How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip


With a few exchanges and gifts from the packing list for a weekend trip, you can pack it all into a neatly packaged personal product. This shift will save you money on low-cost airlines and bring you happiness when you aren’t toting large amounts of luggage with you as you travel.

In May I spent ten days in Germany and Iceland experiencing everything from a sunny summer in the English Gardens to a cool thirty-degree wind on the Golden Circle. It was hard work to pack only what fits in my personal size bag just in case. It is true that my bag met the personal belongings standards on the flights I flew: 18 ” x 14 ” x 8 ” (46cm x 36cm x 20cm). The rules for personal items are unclear and are often not enforced.

In general, a personal item should be able to hide under the seat in front of you, or you should be able to carry it on your lap. Personally I prefer a backpack, but the same rules apply to a briefcase or a universal bag.

Ten days packed into just a personal item is pretty extreme. Having so little luggage meant I wasn’t as prepared for every scenario as I could have been. However, if you’re only taking a weekend trip with a personal item you’ll avoid most of those while enjoying the benefits of traveling lighter.

Personally, I hate putting things in overhead bins and my heart sings when I can skip the long baggage check line and go straight to safety with my little bag. If you don’t check a bag, the airline can’t lose it, can they?

With low-cost airlines, checked baggage fees can be as high as $ 60 per flight. Stock exchanges also often require a fee. Even with more traditional airlines, the limited space for hand luggage can mean that the bag will need to be checked, which takes time to travel and tour the city while waiting for baggage to be collected.

The biggest benefit of wearing only personal belongings isfreedom. I made a long layover in Chicago. Instead of needing a room to store my things, my thin pack traveled with me when I visited museums, walked along the waterfront and fumbled with a thick pizza. My bag was with me in case I needed my things. But, because I packed so light, I wasn’t uncomfortable even after a long day with miles of walking.

Traveling with personal items may not be for everyone, but if you can follow this weekend’s baggage list, you are well on your way to success.

Packing for the weekend isn’t an exact science, but here are some tips to help you pack for success.

Packing for a weekend away isn’t an exact science. I’m not going to tell you “bring two dresses and a pair of jeans.” So much depends on where you’re going, the weather, and your personal style. However, I have some tips to help you pack your bags and succeed.

If I’m traveling, I’m usually working, so I have to bring my laptop. Once you know what you’ll actually need, you can start thinking about the things thatwant bring. Bottom line: Pack what makes you feel your best and what won’t hold you back from adventure.

Here are seven things to think about when packing for your next weekend:

1. Keep calm and carry on. If you remember your passport, credit cards, and medications you might need when you’re running around before a flight, you’re halfway to golden. Virtually anything else can be purchased later if you stay. But don’t you dare check a bag on a weekend getaway! Even if you’re not flying, you don’t want to be weighed down. That said, high-quality luggage is one of the most important investments a traveler can make. Luxury hotel inspector Tiffany Dowd and Erik Wilkinson, sales director of Eton of Sweden, both swear by Tumi. The Quintessential Tote is Dowd’s favorite because it’s “stylish and durable,” while Wilkinson prefers the International Carry-On, a bag he reports holds a surprisingly large amount of clothes. Dowd’s also a fan of the brand’s luggage recovery program which identifies your bag with a unique registration number.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a plastic bag. I pack everything from chargers to jewelry in plastic bags. I always keep a moving plastic bag filled with essentials, like contact liquid, lotion, and toothpaste, on the go. Bigger plastic bags double as laundry hampers on short trips, but for those of you who want to class it up a bit, Wilkinson recommends trying Flight 001Spacepaks. “When you go out, you fold everything on one side of the bag, and when you come back, your dirty clothes roll over to the other side,” he said.

3. Accessories are your best friends. On a weekend trip, neutral color palates – browns, blacks, whites, grays – can maximize your options while remaining comfortable to wear. Then, all you need is a fabulous selection of accessories to brighten and vary your look. “Great accessories are my secret,” said Dowd. “You can add a pop of color to a simple black dress with bright Prada pumps, and the next night, change your look by adding a long Chanel necklace and high heels.” I also love adding to my collection when I’m away: Picking up a scarf from a London shop or a bracelet from a market in Dubai remind me of my travels long after I’ve returned home.

4 Wear the same dress on both flights. Choosing an “airplane uniform” is important and can save valuable luggage space. For example, always wear heavier items, such as winter coats and large boots, on the plane. Travelers often find themselves in a completely different climate when landing at their destination, and the planes themselves can be great, so layered clothing is always a good option.

5 Be true to yourself. Identify and accept your essentials. Confession: I own way too many black dresses — but they’re just so easy when traveling, and I don’t care how often someone sees me in one. So when I know I’ve packed a few of them, I feel at ease. And since I haven’t gotten to grips with my Medusa-style curls yet, I always carry a straightener with me. On the other hand, Wilkinson adheres to what he calls the “marine effect”. “If there’s a better table to be had at the restaurant, I get it wearing the blazer,” he said. Same with the hotel improvements. “My wife and I laugh about it now because it happens so often.”

Travel tips

How to pack for a weekend trip

What you prepare for your weekend trip depends on the weather and activity at the destination. (Photo: photo of Aleksander Iwanow’s suitcases from Fotolia. com)

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Packaging – even for a short trip that lasts only the weekend – is mainly dictated by the weather and the activities you plan to carry out at your destination. If you’re going away for three days or less, though, it’s often possible to pack everything you need in a small, carry-on suitcase. If you’re flying to your destination, most airlines require the total height, width and depth of your bag to add up to less than 45inches, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. So grab an approved bag and start packing.

For every trip

Wherever you’re going, rain or shine, chances are you’ll need underwear, pajamas, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and any haircare or skincare products you use on a daily basis. If you are taking prescription drugs, bring the correct amount with you. Frommer’s also suggests bringing a camera, travel alarm clock, cell phone charger, plastic bags for laundry, and a travel umbrella. You may also want to bring a guidebook, or printouts from the Internet, if you’re going somewhere new. If you’ll be driving and have a portable GPS, bring that too.

For a beach holiday

In addition to the essentials you should take on your trip, Real Simple recommends taking to the beach: beach bag, flip flops, sunglasses, sun hat, swimsuit, bathing suit, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, conditioner for SPF lips and something to read or do on the beach. If you’re flying and using a carry-on bag, limit liquids to containers of 3oz. or not, which fits in a clear plastic bag with zip.

For a ski holiday

On a ski weekend, layers can be your saving grace. Make sure you have long underwear, a long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater, a ski jacket and ski socks, gloves and goggles. If you have your own skis or snowboard, don’t forget to bring them, along with ski poles. Make sure you have boots, sweaters, extra socks, and comfortable jeans or pants to wear as you relax after a day of skiing.

For a city tour

If you’re planning weekend visits to big cities like New York, San Francisco, or Chicago, think about the weather first. If you’re going during the summer, you’ll want to dress in light clothes, with layers such as a cardigan, sweatshirt or light jacket once the sun sets. If you’re going during the winter, be prepared for wind, cold and snow, depending on where you’re going. Check the weather forecast before you leave the house. Bring comfortable shoes, cash for taxi rides (although many taxis now also accept credit cards), and a nice dress to go to a restaurant or bar.


If you’re setting out on a road trip, wear comfortable clothes to travel in, but make sure you have other clothes to change into once you reach your destination, especially if your trip is long or if you plan to go out to a nice dinner. According to Fodor, you should also bring a spare set of car keys, a fridge for snacks and drinks, and an emergency kit. Audio books, paper towels, bottled water, antibacterial hand gel, healthy snacks, garbage bag, maps, and GPS are also useful additions to your baggage list for your trip.

  • FAA: Hand Baggage
  • Frommer's: Travel Planner
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  • Fodor's: What to Pack for a Road Trip

Kristin Sullivan has been writing professionally since 1995. Her credits include “Men’s Health”, “Runner’s World”, “Glamor”, “Caribbean Travel and Life” and dozens of other national publications. She specializes in health, medicine, travel, celebrities, and relationships. You have written six novels which have been translated into several languages. She holds a BA in Spanish from the University of Florida.

Prepare the appropriate items for your cottage excursion

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How to pack for a weekend trip

Traveler Atrament / Gallo Images / Getty Images

Packing up for a cottage vacation can be a challenge, especially when you’re not sure what’s available in the unit you rent. This checklist will help you decide what to bring and what to leave.

The basics of a vacation home

These essentials can liven up or ruin your living room. Please read the rental agreement carefully to make sure you know which items are delivered and which ones need to be brought with you. If possible, ask the owners or management company to tell you what kitchen items and utensils are in the cottage.

At a minimum, you should pack:

Contact information for the owner / manager so you can ask for help while traveling

Final payment, if not yet sent

Driver’s license, passport and visas (if required)

Debit and credit cards

Cash for local purchases if you rent in your country

Mobile phone and charger

Camera and charger

Converters and adapters if you travel to another country

Sheets, towels and / or pillows if required by the rental agreement (check the size of the beds if you are packing the sheets)

Charcoal, liquid for lighters and matches, if a charcoal grill is available, and drive to your summer cottage. You cannot take these items to the plane.

Firewood, if a fireplace or hearth is available, go to the summer cottage and the cottage is not in the firewood quarantine zone

Kitchen and bathroom items

This list includes the basic items only. If you plan on cooking a lot and have extra space in your car or suitcase, consider making your favorite pan and saucepan.

Cooking and grilling spices and seasonings, including salt and pepper (packed in small plastic zip lock bags to save space)

Gluten-free cooking ingredients, if needed, unless you know you will be able to buy them at a local grocery store

Spices (consider individual packaging)

Coffee, tea, cream and sugar

Favorite kitchen knife

A small cutting board, if space permits

Aluminum foil (useful for wrapping leftovers and grilling)

Pet food, if your pet will accompany you to the summer cottage

Extra toilet paper, handkerchiefs, paper towels, and trash bags if you are away from the grocery store or don’t have time to purchase them on arrival

Laundry detergent, if you intend to wash your clothes (Advice: Bring laundry detergent capsules from home to use in the cottage or self-service laundry. They are easy to pack and use. Make sure you put the laundry detergent capsules in the washing machine with your clothes, not in the soap dispenser above the washing machine.)

Personal objects

Clothing, shoes and outerwear appropriate to your environment and planned activities

Hand soap, shampoo and other personal cosmetics

Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, if needed (Advice:Please bring your prescription drugs in the original packaging if you are crossing an international border.)

Hair dryer, if needed, unless one is available at your vacation cottage

Rain gear such as rain shells, umbrellas and ponchos

Recreational / Recreational Items

Location-specific and seasonal items such as insect repellents, beach towels, and sunscreen

Sports equipment for outdoor play (Advice: Ask for bicycle helmets if bicycles are available at the lodge. You will probably need to bring your own bicycle helmets from home in order to be sure that you have a helmet that fits properly.)

Reading material, digital media players with music and podcasts, board games, DVDs, playing cards and other activities suitable for rainy days; ask the cottage owner or property manager if a TV and DVD player is available (Advice:Remember to pack the charger if you have an e-reader.)

Laptop if needed; ask if there is WiFi available. If not, plan to search for local Wi-Fi hotspots or bring your own personal hotspot to your summer cottage. (Advice:If you’re traveling to another country, sign up for an international data plan before you leave home.)

What if I go to my destination?

You may not be able to carry olive oil or firewood in your hold luggage, but you can easily carry small kitchen utensils, knives, spices, and a corkscrew in the suitcase. Be sure to check the Transportation Security Administration’s list of prohibited items if you are flying to or from the United States.

How to pack for a weekend trip

For many fashion lovers, lightweight packaging is not a strong point. It’s no easy feat to predict the exact pieces you’ll want to wear once you get to your destination, account for unpredictable weather or unplanned events, or execute a successful edit of all the clothes you’ve envisioned wearing on your next weekend getaway. But especially for short trips, it’s important to carefully prepare your baggage list and not carry loads that will remain rolled up and intact in your baggage.

The way to pack is smart packing: choosing garments that you’ll be sure to wear and that will work – and look stylish – in a variety of circumstances. To help reform your approach to packaging, we’ve outlined in seven steps how to pack for a weekend trip. Follow these tips and you’ll have a more elegant (and less stressful) vacation next time you go on the weekend.

Know what you are working with

Before you brainstorm or pick your favorite things for the holidays, you should know what kind of luggage and bags you will be working with. If you’re relying on an oversize weekender currently tossed into the back of your trunk, you may need to have a slightly different packing list than if you’re flying with a carry-on. In addition to your main bag—that aforementioned weekender or carry-on—it’s wise to bring a tote or schlepping bag for items you want on hand at any moment, plus a smaller purse or wallet with a chain to wear during daytime excursions or nights out.

How to pack for a weekend trip

A midsize tote is a terrific option that can house all your need-right-now essentials (like wallet, phone, sunglasses, and makeup) when you’re en route and then carry your day-to-day essentials once you’re at your destination.

Packing is never a fun part of traveling. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. The key to success is remembering the essential. Read on for a list of 1 Need-to-Packs to help Mom survive almost any weekend trip. (Undergarments? Check.) It works even if you don’t have a closet full of destination-ready clothing or a lot of time to go shopping before you pack for a weekend trip.

Pack your bags for a weekend trip

What’s the first thing you do when you start to prepare for a weekend trip? As a mother, I make sure my kids have everything they need first. I’ll have him try on his clothes to see what else is right, do the laundry, pack his bags and make sure they are all placed near the door. After I’ve completed that task, along with cleaning up the house to make sure it looks fresh when we arrive back home, I start to pack my own bags. This usually happens around midnight before departure.

What’s wrong with packing last minute? Nothing, if you’re good at it. However, for those of us who give up caring whether our clothes match and just start shoving piles of clothing (typically whatever is clean and folded) into a bag just to get it done, it’s good to have a plan in place before you start. As this scenario is typical of my family and usually ends up being carelessly redone and then regretting my choices upon arrival, I now know the secret to packing for a weekend trip.

How to pack for a weekend trip

Photo: Mary Moore

Packing List: Essential Weekend Trips

There are so many things that need to be packed for a family weekend away. But I’m not going to go through that entire list. No, this list is just for you mom! Let’s get this done so we can go to bed!

1. Clothing for each day of departure

I usually like my choices to be simple but with a retro twist. For example, a buttoned denim skirt with an orange crochet top was at the top of my list on my recent trip to Florida. I chose this outfit because it didn’t wrinkle easily during travel and was comfortable enough to wear wherever our journey took us – whether the Brevard Zoo or to explore Disney Springs.

How to pack for a weekend tripRetro travel outfit: denim skirt, orange crochet top, small travel bag. Photo: Mary Moore

2. Pajamas

Depending on how long you are away, I will only take care of one or two pairs of pajamas. You can easily wear them more than once.

3. Underwear

Believe me, these CAN be forgotten and it’s no fun.

4At least one dress

Depending on what I’m going to do when I travel, I always like to pack at least one dress. Unexpected things always seem to come up and it’s nice to have something on hand that’s a little dressier. My favorite dress is a light navy blue dress with beautiful patterns on the front. It’s made with a wrinkled fabric, so it’s great to simply pull out of my suitcase and go. Moreover, thanks to its greater length, it is suitable for both evening and daytime commitments.

How to pack for a weekend tripDay / evening dress. Photo: Mary Moore

5A jacket or sweater

If I can do this, I decide to wear long pants and a sweater on the day of my trip. That way I have them should I need them during my trip, but they don’t take up a lot of space in my carry-on. If this isn’t possible, I always make sure to pack at least one sweater. Even when traveling to Florida, the nights can be cold.

Read on for 6 big reasons to commit to onward travel.

6. Swimsuit and cover

If we are going somewhere warm or some place with a pool, I always make sure to pack my swimsuit and cover-up – even if I tell myself that I probably won’t use it. It is likely that, especially with young children, it is time to swim. My favorite swimsuit is black with a gathered waist. I like to pair it with a black polka dot blanket.

How to pack for a weekend tripMy favorite bathing suit and blanket. Photo: Mary Moore

7. Large and small bag

I always take two suitcases. I use the largest bag when I travel, especially when we fly. An additional room allows me to take my camera, book, laptop, and other travel essentials on the plane with me, along with hand luggage. Sometimes I use this bag when we go to the beach. I put the smaller, empty handbag in the suitcase. I like to have it on hand for when I just need a place to store my license and money and keep it with me.

8. Toiletries

It’s a great idea to always keep travel toiletries pre-packed in a TSA approved bag so they are easy to grab and go. My toiletry bag always stays packed in my suitcase. That way, I don’t need to look for it. Other things I always pack: bandages, hairpins, hair bands and some simple jewelry.

9. Shoes

Like my clothes, I like simple shoe styles. I usually get a pair of sandals and a pair of flat shoes. The easiest way for me is to put the shoes in a zippered plastic bag under the packed clothes.

10. Drugs

As we travel a lot, I always keep all medications in a plastic bag with my name on it. This way I can simply grab the bag and know I have everything I need – even if I am starving for sleep at the time.

1. All kinds of things

Finally, before closing up my bag, I toss in any other items I might need for my trip. This includes items such as my camera, the book I’m currently trying to find time to read, and, finally, my make-up.

Having a good idea of what I will mostly likely need for a weekend trip and what I won’t need makes last minute packing a breeze. I also like to keep these ideas in mind when I have the opportunity to shop. Always remember that primary colors are easier to mix and match, which makes it easier to pack your clothes, but remember to keep your style!

How to pack for a weekend trip

Long before I started blogging on here, I’d travelled every at every single opportunity I got. I also had a full-time job (or at least studied full-time), so a lot meant having to spend the holidays on weekends or holidays.

We’re talking, heading straight out to the airport from work on a Friday and coming back home at midnight on Sunday (which sometimes meant not actually going to bed till almost 3am on Sunday night/Monday morning). Sounds stressful, but we loved it (and still love it).

We’re a lot more flexible these days and lucky to be invited to many trips around the world (fun #HumbleBrag tam * palm face * haha!) – however, the question is: is it a trip you’ve been invited to or the one you booked alone with your friends impromptu after too many glasses of wine in a week, the packing rules remain the same.

Initially, I used to be worried and pack pretty much everything and anything I may every have possibly (but never actually) needed on a holiday. I’ve even travelled with a hard-drive the size of small dog. These days, I’ve pretty much nailed down the 4main things you need to pack for any 2day trip!

How to pack for a weekend trip
Incidentally, this is especially true if you are traveling with hand luggage only. If you’ve got checked-in baggage, feel free to skip this and take the fridge and the microwave with you on your holiday if you want!

1.)Fabric: You’re away for 2days – chances are that you can wear the same pair of jeans for more than one day. And you’re probably gonna be wearing said jeans on your way out so you can skip packing jeans. (In the summer, replace your jeans with short ones – the same rule applies. Prepare one top for each day, and then another – just in case. Same goes for socks and underwear. Don’t forget pajamas… and swimwear, if appropriate. (These are the easiest to forget.)

Extra Advice: One tip (especially if you’ve inexplicably decided to spend the day rolling around with the pigs in mud), is to pop your jeans in the freezer. This eliminates most of the bacteria and all odors from rolling in said mud. 😉.

2.)Toiletries:The most important thing is skin care (wszystko, co biorę, to krem ​​nawilżający, ponieważ nienawilżona czarna skóra po prostu blednie – panie i niektórzy panowie mogą nawet want zrobić sobie makijaż podróżny), toothbrush & toothpaste and deodorant. Everything else (except prescription drugs and contact lenses) is just great and you know it.

3.)Camera and electronics: One camera is all you need (my DSLR does videos and photos so I just take that one), chargers, travel adapter and back up battery packs.

Digression:You can also take your iPad / laptop with you, which seems essential for a blogger, but you can actually skip it altogether.

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip


Those three things above are all the items you need to travel with. Everything else is absolutely superfluous and can be left out. I’ve learnt this after years of over-packing hand luggage and having to channel my inner camel while trawling across different cities on holiday. Now I can pack my bags in less than 15 minutes.

This post is short and (almost) concise. Just like your packing list should be.

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How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

How to pack for a weekend trip

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Extending your full-day trip to an overnight stay or taking advantage of a long weekend means you can explore new horizons away from home. And choosing a short trip rather than a week-long epic adventure is more affordable, doesn’t need time off work and packing is easier. You don’t need to pack very much, so there’s no need to be super efficient – throwing in a few extra things is no big deal.

But what to pack for a weekend?

Pack your bags for the weekend in 3 simple steps

1. Get as many shirts and / or dresses as there are days!

So a three day weekend consists of three tops and / or dresses (including what you wear).

2. Add your favorite utility items

For a short trip, like a weekend away, add a pair of jeans, a jacket and two pairs of shoes. If you’re not a dress kind of girl, then take a second bottom like a skirt, pants or shorts.

If you are trying to pack light, then it is perfectly possible to wear the same pair of shoes all weekend, as long as they’re that magical combination of comfort and style. Comfortable shoe with low heel how’s thator trendy sneakerslike thesethese are great options.

3. Make some seasonal additions

There will also need to be some seasonal additions like a swimsuit and cover-up in summer or a coat and scarf in winter.

At Disneyland Paris below, I added some leggings to make my dress fit for the cold and practically lived in itthese super comfortable sneakers. To read our DLP day trip hereor our full4 days Paris tour here.

How to pack for a weekend trip

At Disneyland, Paris

What to pack for a weekend trip

3d weekend in winter

Taking a short trip in the winter is associated with a warm hug before visiting the city. It’s the flushed cheeks, the hugging clothes and the breath you can see.

While you can avoid going home on a winter weekend when you’re away, the excitement of the new position inspires you to gird your loins, dress in layers, and seek adventure.

So you need outfits that are comfortable inside when you’re lunching, shopping or enjoying some indoor sights. Plus an outer layer to support you before heading out.

How to pack for a weekend trip

1BodenBreton long sleeve
2SusannaLarge checked scarf
3Frankie4Perforated in light brown NAT
4The reality of glassesLe Brera sunglasses
5GormanElke knits
6Frankie4Izzy navy blue
7Elm treeColorado down jacket
8A wild coupleEden Jean
9Elm treeSeason with falling sorbet
1SeedWinter hat with pompom
1BodenEssential Boatneck – Candy Canes

4 days long Easter weekend

Easter is the last long weekend with public holidays on both Friday and Monday, giving you the opportunity for a 4 day long weekend.

When Easter falls in the fall, the travel wardrobe underneath has layers that are in demand in most of the country this time of year.

Time insideSidney Easter is expected to be 24-25 ° C during the day and 16-18 ° C at night. The forecast is mainly for good weather.

MelbourneOn the other hand, a much wider temperature range is expected – 20-26 ˚C during the day and 10-15 ˚C at night, with possibly some showers.

So while a t-shirt and skirt may be enough on a beautifully sunny afternoon, a comfy sweater and parka can be essential on a cold morning.

But the joy of packing for a long weekend is that, although you don’t really need very much, you can probably fit a few extra outfits in to give yourself plenty of choice.

How to pack for a weekend trip

1Bird’s NestShiny dress
2SeedShort-sleeved T-shirt with slit
3Country roadSoft knitted turtleneck sweater
4FunkiGertrude low hoof
5French connectionGeo bag
6DecjubJe Ne Sais Quoi Band T-shirt
7Frankie4Nice metal shoes
8GormanSocks with shiny stripes
9CharmMila Zip Vintage Wash jeans
1DecjubBridget print midi skirt
1CharmA long line of puffers

Outfit ideas

Mix and match according to the weather and what you are doing.

How to pack for a weekend trip

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