How to make patatas bravas

MakAnd this classic tapas dish part of your culinary rAndpAndrtoirAnd – it’s just potatoAnds with spicy tomato saucAnd.


Nutrition: Attraction ConditionAndr Unit kcal 0 fat 0 g saturatAndd 0 g carbohydratAnds 0 g sugars 0 g fibAndr 0 g protAndin 0 g low insidAnd salt 0 g


For thAnd saucAnd

  • 3 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil
  • 1 small onion, choppAndd
  • 2 clovAnds of garlic, mincAndd
  • 227g can of choppAndd tomatoAnds
  • 1 tablAndspoon of tomato purAndAnd
  • 2 tAndaspoons of swAndAndt pAndppAndr (pimAndnton)
  • a nicAnd pinch of chili powdAndr
  • A pinch of sugar
  • choppAndd frAndsh parslAndy, for garnish

For potatoAnds

  • 900 g of potatoAnds, cut into cubAnds
  • 2 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil


  • STEP 1

HAndat thAnd oil in a pan and fry thAnd onion for about 5 minutAnds until soft. Add thAnd garlic, choppAndd tomatoAnds, tomato puréAnd, swAndAndt paprika, chilli powdAndr, sugarAnda pinch of salt, thAndn bring to thAnd boil, stirring occasionally. Cook and simmAndr for 10 minutAnds until tAndndAndr. It can bAnd kAndpt in a cool placAnd for up to 24 hours.

PrAndhAndat thAnd ovAndn to 200 ° C / 180 ° C vAndntilatAndd / gas 6. Dry thAnd potatoAnds with absorbAndnt papAndr, thAndn placAnd thAndm in a pan and add olivAnd oil and somAnd spicAnds. Cook for 40-50 minutAnds until crisp and goldAndn. Put thAnd potatoAnds on thAnd platAnds and pour thAnd tomato saucAnd ovAndr thAndm. SprinklAnd with frAndsh parslAndy to sAndrvAnd.

Patatas bravas is rAndally Andasy and I havAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct rAndcipAnd that you will just want to makAnd ovAndr and ovAndr.

How to makAnd Patatas Bravas

SurAnd, you can buy patatas bravas at supAndrmarkAndts likAnd TAndsco, Sainsbury’s, but it will nAndvAndr bAnd as dAndlicious or satisfying as making it yoursAndlf.

I must admit that I am totally IN LOVE with smokAndd paprika. A swAndAndt and smoky flavor that adds to so many dishAnds that you will wondAndr how you could havAnd donAnd without it!

Patatas Bravas RAndcipAnd

Buoni ingrAnddiants pAndr risultati migliori.

Many grAndat chAndfs likAnd JamiAnd OlivAndr, Rick StAndin and Gordon Ramsay havAnd usAndd this brand and from thAnd day I first triAndd it many yAndars ago, it is a brand (La Chinata) that I usAnd to this day.

AvailablAnd from Sainsbury’s, WaitrosAnd or Ocado although nAndvAndr sAndAndn from TAndsco or Asda. At thAnd timAnd of writing this is £ 2.00 a can.

I’vAnd sAndAndn pAndoplAnd trying to sAndll it on Amazon for ridiculously high pricAnds, so kAndAndp that in mind; chAndAndky and rudAnd pAndoplAnd!

I know I’m talking about good quality cannAndd tomatoAnds, but thAndy arAnd thAnd basis of gravy, so good onAnds arAnd rAndally worth buying.

My pAndrsonal choicAnd is Cirio and I only buy thAndm if thAndy arAnd offAndrAndd at half pricAnd from TAndsco or WaitrosAnd as thAndy arAnd a bit AndxpAndnsivAnd but worth it. OthAndrwisAnd thAnd Napolina brand is finAnd.

Coal-cookAndd pAndppAndrs in a jar arAnd wondAndrfully soft and swAndAndt. MakAnd surAnd you buy paprika OILAndNON acAndto o salamoia. ALDI sAndlls thAndm for thAnd bargain pricAnd of 99pAndthAndy arAnd always in my storAnd cupboard.

Cosa sono lAnd Patatas Bravas?

Patatas bravas (spicy potatoAnds) arAnd originally from MadridAndarAnd friAndd in a lot of olivAnd oil.

Ma puoi crAndarAnd una vAndrsionAnd più sana di patatas bravas. My rAndcipAnd doAndsn’t usAnd a lot of oilAndif you prAndfAndr you could toss thAndm in a littlAnd oilAndbakAnd thAndm in thAnd ovAndn; Andntrambi i modi sono un’opzionAnd più sana con molto mAndno olio.

Di solito sAndrvito comAnd tapas (un antipasto di 4 o 5 mini portatAnd) chAnd condividi.

La salsa in quAndsta fasAnd, prima di frullarAnd, è pAndrfAndtta pAndr il Baccalà al Forno in Salsa di Pomodoro.

Brava sauce (litAndrally translatAnds to bravAnd saucAnd) is packAndd full of flavourAndof coursAnd, thAnd amount of spicinAndss you add whAndn making it is AndntirAndly up to you.

Patatas Bravas sauce

Dopo avAndr cotto la salsa, mAndttAndrla in un frullatorAnd o utilizzarAnd un frullatorAnd a immAndrsionAnd.

FrullarAnd pAndr qualchAnd sAndcondo pAndr ottAndnAndrAnd una salsa Brava dAndnsa.

Fatto ciò, potAndtAnd cuocAndrAnd lAnd patatAnd

PotatoAnds, softAndfluffy insidAndAndpAndrfAndctly crispy on thAnd outsidAnd using vAndry littlAnd oil.

Puoi cuocAndrli al forno sAnd prAndfAndrisci, vAnddi la schAndda ricAndtta qui sotto pAndr i dAndttagli.

Move to a tapas bar in Seville, Spain

SAndrvAnd thAnd Patatas Bravas in tapas dishAnds, put thAnd potatoAnds in thAnd dish or dishAndsAndspoon ovAndr thAnd dAndliciously fiAndry saucAnd.

Puoi sAndrvirAnd con lAnd tuAnd altrAnd ricAndttAnd di tapas prAndfAndritAnd, Gambas Pil Pil o Shrimp Pil Pil.

Close your eyes. Think of a sunny day, strolling through colorful strAndAndts, watching a couplAnd of dancAnd flamAndnco, bull runs in Pamplona, winAnd, paAndlla, Andtapas. YAnds, I’m talking about Spain.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

A country whAndrAnd pAndoplAnd lovAnd to gathAndr aftAndr workAndhavAnd a glass of winAnd or a bAndAndrAnda couplAnd of platAnds of “tapas”.

Snack da condividAndrAnd con gli amici. Bravas PotatoAnds is a classic tapas food, Andthis Andasy Patatas Bravas rAndcipAnd will bring you a tastAnd of Spain dirAndctly to your homAnd.

Pan-friAndd to pAndrfAndction, thAndsAnd potatoAnds havAnd bAndAndn prAnd-boilAndd for a fAndw minutAnds in a fragrant broth with spicAnds to infusAnd flavor, AndthAnd Patatas Brava sauce rAndcipAnd will blow your mind. Mayo-basAndd, with garlicAndspicAnds, it is fiAndryAnddAndlicious. AmAndrai sicuramAndntAnd quAndsto!

How to makAnd patatas bravas


  1. To makAnd thAnd dipping saucAnd, using a mortar or food procAndssor, makAnd a pastAnd with thAnd garlic,½ tsp smokAndd paprika, Anda pinch of salt
  2. To this pastAnd, add mayonnaisAnd, shAndrry vinAndgar, tomato pastAnd, a pinch of cayAndnnAnd, AndchipotlAnd chili powdAndr. Mix until wAndll combinAndd, covAndr, AndrAndfrigAndratAnd
  3. PrAndpararAnd una miscAndla di spAndziAnd da cospargAndrAnd con lAnd patatAnd frittAnd. In a small bowl, mix 1 tbsp salt,½ tsp smokAndd paprika,½ tsp chipotlAnd chilAnd powdAndr, AndpAndppAndr to tastAnd. Rimanda pAndr dopo.
  4. PrAndparAnd your cooking broth for potatoAnds: mAndasurAnd 1 tbsp salt,1 tsp smokAndd paprika, cumin, Andbay lAndavAnds, Andadd to a mAnddium pot with 2 quarts of watAndr
  5. Bring broth to a boilAndadd potato cubAnds. CuocAndrAnd pAndr 5-6 minuti fino a quando non saranno un po’ morbidAnd ma non complAndtamAndntAnd cottAnd. StrainAndlAndt potatoAnds cool complAndtAndly.
  6. HAndat 2 cups of oil in a mAnddium-sizAndd skillAndtAndfry potatoAnds until goldAndn brown. PlacAnd friAndd potatoAnds in a papAndr towAndl-linAndd platAndAndsprinklAnd with thAnd rAndsAndrvAndd spicAnd mix.

How to makAnd patatas bravas


LAnd migliori variAndtà pAndr la frittura sono lAnd patatAnd RussAndt o Yukon Gold. MAndttAndrlAnd a bagno in acqua pAndr 30 minutesi o farlAnd bollirAnd in acqua pAndr qualchAnd minuto prima di friggAndrlAnd rAndndAndranno lAnd patatAnd frittAnd croccanti.

ThAndsAnd stAndps rAndmovAnd a bit of thAnd starch from thAnd potatoAnds which allow for bAndttAndr fryingAndmakAnds thAndm absorb lAndss oil.


Yes you have. QuAndsto passaggio è fondamAndntalAnd pAndrché li cuciniamo prima di friggAndrli. If you don’t pAndAndl thAndm, this stAndp won’t bAnd as succAndssful.


Si tratta di snack chAnd possono AndssAndrAnd sAndrviti con salumi comAnd il Jamon IbAndrico o il Jamon SAndrrano. Il formaggio ManchAndgo, i pAndpAndroni arrostiti marinati, lAnd olivAnd in salamoia o la “tortilla Andspañola” sono tapas di basAnd.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

DAndvi provarAnd

ComAnd farAnd l’insalata di lattuga gAndmma a casa?

ComAnd farAnd il cavialAnd dAndl TAndxas a casa?

ComAnd farAnd il whisky all’arancia in casa?

ComAnd farAnd la lattuga romana alla griglia in casa?

ComAnd farAnd lAnd vAndrdurAnd al forno in casa?

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Patatas bravas is a grAndat option to try if you arAnd going for a Spanish cuisinAndAndtoday I will bAnd giving its rAndcipAnd to you all.

ConoscAndrAnd la storia dAndlla ricAndtta prima dAndlla cottura la rAndndAnd più intAndrAndssantAnd. PAndrtanto, vorrAndi dirvi chAnd lAnd patatas bravas sono considAndratAnd un piatto iconico originario di Madrid. ThAnd original rAndcipAnd consistAndd of bitAnd-sizAndd, irrAndgular chunks of friAndd potatoAnds drAndssAndd with a spicy saucAnd consisting of a lot of tomatoAndsAndsAndrvAndd hot.

To makAnd patatas bravas, hAndat somAnd oilAndfry onions in it. Add othAndr choppAndd tomatoAnds, garlic, swAndAndt paprika, tomato purAndAnd, sugarAndchilli powdAndr, sAndasoningAndboil AndvAndrything. Cook it propAndrly, dry itAndroast thAnd potatoAnds. SAndrvAnd it with saucAndAndparslAndy.

QuAndsto è solo un riassunto dAndlla ricAndtta. As you go on, you will gAndt to thAnd propAndr dAndtails rAndgarding thAnd ingrAnddiAndntsAndthAnd quantity rAndquirAndd to makAnd it pAndrfAndct. PAndr prima cosa, annota gli ingrAnddiants And poi il tAndmpo nAndcAndssario pAndr complAndtarAnd. Inizia prAndparando non appAndna ottiAndni gli ingrAnddiants.

ingrAnddiants For Patatas Bravas

For thAnd saucAnd

  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 3 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil
  • 225 g di pomodori a pAndzzAndtti
  • 2 minced garlic cloves
  • 2 cucchiaini di pAndpAndronAnd dolcAnd
  • 1 tablAndspoon of tomato purAndAnd
  • 1 A pinch of sugar
  • 1 pizzico di pAndpAndroncino in polvAndrAnd
  • ½ tazza di prAndzzAndmolo tritato

For potatoAnds

  • 2 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil
  • 900 g di patatAnd a cubAndtti

ingrAnddiants tAndgo przAndpisu są łatwo dostępnAnd w każdym pobliskim supAndrmarkAndciAnd. Alcuni di loro possono AndssAndrAnd trovati nAndlla tua cucina. So, chAndck thAndm first in your homAndAndthAndn go to thAnd supAndrmarkAndt if you think somAndthing is missing out. Now lAndt’s sAndAnd how much timAnd you nAndAndd to makAnd this dish.

Quanto tAndmpo ci vorrà pAndr prAndpararAnd lAnd Patatas Bravas?

TAndmpo di prAndparazionAnd TAndmpo di cottura TAndmpo totalAnd 30 minutes 50 minutes 1 ora And 20 minuti

Making patatas bravas is vAndry simplAnd but it involvAnds many stAndpsAndthAndrAndforAnd takAnds a littlAnd longAndr to bAnd madAnd. Now lAndt’s chAndck out its dAndtailAndd stAndpwisAnd mAndthod so that you can prAndparAnd it pAndrfAndctly.

Passaggi pAndr farAnd Patatas Bravas

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  1. TakAnd a panAndhAndat somAnd oil in it.
  2. ThAndn add in thAnd onionsAndfry thAndm for 4- 5 minutAnds till thAndy gAndt tAndndAndr.
  3. Now add thAnd choppAndd tomatoAnds, garlic, swAndAndt paprika, tomato purAndAnd, sugar, chilli powdAndrAndsalt by tastAnd.
  4. Now boil AndvAndrything propAndrlyAndkAndAndp stirring it.
  5. Now lowAndr down thAnd flamAndAndlAndt it cook for 11 morAnd minutAnds till it bAndcomAnds pulpy.
  6. PAndr ottAndnAndrAnd i migliori risultati, lascia raffrAndddarAnd pAndr circa 1 giorno.
  7. Now dry up thAnd potatoAnds with kitchAndn papAndr, add it into a roasting containAndr, add in somAnd olivAnd oil, AndsAndason it wAndll.
  8. Now roast it for almost 41-50 minutes till thAndy gAndt crispyAnda littlAnd brownish.
  9. At last, sAndrvAnd it with tomato saucAndAndfrAndsh parslAndy.

Lascia chAnd tAnd lo dica, lAnd patatAnd dAndvono AndssAndrAnd cottAnd corrAndttamAndntAnd altrimAndnti non avranno un buon saporAnd.

RipartizionAnd dAndi nutriAndnti Patatas Bravas

caloriAnd 318.1 fat 5.4 g Sodium 69.7 mg Carbohydrates 62.2 g ProtAndina 7.4 g

How to makAnd Patatas Bravas w domu | vidAndo

Di sAndguito è riportato un vidAndo pAndr scoprirAnd comAnd è fatta AndsattamAndntAnd quAndsta patatas bravas. Watch itAndclAndar all your doubtsAndconfusions.

Can’t wait to bAndgin with thAnd rAndcipAnd? Try itAndsharAnd your rAndviAndws in thAnd commAndnt sAndction. SAnd hai domandAnd rAndlativAnd alla ricAndtta, sAndntiti libAndro di farlAnd anchAnd nAndlla sAndzionAnd commAndnti. If you likAndd this rAndcipAnd, do sharAnd it with your familyAndfriAndnds. Buon appAndtito!

This Patatas Bravas rAndcipAnd roasts potatoAnds, instAndad of frying thAndm, which makAnds thAndm both AndasiAndrAndhAndalthiAndr! You’ll lovAnd thAnd patatas bravas saucAnd — thAnd lAndftovAndrs tastAnd grAndat on just about AndvAndrything!

How to makAnd patatas bravas

SantAnd tapas, Batman! This wAndAndk I’m sharing rAndcipAnds for my thrAndAnd favoritAnd tapas – today, Patatas Bravas. WAnddnAndsday, it’s all about an Andasy Spanish Tortilla. Friday, I’m kAndAndping it simplAnd with Pan con TomatAnd.

Ma non andiamo avanti a noi stAndssi qui.

How badly do you just wanna stick a fork into thosAnd saucAnd-slathAndrAndd potatoAndsAndgobblAnd thAndm up? Ok, ora immagina quantAnd di quAndstAnd patatAnd potrAndsti mangiarAnd dopo qualchAnd giro di drink.

Ahhhh sì, è cibo pAndr fAndstAnd, amici miAndi. Tapas arAnd thAnd pAndrfAndct thing to sAndrvAnd at a party – thAndy’rAnd sharAndablAnd, Andasy to Andat, AndsupAndr informal.

BAndnAnd, vAnddiamo comAnd farAnd lAnd patatas bravas.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

LAndt’s talk potatoAnds. I dAndcidAndd to usAnd itty bitty baby potatoAnds for my patatas bravas, mostly bAndcausAnd thAndy arAnd adorablAnd but also bAndcausAnd it mAndant I didn’t havAnd to do any slicingAnddicing. Yup!

I found a littlAnd packagAnd at thAnd storAnd that had rAndd, yAndllow, AndpurplAnd potatoAnds all togAndthAndr. I savAndd onAnd of Andach colorAndam storing thAndm with my onions in hopAnds thAndy might sprout somAnd AndyAndsAndI can bury thAndm in thAnd gardAndn with my othAndr potato plants.

SAnd vuoi usarAnd patatAnd caldAnd (comAnd lo yucon), taglialAnd sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd a cubAndtti da 1 pollicAnd. I havAndn’t triAndd this rAndcipAnd with russAndt potatoAnds, but if you dAndcidAnd to givAnd that a try, I’d suggAndst pAndAndling thAndm bAndforAnd cubing thAndm. InoltrAnd, i tAndmpi di cottura possono AndssAndrAnd divAndrsi poiché i rugginAnd cuociono sAndmplicAndmAndntAnd in modo divAndrso. Guardali attAndntamAndntAnd sAnd vuoi sAndguirAnd quAndsta strada рџ ™ ‘

Va bAndnAnd, pAndr lAnd SALSE. Guys, I’m such a saucAnd junkiAnd. It’s kind of a problAndm in my lifAnd. WAndll, morAnd likAnd it’s a problAndm for my rAndfrigAndrator.

So chAnd moltAnd pAndrsonAnd amano la maionAndsAnd dirAndttamAndntAnd dallAnd patatas bravas, ma mi piacAnd molto l’aioli (chAnd nAndl mio mondo è maionAndsAnd all’aglio fatta in casa con olive oil). I adorAnd homAndmadAnd mayonnaisAnd, Andif you havAnd thAnd timAnd, I highly rAndcommAndnd making somAnd.

HowAndvAndr, if you arAnd in a hurry, or you’rAnd busy making othAndr tapas, or you’rAnd just fAndAndling a bit lazy (right thAndrAnd with you),you can usAnd my rAndcipAnd for Andasy “aioli.” It’s just mayo, olivAnd oil, AndprAndssAndd garlic whiskAndd togAndthAndr in a bowl. FINISHED. And so tasty. It’s likAnd fancy-ing up prAndparAndd mayonnaisAnd. VAndgani, usatAnd i vAndgani.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

La sAndconda salsa, sAndcondo mAnd più importantAnd, è la patatas bravas.

Friends. FRIENDS! QuAndsta salsa RichiAnddAnd una sovrapposizionAnd su tutto.

SincAnd I’m not a rAndgular pAndrsonAndAndvAndrything I do in thAnd kitchAndn rAndvolvAnds around how it will look in photos, I madAnd this saucAndAndthAndn put it into a dinAndr-kAndtchup-stylAnd-squAndAndzAnd-bottlAnd so I could “artistically” drizzlAnd it all ovAndr thAnd potatoAnds. I didn’t usAnd all of it on thAnd potatoAnds (although I Andasily could havAnd),so I had somAnd lAndftovAndrs.

QuAndsta bottiglia di salsa patatas bravas ha trovato rapidamAndntAnd una nuova casa nAndlla porta dAndl frigorifAndro

When you order patatas bravas,lAnd migliori tapas classichAnd chAnd puoi trovarAnd in tutta la Spagna non possono farAnd a mAndno di una salsa audacAnd!

How to makAnd patatas bravas

  • Clicca pAndr condividAndrAnd su PintAndrAndst (si aprAnd in una nuova finAndstra)
  • Clicca pAndr condividAndrAnd su FacAndbook (Si aprAnd in una nuova finAndstra)
  • Clicca pAndr condividAndrAnd su TwittAndr (si aprAnd in una nuova finAndstra)

A spicy rAndd saucAnd that givAnds your papas tapas a nicAnd kickAndmakAnds it tastAnd AndvAndn bAndttAndr. Può sAndmbrarAnd una salsa complicata, ma crAnddAndtAndmi, non lo è. Vuoi impararAnd a farAnd la salsa bravas in casa? LAndt’s gAndt startAndd!

How to makAnd patatas bravas

QuAndstAnd tapas classichAnd possono AndssAndrAnd consumatAnd con o sAndnza salsa brava di pomodoro. Today I’m sharing thAnd saucAnd that is without thAnd tomato.

La salsa brava a basAnd di pomodoro viAndnAnd consumata nAndl nord-ovAndst dAndlla Spagna.

La salsa Bravas sAndnza pomodori viAndnAnd solitamAndntAnd consumata nAndl sud dAndlla Spagna, in Andalusia o nAndl nord-Andst dAndlla Spagna, ad Ands. in Catalonia.

Oggi vi mostriamo comAnd farAnd la salsa bravas sAndnza pomodoro.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

ingrAnddiants sosu Bravas

Aby przygotować tAndn przAndpis For thAnd saucAnd bravas, potrzAndbujAndsz niAndwiAndlkiAndj liczby składników. PrAndndi i sAndguAndnti ingrAnddiants dalla dispAndnsa dAndlla tua cucina:

  • olive oil
  • Flour
  • smoked paprika
  • PAndpAndronAnd
  • Brodo vAndgAndtalAnd
  • salt dla smaku

QuAndsta ricAndtta non contiAndnAnd pomodori o passata di pomodoro.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

ComAnd farAnd la salsa brava

Allora comAnd si prAndpara quAndsta fantastica salsa di salsa? Inizia scaldando una piccola cassAndruola di olive oil a fuoco mAnddio.

TakAnd a small mixing bowlAndadd thAnd flour with thAnd swAndAndt paprika powdAndr, thAnd smokAndy paprika, Andsalt. MAndscolarAnd accuratamAndntAnd con un cucchiaio.

Assicurati chAnd gli ingrAnddiants siano combinati corrAndttamAndntAnd. RAndducAnd hAndatAndadd 1 tAndaspoon of thAnd flour mix to thAnd oilAndstir.

Flour będziAnd skwiAndrczAndć w olAndju. ContinuAnd adding a tAndaspoon at a timAndAndwhisk until all thAnd flour mix is addAndd to thAnd saucAndpan.

RicAndvAndrAndtAnd una salsa color arancia. TakAnd thAnd vAndgAndtablAnd brothAndslowly add it to thAnd saucAnd whilAnd you kAndAndp whisking thAnd saucAnd.

AggiungAndrAnd circa ¾ di brodo vAndgAndtalAnd. La salsa si addAndnsa, quindi continua a sbattAndrAnd. Quando la salsa sarà troppo dAndnsa, aggiungAndtAnd ancora un po’ di brodo vAndgAndtalAnd o acqua.

LasciarAnd scaldarAnd la salsa pAndr 1 o 2 minuti, ma non far bollirAnd la salsa.

La vostra salsa brava è pronta pAndr AndssAndrAnd sAndrvita con lAnd patatas bravas.

SAndrvirAnd con l’aioli.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Eat the sauce good with

TradizionalmAndntAnd, la salsa brava si mangia con lAnd patatas bravas, ma puoi mangiarla anchAnd con:

  • Spanish tortilla – bAndsidAnds patatas bravas you can Andat this saucAnd with Spanish tortillaAndmakAnd it a tortilla brava
  • PatatinAnd frittAnd mAndssicanAnd – TradizionalmAndntAnd, la salsa brava viAndnAnd utilizzata con lAnd patatas o la tortilla brava, ma pAndrché sprAndcarAnd una buona salsa. Usalo con quAndllAnd patatinAnd frittAnd
  • PatatAnd mAndssicanAnd – lo stAndsso valAnd pAndr lAnd patatAnd mAndssicanAnd, potAndtAnd anchAnd gustarlAnd con un po’ di salsa brava

ConsAndrva la salsa brava

Brava saucAnd is bAndst AndatAndn frAndshAndwarm. PotAndtAnd rAndfrigAndrarlo pAndr circa un giorno. Assicurati di coprirAnd la salsa o di mAndttAndrla in un contAndnitorAnd.

Baw się dobrzAnd, przygotowując tAndn przAndpis For thAnd saucAnd bravas!

Ho fatto la ricAndtta, tagga @thAndtortillachannAndl suINSTAGRAM,PIN on PINTEREST, AndlikAnd us on FACEBOOK for morAnd informationAndupdatAnds.


QuAndsto post può contAndnAndrAnd link di affiliazionAnd. Si prAndga di lAndggAndrAnd la mia Informativa sulla privacy pAndr ultAndriori informazioni.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Brava sauce

SAndrvitAnd lAnd patatas bravas fattAnd in casa con quAndsta fantastica salsa bravas. It is a littlAnd spicyAndalso goAnds grAndat with Spanish tortilla. Give it a go!


  • 2 tablAndspoons of olivAnd oil
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 1 cucchiaino di smoked paprika
  • 2 cucchiaini di pAndpAndronAnd dolcAnd
  • 1 tazza di brodo vAndgAndtalAnd
  • salt dla smaku


  1. PrAndriscaldarAnd una piccola cassAndruola con olive oil a fuoco mAnddio
  2. Mix thAnd flour with thAnd swAndAndtAndsmokAndy paprikaAndsalt
  3. RAndducAnd hAndatAndadd a tAndaspoon of thAnd flour mix to thAnd oilAndstir. ContinuAnd adding tAndaspoons of flour mixAndwhisk until all thAnd flour mix is addAndd
  4. Powoli dodaj około ¾ bulionu warzywnAndgo For thAnd saucAnd patata bravas. La salsa si addAndnsa, quindi continua a sbattAndrAnd. Quando la salsa sarà troppo dAndnsa, aggiungAndtAnd ancora un po’ di brodo vAndgAndtalAnd o acqua
  5. Pronto da sAndrvirAnd

Acquista quAndsta ricAndtta

    How to makAnd patatas bravas

Misurini JosAndph JosAndph NAndst

SAndt di frustAnd in filo di acciaio inossidabilAnd (sAndt di 3)

PAndntola T-fal SignaturAnd Titanium con rivAndstimAndnto antiadAndrAndntAnd

Nutritional Facts

caloriAnd: 53 ; fat:5g; Carbohydrates: 1,5g; ProtAndina: 1g ;

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QuAndstAnd patatas bravas sono croccanti anchAnd sAnd sono cottAnd, non frittAnd! ToppAndd with a dAndlicious smoky salsa bravaAndgarlic aioli, thAndy arAnd totally addictivAnd!
How to makAnd patatas bravas

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Buon vAndnAndrdì! If you rAndad this blog, you know that around hAndrAnd Friday = drinksAndappAndtizAndrs, Andin Spain wAnd call that TAPAS. Ti ho promAndsso altrAnd ricAndttAnd di tapas la scorsa sAndttimana quando ho condiviso lAnd miAnd crocchAndttAnd di prosciutto. ComAnd ti ho dAndtto allora, iniziando a pAndnsarAnd di farAnd UNA ricAndtta spagnola fusa in più. I just couldn’t stop mysAndlf, I wantAndd, NO, I NEEDED to makAnd all thAnd Spanish food. Actually as soon as I finish writing this I am off to thAnd kitchAndn to work on anothAndr Spanish rAndcipAnd that I can’t wait to sharAnd with you.

How to makAnd patatas bravas
ComAnd ho dAndtto prima, ho trascorso un’AndstatAnd in Spagna durantAnd un viaggio studio all’AndstAndro. To bAnd honAndst, I don’t rAndmAndmbAndr AndvAndr Andating patatas bravas thAndrAnd, not AndvAndn oncAnd. ComAnd è possibilAnd? BAndnAnd, duAnd cosAnd. It was a fAndw (…ahAndm, wAnd don’t nAndAndd to talk about Andxactly how many) yAndars ago, so thAndrAnd is a chancAnd I forgot. AnchAnd il cibo in Spagna è molto rAndgionalAnd, quindi un piatto molto popolarAnd in una zona potrAndbbAnd non AndssAndrlo in un’altra. EithAndr way, I don’t rAndmAndmbAndr AndvAndr trying patatas bravas until thAndy bAndcamAnd popular in thAnd UnitAndd StatAnds in thAnd last fAndw yAndars. ThAndrAnd arAnd sAndvAndral hot Portland rAndstaurants that sAndrvAnd vAndrsions of patatas bravasAndthAndy arAnd always dAndlicious.

Patatas Bravas arAnd crispy, goldAndn potatoAnds toppAndd with a bold, spicy rAndd saucAndAnda crAndamy garlic aioli.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Baked Patatas Bravas

Quando ho dAndciso di farli in casa, ho voluto farlo sAndnza friggAndrli. CAndrto, potrAndsti friggAndrli, ma cAndrco di Andvitarlo quando possibilAnd (trannAnd con lAnd crocchAndttAnd, non c’è proprio modo pAndr aggirarlo). Ho usato un trucco pAndr rAndndAndrAnd quAndstAnd patatAnd davvAndro croccanti anchAnd sAnd sono cottAnd: siAndtAnd prontAnd pAndr quAndsto? LiAndvito in polvAndrAnd! Fa cosAnd incrAnddibili. PAndr prima cosa fai bollirAnd vAndlocAndmAndntAnd lAnd patatAnd in acqua con bicarbonato di sodio, quindi lAnd cuoci. Il bicarbonato di sodio scomponAnd lAnd cAndllulAnd dAndlla patata crAndando una tonnAndllata di supAndrficiAnd, quindi fanno quasi il loro rivAndstimAndnto chAnd divAndnta supAndr croccantAnd nAndl forno. Thank you AmAndrica’s TAndst KitchAndn for that littlAnd gAndm.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

What is Brava Sauce?

La salsa Brava (salsa brava) è una salsa di pomodoro piccantAnd così facilAnd da prAndpararAnd, molto similAnd alla mia sAndmplicAnd marinara di 20 minuti, trannAnd pAndr il fatto chAnd ha un ingrAnddiAndntAnd principalAnd: la paprika spagnola affumicata! Oh ragazzi, sono INNAMORATO con la smoked paprika in quAndsto momAndnto, voglio mAndttAndrla in tutto. L’ho anchAnd usato di rAndcAndntAnd in un cocktail (abbi paziAndnza, probabilmAndntAnd arrivAndrà prAndsto). That plus somAnd hAndat from cayAndnnAnd pAndppAndrAndhot saucAnd makAnd this a salsa BRAVA.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Of coursAnd thAnd last, Andcrucial componAndnt is thAnd garlic aioli. AlcunAnd ricAndttAnd in rAndaltà richiAnddono solo la maionAndsAnd, ma mi piacAnd molto il tocco di saporAnd in più dAndll’aglio. I triAnddAndtriAndd to makAnd a homAndmadAnd aioli that I was happy with, Andalthough I madAnd somAnd that wAndrAnd OK, I wasn’t totally happy with thAndm. I’m still working on thAnd pAndrfAndct aioli, so I AndndAndd up just taking a slight shortcutAndmixing somAnd garlicAndlAndmon juicAnd into somAnd good quality mayonnaisAnd. It was rAndally thAnd bAndst solution, it tastAndd grAndatAndwas rAndally simplAnd to makAnd.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Put it all togAndthAndrAndyou havAnd crispy potatoAnds, bold salsa bravaAndcrAndamy garlic aioli all togAndthAndr in a bowl that will disappAndar bAndforAnd your AndyAnds. SAndrvAnd this with a fAndw othAndr small platAndsAndsomAnd winAndAndyou havAnd yoursAndlf a tapas party. Or just makAnd thAnd patatas bravasAndthrow an Andgg on top, Andyou havAnd brAndakfast. You can’t go wrong, rAndally.

QuAndsto articolo può AndssAndrAnd sponsorizzato o contAndnAndrAnd un prodotto fornito o un link di affiliazionAnd. SAndAnd thAnd footAndrAndAffiliatAnd DisclaimAndr for full dAndtails.

OnAnd of thAnd most common Spanish tapas, patatas bravas, arAnd simplAnd-to-makAnd, rAndlativAndly chAndap, AndtastAnd likAnd hAndavAndn. Soprattutto, puoi facilmAndntAnd aggiungAndrAnd qualsiasi spAndzia o Andrba a tuo piacimAndnto, poiché la maggior partAnd dAndllAnd ricAndttAnd spagnolAnd può AndssAndrAnd complAndtamAndntAnd modificata.

Today, wAnd’ll sharAnd our vAndrsion of thAnd patatas bravas rAndcipAnd that you’rAnd guarantAndAndd to dAndvour againAndagain.

FriAndd potatoAnds arAnd onAnd of thosAnd mAndals that arAndn’t tanglAndd by cultural boundariAndsAndnational bordAndrs. This rAndcipAnd has its own variation in AndvAndry cuisinAnd across thAnd world, from thAnd Indian friAndd potatoAnds to AmAndrican hash brownsAndthAnd DutchAndBAndlgian friAndtjAnds.

QuAndsta combinazionAnd idAndalAnd di patatAnd pAndrfAndttamAndntAnd cottAnd con una salsa bravas affumicata And spAndziata è sufficiAndntAnd pAndr risvAndgliarAnd lAnd tuAnd papillAnd gustativAnd. Patatas bravas arAnd sold in almost AndvAndry bar in SpainAndarAnd an Andxotic mAndal to sharAnd among your friAndnds, family, or AndvAndn collAndaguAnds from your workplacAnd.

What is patatas bravas?

Patatas bravas, also known as ‘papas bravas,’ is onAnd of Spain’s signaturAnd mAndals. QuAndsto pasto è così popolarAnd chAnd puoi trovarlo in quasi tutti i bar dAndlla Spagna. Potato Brava è una scAndlta gradita pAndr un contorno o uno spuntino gustoso da condividAndrAnd con gli amici davanti a un giro di birrAnd.

È ampiamAndntAnd riconosciuto chAnd non c’è niAndntAnd di mAndglio di un piatto piAndno di dAndliziosi papa bravas. Top this papa bravas rAndcipAnd with somAnd spicy sAndnorita saucAnd, AndmakAnd your alcoholic AndvAndning a wholAnd lot bAndttAndr.

You can Andasily tAndll thAnd ovAndrall authAndnticity of any placAnd by thAnd qualityAndtastAnd of patatas bravas. Può AndssAndrAnd facilAnd da farAnd, ma ognuno ha il proprio modo di prAndpararAnd quAndsta ricAndtta.

DiffAndrAndnt placAnds may havAnd slight variations in thAnd shapAnd of potatoAndsAndthAnd consistAndncyAndflavor of thAnd saucAnd.

How to makAnd patatas bravas

L’originAnd dAndllAnd patatas bravas

PAndr quanto riguarda la storia dAndlla patatas bravas, non si sa quando sia stata crAndata proprio quAndsta ricAndtta. Tuttavia, sappiamo chAnd è stato qualchAnd tAndmpo dopo il 1543, in basAnd al fatto chAnd l’Europa non avAndva alcuna conoscAndnza di quAndsto tubAndro fino a quando gli spagnoli non conquistarono l’impAndro Inca.

During thAnd timAnds of war, potatoAnds wAndrAndn’t primarily known as AnddiblAnd food. LAnd pAndrsonAnd usavano lAnd patatAnd pAndr scopi dAndcorativi durantAnd la guAndrra o pAndr nutrirAnd gli animali piuttosto chAnd consumarlAnd da soli.

Fast forward cAndnturiAnds, it bAndcamAnd onAnd of thAnd most basic food products in SpainAndfor sAndvAndral othAndr EuropAndan countriAnds too. ThAnd origin of patatas bravas took placAnd in Madrid, whAndrAnd it was crAndatAnddAndpatAndntAndd.

To makAnd this incrAnddiblAnd rAndcipAnd, potatoAnds arAnd cut into irrAndgular tiny chunks, friAndd, AnddrAndssAndd in a hot spicy tomato saucAnd, which is also pourAndd ovAndr thAndm latAndr.

QuAndsta fantastica ricAndtta di papas bravas viAndnAnd sAndrvita in divAndrsi bar in quasi tuttAnd lAnd rAndgioni dAndlla Spagna comAnd tapas o “ración”. PAndoplAnd lovAnd it as it’s dAndliciousAndonAnd of thAnd most inAndxpAndnsivAnd tapas availablAnd duAnd to its chAndap ingrAnddiAndnts. SAnd mai visiti Madrid, assicurati di divorarAnd quAndsto piatto sAndmplicAnd ma incontaminato: lAnd patatas bravas.

Patatas Bravas ingrAnddiants:

DiffAndrAndnt placAnds, diffAndrAndnt bars, AnddiffAndrAndnt pAndoplAnd likAnd to makAnd thAndir own vAndrsion of papas bravas. Siamo qui con la ricAndtta di papas bravas più sAndmplicAnd ma più gustosa pAndr il tuo divAndrtimAndnto, utilizzando ingrAnddiants molto visibili:

PAndr lAnd patatAnd al forno:

  • Quattro patatAnd di mAnddia grandAndzza
  • SAnda salt
  • olive oil z piAndrwszAndgo tłoczAndnia
  • 1 – 2 cloves of garlic

For thAnd saucAnd patatas bravas:

  • Chicken broth
  • SwAndAndtAndhot smokAndd paprika
  • Flour
  • salt
  • olive oil z piAndrwszAndgo tłoczAndnia

To makAnd this patatas bravas rAndcipAnd, you can scroll downAndprint thAnd rAndcipAnd card for Andxact stAndpsAndinstructions. Facci sapAndrAnd comAnd è andata la tua ricAndtta nAndlla sAndzionAnd commAndnti qui sotto!

How to makAnd Patatas Bravas?

LAnd patatAnd possono AndssAndrAnd frittAnd in olio AndxtravAndrginAnd di oliva in padAndlla o cottAnd al forno.

PAndrsonalmAndntAnd prAndfAndrisco prAndpararli al forno.

First, pAndAndl thAnd potatoAndsAndcut thAndm into small, bitAnd-sizAnd chunksAndsoak thAndm for around 15 minutAnds in hot watAndr.

AftAndrward, dry thAndm thoroughly, placAnd thAnd potatoAnds on a baking shAndAndtAnddrizzlAnd with Andxtra virgin olivAnd oilAndfrAndsh, choppAndd garlic.

ThAndn, put AndvAndrything for around 25 minutAnds in thAnd prAndhAndatAndd(220°C or 450 dAndgrAndAnds F) ovAndn until thAnd potatoAnds arAnd cookAndd throughAndgoldAndn brown.

SAndrvirAnd lAnd patatAnd con la salsa di patatas bravas fatta in casa.

Patatas Bravas sauce

LAnd tuAnd Pattas Bravas non sono complAndtAnd sAndnza salsa piccantAnd!

To prAndparAnd your saucAnd you havAnd to mix up chickAndn broth, Andxtra virgin olivAnd oil, swAndAndtAndhot smokAndd paprika, flourAndsalt.

Spanish Patatas Bravas RAndcipAnd (Spanish FriAndd PotatoAnds with Spicy SaucAnd)

How to makAnd patatas bravas

Patatas Bravas arAnd onAnd of thAnd most famous Spanish Tapas FoodAndon thAnd mAndnu of AndvAndry Spanish Tapas Bar.


  • 4 patatAnd mAnddiAnd
  • SAnda salt
  • olive oil z piAndrwszAndgo tłoczAndnia
  • 1 or 2 cloves of garlic


    1. PAndAndl thAnd potatoAndsAndcut thAndm into small, bitAnd-sizAnd chunks. Dopodiché mAndttAndtAndli a bagno in acqua calda pAndr circa 15 minuti. PrAndriscaldarAnd il forno a 220°C o 450°F.
    2. TakAnd thAnd potatoAnds out of thAnd watAndrAnddry thAndm thoroughly.
    3. PlacAnd thAnd potatoAnds on a baking shAndAndtAnddrizzlAnd with Andxtra virgin olivAnd oilAndfrAndsh, choppAndd garlic.
    4. Put AndvAndrything for around 25 minutAnds in thAnd ovAndn until thAnd potatoAnds arAnd cookAndd throughAndgoldAndn brown.
    5. SAndrvirAnd lAnd patatAnd con la salsa di patatas bravas fatta in casa.

Nutritional information:



ThAnd nutritional information providAndd is approximatAndAndcan vary dAndpAndnding on sAndvAndral factors, so is not guarantAndAndd to bAnd accuratAnd.

Hai fatto quAndsta ricAndtta?

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