How to make your boyfriend love you more

It is not easy to forget someone you love. Getting in love with someone is easy but when it comes to forgetting the person you love then it can a lot painful. To forget about your ex boyfriend you need to have patience and calmness within you. To forget your ex boyfriend you need to distract your mind and keep yourself busy. You need to understand this fact that you have a beautiful life to live which you were living even when he was not in your life. Slowly you will get to forget about him just deviate your thoughts from your ex boyfriend to something productive. Read this article to know how to forget about your ex boyfriend.

How to make your boyfriend love you more

Steps to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

1.) Accept the Situation to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

A break up breaks people apart and it makes them upset and depressed. You have probably suffered a lot and now it is time to move on. It is time to accept the fact that you are no longer in a relationship and it can’t be reversed. When you want to move on in your life then you need to accept the fact and reality of the life. No matter how bitter the truth is one has to deal with it. Accepting the fact that you are not going to get back your ex boyfriend together will help you to move on and have a fresh start in your life. Grow up act mature and stop picking up the broken pieces instead throw them away.

2.) Have Your Own Time to Move On

When people break up they start to live alone and start to follow a private life. Everyone gets one life to live do not waste in crying over someone who left you. When your ex boyfriend was not in your life then too you were happy and living your own life on your own you can do it again. Try to indulge your time within yourself and analyze what is right and what is wrong for you and act accordingly.

Keep thinking about your ex is gonna hurt you only it is wise to move on in your life and stay happy as you were before. Give yourself most importance to stand back again, it is you who deserves your love the most. Instead of thinking and wasting your time on someone else start giving time to yourself and it will help you to have a happy life very soon.

3.) Let Things Go to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

Ignorance is a bliss when you can ignore anything then you can stay happy for a longer period of time. It is not easy to let things go things or memories which you love but it is important to do it for your own happiness. When you can let things go then only you can rest in peace. Learn the art of forgiveness to forget your ex boyfriend. You can not let anything go till you have any feelings for them.

Even if you have hatred for someone it means you are holding them closer to you. You should give yourself the most priority when it comes to finding happiness. Do not keep stuck to someone who does not value you enough. Your ex boyfriend is happily roaming out there and you are ruining your life thinking about someone who does not even deserve you.

4.) Have a Social Life to Stay Happy

You have had enough alone time now it is time to be active and meet people who are in your life. You are blessed to have people in your life who loves you truly and genuinely. Spend your time with them and to spend quality time with them. When you want to forget your ex boyfriend then it is better to go out and meet people as it will help you to forget your past and move on. Do not stay in your room it will make you more depresses and you will start thinking a lot negative things. Try to meet your friends and live your time as you like it.

5.) Stay Positive to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

Staying positive gives the energy to work hard for achieving goals in everyone’s life. When you will try to stay positive in your bad days then you will be less affected by it. Stay positive to attract positiveness. It is said that positivity attracts positivity and when one is positive then good things happens with them. To forget about your ex boyfriend stay positive and have positive thoughts. Try to think that everything is gonna be okay and you will be fine. There are various ways to be happy again and without him being positive will help you to direct in those paths.

6.) Make New Memories to Deal with Break Up

Make new better memories to overlap the previous memories made with your ex. If there is a place which reminds you of him then go visit that place with your friends and have much more fun than the last time. This will help you to overlap your memories with him. If you do not want to go to the same place then you can try going to new places or other fun places which will make you have fun with your friends and will keep you happy. Do something like scuba diving or bungee jumping to have new experiences and make new memories.

7.) Change Your Lifestyle

Changing the way you used to live your life will make you forget your ex boyfriend. Try to get back your life to tracks. Plan the next day a day before to make changes in your lifestyle. Start with cleaning your house and keeping it neat. There are many things which you can include in your to-do list. Make a list of things which are important for you and you always wanted to do it. Make time for those things if you like gardening then spend your time doing it. When you will start doing something new then it will be easier for you to forget your ex boyfriend.

8.) Find Someone Else

This is probably the best way to forget your ex boyfriend. There must be many of his habits which might have annoyed you and you wanted him to get rid if it. Try to find someone who would be just perfect for you. He was not your soul mate and you must have a bitter experience to differentiate between good and bad. Darling, someone out there is just meant for you and you need to do is to wait for him or start searching for him. Finding a perfect match would take time and you need to do it with patience. When you are meant to find your soul mate then do not settle for anyone less worthy.

9.) Do things which You Love

Doing things which you love to do will divert your mind from crying to creation. It does not matter if you have stupid silly goals but work to achieve them. There must be many things which can make you forget everything else. Make a list of things which gives you happiness and start doing it. Things which gives you happiness will make you forget about your worries. If you want to learn something new then go for it, if you like to do cooking then do not wait for the right time to come as right time is now.

10.) Stop Contacting Him to Get Over Him

If you are trying hard enough to contact your ex then it is time to stop doing it right now. Have self respect towards yourself and never ever try to contact that stupid again. If you have started to move on and your ex is trying to contact you then also you need to increase your distance for him. Having any contact might make it harder for your to forget your ex boyfriend. Delete his number and out him in the block list. Stay away from your mutual friends which will remind you of him. When you feel like contacting him then try to divert your mind with doing other tasks or talking to someone else.

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How to make your boyfriend love you more

Have you experienced getting paranoid over your husband or boyfriend?

Do you sometimes feel the fear that he might find someone else – someone prettier, sexier, and better than you?

If your answer to either or both questions is yes, then don’t worry: you are not alone.

Almost every woman in the world share this kind of feeling, the fear of being left for someone else. However, most members of the female species only look at this from one angle, that men are by nature polygamous. That doesn’t sound quite fair, right?

Sure, men have the tendency to look around, but going the extra mile and entertaining a new girl while still in a relationship is often triggered by deeper issues, and you should be aware of that. Maybe he has started to look around just to think, or maybe he has started to simply love you less.

But instead of wallow and grieve, perhaps you would want to take this challenge differently through one-shot prevention and cure: by making him love you more.

Doing this is actually easy, and you can start with the following surefire ways:

1.Listen to him. Always.
Men like to think that they are in control of the relationship, and you should give that to them man-even if sometimes you know otherwise. And while he wants to tell you about his dreams and aspirations, if you keep on giving pessimistic opinions each and every time, the more he would think that you don’t care about his feelings anymore, thus leading him to go and look for someone he could vent on.

Rather than let someone else serve as a shock absorber, why not start listening to him. Be more patient and attentive whenever he talks about his ideas and whims, as for him this shows that you are there for him through thick and thin.

2. Stay pretty.
While your man won’t admit it, he does want to see you pretty at all times. Yes, men can be superficial sometimes, but not to the point that they want their girlfriends or wives to look like movie stars all the time. Sometimes, even just a simple powder and lipstick retouch can go a long way.

A man who is truly in love always sees his lady as his source of pride, someone he can show off to the world as his partner. But how can he do that if you don’t take the time to dress up and be beautiful?

You may want to maintain a signature fashion style that’s neat and classy but not too flashy, a style that showcases your confidence and personality. With this at hand, your man will not only love you more but would be more proud of the fact that he’s in a relationship with someone gorgeous inside and out.

3. Pamper him with little things.
Most men usually give their girlfriends flowers, chocolates, pieces of jewelry, and other presents. But while they ask nothing in return, they do want to be pampered sometimes.

You may want to treat your guy for a massage, especially in times when he is totally stressed from work, or cook him dinner that would comfort his senses. You may also want to take him out on a date for a change, or watch a movie he totally likes. Seeing these simple efforts are a big deal for most men, as they cannot resist being treated like a king.

4. Be his solicited voice of reason.
When a guy starts to talk to his girlfriend or wife, he intends to get two things: a good listener and a voice of reason. While a good listener is a default requirement, a voice of reason has still to be decided on, thus you have to act with caution when going for the latter.

Your man secretly appreciates it when you speak your mind, but he wouldn’t show it outright. It is because he has his pride to maintain, and accommodating his girlfriend or wife’s opinion openly is often seen to be damaging the male ego. So yes, it would be better to share your take on things only when he asks for it. On your end, you not only get to say what you want but deliver your words without disrespecting him.

5. Don’t nag. Ever.
Sometimes when in a relationship, you find yourself pressing your preferences on your partner, even if he doesn’t agree to this. When he doesn’t give in, you tend to nag and become angry, and in return, he becomes angry too. You don’t want to fight over petty things, just because you didn’t get what you were asking from him, right?

A cardinal rule in any relationship is for you never, ever nag. Don’t ever tell him repeatedly to come home on time, or to buy you flowers, to remember special calendar dates. Rather, let him do the effort in making things special, or getting used to what you want. Give him the space to adjust and realize what’s tolerable for you and what’s not. By then he’ll know where exactly the two of you position yourselves in this relationship and move from there.

6. Value your individuality.
Do you remember why your man fell in love with you? He fell in love with your uniqueness as an individual. This includes the way you smile, your wit and smarts, your kindness, the way you dress up and the way you think and act.

Guess what: most women tend to lose these qualities bit by bit like the relationship blossoms, as they become more consumed by what their boyfriends or husbands want them to be. But that doesn’t work that way. It is important to keep in mind that you stay the way you are – the woman your man fell in love with. Sure, you two may already be in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you lose yourself in the process. Rather, value yourself as an individual and let him feel it. This way, he’ll only love you more because he knows your true worth.

If you want to learn how to make your boyfriend want you more than ever, then you’ve come to the right place. Just read on and discover a few very helpful tips on how to keep him always interested and how to make him love you and desire you more. Everyone tends to take their relationship for granted sometimes even if they don’t intend it. Try to always keep the spark alive in your relationship and work on increasing the intimacy between you and your partner. Here are a few very helpful tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more than ever:

Table of contents:

1 Follow Your Own Dreams

One of the best things you can do if you want to learn how to make your boyfriend want you more than ever is to just follow your dreams. Men find intelligent and passionate women irresistible, so follow your own ambitions and work hard to reach all your goals. Be a smart girl and always be aware of the world around you; watch the news and be interested in current affairs.

2 Respect Yourself

If you want your boyfriend to love and respect you more, then you should try to respect yourself in the first place. Be confident and always work on improving your self-esteem. Don’t let anything bring you down, believe in yourself and never ever give up on your dreams!

3 Have Your Own Life

Make sure that your boyfriend is a part of your life and not all of it. Follow your own passions and ambitions, work hard to achieve your goals and have your own life. Be independent and avoid being too clingy, because everyone needs to have some personal space every once in a while.

4 Look Good in His Arms

Don’t neglect your appearance and try to always look good in his arms! Do this for yourself first out of respect for yourself and then, do it to make your boyfriend proud. Look sexy and give him a reason to show you off more. Try to always have his eyes turn towards you when you’re in his arms and please your man with your appearance first.

5 Spend Time with Your Own Friends

Be independent and spend time with your own friends every once in a while. Make your own plans and go out with your friends. Feel good about yourself and be confident! This way, he will worry that you may attract some cute guy’s attention and he will miss you and call you more.

6 Don’t Be a Pushover!

Don’t be a pushover and play hard to get every now and then. Don’t allow your boyfriend to take you for granted, respect yourself and don’t be too eager to please him! If he doesn’t respect you enough, if he always changes plans in the last minute, if he cancels a date for silly reasons, tell him that his behavior is bothering you.

7 Make Him Feel Loved

Make your man feel loved by always showing little signs of affection. Most men love it when their girlfriends show their love and appreciation in public, so when you’re out with his friends, make him feel important, loved and desired. Just wrap your arms around him or you could even place your hand on his cheek in appreciation when he is being nice and loving.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your boyfriend want you and desire you more. I just mentioned a few but I’m sure that there are many more I could add to this list. Do you know any other tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more than ever? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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If you are casually dating a guy, you probably have hopes that he will fall deeply in love with you and that you’ll stay together forever. Although there’s no way to guarantee that your boyfriend will fall in love with you, there are steps you can take to build a strong and healthy relationship with him. If you’re understanding, considerate, and fun, your relationship may reach a new level before you know it!

Sometimes the intensity of boyfriend’s love can fade over time. Even though he’s showing all the Husband Material Signs, it’s easy to forget how much he loves and cherishes you when work and life get in the way. You already know How to Make Him Fall in Love, but how can you do this for a second time?

Here Are Best Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Fall In Love With You Again

However, there are many ways to make your boyfriend fall in love with you again, so that your relationship may be stronger and therefore last longer.

1. Give Each Other Space

How to make your boyfriend love you more

This first tip may sound contradictory, but being away from each other for some time may be beneficial for the two of you and your relationship. Besides, it gives you the chance to miss each other and remind yourselves just how important the other is to you. He will also realize the significant role you’ve had in his life and may fall in love all over again.

2. Get Him To Pick You Up In The Airport After Your Week-Long Business Trip

It can be shorter, or longer, than a week. And it doesn’t have to be business-related, maybe it’s a weekend getaway with your mom or a road trip with your old friends. Whatever it is, you have to go somewhere without him and get him to meet you the moment you arrive back home. As clichéd as it sounds, this will give him a taste of what it might feel like if you leave him, and make him appreciate you more.

3. Go Through Old Picture On His Phone Together

There’s nothing that can make the both of you more wistful than reminiscing old photos together. Going through old pictures, selfies and videos from your first months together will remind him of all the great memories he’s made with you. More so, this is certainly an effective ways to make your boyfriend fall in love with you again.

4. Nurse Him When He’s Sick

It’s easy to cuddle with someone when they’re in their prime condition. But what of the days when they’re sick in bed and unable to maneuver themselves? Not only does seeing your maternal instincts kick in may make him think about raising kids of your own. But having you nurture him back to health and coddle him will surely make him fall deeper in love with you.

5. Teach Him Something New

For one, teaching him something new will make your relationship even closer. As you guide him in a skill completely foreign to him, his trust in you will grow. Trust is also important in the Things to Do to Prove You Love Your Boyfriend. Maybe there’s something about the special bond between a teacher and learner that he’ll feel to make him fall in love with you again.

6. Remind Him Of Your Charms

When your routines have made you distant and spend less time with each other, remind him about the essence of your relationship. What made him fall in love in the first place? What brought you together? Maybe it’s your sweet way with words or how you felt around his arms. How long has it been since you last devoted time for physical intimacy?

7. Tell Him About Your Childhood Hobby

How to make your boyfriend love you more

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a childhood hobby, but the point is to tell him something he doesn’t know about you. The thrill of realizing that there’s still much to learn about you, even after being together for so long, will make him fall in love again. It’s nice to know that there’s always something more to share.

8. Celebrate Anniversaries

Celebrate all kinds of anniversaries together –when he first asked you out, your first kiss together or even your first fight. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’ve been through so much as a couple, surviving the thick and thin. This will definitely deepen the feelings he have for you.

9. Milestone Birthdays And Other Major Events

Moreover, celebrating milestones together is essential in building lasting memories. From a college graduation, twenty-first birthday to a sibling’s wedding. It’s nice to know that you’ll remember each other when you look back on these events.

10. Dance With Him

You don’t have to be a professional ballroom dancer to enjoy a nice dance with him. There’s something about swaying to a romantic tune with his arms around your waist and being in such a close proximity to you that can make him fall in love again.

11. Enjoy A Fancy Candlelight Dinner

An alternative is to enjoy a fancy dinner together. For that night, don’t let anything –including work and friends, disturb your chance to rekindle old love and passion. Talk over a serving of Italian pasta and enjoy each other’s presence. This is a certain ways tp make your boyfriend fall in love with you again

12. And Wear Your Best Dress

Wear your best outfit that complements your physique. Entice him. He’ll remember just how beautiful you are to him and fall in love all over again.

13. Recreate Your First Date

How to make your boyfriend love you more

It may also be a fun way to reminisce old times by recreating your first date. Maybe it’s lunch at a fast food chain, a day in the theme park or a simple stroll by the beach. Recreate that old feeling of excitement and nerves, when the two of you first felt the most in love you with each other.

14. Try Something New Together

The thrill of doing something neither of have never tried before will forever be a memory you’ll cherish. Also, you’ll remember each other whenever you think back about the first time you bungee jumped or learned salsa. This is definitely an effective yet fun way to make him fall in love with you again.

15. Have A Vacation Together

Finally, it’s always a great idea to enjoy a vacation together, just the two of you. The destination and time doesn’t matter –whether it’s just downtown or an entirely new continent, for a weekend or a month. What truly matters is that you get the chance to learn new things about each other and bond in ways that everyday back home can’t provide.

Even More Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Fall In Love Again

  1. Get a Fun Makeover
  2. Wear Old Perfumes and Dresses
  3. Encourage Other Men’s Attention, But Remind Them You’re His
  4. Get Into an Argument and Make Up
  5. Make Him Smile and Laugh
  6. Know and tell him the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More and Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend.

There are of course so many other ways to make your boyfriend fall in love all over again with you, but these are just the top tips! Now you can try out all of these ways and see if he’s once again infatuated with you. Just like old times.

Ones said that you could be the happiest person on Earth when you love somebody and they love you back. That’s true though but the actual journey is about to begin. There are times in a relationship when either you or your boyfriend start to worry about the relationship especially your love.

That being said, you should help your boyfriend so he will believe that your feeling and your love are true with Things to Say to Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him. It’s a little bit tricky to let your boyfriend know how much you love him since it might seem cheesy even though it’s the purest of your feeling.

Here are things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more

Simply say I love you to your boyfriend is too much for some girls. That is why sometimes you may want to find another way to tell your boyfriend that you are definitely his girl and your love won’t just fade away.

To help you with this, there are things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more.

At the beginning of things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more, you should pay attention to what boys want in a relationship. Most of them need someone that he can lean on especially when there is a hard time.

Explain to your boyfriend he doesn’t need to worry too much since he has you. You’ll definitely be there for him no matter what.

You may find eventually that your boyfriend somehow does his best to impress you. It leads him to do something he can’t or even doesn’t like.

Before it happens, you should tell him that it isn’t necessary because he doesn’t need to be someone else to make you love him.

3. “I’m Happy with You”

You have to know things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more. We can’t deny that we’re searching for happiness in every relationship. Tell your boyfriend that just being with him is make you happy, and he’ll love you even more.

4. “I’m a Proud Girlfriend”

Every girl might proud with his lover either because what he does or what he gives for you. Then, tell him so and don’t wait too long searching for a perfect time. Maybe you can learn How Do You Know If God Wants You to Marry.

5. “Your Smile Is My Favorite”

One of the things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more is important for you to say. You might want to tell and let your boyfriend know about what part of him that you like a lot. Is it his sweet smile?

A big thing comes from a simple thing. You can tell him that you miss him when he’s not around so he knows that his existence is the matter for you. Check this out too Things to Know Before Dating a Girl Who Is Perpetually Single.

7. “Meeting You Is a Destiny”

If you want to say something that has a deep meaning, you can tell him how grateful you are to have them as your boyfriend. When meeting him is a destiny, then no one can stop it.

8. “It Feels Like Dream“

Not only it’s your destiny, know your boyfriend might be a thing you never imagined before. He’s just too kind, lovable, and basically perfect for you.

9. “We Can Conquer the World Together”

Here are things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more. Do you know what you can do with him? Who knows that you guys can conquer the world? Then, ask and tell him to do it.

10. “Let Me Be the One”

Your boyfriend sometimes also wonder are you the one he has been searching for. Well, try to reassure him that you want it and absolutely can. Also, read How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him for the First Time.

Sign He Loves You Even More

After learning things to say to your boyfriend to make him love you even more, there are signs he loves you even more now. Also check How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Need More Attention.

1. Give More Affection

Even though you are busy, make sure you give your boyfriend enough attention and love. Probably, you want to give it more!

2. Believe What You Say

When he loves you, he’ll eventually trust you because he has no worry you’re going to cheat on him. Learn this too If A Guy Cheats on His Girlfriend with You.

3. Miss You a Lot

After telling him that you miss him a lot, he would realize that he also misses you. Not only that, he knows can tell that he doesn’t want to lose you.

4. Spend More Time with You

He definitely has one or two things to be wrapped. However, he doesn’t want you to feel lonely and that’s why he spends more time with you.

More Tips to Make Your Boyfriend Love You Even More

Here are more tips to make your boyfriend love you even more. Or you can learn this too Sarcastic Things to Say to Haters.

1. Send Him Cute Text

Who said only girls love to receive some cute good morning text? The boys love too.

2. Introduce Him to Your Friends & Family

He would love to if you ask him to your friend’s birthday party or your family gathering. It lets him know that you are proud to have him. And if you ready for the next step, learn this How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage to help you.

3. Make Him a Lunch

A simple affection comes from making him a box of lunch. Try to improve your cooking skills!

4. Plan a Romantic Dinner

Once a month maybe you can set a romantic dinner for a date. You would looking forward to it!

Simple, Effective, Fun and Guaranteed to Make Him Crazy About You!

How to make your boyfriend love you more

When it comes to men, what you think might attract them actually turns them away. Men are completely different from women, so to make your life a little easier, here’s a 24-step guide on how to make him crazy about you and always leave him wanting more:

1. Show off your natural beauty

Makeup highlights your beautiful features, but don’t underestimate how much men love the natural look. Surprise him by switching between wearing makeup to flaunting your natural look.

2. Make him work for it

Don’t overdo it by playing hard to get, but at the same time, don’t make it too easy for him. Show him you’ll only be with someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, and that you’re not willing to fall for just anybody.

3. Be yourself

Don’t try to act like the woman you think he wants. That could send the message that you’re desperate. Just be yourself.

4. Don’t always be the first to call

There’s nothing wrong with making the first move, but it’s bad sign if you always make the first move. It might be difficult to resist calling or texting him again, but if he’s not putting in any effort, he’s not worth your time.

5. Be kind to his friends

If you can win over his friends, you’re already halfway there to winning his heart.

6. Don’t be jealous

Swallow your jealousy if you can. If the problem is serious, share your feelings in private. Jealousy has a tendency to eat away at your relationship if you don’t address the problem.

7. Make him laugh

The more you laugh together, the more time he’ll want to spend with you.

8. Keep living your life

No man wants a women who is just waiting around to get married. Keep making plans with your friends and family.

9. Stand up for yourself

Never apologize for who you are. It’s one thing to make amends for something you did wrong, but never let anyone try to put you down or change who you are.

10. Awaken a small hint of jealousy in him

The secret is in the word “small.” You can subtly point out what you find attractive in other men without going to extremes that make him think you’re seeing someone else. Don’t try this if you’re married, but if you’re trying to get a guy to notice you, a little jealousy can help him realize he’s into you.

11. Be mysterious

Don’t tell him your whole life story on the first date. Hold a little back and leave him wanting more.

12. Take charge

Show him you can be independent. There’s nothing wrong with being a little untraditional. Plan a date and take him out!

13. Take care of yourself

This aspect is much more important than just your physical appearance. Take care of yourself emotionally, too. Go on a walk, soak in the tub or relax at the salon to be the confident and calm woman any man would want to date.

14. Use social media in your favor

The modern world has given us the gift of social media – use it to your advantage. Post a photo to keep him thinking about you.

15. Discover his interests

Step out of your own bubble for a while and listen to him. Find out what he enjoys doing, what his favorite food is and how many siblings he has. Men love women who know how to listen.

16. Put the heels aside and go on an adventure

Let him see all the different sides of you. Amongst your nights in, dinner reservations and trips to the movie theatre, plan a few outdoor adventures. Go on a hike, ride bikes or play a game of basketball together.

17. Dress up

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

18. Don’t make him your first priority

Your spouse should be one of your top priorities, but while you’re dating, make him work for that number one spot.

19. Cook for him

As the saying goes, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach.

20. Buy something together

Once you’ve been dating a while, consider making your first purchase together. Buy a few kayaks or a day pass to an amusement park. Make it something simple but big enough to be a step forward in your relationship.

21. Love yourself

The more you love yourself, the bigger chances you have of him falling for you.

22. Smile

Show him your sweet smile – sometimes gestures say far more than words ever can.

23. Take care of your skin

Show him you love your body by taking care of it. Moisturize, stay hydrated and use sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and happy.

24. Express your gratitude

Use good manners and always say thank you. Men love women who show their appreciation.

These 24 simple things will have the right man falling in love with you in no time. Watch for men who do these things for you, too, because a man who truly loves you will do everything he can to prove it.

Start doing these 24 simple things on how to make him crazy about you and you will have the right man falling in love with you in no time.

Sometimes, even if you’re completely and madly in love with your boyfriend just saying “I love you” isn’t enough. Sometimes you need to show him that you love him instead of just saying you do. It is true what they say after all; actions do speak louder than words.

Saying that you need to prove that you love him is completely normal, but just what kind of things do you need to do? Well, gestures can be big and over the top, or they can be small and subtle. It’s up to you. The key to proving that you love someone is thinking outside of the box and making the person you love feel special.

Here are 15 simple and fun ways that will answer all your doubts on how to prove you love him!

1) Say I love you frequently

How to make your boyfriend love you more

I know, I know, I just said that actions speak louder than words so why an earth am I starting the list with this? Hear me out! If you don’t say I love you sometimes then he might begin to wonder why you’re doing all these nice things for him but never actually saying the words. Saying “I love you” is a good place to start when proving that you love someone.

2) Listen to his stories

Don’t just listen half-heartedly with your phone in one hand or when you’re trying to watch TV at the same time. Make time to sit and talk to him and really listen to what he’s saying. Repeat things back to him, add encouragements and well thought out replies so that he really knows that you were paying attention. It will make him feel cared about and loved by you.

3) Cook his favorite foods

Cook him his favorite meal one night, when it’s not his birthday or another special occasion. Set the table and light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Not only will he love that you’ve done this but he’ll really feel like you listen to him because you know what food he loves.

4) Take him to a nice restaurant

How to make your boyfriend love you more

This one is a great idea if you’re not much of a cook. Surprise him by treating him to a meal at one of his favorite restaurants. When he asks what the special occasion is just tell him there doesn’t need to be one; you’re treating him because you love him.

5) Surprise him for no apparent reason

Similar to the one about taking him to a nice restaurant above, but surprises can be anything. The best thing about surprising someone is that the surprise can be something huge like whisking him away to Paris for the week, or they can be a small gesture like buying him some of his favorite candy.

6) Look after him when he’s not feeling well

Whether he’s sick or whether he’s upset about something, being there to look after him is a good way to prove that you love him. Wrap him in a blanket, bring him hot drinks and a snack, and offer up cuddles. He’ll be feeling better in no time.

7) Tell him what you love about him

Bonus points if you do this whilst they are dressed down and not looking the best you know they can look. He might be lounging around in a robe watching TV, or he might just have woken up, so will not be expecting to be complimented.

8) Tell him that you love things he doesn’t like about himself

Everybody has things that they don’t like about themselves, and chances are your man is no different. This is a good way to prove to him that you love him and it’s also a good way to make him feel good about himself.

9) Have a movie/TV night and let him pick what you watch

How to make your boyfriend love you more

Nothing says I love you more than saying that you’ll watch whatever he wants, without complaining about it, no matter how awful you think it is.

10) Write a letter telling him why you love him

Yes, a handwritten letter is pretty old school nowadays, but I just think there’s something lovely and personal about picking up a pen and writing down your feelings on a piece of paper. It’ll make your boyfriend feel more special and loved when he’s reading it as it’s in your handwriting instead of typed font.

11) Make him a gift for his birthday or for the holidays

Sometimes a handmade gift is a great idea if you want to give them something but maybe can’t afford anything you think they’d want. It’s also great if you can afford to buy something but want to make it a little bit more personal.

There are so many ideas for what you can make him. You can make an old school mix CD or playlist, a romantic coupon book or something edible. Handmade gifts can be anything and are a great way to prove you love him. When someone makes you a gift you know they’ve been thinking about you and really care about making you happy.

12) Show him affection

Give him a tender hug when he gets home or kiss his forehead when he first wakes up. He’ll think of it as a sweet little gesture and he’ll definitely know that you love him when you show him some out of the blue affection.

13) Tell him a personal story

Telling your boyfriend a personal story about you, which you don’t often tell people, is a great way to prove that you love him. This is because, by opening up and showing him that you trust him, you’re saying that your feelings for him are real and you’re in this relationship for the long haul.

14) Send the occasional loving text when you’re not together

When you’re not with the person you love, it’s nice to send them the occasional text to show them that you miss them and are thinking of them. Not every text has to be a long, romantic declaration of love- just a simple ‘I hope you’re having a good day’ is fine. It proves that you love him because you can’t take time out of your busy day to send everyone texts!

15) Encourage him when he goes after his dreams

By supporting him and encouraging him to pursue his goals shows that you love him and don’t consider his dreams to be an inconvenience. When you love someone you want them to succeed and do things that make them happy, don’t you? So, there’s no better way to do this than by giving him plenty of encouragement.

Obviously these are nice ways to prove to him that you love him, but these are by no means the only ways you can do it. You just have to get creative! But don’t do anything you don’t want to do or buy him anything that you can afford- proving that you love someone should be fun for you too.

Also, remember relationships are a two way street and it’s up to him to prove to you that he loves you as well (so maybe leave this list open on his laptop as a hint!). You never know, you might get some nice surprises for yourself.

What are some ways you’ve proved to your boyfriend that you love him? Let us know in the comments!