How to make grilled angler fish in harvest moon animal parade

In the beginning, you usually struggle in financial issues. Here are some starting tips:

Making money
is the most important thing to do in year one. Besides marrying a girl, you have to raise a lot of money for the house up-grade, buying animals, buying seeds, etc.

  1. Know the shipping bin. It’s the box where you should put the items you want to sell.
  2. Hit the mine. Mine is the great place to earn fast money, since you don’t waste any time at all.
  3. Collect fruits and other items from the forest
  4. Get a fishing rod from the fisher-man on Saturday
  5. Buy a bin. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Use it when you’re at the mine.
  6. Slow down on giving gifts. Year one is not about the villagers, it’s about raising your money and trying to get a wife.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature – Treasure Hunt 2

  1. Go the Sacred Land, look for the big stone. You’ll find some symbols (musical notes, stars, square, etc) and you have to match it with the seeds (r ed crop = tomato, root = potato, brown = breadfruit, yellow = corn)
  2. Plant the seeds on the correct square in Sacred Land based from the symbols. Remember to plant it on the same day you read the symbols, because it will always change until you plant the seeds.
  3. Water the plants everyday. That is a must: everyday.
  4. Wait until all the plants are ripe. Don’t harvest them.
  5. You’ll get a bag of seeds.
  6. Dia will show up at your farm again and she’ll plant the seeds next to Lyla’s shop
  7. Wait for the cut-scenes
  8. Happy ending

Harvest Moon is indeed a treasure. Right? Right! 😉

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland – Treasure Hunt 1

The most complicated but yet fascinating ending in Harvest Moon Save The Homeland. In some articles, they call it with ‘Sacred Land’ which is also correct because it is the main criteria in finishing the Treasure Hunt 1 and Treasure Hunt 2

The person you’ll need is the little guy, Tim. Befriend Tim by giving him sweets and eggs at least one everyday, you can find him near the supermarket every morning. Don’t forget the big brother, Bob. He loves cooked fish and anything that is home made. And two additional are Dia–spoiled rich girl and Maria–the main from the villa.

One day, Tim will show up at your house with a map and asks you to join a treasure hunt. Clear your schedule by saying ‘yes’ 🙂 And then you’ll find yourself with Tim at the lake, looking at the toys that Tim’s father buried when he was a boy. Okay, so phase one is complete. It’s not about the old toys, it’s about Tim finding his new partner. You.

After that, you’ll be facing the real treasure hunt, guys, this is .

The Ushi No Tane website was started by Cherubae in 2000 to help players with questions regarding their Harvest Moon games. Originally a site covering just Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color, it has expanded to cover over 25 versions of the Harvest Moon game series as well as the Story of Seasons game series.

Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game with an underlining storyline that add depth to break up the daily monotony of watering crops. In the games, players have the option of getting married, raising livestock and poultry animals, catching fish, and attending festivals to impress the local villagers.

Harvest Moon (Bokujou Monogatari) was first published in Japan in 1996 by Pack In Video; the company, after several mergers, is currently known as Marvelous!. In North America, the game was localized by Natsume, Inc. and first published in 1998. Natsume handled the English localization up until Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. In 2014, Marvelous annnounced that it will be using its own localization company, XSeed Games, to translate Bokujou Monogatari into English and will also be using its own title, Story of Seasons. Natsume still owns the Harvest Moon trademark, and will continue to develop the series independently of Marvelous.

In the PAL region, localization has been handled by Rising Star Games, Marvelous!, and Nintendo of Europe.

The Ushi No Tane website is also the only English help site that covers the Legend of the River King game series (Kawa no Nushi Tsuri), which predates Harvest Moon in Japan by six years. The first River King game was released for the Super Famicom video game console in 1990. The RK guides on this site are for the Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, Playstation 2, and Nintendo DS entries in the series. River King is basically a dead series with no expectation of future game releases.