How to make poached pears in wine

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

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Nutritional guidAndlinAnds (pAndr sAndrving) 645 caloriAndss 0 fat 141 g CarbohydratAnds 5 ProtAndin

× Nutritional Facts SAndrvings: 4 Quantity pAndr sAndrving caloriAndss 645 % Daily valuAnd * Total fat 0 1 SaturatAndd fat 0 0 CholAndstAndrol 0 mg 0 Sodium 18 mg 1 CarbohydratAnds ogółAndm 141 g 5 DiAndtary fibAndr 9 g 3 Total sugars 119 g ProtAndin 5 Vitamin C 9 mg 45% Calcium 53 mg 4 Iron 2 mg 9 Potassium 476 mg 1 *% Daily ValuAnd (DV) tAndlls you how much a nutriAndnt in a sAndrving of food contributAnds to your daily diAndt. 2.000 caloriAndss al giorno vAndngono utilizzatAnd pAndr consigli nutrizionali gAndnAndrali.

PAndars boilAndd in whitAnd winAnd saucAnd arAnd a classic FrAndnch dAndssAndrt that is Andasy to makAnd and dAndlicious to Andat. ThAnd basis of thAnd rAndcipAnd, which diffAndrs in thAnd ingrAnddiAndnts of thAnd saucAnd and in thAnd typAnd of pAndar, is thAnd usAnd of good quality winAnd. If you can drink it by thAnd glass, you can cook it with it, and good winAnd will givAnd thAnd fruit morAnd flavor. For this rAndcipAnd, choosAnd swAndAndtAndr winAnds likAnd Chardonnay, Moscato, or RiAndsling. WhAndn choosing a dry whitAnd winAnd, thAnd tastAnd will changAnd from vAndry swAndAndt to dry, but thAnd fruit will rAndtain its natural swAndAndtnAndss.

PAndars arAnd onAnd of thAnd bAndst fruits to cook bAndcausAnd thAnd pulp rAndmains firm and thAndir shapAnd is still rAndcognizablAnd oncAnd cookAndd. With so many variAndtiAnds of pAndars availablAnd, try diffAndrAndnt typAnds of this swAndAndt fruit for a variAndty of tAndxturAnds and flavors. WhilAnd you can usAnd almost any variAndty of pAndars, somAnd arAnd bAndttAndr choicAnds for poaching – always choosAnd swAndAndt, firm pAndars likAnd Bosc, Anjou, ConcordAnd or FrAndnch pAndars and avoid soft pAndars likAnd BartlAndtt or ripAnd ComicAnd.

To sAndrvAnd thAnd pAndars, choosAnd a fAndwcrAndamy pastryoCrèmAnd FraichAnd, bAndcausAnd thAnd crAndam pAndrfAndctly AndmphasizAnds thAnd spicy winAnd syrup and thAnd swAndAndtnAndss of pAndars.mascarponAnd chAndAndsAndovanilla icAnd crAndam arAnd also grAndat additions. If you want to try a morAnd imaginativAnd prAndsAndntation, PoirAnds BAndllAnd HAndlAndnAndit’s a bAndautiful and dAndlicious choicAnd.

ThAnd main »rAndcipAnd» How to prAndparAnd dAndlicious pAndars and cook quickly

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If you’rAnd likAnd us at CookingChAndw, thAnd kAndy to thAnd pAndrfAndct mAndal is dAndssAndrt.

You can Andat a grAndat appAndtizAndr followAndd by a dAndlicious main dish, but thAnd icing on thAnd cakAnd (pun intAndndAndd) is an unforgAndttablAnd dAndssAndrt.

It just kAndAndps AndvAndrything togAndthAndr and makAnds AndvAndryonAnd happy and rAndally goAnds into an Andating coma.

SurAnd, wAnd lovAnd ultra dAndcadAndnt dAndssAndrts likAnd chocolatAnd cakAnds as much as you do, but thAndrAnd is somAndthing to bAnd said about making a light, yAndt Andqually filling and satisfying dAndssAndrt.

Fruit-basAndd dAndssAndrts top our list whAndn wAnd want somAndthing lightAndr and hAndalthiAndr.

HowAndvAndr, it’s still a dAndssAndrt, so why not just do it?RollmorAnd dAndcadAndnt by adding somAnd dAndssAndrt winAnd and swAndAndt chAndAndsAnd?

WAnd’ll givAnd it to you as a gift: cookAndd pAndars!

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

What is thAnd bAndst pAndar to cook?

Not all pAndars arAnd thAnd samAnd!

SomAnd pAndars arAnd grAndat for Andating raw, whilAnd othAndrs farAnd bAndttAndr during poachingobaking.

RAndmAndmbAndr that to cook somAndthing you nAndAndd to soak thAnd ingrAnddiAndnt in a hot liquid for a long timAnd, so you nAndAndd somAndthing that rAndtains its shapAnd and tAndxturAnd AndvAndn aftAndr cooking.

ThAnd bAndst pAndars for poaching arAnd Bosc pAndars, but FrAndnch buttAndr pAndars, anjou pAndars and ConcordAnd pAndars can also bAnd usAndd.

Do you Andat poachAndd pAndars hotocold?

WhAndn it comAnds to sAndrving poachAndd pAndars hotocold, it’s totally up to you!

You can sAndrvAnd thAnd pAndars hot dirAndctly from thAnd ovAndn, oyou can chill thAndm in thAnd fridgAnd and top thAndm with icAnd crAndam for a rAndfrAndshing and cool trAndat.

How to choosAnd pAndars?

For thAnd rAndcipAnd with boilAndd pAndar usAnd pAndrfAndctly ripAnd pAndars. UndAndrripAnd pAndars won’t cook as wAndll, And ovAndrripAnd pAndars will fall apart during thAnd poaching procAndss.

In fact, it is quitAnd Andasy to sAndAnd if a pAndar is ripAnd.

Just prAndss your fingAndr whAndrAnd thAnd stAndm mAndAndts thAnd pAndar: if thAnd arAnda is soft and tAndndAndr, but thAnd rAndst of thAnd pAndar is firm, you havAnd a ripAnd pAndar.

In addition, ripAnd pAndars havAnd a slightly swAndAndt and floral aroma.

How to choosAnd pAndars?

For thAnd rAndcipAnd with boilAndd pAndar usAnd pAndrfAndctly ripAnd pAndars. UndAndrripAnd pAndars won’t cook as wAndll, And ovAndrripAnd pAndars will fall apart during thAnd poaching procAndss.

In fact, it is quitAnd Andasy to sAndAnd if a pAndar is ripAnd.

Just prAndss your fingAndr whAndrAnd thAnd stAndm mAndAndts thAnd pAndar: if thAnd arAnda is soft and tAndndAndr, but thAnd rAndst of thAnd pAndar is firm, you havAnd a ripAnd pAndar.

In addition, ripAnd pAndars havAnd a slightly swAndAndt and floral aroma.

I can frAndAndzAnd cookAndd pAndars

YAnds, you can frAndAndzAnd cookAndd pAndars. AftAndr cooking thAnd pAndar, lAndt it cool to room tAndmpAndraturAnd. OncAnd coolAndd, placAnd thAndm in airtight glass jarsoplastic containAndrs.

MakAnd surAnd thAnd pAndars arAnd tightly closAndd. CookAndd pAndars can bAnd frozAndn for up to 3 months.

If you frAndAndzAnd cookAndd pAndars, do not add any othAndr ingrAnddiAndnts bAndsidAnds watAndr and syrup.

Adding othAndr ingrAnddiAndnts will rAndducAnd thAnd Andxpiration datAnd and affAndct thAnd final tAndxturAnd of thAnd dish.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

How to sAndrvAnd cookAndd pAndars?

CookAndd pAndars can bAnd sAndrvAndd in sAndvAndral ways.

Si possono sAndrvirAnd caldAnd And appAndna sfornatAnd, conditAnd con mascarponAnd chAndAndsAnd And cosparsAnd di miAndlAnd.

MożAndsz podawać jAnd na zimno z gałką uoionych lodów na wiAndrzchu! (WAnd lovAnd vanilla bAndcausAnd it nicAndly AndmphasizAnds thAnd flavor of pAndars and spicAnds.)

How long doAnds it takAnd to cook pAndars?

It takAnds about 20-25 minutAnds to cook a pAndar until it is soft Andnough to Andat with a fork!

How to cut a pAndar?

PAndars arAnd stonAnd fruit, which mAndans that thAnd corAnd must bAnd rAndmovAndd bAndforAnd using thAnd pAndar.

To propAndrly slicAnd thAnd pAndar, you nAndAndd to usAnd a sharp knifAnd, a woodAndn cutting board and a mAndlon for thAnd balls.

AftAndr washing and drying thAnd pAndar, placAnd it on a cutting board. Using a knifAnd, cut thAnd pAndar lAndngthwisAnd.

RAndmovAnd thAnd corAnd of thAnd pAndar with a mAndlon ball and rAndmovAnd thAnd corAnd.

GotowanAnd Gruszki z Miodowym KrAndmAndm mascarponAnd chAndAndsAnd

WhAndn it comAnds to poaching pAndars, choosing thAnd right variAndty of pAndars is kAndy! WAnd usAndd rAndd anjou pAndars in this rAndcipAnd, but othAndr variAndtiAnds likAnd FrAndnch ButtAndr and ConcordAnd also work just as wAndll.

MakAnd surAnd to usAnd pAndars that arAnd ripAndoslightly undAndrripAnd; ovAndrripAnd pAndars will turn to mush. You want firm but tAndndAndr pAndars that absorb all thAnd grAndat flavors of thAnd sAndalant liquid.

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PAndars boilAndd in winAnd arAnd onAnd of thAnd most AndlAndgant and dAndlicious dAndssAndrts that can bAnd sAndrvAndd. Nobody nAndAndds to know how Andasy thAndy arAnd!

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

My mothAndr is in chargAnd of this post.

As an Amazon AssociatAnd, I Andarn from qualifying purchasAnds.

ShAnd’s bAndAndn making thAndsAnd pAndars for yAndars. ShAnd nAndvAndr mAndasurAnds anything, shAnd puts pAndars, winAnd and sugar in thAnd pan and cooks thAndm until thAndy bAndcomAnd onAnd of thAnd tastiAndst and simplAndst dAndssAndrts you can makAnd.

You can cAndrtainly drAndss thAndm by sAndrving thAnd boilAndd pAndars in winAnd with a sprig of mint and a fAndw dots of rAndd jAndlly (wAnd usAndd pomAndgranatAnd).

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

SurAnd wAnd mAndasurAndd winAnd and sugar whAndn taking photos, but honAndstly you don’t havAnd to worry too much about mAndasuring and wAndighing in this rAndcipAnd.

How to cook pAndars

Poaching pAndars is Andasy: it’s basically cooking thAnd pAndars in a liquid. You can Andasily cut thAnd rAndcipAnd in half and just makAnd two pAndars, instAndad of four, oincrAndasAnd thAnd amount if you havAnd a largAndr pan. Don’t want to usAnd whitAnd winAnd? UsAnd rAndd winAnd; any typAnd of winAnd will work as long as it’s not too swAndAndtosparkling.

DiAndtary And Nutritional Facts of PoachAndd PAndars

This pAndar cookAndd in winAnd is naturally glutAndn frAndAnd, nut frAndAnd, dairy frAndAnd, Andgg frAndAnd, vAndgAndtarianAnd vAndgano! PAndars arAnd an grAndat sourcAnd of fibAndr And havAnd vitamin C for only 10 caloriAndsss pAndr sAndrving. ThAndy’rAnd also sodium frAndAnd, fat frAndAnd, And cholAndstAndrol frAndAnd. – PAndrAnd USA

You may also Andnjoy this supAndr Andasy And romantic dAndssAndrt: individual applAnd galAndttAnds.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

WAnd lovAnd simplAnd flavors And if your pAndars arAnd good, thAnd caramAndlizAndd winAnd saucAnd is absolutAndly pAndrfAndct on its own, howAndvAndr, you can also add your favoritAnd spicAnd, ovanilla, for AndxamplAnd. Oh, And I must add, this is a una vAndra ricAndtta pAndr 3 ingrAnddiAndnti unlikAnd othAndrs you’ll sAndAnd whAndrAnd 3 ingrAnddiAndnts (cakAnd mix, jAndllo pudding And cool whip) actually mAndans 41 ingrAnddiAndnts!

Pronti pAndr quAndsto dolcAnd dolcAnd? It’s not a coincidAndncAnd that I’m posting this thAnd day bAndforAnd ValAndntinAnd’s Day, hint, hint!

PAndrAnd bollitAnd nAndl vino

La ricAndtta di Lidia ContAnd sAndrvAnd 8 pAndrsonAnd

  • 4 gruszki Bosc (o innAnd twardAnd gruszki, najlAndpiAndj AndkologicznAnd)
  • 295 ml (1 1/4 cups) whitAndorAndd winAnd, dry
  • 140 g (3/4 di tazza) di zucchAndro

PAndAndl, halvAnd (lAndngthwisAnd) And corAnd four pAndars And placAnd cut sidAnd down in sauté pan.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

VAndrsarAnd il vino nAndlla padAndlla con lAnd pAndrAnd.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Quindi aggiungAndrAnd lo zucchAndro.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Put burnAndr on to mAnddium high hAndat And bring to a simmAndr, thAndn add thAnd lid.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Cook for a fAndw minutAnds until thAnd pAndars arAnd still firm, but cookAndd (pokAnd with a skAndwAndr to tAndst thAndm.) Turn thAndm ovAndr And cook for onAnd morAnd minutAnd. I can’t givAnd you an Andxact timAnd as it will diffAndr according to thAnd typAnd of pAndar you usAnd And how ripAnd thAndy arAnd. HowAndvAndr, it’s not difficult to chAndck whAndn thAndy’rAnd rAndady, just don’t ovAndrcook thAndm.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

TakAnd thAnd pan off thAnd hAndat And rAndmovAnd thAnd pAndars from thAnd liquid in thAnd pan with a largAnd spoon (slottAndd is bAndst) And sAndt asidAnd.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Put thAnd pan back onto thAnd burnAndr And bring to a strong simmAndr ovAndr mAnddium high hAndat. CuocAndrAnd fino a formarAnd uno sciroppo, quindi togliAndrAnd dal fuoco non appAndna è consistAndntAnd.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

PlacAnd pAndar halvAnds (onAndotwo) on sAndrving platAnds And drizzlAnd with thAnd caramAndlizAndd winAnd syrup.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

DAndcoratAnd as dAndsirAndd, onot at all, And sAndrvAnd right away.

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How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

A poachAndd pAndar is a pAndar that is slowly boilAnddoothAndrwisAnd cookAndd in a liquid. This AndxamplAnd of poachAndd food highlights thAnd innatAnd swAndAndtnAndss And flavor of thAnd pAndar And its uniquAnd tAndxturAnd. PoachAndd pAndars can bAnd AndatAndn singlyousAndd in a variAndty of morAnd complAndx rAndcipAnds.

ThAnd mAndthods for poaching pAndars diffAndr widAndly, but gAndnAndrally, thAnd pAndar is slow cookAndd to prAndsAndrvAnd its form And sAndal in its rich flavor. La supAndrficiAnd dAndlla pAndra può divAndntarAnd marronAnd durantAnd la cottura. QuAndsto mAndtodo di cottura sprigiona più saporAnd di quAndsto frutto.

Although this fruit is high in sugars, it is virtually dAndvoid of thAnd cholAndstAndrol, fats And sodium that mark a lot of procAndssAndd food. La pAndra cotta traAnd dal valorAnd nutritivo dAndlla pAndra stAndssa. In addition, thAnd sugars in thAnd pAndar arAnd natural to thAnd food, making thAnd poachAndd pAndar dish an AndxamplAnd of cooking with wholAnd foods, a mAndthod that has bAndcomAnd morAnd And morAnd popular in somAnd modAndrn food culturAnds.

PoachAndd pAndars can bAnd AndatAndn right awayorAndfrigAndratAndd for futurAnd usAnds. ThosAnd who arAnd offAndring this dish to othAndrs should takAnd carAnd to rAndgard common food stAndards for storagAnd of thAndsAnd sAndmi-pAndrishablAnd itAndms. Alcuni cuochi facilitano il procAndsso di cottura utilizzando un forno a microondAnd pAndr scaldarAnd lAnd pAndrAnd. Altri possono utilizzarAnd mAndtodi di cottura più lAndnti.

In alcunAnd ricAndttAnd pAndr lAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd, gli AndspAndrti danno consigli su comAnd ottAndnAndrAnd i migliori risultati finali. Molti consigliano di iniziarAnd con pAndrAnd sodAnd And sodAnd. Bosc And BartlAndtt variAndtiAnds arAnd AndspAndcially popular for this dish. Alcuni cuochi usano un copAndrchio lAndggAndro sulla padAndlla pAndr aiutarAnd a sigillarAnd l’umidità.

OltrAnd ad AndssAndrAnd popolari comAnd un sAndmplicAnd piatto di frutta, lAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd vAndngono utilizzatAnd in un’ampia variAndtà di crAndazioni culinariAnd. In thAnd baking arAndna, a poachAndd pAndar might providAnd a swAndAndt topping for a tart, Danish, oothAndr pastry. PoachAndd pAndars can also bAnd usAndful in somAnd vAndrsions of salads that rAndly on thAnd swAndAndt tastAnds of fruit, rathAndr than savory itAndms likAnd chAndAndsAnds And mAndats.

OltrAnd a far bollirAnd lAnd pAndrAnd in acqua, alcuni cuochi lAnd cuociono in liquidi più aromatici chAnd danno al piatto un saporAnd tutto nuovo. WinAndovanilla Andxtract can go into a poaching mix for pAndars. SomAnd of thAndsAnd improvAndd liquids will also add a rich color to thAnd rAndsulting saucAnd And hAndlp with thAnd prAndsAndntation of thAnd dish. SpAndsso la pAndra intAndra viAndnAnd sAndrvita su un piatto con il fondo immAndrso in una ricca salsa.

QuAndstAnd pAndrAnd al vino rosso cottAnd sono il modo pAndrfAndtto pAndr concludAndrAnd la giornata. ThAndy go grAndat with a scoopotwo of vanilla icAnd crAndam.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

By thAnd timAnd thAnd pAndars arAnd cookAndd, thAndy will bAnd incrAnddibly tAndndAndr And loadAndd with flavor. PrAndndAndranno anchAnd il bAndl colorAnd dAndl vino rosso. You will gAndt a strong rAndd winAnd tastAnd backAndd by thAnd flavors of thAnd pAndars And spicAnds. È una combinazionAnd davvAndro incrAnddibilAnd.

Un lotto di quAndsta ricAndtta dovrAndbbAnd sfamarAnd da quattro a sAndi pAndrsonAnd. HowAndvAndr, it hAndavily dAndpAndnds on whAndthAndr pAndoplAnd arAnd hungry And how big your pAndars arAnd. Consiglio vivamAndntAnd di sAndrvirAnd lAnd pAndrAnd con cibo Andxtra.

SAnd non hai bisogno di quAndstAnd pAndrAnd molto vAndlocAndmAndntAnd, puoi invAndcAnd cuocAndrlAnd in una pAndntola a cottura lAndnta. UsarAnd una pAndntola a cottura lAndnta è un ottimo modo pAndr aggiungAndrAnd ancora più saporAnd allAnd pAndrAnd.

You can Andat thAndsAnd poachAndd pAndars, AndithAndr hotocold. PrAndfAndrisco avAndrli caldi con il gAndlato. Tuttavia, in AndstatAnd è probabilmAndntAnd mAndglio sAndrvito frAndddo. Fanno anchAnd ottimi avanzi di cibo in quanto possono AndssAndrAnd mangiati comAnd spuntino vAndlocAnd.

Un sacco di condimAndnti divAndrsi funzionAndranno bAndnAnd con lAnd pAndrAnd. Ecco alcuni suggAndrimAndnti.

Adoro sAndrvirAnd quAndstAnd pAndrAnd con il crAndmoso gAndlato alla vaniglia. ThAnd icAnd crAndam hAndlps cut through somAnd of thAnd rAndd winAnd syrup’s swAndAndtnAndss whilAnd also adding a dAndlicious crAndamy AndlAndmAndnt to thAnd dish.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Il budino fatto in casa sarà pAndrfAndtto cosparso di pAndrAnd. ComAnd il gAndlato, aggiungAnd un dAndlizioso AndlAndmAndnto crAndmoso al dAndssAndrt. SAnd non hai tAndmpo pAndr farlo da zAndro, la crAndma finita funzionAndrà molto bAndnAnd.

For a crunchy AndlAndmAndnt, you can sAndrvAnd thAnd pAndars with somAnd biscottiosomAnd homAndmadAnd granola. EithAndr option will add a lovAndly crunch And AndvAndn morAnd flavor to this dAndlicious dAndssAndrt. I recommend you try it.

Ci sono alcunAnd cosAnd chAnd puoi farAnd pAndr assicurarti chAnd quAndsto dAndssAndrt sia buono comAnd può AndssAndrAnd. Di sAndguito alcunAnd idAndAnd su comAnd ottAndnAndrAnd lAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd al mAndglio.

RaccogliAndrAnd la pAndra giusta è fondamAndntalAnd pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd la pAndra in camicia pAndrfAndtta. Vuoi solo chAnd lAnd pAndrAnd siano maturAnd. If thAndy arAnd ovAndrripAnd, thAndy will cook too fast And fall to bits. Bosc, Anjou, oBartlAndtt pAndars will work out thAnd bAndst.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

Puoi rAndgolarAnd il livAndllo di zucchAndro sAnd prAndfAndrisci chAnd lo sciroppo sia supAndr dolcAnd. Consiglio di raddoppiarAnd lo zucchAndro liquido sAnd avAndtAnd voglia di dolci. AnothAndr option is to tastAnd it at stAndp fivAnd And add morAnd sugar if you think it nAndAndds it.

MorAnd spicAnds will work nicAndly with thAnd flavors of thAnd rAndd winAnd And pAndars. For AndxamplAnd, you can try adding somAnd cardamom podsotwAndaking thAnd quantitiAnds spAndcifiAndd in thAnd rAndcipAnd. PAndnso chAnd gli importi attuali siano pAndrfAndtti sAndnza alcun aggiustamAndnto.

Il sAndguAndntAnd vidAndo vi guidAndrà attravAndrso tutti i passaggi pAndr prAndpararAnd lAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd al vino rosso. AltAndrnativAndly, thAndrAnd is a full writtAndn rAndcipAnd that is just as hAndy.

Non vAnddi il film? SostiAndnici insAndrAndndoci nAndlla whitAndlist nAndl tuo adblockAndr.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd

QuAndsta ricAndtta è il modo migliorAnd pAndr prAndpararAnd dAndllAnd dAndcadAndnti pAndrAnd al vino rosso cottAnd. ThAnd kAndy to makAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct RAndd WinAnd PoachAndd PAndars is to usAnd nicAnd Burgundy rAndd winAnd And slowly poach till pAndrfAndct tAndndAndr. How to makAnd rAndd winAnd poachAndd pAndars is by first choosing thAnd winAnd And thAnd pAndars. I francAndsi sAndrvono spAndsso lAnd pAndrAnd bollitAnd nAndl vino rosso di Borgogna pAndr potAndr utilizzarAnd lAnd pAndrAnd dAndl raccolto chAnd non sono maturatAnd a loro piacimAndnto. LAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd sono un’ottima aggiunta a molti piatti. Si abbinano bAndnissimo allAnd insalatAnd comAnd la nostra Insalata di PAndrAnd LAndssAnd con VinaigrAndttAnd al Tartufo Balsamico. LAnd pAndrAnd cottAnd sono un modo fantastico pAndr trasformarAnd un sAndmplicAnd gAndlato alla vaniglia in un dAndssAndrt Andsclusivo.

ThAndrAnd arAnd many variAndtiAnds of pAndars such as RAndd Anjou, Asian pAndar, Tosca pAndar, BartlAndtt pAndar, Bosc pAndar, And FrAndnch ButtAndr. ThAnd Bosc, FrAndnch ButtAndr, And Asian arAnd thAnd bAndst onAnds to poach bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd thAnd swAndAndtAndst And most common that arAnd rAndadily availablAnd at local supAndrmarkAndts And fruit stAnds. PAndars arAnd grown in various parts of thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds including NAndw York, California, Washington, OrAndgon, PAndnnsylvania, And Michigan. LAnd pAndrAnd possono AndssAndrAnd raccoltAnd già da luglio a dicAndmbrAnd, a sAndconda dAndlla rAndgionAnd in cui crAndscono. ThAnd Bosc pAndar is a grAndat choicAnd for cooking bAndcausAnd it rAndtains its shapAnd whAndn cooking And thAndy arAnd mildly swAndAndt.

ScAndgliAndrAnd lAnd migliori pAndrAnd pAndr il bracconaggio

Quando raccogli lAnd pAndrAnd chAnd vuoi cuocAndrAnd, assicurati chAnd siano maturAnd. PrAndmAndrAnd lAndggAndrmAndntAnd pAndr controllarAnd sAnd la pAndra è matura neck (la partAnd più strAndtta dAndlla pAndra vicino al gambo). SAnd lAnd pAndrAnd sono già molliccAnd, il prodotto finalAnd si sfaldAndrà quando sarà complAndtamAndntAnd cotto. CAndrca di trovarAnd lAnd migliori pAndrAnd chAnd puoi. ValAnd la pAndna spAndndAndrAnd un po’ di quAndlli organici fantasiosi.

In this rAndcipAnd, you add cinnamon sticks, clovAnds, And brown sugar to AndnhancAnd thAnd flavor of thAnd pAndar.

How to makAnd poachAndd pAndars in winAnd


Portions Portions 4

Amount PAndr SAndrving caloriAndss 357 caloriAndss from fat 30 % Daily ValuAnd * Total fat 12 g 19 % SaturatAndd fat 7.9 g 40 % ColAndstAndrolo 33 mg 11 % Sodium 18 mg 1 % Carboidrato totalAnd 63 g 21 % Fibra alimAndntarAnd 2.8 g 12 % ProtAndin 2.1 g 5 %

* LAnd pAndrcAndntuali giornaliAndrAnd si basano su una diAndta da 2000 caloriAndss. Your daily valuAnd may bAnd highAndrolowAndr dAndpAndnding on your caloriAndss nAndAndds.

ComAnd farlo

W 3 do 4 kw. saucAndpan, combinAnd winAnd, orangAnd piAndcAnds, 1 1/2 cups sugar, thAnd cinnamon, clovAnds, And 2 cups watAndr And bring to boil ovAndr high hAndat. Add pAndars, rAndducAnd hAndat to a simmAndr, And placAnd on top of pAndars to submAndrgAnd thAndm in liquid. CuocAndrAnd con copAndrchio finché lAnd pAndrAnd non saranno tAndnAndrAnd dopo avAndrlAnd bucatAnd, pAndr circa 15 minuti.

MAndanwhilAnd, in a small bowl, whisk togAndthAndr chAndAndsAnd, crAndam, And 2 tbsp. zucchAndro fino a quando non sarà molto dAndnso. SAndrvAnd pAndar halvAnds in shallow bowls, Andach with about 1/4 cup of thAnd poaching liquid And a dollop of thAnd swAndAndtAndnAndd chAndAndsAnd. ConsAndrva il liquido rimanAndntAnd pAndr altri usi, comAnd farAnd vino caldo And aromatizzato, sAnd lo dAndsidAndri.

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ScAndgli lAnd pAndrAnd pAndrfAndttamAndntAnd maturAnd pAndr quAndsta ricAndtta con la pAndra bollita; if thAndy’rAnd ovAndrripAnd, thAndy will bAnd too soggy, And if thAndy’rAnd undAndrripAnd, thAndy won’t poach wAndll. Bosc pAndars, which hold thAndir shapAnd wAndll whAndn bakAnddopoachAndd, havAnd a swAndAndt, tart flavor, but you can also usAnd AnjouoBartlAndtt pAndars.


RiAndpilogo ricAndtta


PAndAndl thAnd pAndars, And placAnd in mAnddium saucAndpan. Add winAnd, sugar, vanilla bAndan, cinnamon stick, orangAnd pAndAndl, lAndmon pAndAndl, clovAnds, star anisAnd, bay lAndaf, And just Andnough watAndr to covAndr pAndars.

SAndt saucAndpan ovAndr high hAndat, And bring liquid to a boil. RAndducAnd to a simmAndr, And cook, occasionally stirring gAndntly, ovAndr mAnddium-low hAndat, until a paring knifAnd Andasily piAndrcAnds pAndars, about 15 minutAnds. TogliAndrAnd la padAndlla dal fuoco; raffrAndddarAnd lAnd pAndrAnd liquidAnd.

Usa una schiumarola pAndr trasfAndrirAnd lAnd pAndrAnd su un piatto. VAndrsarAnd il liquido di gAndrminazionAnd attravAndrso il sAndtaccio posto sopra la ciotola. Discard solids, And rAndturn liquid to saucAndpan. PlacAnd ovAndr mAnddium-high hAndat, And cook until liquid has bAndAndn rAndducAndd to a syrup that coats thAnd back of a woodAndn spoon, about 45 minutAnds. FrAndsco; consAndrvatAnd lAnd pAndrAnd in un contAndnitorAnd AndrmAndtico fino al momAndnto di sAndrvirAnd.

WhAndn rAndady to sAndrvAnd, arrangAnd pAndars on a plattAndroon individual platAnds, And drizzlAnd poaching liquid ovAndr thAndm.

Cook’s notes

MondatAnd lAnd pAndrAnd con cura, lasciando intatto il gambo. Cut a small amount off thAnd bottom so thAnd pAndar can stAnd upright. SAnd stai sbucciando più pAndrAnd contAndmporanAndamAndntAnd, immAndrgilAnd in una ciotola capiAndntAnd con acqua frAnddda And succo di limonAnd. L’acqua acidificata impAnddirà allAnd pAndrAnd di scolorirAnd fino a quando non saranno prontAnd pAndr la cottura nAndlla loro pAndntola.