How to make paper fairy wings

Time from 10 to 25 hours

Delicate iridescent wings can add an element of whimsy to elf costumes, fairy costumes and other cool costumes. They’re generally lightweight and, with a little practice, accessible to create for many cosplayers.

How to make paper Fairytale wingsMizutsune OC from PlexiCosplay using standard performance of fairy wings with wire, cellophane and brillo board

But there are limitations to light fairy wings that make their materials unsuitable for stronger or heavier wing designs.

Standard Fairy Wings:

  • Light – Yes
  • Rigid – No.
  • The material of the wings: cellophane film and thermo-adhesive vinyl

Aluminum frame wings:

In fact, each wing structure falls morerange between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ forthisabove answers. While aluminum frame wings aren’t necessarily considered lightweight, they are certainly lighter than using steel forthisframework.

And while standard fairy wings aren’t necessarily rigid in design, they do shape their shape against the pull of gravity as long as the wires for the frame are spaced enough apart.

However, for simplicity, aluminum-framed wings were chosen because, although they are heavier than fairy wings, they have a stronger shape and can therefore use a heavier material for the wingspan themselves.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals that bends easily but is rigid at the same time. For eventhislargest ‘bird-type’ wings, aluminum isthismetal of choice for all backplates, couplings and framework.

For this project, I needed a frame strong enough to swing the wings with a total span of about 4 feet. I chose two sizes of aluminum tubes (hollow bars are required to bend them and remain rigid when folded). Larger tubes were used for the upper sides of each wing, while smaller tubes were used for the lower edges of the frame.

Remember, the top edges are doingthis‘heavy lifting’ to keepthiswings up whilethislower edges are simply keeping your wing material taught. These were purchased from Speedway Motorsports, but you can also order both 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sizes on Amazon:

Plan your frame project

Before you start hacking and bending pipes, start with a plan. I used InkScape to squish the outer edges of my wings and printed the plans to the exact size I needed. This way, I’m simply bendingthisrods to followthisshape of my desired results exactly.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

If you are not comfortable with InkScape, I highly recommend you to watch this easy to follow Youtube tutorial from CestLaSar!

Once you’ve settled on your blueprint, it’s time to bend your aluminum rods gently into position. These rods cannot be bent untilthisinside ofthistube ‘crushes’ onto itself, so any sharp bends will need to be cut and then welded together for a stronger connection.

It is also important to remember that bending and re-folding the bars will reduce their integrity, so work slowly and methodically to get the shape you want.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

With these wings, the curve at the ends of each wing is too sharp and requires welding. I used this connection point as a break between my larger and smaller rods. Time to weld!

Weld sharp corners

To prepare for welding, the first step is to make sure that the connection of both aluminum bars is the same. This makes the weld stronger. I used a rounded friction tool to shave the tip of my smaller barrel into a concave shape that fits snugly against the edge of the side of my larger adjacent barrel.

How to make paper Fairytale wings How to make paper Fairytale wings How to make paper Fairytale wings

From there, weld a connection point on the tip and base if you want a sturdy wing frame. If you choose not to weld the base, the opening will allow for more movement between the top and bottom of the door, but it can also be a slimmer design.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

I have chosen to weld the base where the edges of the wing will naturally meet. For these wings, I had four separate wing panels which provided 8 solder points. The results were sharp!

How to make paper Fairytale wings

Stretch the fabric

In the next post, I’ll show you each step to stretch PVC vinyl for wings, skirts, and more! But as a taste, your next step is to usethisaluminum frame you’ve just created as a mount for your tissue of choice for your wings.

I chose PVC vinyl for this project because it is transparent but also esthissibile.

How to make paper Fairytale wings How to make paper Fairytale wings

Stay tuned for details on how to work with PVC vinyl in your next cosplay project.

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I am happy to sharehow to make wingsto Happy Ever Mom today!

My four year old would wear wings all day if she could. Since she loves everything she pretends, as well as fairies, her wings are the basis of her wardrobe. After taking the grocery bags home one day? , we decided to turn intoquick and easy art projectthat I knew my daughter wanted to wear!

How to make paper Fairytale wings
To do itFairytale wings,you’ll only need a few things from aroundthishouse. And then, you’re fairy will be flying around in no time!

Materials for the wings of a paper bag

  • Pearl tempera paint
  • Paper bag
  • Basic

How to make paper Fairytale wings

How to make wings

Pull out the bottom of a paper bag and crumple. And then,draw and cut the shape of your wings. The side of the bag will act as the center of the wings as it cuts the wings – woohoo!

I folded the center like an accordion so that the center was not too loose and added consisthisza.

Remember when you filled the bottom of the bag? Now it’s time to cutthisbottom ofthisbag out. This will be a rectangle. Cut the rectangle lengthwise in four sections. Keep them until the end because they will make the ties so soft children can wear wings!

How to make paper Fairytale wings

Let the childrenpaint the wingsin the color you prefer.

We tried folding the wings in half so the paint was on the other side of the wings, but it was too hot and the paint dried too quickly. Next time we will try more paint and a cooler day!

How to make wings Straps

Once the wings are dry, take the four cut sections from the base of the bag. Basic two sections together so they make one long strip. And then, staplethisother two together. You now have two long straps that you can attach to the wings like the straps of a backpack!

How to make paper Fairytale wings

After doing thesequick and easy wings, let the kids fly outside and enjoy their artwork. They are so fun for you to do and wear!

If you like to pretend to play like us, please visit our Facebook page and tell us what your child’s favorite way to play is!

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Katie Joiner is a happy mom who works from home. Quando non è impegnata a salvare i suoi gatti dai bambini e a capire cosa c’è per cena, può essere trovata a scattare foto, ridere con i suoi figli e chiedersi se può intrufolarsi in un altro Starbucks. Kids 7,4,& baby –>

Introduction: How to make fairy wings

this will show you how to make Fairytale wings from houseshold objecs like.

– hangers [goals, which can be folded]
–about two fleshy tissues
-thered and pinned
– needles

my friend showed me how to do it for our school fashion show. here it is anyway.

Step 1: hanger

you will need about 4 hooks, two for each wing. if you want to use more, go ahead. you need to start by folding the hooks into four parts. bottom left bottom right and top left and top right. do it in whatever form you can, but only if it looks like what you want to do.

Step 2: wings

now add duct tape on the hooks so that they form a circle with an attachment point sticking out
like the one pictured below, but ignore the material for now until you need to add it to the wings
you can choose the fabric color you need.

Step 3: Pin the fabrics

now he has to pin the fabrics around the sides of the wheel hook until it is very tight and no longer tears unless you do. go to the next step for fin.

Step 4: final step

if pins are known on the fabric then wrap them around so they can stay where they should be and to try them try moving the fabric. then take the strip and make holes in the fabric on all parts of the wings, then thread the strip through the holes. You’re done

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I was doubting whether to proposethiskids to make some cardboard Fairytale wings.

I try to believe stereotypes aren’t my cup of tea, so when I start raising my kids, I try to avoid being too “boyish” looking at things. However this seems to be a fight I’m about to lose. I can stand on my head as much as I want: my son loves everything on wheels, and my daughter loves roses, fairies, princesses and playing “house”. So when I asked Victoria to choose our next cardboard crafts activity, the choice for cardboard Fairytale wings was quickly made.

When I went to get the cartoon, Victoria and Lukas were looking forward to the show. They went ahead and started practicing with flying fairies around the living room. Among several cardboard boxes, I choose 2 large pieces of cardboard. Despitethischallenges posed by Elena(1,5) dancing onthiscardboard, I managed after a while to cutthiscardboard Fairytale wings out. I put paper tape onthisplaces where paint would not stick, andthiskids got to choosethiscolors they wanted to use for their cardboard Fairytale wings.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

And surprise surprise… they chose pink and purple. I also added some glitter to make the wings even more fabulous.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

After painting one side, we putthiscardboard Fairytale wings onthisheater for them to dry faster. Though for Victoria that wasn’t going fast enough so she also tried to blow them dry. But after a while she gave up and decided she’ll better wait for her cardboard Fairytale wings to dry by themselves.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

When both sides of the wings were painted and dried, I made a few holes in the back and used tape to attach the cardboard wings to my little fairies.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

And gee, I had some happy fairies flying around the house!

Making cardboard Fairytale wings is very easy andthiskids and me had lots of fun playing with them, just that you need to be patient forthispaint to dry 🙂

What did we learn from manufacture our cardboard Fairytale wings:

  • Patience: We had to wait for each side of the wings to dry before we could continue the game.
  • Basic color mixing: red + white = pink and red + blue = purple
  • Pretend acting / drama: my two little fairies flew around the house and spread happiness all around 🙂

If your child likes fairies, this printable fairy will also be diverthiste. Check out these easy-to-make fairytale crowns too. They fit very well with our cardboard wings don’t you think?

Update: Check onthisblog of fun at home with kids how Asia took this cardboard Fairytale wings idea and gave her own twist to it!

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I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® community. This store received an award as part of a social shopping push for collective prejudice and its advertiser. #Collective bias # ChrońPixieHollow

How to make paper Fairytale wings

My daughter loves all things Disney. We organize tea parties and change clothes every week. (I really need a prince costume.) When we make cupcakes, Hannah loves to help. She loves to crackthiseggs, addthisflour, anything she can do to get involved, she’s daddy’s little helper inthiskitchen! She asked her if she wanted to help me make Disney Tinker Bell cupcakes, which she literally jumped off the chair and said, “Today ?! Now ?!” My heart warms my excitement.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

She ran back to the bedroom, put on a princess dress, grabbed her plastic slippers, and we started cooking. For those that don’t know, there is a new Tinker Bell Fairy movie coming out called “The Pirate Fairy.” Now Hannah LOVES Tink and all her friends, I’ve watched existing movies a few times myself, so when I sawthistrailer I thought it would be fun to make a guilt-free cupcake inspired bythismovie. I let Hannah watchthistrailer with me and she said,‘What will they do if they can’t fly?!’ She made me think of my cupcake. Instead of making a simple cupcake, laden with frosting, you can make a small decoration. I’ll just use a vanilla cake mix and diet Sprite,(less calories),butthisdecorations are what will really inspire Hannah’s imagination and creativity.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

The idea of ​​the Fairy Wing cupcakes was born. Now b/c ofthismovie Hannah insisted on BLUE sprinkles instead of Tinker Bell’s green & yellow. We added multiple different color cupcake wrappers (found at Walmart for $1.50) to represent all of Tinker Bell’s friends. But remember, fairies NEED blue pixie dust to fly. I went for the white chocolate. A bar or pieces of white chocolate will do just fine. Before I started I really wanted to makethisFairytale wings LOOK like Fairytale wings. Tinker Bell and other fairies have very distinct wings. So I went into Photoshop and tracedthisFairytale wings from a Tinker Bell photo I had. So I made a printable template to go under the wax paper and make it super easy.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

How to make paper Fairytale wings

How to make paper Fairytale wings

How to make paper Fairytale wingsI slowly warmed the white chocolate in the microwave. Apply only 15 seconds per timer, take it out and mix. Your chocolate should be nice and smooth, easy to mix. (Do this if you overcook it, it becomes stiff and useless.) I still have a plastic bottle with a tip. I exposed the tip of the bottle a little more to make the chocolate wings thicker and less brittle. I just followed my sthiscil and asked Hannah to sprinkle my wings with blue pixie powder (blue sugar sprinkles). I set them aside for 30 minutes. Then I whipped a simple butter cream with 2 sticks of salted butter, vanilla and powdered sugar. I added some buttercream to the cupcake, then carefully added the wings.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

It was the hardest part of the process. About 30% of my wings broke during this process and I have learned a few things. Make sure the chocolate line is THICK. Also make sure you don’t have any breaks in your lines!! If your chocolate wing doesn’t connect at a joint, it will surely break! So sprinkle some blue pixie powder and enjoy! It’s a simple recipe that will be sure to inspirethisimagination of little ones everywhere!!

How to make paper Fairytale wings

How to make paper Fairytale wings

We can’t wait for The Pirate Fairy DVD to come out! Another great Disney movie to watch with my little princess. The Pirate Fairy is available on Walmart on April 1st. # ProtectPixieHollow.

Method 2of 2:Use of wire hooks

  1. Fold 2 wire hooks into the shape of butterfly wings.
  2. Pull each hook into a circle.
  3. Slide each end of the wing into the sock leg.
  4. Tie each end of the sock close to the hook.
  5. Wrap the wing hooks together to form the center of the wings.

Furthermore, how do you make Fairytale wings with wire and tissue? Put yours down wire wingpieces ontissueand cut the piecestissuesame form aswing,manufacturethistissue pieces and inch larger thanthiswire on all sides. So, making one wingpiece at a time, pose yourstissuelie down and lie downwire wing over it. Infilare l’ago con un wire spesso.

Secondly, how do you dress like a fairy?

If winter is your season, it glows like a snow fairy.

  1. Wear a long white dress.
  2. Wear pearls and crystal or silver jewelry.
  3. Indossa un trucco scintillante, inclusi ombretti frost e lucidwingbbra scintillanti.
  4. Wear white wings.
  5. Include snowflakes on your team.

How do you make paper Fairytale wings?


  1. Drawthisshape ofthiswing. Using any kind of paper, drawthisshape of your wings. Use two pieces of paper with each wing on a different sheet.
  2. Cutthiswings out. Use a pair of scissors to cutthiswings out. Try to cutthisedges as smooth as possible.
  3. Buildthiswings. Tapethiswings together inthiscenter.

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1. You’ll need at least two sheets of paper reserved forthiswings (I used four) and two forthisstrap mechanism. You will also need duct tape and ribbons long enough to wrap around the bust at least once and still tie a bow.
2. To make a wing, foldthispaper like an aeroplane until you get a kite shape.

3. Repeat forthisother wing.
4. If manufacture two pairs of wings, you may want to makethisthicker wingsthisuppers and makethiskite shape thinner with one more fold on each side.

5. Repeat forthisother lower wing.
6. Fasthis your wings together, manufacture surethislargest pair is atthistop andthissmallest atthisbottom.

7. To makethisfirst part ofthisholding mechanism forthiswings, fold it horizontally into roughly eight sections, then fasthis your wings tothismechanism. Make surethisfirst strip is vertical.

8. To makethissecond, foldthisother sheet vertically to a comparable width, then threadthisfolded part throughthisfirst strip, leave room inthisloops and fasthis with tape.

9. To makethisarm straps, simply thread ribbons throughthisloops and tie them to yourself, manufacture sure they fit.

10. Ensure all seals that need to stay fasthised are done with tape and your paper wings are ready either to wear or decorate! Just be sure to avoidthistape if using glossy tape.

How to make paper Fairytale wings

Iridescent fairy wings tutorial

At long last, the materials list and tutorial for how to make your own iridescent Fairytale wings!

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