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Money making

I want to upgrade my house and coop/barn but I can’t get enough money so I’d like to know what the best money making strategy is. I’d also like to know if I should upgrade my coop and barn first because they’re both full. If anyone can answer thanks. :p

easy money

Well what I did (it was winter) I bought 90 buckwheat and with my hoe made 30 planting
spots, planted 30 the first day and watered it. The second day I plowed 30 more spaces and
planted 30 more buckwheat and watered the 60 plants. The third day I did the same thing
with the last 30 and watered all 90 plants. I watered all of them every day after that
until the first 30 grew and harvested them. But I didnt sell them yet. The next day
harvest the next 30 and the last day the last 30. Then I went into the watermill and
turned it all in to soba flour. THEN you sell it all for about $20,000!! It takes up a lot
of energy watering, though! but its worth it! (And I would upgrade your house first so you
can get married sooner!)

easy and not to hard to do

ok at summer when the cherrys r in ur tree get them u get 10 cherrys a day and if u have
ducks get there eggs same for chickens and get milk from cows and get a butter maker for
abotu 3800 dollars and then sell all of that a day and then u make 2000 dollars all 28

Blue Mist Flowers

I’m not sure what season you are in, but I am about to enter the Fall Season. I know
(from reading elsewhere) that Blue Mist Flowers (BMF) will earn 390 each. What’s nice is
that you will always earn 390, because flowers do not have levels of quality. The seeds
will cost you 50 each, so that is 340 in profit from each plot square. BMF turn over in 3
days, so you can turn over your 150 square plots 9 times in the Fall, if you are diligent.
So that is: (340×150)x9 = 459,000 just in profit. This will give you enough to upgrade
your house, coop, barn and water wheel, and have money left over to purchase mature
animals if you’d like. I am using this same strategy to purchase the River Plot as well so
I can turn over more money and be ready for the scrappy winter season (least profitable
season of all). Just remember that you will need to have Marimba farm up to a level three
(unlock Anissa and ship up to 80,000 worth of crops)

best wayto make money

If you have chopping board. buy a bunch of gobbies from the fisherman. This takes time but
A LOT of profit and easy money without time moving. IF you have like 1000 gobbies and use
the chopping board 1 gob chopped into sashimi sells for 80 a piece. I think you buy gobby
for 30 a piece from the fish market.

1000 gobbies = 80000 gold = 50000g profit.

this is how i do it

first i go around my house and find mushroms and stuff then around 8 in go to town and
talk to people then i go to the mine and get stuff all day intell it gets 1830 then i go
fishing in till 2300 then i go to bed. i get like over 1000

need money

i need to know the best way to get money not buying then selling them fishies

The best way to make money

I want to have a lots of money but i do not now how
When you have any item go to the shopping bin do not eat any thing

The best way to make money

I want to have a lots of money but i do not now how
When you have any item go to the shopping bin do not eat any thing then you will can buy
and upgrade my coop barn and house and buy lands


The best way is in summer when you buy a bunch of crops. (the ones that cost the most
money) Then you plant those and some other summer trees. I got somewhere around 10,000
gold just from my chickens and cow and all the cherries, apples, oranges, and crops.
Summer is probably going to be the best season.

Money Problem

I have to get money to upgrade my coop to lvl 2 and my barn to lvl 3 and house to lvl 4,I
normally mine and get diamonds but now I’m married and have children I have to walk them
and in order to get diamonds I hae to mind for the whole day.Can someone pls tell me what
crops to plant and how many.I’ve got a lvl 2 marimba farm I think, thanks to anyone who

ozzyguy 54321

Well i am looking to find the best ways to get money but i c can not find any answers can
anyone help. 😐

i need money

I need money but i cant get much because i cant get many crops without growing bankrupt!


A good way of making money is to turn any pond smelt you get into sashimi. Use the cutting
board and one (or more) fish. Raw pond smelt gets you 7g, but a decent sashimi gets you
80g. Do the same with sardines.
Cook any decent items you may get. Use two strawberries and the pot to make strawberry jam
and get 490g. Turn milk into hot milk, eggs into boiled eggs and tea leaves into green
Also, mine and fish a lot. Refine anything you find in the mine (other than junk ore. That
won’t do anything. Do so in batches of ten or more. Cook most fish on a bonfire or, some
like the king fishes you can sell raw. Grilled shark will get you around 300g. Some
grilled fish are good for energy, like grilled octopus or grilled catfish, so make sure to
keep some of those.

The way to get more gold is to

Change all ur stuff to anothsr item like fish to sashimi, grilled, green tea or whatever.
But im waiting for winter to come so that my rob frost will come on. A snowy night. U can
get free gifts from him everyday in winter and if ur married, sell the lunch boxes ur
partner gives u and yhe most common thing to do is to collrct all the stuff your findon
the ground like common mushrooms.

How do you make coffee in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

It took me a while to figure out how to make coffee, so for anyone who is wondering:

  1. Get coffee beans from tree.
  2. Use windmill in Flute Fields to make ground coffee.
  3. Put ground coffee in pot.
  4. Done!

How do you get the shining perfume in animal parade?

Yes, five flowers worth 1,600+g for Shining Perfume. At least three of them must be Blue Mist Flowers to achieve that total value. 3 Blue Mist Flowers + 2 Roses will work, or 4 Blue Mist Flowers + any other flower.

How do you unlock Gill in animal parade?

You must ring the Blue Bell to unlock Luna, and ring the Green Bell in order for Gill to be unlocked.

Where can I find tuna in Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility?

Name of Fish Location Rarity Level
Swordfish Toucan Island East Gulf Island West Gulf Island 4
Tuna * Waffle Town Ocean East Gulf Island 3
Wood Fish * Goddess Stream Goddess Cove 5
Yellowtail Waffle Town Ocean East Gulf Island West Gulf Island 2

Where is Ben’s badge Tree of Tranquility?

Ben’s Badge You have to find it for him. In order to find it, you have to complete Collin’s rainbow, and then go back and talk to Ben. He will tell you where he lost his badge during a cut scene. Go to the East Gull Island and walk around on the beach until a cut scene happens, that is when you will find the badge.

How do you befriend the Bear in Tree of Tranquility?

re: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO BEFRIEND THE BEAR. You can buy decent honey at souffle farm. Buy 16 of them and give the bear two a day. You’ll be friends in no time.

How do you upgrade the general store in harvest moon animal parade?

The store is upgraded to Level 2 when you ship at least 40,000 G and find Phoebe. It is upgraded to Level 3 when you ship at least 120,000 G. It is upgraded to Level 4 when you ship at least 300,000 G.

How do you make good sashimi in animal parade?

To get decent Sashimi you have to use any fish worth up to 299G, to get good the fish(s) needs to be worth AT LEAST 300G, perfect 700G and shining 1400G. Goby is only worth 13G so even if you put 6 in it wouldn’t be enough to make good quality Sashimi.

Where is the circus in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

Theodore’s Circus Once a season at 3:00 pm, Theodore appears with his animal friends. He sets up his circus tent at the church plaza, and stays there until 8:00 at night. The first time Theodore comes to visit is on Spring 22 of your first season in the game.

This information will be included in my new General Guide for Cute as well as my Cooking Guide but meanwhile, I have created a little tip section for players of either game.

If you are the sort of player who, like me, tries to unlock or acquire every item as soon as possible in the game, you will find that the earliest date when you can have a Kitchen is Monday, 14 Summer. When your kitchen is delivered, you will be fairly limited in the dishes you will be able to prepare, not having any implements yet.

Here is a list of the Recipes you CAN make without any implements with notes about the characters who like them. It is valid both for the original Harvest Moon DS and for the upcoming Harvest Moon Cute.

Your First Recipes:

Your First Recipes in Harvest Moon Cute will be ‘No Tool’ Recipes. Those that you will be able to make in the first half of Summer are as follows:

Egg (S), Oil

Cucumber and/or
Tomato and/or
N.B. In HM Cute, using more than one of these is simply a waste of ingredients. It will not change the SR or the FR. You could use a Carrot as well, but you won’t have that until Autumn and by then, you should have all Cooking Implements and a wealth of recipes. Lumina, Karen, Rock, Cody and Vesta like Salad but the real advantage of making it is as a gift for Wally. It is the first gift you can obtain that will raise his FP by +9.

Tomato and/or
N.B. In HM Cute, using more than one of these ‘fillings’ is simply a waste of ingredients and will not affect SR or FR. You can use a Boiled Egg as well, but you won’t have a Pot at this point. Cliff loves sandwich and it is one of the first items that will raise his AP by +500 and FP by +9.

Fruit Sandwich:
Strawberry and/or
N.B. In HM Cute, using more than one ‘filling’ will not improve SR or FR. Later in Summer, you can make a Fruit Sandwich with a Pineapple and next year, with any Fruit, but at the moment, only Strawberries and Peach will be available.

Pickled Turnip
N.B. This is one of the easiest recipes in any Harvest Moon game and is a dish that pleases most senior citizens. Of the bachelors, Gustafa alone loves it but it is one of the first items that will raise his AP by +500 and his FP by +9. Of other young people, Nami and Karen alone like Pickled Turnips. It is one of the first items that will raise Takakura’s FP by +9.

Pickled Cucumber
N.B. Another easy recipe. The same individuals who love Pickled Turnip on the whole will love Pickled Cucumber. It is one of the first items that will raise Gustafa’s AP by 500 and FP by 9 and one of the first to raise Takakura’s FP by 9.

Bamboo Rice
Bamboo Shoot
N.B. An easy dish but a few people actively dislike it, so be careful.

N.B. This is a great recipe and one that many people will like. Sashimi is a ‘No Tool’ recipe as well. Among bachelors, both Griffin and Cliff LOVE Sushi. Most of the older characters love it as well, including Galen, Hardy and Sebastian.

Raisin Bread
Wild Grape
N.B. Marlin loves Raisin Bread, and it is slightly less expensive than the Wine you have had to give him each day to boost his affection. Other characters who love Raisin Bread are Mary and Ruby.

Fish (M) or Fish (L)
N.B. Please note that you cannot use a Small Fish to make Sashimi. Sashimi’ is one of the first items, apart from the Lithograph, that really excites Carter. Before you have a Kitchen, you will be limited to gifts of riceball or wine that only raise his AP and FP by +300AP +3 FP but with Sashimi, you can raise it by +500 +9 daily. Griffin loves Sashimi but he will be just as excited by a raw small fish, so Sashimi will not represent anything better in terms of courting him. He is one of the easiest bachelors to please. All the elders love sashimi as well.

Kate, Murrey love sashimi but the real plus here is that Takakura loves it. He is a difficult character in terms of gifts at the start of the game. Until you catch Big Fish, you will not have ANY gift that he will welcome. The advantage of Sashimi over Big Fish is that it can be made using a medium fish.

Ice Cream:
Optional: any fruit
N.B. Hugh, Chris and Van love Ice Cream and Lumina likes it.

This is not a comprehensive ‘No Tool’ Cooking Guide but it is comprehensive in terms of the dishes you can make if you order the Kitchen at the earliest possible day in the Summer of your First Year.

Some of the first ‘cooked dishes’ you can make have higher energy values than any other items you have been able to obtain, apart from the Medicines you can buy from Van.

Here are the Energy Values for the Recipes given above:

Salad: +20 SR -5 FR
Sandwich: +40 SR -5 FR (bread and tomato)
Fruit Sandwich: +40 SR -5 FR (bread and peach, same for bread and strawberry)
Pickled Turnip: +20 SR -4 FR
Pickled Cucumber: +20 SR -7 FR
Raisin Bread: +30 SR -4 FR
Sushi: +40 SR -1 FR
Sashimi: +30 SR -3 FR
Bamboo Rice: +30 SR -1 FR
Ice Cream: +30 SR -20 FR

Ice Cream actually is the best of these Cooked Recipes, if you suffer both from lack of Stamina and high Fatigue. If you add fruit to the basic Ice Cream recipe of 1 Milk and 1 Egg, you will raise the SR value even higher.