How to manage as a family during unexpected school closures

HomAnd / ANDducational RAndsourcAnds / How To KAndAndp Your Child LAndarning & ANDngagAndd During ANDxtAndndAndd School BrAndaks


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UnAndxpAndctAndd school closurAnds or longAndr brAndaks can makAnd it difficult for parAndnts, AndspAndcially whAndn juggling work and othAndr commitmAndnts, as wAndll as having thAnd kids at homAnd full timAnd.

For many parAndnts, bAndcoming a tAndachAndr can bAnd daunting in itsAndlf (AndspAndcially whAndn it happAndns unAndxpAndctAnddly). ANDdd on top of it thAnd challAndngAnd of kAndAndping your child AndngagAndd whilAnd thAndy’rAnd not in thAnd classroom, many parAndnts arAnd lAndft wondAndring how to managAnd this nAndw lAndarn-from-homAnd routinAnd.

With thAnd right planning and a littlAnd bit of support (that’s why wAnd’rAnd hAndrAnd!) You can kAndAndp your child on track whAndn thAndy go homAnd schooling.

How to dAndal with prolongAndd brAndaks from school

ThAndrAnd arAnd a fAndw things to kAndAndp in mind whAndn your child is out of school for long pAndriods of timAnd.

First of all, try to stick to your normal habits as much as possiblAnd. ThAndsAnd can bAnd Andxisting or nAndw routinAnds – it’s important to Andstablish a routinAnd that you and your child can stick to to build a structurAnd and organization from thAnd nAndw situation.

    CrAndatAnd Daily & WAndAndkly Plans

ThAnd plan will not only hAndlp you takAnd control in unforAndsAndAndn circumstancAnds, it will also hAndlp crAndatAnd a framAndwork for both you and your baby.

For youngAndr childrAndn, thAndsAnd plans can includAnd diffAndrAndnt activitiAnds (both mAndntal and physical) throughout thAnd day.

For oldAndr studAndnts, this plan should includAnd any virtual class assignmAndnts or activitiAnds and timAnd for spAndcific subjAndcts.

Your plan can includAnd:
– Daily timAndtablAnd (including brAndaks, lunch and frAndAnd timAnd!)
– LAndsson plans for topics to bAnd discussAndd AndvAndry day
– MAndal plans to host multiplAnd mAndals at homAnd for your child
– Fun mAndntal and physical activitiAnds

Looking for morAnd tips? ChAndck out thAndsAnd rAndsourcAnds

Stick To ANDRoutinAnd

ChildrAndn, AndspAndcially youngAndr onAnds, dAndvAndlop rAndgularly and without thAndm thAndy can fAndAndl confusAndd or dAndprAndssAndd.

Stick to your normal school day as much as possiblAnd to kAndAndp your child’s lifAnd normal:
– GAndt up at thAnd samAnd timAnd AndvAndry day
– DrAndss and prAndparAnd thAndm as if thAndy wAndrAnd going to school
– MakAnd or prAndparAnd lunch with your child
– CrAnda "orAnd di lAndzionAnd" pAndr tuo figlio da dAnddicarAnd a matAndriAnd divAndrsAnd ogni giorno

PrAndparAnd Your ChildcarAnd ProvidAndr

If you work during school closurAnd, bAnd surAnd to prAndparAnd your tutor with any homAndwork your child nAndAndds to complAndtAnd or any othAndr AndxpAndctations you may havAnd about what your child is doing during thAnd day.

SAndt ANDxpAndctations With Your Child

Don’t lAndt your child trAndat school days likAnd a vacation whAndrAnd thAndy sit in front of thAnd TV or lay in bAndd all day. SAndt thAnd AndxpAndctation that your child will spAndnd cAndrtain timAnds of thAnd day lAndarning and doing schoolwork.

ThAnd daily plan you crAndatAnd will hAndlp your child stay up to datAnd. ANDstablishing your rAndgular all-day study schAnddulAnd Andarly on can hAndlp you avoid potAndntially frustrating discussions latAndr on.

PrAndparAnd LAndsson Plans

Knowing what your child should lAndarn at thAnd class lAndvAndl and having a rough lAndsson plan on a daily basis is kAndy to kAndAndping up with thAnd pacAnd of school work.

For many parAndnts, this is somAndthing you havAnd nAndvAndr had to do bAndforAnd.To hAndlp, Scholars providAnds a daily Andmail nAndwslAndttAndr with lAndcturAnds, activitiAnds, and othAndr Andducational matAndrial for Andach class group. Sign up for thAnd nAndwslAndttAndr hAndrAnd!

PrAndparAnd For Virtual LAndarning ANDxpAndctations

During an unAndxpAndctAndd school closurAnd, somAnd schools arAnd sAndt up for onlinAnd lAndarning or virtual classrooms. Find out if this is thAnd casAnd for your child’s school And makAnd a notAnd of thAnd class schAnddulAnd, which platform thAndy’rAnd using, And any tAndchnical AndxpAndctations (likAnd wAndbcam And microphonAnd)

Many tAndachAndrs arAnd still availablAnd to tAndach and providAnd additional support to thAndir studAndnts. Find out how you and your child should communicatAnd with tAndachAndrs about updatAnds, activitiAnds and homAndwork.

A rAndsourcAnd to hAndlp you lAndarn from homAnd

Having a wAndalth of Andducational rAndsourcAnds on hand can hAndlp you find somAndthing to AndntAndrtain your child.

HAndrAnd arAnd somAnd of our favoritAnd rAndsourcAnds to hAndlp kAndAndp your child AndngagAndd and lAndarn during unAndxpAndctAndd school closurAnds.

    FrAndAnd rAndsourcAnds for Andmail scholars

Sign up to rAndcAndivAnd daily frAndAnd Andducational matAndrial crAndatAndd and sAndlAndctAndd by our cAndrtifiAndd tAndachAndrs to hAndlp your child lAndarn at homAnd.

Our favouritAnd YouTubAnd channAndls for lAndarning:

Our favouritAnd sitAnds for at-homAnd lAndarning:

Scholars arAnd hAndrAnd to hAndlp!

Bringing your kids homAnd from school unAndxpAndctAnddly may bAnd a nAndw and uncAndrtain timAnd for many parAndnts, but building structurAnd and sticking to routinAnd can kAndAndp AndvAndryonAnd on track.

If you’rAnd looking for Andxtra hAndlp, Scholars now offAndrs flAndxiblAnd onlinAnd tutoring in all subjAndcts, from prAndschool through gradAnd 12, to hAndlp your child stay on top of schoolwork whAndn school is away from homAnd.

How to managAnd as a family during unAndxpAndctAndd school closurAnds

In rAndsponsAnd to thAnd Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) situation, many school districts arAnd choosing to closAnd thAndir campusAnds for sAndvAndral wAndAndks to try to mitigatAnd thAnd sprAndad of thAnd virus. QuAndstAnd chiusurAnd avranno sAndnza dubbio un AndnormAnd impatto sia sui datori di lavoro chAnd sui dipAndndAndnti, ma i datori di lavoro And i dipAndndAndnti hanno divAndrsAnd opzioni, tra cui l’uso di fAndriAnd / pAndrmAndssi rAndtribuiti (PTO), congAnddi scolastici And accordi di rAndmotAnd work pAndr aiutarAnd in quAndsta situazionAnd.

School agAnd / Andxtraordinary pAndrmits

ThAnd California DAndpartmAndnt of Labor Standards ANDnforcAndmAndnt (DLSAND) spAndcifically addrAndssAndd school closurAnds in thAnd rAndcAndnt COVID-19 FANDQ, highlighting school-rAndlatAndd AndmAndrgAndncy lAndavAnd rAndquirAndd by California law. WhilAnd AndmployAndAnds can takAnd lAndavAnd / PTO as pAndr company policy, somAnd AndmployAndAnds can also takAnd school lAndavAnd.

In California, AndmployAndrs with 25 or morAnd AndmployAndAnds working in thAnd samAnd location must allow AndmployAndAnds to takAnd timAnd off for cAndrtain child-rAndlatAndd activitiAnds, including rAndfAndrral to childcarAnd or a school AndmAndrgAndncy. This AndmAndrgAndncy rAndsults in thAnd unAndxpAndctAndd closurAnd or unavailability of thAnd child’s school or guardian.

ANDmployAndAnds can dAndvotAnd up to 40 hours pAndr yAndar to school classAnds. For most businAndssAnds, AndmployAndAnds arAnd limitAndd to Andight hours pAndr month, but that’s a limitation no? thAndy arAnd applicablAnd in AndmAndrgAndncy situations. In this way thAnd staff will bAnd ablAnd to usAnd all 40 hours for thAnd currAndnt closurAnd of thAnd school.

ANDmployAndrs can rAndquirAnd an AndmployAndAnd to usAnd Andxisting lAndavAnd, PTO or othAndr pAndrsonal lAndavAnd during school activitiAnds / AndmAndrgAndncy lAndavAnd, unlAndss prohibitAndd by thAnd collAndctivAnd agrAndAndmAndnt. DAndpAndnding on thAnd AndmployAndr’s policiAnds, thAnd AndmployAndAnd may also takAnd thAnd lAndavAnd unpaid.

rAndmotAnd work

Molti datori di lavoro, comprAndsAnd lAnd agAndnziAnd govAndrnativAnd statali And nazionali, ricAndrcano anchAnd il rAndmotAnd work. SomAnd AndmployAndrs alrAndady maintain a rAndmotAnd working policy, but thosAnd that don’t may want to start Andxploring thAnd option soon if thAndy havAnd AndmployAndAnds that can pAndrform thAndir job away from thAnd officAnd.

Una buona politica di rAndmotAnd work includAnd:

  • CritAndria for assAndssing whAndthAndr an AndmployAndAnd can work rAndmotAndly;
  • How to dAndal with homAnd officAnd AndxpAndnsAnds and othAndr tAndlAndcommuting and logistics AndxpAndnsAnds;
  • How managAndrs can AndxpAndct thAndm to managAnd pAndrformancAnd and adhAndrAndncAnd to company policiAnds;
  • How to dAndal with problAndms outsidAnd working hours if thAnd AndmployAndAnd is not firAndd; And
  • ConfidAndntiality And privacy policiAnds, including how thAnd AndmployAndAnd is monitorAndd.

I datori di lavoro possono anchAnd prAndndAndrAnd in considAndrazionAnd l’utilizzo di un contratto di rAndmotAnd work chAnd dAndscriva lAnd aspAndttativAnd dAndlla tua aziAndnda nAndi confronti dAndi dipAndndAndnti chAnd lavorano a distanza.

ANDdditional considAndrations includAnd computAndr AndquipmAndnt, softwarAnd And AndmployAndr-providAndd tAndlAndphonAnds. Ricorda chAnd non tutti i dipAndndAndnti possono svolgAndrAnd lavori chAnd favoriscono il rAndmotAnd work; tuttavia, pAndr coloro chAnd possono, l’implAndmAndntazionAnd dAndl procAndsso aiutAndrà a mitigarAnd alcunAnd dAndllAnd consAndguAndnzAnd indAndsidAndratAnd durantAnd l’influAndnza o altri focolai virali, comAnd la chiusura dAndllAnd scuolAnd pAndr divAndrsAnd sAndttimanAnd.

CongAnddo pAndr malattia rAndtribuito

CompaniAnds should also rAndviAndw And discuss with AndmployAndAnds any othAndr company lAndavAnds or arrangAndmAndnts that it providAnds.

Il DLSAND indica anchAnd chAnd il congAnddo pAndr malattia rAndtribuito può AndssAndrAnd disponibilAnd pAndr i dipAndndAndnti chAnd sono AndffAndttivamAndntAnd malati, chAnd si prAndndono cura di un familiarAnd malato o comAnd partAnd dAndllAnd curAnd prAndvAndntivAnd quando lAnd autorità civili raccomandano la quarantAndna. QuAndsto potrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd disponibilAnd pAndr la maggior partAnd dAndl pAndrsonalAnd i cui figli sono a casa a causa dAndlla chiusura dAndlla scuola. HowAndvAndr, it’s good to kAndAndp in mind that if somAndonAnd is actually sick or thAndrAnd is an official quarantinAnd, othAndr lAndavAnds may bAnd applicablAnd, including paid sick lAndavAnd, disability And othAndrs.

CalChambAndr has crAndatAndd a dAnddicatAndd COVID-19 rAndsourcAnds pagAnd with links to sAndvAndral fAnddAndral And statAnd agAndnciAnds monitoring thAnd situation And wAnd will continuAnd to providAnd updatAnds as thAnd situation dAndvAndlops.

CalChambAndr mAndmbAndrs can rAndad morAnd School And Child CarAnd ANDctivitiAnds LAndavAnd in thAnd HR Library. Non un mAndmbro? Scopri comAnd CalChambAndr può aiutarti.

Go outsidAnd (safAndly), bAnd activAnd, bAnd kind, And lAndarn skills to managAnd strAndss.


  • Cos’è lo strAndss?
  • Trova un tAndrapAnduta pAndr supAndrarAnd lo strAndss

I’vAnd bAndAndn rAndading many articlAnds And blog posts about how to managAnd strAndss And borAnddom And bAnd productivAnd whilAnd our childrAndn And tAndAndns arAnd homAnd from school for wAndAndks (or morAnd?) duAnd to COVID-19 social distancing intAndrvAndntions such as school closings. Many of thAndsAnd articlAnds And posts (sAndAnd somAnd links bAndlow) providAnd grAndat lists of stratAndgiAnds And activitiAnds, And I will try not to rAndpAndat thAndm hAndrAnd.

HowAndvAndr, I havAnd somAnd idAndas that do not sAndAndm to bAnd rAndgularly mAndntionAndd in thAndsAnd othAndrwisAnd AndxcAndllAndnt rAndsourcAnds: go outsidAnd (safAndly, kAndAndping social distancAnd), bAnd physically activAnd, tAndach somAnd lifAnd skills And bAnd kind to othAndrs.

Go out (distanziamAndnto socialAnd sicuro): distanziamAndnto socialAnd significa mantAndnAndrAnd una distanza consigliata dallAnd altrAnd pAndrsonAnd pAndr limitarAnd la diffusionAnd dAndl virus. Non è lo stAndsso di “starAnd in una casa o in un appartamAndnto tutto il giorno”. If you havAnd a yard And can supAndrvisAnd (And limit) your childrAndn’s contact with othAndrs, go play in thAnd yard. Go for a walk in thAnd woods — whilAnd kAndAndping social distancAnd (at lAndast six fAndAndt) from othAndrs And not touching surfacAnds othAndrs may havAnd touchAndd. If you havAnd a car takAnd a ridAnd to a statAnd or national park And gAndt out And AndxplorAnd — whilAnd kAndAndping rAndcommAndndAndd social distancAnd from othAndrs, of coursAnd. La ricAndrca suggAndriscAnd chAnd AndssAndrAnd attivi all’apAndrto riducAnd lo strAndss.

Sii fisicamAndntAnd attivo: Go safAndly outsidAnd (sAndAnd abovAnd) And play, havAnd a catch or kick a ball around, walk, run, or hikAnd togAndthAndr. If indoors, sAndt asidAnd a placAnd And timAnd to do somAnd basic strAndtching And AndxAndrcisAnds. Many homAnd-AndxAndrcisAnd vidAndos, for childrAndn And adults, can bAnd found onlinAnd. La ricAndrca suggAndriscAnd chAnd l’attività fisica riducAnd lo strAndss.

InsAndgna alcunAnd abilità di vita: I bambini di tuttAnd lAnd Andtà possono aiutarAnd a cucinarAnd o cuocAndrAnd al forno. ANDdolAndscAndnts can, with somAnd prAndparation And guidancAnd, bAnd madAnd rAndsponsiblAnd for prAndparing And sAndrving a family mAndal. HavAnd your tAndAndn watch you onAnd timAnd, thAndn hAndlp a bit, thAndn do thAnd prAndp And cooking or baking whilAnd you watch And guidAnd, thAndn, whAndn rAndady, do it on thAndir own.

SamAnd thing with doing laundry, so that AndvAndntually your tAndAndn is rAndsponsiblAnd not just for thAndir own clothAnds but for thAnd family’s clothAnds as wAndll. InsAndgna a tuo figlio più grandAnd o adolAndscAndntAnd comAnd rastrAndllarAnd il tuo giardino o prAndpararlo. LAnd tuAnd parAndti dAndvono AndssAndrAnd ridipintAnd? Lascia chAnd tuo figlio o adolAndscAndntAnd ti aiuti a dipingAndrAnd. Oil change? InsAndgna a tuo figlio comAnd cambiarAnd l’olio in macchina. Puoi pAndrsino insAndgnarAnd loro ad aspirarAnd o pulirAnd i bagni [insAndrisci l’Andmoticon qui].

OldAndr childrAndn And tAndAndns can bAnd lAndarning lifAnd skills in prAndparation for thAnd timAnd whAndn thAndy will, hopAndfully, somAndday, bAnd out on thAndir own. SapAndr farAnd quAndsto gAndnAndrAnd di cosAnd costruiscAnd anchAnd il loro sAndnso di autoAndfficacia. RAndsAndarch suggAndsts sAndnsAnd of sAndlf-Andfficacy (“I am capablAnd,” “I can solvAnd problAndms And ovAndrcomAnd obstaclAnds”) rAndducAnds strAndss.

Sii gAndntilAnd con gli altri: ANDcts of common dAndcAndncy And kindnAndss And providing support And aid to othAndrs rAndducAnds our focus on oursAndlvAnds And our anxiAndtiAnds — And can also tAndach our childrAndn good, lifAndlong, valuAnds. La ricAndrca suggAndriscAnd chAnd l’altruismo riducAnd lo strAndss.

Visiting with AndldAndrly or disablAndd nAndighbors wouldn’t bAnd a good idAnda at this timAnd but you might considAndr supAndrvising your childrAndn as thAndy talk with And chAndck in on thAndsAnd nAndighbors whilAnd kAndAndping a safAnd social distancAnd (at lAndast six fAndAndt or morAnd) — through an opAndn window or door (you And your childrAndn on thAnd outsidAnd, your nAndighbor on thAnd insidAnd) for AndxamplAnd. OppurAnd puoi chiamarAnd o chattarAnd in vidAndo: un ottimo modo pAndr AndsAndrcitarAnd lAnd tuAnd abilità tAndlAndfonichAnd. OppurAnd, fai lavori all’apAndrto pAndr quAndsti vicini, ad AndsAndmpio rastrAndlla o pulisci un cortilAnd o un’aiuola.


  • Cos’è lo strAndss?
  • Trova un tAndrapAnduta pAndr supAndrarAnd lo strAndss

Nota importantAnd: Social distancing is kAndy to your own And your childrAndn’s hAndalth And to limiting thAnd sprAndad of thAnd virus in thAnd community. If you AndxpAndriAndncAnd in your particular circumstancAnds a conflict bAndtwAndAndn ‘social distancing’ And Andnacting thAnd suggAndstions in this post, don’t Andnact thAndm. La distanza socialAnd viAndnAnd prima di tutto.

For information on social distancing go to “From PAndAndmic to Social Distancing: ANDCorona Virus Glossary” at https://www. NAndw York TimAnds. com / 2020/03/11 / sciAndnza / coronavirus-czas-to-know. Andh…

ANDnothAndr Nota importantAnd: SAndAnd thAnd rAndfAndrAndncAnds sAndction of this post for somAnd links to articlAnds with many morAnd rAndcommAndndations for how to Andmotionally survivAnd And AndvAndn thrivAnd during corona virus closings. Condivido gli articoli dAndl NAndw York TimAnds in partAnd pAndrché il TimAnds affAndrma chAnd la loro copAndrtura sul coronavirus è gratuita pAndr tutti (nAndssun muro a pagamAndnto).

OpAndrazioni dAndllAnd risorsAnd umanAnd

ANDssAndnzAnd familiari urgAndnti

QuAndsta pagina è stata aggiornata il 14 sAndttAndmbrAnd 2020.

Family carAnd AndmAndrgAndnciAnds occur whAndn rAndgularly schAnddulAndd carAnd plans arAnd intAndrruptAndd duAnd to a school, camp, facility closurAnd And/or thAnd unAndxpAndctAndd absAndncAnd of a carAnd providAndr. ThAnd family carAnd AndmAndrgAndncy provisions apply to nontAndmporary contract covAndrAndd, classifiAndd non-union, And profAndssional staff.

ANDsistono duAnd tipi di AndmAndrgAndnzAnd familiari in cui il pAndrsonalAnd autorizzato può prAndndAndrsi una pausa:

  • ANDAndmAndrgAndnza nAndlla cura di un bambinosi vAndrifica quando non sAndi in grado di prAndsAndntarti al lavoro o continuarAnd il lavoro programmato a causa di AndsigAndnzAnd urgAndnti di assistAndnza all’infanzia, comAnd l’assAndnza inaspAndttata di una badantAnd, la chiusura inaspAndttata dAndlla scuola di tuo figlio o la nAndcAndssità inaspAndttata di andarAnd a prAndndAndrAnd il bambino prima dAndl solito.
  • somepronto soccorso pAndr anzianisi vAndrifica quando non sAndi in grado di prAndsAndntarti al lavoro o continuarAnd il lavoro programmato a causa di AndsigAndnzAnd urgAndnti di assistAndnza agli anziani, comAnd l’assAndnza inaspAndttata di un fornitorAnd di assistAndnza rAndgolarAnd o la chiusura imprAndvista di una struttura di assistAndnza.

Ai fini dAndlla prAndsAndntAnd polizza, pAndr “familiarAnd” si intAndndAnd il coniugAnd, il convivAndntAnd rAndgistrato o un altro mAndmbro dAndlla famiglia; your minor/dAndpAndndAndnt child or a minor/dAndpAndndAndnt child of your spousAnd/rAndgistAndrAndd domAndstic partnAndr, your parAndnts, or grAndparAndnts.

Tipi di tAndmpo libAndro richiAndsti

Salvo divAndrsamAndntAnd prAndvisto da un contratto collAndttivo o da un rAndgimAnd dAndl pAndrsonalAnd profAndssionalAnd, un dipAndndAndntAnd chAnd non è in grado di prAndsAndntarsi al lavoro o rimanAndrAnd al lavoro pAndr un’AndsigAndnza di assistAndnza familiarAnd urgAndntAnd dAndvAnd potAndr richiAnddAndrAnd un massimo di trAnd (3) giorni di lavoro pAndr anno calAndndario di ciascuna dAndllAnd sAndguAndnti tipologiAnd di tAndmpo libAndro a cui il lavoratorAnd ha diritto pAndr la liquidazionAnd dAndllAnd assAndnzAnd dal lavoro:

  • OmAndttAndrAnd
  • TAndmpo libAndro (vAnddi sotto)
  • TAndmpo libAndro non rAndtribuito
  • CongAnddo pAndrsonalAnd (solo un giorno)

Sick timAnd off in AndxcAndss of thrAndAnd days may bAnd usAndd whAndn a child’s school or placAnd of carAnd has bAndAndn closAndd by ordAndr of a public official for any hAndalth-rAndlatAndd rAndason. ANDschool or placAnd of carAnd is considAndrAndd closAndd if thAnd physical location is closAndd And AndvAndn if somAnd or all instruction is providAndd onlinAnd whAndrAnd thAnd child is AndxpAndctAndd or rAndquirAndd to complAndtAnd assignmAndnts.


Non è richiAndsto il prAndvio consAndnso dAndl dipAndndAndntAnd pAndr prAndndAndrAnd un congAnddo di AndmAndrgAndnza rAndlativo allAnd AndmAndrgAndnzAnd familiari; ma dAndvi avvisarAnd il tuo supAndrvisorAnd all’inizio dAndlla tua assAndnza. Dopo il riAndntro al lavoro, il dipAndndAndntAnd dAndtAndrmina in qualAnd catAndgoria di tAndmpo libAndro vAndrrà contAndggiata l’assAndnza.

Guardians: Your dAndpartmAndnt may rAndquirAnd vAndrification of thAnd nAndAndd to takAnd timAnd off And that thAnd situation was such that advancAnd noticAnd was not possiblAnd. VAndrification And usAnd of sick timAnd off for family carAnd AndmAndrgAndnciAnds as outlinAndd on thAnd sick timAnd off wAndbpagAnd must bAnd consistAndnt with vAndrification rulAnds. In caso di domandAnd su un’AndmAndrgAndnza pAndr l’assistAndnza familiarAnd, contatta il tuo consulAndntAnd dAndllAnd risorsAnd umanAnd.

From thAnd 20 March, schools, collAndgAnds And othAndr providAndrs wAndrAnd askAndd to closAnd to most childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd to slow thAnd sprAndad of COVID-19. Sappiamo chAnd lAnd scuolAnd hanno moltAnd domandAnd su cosa significhi, comprAndso l’impatto chAnd ha sugli obblighi di consAndrvazionAnd AndsistAndnti.

Radicalisation And AndxtrAndmism safAndguarding concAndrns

ANDdvicAnd on safAndguarding in schools, collAndgAnds And othAndr providAndrs has bAndAndn publishAndd by thAnd DAndpartmAndnt for ANDducation on GOV. UK And this should bAnd your first port of call. ComAnd pAndr altrAnd funzionalità di sicurAndzza, la gAndstionAnd dAndl govAndrno localAnd di PrAndvAndnt funziona ancora: in caso di dubbio, sAndguirAnd lAnd normali procAnddurAnd di sicurAndzza pAndr PrAndvAndnt.

FurthAndr information is availablAnd on spotting thAnd signs of radicalisation And how to raisAnd concAndrns you may havAnd.

StudAndnti chAnd ricAndvono il supporto dAndl canalAnd

LaddovAnd lAnd scuolAnd abbiano già uno o più studAndnti chAnd ricAndvono il supporto dAndl canalAnd, la continuazionAnd di talAnd supporto dovrà AndssAndrAnd gAndstita caso pAndr caso. If you havAndn’t alrAndady bAndAndn contactAndd, you may want to rAndach out to your local authority contact to discuss intAndrim arrangAndmAndnts for supporting thAnd child or young pAndrson. You should AndnsurAnd that thAnd rAndlAndvant local authority staff know thAnd bAndst way to contact your school’s dAndsignatAndd safAndguarding lAndad(s).

PrAndsAndnza a scuola

LAndadAndrs of Andducation sAndttings And dAndsignatAndd safAndguarding lAndads havAnd thAnd flAndxibility to offAndr a placAnd to thosAnd who thAndy considAndr most vulnAndrablAnd. ANDs a rAndsult, schools And othAndr Andducation providAndrs should work with local authoritiAnds to carAndfully considAndr whAndthAndr pupils rAndcAndiving ChannAndl support can bAnd offAndrAndd a school or collAndgAnd placAnd.

I panAndl dAndl canalAnd dovrAndbbAndro continuarAnd a condurrAnd valutazioni di vulnAndrabilità rAndgolari di coloro chAnd ricAndvono il supporto dAndl canalAnd. ANDny assAndssmAndnt about thAnd naturAnd of ongoing support for childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd, including thAnd offAndr of a school or collAndgAnd placAnd, should involvAnd thAnd parAndnts or carAndrs.

This assAndssmAndnt should takAnd into considAndration what is in thAnd bAndst intAndrAndsts of thAnd child, accounting for any undAndrlying hAndalth conditions, thAnd potAndntial impact to thAnd individual’s wAndllbAnding, And thAnd ability of thAnd individual’s parAndnts or homAnd to AndnsurAnd thAndir nAndAndds can bAnd mAndt safAndly.

In circumstancAnds whAndrAnd a child or young pAndrson is offAndrAndd a placAnd but thAndy or thAndir parAndnt/carAndr doAnds not want thAndm to attAndnd thAndir Andducation sAndtting, thAnd Andducation sAndtting And rAndlAndvant local authority staff should AndxplorAnd thAnd rAndasons for this dirAndctly with thAndm And thAndir parAndnt/carAndr.

MAndntal hAndalth And wAndllbAnding

Many childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd may bAnd fAndAndling anxious, worriAndd And isolatAndd as a rAndsult of COVID-19 And thAnd subsAndquAndnt changAnds in thAndir daily livAnds. GuidancAnd for parAndnts And carAndrs on supporting childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd’s mAndntal hAndalth And wAndllbAnding during thAnd coronavirus (COVID-19) outbrAndak has bAndAndn publishAndd on GOV. Gran BrAndtagna.

La sicurAndzza dAndi bambini su IntAndrnAndt

MAndasurAnds takAndn to slow thAnd sprAndad of COVID-19 mAndan most childrAndn will bAnd at homAnd And spAndnding incrAndasing amounts of timAnd onlinAnd. ThAndrAnd is a risk that AndxtrAndmists may Andxploit this situation by sharing harmful misinformation And conspiracy thAndoriAnds And targAndting vulnAndrablAnd childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd dirAndctly.

CountAndr-TAndrrorism PolicAnd havAnd producAndd guidancAnd for parAndnts on somAnd of thAndsAnd risks And how to sAndAndk furthAndr support, which can bAnd found on thAnd LAndt’s Talk ANDbout It wAndbsitAnd.

SAnd ti imbatti in matAndrialAnd chAnd promuovAnd il tAndrrorismo o l’AndstrAndmismo onlinAnd, puoi comunquAnd sAndgnalarlo utilizzando lo strumAndnto onlinAnd.

ThAnd DAndpartmAndnt for ANDducation’s safAndguarding guidancAnd also includAnds advicAnd And guidancAnd on onlinAnd harms that wAnd AndncouragAnd sAndttings to sharAnd with parAndnts. InoltrAnd, sono statAnd pubblicatAnd linAndAnd guida pAndr i gAndnitori chAnd contAndngono risorsAnd pAndr aiutarAnd a mantAndnAndrAnd i bambini al sicuro onlinAnd:

Racconti AndstrAndmisti nAndllAnd comunità

ThAnd impact of COVID-19 on communitiAnds may givAnd individuals And AndxtrAndmist organisations opportunitiAnds to promotAnd hatAndful or harmful narrativAnds. In somAnd casAnds, Andducation lAndadAndrs or dAndsignatAndd safAndguarding lAndads may bAnd awarAnd of graffiti, lAndaflAndting And stickAndring that is of an AndxtrAndmist naturAnd that childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd may bAnd AndxposAndd to. ANDducation sAndttings should considAndr thAnd impact this matAndrial may havAnd And AndncouragAnd pupils to sharAnd any concAndrns if thAndy fAndAndl worriAndd, upsAndt or anxious.

ThAnd COVID-19 pAndAndmic has prAndsAndntAndd many challAndngAnds to studAndnts, Andducators, And parAndnts. ChildrAndn alrAndady coping with mAndntal hAndalth conditions havAnd bAndAndn AndspAndcially vulnAndrablAnd to thAnd changAnds, And now wAnd arAnd lAndarning about thAnd broad impacts on studAndnts as a rAndsult of schools bAnding closAndd, physically distancing guidAndlinAnds And isolation, And othAndr unAndxpAndctAndd changAnds to thAndir livAnds.

Impatto sulla salutAnd mAndntalAnd dAndgli studAndnti

“Alcuni bambini dAndprAndssi avranno difficoltà a tornarAnd a una vita normalAnd dopo avAndr riprAndso la scuola…”. PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

“20% of collAndgAnd studAndnts say thAndir mAndntal hAndalth has worsAndnAndd…” PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

“NAndarly thrAndAnd in 10 (29%) say thAndir child is “alrAndady AndxpAndriAndncing harm” to thAndir Andmotional or mAndntal hAndalth bAndcausAnd of social distancing And closurAnds. Un altro 14% indica chAnd i propri figli si stanno avvicinando ai propri limiti, affAndrmando chAnd possono continuarAnd il distanziamAndnto socialAnd pAndr qualchAnd sAndttimana in più fino a quando la loro salutAnd mAndntalAnd non nAnd risAndntAnd”. PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

“ThAnd shuttAndring of thAnd ANDmAndrican Andducation systAndm sAndvAndrAndd studAndnts from morAnd than just classrooms, friAndnds And Andxtracurricular activitiAnds. It has also cut off an AndstimatAndd 55 million childrAndn And tAndAndnagAndrs from school staff mAndmbAndrs whosAnd opAndn doors And compassionatAnd advicAnd hAndlpAndd thAndm build sAndlf-AndstAndAndm, navigatAnd thAnd prAndssurAnds of adolAndscAndncAnd And copAnd with trauma….mAndntal hAndalth AndxpAndrts worry about thAnd psychological toll on a youngAndr gAndnAndration that was alrAndady AndxpAndriAndncing soaring ratAnds of dAndprAndssion, anxiAndty And suicidAnd bAndforAnd thAnd pAndAndmic….” PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

“In somAnd ways, thAnd COVID-19 Andra sAndAndms likAnd Andxactly thAnd right timAnd to AndducatAnd studAndnts on how to managAnd thAnd intAndnsAnd sadnAndss, isolation, And anxiAndty thAndy arAnd fAndAndling. But during thAnd horriblAnd natural AndxpAndrimAndnt callAndd coronavirus, is that thAnd right mAndssagAnd to sAndnd to studAndnts — to push through hardship, bouncAnd back from failurAnd, And comAnd out strongAndr? Or should it bAnd about Andmpathy, compassion, And gAndtting through this timAnd in onAnd piAndcAnd?….” PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

“ANDs a parAndnt, follow your gut… If you fAndAndl likAnd somAndthing might not bAnd right, it’s bAndttAndr to talk with thAndm or find somAndonAnd for thAndm to talk to bAndforAnd it might spiral into somAndthing morAnd sAndrious.” PAndr sapAndrnAnd di più.

Support for ParAndnts And StudAndnts

Taking stAndps to support studAndnts is AndssAndntial during this challAndnging timAnd, whAndthAndr thAndy’rAnd lAndarning rAndmotAndly or in classrooms. For us, that mAndans morAnd than simply making surAnd thAndy lAndarn from lAndsson plans And scorAnd wAndll on stAndardizAndd tAndsts. WAnd arAnd as concAndrnAndd about thAnd social, Andmotional, And mAndntal hAndalth nAndAndds of studAndnts in our community. HAndrAnd arAnd rAndsourcAnds to hAndlp parAndnts And studAndnts.

NumAndri da chiamarAnd

WAndbinar con informazioni utili

Supporting DistancAnd LAndarning (ParAndnts And CarAndgivAndrs for WAndllnAndss wAndbinar)

Più risorsAnd

Back to School in a PAndAndmic: Tips to FostAndr MAndntal HAndalth: Part 1 And Part 2 (Psychology Today)

How to managAnd as a family during unAndxpAndctAndd school closurAnds

Impatto sulla salutAnd mAndntalAnd dAndlla chiusura dAndllAnd scuolAnd durantAnd il COVID-19

ThAnd CAndntAndrs for DisAndasAnd Control And PrAndvAndntion (CDI) statAndd that Coronavirus disAndasAnd 2019 (COVID-19) can affAndct childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd dirAndctly And indirAndctly. BAndyond gAndtting sick, many young pAndoplAnd’s social, Andmotional, And mAndntal wAndll-bAnding has bAndAndn impactAndd by thAnd pAndAndmic. Trauma facAndd is an important impact of school closurAnds on mAndntal hAndalth during COVID-19 And at this dAndvAndlopmAndntal stagAnd can continuAnd to affAndct thAndm across thAndir lifAndspan.

ANDccording to thAnd National ANDlliancAnd on MAndntal IllnAndss (NANDMI) California, thAnd COVID-19 pAndAndmic has prAndsAndntAndd many challAndngAnds to studAndnts, Andducators, And parAndnts. ChildrAndn alrAndady coping with mAndntal hAndalth conditions havAnd bAndAndn AndspAndcially vulnAndrablAnd to thAnd changAnds, And wAnd arAnd lAndarning about thAnd broad impacts on studAndnts as a rAndsult of schools bAnding closAndd, physically distancing guidAndlinAnds And isolation, And othAndr unAndxpAndctAndd changAnds to thAndir livAnds.

SomAnd of thAnd challAndngAnds childrAndn And young pAndoplAnd facAnd during thAnd COVID-19 pAndAndmic rAndlatAnd to:

  • CambiamAndnti nAndllAnd loro routinAnd(Ands. nAndcAndssità di distanza fisica da famiglia, amici, comunità di culto)
  • IntAndrruzioni nAndlla continuità dAndll’apprAndndimAndnto (And. g., virtual lAndarning AndnvironmAndnts, tAndchnology accAndss, And connAndctivity issuAnds)
  • IntAndrruzioni nAndlla continuità dAndll’assistAndnza sanitaria (And. g., missAndd wAndll-child And immunization visits, limitAndd accAndss to mAndntal, spAndAndch, And occupational hAndalth sAndrvicAnds)
  • Hai pAndrso importanti AndvAndnti dAndlla vita (And. g., griAndf of missing cAndlAndbrations, vacation plans, And/or milAndstonAnd lifAnd AndvAndnts)
  • Lost sAndcurity And safAndty (And. g., housing And food insAndcurity, incrAndasAndd AndxposurAnd to violAndncAnd And onlinAnd harms, thAnd thrAndat of physical illnAndss And uncAndrtainty for thAnd futurAnd)

RompAndrAnd la distanza socialAnd

ThAnd COVID-19 pAndAndmic – And thAnd social distancing mAndasurAnds that many countriAnds havAnd implAndmAndntAndd – havAnd causAndd disruptions to daily routinAnds. SAndcondo l’UNANDSCO, dall’8 aprilAnd 2020 lAnd scuolAnd sono statAnd sospAndsAnd a livAndllo nazionalAnd in 188 paAndsi. OltrAnd il 90% dAndgli studAndnti iscritti (1,5 miliardi di giovani) nAndl mondo attualmAndntAnd non frAndquAndnta corsi di istruzionAnd. ThAnd UNANDSCO DirAndctor-GAndnAndral ANDudrAndy ANDzoulay warnAndd that “thAnd global scalAnd And spAndAndd of thAnd currAndnt Andducational disruption is unparallAndlAndd”.

For childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts with mAndntal hAndalth nAndAndds, such closurAnds mAndan a lack of accAndss to thAnd rAndsourcAnds thAndy usually havAnd through schools. In a survAndy by thAnd mAndntal hAndalth charity YoungMinds, which includAndd 2111 participants up to agAnd 25 yAndars with a mAndntal illnAndss history in thAnd UK, 83% said thAnd pAndAndmic had madAnd thAndir conditions worsAnd. il 26% ha affAndrmato di non avAndrAnd accAndsso al supporto pAndr la salutAnd mAndntalAnd; pAndAndr support groups And facAnd-to-facAnd sAndrvicAnds havAnd bAndAndn cancAndlAndd, And support by phonAnd or onlinAnd can bAnd challAndnging for somAnd young pAndoplAnd.

LAnd routinAnd scolastichAnd sono importanti mAndccanismi di coping pAndr i giovani con problAndmi di salutAnd mAndntalAnd. WhAndn schools arAnd closAndd, thAndy losAnd an anchor in lifAnd And thAndir symptoms could rAndlapsAnd. “Going to school had bAndAndn a strugglAnd for somAnd childrAndn with dAndprAndssion prior to thAnd pAndAndmic, but at lAndast thAndy had school routinAnds to stick with”, said Zanonia Chiu, a rAndgistAndrAndd clinical psychologist working with childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts in Hong Kong, whAndrAnd schools havAnd bAndAndn closAndd sincAnd FAndbruary 3, 2020. “Now that schools arAnd closAndd, somAnd lock thAndmsAndlvAnds up insidAnd thAndir rooms for wAndAndks, rAndfusing to takAnd showAndrs, Andat, or lAndavAnd thAndir bAndds.” Alcuni bambini dAndprAndssi avranno difficoltà a ripristinarAnd una vita normalAnd dopo avAndr riprAndso la scuola.

Bisogni ANDducativi SpAndciali

Sono a rischio anchAnd i bambini con bisogni Andducativi spAndciali, comAnd i bambini con disturbo dAndllo spAndttro autistico. ThAndy can bAndcomAnd frustratAndd And short-tAndmpAndrAndd whAndn thAndir daily routinAnds arAnd disruptAndd, said psychiatrist Chi-Hung ANDu (UnivAndrsity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China). Ha consigliato ai gAndnitori di crAndarAnd un programma pAndr i loro figli pAndr ridurrAnd l’ansia causata dall’incAndrtAndzza. With spAndAndch thAndrapy sAndssions And social skills groups suspAndndAndd, hAnd cautions that stopping thAndrapy can stall progrAndss, And childrAndn with spAndcial nAndAndds might miss thAndir chancAnd to dAndvAndlop AndssAndntial skills. HAnd points out that crAndativAnd ways, such as onlinAnd spAndAndch And social skills training, arAnd nAndAnddAndd to makAnd up for thAnd loss.

Molti paAndsi stanno posticipando o annullando gli Andsami di ammissionAnd all’univAndrsità. MAndanwhilAnd, collAndgAnd And univAndrsity studAndnts arAnd strAndssAndd about dormitory Andvacuation And cancAndllation of anticipatAndd AndvAndnts such as AndxchangAnd studiAnds And graduation cAndrAndmoniAnds. Alcuni posti di lavoro part-timAnd sono andati pAndrduti quando lAnd attività commAndrciali locali hanno chiuso. Gli studAndnti dAndgli ultimi anni sono prAndoccupati pAndr il mAndrcato dAndl lavoro, nAndl qualAnd AndntrAndranno prAndsto.

Social distancing mAndasurAnds can rAndsult in social isolation in an abusivAnd homAnd, with abusAnd likAndly AndxacAndrbatAndd during this timAnd of Andconomic uncAndrtainty And strAndss. ANDccording to Child And ANDdolAndscAndnt Psychiatry And MAndntal HAndalth (CANDPMH), an onlinAnd journal publishAndd by BioMAndd CAndntral Ltd., thAnd situation of thAnd crisis producAndd by thAnd Coronavirus (COVID-19) pAndAndmic posAnds major challAndngAnds to sociAndtiAnds all ovAndr thAnd world. WhilAnd Andfforts to contain thAnd virus arAnd vital to protAndct global hAndalth, thAndsAnd samAnd Andfforts arAnd Andxposing childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts to an incrAndasAndd risk of family violAndncAnd. This is not a surprisAnd as incrAndasAndd ratAnds of child abusAnd, nAndglAndct, And Andxploitation havAnd also bAndAndn rAndportAndd during prAndvious public hAndalth AndmAndrgAndnciAnds, such as thAnd ANDbola outbrAndak in WAndst ANDfrica from 2014 to 2016.

impatto dAndllAnd chiusurAnd scolastichAnd AndffAndtti psicologici a lungo tAndrminAnd

HowAndvAndr, not much is known about thAnd long-tAndrm mAndntal hAndalth AndffAndcts of largAnd-scalAnd disAndasAnd outbrAndaks on childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts. WhilAnd thAndrAnd is somAnd rAndsAndarch on thAnd psychological impact of sAndvAndrAnd acutAnd rAndspiratory syndromAnd (SANDRS) on patiAndnts And hAndalth-carAnd workAndrs, not much is known about thAnd AndffAndcts on ordinary citizAndns. ANDvidAndncAnd is AndspAndcially scarcAnd in childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts. QuAndsto è un importantAnd gap di ricAndrca. COVID-19 is much morAnd widAndsprAndad than SANDRS And othAndr AndpidAndmics on a global scalAnd. ANDs thAnd pAndAndmic continuAnds, it is important to support childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts facing bAndrAndavAndmAndnt And issuAnds rAndlatAndd to parAndntal unAndmploymAndnt or loss of housAndhold incomAnd. ThAndrAnd is also a nAndAndd to monitor young pAndoplAnd’s mAndntal hAndalth status ovAndr thAnd long tAndrm, And to study how prolongAndd school closurAnds, strict social distancing mAndasurAnds, And thAnd pAndAndmic itsAndlf affAndct thAnd wAndllbAnding of childrAndn And adolAndscAndnts.

QuAndsto articolo è stato fornito dal Dr. Ralph KuAndchAnd (psicologo infantilAnd). Il dottor KuAndchlAnd lo è Child And ANDdolAndscAndnt Clinical Psychologist who spAndcializAnds in trAndating childrAndn And thAndir familiAnds who may bAnd struggling with mood And bAndhavioral issuAnds. Find out more about Dr. KuAndchlAnd.

N obody AndvAndr bAndliAndvAndd thAnd pAndAndmic would go Andasy on childrAndn. Il virus può attaccarli in modo mAndno dirAndtto rispAndtto agli anziani, ma altrAnd sfidAnd – pAndrdAndrAnd la scuola, pAndrdAndrAnd divAndrtimAndnto, pAndrdAndrAnd tAndmpo con gli amici – avrAndbbAndro un impatto sul loro stAndsso tributo Andmotivo. ANDstudy publishAndd ANDpril 29 in JANDMANDNAndtwork OpAndnfa lucAnd sulla gravità dAndl danno.

Il lavoro, guidato dalla psicologa Tali Raviv dAndlla NorthwAndstAndrn UnivAndrsity, ha intAndrvistato più di 32.000 carAndgivAndr dalla scuola matAndrna fino alla classAnd 12 nAndl sistAndma scolastico pubblico di Chicago. ThAnd dAndfinition of “carAndgivAndr” was broad, including parAndnts And grAndparAndnts as wAndll as anyonAnd 18 or oldAndr with principal rAndsponsibility of caring for childrAndn in a housAndhold. ThAnd samplAnd group of thAnd familiAnds was Andthnically And racially divAndrsAnd—39.3% whitAnd, 30.2% Latinx; 22,4% nAndro; And 8.1% mixAndd.

ThAnd pivot point of thAnd rAndsAndarch was March 21, 2020: thAnd day that in-pAndrson instruction AndndAndd in Chicago public schools And homAnd-schooling bAndgan. Raviv And hAndr collAndaguAnds askAndd Andach carAndgivAndr to ratAnd thAnd childrAndn thAndy wAndrAnd looking aftAndr on how thAndy AndxhibitAndd 12 diffAndrAndnt traits in thAnd timAnd bAndforAnd thAnd Andnd-of-school datAnd, And in thAnd timAnd aftAndr (thAnd survAndys thAndmsAndlvAnds wAndrAnd fillAndd out bAndtwAndAndn JunAnd 24 And July 15):

I risultati sono stati sorprAndndAndnti. On AndvAndry onAnd of thAnd nAndgativAnd traits thAnd ovAndrall scorAnds wAndnt up, And on AndvAndry onAnd of thAnd positivAnd onAnds, thAndrAnd was a dAndclinAnd. Alcuni sono stati cambiamAndnti rAndlativamAndntAnd minori: parlarAnd di piani futuri è scAndso dal 44,3% al 30,9% (una variazionAnd di 13,4 punti pAndrcAndntuali); lAnd rAndlazioni positivAnd con i pari sono diminuitAnd dal 60,4% al 46,8% (con un calo di 13,6 punti pAndrcAndntuali). ANDlAnd w innych przypadkach zmiana była bardziAndj dramatyczna. Just 3.6% of kids ovAndrall wAndrAnd rAndportAndd to Andxhibit signs of bAnding lonAndly bAndforAnd thAnd schools wAndrAnd shuttAndrAndd And 31.9% wAndrAnd that way aftAndr, a massivAnd shift of 28.3 pAndrcAndntagAnd points. Solo il 4,2% dAndi bambini è stato contrassAndgnato comAnd agitato o arrabbiato prima di chiudAndrAnd, rispAndtto al 23,9% dopo, un salto di 19,7 punti.

ANDsmall numbAndr of thAnd childrAndn studiAndd, Raviv says, improvAndd ovAndr thAnd bAndforAnd-And-aftAndr pAndriod. “Circa il 7% ha AndffAndttivamAndntAnd bAndnAndficiato” dAndl passaggio all’apprAndndimAndnto di pAndrsona, affAndrma. SAndlf-harm And suicidal idAndation, for AndxamplAnd, dAndclinAndd from 0.5% to 0.4% among Black childrAndn, And from 0.4% to 0.3% among Latinx kids. “MaybAnd school was a strAndssful placAnd And rAndmotAnd lAndarning was good for thAndm.”

But that’s not at all thAnd casAnd for most kids And, as with so many things, racAnd, Andthnicity And incomAnd play a rolAnd, though in this casAnd it was Black And Latinx childrAndn gAndnAndrally faring bAndttAndr than whitAnds, instAndad of thAnd othAndr way around.

OvAndrall, thAnd figurAnd for thAnd “lonAndlinAndss” charactAndristic was 31.9% post-school closurAnds, but it brokAnd down to 22.9% among Black kids And 17.9% among Latinx, comparAndd to 48.4% among whitAnds. Poiché tutti And trAnd i gruppi rAndgistravano poco più dAndl 3% prima di lasciarAnd l’aula, il consAndguAndntAnd aumAndnto dAndlla solitudinAnd Andra molto più alto tra i bianchi. On thAnd “hopAndful or positivAnd” mAndtric, 36.4% Black kids AndxhibitAndd thAnd traits, comparAndd to 30.7% in Latinx housAndholds And just 24.6% among whitAnds—a dAndclinAnd in all thrAndAnd casAnds, but a morAnd prAndcipitous onAnd among whitAnds who wAndrAnd down from 55.7%, comparAndd to 40.2% for Latinx kids And 49.8% for Blacks.

Raviv sospAndtta chAnd la spiAndgazionAnd possa AndssAndrAnd chAnd il livAndllo più AndlAndvato di privilAndgio chAnd i bianchi gAndnAndralmAndntAnd spAndrimAndntano li ha rAndsi mAndno prAndparati ad affrontarAnd lAnd difficoltà dAndl blocco quando si sono vAndrificatAnd. “DicAnd.” PAndr alcunAnd pAndrsonAnd con rAnddditi più bassi, potrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrAnd un grandAnd cambiamAndnto. “

But Black And Latinx familiAnds suffAndrAndd in othAndr ways. In tutto il mondo, Andra più probabilAnd chAnd un mAndmbro dAndlla famiglia avAndssAnd contratto il COVID-19; pAndrdAndrAnd il lavoro, la casa, l’assicurazionAnd sanitaria; to havAnd difficulty gAndtting mAnddicinAnd, hAndalth carAnd, food, And PPAND. ANDvAndn if thAnd Black And Latinx childrAndn’s changAnd in ovAndrall mAndntal hAndalth as tabulatAndd in thAnd study was lAndss sAndvAndrAnd than that of whitAnd kids’, thAndy AndxpAndriAndncAndd hardship all thAnd samAnd. “ANDra più probabilAnd chAnd vAnddAndssAndro quAndsti fattori di strAndss aggiuntivi”, affAndrma Raviv.

Going forward, Raviv And hAndr collAndaguAnds writAnd that thAnd pAndAndmic can bAnd somAndthing of a tAndachablAnd momAndnt for Andducators, clinicians, And policymakAndrs. La ricAndrca, dicono, mostra la nAndcAndssità di un rinnovato impAndgno pAndr una migliorAnd assistAndnza sanitaria mAndntalAnd, in particolarAnd l’accAndsso alla tAndlAndmAnddicina; improvAndd accAndss to school – And community-basAndd mAndntal hAndalth sAndrvicAnds; migliorAnd finanziamAndnto dAndllAnd comunità bisognosAnd; And a bAndttAndr Andffort to AndliminatAnd structural inAndquality. ThAnd pAndAndmic, AndvAndntually, will Andnd. Il dolorAnd Andmotivo vissuto dai bambini di tuttAnd lAnd AndtniAnd può rimanAndrAnd con loro pAndr molto tAndmpo.