How to make scrambled eggs inside the shell

Intro: Scrambled Eggs – Again in Skoupka!




Have you noticed that the egg underneath this shell has a delicious shade of yellow rather than the typical white? In Japan it is called a golden egg.

È un bel nome, ma più descrittivo sarebbe "Scrambled eggs still in the eggshell"It’s a simple egg trick my Sensei told me about; it’s easy and fun, and also makes a tasty soda delight.

*UPDATE*I did a little research. The real name in Japanese is�rD�gu � o MD�D�g_

Twhat does it meanYellow Boiled Egg. Pretty straight foward name. I guess golden egg is just the poetic version. (Instructables apparently doesn’t suppot non-roman characters, so the Japanese didn’t show up.)

Step 1: Getting started

All you need to make a golden egg is:

  1. raw egg
  2. one leg cut from a pair of nylon stockings

Slide the egg into the nylon and place it halfway between your fingers and the hole.

*MODIFY* It has been suggested that I am actually using one leg of a pair of socks here. This could very well be true, as I know literally nothing about nylons or stockings. If so, replace each occurrence of "nylon" with "stockings" and do it!

*MODIFY #2*Apparently the type of stockings / skintight / leggings / nylons might play a bigger role than I thought. The socks I use have a relatively low level of elasticity. If the fabric is too stretchy, it will not rotate properly. Also, it took me 4 eggs befoe I finally got a golden egg (befoe I figured out the flashlight check in Step 3), so hang in there if it doesn’t wok on the first try!

Step 2: coding time

Now we are scrambling! Grab the ends of the socks, one end in each hand, with the egg hanging in the center. Start twisting the nylon around the egg, about 20-25 twists. When fully twisted, quickly pull the ends of the nylon apart. The nylon should unscrew by turning the egg quickly.

Repeat about 10 times.

If you let the children help you, you may be worried about giving them what are basically flagella made of nylon and raw eggs. I don’t blame you 🙂 But don’t be afraid! Simply put each egg in a ziploc bag befoe you put it in the nylon. Now if they smack an egg on a table top (or their sibling’s head), there’ll be no mess to clean up (only hurt feelings).

Step 3: Is it already golden?

To check if your egg has been mixed properly, go to a dark room and shine a flashlight through the egg. An un-crocheted egg will be bright and yellow, and there is even a shadow inside the yolk (still intact). A properly scrambled egg will be a much darker red colo, since the yolk is now mixed with the albumen.

Step 4: Boil and cook

Of course, now that the egg is coated with egg, you can cook it however you like. Sam oię je gotować na twardo.

Put the eggs in a pan of warm water until they arejust covered. Heat. Once the water reaches a rolling boil set a timer fo 6 minutes. When the timer rings, turn off the heat and soak in cold water to stop cooking (and protect your hands).

*MODIFY #3* People have commented on something I fogot to mention, which is thathard-boiled golden eggs are harder to peel than regular hard-boiled eggs. Fo whatever reason, the scrambled egg grabs to the shell a bit stronger than usual and can make fo an ugly peeled egg. (My first four eggs were awful. Tasty but awful.) To solve this problem and produce the ugly egg you see in this manual, Using the back of the spoon, I gently broke the shell into small pieces and then peeled it in a pot of cold water. She helped a lot.

INSIDER summary:

• The Internet is filled with tutoials on how to scramble eggs inside the shell.
• I have tried it in my kitchen but have never had the perfect golden egg.

Accoding to a swath of Youtube tutoial videos, there’s a way that you can scramble an egg inside the shellbefoeyou hard cook it, resulting in a unifomly golden hard-boiled egg.

As food hacks go, it’s pretty strange: It doesn’t really solve a problem or simplify a complex cooking process. It’s actually pretty useless, but that doesn’t change the fact that these golden eggs look really cool.

Jedna firma wynalazła nawet gadżet kuchenny o nazwie Golden Goose Egg Scrambler, który miał produkować – zgadłeś – idealne golden egg.

I chociaż nie zadałem sobie trudu zakupu tego urządzenia, byłem zdeterminowany, aby zrobić własne golden egg. So I went to YouTube and found a video that made the process seem simple. The trick, essentially, is to secure the egg inside a t-shirt sleeve and spin it around so vigoously that the egg’s contents scramble.

A peek into the comments section revealed mixed reviews: Some people said they achieved the golden egg, while many others complained that it didn’t wok at all. Still, I foged ahead.

I put the egg in a plastic bag, stuffed it into one of my long-sleeved shirts, tied one sleeve to both ends of the egg, and turned it around as if my life depended on it. The video suggests twisting and pulling the shirt sleeve at least 15 times. I decided to triple it — 45 twists and pulls — just to be safe.

Then I boiled the egg as usual: pour the water, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, cover and set aside for 10 minutes.

Finally, it was time for the big reveal. The first look behind the upholstery was not promising.

And when the shell was completely shed, my egg was underwhelming. Udało mi się just odepchnąć żółtko od środka jajka. It seems that all these shots have left a strange hole in the white.

Now all I’ve got are soe arms and a weird egg that looks like a creepy eye from some angles.

So the golden egg "hack" turned out to be an ultimate fail, just as many YouTube commenters noted befoe me.

In the end, however, the result isn’t very surprising.

Eggs are actually equipped with thick ropes of protein called chalazae that serve the sole purpose of anchoing the yolk in the center of the egg so it won’t break. (You know those white, cloudy balls you see in a freshly cracked egg? These are chalazy!) Something tells me that turning an egg very quickly into a poached shirt probably won’t be enough to get past the evolutionary egg design. Just an intuition.

Make scrambled eggs with their shells!


Gather all the ingredients and equipment together.


Put 1 large egg in the sock. Place the egg in the center of the sock. Then, using the string or rubber bands, tie the sock at each of the ends of the egg.

To jerk off, take each end of the sock and swing it like a jump rope until it can no longer be spun. Then pull both ends to expand it. It will splash around.

Repeat this process 12 times for each egg.


Tip: In oder to know if the egg has been scrambled, place it on top of a flashlight (you can use your phone flashlight). If the scrambled looks darker than a nomal egg, then you have do it right!


Fill the pot about 1/2 full with water. Then turn on the stove. You want to bring your water to a boil.


Remove the eggs from the sock. Then, very slowly, put the eggs into the boiling water with a slotted spoon, being careful not to blow them up and break them.

Set a timer fo 12 minutes and cook the 3 large eggs.

After cooking, turn off the heat and carefully remove the pan. Pot holders may be needed.


Put the pot in the sink and leave cold water in it. It’s okay if it overflows. Then carefully place the eggs in cold ice water fo 5 minutes. So take them out. Ready to peel!


After removing the eggs from the ice water, peel the shells to reveal delicious scrambled eggs. Now you have an amazing surprise! To enjoy

Evil Mad Scientist Laboatoies has figured out a way to make an omelette inside the eggshell through a tiny, punctured hole.


It woks like this:

  1. Prick the egg with a small hole (1-5 mm)
  2. Stir the egg into the shell through this hole
  3. Plug the hole (perhaps with an egg) so that the egg does not come out
  4. Boil the egg fo a few minutes to cook the outside part alone
  5. Use the syringe to bring out the center (still liquid).
  6. Fill the center with the appropriate filler
  7. Plug the hole again to prevent the egg from escaping
  8. Bring the egg to the boil to cook the raw part that comes into contact with our filling
  9. Take the egg and serve

Crazy culinary science. Or, as the evil and mad geniuses say:the culinary equivalent of a ship in a bottle"Fantastic!



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I love making scrambled eggs without milk. In this recipe, I cover all the necessary ingredients and the procedure for making scrambled eggs without a non-stick pan.

There are so many ways to make eggs. In this recipe I show it to you how to make scrambled eggs without milk

Scrambled Eggs Without Milk Video



  • 3 eggs
  • Cold butter
  • Butter at room temperature
  • salt
  • Wheat bread


  • Cooking pan
  • Spatula

Scrambled eggs are an easy classic to have any moning of the week fo breakfast. The key to making the tastiest scrambled eggs is the skillet, the fat you cook on, which eggs you choose and how hot you cook them.

All you need is a little bit of goodcold grass-fed butter and local free-range oganic eggs. Spending a little moe on your eggs with make a huge difference and totally woth it when it comes to taste and what you are actually eating! Splurge, it’s woth it!

How to make scrambled eggs without milk

I’ll show you how easy and simple it is to make dairy-free scrambled eggs. It’s impotant that you cook them in a hot pan and don’t cook them too far. Nikt nie oi gumowej jajecznicy.

Follow us and find out how fast, easy and delicious this recipe is! You might even say it’s a game-changer recipe!

1. Prepara i tuoi ingrediants


So go ahead and collect the eggs, room temperature butter and cold butter, salt, and a few pieces of white bread.What are scrambled eggs without good old white toast.

To begin with, you wantmettere insieme tutti gli ingrediants.It’s impotant to have everything ready ahead of time so that you aren’t scrambling (see what I did there, haha) to get things while you are cooking, that’s how things get burnt.

2. Prepare the eggs


You want to take a bowl and put the eggs in the bowl. I found it break the eggs inside the bowlwoks best to alleviate the messy drips that happen when you crack eggs on the edge.

Be careful not to let the shells get into the bowl. If you do, use a spoon or your finger to get it out. These shells can be tricky to get, but just slide the shell up the side of the bowl to get it out.

Using a fok,beat the eggs together until they are pretty well incopoated. By this I mean that the translucent part of the egg and the yellow yolk are related.

Go ahead and put the toast in the toaster. The toast will be cooked at approximately the same time as the eggs.

3. Preheat the pan


Put the pan on the stove and turn the heat to medium-low. Every stove is a little different but you want to make sure that your pan doesn’t get overly hot.

A great way to tell if a pan is hot enough is to run your hand over the center of the pan. Don’t actually touch the pan, you don’t want to burn yourself. If the pan feels hot it’s probably ready to go.

To make scrambled eggs, I choose a stainless steel pan. Wiele osób oi używać nieprzywierających materiałów, to zależy wyłącznie od Ciebie.

4. Add the butter to the pan


OK so your pan is hot, now we can add 1/2 tablespoon of cold butter. You want to move the butter around the pan until it covers the bottom. The butter will start to boil a little, but that’s okay. Then we know that our pan is good and hot.

If you really like the flavo of olive oil go ahead and use it. Try different fats and see what is best fo your taste.

5. Boil the eggs in the pan


Slowly pour the eggs into the pan. Leave them on until you see that the edges start to boil.

Once they start cooking, add the eggs and combine them. Continue like this until they stop flowing. Powinno to zająć just około 2 minut. Add a pinch of salt and it’s ready!

You don’t want to overcook your eggs because then they become rubbery and that’s just not delicious.

Brush the toast with room temperature butter, place the scrambled eggs on a plate and ENJOY!

Add some fresh fruit to breakfast, check out my tip for peeling a kiwi.

Do you need milk for scrambled eggs?

No, you don’t need to add milk to scrambled eggs! Actually, I think they taste better without milk. The milk takes away from the eggy flavo if that’s a thing. If you buy good quality eggs you will get the creamy texture you can think of by adding milk.

Is it better to scramble eggs with butter or oil?

Honestly, it’s a personal preference. I prefer using butter because it adds a buttery flavo but, cooking with good healthy oil is great too!
I recommend extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil.
As long as you have some fat in the pan to keep the eggs from sticking and burning, you’re good to go.

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Golden Goose®it is operated manuallyKitchen gadgetswhich allows you to make scrambled eggs in the shell.

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Golden Goose® is one of two new and innovative Kitchen gadgetss by the Goose® brand! Launched in 2014, entertainers and folks from all over the wold have used the Golden Goose to make Scrambled Eggs inside the shell. It has appeared on hundreds of blogs, in the press, and has received the attention of some of the best TV shows, including:

  • Rachel Ray show
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The Golden Goose ®it is operated manuallyKitchen gadgets. It has been carefully designed and tested to mix the contents of the egg in the shell. Evenly mixing the egg whites with the yolks inside the shell leaves the scrambled eggs inside the shell. The device uses ‘centrifugal foce’ to make scrambled egg inside of its shell, creating ‘Golden Eggs’. Substitute Golden Eggs fo a splash of colo & flavo, o simply to amaze and delight your friends! This is an innovation that you will give to all fans of scrambled eggs. Scramble eggs in the shell, or use it as a fun novelty to exploe your inner gourmet! It is the flagship product launched by Goose®, the new starter brand of fun, innovative and useful kitchen utensils. Don’t leave without trying our new product, Butter Boss, and consider combining Butter Boss and Golden Goose Scrambled Egg Maker to make the best scrambled eggs ever!

Macho is an easy way to make golden eggs. How to lay scrambled eggs in a shell with a drill. AKA Fuwatoo Eggs.

You need a 0.5 liter plastic bottle. Cut it in half and drill a few holes.


Drill a hole in the cap. You need a bolt, washers and a nut.


Assemble the parts and tighten the nut. Screw the cap onto the bottle.


Mount it on the drill.


Wrap the egg in toilet paper.


Put the egg in the bottle. It should indicate it this way.


Use a thread to keep the egg from falling out of the bottle.


Run the drill alternately fowards and reverse. Repeat 5 to 15 times.

Check if it’s ready by bringing it to light in a dark room. A proper scrambled egg glows with red colo.


Be careful when cooking the egg. Gradually increase the temperature.
When bubbles start foming on the shell, turn the stove off and let the egg sit in the pot fo 15 minutes.
Cool the egg in a bowl of cold water.

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I consider myself to be something of an egg aficionado – my go-to brunch oder is Eggs Benedict, one of the first things I ever learned to cook myself was scrambled eggs, and my favoite sandwich is a grilled cheese with a fried egg in the middle.

However, cooking eggs at home can be confusing. Scrambled eggs make dishes dirty and hard to overcook – I hate scrambled eggs with brown spots – poached eggs are impossible and I don’t even understand myself Startedabout trying to make your own hard boiled eggs.

I learned about the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker in November 2020, and I ended up buying myself one for Christmas. I think kitchen gadgets can be overrated at times, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that the way I eat breakfast has really changed. This makes everything quick and easy and even without cymbals. All the wins in my book.

Keep scrolling to see how I made poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, and scrambled eggs, all in my egg cooker.

Here is the Quick Dash Egg Cooker with all its parts inside. Mine holds six eggs at a time if you cook them.

There are larger ones available on Dash’s website, but the six-egg option was the right price at $ 30 and the best size fo my small NYC kitchen.

My first task was to try poaching eggs, something that’s notoiously hard to do on your own. First, I filled the water into the measuring cup provided.

The measuring cup has little marks fo the amount of water needed to poach / make an omelette, hard boil, soft boil, and medium boil.

Then I poured the water onto the hot plate.

The egg cooker is basically a mini pressure cooker and the griddle heats the eggs.