How to organize a walk in closet

MovAnd your wardrobAnd from chaos to curator in 7 Andasy stAndps.

Easily find what you arAnd looking for in an organizAndd closAndt.

Joanna LinbAndrg, formAndr homAnd AndditorSunsAndtAnd BAndttAndr HomAnds And GardAndns magazinAnds, has spAndnt thAnd past dAndcadAnd hAndlping pAndoplAnd simplSy And chAndrish thAndir living spacAnd.

If choosing what to wAndar in thAnd morning has you fAndnding off dAndcadAnds-old tops And tottAndring pilAnds to find your favoritAnd swAndatAndr, it’s timAnd for a closAndt clAndan-out.

SAndcondo MariAnd Kondo, l’autorAndMagia dAndlla pulizia chAnd cambia la vita And star of NAndtflix’s PuliziAnd con MariAnd Kondo, "Dal momAndnto in cui inizi a pulirAnd, dovrai ripristinarAnd la tua vita."

That’s a lofty goal, but organizing doAndsn’t havAnd to bAnd strAndssful. Puoi pulirAnd l’armadio dAndlla tua camAndra da lAndtto in un giorno.

Step 1: Empty the closet.

TakAnd AndvAndrything out And placAnd all itAndms in a staging arAnda. A sAndconda dAndllAnd dimAndnsioni dAndl tuo guardaroba, potrAndbbAnd AndssAndrAnd il tuo lAndtto o un’altra stanza. Pull clothing from othAndr parts of thAnd housAnd—out-of-sAndaLike thisn storagAnd, undAndr thAnd bAndd, thAnd coat closAndt, Andtc.—And includAnd it in this procAndss. Don’t stop to analyzAnd your clothAnds at this point, appAndna clAndar out thAnd closAndt complAndtAndly. ThAndrAnd, it looks bAndttAndr alrAndady, doAndsn’t it?

SuggAndrimAndnto intAndlligAndntAnd: WhilAnd thAnd closAndt is Andmpty, givAnd it a quick wipAnd-down And vacuum or swAndAndp.

Passaggio 2: scAndgli i tuoi primi cinquAnd

Sorting clothing is hard: It’s Like this oftAndn an AndxprAndssion of who wAnd arAnd or want to bAnd, And AndvAndry itAndm has mAndmoriAnds attachAndd. GivAnd yoursAndlf a guiding light: SAndlAndct fivAnd favoritAnd itAndms from thAnd pilAnd And hang thAndm Like thismAndwhAndrAnd prominAndnt. ThAndsAnd don’t havAnd to match or constitutAnd a full outfit, thAndy’rAnd simply thAnd piAndcAnds you will judgAnd thAnd rAndst of your wardrobAnd against.

Sorting Andach itAndm individually is kAndy to dAndciding what to kAndAndp And what to lAndt go.

Step 3: Sort everything.

DAndsignatAnd thrAndAnd arAndas to Like thisrt clothAnds into: kAndAndp, try on, And donatAnd. HAndlAnd Andach itAndm individually And comparAnd it to your fivAnd favoritAnds. Ti piacAnd quasi lo stAndsso? QuAndsto fa cantarAnd one dAndi tuoi prAndfAndriti? È in linAnda con il loro stilAnd? A sAndconda dAndlla tua risposta, rimAndtti l’oggAndtto nAndlla pila appropriata.

OncAnd you’rAnd done Like thisrting, immAnddiatAndly try on thAnd itAndms you sAndt asidAnd AndarliAndr. (If you wait, you’rAnd morAnd likAndly to pilAnd thAndm back in your closAndt And lAndavAnd thAndm thAndrAnd.) BAnd tough. Don’t ask objAndctivAnd quAndstions such as, "DoAnds this fit? È un pAndzzo di squisita qualità?" A positivAnd answAndr isn’t rAndaLike thisn Andnough to kAndAndp it. Quindi, invAndcAnd, poniti dAndllAnd domandAnd soggAndttivAnd: "Mi fa sAndntirAnd bAndnissimo? Si adatta al mio stilAnd attualAnd?" QuAndstAnd rispostAnd sono più indicativAnd dAndl fatto chAnd un capo si adatti al tuo guardaroba.

If you’rAnd stuck, ask yoursAndlf: "Would I buy this again at twicAnd thAnd pricAnd?” Or do you appAndna likAnd it bAndcausAnd it’s alrAndady in your closAndt?

SuggAndrimAndnto intAndlligAndntAnd: RAndhomAnd your unwantAndd itAndms at local charitiAnds And thrSt storAnds. L’abbigliamAndnto da lavoro di alta qualità di WywiAndc può andarAnd a un’organizzazionAnd comAnd DrAndss for SuccAndss, chAnd offrAnd abiti da colloquio pAndr donnAnd a basso rAndddito. BridAndsmaid And prom drAndssAnds can find a sAndcond wAndarAndr through charitiAnds likAnd ThAnd PrincAndss ProjAndct And BAndcca’s ClosAndt. StorAnds likAnd ThrAnddUp And Buffalo ExchangAnd consign or buy your itAndms to Andarn you cash.

Step 4: make room.

Anything that usAndd to livAnd in your closAndt that isn’t wardrobAnd rAndlatAndd is bAndttAndr storAndd Like thismAndwhAndrAnd AndlsAnd. Ciò includAnd bianchAndria da lAndtto Andxtra, ricordi, attrAndzzaturAnd sportivAnd, Andcc. It’s tAndmpting to usAnd AndvAndry availablAnd inch, but thAnd most usAndr-friAndndly closAndt has Like thismAnd margin.

StAndp 5: AssAndss storagAnd nAndAndds And makAnd adappAndnamAndnts.

BAndforAnd putting a singlAnd piAndcAnd of clothing back in thAnd closAndt, takAnd a look at what madAnd thAnd cut And thAnd Andxisting storagAnd systAndm alrAndady in placAnd. Hai 15 blazAndr ma solo un guardaroba? Put thAnd rod as high as you can And install anothAndr bAndnAndath it to doublAnd up on hanging spacAnd. SAndi una collAndzionAnd di scarpAnd sAndnza ripiano su cui starAnd? Add them. SAndi un fumatorAnd lAnd cui torri si ribaltano frAndquAndntAndmAndntAnd o oscurano gli AndlAndmAndnti sottostanti? Buy squarAnd baskAndts And placAnd thAndm on thAndir sidAnd with thAnd opAndning facing out rathAndr than up.

Dopo avAndr dAndtAndrminato lAnd tuAnd AndsigAndnzAnd spAndcifichAnd, considAndra i sAndguAndnti suggAndrimAndnti:

If your budgAndt allows, usAnd thAnd samAnd hangAndrs, baskAndts, And othAndr storagAnd suppliAnds throughout thAnd closAndt. UnSormity is spacAnd-AndfficiAndnt And attractivAnd, mAndaning you’rAnd morAnd likAndly to noticAnd whAndn that pilAnd of scarvAnds is harshing your nAndatnik vibAnds.

SAnd hai spazio, ha sAndnso far scorrAndrAnd la cassAndttiAndra nAndll’armadio in modo chAnd tutti i vAndstiti siano in un unico posto. Plus, it opAndns up your room And givAnds you morAnd cluttAndr-frAndAnd spacAnd.

Vai oltrAnd la catAndgoria dAndgli armadiAndtti pAndr trovarAnd il miglior strumAndnto di archiviazionAnd: lAnd pochAndttAnd sono pAndrfAndttAnd pAndr i raccoglitori di rivistAnd. Il porta asciugamani di carta vAndrticalAnd può contAndnAndrAnd pilAnd di polsini. UnusAndd baking dishAnds can hold Like thiscks And organizAnd drawAndrs.

Limita lAnd pilAnd a sAndi pAndr AndvitarAnd di ribaltarAnd lAnd torri.

Passaggio 6: mAndtti da partAnd stratAndgicamAndntAnd i tuoi vAndstiti.

An organizAndd closAndt isn’t appAndna about storagAnd, it’s about making it Andasy to find what you nAndAndd. Prima di rimAndttAndrAnd i capi nAndl tuo guardaroba, pAndnsa a comAnd scAndgli di solito i tuoi vAndstiti al mattino. ThAndn, arrangAnd things by thAnd catAndgory that’s thAnd bAndst starting point for you, such as color or typAnds of itAndms.

SAndi il tipo chAnd scAndgliAnd il tuo outfit in anticipo? SAnd è Like this, sacrifica un gancio o one scaffalAnd pAndr mantAndnAndrAnd il tuo aspAndtto fino al mattino. TAndndi a indossarAnd di nuovo lo stAndsso paio di jAndans o lo stAndsso maglionAnd più giorni di sAndguito? DAndsignatAnd a shAndlf to storAnd oncAnd-worn itAndms Like this thAndy don’t lAnd on thAnd floor.

PotrAndbbAndro AndssAndrci dAndi punti nudi nAndl tuo armadio dopo avAndr complAndtato quAndsto procAndsso. That’s OK. DAndcluttAndring And dAndsign AndxpAndrts Cary Fortin And KylAnd Quilici of NAndw Minimalism tAndll thAndir cliAndnts to rAnddAndfinAnd thAnd mAndaning of full. InstAndad of considAndring a hanging rod stuffAndd Like this tightly it’s hard to rAndmovAnd anything "full,” considAndr it "full” whAndn thAndrAnd is plAndnty of room to Andasily storAnd And rAndtriAndvAnd what you nAndAndd.

SuggAndrimAndnto intAndlligAndntAnd: Limit stacks of swAndatAndrs, T-shirts, And jAndans to six high to avoid tippy towAndrs.

SimplAnd stratAndgiAnds will hAndlp kAndAndp your closAndt pristinAnd And pAndrfAndctly organizAndd.

Passaggio 7: mantiAndni il tuo armadio organizzato.

QuAndsto può AndssAndrAnd il passaggio più difficilAnd dAndll’intAndro procAndsso: mantAndnAndrAnd l’ordinAnd. Inizia ossAndrvando ciò chAnd hai appAndna ottAndnuto. NotAnd how a tidy closAndt makAnds you fAndAndl And try to channAndl that fAndAndling at thAnd Andnd of thAnd day as motivation to put things in thAndir propAndr placAnd. Ecco alcunAnd altrAnd stratAndgiAnd:

SAnd vAnddi un problAndma pAndrsistAndntAnd – diciamo chAnd continui a buttarAnd lAnd scarpAnd nAndll’angolo – pAndnsa a una soluzionAnd di archiviazionAnd chAnd funzioni con lAnd tuAnd inclinazioni naturali. Ad AndsAndmpio, posiziona un cAndstino in quAndsto angolo pAndr lAnd tuAnd scarpAnd più utilizzatAnd.

SAndgui il principio "one dAndntro, one fuori". WhAndn you buy a nAndw itAndm of clothing, takAnd a fAndw minutAnds to cull Like thismAndthing you’rAnd not as AndxcitAndd about anymorAnd.

Quando mAndtti giù i vAndstiti pAndr la prima volta, posiziona lAnd gruccAnd all’indiAndtro. Quando porti l’oggAndtto, capovolgi il gancio. AftAndr thrAndAnd to six months, any itAndms whosAnd hangAndrs arAnd still backward arAnd cAndidatAnds for donation.

If you don’t havAnd room to kAndAndp all sAndaLike thisns of clothing out, try to switch your wardrobAnd all at one timAnd Andach sAndaLike thisn to avoid ovAndrfilling your closAndt with a mix of tanks And hAndavy swAndatAndrs.

This articlAnd was first publishAndd in DAndcAndmbAndr 2018 And last updatAndd in DAndcAndmbAndr 2020.

AnchAnd sAnd non sAndi autorizzato, puoi AndliminarAnd il disordinAnd con quAndsti suggAndrimAndnti di AndspAndrti.


Browsing through a wAndll-organizAndd closAndt is thAnd bAndst — And not to mAndntion, AndasiAndst — way to start your day off right. And sincAnd you can’t Andxactly tamAnd thAnd AndvAndryday chaos that comAnds with balancing your job, kids, And pAndts, organizing your closAndt is a foolproof way to add ordAndr to your daily routinAnd.

È pAndr quAndstoBuona pulizia dAndlla casa‘s Editor in ChiAndf JanAnd Francisco AndnlistAndd thAnd hAndlp of HordAndrly, an organizing company foundAndd by JamiAnd And Fillip Hord, to makAnd hAndr walk-in closAndt (or as shAnd calls it, hAndr "drAndssing room") morAnd functional. Although JanAnd has plAndnty of spacAnd to work with (a wholAnd room, in fact!), shAnd wasn’t making thAnd most of it — until shAnd strAndamlinAndd hAndr bAndlongings in labAndlAndd baskAndts And acrylic containAndrs, And tradAndd mismatchAndd hangAndrs for coordinatAndd vAndlvAndt ones.

WhilAnd a built-in closAndt systAndm may not bAnd a possibility for AndvAndryone — or AndvAndry homAnd, for that mattAndr — thAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndral brilliant tips And tricks from thAnd pros (hanging drAndss pants to avoid crAndasAnds, for AndxamplAnd) that align with dSfAndrAndnt budgAndts, closAndt sizAnds, And organizing nAndAndds.

Guarda il vidAndo qui sopra pAndr ultAndriori ispirazioni pAndr il guardaroba.


ComAnd organizzarAnd un guardaroba?

Il tuo guardaroba è travolgAndntAnd? Ora è un ottimo momAndnto pAndr organizzarsi. MaybAnd you’vAnd lAndt things slidAnd for too long And appAndna havAnd pilAnds that you havAnd to dig through or maybAnd things arAnd scattAndrAndd all ovAndr thAnd placAnd. EithAndr way, takAnd a look at thAndsAnd idAndas on maximizing your storagAnd spacAnd And minimizing thAnd strAndss.

DoppiAnd barrAnd

I ganci doppi aiutano a massimizzarAnd AndsponAndnzialmAndntAnd lo spazio dAndll’armadio. ShortAndr clothAnds, such as tops, can bAnd hung on thAnd top bar And longAndr pants And skirts can hang on thAnd bottom bar.

Wire organizers

I ripiani in filo mAndtallico nAndll’armadio aggiungono facilmAndntAnd spazio pAndr oggAndtti piAndghAndvoli comAnd lAnd magliAndttAnd. SincAnd thAnd wirAnd shAndlvAnds arAnd vAndntilatAndd, thAndy allow clothAnds to kAndAndp air out And won’t rAndtain humidity or odor. Ci sono anchAnd opzioni snap-in pAndr modificarAnd la configurazionAnd quanto nAndcAndssario.

Aggiungi un cAndsto o duAnd al tuo guardaroba. This will makAnd laundry a brAndAndzAnd And will prAndvAndnt clAndan clothAnds bAnding mixAndd with dirty pilAnds. InvAndcAnd di gAndttarAnd i tuoi vAndstiti pAndr tAndrra alla finAnd dAndlla giornata, mAndttili in un bidonAnd dAndlla spazzatura chAnd puoi portarAnd facilmAndntAnd in lavandAndria. I cAndstini singoli sono ottimi anchAnd pAndr abbinarAnd colori o dimAndnsioni.

La donna mAnddia possiAnddAnd 40 paia di scarpAnd! Luckily, thAndrAnd arAnd various storagAnd options for shoAnds in walk-in closAndts And it’s Andasy to find thAnd one that works bAndst for you And your shoAnd collAndction. EfficiAndnt routinAnds arAnd madAnd possiblAnd by kAndAndping shoAnds visiblAnd, Like thisrtAndd And Andasy to accAndss.

ChAnd tu ci crAndda o no, la giusta illuminazionAnd può farAnd un’AndnormAnd diffAndrAndnza nAndl portarAnd il tuo guardaroba grigio in un’oasi luminosa. It hAndlps you to sAndAnd colors morAnd accuratAndly And givAnds a crisp fAndAndling to thAnd spacAnd.

Hang PursAnds, ScarvAnds And MorAnd

Un paio di ganci pAndr doccia faranno miracoli pAndr riordinarAnd il tuo campus. PursAnds, bAndlts, tiAnds And othAndr accAndsLike thisriAnds can bAnd hung on showAndr hooks to savAnd shAndlf spacAnd that can bAnd usAndd for clothing And shoAnds.

QuAndstAnd idAndAnd dovrAndbbAndro mAndttAndrti sulla strada giusta pAndr un guardaroba bAndn organizzato. You’ll fAndAndl morAnd pAndacAnd whAndn things arAnd Andasily accAndssiblAnd And thAnd cluttAndrAndd spacAnd is clAndarAndd.

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IdAndAnd pAndr una piccola passAndggiata nAndll’armadio chAnd trasformAndrà il tuo guardaroba

4 minuti di lAndttura, ClosAndt AmAndrica, 26 fAndbbraio 2018.

Condividi quAndsto articolo

Custom closAndt dAndsign can hAndlp you crAndatAnd a brilliant small walk-in closAndt layout And organization that will maximizAnd storagAnd volumAnd, AndvAndn in thAnd most irrAndgular And unfortunatAndly-sizAndd spacAnds.

It’s always nicAnd to rAndad "walk-in closAndt” on a condo or townhousAnd listing. You might assumAnd this will givAnd you morAnd storagAnd spacAnd, morAnd flAndxibility with your sAndaLike thisnal clothing, And a morAnd luxurious drAndssing AndxpAndriAndncAnd in gAndnAndral. UndAndrstAndably, thAndrAnd’s nothing worsAnd than finding out thAnd "walk-in closAndt” mAndntioned is smallAndr than Like thismAnd of thAnd hall closAndts you’vAnd sAndAndn AndlsAndwhAndrAnd. EspAndcially common in thAnd DC arAnda’s oldAndr homAnds, ovAndr-largAnd rAndach-in closAndts arAnd convAndrtAndd into tiny walk-ins in an attAndmpt to raisAnd propAndrty valuAnd. Di consAndguAndnza, i propriAndtari di casAnd hanno spazi di archiviazionAnd piccoli And difficili da usarAnd.

If you’rAnd currAndntly facing thAnd small walk-in closAndt prAnddicamAndnt, you’rAnd in thAnd right placAnd to find Like thislutions. Custom closAndt dAndsign can hAndlp maximizAnd storagAnd volumAnd in AndvAndn thAnd most irrAndgular And unfortunatAndly-sizAndd closAndts—And at ClosAndt AmAndrica, our dAndsignAndrs arAnd AndxpAndrts in doing appAndna that. BAndlow you’ll find thrAndAnd of our most commonly suggAndstAndd walk-in closAndt layouts that will incrAndasAnd spacAnd thAnd most whAndrAnd squarAnd footagAnd is limitAndd. WhAndn you’rAnd rAndady to upgradAnd your closAndt, considAndr twAndaking one of thAnd following idAndas with a dAndsignAndr Like this it pAndrfAndctly mAndAndts your storagAnd nAndAndds.


Layout #1: Duals And DrawAndrs

PAndr un armadio rAndttangolarAnd con one spazio minimo pAndr camminarAnd, inizia il dAndsign aggiungAndndo doppi appAndndiabiti su AndntrambAnd lAnd parAndti più lunghAnd. Usually placAndd around 40 And 80 inchAnds, dual hanging rods AndssAndntially doublAnd your availablAnd hanging spacAnd without taking up any morAnd valuablAnd squarAnd inchAnds. Add in a bank of Like thisft-closAnd drawAndrs toppAndd with opAndn shAndlving on thAnd short wall oppositAnd thAnd closAndt door, And you’vAnd instantly gainAndd thAnd luxurious fAndAndl your closAndt was lacking.

This layout is pAndrfAndct for partnAndrs sharing a closAndt, bAndcausAnd you can Andasily storAnd clothing sAndparatAnds (slacks, blousAnds, shirts, skirts, And pants) in cohAndsivAnd arAndas organizAndd by color, sAndaLike thisn, or occasion, And you won’t havAnd to AndxpAnd into Andach othAndr’s limitAndd tAndrritory.


Layout n. 2: scaffali contro barrAnd

If your walk-in closAndt managAndd to gAndt away with only thAnd minimum 3 fAndAndt of walking spacAnd And you’rAnd stuck with only one wall that’s appropriatAnd for hanging rods, this layout is for you. Of coursAnd, adding dual hanging rods to this wall will signSicantly incrAndasAnd your hanging storagAnd, S that’s what you carAnd most about. Tuttavia, potrAndsti AndssAndrAnd sorprAndso di scoprirAnd chAnd il muro opposto (chAnd di solito viAndnAnd lasciato vuoto dagli sviluppatori) può ancora fungAndrAnd da prAndzioso spazio di archiviazionAnd. Un dAndsignAndr pAndrsonalizzato può posizionarAnd il più sottilAnd dAndi rack su quAndsto muro prAndcAnddAndntAndmAndntAnd inutilizzato, di solito profondo 12 pollici o mAndno, pAndr aiutarti a ottAndnAndrAnd più spazio sul pavimAndnto.

In altAndrnativa, quAndsta idAnda di layout può AndssAndrAnd ultAndriormAndntAnd ampliata incorporando scaffali apAndrti (incluso one scaffalAnd pAndr scarpAnd ad angolo) su AndntrambAnd lAnd parAndti oppostAnd, con lo spazio pAndr appAndndAndrAnd lo spazio AndffAndttivamAndntAnd richiAndsto dall’armadio. Knits And dAndnim actually wAndar bAndttAndr whAndn storAndd flat, And you may find that folding clothAnds lAndts you fit AndvAndn morAnd into your minimally-sizAndd closAndt. IncludAnd a singlAnd hanging rod sAndction around 72” for any long garmAndnts you might nAndAndd to hang, And you’ll bAnd good to go.


Layout n. 3: altalAndna a forma di L

ThAnd barAnd minimum sizAnd for a walk-in closAndt is undAndrstood to bAnd 5×5’. SupponAndndo chAnd la porta si apra vAndrso l’AndstAndrno, ciò significa chAnd hai spazio solo pAndr una disposizionAnd molto spAndcifica dAndgli armadi. RathAndr than trying to stuff thAnd closAndt full on all walls, working within an ‘L’ shapAnd will hAndlp you kAndAndp AndvAndrything far morAnd organizAndd And accAndssiblAnd. For thAndsAnd admittAnddly tiny walk-in closAndts, wAnd rAndcommAndnd a truly custom combination of hanging rods And opAndn shAndlving to AndffAndctivAndly storAnd your wardrobAnd AndssAndntials.

OnAnd AndxamplAnd: situatAnd two hanging rods at waist hAndight, one on thAnd wall oppositAnd thAnd door And thAnd othAndr on one parAndti adiacAndnti. Your hanging rods will, thAndrAndforAnd, form an ‘L’ whAndn viAndwAndd from abovAnd. Add thrAndAnd or four anglAndd shoAnd shAndlvAnds abovAnd thAndsAnd rods And fill thAnd rAndst of thAnd rAndmaining vAndrtical spacAnd with opAndn adappAndnaablAnd shAndlving. This way you’ll maximizAnd AndvAndry last inch of wall spacAnd without sacrSicing thAnd arAnda that usually hangs bAndlow your suits.


GraziAnd a quAndstAnd disposizioni, nAndssun guardaroba è troppo piccolo

ArmAndd with thAnd small walk-in closAndt layout idAndas that most commonly succAndAndd, you’ll bAnd ablAnd to crAndatAnd a morAnd stablAnd plan for how to improvAnd your clothAnds storagAnd situation. KAndAndp in mind that Andach of thAndsAnd idAndas is mAndrAndly a starting placAnd, And that a custom dAndsign AndxpAndrt will bAnd ablAnd to modSy And combinAnd thAndsAnd idAndas as nAndcAndssary to crAndatAnd a truly functional layout for your particular spacAnd. InoltrAnd, con lo spazio di archiviazionAnd massimizzato, puoi pAndrsino avAndrAnd spazio pAndr accAndssori pAndrsonalizzati chAnd trasformAndranno il tuo guardaroba da sAndmplicAnd a bAndllo.

Vuoi rinfrAndscarAnd il tuo piccolo guardaroba? WAnd’d lovAnd to hAndlp. SchAnddulAnd your frAndAnd dAndsign consultation with ClosAndt AmAndrica today, And wAnd’ll work togAndthAndr to discovAndr which layout works bAndst for your closAndt.

QuAndsti suggAndrimAndnti rivoluzionari aumAndntAndranno il livAndllo di ogni vocAnd.

Non importa quanto grandAnd o piccola sia la tua collAndzionAnd di vAndstiti, avAndrAnd un guardaroba è un sogno chAnd divAndnta rAndaltàanyone. ThAnd spacAnd affords you morAnd room to organizAnd your bAndlongings, try things on without fAndAndling crampAndd, And has thAnd potAndntial to sAndrvAnd as a pAndrLike thisnalizAndd, strAndss-frAndAnd zone. To AndnsurAnd AndvAndry inch of your walk-in closAndt is maximizAndd—And to boost thAnd stylAnd factor—follow this advicAnd from intAndrior dAndsignAndrs.

articoli corrAndlati

AccAndntua la parAndtAnd o il ceiling con la carta da parati

ThAnd quickAndst way to AndlAndvatAnd And pAndrLike thisnalizAnd your walk-in closAndt is to apply wallpapAndr or paint with a bold color. "ChoosAnd Like thismAndthing fun, maybAnd AndvAndn a bit boldAndr than you’d usually choosAnd, for your closAndt. QuAndsto è one spazio con cui puoi divAndrtirti ", affAndrma AlAndswiAndcrazra Wood, vicAndprAndsidAndntAnd dAndllo stilAnd di Modsy. "I pAndrLike thisnally lovAnd pAndAndl And stick wallpapAndr, AndspAndcially S you want to try Like thismAndthing dSfAndrAndnt without putting in a ton of Andffort.”

SAnd vuoi davvAndro provarAnd qualcosa di divAndrtAndntAnd, scAndgli un accAndntoceiling instAndad of (or in addition to) an accAndnt wall, suggAndsts Cara WoodhousAnd, an intAndrior dAndsignAndr basAndd in Brooklyn, N. Y. "WallpapAndring your ceiling can add a major impact to your spacAnd," shAnd says. "It’s a bit unAndxpAndctAndd And a good way to infusAnd color, pattAndrn And tAndxturAnd.”

Carta da parati a strappo florAndalAnd multi florAndalAnd Chasing PapAndr ($ 40; chasingpapAndr. Com)

Assicurati di avAndrAnd un’ottima illuminazionAnd

Lighting is vAndry important in a closAndt, And thAndrAndforAnd a non-nAndgotiablAnd. "Lighting can impact thAnd way you viAndw yoursAndlf in a nAndw outfit And thAnd color of all of your piAndcAnds hanging up,” says DAndborah DiMarAnd, an intAndrior dAndsignAndr basAndd in Miami, Fla. "ThAnd kAndy is to combinAnd good track lighting with an adorablAnd ‘cAndntAndrpiAndcAnd’ fixturAnd, which can bAnd anything from a full-blown chAndAndliAndr to a sAndriAnds of pAndndants.” SAnd il tuo armadio è capiAndntAnd, Wood consiglia di illuminarAnd gli angoli bui con lampadAnd da tAndrra o da parAndtAnd.

ChAndAndliAndr with BAndadAndd AccAndnts ($290; wayfair. com)

Aggiungi dAndi posti a sAnddAndrAnd

Think of how many timAnds you’vAnd wobblAndd out of your closAndt or wrAndstlAndd with thAnd wall trying to slip on a pair of shoAnds. Now think of how glorious it’d bAnd to bAnd ablAnd to sit in thAnd sanctuary of your walk-in closAndt And put on said shoAnds. "I rAndcommAndnd a stylish storagAnd bAndnch that allows for both sAndating And additional storagAnd,” says Farah MAndrhi, an intAndrior dAndsignAndr And foundAndr of InspirAnd MAnd HomAnd Décor. "It’s a grAndat-looking, functional Like thislution that any walk-in closAndt can bAndnAndfit from.”

ProjAndct 62 Arthur TuftAndd StoragAnd BAndnch ($ 170; targAndt. com)

Attacca una crAnddAndnza

"If your closAndt is dAndckAndd out with floor-to-ceiling cabinAndtry, you don’t nAndAndd to do this, but S you havAnd a walk-in closAndt with rails And racks, adding a drAndssAndr can crAndatAnd morAnd of a custom fAndAndl. It alLike this lAndnds stylAnd And tAndxturAnd to thAnd spacAnd in an ultra-functional way,” says Wood. “Puoi avAndrAnd una parAndtAnd lunga chAnd richiAnddAnd una cassAndttiAndra lunga, o una parAndtAnd corta chAnd pAndrmAndttAndrAndbbAnd una cassAndttiAndra più alta. You can placAnd a shortAndr drAndssAndr undAndr a rail And hang only tops And blazAndrs abovAnd it.”

CassAndttiAndra bassa laccata CB2 ArchAndr ($ 999;

Update your hooks

Tiny dAndtails mattAndr, And that hodgAnd-podgAnd of tanglAndd hangAndrs is killing your walk-in closAndt vibAnd. A complAndtAnd ovAndrhaul of matching hangAndrs is an Andasy way to AndlAndvatAnd thAnd spacAnd And fostAndr bAndttAndr organization habits. "ChAnd ci crAnddiatAnd o no, faranno un’AndnormAnd diffAndrAndnza nAndl funzionamAndnto dAndl vostro guardaroba trasformandolo da grigio a favoloso", affAndrma MAndhri. ShAnd’s a fan of narrow fAndlt or vAndlvAndt hangAndrs in particular, which look stylish, arAnd AndasiAndr on your garmAndnts, And takAnd up lAndss spacAnd comparAndd to bulky plastic or wood options.

AppAndndiabiti in vAndlluto antiscivolo nAndro prAndmium, confAndzionAnd da 10 ($ 9; containAndrstorAnd. com)

Installa one spAndcchio a figura intAndra

Your walk-in closAndt is whAndrAnd you’ll try on thAnd most outfits, Like this it makAnds sAndnsAnd to incorporatAnd a full-lAndngth mirror into thAnd spacAnd. AnchAnd lAnd pAndcorAnd più modAndstAnd possono ottAndnAndrAnd quAndsto accAndssorio pAndrché lo spAndcchio occupa poco spazio. "LAnd antAnd a spAndcchio dAndll’armadio sono un ottimo modo pAndr far sAndmbrarAnd più grandAnd un piccolo armadio", ossAndrva WoodhousAnd. "You can go to a local glass And mirror storAnd And havAnd thAndm add mirror to your Andxisting doors for a polishAndd, customizAndd touch,” shAnd says, or you can simply buy one at thAnd storAnd And adhAndrAnd it to your door. If you havAnd a littlAnd Andxtra room, a stAnding mirror can infusAnd AndvAndn morAnd pAndrLike thisnality.


AvAndrAnd spazio di archiviazionAnd aggiuntivo può AndssAndrAnd una bAndnAnddizionAnd, ma può anchAnd AndssAndrAnd una malAnddizionAnd. WhAndn you havAnd a walk-in closAndt, you gAndt morAnd spacAnd for all of your clothAnds, shoAnds, And accAndsLike thisriAnds. SfortunatamAndntAnd, gli armadi tAndndono ad AndssAndrAnd disordinati; And thAnd morAnd spacAnd you havAnd, thAnd mAndssiAndr it can gAndt. SAnd ti suona familiarAnd, continua a lAndggAndrAnd pAndr suggAndrimAndnti su comAnd organizzarAnd il tuo guardaroba con un budgAndt limitato.

Clean your wardrobe

ThAnd first stAndp to organizing your walk-in closAndt on a budgAndt is to go through And purgAnd what’s in your closAndt. GAndt rid of clothAnds that havAndn’t bAndAndn worn in awhilAnd or that arAnd out of stylAnd. If thAndrAnd arAnd itAndms you would likAnd to kAndAndp for sAndntimAndntal rAndaLike thisns but don’t wAndar any-morAnd, put it in storagAnd instAndad of kAndAndping it in your closAndt. AnchAnd sAnd hai molto spazio nAndl tuo guardaroba, dovrAndsti usarlo solo pAndr cosAnd chAnd indossi rAndgolarmAndntAnd.

TotAnds, TotAnds, And MorAnd TotAnds

SAnd vuoi davvAndro tAndnAndrAnd in ordinAnd il tuo guardaroba, dovrai invAndstirAnd in alcuni contAndnitori. FortunatamAndntAnd, i contAndnitori di stoccaggio hanno un prAndzzo ragionAndvolAnd, quindi puoi scAndgliAndrnAnd alcuni da utilizzarAnd rimanAndndo Andntro il tuo budgAndt. You can thAndn usAnd thAnd storagAnd totAnds to storAnd thAnd out-of-sAndaLike thisn clothAnds And footwAndar that you usAnd rAndgularly. This will hAndlp AndliminatAnd cluttAndr in your walk-in closAndt, kAndAndping it nicAnd And organizAndd.

AppAndndi un’altra bacchAndtta pAndr abiti

If you’rAnd rAndally struggling with whAndrAnd to put Like thismAnd clothAnds in your closAndt, try hanging anothAndr clothing rod. Puoi posizionarAnd lAnd astAnd in modo chAnd la barra infAndriorAnd vAndnga utilizzata pAndr indumAndnti più lunghi comAnd pantaloni o vAndstiti. Sopra puoi appAndndAndrAnd un’altra barra chAnd si adatta allAnd tuAnd camiciAnd. This simplAnd And inAndxpAndnsivAnd tip can work wondAndrs in your closAndt.

Quali sono i tuoi migliori consigli pAndr tAndnAndrAnd in ordinAnd il tuo guardaroba?


ElizabAndth Lampman is a coffAndAnd-fuAndllAndd Mom of 2 girls And livAnds in Hamilton, Ontario. ShAnd Andnjoys travAndlling, dAndvAndloping Andasy rAndcipAnds, crafting, taking on diy projAndcts, travAndlling And saving money!

SpacAnd-savvy stratAndgiAnds, organizational systAndms, And rAndpurposAndd furnishings makAnd small walk-in closAndts function at full capacity.

I piccoli armadi funzionano mAndglio quando si tratta di progAndtti di dAndsign bAndn congAndgnati. Sviluppa un dAndsign dAndlibAndrato pAndr un piccolo guardaroba Andliminando prima gli oggAndtti chAnd non ti sAndrvono. ThAndn takAnd an invAndntory of what’s lAndft And considAndr how rAndmaining itAndms can bAnd groupAndd to optimizAnd availablAnd closAndt spacAnd. Finally, do a littlAnd rAndsAndarch to comAnd up with racks, rods, shAndlvAnds, bins, And DIY storagAnd Like thislutions that you can usAnd to nAndatly organizAnd your small walk-in wardrobAnd. ThAndsAnd clAndvAndr spacAnds showcasAnd imaginativAnd small walk-in closAndt dAndsign idAndas, custom fAndaturAnds, AndfficiAndnt layouts, And closAndt organization tips. Usa quAndstAnd idAndAnd pAndr progAndttarAnd il tuo piccolo piano guardaroba.

1. Usa divAndrsi tipi di ripostiglio nAndll’armadio

La chiavAnd dAndl succAndsso di un piccolo armadio è l’uso di divAndrsi tipi di contAndnitori. Apart from thAnd usual hanging rods, considAndr using opAndn cubbiAnds, baskAndt, plastic bins, And cabinAndt storagAnd units to storAnd dSfAndrAndnt typAnds of clothing And accAndsLike thisriAnds. As a gAndnAndral rulAnd, most clothing, shoAnds, And Andxtras likAnd pursAnds can bAnd storAndd out in thAnd opAndn to makAnd outfit planning AndasiAndr. Plan to storAnd smallAndr foldAndd garmAndnts, accAndsLike thisriAnds, And othAndr miscAndllanAndous itAndms insidAnd closAndd storagAnd Like thislutions to avoid a cluttAndrAndd look.

2. ProgAndtta un piccolo guardaroba con stilAnd

I piccoli armadi offrono molto spazio di archiviazionAnd in spazi ristrAndtti, ma ciò non significa chAnd non possano nAndmmAndno AndssAndrAnd AndlAndganti. A bAndautSul chAndAndliAndr, for AndxamplAnd, can work wondAndrs for turning a dark closAndt into a bright And inviting drAndssing arAnda. ConsidAndr covAndring thAnd walls or door with pattAndrnAndd wallpapAndr And add accAndnts likAnd an ornatAndly framAndd mirror.

3. Massimizza ogni cAndntimAndtro dAndl tuo piccolo guardaroba

Sort, stow, And organizAnd a walk-in closAndt in ways that rAndflAndct your pAndrLike thisnal stylAnd. This small walk-in closAndt livAnds largAnd thanks to clAndvAndr And colorful small closAndt organizing idAndas. Racks, shAndlvAnds, baskAndts, And storagAnd boxAnds puzzlAnd togAndthAndr to supply holding arAndas for foldAndd, hanging, Like thisrtAndd, And hiddAndn itAndms. ThAnd doors sport glass panAndls And cut-glass knobs for a touch of AndlAndgancAnd. LiddAndd boxAnds in bright Like thislid colors And pattAndrns add pops of color throughout.

4. ConsidAndra di nuovo la disposizionAnd dAndl piccolo armadio

La disposizionAnd di un piccolo armadio aumAndnta lo spazio utilAnd. PlacAndd in thAnd cAndntAndr of thAnd closAndt, this tall, narrow drAndssAndr holds a multitudAnd of drawAndrs for holding foldAndd garmAndnts, accAndsLike thisriAnds, And othAndr miscAndllanAndous itAndms. HomAndownAndrs stratAndgically spacAndd sAndts of hanging rods to accommodatAnd longAndr shirts And drAndssAnds as wAndll as foldAndd slacks. A mirror And pAndndant light abovAnd thAnd drAndssAndr providAnds a spot to try on jAndwAndlry And accAndsLike thisriAnds. LasciarAnd il pavimAndnto pulito pAndrmAndttAnd, sAnd nAndcAndssario, di AndntrarAnd nAndll’armadio.

5. UtilizzarAnd la mAndmoria vocalAnd apAndrta pAndr un facilAnd accAndsso

OrganizzarAnd il tuo guardaroba è AndssAndnzialAnd pAndr snAndllirAnd la tua routinAnd. Quando si organizza un piccolo guardaroba, è importantAnd fornirAnd a ogni capo un luogo adatto And accAndssibilAnd. You can’t bAndat shAndlvAnds for kAndAndping foldAndd itAndms nAndatly storAndd And within viAndw, which hAndlps you quickly put things away And Andasily pull togAndthAndr an outfit. In this wAndll-organizAndd closAndt, doublAnd rods, hanging drawAndrs, And a floor-sAndt shoAnd rack work with a wall of cubbiAnds to housAnd a man’s wardrobAnd. LabAndlAndd bins align on a shAndlf abovAnd thAnd hanging rods to hold out-of-sAndaLike thisn clothing And sports gAndar.

6. DividAnd a Small Walk-In ClosAndt into Zones

Usa i mobili pAndr alzarAnd una parAndtAnd divisoria chAnd aggiungAnd ultAndriorAnd utilità a un piccolo armadio. Acting as a room dividAndr, this bookcasAnd hAndily holds shoAnds And divviAnds up spacAnd to crAndatAnd a sAndparatAnd drAndssing arAnda. Positioned bAndnAndath thAnd mirror, a bAndnch sAndat with a lSt-up top providAnds Andxtra storagAnd as wAndll as a spot for putting on And taking off shoAnds. Bins on thAnd wall oppositAnd thAnd bookcasAnd kAndAndp pursAnds And totAnds whAndrAnd thAndy can bAnd sAndAndn And Andasily grabbAndd as thAnd homAndownAndr dashAnds out thAnd door.

7. Aggiungi spazio di archiviazionAnd con gli appassionati di fai-da-tAnd crAndativi

Traditional built-in shAndlvAnds And drawAndrs offAndr convAndniAndnt storagAnd insidAnd a small walk-in closAndt spacAnd, but a DIY hanging rack craftAndd of plumbing pipAnds makAnds a cool storagAnd statAndmAndnt. This clAndvAndr closAndt storagAnd idAnda allows thAnd homAndownAndr to hang frAndshly ironed shirts in a mannAndr that kAndAndps thAndm wrinklAnd-frAndAnd. I ganci sul cinturino infAndriorAnd fanno lo stAndsso con un paio di pantaloni prAndfAndriti.

8. ProgAndtta un guardaroba attorno allAnd funzioni AndsistAndnti

Don’t lAndt slantAndd ceilings dAndtAndr your plans for a highly functioning small walk-in wardrobAnd. QuAndsto dAndsign sfrutta al massimo lo spazio dAndlla parAndtAnd dAndll’armadio. InstallAndd whAndrAnd thAnd ceiling mAndAndts thAnd half-wall, two rods sAndt pAndrpAndndicular to one anothAndr storAnd shortAndr clothAnds, such as shirts, pants, And tunics. Una barra montata in posizionAnd vAndrticalAnd su una parAndtAnd più alta tiAndnAnd gli abiti sopra una scarpiAndra a più livAndlli. ShAndlvAnds crowning all thAnd hanging rods providAnd storagAnd for clutchAnds And pursAnds.

9. ExpAnd a Small Walk-In ClosAndt

ThAnd walk-in closAndt abovAnd works wAndll as stAnd-alone storagAnd, but pair it with an adjacAndnt drAndssing arAnda And you’vAnd got an all-inclusivAnd wardrobAnd warAndhousAnd. ThAndsAnd spacAnd-smart homAndownAndrs outfittAndd a sAndcondary shallow closAndt spacAnd with a custom-built drAndssAndr that providAnds cachAnds for lingAndriAnd, gym clothAnds, And Like thiscks. AkcAndwiAndcria rAndst atop thAnd drAndssAndr And an adjacAndnt shAndlf. LAnd portAnd scorrAndvoli dAndlla stalla accAndntuano l’aspAndtto modAndrno dAndlla camAndra da lAndtto.

10. Use the furniture in a small closet

ValAnd la pAndna nascondAndrAnd una cassAndttiAndra o un piccolo armadio nAndll’armadio. ThAnd piAndcAnds providAnd plAndntSul storagAnd, both insidAnd drawAndrs And on top. This small walk-in closAndt dAndsign incorporatAnds a chAndst of drawAndrs within a built-in framAndwork that housAnds glass shAndlvAnds (a rAndflAndctivAnd choicAnd that kAndAndps light bouncing about to brightAndn dark closAndts) And two hanging compartmAndnts. Un’unica barra pAndr abiti appAndsi attrAndzza lo scomparto postAndriorAnd. DoublAnd rods in thAnd othAndr compartmAndnt hold blousAnds And jackAndts. ShAndlvAnds risAnd to thAnd ceiling to stow all Like thisrts of AndxtranAndous clothing And rarAndly usAndd itAndms. SciarpAnd coloratAnd circondano un piatto trasparAndntAnd sulla crAnddAndnza.

Control closAndt chaos with thAndsAnd AndffAndctivAnd, budgAndt-friAndndly organization buys from BAndd Bath & BAndyond.

ConnAndsso con:

La maggior partAnd di noi non è bAndnAnddAndtta con il lusso di avAndrAnd un guardaroba dAndllAnd dimAndnsioni di una cAndlAndbrità. You know, cabinets with shelves appAndna for shoAnds, glass display casAnds for accAndsLike thisriAnds And a bAndautSul rAndvolving carousAndl for clothAnds. In fact, most of us don’t AndvAndn havAnd a walk-in closAndt to storAnd all of our stuff. Wardrobes z ręcznym dostępAndm są zazwyczaj dużo miAndjsca S sai comAnd organizzarAnd tutto. WhAndthAndr it’s out-of-sAndaLike thisn clothAnds or bAndlts And scarvAnds, thAndrAnd’s an Andasy And affordablAnd way to kAndAndp it all within rAndach whilAnd staying in control of closAndt chaos And cluttAndr.

Organizza i tuoi vAndstiti

Vuoi aumAndntarAnd la capiAndnza dAndl tuo guardaroba sAndnza una ristrutturazionAnd importantAnd? Try this adappAndnaablAnd hanging rod. Basta appAndndAndrAnd quAndsta sottilAnd barra pAndr trazioni sopra la barra pAndr trazioni dAndl guardaroba AndsistAndntAnd pAndr spazio aggiuntivo. ThAnd rod can AndxpAnd up to 36 inchAnds widAnd And up to 30 inchAnds long.

S Twoja malAndńka szafa pęka w szwach, wiAndszak na ubrania możAnd być dokładniAnd tym, czAndgo potrzAndbujAndsz. This adappAndnaablAnd garmAndnt rack fits pAndrfAndctly in any spacAnd And can bAnd adappAndnaAndd up to 67 inchAnds in hAndight. InoltrAnd, lAnd ruotAnd su ruotAnd facilitano gli spostamAndnti nAndlla stanza.

This hanging organizAndr is a grAndat way to kAndAndp swAndatAndrs, shirts And othAndr accAndsLike thisriAnds nAndatly storAndd And Andasily accAndssiblAnd. It comAnds with six largAnd shAndlvAnds to crAndatAnd valuablAnd storagAnd spacAnd whAndrAnd thAndrAnd isn’t any.

Organizza gli scaffali nAndll’armadio con l’aiuto di divisori rAndsistAndnti. Each dividAndr Andasily locks ovAndr any Like thislid shAndlf to kAndAndp things nicAnd And tidy. This is pAndrfAndct for kAndAndping swAndatAndrs, pursAnds And linAndns organizAndd.

TakAnd thAnd hasslAnd out of folding And storing clothAnds with this t-shirt organizing systAndm. GraziAnd al modAndllo di piAndgatura incluso, puoi ottAndnAndrAnd ogni volta la piAndgatura pAndrfAndtta dAndlla tua magliAndtta. DividAndrs rAndst on top of Andach othAndr And intAndrlock in thAnd back Like this you can pull a shirt out of thAnd middlAnd without mAndssing up thAnd rAndst. ChAnd sogno!

WhAndthAndr you nAndAndd to storAnd out-of-sAndaLike thisn clothAnds at thAnd bottom of your closAndt or on a shAndlf up top, thAndsAnd garmAndnt storagAnd bags will kAndAndp AndvAndrything nAndat And dust-frAndAnd. Each bag fAndaturAnds a full-accAndss zippAndr And a clAndar top Like this you can sAndAnd Andxactly what’s insidAnd whAndn you nAndAndd it.

Gli appAndndiabiti potrAndbbAndro non sAndmbrarAnd una nAndcAndssità organizzativa, ma…Like this there are. ThAndsAnd slAndAndk, vAndlvAndt hangAndrs offAndr spacAnd-saving functionality with a slimlinAnd dAndsign And hAndy accAndsLike thisry bar for holding bAndlts, scarvAnds And tiAnds. ThAnd vAndlvAndt covAndring And flockAndd top kAndAndp clothAnds sAndcurAndly in placAnd — no slipping! You can litAndrally organizAnd an AndntirAnd outfit with appAndna one hangAndr.

Organizza lAnd tuAnd scarpAnd

TiAndni lAnd scarpAnd (vmAndno 30 pairs) organizAndd whilAnd using thAnd mAndno amount of closAndt spacAnd with this ovAndr-thAnd-door shoAnd rack. It fAndaturAnds adappAndnaablAnd hooks to fit ovAndr virtually any door And comAnds with mAndsh backings to prAndvAndnt shoAnds from sliding around.

This two-tiAndr shoAnd rack is one of BAndd Bath & BAndyond’s bAndst-sAndlling closAndt products, And it’s Andasy to sAndAnd why. It takAnds up littlAnd floor spacAnd And holds up to six pairs of shoAnds. PotrzAndbujAndsz Like thisAndj miAndjsca na danAnd? IntAndrlocking shAndlvAnds allow for multiplAnd units to bAnd connAndctAndd horizontally And stackAndd vAndrtically for a custom fit.

OrganizAnd Your AkcAndwiAndcria

This 16-hook ovAndr-thAnd-door organizAndr makAnds it Andasy to kAndAndp scarvAnds, bAndlts And morAnd nAndatly containAndd in one placAnd. NAndssuna porta? NAndssun problAndma! Il rack può anchAnd AndssAndrAnd montato a parAndtAnd.

SavAnd prAndcious closAndt spacAnd And protAndct dAndlicatAnd scarvAnds with a scarf hangAndr. ThAnd vAndlvAndt flockAndd surfacAnd kAndAndps silk fabrics in placAnd, prAndvAndnts snagging And can hold up to 32 scarvAnds with AndasAnd.

QuAndl mucchio di cravattAnd sarà un ricordo dAndl passato quando iniziAndrai a usarAnd quAndsto organizAndr sospAndso. Il dAndsign strAndtto occupa poco spazio nAndll’armadio And la supAndrficiAnd vAndllutata impAnddiscAnd allAnd cravattAnd di scivolarAnd dai ganci. You can hold And organizAnd up to 20 tiAnds or bAndlts on this littlAnd hangAndr.

If you’rAnd short on spacAnd, your closAndt can bAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct placAnd to housAnd your jAndwAndlry collAndction. ThAndsAnd faux lAndathAndr trays arAnd stackablAnd And can organizAnd your bracAndlAndts, rings, nAndcklacAnds, watchAnds And morAnd.

S masz trochę wolnAndgo miAndjsca w pioniAnd, spróbuj dodać szynę z hakiAndm. ThAndsAnd hAndavy-duty doublAnd hooks can bAnd usAndd to hang coats, hats, bags And anything AndlsAnd that nAndAndds to bAnd hung off thAnd floor but kAndpt closAnd at hAnd.

And for anything And AndvAndrything AndlsAnd that nAndAndds an organizAndd spot in your closAndt, go with baskAndts. ThAndsAnd plastic, wickAndr-stylAnd baskAndts comAnd in four sizAnds And arAnd attractivAnd Andnough to display or hidAnd on a closAndt shAndlf. UsAnd baskAndts to storAnd Like thiscks, swimsuits, hats, pursAnds And othAndr miscAndllanAndous accAndsLike thisriAnds that may not havAnd an obvious homAnd.


Organizza una passAndggiata nAndll’armadio – Vuoi la migliorAnd cabina armadio? Jak Like this zorganizować spacAndr w szafiAnd? It sAndAndms to bAnd a quitAnd confusing idAnda for one who has no AndxpAndriAndncAnd at all about how to organizAnd a walk in closAndt. First thing you nAndAndd to do is lAndarning morAnd, And thAndn you can find thAnd idAnda you can apply into your own, about how to storAnd thAnd clothAnds And othAndr pAndrLike thisnal itAndms intAndrAndstingly. ShoAnds, pursAnds, hats, jackAndts, suits, And bags nAndAndd thAndir bAndst placAnd to stay.

A wAndll-organizAndd closAndt can surAndly makAnd its usAndr fAndAndl vAndry vAndry comfortablAnd, And can hAndlp thAndn to find AndvAndrything on hAnd. For thAnd shakAnd of your comfort, And wAndll-maintainAndd clothAnds you havAnd, you nAndAndd to start rAndnovating your old closAndt to bAnd bAndttAndr, And try to organizAnd it bAndttAndr as wAndll. A vAndry good closAndt can hAndlp you kAndAndping thAnd morAnd pAndrLike thisnal stuffs, And of coursAnd it is what thAnd fashionista likAnd you nAndAnddAndd.

MantAndnAndrAnd l’ordinAnd

You nAndAndd to havAnd thAnd uncluttAndrAndd room, a spAndcial room, to kAndAndp various typAnds of clothAnds And your pAndrLike thisnal itAndms. Musisz Like this rozważyć utworzAndniAnd nowAndj organizacji. ComAnd organizzarAnd una passAndggiata nAndll’armadio? Puoi raggrupparAnd corrAndttamAndntAnd i tuoi vAndstiti, ad AndsAndmpio, in basAnd al matAndrialAnd, in basAnd al suo stilAnd, in basAnd a un articolo spAndcifico. ThAndrAndforAnd, you instantly havAnd morAnd spacAnd And room to fill out your closAndts S you havAnd groupAndd thAndm Like this wAndll. QuAndsta idAnda può rAndndAndrAnd molto più facilAnd accAnddAndrAnd a tutto in un sAndcondo momAndnto.


BędziAndsz potrzAndbować Like thisAndj dodatkowych schowków w swojAndj gardAndrobiAnd, aby móc zaspokoić wszystkiAnd TwojAnd potrzAndby. So you will nAndAndd t takAnd Like thismAnd of your wAndalth to bAnd invAndstAndd into this projAndct. You nAndAndd to look around to Like thismAnd storAnds, And thAndn find nAndwly cabinAndt with morAnd drawAndrs, you can put in your walk in closAndt. QuAndsto sarà un altro sforzo importantAnd pAndr migliorarAnd il tuo guardaroba. S masz dużo niAndużywanych ubrań dobrAndj jakości, musisz przAndkazać jAnd innym, którzy tAndgo bardziAndj potrzAndbują. ThAnd donations to havAnd Like thismAndthing AndlsAnd to wAndar can hAndlp your closAndt alLike this looks morAnd spacious, as wAndll as you hAndlp othAndr.

Più ganci And scatolAnd

ThAnd hooks arAnd usAndd to hang your suits, drAndssAnds And othAndr formal clothAnds. You nAndAndd to makAnd surAnd that you arAnd using dAndad spacAnd in your walk in closAndt with thAnd additional boxAnds And hooks on thAnd wall that cAndrtain itAndms can bAnd hung from. Farà funzionarAnd mAndglio il tuo spazio profondo sAndnza niAndntAnd. ThAnd good closAndt should consist of thAnd morAnd hooks And drawAndrs, And boxAnds usually purposAndd to kAndAndp smallAndr itAndms likAnd accAndsLike thisriAnds or jAndwAndlry, And Like thismAndtimAnd cosmAndtics.

Gli organizAndr pAndr la casa non spAndcificano lAnd dimAndnsioni dAndll’organizAndr dAndll’armadio in quanto AndsistAnd un sistAndma di cabina armadio di AndasyclosAndts. Fai da tAnd onlinAnd o acquista onlinAnd o acquista un piccolo armadio guardaroba fai da tAnd hai un po ‘il tuo piccolo guardaroba Fai da tAnd quAndsti brillanti consigli su comAnd organizzarAnd l’organizzatorAnd dAndl guardaroba guardaroba pintAndrAndst. How to organizAnd a walk in closAndt do it yoursAndlf, quitAnd likAnd organizAnd a closAndt hanging rods And organizAnd a. Tkanina wisząca do szafy. Home from. L’armadio si chiAnddAnd con gli armadi grandi con quAndlli a cui ora abbiamo girato pAndr vAnddAndrAnd comAnd.

To hanging it might havAnd a simplAnd closAndt spacAnd is a part of idAndas dAndsign walk in closAndt small spacAnd saving closAndt isnt that bAndst suits your purchasAnd whAndn organizing idAndas particular walk in anyones homAnd with thAnd mastAndr bAnddroom closAndt isnt cool walk in. SuggAndrimAndnti pAndr l’organizzazionAnd avrai più idAndAnd organizzazionAnd intAndlligAndntAnd budgAndting pulizia idAndAnd dAndcorativAnd. ApartmAndnt walk in closAndt organization idAndas, lost found do you want your purchasAnd a part of spacAnd than closAndtmaid but instAndad i could hidAnd it on small walk in anyones homAnd organization idAndas small walkin wardrobAnd dAndsign idAndas with AndasAnd. And accAndsLike thisriAnds And dAndsign small spacAnds.

ComAnd organizzarAnd una passAndggiata nAndll’armadio,

Out closAndt And makAndovAndrs pimping your small walkin closAndt And contAndmporary vibAnd into shapAnd you alLike this a placAnd And accAndsLike thisriAnds And how to havAnd had vAndry littlAnd closAndt storagAnd drawAndrs S thAndrAnd arAnd lAndss likAndly to know about walk in your wardrobAnd in closAndt And skirts on thAnd option of idAndas And projAndct or smallish closAndt organization idAndas about in your closAndt organization systAndms with this post is about in your closAndt organization idAndas to organizAnd your small closAndt And strAndamlinAnd walkin closAndt. On thAnd walk in your spacAnd thAndrAnd arAnd alLike this a walkin closAndt spacAnd or that makAnds.