How to make paper fairy wings

Time Between 10 and 25 hours

Delicate iridescent wings can add an element of fantasy to elf, fairy, and other fantastical costumes. They’re generally lightweight and, with a little practice, accessible to create for many cosplayers.

How to make paper fairy wings Mizutsune OC by PlexiCosplay using standard fairy wing craftsmanship with wires, cellophane, and brillo board

But there are limitations to the lightweight fairy wings that make their materials unsuitable for more sturdy or heavier wing-type structures.

Standard Fairy Wings:

  • Lightweight – Yes
  • Rigid – No
  • Wing Material – Cellophane Film and Iron-On Vinyl

Aluminum Frame Wings:

Truly each wing structure falls more in a range between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for the above answers. While aluminum frame wings aren’t necessarily considered lightweight, they are certainly lighter than using steel for the framework.

And while standard fairy wings aren’t necessarily rigid in their structure, they do hold their shape against the pull of gravity, so long as the wires for the framework use a large enough gauge.

For the sake of simplicity, though, aluminum frame wings are chosen because while they are heavier than fairy wings, they hold a stronger shape and can, thus, use a heavier material for the span of the wings themselves.

Why aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals that is easy to bend but also holds rigidity. For even the largest ‘bird-type’ wings, aluminum is the metal of choice for all backplates, couplings and framework.

For this project, I wanted a frame that would be sturdy enough to hold wings with a total wingspan of about 4ft. I chose two sizes of aluminum tubing (you want hollow rods so they can be bent and still remain rigid after bending). The larger tubing was used for the upper sides of each wing while the smaller tubing was used for the lower edges of the framework.

Remember, the top edges are doing the ‘heavy lifting’ to keep the wings up while the lower edges are simply keeping your wing material taught. These were purchased from Speedway Motorsports, but you can also order both the 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch sizes on Amazon:

Plan Your Framework Blueprint

Before you begin hacking away and bending your tubes, start with a blueprint. I used InkScape to plan out the outside edges of my wings and printed the blueprints to the exact size I would need. This way, I’m simply bending the rods to follow the shape of my desired results exactly.

How to make paper fairy wings

If you’re not feeling confident with InkScape, I’d highly recommend watching this easy-to-follow tutorial on Youtube by CestLaSara!

Once you’ve settled on your blueprint, it’s time to bend your aluminum rods gently into position. These rods cannot be bent until the inside of the tube ‘crushes’ onto itself, so any sharp bends will need to be cut and then welded together for a stronger connection.

It’s also important to note that bending and re-bending the rods will degrade their integrity, so work slowly and methodically to get the shape you desire.

How to make paper fairy wings

For these wings, the bend at the very tips of each wing are too acute and need to be welded. I used this connection point as the break between my larger rods and smaller rods. Time to weld!

Weld Sharp Angles

To prepare for welding, the first step is making sure the connection of both aluminum rods is flush. This makes for a stronger weld. I used a rounded grating tool to shave the tip of my smaller rod to a concave shape that fit perfectly around the edge of the side of my larger adjoining rod.

How to make paper fairy wings How to make paper fairy wings How to make paper fairy wings

From there, weld the connection point at the tip as well as at the base if you want a strong wing frame. If you choose not to weld the base, the opening will allow for more movement between the top and bottom of your wing, but this can also be a flimsier design.

How to make paper fairy wings

I chose to weld the base where the edges of the wing would naturally connect. For these wings, I had four separate wing panels, which makes 8 weld points. The results were sharp!

How to make paper fairy wings

Stretch Your Fabric

In a subsequent post, I will show every step to stretching PVC vinyl for wings, skirts, and more! But as a taste, your next step is to use the aluminum frame you’ve just created as a mount for your fabric of choice for your wings.

For this project, I chose PVC vinyl because it’s transparent but also able to be stretched taught.

How to make paper fairy wings How to make paper fairy wings

Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown of how to work with PVC vinyl for your next cosplay project.

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I’m thrilled to share how to make wings at Happily Ever Mom today!

My four-year-old would wear wings all day long if she could. Because she loves everything pretend play and fairies too, wings are a staple in her wardrobe. After lugging groceries bags home one day , we decided to make into a quick and easy art project that I knew my daughter would love to wear!

How to make paper fairy wings
To make these fairy wings, you’ll only need a few things from around the house. Then, you’re fairy will be flying around in no time!

Materials for Paper Bag Wings

  • Pearl Tempera Paint
  • Paper Bag
  • Staple

How to make paper fairy wings

How to Make Wings

Push the bottom of the paper bag out and crease . Then, draw and cut out your wing shape. The side of the bag will make the center of the wings as you cut out the wings – woohoo!

I folded the center like an accordion so that the center was not too wide and it added texture.

Remember how you pushed out the bottom of the bag? Now it’s time to cut the bottom of the bag out. It will be a rectangle. Cut the rectangle lengthwise into four sections. Hold onto these for the end as they will make the arm bands so kids can wear the wings!

How to make paper fairy wings

Let kids paint the wings in whatever color they choose.

We tried to fold our wings in half to get the paint on the other side of the wings, but it was too hot and our paint dried to quickly. Next time, we will try more paint and a cooler day!

How to Make Wings Straps

After the wings dry, grab the four sections that you cut from the base of the bag . Staple two sections together so they make one long strip. Then, staple the other two together. Now you have two long strips that you can staple to the wings like back pack straps!

How to make paper fairy wings

After you make these quick and easy wings, let kids fly outside and enjoy their artwork. These are so much fun to make and to wear!

If you love pretend play like we do, come on over to our Facebook page and tell us your child’s favorite way to play!

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Introduction: How to Make Fairy Wings

this will show you how to make fairy wings from houseshold objecs like.

-clothes hanger [metle ones that you could bend]
-about two meaters of fabric
-thered and pins

my frend showed me how to make this for our school fashon show. anyway here it is.

Step 1: The Coat Hangers

you will need about 4 coat hangers two for each wing. if you want to use more then go will need to start by bending the coat hangers into four parts. the lower left the lower right and the top left and top right . do it in any shape possible but only if it looks like what you whant to make.

Step 2: The Wings

now add the seletape onto the coat hangers to make them into a circle with a point coming out
like the one in the pic below but ignore the fabric for now untill you need to add it to the wings
you can choose what colour fabric you need.

Step 3: Pin the Fabrics

the must now pin the fabrics around the coat hanger sides of the circleuntill it is very tight and will not rip anymore unless you make it. follow on to the next step to fin.

Step 4: The Last Step

were the pins are know on the fabric soe around them so they can stay in the place they should be at and to test them try and move the fabric . after this get a belt and make holes in the fabric on all the wing parts and then put the belt thourg the holes. your done

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I was doubting whether to propose the kids to make some cardboard fairy wings.

I try to believe that stereotypes are not so much my thing, so when it gets to raising my kids I try to avoid a too “boy – girl” view on things. However this seems to be a fight I’m about to lose. I can stand on my head as much as I want: my son loves everything with wheels and my daughter loves pink, fairies, princesses and playing “house”. So when I asked Victoria to choose our next cardboard crafts activity, the choice for cardboard fairy wings was quickly made.

While I went to collect the cardboard, Victoria and Lukas were eager to start the play. They went ahead and started practicing some fairy-flying through the living room. I choose 2 big pieces of cardboard from some cardboard boxes. Despite the challenges posed by Elena(1,5) dancing on the cardboard, I managed after a while to cut the cardboard fairy wings out. I put paper tape on the places where paint would not stick, and the kids got to choose the colors they wanted to use for their cardboard fairy wings.

How to make paper fairy wings

And surprise surprise…they chose pink and violet. I also added some glitter to make the wings look even more fairy like.

How to make paper fairy wings

After painting one side, we put the cardboard fairy wings on the heater for them to dry faster. Though for Victoria that wasn’t going fast enough so she also tried to blow them dry. But after a while she gave up and decided she’ll better wait for her cardboard fairy wings to dry by themselves.

How to make paper fairy wings

When both sides of the wings were painted and dried, I made some wholes in the back and used some ribbon to connected the cardboard wings to my little fairies.

How to make paper fairy wings

And gosh I had some happy fairies flying around the house!

Making cardboard fairy wings is very easy and the kids and me had lots of fun playing with them, just that you need to be patient for the paint to dry 🙂

What did we learn from making our cardboard fairy wings:

  • Patience: we had to wait for each side of the wings to dry before we could go on with our play.
  • Basic color mixing: red + white= pink and red + blue = violet
  • Pretend play/ drama play: my two little fairies flew through the house and spread happiness all around 🙂

If your child is into fairies, then this printable fairy will also be fun to make. Also have a look at these easy to make fairy crowns. They fit very well with our cardboard wings don’t you think?

Update: Check on the blog of fun at home with kids how Asia took this cardboard fairy wings idea and gave her own twist to it!

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How to make paper fairy wings

My daughter loves all things Disney. We have tea parties and dress up weekly. (I seriously need to get a prince costume.) When we bake cupcakes, Hannah loves to help. She loves to crack the eggs, add the flour, anything she can do to get involved, she’s daddy’s little helper in the kitchen! I asked her if she wanted to help me make some Disney Tinker Bell cupcakes she literally jumped out of her chair and said, “Today?! Right Now?!” It warms the heart to see my little one excited.

How to make paper fairy wings

She ran back into her bedroom and put on her princess dress, got some plastic slippers and we set out baking. For those that don’t know, there is a new Tinker Bell Fairy movie coming out called “The Pirate Fairy.” Now Hannah LOVES Tink and all her friends, I’ve watched existing movies a few times myself, so when I saw the trailer I thought it would be fun to make a guilt-free cupcake inspired by the movie. I let Hannah watch the trailer with me and she said, ‘What will they do if they can’t fly?!’ That got me thinking about my cupcake. Instead of making a simple cupcake, loaded with icing, why not create a small decoration. I’ll just use a vanilla cake mix and diet Sprite, (less calories), but the decorations are what will really inspire Hannah’s imagination and creativity.

How to make paper fairy wings

The idea of a Fairy Wing Cupcakes was born. Now b/c of the movie Hannah insisted on BLUE sprinkles instead of Tinker Bell’s green & yellow. We added multiple different color cupcake wrappers (found at Walmart for $1.50) to represent all of Tinker Bell’s friends. But remember, in order to fly, the fairies NEED blue pixie dust. I went and grabbed some white chocolate. A bar or white chocolate chips will work just fine. Before I started I really wanted to make the fairy wings LOOK like fairy wings. Tinker Bell and the other fairies have very distinct looking wings. So I went into Photoshop and traced the fairy wings from a Tinker Bell photo I had. I then created a printable template to go under the wax paper and make it super easy.

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wingsI warmed the white chocolate slowing in the microwave. Putting just 15 seconds on the timer, pulling it out and mixing it. Your chocolate should be nice and smooth, easy to stir. (Be careful, if you over cook it, it will become stiff and unusable). Next I have a plastic bottle with a tip. I opened the end of the bottle up just a little more, so that the chocolate wings would be thicker and break less easily. I just followed my template and had Hannah sprinkle the wings with the blue pixie dust (blue sugar sprinkles). I let them set for 30 minutes. Then I whipped up some simple stiff butter cream using 2 sticks of salted butter, vanilla and powdered sugar. Added just a little of the butter cream to the cupcake and then ever so carefully added the wings.

How to make paper fairy wings

This was the hardest part of the process. About 30% of my wings did break during the process and I learned a few things. Make sure your chocolate line is THICK. Also make sure you don’t have any breaks in your lines!! If your chocolate wing doesn’t connect at a joint, it will surely break! After that, you just sprinkle a little more blue pixie dust and enjoy! It’s a simple recipe that will be sure to inspire the imagination of little ones everywhere!!

How to make paper fairy wings

How to make paper fairy wings

We can’t wait for The Pirate Fairy DVD to come out! Another great Disney movie to watch with my little Princess. The Pirate Fairy is available in Walmart on April 1st. #ProtectPixieHollow.

Method 2of 2:Using Wire Hangers

  1. Bend 2 wire hangers into the shape of butterfly wings.
  2. Pull each of the hooks into a circle shape.
  3. Push each wing into the leg of a stocking.
  4. Knot each end of the stocking close to the hanger.
  5. Wrap the hooks of the wings together to form the middle of the wings.

Furthermore, how do you make fairy wings with wire and fabric? Lay your wire wing pieces onto the fabric, and cut out pieces of the fabric the same shape as the wing, making the fabric pieces and inch larger than the wire on all sides. Next, doing one wing piece at a time, lay your fabric down and lay your wire wing on top of it. Thread a needle with some heavy thread.

Secondly, how do you dress like a fairy?

If winter is your season, sparkle as a Snow Fairy.

  1. Wear a long, white dress.
  2. Wear pearls, and crystal or silver jewelry.
  3. Wear shimmering make-up, including frost eye shadow and shimmer lip gloss.
  4. Wear white wings.
  5. Incorporate snowflakes into your ensemble.

How do you make paper fairy wings?


  1. Draw the shape of the wing. Using any kind of paper, draw the shape of your wings. Use two pieces of paper with each wing on a different sheet.
  2. Cut the wings out. Use a pair of scissors to cut the wings out. Try to cut the edges as smooth as possible.
  3. Build the wings. Tape the wings together in the center.

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1. You’ll need at least two sheets of paper reserved for the wings (I used four) and two for the strap mechanism. You’ll also need tape and ribbons of some sort that are long enough to wrap around your torso at least once and still tie in a bow.
2. To make a wing, fold the paper like an aeroplane until you get a kite shape.

3. Repeat for the other wing.
4. If making two pairs of wings, you may want to make the thicker wings the uppers and make the kite shape thinner with one more fold on each side.

5. Repeat for the other lower wing.
6. Fasten your wings together, making sure the largest pair is at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

7. To make the first part of the holding mechanism for the wings, fold it horizontally into roughly eight sections, then fasten your wings to the mechanism. Make sure the first strip is vertical.

8. To make the second, fold the other sheet vertically to a comparable width, then thread the folded part through the first strip, leave room in the loops and fasten with tape.

9. To make the arm straps, simply thread ribbons through the loops and tie them to yourself, making sure they fit.

10. Ensure all seals that need to stay fastened are done with tape and your paper wings are ready either to wear or decorate! Just be sure to avoid the tape if using glossy tape.

How to make paper fairy wings

Iridescent Fairy Wings Tutorial

At long last, the materials list and tutorial for how to make your own iridescent fairy wings!

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