How to make your girlfriend happy

In this post, I’ll talk about how to make your girlfriend happy.

Making your girlfriend happy is not as difficult as it looks. As her boyfriend, it is your duty to make her feel special and happy.

How To Text Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

You can make your girlfriend happy by saying cute and lovely things for her. Even sweet little words you will make her feel loved and give her more reasons to smile.

In today’s digital world, creating a loving relationship through media has become easy and texting has become one of the best ways to make your love grow.

Tell Her You Love her

This is one of the simplest ways to make your girlfriend happy. Just let her know how much you love her will make her very happy.

Send Her Love Letters

Texting has made the practice of sending love letters non-existent. But don’t let that stop you from texting her cute love letters. But try to keep it short.

Compliment Her

Everyone knows girls love compliments. If she uploads a photo of her on social media, text her and tell her she looks beautiful or how pretty her smile is.

Send Her Memes

Sending her jokes are memes are also a way of making her smile. It is even better if it is a meme that both of you can relate to.

Let Her Know When You Think Of Her

Don’t text her randomly that you are thinking of her. Be genuine and text her whenever you think of her. It will make her feel special and loved. Let her know how much you are missing her.

Ask For Her Opinion

Ask for her views and opinions and include her in making decisions. It will make her happy when she sees that you value her insights.

Share Things With Her

Your girlfriend will be very happy when you share your things with her whether it’s about your day, your opinions, your experiences, or anything.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Say Sweet Things To Her

Shower her with sweet and cute text messages and it can brighten her whole day. But what to text your girlfriend to make her happy? Below are some of the best text messages that you can send your girlfriend to make her happy.

– I feel so lucky to have such an amazing girl like you in my life.

– Just the thought of you gets me through the whole day.

– I have become a better person ever since you came into my life.

– The thought of meeting you makes me jump out of my bed every morning.

– If I get the chance to do everything all over again, loving you will be the first on my list.

– When I think of my future, all I can see is you.

– You are my whole universe. Without you I’m nothing.

– You are the best gift of my life.

– There is not even a moment where I can imagine myself without you by my side.

– Making you smile is my favorite hobby.

– No matter how much more I love you it never feels enough.

– It was the best decision of my life when I chose you as my soulmate.

– Every day I want to wake up with you by my side.

– Every time I think of you, I fall in love all over again.

– I can go to any lengths just to make you happy.

– You are the first thing on my mind every morning when I wake up and the last thing before I got to bed.

– The moment you leave me I already start counting time until I meet you again.

– Happily ever after is spending my whole life with you.

– I never knew what true love was until I met you.

– You deserve all the happiness in the world.

– I wish I could spend every second with you.

– My life has become more beautiful ever since I fell in love with you.

– Seconds feel like hours and days feel like an eternity without you, my love.

– Sending you this text to tell you I’m thinking of you and I miss you a lot.

– Even a mere thought of you makes my heart skip a beat.

How to make your girlfriend happy

– My life is perfect and complete when you are in it.

– Every time I look into your eyes I get lost in it.

– I want to spend my whole life holding you in my arms.

– Sometimes I think of you and start smiling and people think I have gone crazy.

– Every time I see you I fall in love all over again.

– I never get tired of loving you.

– If I get a dollar for every time I think of you I would be a billionaire.

– I must be the luckiest man in the world for having you in my life.

– No matter how much I love you I never feel it’s enough.

– My life is more beautiful when you are with me. I love you so much.

– Your smile can melt me in an instant.

– I never knew what real beauty was until I saw you.

– Every night I hug my pillow tight and go to sleep thinking of you.

– I can never get enough of you.

– I can never imagine living my life without you.

– You look so gorgeous. I’m sure all other women are jealous of you.

– Want to know what’s on my mind right now? It’s you, my love.

– I want to thank you for making my life more beautiful. I love you to the moon and back.

– My favorite destination to travel is your heart.

– You are so sweet I must be diabetic by now.

– I may not be your first but I always want to be your last.

Making your girlfriend happy is one of the best things that you can do as a boyfriend. Trust your heart, follow and above tips and you will know how to make your girlfriend happy over text.

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Almost all the girls love pleasant surprises, gifts for no reason, care from men, a bouquet of flowers on Wednesday, a compliment after a hard day… Thanks to this, they feel that they are loved. And you can make your girlfriend happy and make her fall in love with you (if it isn’t already). It’s not so difficult, the main is desire and everything will turn out!

By the way, if you invite a girl on a first date, then these ideas will help you make this evening unforgettable! Moreover, if you already know each other, you are in love, and the girl needs to be impressed and made to want you – these tips are simply necessary!

How to surprise your girlfriend?

Before you begin, you need to know one important thing. Not all girls are romantic! Yes, not all girls like gifts, jewelry, flowers… There are few of them, and most likely, they did not watch cartoons about Disney princesses in childhood.

If this is your girlfriend, if she spent her childhood with boys playing police and thieves, then making a simple gift is not a good idea to surprise her! For this you need a fantasy, because you will not surprise her with the opportunity to buy a gift in the store.

There are girls who will sincerely welcome the plastic ring when you make her a marriage proposal, and there are those whom the trip to the sea will not please, if you try to cheer her up.

You should know your girlfriend well. If she does not like gifts (yes, she grew up among boys and does not used to gifts and does not appreciate your initiative), then give her more attention: go for a walk, watch movies, ride bicycles – just be near her. But if your girlfriend loves surprises, then you will be able to surprise her constantly, which means to make her happy!

Breakfast in bed

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One of the win-win surprises that everyone likes is breakfast in bed. How many times have you seen this in movies? Believe me, your girlfriend saw it too. Breakfast in bed will save the girl from having to cook breakfast for you and show your attention and care for her. But for this you will have to decide in advance what you will cook (be sure to find out what she loves and what not!), get up early and show all your culinary abilities! Do not cook breakfast, which will look like a sumptuous dinner: sometimes toast, fruit and coffee will be enough. But if a girl likes fruit, make her a fruit salad; maybe bacon and eggs in her taste? Or does she make pancakes every morning? In this surprise, the main are surprise and your attention to the girl you love.

To make the morning 100% perfect, you can end the breakfast with a massage: scented candles, massage oil, you are near (very hot and sexy), who know what to do – can there be anything better?

Notes with gentle confessions and compliments

How to make your girlfriend happy

You can write on a piece of paper (for example, on stickers) about how you love her, how happy you are that she is in your life, and leave it on her desk, in her purse, in a jacket pocket, in a laptop case or anywhere she finds your message for sure.

Choosing what to write, be creative: your goal is to make her smile, at least for a moment, forget about the problems. This option of surprise will not require much effort from you, but will make your girlfriend happy.

Alarm clock and favorite music

Another option to surprise your girlfriend is to set her favorite song or music from her favorite movie on the alarm clock. Such an awakening will be unexpected and enjoyable. But for this you must know the password from her phone, but if you have no secrets from each other, then there should be no problems.

Alternatively, you can send her a message wishing a good morning and a wonderful day. If this surprise makes her smile and think about you, then the goal will be achieved!

Write a letter by hand

How to make your girlfriend happy

Handwritten writing in the digital age is a great way to surprise your girlfriend. Confess your feelings, invite her on a date and put a letter in her inbox (not an electronic box, but an a real one!). The girl will definitely appreciate such a surprise: you did not buy it, but did it yourself!

But do not turn the letter into a love story: you should not write about how much you love her, about how good she is. In this case, she may lose interest in you.

Idea: you can send an anonymous letter, but tell her about your adventures, about the movie that you recently watched, and in the end, invite her to a date at her favorite restaurant. In her eyes you will be more interesting and attractive!

Offer her the “Right to…”

The game “Right to…” will definitely appeal to your girlfriend! On the small pieces of paper write “The right to massage”, “The right to hug”, “The right to a cafe”, “The right to sex”, “The right to a romantic dinner” (turn on the imagination!) And hide them in the apartment. The girl will find these notes and use when she wants, and you will not have the right to refuse.

Organize a treasure hunt

How to make your girlfriend happy

First of all, you need to think about what will be a treasure. It must be something your girlfriend likes. For example, a romantic weekend, a trip to the sea, dinner in a restaurant, a concert of her favorite rock band.

Then you can arrange a small quest: she will have to search for clues to find the treasure.

For instance:

1st step: a hint in your favorite song.
2nd step: check the phone.
3rd step: a memo on the phone indicating the date and place of the meeting.
4th step: surprise.

You can decide how many clues there will be in this quest. The more valuable the treasure, the more clues you can come up with. And vice versa.

Ideas for surprises can be limited only by your imagination and financial resources. But a gift or surprise does not have to be expensive. The most important thing is your attention to the girl you want to make happy!

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to make your girlfriend happy? A happy and committed relationship requires time and efforts. So, it is important to keep your girlfriend happy as it is the key to a successful relationship. Girl’s nature is to be loving and affectionate. They love to be treated in a special way. Sometimes, you don’t know how to treat her in a special manner even if you are trying to please her. Making your girlfriend feel loved and happy is not a complicated situation. If you want to make your relationship perfect, then you need to make her feel special and cared for when you are around her. Remember, a perfect relationship is never one sided. If you make some effort to please her and make her happy then she will also put her effort to make you happier in love if she truly loves you. Every loving act will give you both more happiness. Read this article, you will get some magical tips to make your girlfriend happy to please her and pamper her.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Best Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy:

1.) Surprise Her with Gifts to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Never forget your girlfriend’s special occasions like her birthday or the day when you meet her first time or anniversaries to show her how special she is to you.

  • On her birthday, get her a present like and send some flowers. Write her a card in a funny or romantic way.
  • Give her a surprise by booking something special for you both to let her know that how much you love her.
  • You can also send her a video message where you can tell her how important she is to you. These things show how much you care. Keep in mind, it is not about the money but it is about the thought behind the action that counts.

2.) Remember Her Likes and Dislikes

Being romantic is all about like what you know about her and show her how much these things mean to you. Like what is her favorite flower, which perfume she likes, what are her favorite books and what are her favorite songs? Remember what she likes to eat and then cook it for her. Send her favorite flowers. Remember, which songs make her want to dance and play it for her.

3.) Be Romantic to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Every girl wants a guy with a good sense of romance. Show her that you care about her by putting a little effort into your romance. So, it is important to maintain romance to keep your girl happy. Write her small and silly love notes. Write about your feelings in a note.

  • Don’t text or email her this. If your email her then it shows that you are lazy and you don’t want to put in extra time for her.
  • Tell your girl, you are lucky that you have found her. Share your feelings to her. This is the good way to be romantic.

4.) Be a Gentleman and Thoughtful to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

For girls, small things matter a lot. Like a gentleman, open doors for her. Thinking of her means that you are putting yourself in her shoes and wondering what you can give her or do for her.

  • Ask her if she feels cold and then give your jacket or sweater to her.
  • When she is sick or she is not feeling well, bring her hot tea or some soup or flowers.
  • Hold her hand when you are walking.
  • Show her that you always think about her.

5.) Respect Her Opinions to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Respect plays a big role how you feel about someone you love. If you really love someone, you should respect them and their opinions. When you feel disrespected by someone important to you, you feel miserable. Don’t disrespect your girl’s opinions and ideas without listening to her. Don’t take her lightly because she is a girl. In a relationship, you both have to learn to listen to each other and respect each other’s opinion.

6.) Compliment Her to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Girls love compliments and it makes them feel more loved and appreciated. If you like something about your girlfriend, tell her about it. No matter if it is something about her personality or about the way she looks or dresses. If you like it, then say it.

  • Always tell her that you love her more than anything else.
  • Let her know that you never take her for granted.

7.) Involve Her in Your Life to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

If you are serious about your girlfriend and you see her as part of your life, then involve her in your daily life. If you invite her to spend more time with you and your friends, then let her know that you are serious about her and the relationship. Remember, emotional security will always make any girl a much happier girlfriend.

8.) Call Her and Sweet Talk to Her

Love is not always predictable, especially when it is a happy surprise. Call her when she least expects your call and tell her how much you miss holding her hand in your hands at that moment. It is such a happy feeling. So you should share it.

  • If you make promises all the time, then you should fulfill them. She will feel more special to know that her boyfriend is a man of his word. It makes her feel happy and more secure with you.

9.) Give Her Your Attention to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

When you go out with your girlfriend, stay close to her and make sure she is feeling comfortable. Don’t leave her aside. When she is around you, always focus on her and on her needs first. Always pay attention to her and keep her happy. If you are around her she will feel secure and more comfortable.

10.) Cuddle Up with Her to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Kissing your girlfriend and hugging her is the way to show your affection. Hug her tight and cuddle her when you both are lying on the bed. A few kisses and a hug is so special for a girl. If you are in public, show your love. Hold her hand and make her feel like that you are completely attentive to her needs. Always, try to bring a smile on her face.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Are you also confused at the thought of how to make your girlfriend happy? Well, I don’t blame you. It is not easy to understand women, especially when she is upset. However, love knows no boundaries.

When you fall in love with someone, you must realize there are both good and bad times. And you must withstand through everything to experience a fruitful future. Therefore, no matter what, you must make sure to always find a way to make your loved ones happy.

It might look like an extremely difficult task. But in reality, it is simple. Yes, exactly, you heard me right. Doing the simplest of things can make your girlfriend the happiest woman.

Why Should You Know How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy?

Well, firstly, the sole reason you both got into a relationship was that you made each other feel happy. You both have loved each other despite all the differences, all the challenges, and the consequences.

The answer to why you should know how to make your girlfriend happy is because she deserves it. Making your girlfriend happy and watching her smile is the most divine thing in this world. “When she smiles tight, the world feels alright.” Your girlfriend is the only person who will know everything about you and still love you unconditionally.

When she is giving her heart out to you, would you not do the same for her? When you love her and try to make her happy all the time, she will love you even harder. She will start caring more for you and make you the happiest man on this planet.

8 Magic Ways Of How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

1. Listen To All Her Problems Attentively

How to make your girlfriend happy

Women might not always express themselves if something is bothering them. However, she might open up if she trusts the fact that you will listen to her very attentively. If you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy, then this is the key.

While you listen to her talk, you must listen in a way that makes you only focus on her and forget the entire world. Do not even form any opinions until she explains it all.

2. Tell Her Why And How Much You Love Her Often

How to make your girlfriend happy

Whenever your girlfriend seems low, or even when she doesn’t, keep reminding her of the fact how much you love her. Telling her that you love her consistently will always keep her mood elevated.

Women can’t get over the fact when their boyfriends mention how much love they are in. If you both are a bit matured, telling her what she means to you and why you love them works well to keep her smiling.

3. Surprise Her With Flowers And Handmade Gifts

How to make your girlfriend happy

No, it is not any hard part. Knowing how to make your girlfriend happy comes with putting in a little effort. If you think women are more attracted to expensive gifts and pricey dinner dates, you are absolutely wrong.

If you have an honest relationship, surprising your girl with flowers and creative handmade cards will make her the happiest woman in this world.

4. Treat Her With Sweet Compliments

Women can never be tired of getting to hear compliments. Thus, complimenting her every now and then will make her smile the most.

Even when you can not think of anything else to make her happy, treat her to some sweet compliments. Because this medicine is bound to work at all times. The best time for complimenting your girl would be when she least expects it.

5. Respect Her Decisions

I am sure when she gets upset, you will do anything to know how to make your girlfriend happy. Women get very disheartened when somebody, especially their partner, does not pay heed to their opinions and decisions regarding a matter.

It is very important that regardless of what she thinks, you must consider and pay equal attention to her decisions as much as you would do to yours. This builds mutual respect for each other in the relationship.

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6. Make Her Feel Safe And Secure

A genuine woman doesn’t want anything more than to feel secure and safe with their partners. Learning how to make your girlfriend happy calls for learning how to make her feel safe and secure.

This basically means you must make your partner feel that you are always there for her, and you will stand against anything that tries to harm her. Knowing this will make her happier than ever.

7. Put Efforts To Get Along With Her Friends

For women, their friend’s opinions of you do matter a lot. If her friends don’t seem to like you, it can prove to be a real issue. Thus, one of the most important ways to a girl’s heart is by winning over her friends.

This does not require any hefty effort. All you need to do is just be yourself. Being confident, interactive, and humorous can also impress her friends . Once you get along with them, your girl will feel more happy and comfortable being around you.

8. Be Affectionate With Her In Public

No matter how reserved you are, you must always go the extra mile for your girlfriend. It will also help you in a way to make you more outgoing and confident, Women love to be pampered . Whenever you go out in public for a date or with friends, try to shower her with all the love that you have.

Yes, it might sound a bit cringy, but nothing is more important than her happiness, right? Holding hands, warm hugs, kisses, and being attentive to her will make her realize how affectionate you are towards her.

Final Thoughts

There is a saying that a man can do anything when he is in love. I do not disagree with the statement. I believe that true love can make a person go crazy. It is the best feeling that a human being can experience.

If you do not know how to make your girlfriend happy, she won’t feel like belonging with you. This might lead to several problems in your relationship . Therefore, if you have found a genuine person in your life, you must give in your everything to make her smile the brightest.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Are you in a relationship and thinking about how to make your girlfriend happy. As a man, you are facing a lot of challenges while maintaining a good relationship with your girlfriend.

How to make your girlfriend happy is the key thing to make your relationship life long healthy and full of happiness. As a befriend it’s your responsibility that you make your girlfriend feel more special and give her a more reason to smile.

It’s not very easy to understand a girl, but you may try some unique strategies to make her happy. True love really wants a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion for your partner.

Here are some very effective tips which really help you how to make your girlfriend happy and give her a lot of affection and love.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

How to make your girlfriend happy

1. Appreciate her:

No matter its a big effort or small efforts always appreciate your girlfriend, because everyone likes that someone comes and appreciates them.

If you appreciate your girlfriend on regular basis, your girlfriend really feeling happy and realizes how you motivate her for all her efforts and trust in her and this is a very big thing for her.

2. Listen to her:

If you are one of them who never listens to your girlfriend then you are doing a big mistake, later or sooner your relationship will affect. By following this kind of attitude it’s not easy how to make your girlfriend happy.

If you really love your girlfriend then it’s your responsibility that you make your girlfriend happy at any cost. Ask your girlfriend and tell them how she feels in a relationship with you.

As a good boyfriend always listens to your girlfriend, if you’re listening to her she really feels happy and you easily get to know what she expects from this relationship and how much effort you also need to make her happy.

3. Always give her surprises:

Surprises are a good thing and never fail to impress or make someone happy. In really want to make your girlfriend happy, give her unexpected surprises like kissing her without informing her, going for a movie, dinner outside, going outside for a romantic date or gift something which really her favorite thing.

Give her such kind of surprises which indicate your love, romance, passion about her. If you do all this in the right way and continue work on, there is no doubt she really feels happy with you and also loves you so much.

4.Be a little bit sentimental:

Every human is full of some emotions and sentiment and they always avoid sharing this thing with anyone.

So as a good boyfriend you also share your emotions with your girlfriend and also try to know her emotions and sentiment, what she thinks about her life, what they think about you.

If you share your emotions with each other its really build love and trust in your relationship.

She really feels happy if you try to know her sentiment and emotions and it build a good image in her mind that you are a very caring person and very close to her heart.

5.Tell her that you love her:

This is one of the easiest ways to make your girlfriend happy, tell them how much you love her and how important you are in his life.

Be romantic and look into her eyes and tell her how much you passionate about her and there is no one in this life who loves you more than me.

Hug her and tell her I love you in different languages this really feels amazing to her and all this thing really make her feel special and appreciated.

6.Make your girlfriend happy by offering her flowers and chocolate:

After knowing the fact that girls really like flowers and chocolate, they are one of the secrets of their hearts. You don’t need any special reason to offer her chocolate and flowers. If you do this without knowing her, she really feels amazing about you and feels happy.

7.Always support her:

No matter what’s the time and situation, good or bad, it’s your responsibility when she needs you, you are always there for you. Always ask for her help to short out her daily life work and try to resolve the issue.

As a boyfriend support her in every way, if you support her unconditionally, then she also ready for you to face any challenges without any problems. She really feels happy when you support her.

8. Communication:
Good communication is a key to the success of any relationship, it tells other people how much you close to your partner. As a boyfriend, if you really want to make your girlfriend happy, build strong communication with her, make them comfortable that she shares everything with you without any fear.

You have to respect her opinion and values her thoughts if you follow this type of approach while communication this is really great thing for her and makes her really happy that you understand her and give attention to her.

9. Always gives her a priority:

Gives her a priority which simply means that whenever she needs you, just quit everything and available for her, care her, support her unconditionally.

Always gives her priority simply means that you ready for dong any compromise for her to make her happy, you never want to upset, no matter whats the situation in your life.

10. Feel her safe:

If she has some weakness or fear about anything, motivate her to fight with fear, and support her. Every girl who is living with anyone in a relationship wants that her boyfriend feels secure and protective.

When your girlfriend feeling secure and depend on you for everything, really feel you good, and also she feels happy with you.

11. Spend some time with her family and friends:

If you really want to know more about your girlfriend and make them happy then spend some time with her family and friends. You know so many new things about her.

If you communicate with her family and friends these things really make her feel closer to you and build a good trust in you.

How to make your girlfriend happy


A relationship is all about equality, what you do with your partner, the same thing you expect from others. If you make your girlfriend happy, she really also try to make you happy at any cost. Know you have a good idea of how to make your girlfriend happy and feel special to your girlfriend for a healthy relationship.

Remember one thing the more you love your girlfriend the better love you get in the return.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Broke and figuring out how to make your girlfriend happy? There a lot of ways to say “I love you” without dropping a month’s salary for a fancy dinner. It isn’t always about buying your girl shiny, pretty things. Here are 7 things you can do that tell her just how much you love her — without using your wallet.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy | Economically Sound Gestures Of Love

1. Leave Her Notes

As cliché as it sounds, leaving notes is a great answer to the question of how to make your girlfriend happy. There’s not a lot that excites a girl more than seeing a random love note stuck in her purse, on her pillow, or her car’s sun visor. These little love notes say a lot more than any text message you could ever send her. The fact you spent the extra time putting pen to paper means a lot, especially in this digital age. Remember: everything may be electronic now, but sometimes, analog is still the best way to go.

2. Make Her Lunch

How to make your girlfriend happy

One of the best ways to make your girlfriend happy is by making her lunch to take to work. Packing a lunch for your girlfriend is an awesome way to show her how much you care. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal (especially if you aren’t an especially gifted cook—the effort won’t be lost on her). But don’t worry – here’s a great recipe for you to learn so she can have something edible for lunch!

3. Film A Vlog

Ever watch The Martian, where Matt Damon plants potatoes on Mars? Remember how he used to film vlogs every single day? Doing that for your girlfriend is a touching way to remind her that you’re thinking of her. This is a lot like leaving notes, except she sees your expertly-groomed face talking about how much you love her.

In this age of high-quality smartphone cameras, it’s easy to film your mug. Upload that video to YouTube or send it to her through your messaging app. Do this as a daily thing, or a once-in-a-while thing; doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you took a few minutes of your day to say a few sweet nothings.

4. Breakfast In Bed

How to make your girlfriend happy

The best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Yes, they all say it’s the way to men’s hearts, but everyone has to eat. And girls especially love it when you serve ’em breakfast in bed. That is literally the most queenly thing you could ever do for your girlfriend. Even if all you serve is some jam on buttered toast and a cup of coffee, bringing a meal to her in bed is sure to put a smile on her face—because you actually bothered to get up before she did.

5. Chores, Chores, Chores

When living together, the best way to show your girlfriend how much you love her is by doing chores. It’s the 21st century, my dude. Gone are the days where the woman does all the chores while you sit around with a Bud Light watching the big game. Do the chores while she’s out. Just imagine: she comes home and everything is sparkling clean. The vacuuming’s done, dishes all washed and put away, laundry’s folded, and the bathroom is so clean you could eat off the tiles. Doing these little chores for her really means a lot to your girlfriend. So get off your butt and put on that apron — it’s time to get cleaning.

6. Scrapbooking The Journey

Okay, technically, you’ll have to buy scrapbooking stuff for this. But if you want a way to make your girlfriend happy, scrapbooking your relationship so far is one of those low-effort high-return things you can do. Take all the pictures you have together on your phone and print them out. Lay them out on a scrapbook. Pull out every trick you learned in your grade school art classes if you have to. Not only will your girlfriend feel like a giggly high schooler, you’ll also reap the benefits of scrapbooking as a calming activity. As long as you don’t lose your cool over papercuts and glitter.

7. The Little Things

How to make your girlfriend happy

Looking back at these, it’s easy to boil them all down to one thing. If you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy, it’s simple: Shower her with the little things. These include opening doors for her, turning on her fancy aromatherapy diffuser before you get in bed, or just plain giving her a random massage or cup of tea when she least expects it. Heck, you can even let her pop those zits on your back if it pleases her. These little things, no matter how mundane, mean a lot to a girl. That’s how a girl knows if you truly love her.

Mantelligence Dating lists 19 things you can do to make your girl happy:

This guide on how to sweep her off her feet is no more than a bunch of suggestions. It’s up to you to do the actual work and put in the effort required to achieve these things. Love is not always about the grand gestures. As you have seen in this article, it’s the little things that add up that really matter in a relationship. Doing these little things encourages her to keep on loving you, and your relationship will be all the better for it.

What little things do you do for your girlfriend? Tell your bros all about it in the comments section.

How to make your girlfriend happy

How to have fun with your partner, and how to make them smile like a child is your job to do! And don’t wait for the partner to ask you to do things to make them happy. Instead, the ways to make a girl happy are your responsibility to figure out.

If you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy , you should learn how to make each other’s life smoother and more comfortable to live in.

Pleasing your girl or keeping her joyful isn’t too expensive or difficult every time. Being a partner, you should know what to say to a girlfriend to make her happy and feel comfortable with you.

Here are some tips to keep your girl happy and on cloud nine every day of the relationship.

1. Listen to your girlfriend

So there’s a huge stereotype that men usually never listen and so far nothing can be done to tackle this cliché about men. Why don’t you decide to give this lazy mindset a battle and start practicing listening sessions with your girl?

A straightforward formula to analyze how to make a woman happy is giving her attention and listening to her with open ears.

The list of things in how to make your girlfriend happy depend highly on listening to her. Sometimes she doesn’t want you to come up with solutions but only listen to her with genuine care and concern.

2. Buy her pleasant presents

If you are thinking to give her the same mainstream presents you get her every year, you will sooner or later be less exciting for her. If you want to know what makes a girl happy, the answer would be “surprise!”.

Surprise her with unusual, out-of-the-blue gifts. Come home with a lovely bouquet of flowers for her, some sweets for the night and stuff like that. Don’t wait for any special occasion!

3. Good terms with her friends

Planning to proceed with a long-term relationship with your girlfriend? Get to know her friends and the people she has in her daily life. Make an effort to build a strong personality and chances of getting the votes of everyone around her.

4. Stand with her interests

Let us tell you a fundamental tip to know how to keep a girl happy. Cherish her interests, no matter you once ignored them. We do not mean that you have to start taking part in her interests and hobbies; you have to show acceptance, respect and give importance to her passion.

Mutual understanding and appreciation is the key to the success of a relationship, so it’s time to stop ignoring her and start showing some compassion to her hobbies. Being equally enthusiastic, strengthens the connection.

Things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy include cheering for her in every aspect.

5. Share the housework

How to make your girlfriend happy

If you both live together, it’s essential to play your part in maintaining the house. Keeping your house clean and peaceful is the duty of both the partners. It is an initial step to show gender equality too.

How to make her happy? Pair up with her and perform the household chores equally.

6. Manage your time

One of the most highlighted things to make a girl happy is that when you’re in a relationship, it feels good to spend a lovely weekend with your partner in bed watching Netflix.

You should aim to bring up the best way to spend your free time with her. Take her to the movies, parks, and some restaurants around the town to make her feel precious.

Some messages for her to make her smile would also do the job. Like long paragraphs filled with love or informing her that you would be coming home soon so that you both can go out to dine and spend time together.

7. Groom yourself

Do you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy ? Here’s a catch. Women are attracted to well-groomed men, and they tend to prefer men with handsome looks and groomed personality.

Little things like tidy facial hair, beautiful clothes, and a pleasant fragrance would uplift your game. You should also be mindful about your hygiene, and also ensure that your living space is well-maintained, so it puts off a good impression.

How to keep a girlfriend happy? Groom yourself in a way she does not want to lose you. Manage yourself well, so all she thinks about is you.


Start with baby steps. Do not force all the tips down on yourself, and give yourself time and space to learn. Even performing well in few aspects would change your relationship in an excellent manner.

Remember, women are not impossible to please, so if you want to know how to make your girlfriend happy , you should start acting upon these tips. She will always praise your efforts.

How to make your girlfriend happy

Trying to make a girl happy in a relationship can be a difficult task for some people. And we all know that what makes a particular girl happy is not necessarily going to make the other girl happy. But we have compiled some activities and actions to help you know how to make your girlfriend happy.

Trust me, noon of this things requires you to travel to the moon before you can make her happy.

1. Knowing how to make your girlfriend happy is a very important thing for every man and cooking for her once in a while is something she would appreciate a lot.

Regardless of whether you aren’t the best cook, reducing the brightness of the lights and lightning up a couple of candles while eating makes it such a romantic setting.

Truly, regardless of whether it’s only cheeseburgers, there’s something so romantic about lighting candles.

2. Leave a little note in her car or at her place with a sweet message on it. It doesn’t take much time to do than a couple of minutes and it will absolutely light up her day. You can also place this note in her regular hand bag or purse 👛.

3. Keep in mind the names of her friends. If you want to demonstrate you are interested in her life, you should make sure you don’t forget the names of her friends especially the ones she must have mentioned in a conversation. It demonstrates you remember the slightest details she must have shared with you.

4. Hold up until the point when she returns home to begin watching your favorite shows on the DVR. It’s a lot more enjoyable to watch together.

5. Give her gifts, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Huge gifts can make things awkward on account of the amount of cash spent on such a gift. A little gift that originates from the heart can totally light up her day. It doesn’t need to be costly, simply thoughtful.

6. Notice little changes. It’s important you notice every little changes in her cos she expects you to. In the event that she styled her hair differently or a new eye shadow and you notice, it has a significant effect.

7. When you’re strolling around in broad daylight, don’t be hesitant to grab her hand and hold it. Not in a compelling, frightening manner, but rather in a natural way.

8. I get that not every person can bear to send a mammoth bunch of flowers constantly, yet simply sending a sweet text out of the blue is always a lovely surprise.

9. Plan a date all by yourself without anyone’s help. Nobody likes spending a hour trying to make sense of where you will eat, so regardless of whether it is anything but a mysterious night under the stars, the fact that you planned it all by yourself makes it unique.

10. Plan a date for her and her closest friend. I’m certain there’s a show she would love to head out to or a movie she’s dying to see that you would never want to go to. Preorder tickets for her and one of her friend and, on the off chance that you need to go significantly further, make them dinner reservations where the check is on you.

11. It might sound senseless, however running your fingers through her hair or simply kissing her on the cheek all of a sudden will make her vibe so unique.

12. Have a discussion without looking down at your mobile phone.

13. Outstanding amongst other things you can do is have an association with her family. On the off chance that her father likes you, you’re good to go.

14. In particular, focus on what she prefers and base your romantic gestures off that. There is no single route on how to make your girlfriend happy.

Now you know how to make your girlfriend happy. Add this things to whatever you are doing already and watch how you become Mr Incredible.

You have a special way you make your girlfriend feel special? – we would like to hear it. Share in the the comments section below