How to make winter window decorations

How to make winter window decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations, paper craft ideas for window decoration

How to make winter window decorations

Simple window decoration is a way to add interesting and comforting motifs to rooms during the winter holidays. Winter themed decorating ideas look cheerful and inviting. Elegant Christmas decoration ideas add charm to winter homes and make it more enjoyable to drive down a snowy lane with your family in a vehicle and watch the creative Christmas decorations sparkle at night.

Window decoration, along with outdoor Christmas decorations, is the perfect way to show the winter holiday vibe. Ecco un’idea per decorare le finestre di Christmas semplice, veloce e facile da realizzare che tu e i tuoi bambini adorerete decorare le loro case per le vacanze.

Christmas decorations aren’t just Christmas tree decorations. Add a roll of fishing line with colorful decorations, a Christmas wreath or some decorations with ribbons of slightly different lengths to decorate your window and make your window special and festive.

Handmade Christmas decorations

How to make a window decoration for Christmas

You will need cardboard or heavy craft paper, foam, a Christmas wreath with lights, glue, scissors. Draw Christmas trees, winter pictures or Christmas decoration motifs on the cardboard and cut them out with a knife or scissors.

Glue the cardboard decorations together to make them long enough for your windowsill and place them vertically on a piece of foam one by one.

How to make winter window decorationsCardboard winter trees

Make two strips of cardboard window decorations and place the Christmas lights on a piece of foam between the cardboard decorations as shown in the photos.

A simple and elegant window decoration will glow at night and delight with amazing winter-themed paintings. Similar window decoration can be made with thin plywood panels, adding a horizontal base for stability.

How to make winter window decorationsHandmade Christmas decorations made with cardboard, foam and lights

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The onset of cool winter weather doesn’t mean the planter has to look dull, dreary and deserted until it’s time to fill it with colorful spring and summer flowers. Instead, use your imagination and use the box as a decorative piece to add color during the winter.

Colorful leaves

A window filled with colorful, Andye-catching plants provides color and texture throughout the winter. Cabbage and flowering cabbage (Brassica oleracea) are good places to start as strong, long-lasting plants come in green, red, purple, white, and blue colors. The plants are similar, but the cabbage has pleated leaves and the cabbage leaves are flatter and wider. Both are hardy in all U. S. Department of Agriculture growing zones. Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) is an attractive climber with bright orange blossoms in summer and bright green leaves that turn purple in winter. Crossvine can be grown in zones 8 to 10.

Winter flowers

Although most flowering plants can’t tolerate winter cold, some sturdy flowering plants are hardy enough to light up a window during the winter months. A good example is pansy (Viola x wittrockiana), because hardy plants in zones 6 to 8 can withstand even single-digit temperatures. Paperwhites (Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’) are spring flowering onions that can be grown outdoors in growing zones 8 to 11. The delicate flowers are pure white or white with yellow cups depending on the variety. Although cyclamen (Cyclamen coum) blooms in late summer and early fall, it adorns the heart-shaped window in growing zones 5 to 9 throughout the winter.


Chrysanthemums, suitable for growing in U. S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 9,are a focal point for a colorful thanks window box, Anda small scarecrow provides whimsy. Surround the mums and scarecrows with miniature pumpkins and gourds, plus decorated Indian corn husks. A nature walk may provide additional thanks decorations, such as colorful autumn leaves or twigs from a dogwood or willow tree.


A series of evergreen branches such as juniper, cedar or Norwegian pine make the planter more attractive. Arrange the branches so they extend along the edges of the box, then use the threads to attach large cones or garden ornaments such as holly, rose hips, or willow twigs. A string of lights, a few colorful decorations, a glitz or beaded garland, or a speck of gold or silver glitter add even more festive character.

Christmas themed and holiday decorating ideas for flower boxes and containers

Below is a small example of winterwindow ideas shipped by our customers. Felci, piante perenni sempreverdi, rosse e bianche, ghirlande, ornamenti decorativi, piante, fiori artificiali, stelle di Christmas, palline jingle, nastri, coni, decorazioni natalizie, ghirlande, lampade, agrifoglio e altro sono alcune idee semplici ed efficaci che possono essere utilizzate per decorare fioriere. Some of these are Christmas themed and some are winter themed or holiday themed. One of the nice things about our planters, planters and railings is that they can be left all year round, including the harsh northern winters. This saves the time and effort of removing and storing the boxes, and offers the ability to use the boxes in a way that makes your home more attractive even in winter! You can plant real plants and flowers and leave the soil in your box without fear of breaking as our planters are stretchable plastic that won’t break during winter frosts. The material shrinks and expands and is made of solid non-hollow PVC, which will not separate from freezing water.

Christmas Window Boxes

We would like to see what you cry for yourswinter planters!! Send us your photos by e-mail xmas window ideas,Scatole per finestre di Christmas, AndScatole per finestre di Christmas and add it to our gallery here at sales @ flowerwindowboxes. com to show your boxes! Your photos can help our team grow and even appear on our website to show off to the world and help other clients create their own ideas for their unique projects. Plus, you might even have your own winter decorating ideas!

How to make winter window decorationsWhile great products and excellent customer service can keep customers coming back, your graphics and branding will be the elements that get people to enter your store in the first place. Your store’s window display plays a big part in this, which is why you should take the steps to make it as fresh and attention-grabbing as possible.

Need some tips on how to do this? Here’s a dozen to get you started:

1. Be aware of who your target audience is

Before you bring out your craft supplies, fixtures, Andwhatnot, take some time to think about your target audience. Who do you want to attract? Which people would benefit most from your products and services? Let the answers to these questions guide your decisions.

Your showcase needs to be targeted enough to entice the right buyers, but not too specific to alienate potential customers.This is something that Sessions Music, a music education company, has learned.

According to its marketing director Adam Williamson, since 75% of their students were under the age of 15, they were initially left with “child-focused” images in their displays. They soon realized, however, that this alienated and led potential customers to think that Session Music was just for kids.

“Even after we changed this, we still constantly had people saying ‘Do you have programs for adults?’ Sure, we do, but our shop windows weren’t showing it correctly, ”Adam said.

“And after our change in imagery, we noticed that as long as our imagery didn’t contain anything offensive or adult-themed, nothing in our more broad imagery alienated our younger students either. In fact, it made many of our students feel our business was ‘hipper’ (from a recent student survey) than before.”

2. Place the key elements at eye level

In addition to considering your target audience, you also need to think about their point of view, advised Sophie Darling, the community manager at WeddingDresses. com and a former owner of a wedding dress shop.

What do you want them to watch? Where do you want them to look first? How can you approach them? Usually, this means putting your main article at eye level, ”she added.

Warm up the cold, gray winter days with these simple ideas you can make yourself.

How to make winter window decorations

Just because Christmas has passed, doesn’t mean you have to pack up all your holiday decorations for the season. There are still plenty of DIY winter decorations out there that will add a festive touch to your home right up to the mildest weather. You can create a cozy living room of your dreams or add color to your kitchen by cooking soups and stews that heat up. Our list of ideas includes some cute winter crafts you can make yourself, like turning old sweaters into pillows, and even making a mittens garland. Greenery is also an easy way to add cheer to any home, especially in the form of wreaths or garlands – instead of a bow try adding a pair of gloves or white painted pine cones for decoration. You can also use our DIY wreath guide if you’re looking for a design for a cold, warm winter day.

Whether you want to get a rustic farmhouse decor or a minimalist vibe, here’s an idea to cover all styles. From pops of patterns and color to using pine cones and acorns for decoration, this list will inspire different ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, Andmore. Once you’ve decided what direction to take your winter decoration ideas, you’ll probably end up adding some fun winter activities to your list.

How to make winter window decorations

Wrap plain glass vases with strands of yarn, Andthread with wood knitting needles. For more structured threads, weave lengths of thread and tie around the vases. Add ranunculuses, baby’s breath, snowberries, Andtwigs.

How to make winter window decorations

Perfect for a festive table, above the mantel, or tucked away in a fireplace instead of a fire, these DIY candles are a breeze.

To do: Wrap the pillar candle with string. Place fresh bay leaves, thyme or rosemary under the string.

How to make winter window decorations

Make this simple wreath in under 5 minutes.

To do: Wrap a 12-inch foam wreath with a knitted scarf, holding the ends in place with straight pins. Attach child’s mittens and top with a yarn bow.

How to make winter window decorations

Decorate the table with lots of wool and reused cable sweaters for a warm and welcoming dinner. Wrap the yarn around large spools and flower pots, add knitting needles for an extra flair, to create a centerpiece. Tie balls of wool to the backs of the chairs and cover the seats with pieces of jumper to create themed seats.

How to make winter window decorations

The winter decor of this 200-year-old farmhouse featured wreaths hanging from the steps. Red bows with balls tied in the center add a festive color.

How to make winter window decorations

Un modo semplice per ravvivare qualsiasi tavola: disporre le bacche invernali e i ramoscelli sempreverdi in un secchio zincato. Here, a simple wreath also adds a wintry touch to a country cabin.

How to make winter window decorations

For a classic winter decoration that always looks elegant, furnish doors or cabinets with unadorned garlands, hung with festive plaid ribbons.

How to make winter window decorations

This gorgeous staircase takes on a festive character with garlands of dried citrus and greens. Festive velvet ribbons wrapped around pictures and silhouettes make you feel like a gift.

How to make winter window decorations

The green-red palette works all winter and is easy to make. Set your table with winter greenery and red candles, and for an extra cozy touch, spread out Scottish blankets on the benches.

How to make winter window decorations

Use items you wouldn’t normally use to decorate, such as pine cones and chestnuts, to add a natural element to your room. It looks especially rustic in front of the crackling fire.

How to make winter window decorations

Stop any room from feeling dreary during dark winter days with bright and bold patterns. If you have some colorful plates or pots, go ahead and show them!

How to make winter window decorations

Brighten up any dining room by adding green accents on the table and shelves. Even when it’s white and snowy outside, it will feel a little more alive inside.

How to make winter window decorations

Turn your winter gear into a gorgeous decoration with this cute mittens garland idea to hang in your kid’s room. For an added bonus, attach any skis, snowboards or other gear for a true winter look.

How to make winter window decorations

A simple wreath of pine cones, fresh greenery, Anda few white flowers makes a versatile piece you can showcase above a fireplace all winter long.

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Save money by making your own fake snow to use as Christmas tree decorations, wreaths or for other winter decorating projects. Artificial snow is available wherever craft supplies are sold, but it is usually packaged in small jars with high price tags. If you don’t want to buy a Christmas tree flocking kit, you can mix your own snow for pennies. You won’t need any special ingredients other than a couple of pieces of expanded polystyrene, better known as Styrofoam, Andthe items in your craft supply stash.

Use foam balls

Place a 2-inch foam ball, available at craft stores and large boxes, on a kitchen cutting board. Cut the ball in half with a serrated knife in a back and forth saw motion as if cutting a tomato in half. It is not necessary to measure and mark the ball before cutting; the halves don’t have to be exact. Don’t worry if the ball crashes slightly.

Let it Snow

Working on a paper plate, rub the two halves of the ball together with a sanding motion, showering flakes of foam onto the plate. Pour the flakes into the measuring cup and add the crumbs produced by cutting the ball in half. Keep scrubbing and flaking until you have 1/2 cup of foam flakes. Place the rest of the ball and any extra petals in a resealable sandwich bag for future craft projects.

Add the craft glue

Pour 1/2 cup of foam flakes into a small bowl. Add 1/4 cup of white craft glue and 2 tablespoons of white acrylic paint. Mix the ingredients with a spoon. White Craft Glue is a water-based glue that is easy to clean when poured.

Apply artificial snow

Apply the DIY fake snow for crafts to your decorations, Christmas tree or wreath using a craft stick or hard-bristled artist’s brush, such as a child’s plastic paintbrush, before it hardens. Pat or scrub heavy snow as needed. Let the wet snow dry. Note: Thicker layers harden and dry completely after a few hours.

Paint the snow

Use a paint that does not contain solvents such as benzene or toluene as they can dissolve the Styrofoam if you want to dress up the snow a little color. I colori acrilici e a tempera, prontamente disponibili nei negozi di arte e artigianato, sono la soluzione migliore. For a longer lasting finish, apply a sealer to the snow and allow to dry before painting.

How to make winter window decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time, which includes beautiful decorations in the house. An important place not to be missed are the windows. Very beautifull Christmas window decorations welcome your visitors and strangers to see them from the street. Isn’t it just wonderful to come home after a long day at work and see the decorated windows that invite you and promise you a festive atmosphere? Outdoor festive decorations always bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Christmas window decorations with candles, lights and wreaths

How to make winter window decorations

Nothing will light up a window like candles and lights. Arrange the candles on the windowsill with spruce twigs, walnuts, or tree ornaments. The sparkling spheres will magically reflect the light into the room. Hang string lights to create real magic.

How to make winter window decorations

Decorate the window with Christmas wreaths. You can buy ready-made wreaths or decorate simple wreaths with bows and ornaments. The color and style of the wreath should complement the exterior of the home or office. Christmas mesh wreaths are especially popular as a DIY project for the holidays

Christmas window decorations – snowflakes and drawings

Paper snowflakes are easy to make and sparkle nicely on the window when decorated with glossy paint. Tie them with threads and ribbons of different lengths so that the snowflakes hang at different heights. Attach the ribbons in the area above so that the ribbon does not remain on the glass when removing the decorations.

How to make winter window decorations

If you have artistic skills, you can easily learn how to make a rag wreath or choose suitable washable color paintsChristmas window decorations. Paint snow landscapes, Christmas trees with gifts, gingerbread men, candy canes or other scenes that come to your mind. Alternatively, use only artificial snow.

How to make winter window decorations

A quick and easy idea

How to make winter window decorations

Festive decoration in red and white

How to make winter window decorations

Idee per decorare le luci di Christmas

How to make winter window decorations

Nice decorations and candles

How to make winter window decorations

White House decoration

How to make winter window decorations

Very beautifull arredamento in argento e rosso

How to make winter window decorations

Very beautifull girlanda i wieniec w przedpokoju

How to make winter window decorations

Easy DIY banner

White paper trees

How to make winter window decorations

DIY paper snowflakes

DIY paper garland with snowflakes

These decorations won’tglassput.

How to make winter window decorations

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are a few essential areas to cover. Of course, you want your living room and porch completely decked out in outdoor Christmas lights, Christmas garlands, Andother knickknacks, but there’s something you might be overlooking when dreaming up ideas: Christmas window decorations. You may be wondering, “Why are windows so important?” But we encourage you to think about how beautiful your home will be, both inside and out, after adding one or more of these ideas.

If you can’t bear the thought of buying another Christmas decoration, you’re in luck. These Christmas window decorations can be completely DIY and make the perfect craft project when it’s too cold to go outside. There are decorations for windows of all shapes and sizes ahead, like DIY wreath ideas, garlands, Christmas trees, Andhanging fixtures with easy-to-make Christmas ornaments. And since most of these are DIY, we also suggest getting your kids involved in the process. That’s why we’ve included Christmas crafts for kids, like hot glue snowflake window clings and an easy twine Christmas card display ideas. To see just how creative you can get, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Christmas window decorations right here.