How to organize ribbons

How to organize ribbonsRibbon can quickly become overwhelming in your scrapbooking space. There are so many beautiful options and colours!

Before you know it you have a nightmare of tangled ribbon to try and sort out. Yikes!

Don’t worry. I have a simple way to organize ribbon.

Follow my tricks and you can get your ribbon under control too. Don’t miss my secret to maintaining it!

Let’s take a peek at the ribbon storage in my scrapbook room. I’ll share some of the best tips that really work to help me keep my ribbon stash under control.

Sort it

Rolls, packages, and loose ribbon. You need a plan to deal with all of it.

As you sort it ditch anything you know you will not use. Your tastes will change over time so don’t feel that just because you used to like it that you must keep it! (If you really hate throwing it out find a good place to donate it; schools, retirement homes, play-schools, etc.)

How to organize ribbons

I use a Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer (from Simply Renee) to hold most of my spools of ribbon. I decided I didn’t like the look of ribbons hanging all over the place, so I don’t hang ribbon out of it. Want something similar? I’ve heard that a piece of plastic eavestrough works for this too!

How to organize ribbons

I sort the ribbon by rainbow colour inside the organizer so it is easy to see my options when I’m creating.

How to organize ribbons

I like that it stores a lot of rolls and I can easily grab a roll and take it to my table.

Contain it

Assign a home to each ribbon. Use containers. Don’t just dump everything into a drawer! Go through your old Tupperware, shoeboxes or baskets to keep things from getting tangled and rolling around inside a drawer when you pull out ribbon to use.

How to organize ribbons

One Tupperware container holds packages of ribbon. They are stacked on the side so it’s easy to peek at what’s in the package and find the perfect ribbon.

How to organize ribbons

This ribbon storage box is the perfect way to sort and store the shorter lengths of ribbons and leftovers from a roll. You wrap the length of ribbon around a small piece of cardstock and then sort them by colour or type. I’ve seen these types of boxes in Walmart and dollar stores.

Maintain it

Now that all of your ribbon has a home you need to maintain the system. Take the time to put things away after you use them. When you purchase new items fit them into your system. This regular maintenance makes all of the difference!

Here’s my secret to maintaining this system! Think I’m perfect, and that my ribbon section always looks this wonderful? I wish! The photo of the messy ribbon is from my own stash. I keep a container where I stash the ribbons that have not yet been incorporated into my system. This is where the pieces I pick up from my shopping trips end up before I finally sort them out. Yes… it’s been a while, so I’m getting on it! 😉

So, are you ready to go and organize the ribbon in your scrapbooking space? I’d love to hear if these ideas work for you, or if you’ve found something even better!

If you have punches that could use some organization check out this blog post: 4 Easy Steps to Organize Punches

Do you sometimes find that you don’t make full use of your Fiber collection because it’s too time consuming to find the perfect color, untangle the knot, iron out the fold marks or locate that matching collection?

A good simple Fiber organization system can provide you the visibility you love and the accessibility you need to get the best and the most out of your Fiber collection.

3 Simple Steps to Fiber control

Step 1 – Find your Fiber

Bring all your fibers together. For most of us this could take awhile. Fibers tend to get stashed in any open and available space. They’re pliable, mostly indestructible and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This makes them the perfect candidates for getting spread around instead of well organized.
Your first step in Fiber Organization is getting them all together. Search through your scrapbook stash, dig out all your fibers and put them together to be sorted.

How to organize ribbons

Step 2 – Sort and Categorized

In this step divide your fibers into categories,

  • First by Theme (Ribbon with soccer balls would be grouped with sports, Ribbon silkscreened with the words Happy Birthday would go in birthday, etc.)
  • Second by collection, if you buy paper collections that come with matching fiber like that fabulous new BasicGrey FRUITCAKE, you want to keep them together, your second category is Collections.
  • Third by Holidays and Seasons, Easter Bunnies, Christmas Trees, etc these are generally ribbon with holiday or seasonal designs.
  • Fourth category will be Color. This is where you put all the Fibers that don’t fit in any of the first 3 categories. Group these last fibers by color.

How to organize ribbons

Step 3 – Store and Display

Use WrapAround FiberBoards™ to put your fibers into a highly visible yet easily accessible storage system. Use one board for each theme, one board for each color group, one board for each collection, and one board for each holiday or season.

How to organize ribbonsHow to organize ribbons

Once you’ve wrapped your fibers around the board use the Fiber Control Clips™ to hold them in place. Finally slide the loaded WrapAround FiberBoard™ into its Sideloader Single Storage Envelope.

How to organize ribbons How to organize ribbonsHow to organize ribbons

Your Fibers are now ready to be incorporated into your Flip-n-Find™ ScrapRack Organization system, Loaded into a Craft Binder or just stored away in your filing system.

How to organize ribbons

When you’re ready to add fiber to your layout, finding it will be as easy as Flipping to the coordinating section in your organization system.

Tabs – Use one of your adhesive tabs for each minor section. You will use these mainly in the Themes A-Z section, i.e. within your A Section you might have ART, ANIMALS, etc.
Dividers – Once you have added your Tabs you can add your Dividers. The Dividers should be spread evenly through your ScrapRack. We recommend 2-3 Dividers per Spinder. The Divider will add an extra layer of protection to your supplies, add stability to your ScrapRack and make it easier to flip from section to section.

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How to organize ribbons

Take one smart step in your organization and take a look at all these creative ribbon storage ideas for your organized home!

Proper placement and arrangement is of utmost priority for a large fragment of the population these days. A person is often judged by the way he/she carries himself and maintains his house. No one likes a messy place with things scattered all over. Storing ribbons is a real ordeal. So, today we have brought to you some innovative ideas on how to store your rolls and stacks of favorite ribbons, arranged fashionably

Ribbon Storage Ideas for your Home

Wall ribbon holders

If you own a craft material shop or are into any business which involves keeping huge stocks of a variety of ribbons, then this one is best suitable for you. You can have racks as shown in the picture, built on your walls and can arrange ribbons of various sizes or colors or designs. You can easily differentiate between the ribbons if you keep them in this fashion with a certain basis to distinguish.

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How to organize ribbons

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How to organize ribbons

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This idea will not require any extra space or any cabinet to be built up specially for this purpose. This can be easily done with the help of a carpenter and it is not expensive at all.

Add a new look to your walls and give your ribbons a new place.

Modular Racks for Ribbon Storage

How to organize ribbons

If there are limited rolls of ribbon which you want to be individually distinguishable, then you should use this idea for sure. Using this idea, you can keep various shades of one color in one compartment. This will make it very easy for you to identify the ribbon you require. This will prevent wastage of time in searching for a different shade/ variety. This also gives a fancy look to your walls and does not unnecessarily block space. Regarding the expenses incurred, this idea is very cost effective and does not require much efforts and time to set up also.

Box- it- up

If you have just 14- 15 ribbons which you do not want to place haphazardly in a box, you can use this type of boxes with compartments and partitions to arrange your ribbons the way you want. It will impart a trendy look and make it easy for you to identify also. The ribbons placed like this will not get folded or crumpled and there will be no wastage also. These type of boxes are easy to find and does not cost much also. It is compact and can be easily carried from one place to another.

You can also use various kinds of such boxes and label them according to your requirement.

Hanging kaleidoscope

These are a more fancy and improvised versions of the earlier wall storage compartments ideas. They will give a lavish look to your walls and at the same time keep the ribbons intact and properly arranged. You can arrange the ribbons as it is convenient for you. These cabinets might be more expensive than the previous ones, but certainly these will give a trendy look to your walls and it is very innovative way of arranging ribbons. This is also not difficult to set up. You can easily get these compartments online.

It’s going to be a ribbon- climb

If you have an old ladder and want to bring it to use, what can be a better idea than this? This is a multi- advantageous idea. You can make the best use of the ladder and sort out your ribbons also.

This is not at all expensive and can be easily done with the help of a carpenter or a specialist. You can use fancy ladders to make it look more trendy and fashionable. The ribbons can be arranged in any way that you wish and think will be convenient for you, both for identification and handling.

Try out this unique idea. It will certainly benefit you.

Basket full of ribbons

This is what we call as a compact and perfect management. How to utilize the scarce resources to gain the maximum benefit. If you have a handful of ribbons and want to accommodate it in a small space, this idea fits in best for you. Take a basket like this one in the image above and use it the way you require your ribbons to be. This is a very effective and efficient handling process. It is handy and can be taken from one place to another.

Considering the expenses part, the total expense is the price of the basket. It is completely affordable and will give an elegant look to the place you keep it at.

Elegant Hangers

If it is convenient for you to hang ribbons at their entire length in a manner as shown in the picture, then this is one of the most beautiful and eye- catchy idea that you can come across. And all you need for this idea are fancy hangers which are easily available in the market. It will also be easier for you to differentiate and select the best one for the task in hand.

This would not cost much but requires proper handling. Suspending colorful ribbons in this manner will add a charm of it’s own no matter where you keep it.

Layered Ribbon Jars

How to organize ribbonsImage source/ Tutorial: The cottage mama

Ribbons can also be decorated like in the picture given above. If you plan to keep the ribbons on a desktop or on a table or slab, you can design them in this way. All that you have to do is make hard disks and strong square holders that can bear the weight of the ribbons. You can even make this at your home. This will give a different look to the place and make you feel happy every time you look at it. You can use different designs for this same idea also.

These were a bunch of exciting and innovative ideas for arranging ribbons. You can similarly arrange many other things using these ideas. For any further help, do not hesitate to visit us again. We will be there for you with another set of fresh and enthralling ideas that will be sure fun to try. Thank you! Do try these ideas till we see you again.

This is embarrassing, but my method for organizing my ribbons and bows for the past several years has been to throw them into a box and hope for the best when I needed something. Clearly, this is NOT the best way to organize! While wrapping Christmas presents this year, I finally had enough of this method and finally decided to do something about it.

Here is a look at what I had before I organized my ribbons and bows. As you can see, there are miscellaneous ribbons and bows thrown carelessly into the box.

How to organize ribbons

I also gathered the other ribbons I had accumulated over the years and put them in a pile.

How to organize ribbons

Now that I had everything in one place, I could get a better idea of what I needed to do. The first step was to go through the bows and throw away the ones that were in bad shape. Who wants to get a gift with a smashed bow attached to it? Not me!

After I had the pile of ribbons and bows I wanted to keep, I looked for ways to group them together. I noticed I basically had three categories: 1) basic bows, 2) bows made with curly ribbon, and 3) ribbon on spools.

The next thing I did was look around the house for some containers and supplies to use to organize everything. I like to use what I already have on hand if possible.

I happened to have a pretty blue box that was the perfect size for storing some bows, so I put the basic bows into that box.

How to organize ribbons

I didn’t have many of the bows made with curly ribbon, so I ended up putting those in a cute little gift bag.

How to organize ribbons

The ribbons were a little more complicated to organize. The spools of ribbon took up a lot of space, so I wanted to get rid of them somehow. Since I have a LOT of cereal boxes, I decided to cut them up into little squares and wrap the ribbon around them. Then I secured the ribbon around the cardboard with a rubber band.

The cereal box and rubber band method didn’t work for all of the ribbons. I had two spools that held a bunch of different ribbons, so I kept those as is. I also thought those types of ribbons might get bent and ruined if I wrapped them like the other ribbons.

All of my ribbons ended up fitting perfectly into the plastic shoebox that I was already using to store some of my ribbons. I love it when things work out like that!

How to organize ribbons

The two spools of ribbon happened to fit perfectly on one side and the other ribbons that I wrapped around the cardboard fit on the other side. It’s also really convenient that I can see all of the different ribbons I have without taking anything out of the box!

How to organize ribbons

I am very happy with the results. No more digging around to find ribbons and bows out of a big disorganized box!

How do you store your ribbons and bows? Let me know in the comments.

This expert-approved advice will help you keep your wrapping station neat and organized.

When giving a gift, we all know that it’s the thought that counts, but presenting a beautifully-wrapped package makes your recipient feel like you put that much more thought into their special occasion. Curating the ultimate box comes down to having the correct tools, which are easier to use if they are sorted correctly in the first place. To keep all your wrapping paper and accessories bright, rip-free, and ready for any celebration, heed these storage tips from expert gift wrapper Vivienne Anthon of Daily Wrap.

Store items according to size.

Keeping long rolls of wrapping paper in a box can work if you have space under a bed or sideboard, but displaying your favorites keeps them accessible and neat, no matter their size. “A lot of people use dedicated hang-up wrapping paper holders, but I find these are limited to rolls of a certain length—and also, you cannot use them for large, heavy rolls of the paper you turn to all the time,” says Anthon. “I prefer to store larger lengths of paper in a roll vertically and stand the rolls upright in a lovely basket or pretty bin.” If you pre-cut pieces for wrapping smaller items—jewelry boxes, books, small trinkets—Anthon recommends keeping those neatly pressed; this method also works well for tissue paper. “I store remnants flat between two larger pieces of sturdy cardboard joined at edge only—a bit like a giant cardboard folder,” she says. “Pieces from a large cardboard box are perfect. I place the large cardboard folder on a wide shelf or under a bed when I don’t need to access it.”

Choose your storage spot carefully.

Place your basket or container in a temperate, low-moisture spot, away from windows and damp pockets. “Never store paper near direct sunlight, particularly pinks and reds as these really do fade easily,” says Anthon. “I also try to store paper in cool, dry places as paper and humidity do not mix; humidity causes wrinkles and the mega-curl. A garage might seem like a good place, but probably isn’t.”

Fight the challenges of gravity.

Rolls of wrapping paper stored vertically pose an unpleasant problem: If you don’t secure the loose edge, the paper will unroll and wrinkle between uses. Thin holders, like tied twine or rubber bands, create a stress point where gravity pulls the paper on either side, often creating unsightly rips. Instead, suggests Anthon, “hold the paper in place with something that is quite broad, like cardboard inside a paper towel. Cut the roll all the way down lengthways and place it on the paper like a cuff—voila! If you are going to tie something around the rolls, make this very wide ribbon; this will hold the paper in place and also look quite lovely if there are a number of rolls in a basket or on display.”

Keep a carefully curated stash.

Organizing your wrapping paper collection becomes much easier if you have less to collate. Anthon keeps seasonal papers packed away with other holiday decorations and maintains a streamlined collection of versatile papers for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and thank-you gifts. “I know it sounds counter-intuitive for a gift wrapper, but I actually recommend having fewer, but better-quality papers on hand,” she says. “This saves space and clutter and forms the staples, from which a wide range of special occasion or seasonal wraps can be created.” Her must-haves? Plain rolls of brown Kraft and white paper—ideal for dressing up with bows, stamps, and ribbons—and a limited number of other designs. “I store by color, because colors can be used as a canvas for almost any theme,” she says. “I add in a maximum of three styles: one darker color, one pattern, and one floral, which I change every season with the newest looks. Be quite strategic about this and resist the sale section unless the wrap fits into this framework.”

Don’t forget accessories.

Keep essential accessories—like ribbons, tags, bows, and scissors—close by and neatly organized. Display rolls of ribbon on a dowel or piece of string for easy access, securing the ends with small pieces of washi tape that don’t tear or leave holes in the fabric. “I never pin or stick with regular sticky tape,” says Anthon. “I also keep empty ribbon rolls. If I buy specialist ribbon by the yard or piece, I can place it on a roll for storage so it doesn’t get scrunched.” Anthon makes her own bows on an as-needed basis, but a store-bought stock should be stacked between layers of tissue paper in small boxes; a collection of pretty tags can be organized in an expanding file so they don’t get wrinkled or misplaced.

As for tape and scissors, be vigilant about tracking your favorites. “The main issue here is keeping your wrapping accessories in the one place and ensuring they do not migrate into general household use, after which you’ll never find them when you need them!” says Anthon. “I always clearly mark my two pairs of wrapping scissors—one for paper, one for ribbon—with fluorescent masking tape on the handles so that it is obvious if anyone else is using them. I met a lady who padlocked her gift-wrapping scissors so they would stay sharp and could not be used by others. I thought this was a bit over the top, but it actually does work!”

Want some ribbons?

How to organize ribbons

I have way too many that are in disarray. I promised myself I would get my studioffice organized before the holiday season begins so I can work more efficiently and that means ribbon organization, too. Well September is almost over -time to get a move on and get it done! Look at all those tangled ribbons! How did I ever let them get this way?

Well – there is one reason and his name is…

How to organize ribbons Yes, he is up on top of the hutch in my dining room!

See all those loose ribbons hanging in the armoire? I used to have them all nice and neat, but if I leave the doors open – Trax jumps up and pulls them down. Since the ribbons are on spools they sometimes roll right off the spool and onto the floor. He thinks my studioffice is his very own amusement park!

How to organize ribbons

I keep most of my ribbons on tension rods. I can fit four above this shelf. Curling ribbons are to the back. I also found a long basket that is perfect to hold ribbon rolls in a neat and orderly way.

How to organize ribbons

Since tension rods are made to fit any size opening they work the same way in a closet as they do for their intended purpose to hold up a window treatment.

How to use a tension rod to hold, store, or organize ribbon:

Pull rubber tip off the ends of a tension rod and then place the ribbon on the rod. The rod is doubled up in the center where one side goes into the other. You may need to widen the hole on the ribbon spool to get it over that section or just add the spools from each end.

How to organize ribbons

When the rod is loaded with spools – replace the rubber tip. Use straight pins to secure the end of the ribbon on each spool.

How to organize ribbons

If you have never used a tension rod – they are quite simple to use. I used the short size. They also come in longer sizes. The package will state the width you can adjust it to. To hang it – turn one end one way and the other end the other way to lengthen or shorten. Check the fit and adjust so the rod is tight against the two sides of the cabinet or closet.

I place my most used ribbons toward the front of the cabinet. What is great about this way to store ribbons is that it keeps the shelf clear for something else, doubling your storage space. When a roll gets empty – you simply take the rod down, add or remove a spool, and put it back up.

How to organize ribbons

Much better. I just have to remember to close the doors when I am not in here to keep them this way.

Happy Friday! Need some ideas to store all your Ribbon and Fabric? Here are 18 great ideas from crafters like you on how to store your ribbon and fabric collections! This is a round up of your suggestions on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook page. If you have a craft question, post it on Craftaholics Anonymous FB page and the great community on there is more than happy to offer help, advice, and great tips! I love it!! I have learned so much from your answers. You guys are amazing!

Ribbon and Fabric Storage

I recently got a question from Susan about the best ways to organize and store ribbon and fabric – such a great question! Fabric and ribbon can get out hand quickly and having a fun way to store and organize them means you can always see what you have for your projects and it can add some fun and color to your craft room!

Ways to Organize & Store Ribbon and Fabric

1. “Ribbon – Use old CD holders. The kind that have the insert that sticks up. Fabric – Store in a filing cabinet. You can even use wide folders to hold smaller amounts.” – Lisa F.

How to organize ribbons

2. “Empty tic tack boxes for ribbon and I store my scrap fabrics in a dollar store laundry bin. You could organize different color fabrics in shoe boxes or small clear bins by color or whether it has a pattern.” – Emily B.
3. “I have seen several ribbon organizing methods on Pinterest. A cafe curtain rod(s) on your wall would work great.” – Jodi D.
4. “I have a pin for a ribbon frame…cute and effective. I’ve also seen people use dowels through a little storage box.” – Stacy P.
5. “One way is to hang fabric from pant hangers if you have closet space.” – Kelly A.
6. “Check out the ribbon ring!” – Pepper H.

How to organize ribbons

image from The Ribbon Ring
7. “I use the pant hangers to store my ribbon. Also a paper towel holder works well too!” – Kevin A.
8. “I have all my fabric sorted by type (cottons, fleece, knit, heavy weight) then I have them all folded neatly and on clear rubbermaid tubs. My ribbon is kept on the spools I buy them on or neatly rolled and rubberbanded. I keep all my ribbon in a 4 drawer plastic container under my craft table. The shallow drawers hold the small pieces where the deep drawers hold the rolls.” – Tamara C.
9. “I saw a blog where someone wrapped each fabric around cardboard or foam board and stood them up on a shelf. Like at the fabric store, but at a much smaller scale.” – Aimee W.

How to organize ribbons

10. “I have a very wide, 2 drawer cabinet that i store my fabric in. I just cut up old boxes and used slats of them to wrap the fabric around to store. For my larger rolled ribbon, i have 3 units of those shelves you would put in your pantry nailed to the wall. For my rolls of 1.5″ ribbon, i have plastic paint tins (like a gutter) hanging on the walls with shelf brackets. Also, the expedia shelving from ikea is wonderful! I have all of my 100 yd ribbon in bins that fit into the cubbies of the system” – Jamie B.
11. “I had a open space on my wall in my craft room and hung up 5 curtain rods and slid on the ribbon spools. Keeps them handy and makes it easy to dispense. I have plastic storage boxes labeled by colors. I also have a hand towel rack on the wall to fold my current project material so I don’t get it wrinkled or lost.” – Katie B.

How to organize ribbons

12. “I store my longer ribbons on a hanger. Fold it in half and do a loose loop to hold it in place. It works for me because I can see what I have at a glance. Just cut it off as you need it.” – Melissa L.
13. “This is how I store my ribbon. I am still working out the fabric. Right now it is in rubbermaid tubs which doesn’t work that well to know what you have.” – Laura S.

How to organize ribbons

image from Laura’s Crafty Life
14. “Here is my new way to store my ribbon!” – Rebekah H.

How to organize ribbons

image from Rebekah Dawn Designs
15. “I personally use the photo boxes from Michaels. They’re always on sale and you can fit a good amount of ribbon in them and label the outside by theme, color, or width. With having over 200 rolls of ribbon, I find this is the easiest and nicest looking way to do it. Then when you need just one width, take that box with you.” – Ashlee H.
16. “I store my ribbon that are on spools in a fish line box–pull the plugs and stick the ribbon through–they work great–and you can get them from Walmart – Fish Line Box is what I think they are called.” – Barbie H.
17. “I’ve seen white rubbermaid-like baskets with larger holes in the sides used for ribbon storage. Stackable, and you can use the holes as dispensers.” – Stacey G.
18. “my friend uses half a drin pipe (so it is like a curved shelf) with the ends of the ribbon hanging over.”

*You can find the complete thread of responses on CA’s Facebook page here. Come join the active crafting community on Facebook!

Looking for even more fabric storage ideas? Read my other post with lots of pictures here!

Most of us who are into crafting of any kind have various rolls of ribbon that we use in our crafts.

Personally, I have a drawer that I keep all of my ribbon rolls in, but sometimes that can make it hard to find the roll I’m looking for with all of my ribbons loose in the same drawer.

If you’re like me and you’ve got the same problem, then you’ve probably been looking for a ribbon organizer so you can put your ribbons in one place — once and for all — making it easy to find the ribbon you want for a project very quickly.

Here are some DIY ribbon organizers you can make yourself, plus one you can buy that I happen to like…

My Favorite Storebought Ribbon Organizer

If you’re not going to make your own, then you can choose from one of the many ribbon organizers that are available in craft stores and online.

One of the best ones that I’ve seen is the Clip It Up ribbon organizer.

It’s 11-5/8″W X 13-5/8″H X 4-3/8″D and there is a back zipper that opens.

There are trays that slide out for easy loading of your ribbon rolls.

Plus, there is room for a pair of scissors.

This ribbon organizer stores all common sizes of ribbons including scrapbookers ribbon rolls!

Here’s a video that gives you a close-up look at all the unique features of the Clip It Up ribbon organizer:

There are a few more ideas for creative storebought ribbon organizers in this video:

My Favorite DIY Ribbon Organizers

#1 – Use a plastic tote with a lid.

You can usually find plastic boxes of all shapes and sizes at the dollar store quite cheaply.

The only other things you’ll need are: a 3/8th inch dowel, a drill or nail driver, a small saw, a magic marker, and sandpaper.

Providing you have all these tools on hand, this plastic tote ribbon organizer can be a great money saver!

#2 – Repurpose a plastic container with holes into a DIY ribbon organizer.

You can use dowels to align all of the spools of ribbon evenly within the container.

Then, just pull the tips of the ribbon through the holes, and walah… the perfect DIY ribbon organizer!

By the way, there’s also another version of this called the Ribbox that comes with a lid.

#3 – Convert a plastic storage container with drawers into a ribbon organizer:

#4 – Use a paper towel dispenser to organize your ribbons.

There are lots of different paper towel dispensers that are designed to sit on your counter.

They are weighted down at the base to hold them still while you unroll the paper towel roll to get a towel.

Since ribbon comes on rolls, you can do exactly the same thing with your ribbon rolls by simply stacking them one upon the other on the dowel.

All you have to do is find a place to store your papertowel ribbon organizer — like in a cupboard or on a table you use to do your crafts on.

#5 – Use an old hanger with a removable cardboard support for hanging pants.

Instead of using an individual hanger, you could also turn an old pants hanger into a ribbon organizer.

This is especially great for your smaller spools of ribbon.

The more similar in size they are, the better they will hang.

A trouser pants hanger ribbon organizer enables you to group your ribbons by size, color, or season — and you can see them all in one glance!

#6 – Recycle an old shoe box or an empty oatmeal container.

Boxes such as these are quite plentiful in most peoples’ homes, therefore, this may be the easiest solution to solve your ribbon storage right away.

The nice thing about shoebox ribbon organizers and oatmeal container ribbon organizers is you can easily stack them on your craft table or in a cupboard for ease of finding and using ribbons in a hurry.

Plus, you can decorate the outsides with pretty papers (wrapping paper, contact paper, scrapbook paper) so they’ll add to your room’s decor.

#7 – Make your own ribbon holder using wooden rods, shower rods, or even curtain rods.

Here are some detailed instructions for making a fancy version of this DIY ribbon organizer.

#8 – Use a sugar jar — like the ones you see in restaurants — to organize ribbons.

Sugar jars turn up at second-hand stores all the time. You might also find them at a restaurant supply store or online, as well.

One of the cool things about sugar jar ribbon organizers is that you can see when your ribbon rolls are running low.

All you do is take the lid off of a clean sugar jar and stack your ribbon rolls inside. Make sure that you grab the end of the ribbon though first.

You then thread the ends of all the ribbons up through the little hole in the top of the silver cap.

#9 – Use an old aluminum foil or plastic wrap box:

As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of doing it yourself — if you can — rather than buying pre-made anything.

While I like the idea of the storebought ribbon organizers, I don’t like the idea of spending money on one (or 3!) that I might need to store all of my ribbons.

Making my own ribbon organizers appeals to my sense of frugality.

Whichever type of ribbon organizer you choose, having one of these at hand will definitely make doing craft projects much easier! Don’t you agree?

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