kudos. This is hilarious!

14Convince someone it’s a different day than it is.

This prank is, admittedly, going to be hard to pull off, unless you do it in the middle of the week. In one episode, Dwight mistakenly thinks it’s a different day than it is, and Jim runs with it and convinces him it’s Friday when it’s actually Thursday. Try it out! Who knows? It might work.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Have you given up on the premise of April Fool’s Day because it is too hard to come up with something that will throw people for a loop? The information age brings you so many possibilities for embracing the spirit of the day with renewed passion.

If you can distract others from their computers while they are still logged in, you can enjoy a day of fun.

First, discover AutoCorrect Options. In Office 2007, click the Office button, go to the Word Options button at the bottom (or whatever program they are in followed by options). Choose Proofing on the left and you will see the AutoCorrect Options button. Here you can replace one word with another. Replace “the” with “April Fool,” or whatever word you choose. Repeat this with other choice words like their name or the company name (in Office 2003 or below, click Tools then AutoCorrect Options to get the same dialog box).

The View menu (Tools, Options, View in version2003) lets you change the way things look. You can turn on and off gridlines in both Word and Excel, change background color, and show and hide things like the ruler or row and column headers.

In version 2003 or below, you can right-click on any toolbar and choose Customize. From there you can right click any button like Print or Save and choose Change Button Image. You can also right click again to change the new icon’s name to “April Fool.”

PowerPoint allows you to edit all the slides in a presentation by going to the View menu and choosing “Slide Master.” Change the font to a symbol font or another language. You can also add a footer here that appears on all slides, “April Fool” might be a good option You can also select all slides (Control A) from the Slide Sorter view (the one where all the slides are in the window at once) and go to the Animations tab. Click “Advance Slide. Automatically after [a specified number of] seconds.” This will automate the presentation even as they try to control it with the mouse.

A quick, easy trick in Excel is to hide all the sheet tabs in a workbook. To do this, just grab the vertical bar to the right of the sheet tabs and drag left as far as you can. No worksheets will be visible; there will just be a long scroll bar. You can even go to the Window menu and hide an entire workbook. While in the Window menu, click about halfway down the worksheet then Freeze Panes. Now the rows above where you clicked will not move; they will only be able to scroll below the frozen row.

Another hilarious Excel trick is to turn on the Speak on Enter feature. From the Office button, choose Excel Options, Customize; from the drop-down menu on top, choose All Commands. Scroll down until you find Speak on Enter and click Add it to put it in the Quick Access Toolbar. Click the new button once, and every time they hit Enter from a cell, Excel will speak its contents aloud. This is accessed in Office 2003 through Tools, Speech. All fooling aside, the Speech feature in Excel is helpful for proofreading, and customizing your toolbar to accommodate your personal work style is a good idea.

Enjoy these easy, quick pranks, but use discretion. Oh, and keep track of what you did – you will need to reverse the steps in order to undo them; there is a fine line between foolery and frustration.

Access a more extensive article with step-by-step instructions, more complicated pranks, detailed explanations on how to undo and a comprehensive, printable cheat sheet of valuable and useful Office shortcuts at the New Voice Training Web site.

Certain holidays seem to have been created for DIY-ers, and April Fools’ Day is certainly among them. No store-bought hand buzzer can stand up to a well-built, well-executed homemade prank, so we asked the chief geek from the gonzo builders at to pick his favorites from their practical joke contest.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

On most fridges (certainly the ones in most offices), you can flip the hinges from one side to the other, allowing you, for example, to open the door on either side for corner placement. Typically, one switches the handle as well, but if you don’t, the refrigerator becomes a nearly unsolvable puzzle as victims pull and pull on the handle. If no one’s watching, some will even dig in their foot against a nearby counter and pull in vain directly against the hinges.

Make the switch to your office fridge right before the lunch rush, and settle in with a sandwich to watch the fun. The beauty of this prank is that once someone knows the trick, they can’t wait to see someone else fall for it.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

One of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s favorite pranks was a television signal jammer. He’d “fuzz-up” a friend’s broadcast connection, and, in turn, watch him perform all manner of acrobatics to “re-position” the antenna. You can have the same mischievous fun by building your own devices for blocking a remote—or turning off the TV altogether.

Remotes use an infrared LED to communicate with your TV through a series of flashes, Morse code-style (to see it in action, check out the business end of a remote in your digital camera’s display). Overwhelm the set with a series of nonsensical remote flashes, or send out the manufacturer’s “turn off” code to pull the same kind of prank that the Gizmodo guys got so much flack for at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Any of the TV-B-Gone devices (click here for a similar project from our contest) or jammers are great introductory soldering and electronics projects, with a high-fun factor for your local bar after the holiday

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Got an environmentally conscious colleague whose Spring Break coincides with April Fools’ Day? Sprout some seeds to turn their keyboard green! Seeds will start growing almost anywhere where there’s a bit of water, so build a quick greenhouse on your own: Cover the keyboard with some wet paper towels or toilet paper, then throw it all in a large plastic bag Don’t worry, people have had success dishwashing their keyboards before, so some moist paper probably won’t cause any permanent damage.

This is a great prank because it’s obvious that at least a week of planning went into it. Worse comes to worst? Plead innocent: “I thought you were trying to be more green!” Not enough time to germinate seeds? Try hot gluing on 1 sq. ft. of real grass turf.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Shopping carts are often protected against theft by a wheel-locking mechanism that’s triggered when the vehicle leaves a store’s premises. A yellow line is painted around the perimeter of say, the local market where you and a colleague might eat lunch tomorrow, and buried underneath it is a cable that emits a changing magnetic field signaling the carts to lock.

Build your own backpack-size, battery-powered yellow line to lock and unlock carts within the store, playing “red light/green light” with unwitting shoppers. That may sound a bit cruel, but the creator of this project on our site said most locked-out victims were laughing and talking to each other when stalled—and choosing a Saturday morning instead of a Monday afternoon seems to make a big difference in morale.

This is an advanced project utilizing high-current micro-controllers and signal processing, but the payoff in geek credibility is huge—and you can’t even come close to buying this at a prank shop. What’s more, once you’ve locked a friend’s cart and decided you can’t actually bring yourself to lock a stranger’s, you’ll still have a beefy H-bridge capable of controlling around a 50-volt, 30-amp-plus motor for your next build.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

It’s like something out of Saved by the Bell or Calvin and Hobbes: packing peanuts (or popcorn!) nearly to the ceiling of an coworker’s fancy, walled-off office. But when it comes down to actually planning the prank, there are a few practical challenges—like how to fill above the door without going through the roof, or the cost of a roomful of Styrofoam.

With just a few sheets of paper, tape and a little ingenuity, you can very realistically simulate an office full of packing peanuts. While some pranks are really of the you-had-to-be-there variety, this one can be told in photos alone. The day before, set up after everyone leaves, and email an image to the victim—get ’em shaking in their boots this April Fools’ Day.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

From easy-to-execute harmless jokes to elaborate pranks for experienced medical professionals, we have you covered. Read on to discover some of the most hilarious pranks and jokes you can pull off in a hospital environment.

1. Looking For a Quick Prank Idea? Surgical Lube is Your Best Friend

You could also get creative and prank an administrative or medical assistant by putting some lube on their telephone receiver. Call the office phone and watch the assistant freak out and drop the phone on the floor. A quick tip: apply lube only to the earpiece, so that they don’t feel it when they first pick up the phone.

2. Simple Tips to Improve the “You’re Pregnant!” Prank

Call the person to your office using the classic “we need to talk.” Don’t ask for the meeting right away: allow some time for the anticipation to build up.

Do your homework, as family planning can be a very sensitive topic for many people. Pick someone who you know can take a joke. Or take the joke to the next level and pick an unlikely culprit: a man, someone approaching retirement age, or someone who’s just returned from maternity leave.

Once you’re in your office, explain in a serious tone that the drug test tested positive for something else: pregnancy. Take a dramatic pause, and break the news – you’re pregnant! You could act disappointed that a valuable member of the team will be going on leave, or pretend to be happy for them.

3. This is Why Some People Don’t Drink Apple Juice

During a screening, replace some of the urine samples with apple juice. Then you can explain to your victim that you’re going to check for any abnormalities. Proceed by taking a sip of one of the fake samples. Keep your cool and appear very professional and focused. Chances are, people will be so shocked, they won’t even know how to react.

4. People Who Don’t Like Zombie Movies Will Absolutely Hate This Prank

Make it look real. You can cover the “dead” person’s arms with ice bags to make them feel cold to touch. Or you can use some make-up or even fake blood. If some of the lights in the room “happen” to be out of order – even better. When the unfortunate recipient of your prank starts cleaning the body, it will suddenly come back to life.

Here’s what we have in mind:

5. One Cool Prank You Can Do With a Fluid Bag

When it’s time for the nurse to start collecting the fluid bags, swap your bag with one of the regular bags. When your victim flips the bag around, they’ll be in for an interesting surprise. Who knows, they may even decide to keep the fish as a pet. (Toy fish could work just as well.)

6. The Wrong Baby

How to play office april fool's day pranks

This one can work especially well if you choose a baby that is obviously not theirs – a boy instead of a girl, or a baby of a different race. This is a prank you should only do if you know the couple very well. Otherwise you may be putting your job at risk. Tread lightly.

7. Here’s How to Make Your Patients Feel Really Self-Conscious

After you’ve finished performing an exam, act like something is amiss. Hem and haw as you’re cleaning up. While you have your back to the patient, wash your hands for a very long time, perhaps muttering “ugh” to yourself.

Stain your fingers or a paper towel with food coloring (green or blue makes a great choice), or wipe off a foreign object you’ve “found” during the exam: a plastic (or why not even real) frog or insect. Then turn your body so that the patient can see the problem: something’s been a bit “off” with their body chemistry lately.

Be warned, making your patients uncomfortable like this can stir some negative emotions. So it’s not exactly your everyday joke. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Find a Special “Patient” for the Newbie

Send them to a bed in a dark vacant room that you’ve prepared for the “patient”: a blow-up doll dressed in pajamas, covered up by sheets and anchored at the feet. If the newbie says the patient is sleeping, ask how they could be so oblivious as to not wake her up. When the newbie returns, after a little tap on the patient’s shoulder yields no response, they will pull back the blankets – and wham, the “patient” will pop up and bat the newbie in the face.

Reserve this prank for the rookies – you’ll want the senior staff as an audience to watch as the newbie jumps or screams.

If you’d like to enjoy some more medical humor check out our list of the best Medical Puns, Jokes & One-Liners.

April Fools’ Day is a great opportunity to lift the spirits of your team and add excitement to their day. A memorable joke can go a long way in making employees feel connected to one another, leading to better communication and productivity.

If the stapler-in-Jell-o style prank is not your thing (fans of The Office will understand), here are 10 clever practical jokes to try this April Fools’ Day, whether you’re in office or working remotely.

Pranks for the Office

  • Change a colleague’s computer wallpaper to something ridiculous. If they have more than one monitor, you have more than one opportunity to start their day with something goofy. It’s funniest if you keep to a theme, and bonus points if you continue the theme beyond their screens. Try printing out some additional photos to decorate their desk area.
  • Who doesn’t love free snacks at the office? Bring in one healthy snack and one guilty pleasure treat your coworkers will love. Swap the boxes, so the healthy snack is packaged as the treat and vice versa. One good example is setting out a vegetable tray disguised as a box of donuts, and then hiding the donuts from the box in the office fridge.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

  • Use a children’s doll to stand in as yourself or a coworker, and see how long it takes for anyone to notice. Dress it up to look like the person you’re representing and prop it up in your chair. This silly prank also makes for a funny surprise to kick off a Zoom meeting!
  • Does someone in the office keep a framed photo of a loved one on their desk? Before they make it to the office one morning, swap it out with a stock photo of a generic smiling family member or pet – something that looks similar to the original photo at a glance. They’ll think their eyes are deceiving them until you take credit for this subtle (but amusing) prank.
  • It seems like wireless computer mice are always acting up. This time, purposely ensure it will to trick a coworker, by blocking the sensor on the bottom of the mouse. Tape a silly note or sticker over the sensor and practice your evil laugh from afar as they struggle to click, until checking the bottom of the mouse.

Pranks for Remote Workers

  • Before your next big meeting (think all-hands for smaller teams or a department-wide meeting for bigger companies), choose a few teammates to choreograph a quick flash mob-type dance. Decide when you’ll start and if you want any props. This prank takes a lot of preparation, but is definitely worth it once you see your team’s reactions!
  • Take the (virtual) vacation you’ve always dreamed of, and make your coworkers jealous. Find a realistic-looking Zoom background that makes it look like you’re sitting on a lounge chair at the beach. Consider one of these. Dress the part and see if anyone calls your bluff.
  • Warn everyone that your keyboard is broken, and go the whole day pretending it’s true. Choose a common letter to “malfunction,” and send messages with that letter purposely missing from words. For example, if you choose the letter “T,” you might write something like, “jus leing you all know my lapop keyboard is acing up, and the letter after “S” isn’ working!”
  • Create a fake colleague! Give them a work email address or Slack profile and introduce them to your whole team. Watch the friendly welcome messages pour in, and the panic HR experiences when they can’t recall this new hire. To take it one step further, wait until the end of the day and plan a virtual meeting to introduce the new employee. Set up a laptop for your pet or child and see how long it takes for everyone to realize the new employee’s a little underqualified.
  • Speaking of Slack, you could even change your profile photo and display name and take on an alternate identity for the day. Whether you choose a fictional character, a celebrity or steal a coworker’s identity, the whole team will be abuzz when the unidentified person chimes in with a great idea in the company channel.

When planning a prank at work, keep a few things in mind: it shouldn’t put anyone or anything in harm’s way. This means to avoid anything that could be offensive, damage property or expose private information. The bottom line is to remain respectful, safe and professional while making everyone laugh. And of course, have fun!

April Fool’s Day is almost here and you know what that means: Time to plan some creative office pranks.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

April Fool’s is almost here! Time to plan some office pranks. (Tweet That) | Share this Graphic on Pinterest | Share on Facebook

Now, before you write this off as childish or meaningless, let me remind you of the four benefits to office pranks. I shared them before in my post, Top 10 Office Practical Jokes.

When you play practical jokes or pull off a successful April Fool’s prank, you will develop four important skills:

1. Planning

April Fool’s pranks require significant planning to pull off.

2. Teamwork

Personally, I’ve never pulled off a successful office prank on my own. These require teamwork and are often a great bonding experience for co-workers.

3. Secrecy

I mean this in a good way. No successful office April Fool’s prank can be pulled off without holding everyone “in the know” to the strictest levels of secrecy.

4. Apologizing

Trust me, you will have to apologize at some point. I’ve become an expert at this.

Alright, so without further ado, here they are…

My Top 10 April Fool’s Pranks for the Office

10. Blue Screen of Death

Do you know the blue screen of death? If not, it’s this:

How to play office april fool's day pranks

To pull this off, simply hide the victim’s desktop icons and make the Blue Screen of Death image their background.

This one never fails to get folks riled up. After ten minutes or so of hysteria, pop in to wish him or her a happy April 1st.

9. The important package

Fill a box with packing peanuts and slap some shipping labels on it and address them to the recipient. Then call the victim and tell him that an important package will be arriving for him later in the day.

When he is out for lunch or a bathroom break, place it on his desk. Be amused as he spends the next ten-plus minutes trying to find the important item.

8. Anything with a mouse

If you work with me and you leave your mouse unattended on March 31 or April 1, you are practically asking me to do something to it. My suggestion: take your mouse with you wherever you go.

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Here are some fun things to with others’ mice:

Tape on the bottom. It still works for those who don’t understand how mice work.

Switch mice. For people who work close to each other, switch their mice.

Reverse right and left clicks.

Increase or decrease movement sensitivity. Slow it down or speed it up to ridiculous levels.

Plug in a second mouse. Do I need to explain the havoc you can wreak here?

7. Mmmm, mayonnaise

Fill a jar of mayonnaise with vanilla yogurt. Bring a sandwich.

At lunch, bring out all of the condiments and after eating your sandwich, begin to shovel spoonfuls of yogurt, which everyone else will think is mayo, into your mouth.

Enjoy their disgust.

6. Autocorrect fun

If your victim uses Microsoft Word, edit the dictionary to autocorrect certain common words they use. Focus on words specific to your industry.

For example, if you work in insurance, have the word “actuary” change to “alpaca.” Or if you work as a CPA, change IRS to…well, I think we can all think of something for that one.

5. The fake

Are your co-workers expecting you to pull off some heinous prank this year? Then do nothing, but act like you are up to something all day.

Say things like “Can you check your top drawer?” or “Have you been in the kitchen yet?” And make it hard to contain the giggle. Your co-workers will be paranoid all day.

4. Embarassing video

This is one of my favorites because of it’s simplicity. Send your co-worker an embarrassing video (like a Justin Bieber song). What he doesn’t know is that you switched the audio settings to play on a hidden set of speakers that you have turned way up. Watch as his face reddens.

3. Do this:

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Then enjoy your officemates screaming commands at an inanimate object.

2. Find the smell

If you want to make a co-worker totally paranoid, get everyone else in on this. Throughout the day on March 31, anytime someone is in her cubicle or office, pretend there is a faint, but awful smell.

She will not notice anything, of course. In order to pull this off, you have to have good acting skills. You have to pretend to barely notice it in the morning and it gets worse during the day.

That night, put something that really does stink in her cubicle or office. April 1 will be a fun day indeed.

1. iPads for Everyone!

Send an email on March 31 from “Management” announcing that everyone is getting something special tomorrow. Show a box of an iPad. The next day, have them arrive to find an iPad box on each of their desks.

Then open to this:

How to play office april fool's day pranks

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What’s your favorite office April Fool’s prank?

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How to play office april fool's day pranks

April Fools’ Day is a really odd holiday. On one hand, everyone loves April Fools’ Day because it is a fun filled day. On the other hand, if you are the butt of April fools day pranks. You go like, to hell with that holiday! It’s the most horrible holiday!

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall on, everyone gets at least a bit of kick out of these exceptional April fools prank ideas. You can squirm along with the unwary victims or take some notes for your revenge next year. It’s your call!

How to play office april fool's day pranks

If your office atmosphere is filled with a good and healthy sense of humor and you’re looking for some light-hearted and harmless fun on 1st of April, sneak a quick look through our April fools prank ideas and don’t forget to share your own suggestions below in comments.

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April fool’s day prank ideas for the office:

Restroom surprise

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Take a print out of a full-size face (you can print a monsters face or an animal or even your boss!) Attach the printout to the base of the toilet seat facing upwards. Don’t forget to close the lid of the toilet. Watch and laugh when your prankee lifts the lid, and screams with shock!

Who called who?

How to play office april fool's day pranks

This april fools pranks for kids idea will help you prank two colleagues at the same time, if your office phone system has provisions for conference calling. All you need to do is call the first prankee’s extension, then quickly call the second prankee and push the conference button. Now both of them will think the other one called them and will start arguing over who called who!

Foiled yet again

How to play office april fool's day pranks

This is one of those April fools prank ideas that can only be performed in an office where a large number of people are prepared to “gang up” on one victim. To pull off this prank you need to buy quite a lot of aluminum foil rolls (preferably restaurant size). The prankster’s gang should wait until their victim leaves for home on 31 st March. Now, go to your victim’s office or cubicle and start wrapping everything in aluminum foil: chair, desk, books, computer, pencils, etc. It won’t take too long, if you have enough people helping you out. Make sure you take lots of pictures!

Whose bag is it?

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Leave an unattended gym bag somewhere in the office (toilets’, coffee rooms, elevator or corridor). Someone will surely try to open the bag in order to identify who the bag belongs to. Inside the bag leave some awkward and tacky items (XXXL underwear, Pam Anderson fan magazines and so on). Don’t forget to put a fake ID with your prankee’s name notably displayed. This is the king of embarrassing April fools prank ideas, isn’t it?

Drawer Disorder

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Take out the desk drawers from your victim’s desk and switch it with someone else’s. (If it’s not possible to remove the drawers, just pull out all of their stuff and swap it with the other victims stuff). Wait till they open their drawers and get shocked. Another addition to this amazing April fool’s day prank idea for the office is to replace all of your victim’s pens with pens that have their caps glued on.

Missed calls

How to play office april fool's day pranks

If you sit close to a colleague you’d like to prank try this April fool’s prank idea. Every time your prankee stands up and starts walking away from his or her desk, dial their phone number. The instant they turn back to go to their desk to answer the call, hang up. Repeat the same procedure until they are totally stressed out and irritated!

Who touched the boss’s chair?

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Take the classy chair out of your boss’s office and replace it with the most hideous chair in the office. Whoever had that hideous chair will almost certainly be happily surprised to see a new classy chair, and the boss would be more than annoyed to see his chair is missing. Wait till your annoyed comes to take it back. However, before trying this April fool’s day prank idea for the office ensure that your boss has a good sense of humor!

Delicious yet suspicious

How to play office april fool's day pranks

Bring some brownies to work on 1st of April and put them in the coffee or lunch room, with a sign that reads “Happy April Fool’s Day!” Watch with amusement when your colleagues look way too worried to eat your brownies!

Trick the boss

How to play office april fool's day pranks

For this April fools prank idea bring together all your coworkers to play a practical joke on your boss. All through the day, each and every one of you should send a voicemail, email or leave a note for your boss, asking for a leave of absence for a few days. Everyone should state a different reason for leave: sick family member, doctor’s appointment etc. Wait till you boss gets annoyed with you all and calls an emergency meeting to discuss the issue, wish him “Happy April fool’s day” and make the best out of the prank!